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5 Art Magazines to Get You Art Basel-Ready

Feb 17th, 2023 by Alina Ionescu
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Art Basel is a premier art show taking place each year in three locations: Hong Kong, Miami, and Basel, Switzerland. This year, Hong Kong welcomes the 2023 Art Basel show with features of over 4,000 artists from five continents. Providing an in-depth view of artworks from Asia and beyond and characterized by stunning diversity, the fair will transform Messe Basel into a mighty temporary museum. If you can’t make it to this amazing show, you can experience a visual feast of stunning artistry with staff-picked publications featuring visual arts, graphics, illustration, and more.

1. Fabrik

Go local with Los Angeles-based arts magazine, Fabrik. Their latest issue explores the meaning of art and its current role in the human condition, showcasing meaningful commentary on contemporary art. Let yourself be transported into the depths of artistic perspectives over the significant socio-political-environmental-cultural issues of our times.

2. World Wide Art Books

World Wide Art Books is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art. This fine publication explores art from a global perspective, presenting a diverse collection of pieces from “notable established and emerging creators around the world.”

3. Artistcloseup

Artistcloseup has been around for 3 years and was proudly founded by a small group of artists that quickly turned it into a household name in the international art scene. The magazine was created by artists for artists and revels in being the best place for people to find new talent and explore their work.

4. Art Style Magazine

Art Style Magazine is a biannual, peer-reviewed magazine showcasing cultural diversity through various forms of visual expression. It explores the socio-cultural and market influences on art, its effects on culture, and its meaning in society. The magazine features images and sounds that convey the significance of art beyond its form and context, and how it communicates through ideologies, trends, and functions.

5. Spotlight

Diverse and inspiring, Spotlight is a contemporary art magazine that features a range of distinct artists from around the world. Through the pages of its latest issue, art enthusiasts can explore a wide variety of perspectives, techniques, and approaches to visual art.

These five publications are just a small taste of the remarkable art found on Issuu. Ready to be featured amongst them?

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