5 Art Magazines to Get You Art Basel-Ready

By Issuu OpsMarch 22, 2017Last updated on February 2, 2018Editorial

art of a blue and yellow creature

Art Basel is a premier art show taking place each year in three locations: Hong Kong, Miami and Basel, Switzerland. Art Basel Hong Kong starts today, showcasing 239 talented exhibitors from all over the world. If you can’t make it to this amazing fair, experience a visual feast on issuu with publications on visual arts, graphics, illustration and more.

1. Fabrik

Go local with Los Angeles-based arts magazine, Fabrik. Their latest issue starts off the winter season with a look at global influences on art from an LA perspective and great insights to local museums, art fairs, gallery exhibits, artists and events.


2. World Wide Art Books

World Wide Art Books is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art. This fine publication explores art from a global perspective, presenting a diverse collection of pieces from “notable established and emerging creators around the world.”

3. Artist Portfolio Magazine

Artist Portfolio has been around for over 6 years, and is proudly still going strong. The magazine was created by artists for artists, and accepts submissions from anyone looking to get their work featured.


FORGE. is another submission-based art magazine, which showcases the work of different artists on the internet and around the world. A carefully-curated magazine, it also includes interviews with some of the featured artists. Their latest issue includes photos from FORGE’s first gallery show, CURRENTS.


Unapologetic and fearless, PANTA features a range of inspiring artists from around the world. Each issue takes a look at less-well-known creators both inside and outside of galleries that are creating beautiful, significant art worth a second look.

These five publications are just a small taste of the beautiful art found on issuu. And assuming you can’t make it to Art Basel, explore our Arts & Entertainment category to find even more visual wonders for an art show all your own.