Spotlight: Academy of Art University School of Fashion

By Issuu OpsMarch 20, 2017Last updated on February 2, 2018Publisher Spotlight

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As a champion of creativity, we are always excited to see the next generation of artists rise up in the world of digital publishing. We are also excited to see a world now where technology and fashion are colliding, specifically with wearable tech and access to fashion through social media. In this uncharted new territory, one of the only U.S. schools to offer a designated and accredited Fashion Journalism Program, the Academy of Art University – School of Fashion, shines as a source for young fashion journalists.

Why fashion journalism? Marisa Tania, a current student at the Academy, never considered fashion journalism until interning with Dewi Magazine, one of the most prominent fashion magazines in Indonesia. After the internship she realized she wanted to write for a fashion magazine full-time. “Academy of Art University is the only school I could find with a designated and accredited fashion journalism undergraduate program and I couldn’t be happier!” says Marisa.

We’re not sure what the future of fashion and digital publishing looks like, but these talented young artists in the program are sure to keep things exciting. See some of our favorite student-made concept magazines below, and explore the Academy of Art University School of Fashion on issuu for more.


1. 180 Magazine

The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University has its own publication, which is filled with over 200 pages of amazing student design and editorials. Issue 8 celebrates ten years of student collections premiering at New York Fashion Week, interviews with graduates and, of course, some pretty mesmerizing photography.

2. ITEM Magazine

ITEM stands for “In This Exact Moment,” which is one student’s creative take on underground fashion. The sultry, dark imagery is a step away from runway fashion, but it’s sure to hold your attention.

3. What It Takes Magazine

What It Takes Magazine features a raw, diverse collection of fashion, art and beauty to stimulate your mind. The interviews and reviews will make you think about consumer desires in a new light.

4. Boyhood Magazine

For an exploration of the facets of men’s fashion with well-blurred gender stereotypes, look no further than Boyhood Magazine.


For all the empowered women out there, IF:CREATURES celebrates creative, stylish and socially-conscious women sharing their gifts with the world. This issue features talented female designers who are creating fashions that truly break barriers.

Aspiring fashion journalists should be sure to check out all that the Academy of Art University School of Fashion has to offer, including their new Social Media Center. “We are cultivating the next generation of digital and print fashion journalists, magazine editors and publishers, as well as social media professionals,” said Stephan Rabimov, director of the school’s Fashion Journalism program and Social Media Center. We are excited to see what the next generation has to say, and we’re proud to provide a platform for these up-and-coming fashion journalists to share their creativity with the world.