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7 Types of Festive Holiday Content with Examples

Dec 7th, 2022 by Issuu

The end of the year is upon us, and things are slowing down as people prepare for their favorite end-of-year holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year's. While you probably already have your holiday marketing campaigns in motion for those holidays, there are always more around the corner. As we look ahead to the next one, here are some holiday content ideas to boost your campaign plans for any holiday season. 

1. Catalogs with Shoppable Links

There are countless tried and true holiday marketing tips, but one of the most original we offer is a way to include shoppable links within your online catalogs. This way, your readers can shop directly from your documents. Best of all, you can update links later to redirect when promotions end or your inventory changes. This means customers can always return to your catalog, which won’t become outdated. 

Holiday Catalog 2022 – PlumpJack Collection of Wineries

PlumpJack’s holiday 2022 catalog features a curated collection of wine gift sets and experiences celebrating a decade of winemaking by their head winemakers, Aaron Miller, Danielle Cyrot, and Jeff Owens. 

2022 Holiday Catalog – White House Historical Association

The White House Historical Association shares a beautiful collection of holiday decorations and ornaments each year. 

2. Gift Guides

Holidays are often synonymous with gift-giving, and that can mean a mad dash to find the perfect item for the people in your life. Some love the hunt and get satisfaction from finding that special something you never knew how you lived without, but for others, crossing names off their gift list is stressful and takes time out of the day they don’t have to spare. In either case, guides are a huge help! Gift guides are a beautiful way for businesses to showcase inventory and take some stress out of the search. 

Holiday Gift Guide 2022 – Let’s Make Art

3. Video Campaigns

Most successful holiday marketing campaigns include visuals. Whether that’s a collection of engaging photos, a social media graphic, or even a gif, it’s important to consider the platform where you plan to share your content. Video is easily one of the most important marketing tools right now. From Instagram Reels and TikToks to YouTube, everyone has their preferred place to go online to watch content. Make sure you’re representing your brand and content in the spaces your audience spends the most time. You can also bring that video engagement to your written content by embedding it into your emails, website, and digital catalogs. 

Learn more about Issuu can help you embed videos into your digital flipbooks. 

4. Holiday Events Programs

Holidays are the perfect occasion for a social event. Whether it’s a Christmas meal with coworkers or a community summer party on Labor Day weekend, there’s bound to be an event to share, so make sure your holiday marketing ideas include space for events. 

Check out how brands like Hyatt and schools like The University of North Carolina School of the Arts share their holiday events programs online:

The Nutcracker Events Program – UNCSA
Holiday Season Program – Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen
2021 Holiday Lights Event Program – Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission
Holiday Guide 2022 – American Club Hong Kong

5. Holiday Recipe Books

Who doesn’t love looking at recipes when they’re feeling festive? From the perfect measurements for classics like pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving to more experimental cooking, some of the best-performing holiday content ideas come down to what everyone wants to eat. Food is often one of the main events in a celebration, so digital recipe books tend to perform well when everyone’s planning their menu. 

Holiday Tea Menu – DavidsTea

DavidsTea always curates a whimsical and exciting winter holiday menu. It acts as a guide for what you can expect when visiting their locations and as a catalog for the teas you can shop for online. But it goes beyond a list of teas you can purchase and enjoy. It also includes recipes like their 2022 guide, which features a recipe for their Candy Cane Crush Matcha Latte. 

6. Holiday Design Lookbooks

Holiday parties and events often have their own aesthetic. Some people like to go all in on their decor, choosing the same color scheme or design style for everything. Holiday design lookbooks help people tailor their events perfectly to their tastes. 

Merch Lookbook 2022 Holiday Edition – Merchology

Merchology’s holiday lookbook helps employers and group leaders select the perfect gift for their team with a selection of products for winter weather and festive gatherings. Readers can shop the selection of goods, including barware from S’well, drinkware from YETI, and mugs from Fellow. 

 Holiday 2021 Lookbook – St. Frank 

In their holiday lookbook, St. Frank curates a selection to compliment your holiday design concepts along with styles to fill a home with vibrant textiles and artwork the whole rest of the year. 

7. Holiday Children’s Content

When we think about holiday content ideas, we can think beyond a literal celebration and expand to an entire season. When it comes to children, there’s always an opportunity to share something special that will capture their attention and put their imagination to work. These two examples of content from HarperCollins showcase how to create engaging content for children based on specific holidays like Christmas and a longer season. 

The Burpee Bears: A Christmas Adventure Activity Sheets – HarperCollins Children’s Books

This short booklet of activity sheets provides the perfect little brain break for children during Christmastime. This could be used in the classroom leading up to their holiday break or around the table at Christmas dinner as children await the meal. 

Tee and Mo Summer Holiday List – HarperCollins Children’s Books

This summer holiday list is a great way to keep children engaged in their surroundings during their summer break from school. It provides some practice in goal setting, planning, and character-building while offering creative ideas for free time away from school. 

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Written by Angel Wu and Sara Napier Burkhard.