6 Smart Ideas for Your May 2022 Content Calendar

By Sara Napier BurkhardApril 18, 2022Content Marketing, Tips

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When it comes to content creation, you have plenty of options – from refined thought leadership pieces to dazzling videos across your social channels. Depending on your audience, a successful month often means finding the best balance between topical and evergreen content.

With summer just around the corner, there are plenty of light and interesting topics you can explore to infuse your May content calendar with engaging pieces, helping drive your summer campaign goals. 

Holidays for May 2022

Each time you go to plan your content for the month, remember to map around holidays and other special dates. Our monthly content calendar posts always include a list of holidays. This is because they’re a great way to share posts your audience can engage with and it helps foster community. While your messages don’t have to be fully on theme with the holiday it’s always worth mentioning, even if it’s just a quick social media post or a greeting in your newsletter. 

  • May Day - May 1

  • International Workers’ Day - May 1

  • Eid al-Fitr - May 1-2

  • Mother’s Day (U.S.) - May 8 

  • Europe Day - May 9

  • National Receptionist Day - May 12

  • International Day of Families - May 15

  • National Bike to Work Day - May 20

  • Memorial Day - May 30

Summer Vacation and Last Minute Trips

Summertime always makes for beautiful content. It’s a time when school break is on the minds of parents and students everywhere, major events move outdoors, and we get that first slice of lazy evening routines in the sunshine. 

It might seem that by May most summer plans have already been set, but that isn’t always the case. Given the unpredictability around travel and social events in the last two years, there’s a good chance some have waited until the last moment to finalize their summer plans. This is the perfect opportunity to build some content around an audience looking for ways to enjoy summer 2022. With Issuu, you can create beautiful travel-focused content and showcase your travel guides and brochures

Educators have a chance to inspire their students heading into study break with reading lists and educational activities that work well into summer playtime and family vacations. The tourism and hospitality sectors can curate beautiful social media grids around last-minute booking offers and user-generated content. Magazines and online publications can build off of the articles geared towards the summer ahead and playfully remind their audience what a great addition their next issue will be for last-minute trips and indulgent staycations. 


For students preparing for the next chapter, the month of May is all about graduation and what it signifies. Even if only a smaller portion of your audience is the graduating class of 2022, don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate with the graduates. If your content is typically student-oriented, you should have a campaign ready to go to celebrate this major milestone. This is a good opportunity to involve your students in the content and work with them to create a rewarding memento.

Survey Results 

If you’re planning a big campaign for later in the summer, May is a good time to try to boost some engagement with your existing audience and gain insights into how your content is performing. If you’re not already gathering customer feedback, now’s the time to start. Invite your audience to participate in a survey and use the data you gather to create a report. Include it in a newsletter, as a blog, or simply share it across social media. 

Bonus: If you leave space in your survey for additional comments, you could also gain a fantastic set of quotes you can later use in campaigns to highlight areas where your business is shining.

Mothers and Family

This month is an excellent one for family-focused content. May 15 is International Day of Families and on May 8, we celebrate Mother’s Day in several parts of the world. Take this as a time to highlight any Mother’s Day sales you might have or curate a list of last-minute gifting ideas. This is another opportunity to highlight user-generated content from customers who’ve used your services or products in their family celebrations this month.  

Recurring Industry Round-up

If being a thought leader is a priority, sharing industry insights is a good way to help establish your brand. Consider curating a monthly round-up of industry news and events your readership would enjoy. You could start small by creating a newsletter to supplement your existing content. If you have a larger audience and the resources to dedicate to it, a weekly round-up can help you build a consistent audience that keeps you top-of-mind. This can also help you rank better on search engines, helping pull in valuable traffic long-term. 

You have the chance to build a solid calendar that delights your audience this month. Now that you have a guide for a well-planned May content calendar, it’s time to show it off. 

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