6 Effective Ideas for Your October 2022 Content Calendar

By Sara Napier BurkhardSeptember 15, 2022Content Marketing, Tips

Scarf with a book, pumpkin, and autumn decor stacked on top. Photo credit: Debby Hudson

Who doesn’t love October? In the Southern Hemisphere, flowers begin to bloom, and temperatures rise again. The season’s change helps mark the final quarter of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves start to transform and usher in the fragrant Autumn air. While fall is arguably the internet’s favorite season, you don’t have to binge Gilmore Girls again or sip on a pumpkin spice latte to get into the spirit with your readers. We’ve got some ideas to help you craft a clever October content calendar that delights your audience and gets you results. 

Holidays for October 2022

While planning your content this month, focus on the events and special dates that resonate most with your customer base and expanding audience. Our monthly content calendar ideas include a list of holidays for this reason. You have the option to connect with your audience about the experiences they’re most interested in, which is the foundation for building a lasting relationship with them. Whether you’re planning newsletter content for October or social media posts to increase engagement, be sure to include an acknowledgment of these significant dates.

  1. International Coffee Day - October 1

  2. International Day of Non-Violence - October 2

  3. Yom Kippur - October 4-5

  4. World Teachers’ Day - October 5

  5. Indigenous Peoples’ Day - October 10

  6. National Coming Out Day - October 11

  7. Sweetest Day - October 15

  8. National First Responders Day - October 28

  9. Halloween - October 31

1. The Arts 

October 25 is both National Art Day and International Artist’s Day. Publishers in the arts and design space have an opportunity to showcase their work, uplift their community, or offer inspirational prompts. If there’s an upcoming exhibition or event, try to take the holiday as an opportunity to connect with communities within an artistic community. This isn’t limited to the visual arts, though. This is also a day to focus on culinary or literary arts. The same ideas apply to your audiences; use one of these holidays as a jumping-off point for a social media campaign. 

2. How-tos and Educational Content

People will be able to find you and enjoy what you do best when they trust that you know what you’re talking about. Infuse your calendar with how-tos and other educational content. Blogs and articles are a great way to get deeper into the content. You can also tease some knowledge in your upcoming publication with Article Stories

3. Coffee Culture

October’s a good month for any warm drink, but especially coffee. This year, the beloved PSL even debuted at the end of August to give its fans more time to indulge. The month kicks off with International Coffee Day on October 1. This might be less about the weather where you live and more because students are up late focused on their studies, and Q4 has professionals everywhere working towards their goals. If you’re selling appliances to promote a better way to enjoy coffee at home, run a flash sale that day. You could also offer an extra caffeine kick for a small upsell at a cafe. 

4. Poetry and Writing 

Perhaps it’s the slow drop in temperature and the shorter days in the Northern Hemisphere leading us back indoors and in front of our desks, but October has shaped up to be a strong one for poetry. With Random Acts of Poetry Day on October 5 and Black Poetry Day on October 17, this is a good month for poets to showcase their work. National Day on Writing is also on October 20, making this an excellent month to connect with writers and their readers. Are you looking for a way to share that work? Issuu makes it possible self-publish a digital book of poetry or short stories.  

5. Halloween

Halloween is a favorite of children (and children at heart) everywhere. A festive time to dress up and eat candy, your customers will be looking for costumes, party decor, and sweet treats. You can beat the competition by putting all your offers into a single document and sharing them directly with shoppers. Save time and money on printing costs and share this year’s Halloween selection and sales through a digital catalog. 

With Issuu, you can embed your catalog directly onto your website or infuse it with shoppable links where readers can learn about a product, click on it, and go directly to your eCommerce site, where they can place an order. It’s never been simpler to share your products and enable customers to shop immediately.

6. Winter Decor 

While it might be a little early to start setting up the Christmas tree, people will already be searching for 2022’s winter decor trends in October. This year’s popular decor styles include the classics like winter wreaths and dried floral arrangements, trending styles like Crustaceancore, Dark Academia, and vibrant hues like “Barbie pink.” 

Now that you have some topic ideas ready for October bring the rest to life with content tailored to the platforms your audience uses most. Issuu helps your digital content stand out no matter where you share it online.
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