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5 Tips to Transform Your Content

Nov 20th, 2018 by Issuu

Creating content is one of the most essential things you can do as a brand online, but, how do you set yourself apart from the rest through your digital publication? This is something we, at Purely Elizabeth, think about every time we publish our magazine. From sourcing meaningful contributors to capturing beautiful photography. Here are 5 tips to transform your content on your digital publication:

1. Leverage Influencers

At Purely Elizabeth, we engage many of our influencers through recipe contributions, interviews and wellness advice. The conversation we have with our influencers creates a mutually beneficial  relationship where they create organic content for us to use in our magazine and we support them by featuring their bio, linking to their social media and website and promoting the content across our social channels. It’s a win-win scenario for both of us and we get to foster really strong relationships!

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2. Invest in high quality photography

When someone is flipping through your magazine, you want the photos to pop. Investing in a photographer, camera, lighting and props is a must to achieve that high quality. We spend a lot of time on pre-shoot planning where we map out the color scheme, composition and props for each photo, looking to social media and other creative outlets for fresh inspiration. We then work with a photographer and food stylist to create photos and content that engages our readers and embodies the Purely Elizabeth aesthetic.

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3. Connect with thought leaders in your industry

We always like to highlight individuals in the health and wellness industry that are making a difference and have an engaging story to tell. This creates unique, must-read content for our readers. It’s also a huge bonus if these thought leaders share the articles on their own social channels, as it dramatically expands reach.

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4. Create content that inspires

Don’t create content for content’s sake. When we plan out our magazines we spend a lot of time looking at current trends on social media, print publications, podcasts, Pinterest, blogs, etc. We try to hone in on what’s trendy, what’s interesting and what will really engage and resonate with our readers. We then put our own twist on that content to make it our own. For example, vegan cheesecake bars are having a moment on Instagram, so we featured a recipe in our Purely Fall Magazine using our granola as the crust. Our readers loved it and we can see that through our Issuu stats. We then take those learnings and see how we can recreate something similar for future issues.

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5. Think outside the box

The biggest way to stand out online is to provide value that not only captures reads, but also encourages shares. We do that through unique partnerships and content, but are always trying to think of ways to further differentiate ourselves. Our latest outside the box endeavor is incorporating video into our magazines. We can’t wait to execute it in our magazines in 2019 and see the reaction from our readers!

Transform your content with inspiration from Purely Elizabeth’s latest issue: Purely Fall!

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