5 Steps for Defining Your Brand

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Personal Branding: How To

Building your brand can be a daunting task, and two questions we get most from creators about their brands are “where should I begin?” and “how can I get started?” Fortunately, we’ve put together five helpful tips to help you find your voice, build your online persona and define your brand. 


Set Your VisionIt’s important to develop a vision for what you want your brand to be. From your brand’s desired social media presence to your personal goals, ask yourself (and answer) these questions to refine your vision: What are the goals for your brand? What do you want your brand to represent? What characteristics or attributes do you admire, and want to emulate, in other brands’ social media presences?

Identify Your Online PersonaMany brands take on a distinct online persona or voice that defines their brand and  keeps their audience engaged. Whether it be creative storytelling like Local WolvesTwitter, or witty GIF posting like Man Repeller, identifying your online persona is a key step to defining your brand’s image and can be a central element in engaging your audience on social media.

Curate Your AestheticSocial media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have paved the way for a curatorial style of branding, with social accounts that utilize the art of aesthetic and design to their advantage. Your audience should be able to identify what your brand is by the first six posts on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook profiles. Research what aesthetic fits your brand the best: are you a minimalist, a quote enthusiast or even a color-coordinator? The curatorial opportunities are endless!

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Consistency is KeyNot only is it important to develop an online persona, but it’s also important to maintain a consistent social media presence. Make efforts to post regularly throughout the week and pay careful attention to your social media insights — these insights can be used to strategize the optimal posting dates and times for the best engagement with your followers.

Find Your InspirationBuilding your brand is an ongoing process that requires time, dedication and most importantly, inspiration. Check out the social media strategies of some of our favorite publishers’ social media accounts like Local Wolves, NUDE Magazine, Atlas and LUCY’s, and save a list of your favorites for inspiration.

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