5 Lighthearted Content Ideas for Your August 2022 Content Calendar

By Sara Napier BurkhardJuly 27, 2022Content Marketing, Tips

Sunflowers in a field in August. Credit: Joesboy

August often feels like a time to take the foot off the gas a bit and make space to plan. Resting somewhere between vacation, new school schedules, and the ramp up towards the year's final quarter, it’s an excellent opportunity to plan and think about what’s coming up next. 

So, whether you’re taking a break in the summer sun or working ahead of a busy season, make August a time to reflect or rethink what’s ahead. Plan out a content calendar that meets your audience where they are, and take advantage of a month primed for planning (or just a well-deserved rest). Here are some ideas for an effective August 2022 calendar. 

Holidays for August 2022
  • British Columbia Day - August 1

  • Swiss National Day - August 1

  • Fiesta de San Salvador - August 6

  • International Day of the World’s Indigenous People - August 9

  • Ecuador Independence Day - August 10

  • Indian Independence Day - August 15

  • National Photography Day - August 19

  • World Humanitarian Day - August 19

  • National Park Service Day - August 25

  • Be Kind to Humankind Week - August 25-31

National Parks 

National parks across the U.S. enjoy visitors from around the world in the summer months, and August is no exception. On August 25, the National Park Service will celebrate its 106th birthday. Travel and tourism content creators have the opportunity to attract adventurers to any discounts or promotions centered around this milestone.

Publishers in the tourism industry aren’t the only ones who benefit from this opportunity. Landscape photographers and videographers, retailers in the outdoor gear industry, and even local businesses in communities built near national parks should take advantage of this boost of attention. In addition, conservationist nonprofits and parks and rec departments have a chance to connect with an engaged audience ready to hear about the beauties of nature.

Love Your Bookshop Day

Love Your Bookshop Day falls on August 14. This is a time for people to visit their local bookstore and shop for all the things they’ve had their eye on. If you’re a bookstore looking to get some more foot traffic, the best way to do that is to go where your audience is and get online. You can promote your selection of books to bring your online audience back into your brick-and-mortar bookstore. Take a page from Lonely Planet’s book (literally) and check out how they share their catalog of upcoming books each season: 

Once you have those files ready to go, promote them on social media. Issuu can help you turn your documents into visual stories ready to share with your followers.

Share Expert Advice

If you’ve been on Instagram much in the last few years, you might have noticed an increase in informative, well-designed graphics being published by some of your favorite experts. Part infographic, part listicle, these resources break up information into quick, shareable content. You can easily create something similar for your page. Just create a short outline like ten tips to save for retirement or five hacks for busy students. Find a nice template on Canva and create something fun. 

Another engaging option is to make a TikTok or Instagram Reel video. This time, instead of turning your points into a graphic design resource, you’d film a video instead. This is great for experts trying to supplement the information they share in their other online resources, like eBooks or YouTube videos. Check out this example from Registered Dietitian and YouTuber Abbey Sharp.

National Day Celebrations 

National celebrations continue into August, with several countries celebrating their big day. Some of the holidays this month include Indonesia Independence Day, Indian Independence Day, and Swiss National Day. As with any major regional holiday, this is a great time to build a promotional campaign or scope out user-generated content from your audience. Whether you’re a fashion brand looking to work with an influencer for a holiday campaign or a restaurant running a nationwide discount, there are plenty of opportunities to create original content and repost others to your page.

Host a Q&A

This is an old audience engagement favorite from the days of fashion bloggers and Tumblr ‘Ask Me Anything’ inboxes. While the platforms and layers of engagement have changed, it still works because the idea remains the same. Audiences love to follow a brand or personality that engages with them, especially on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This is why you’ll see YouTube creators and corporations alike hosting the occasional Q&A. It’s not only a quick, fun way to get people involved, but it can also help you attract new followers and demonstrate expertise in your field.

Make August 2022 an excellent month for your content. You can get closer to achieving your goals of creating a more engaging social media page or building rapport with interested parties. As always, focus on meeting your followers where they are and give them the space they need to find your content, delight in it, and ultimately choose your services. 

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