5 Fall Themed Ideas for Your November 2022 Content Calendar

By Angel WuOctober 19, 2022Content Marketing, Tips

Dinner table decorated for cozy fall holiday gathering

November is no time to be lax about creating content. Now that we’re knee-deep into the fall season and only a couple steps away from the holidays, this is the perfect month to pull out all the stops for retail content ideas and to show appreciation for our customers. A little-known fact is that November is also known as National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo! What better time to get writing and keep your blog updated? 

If you’re looking for inspiration for some November content ideas, look no further. Here are our five main themes for November that highlight some of the major holidays. 

Holidays for November 2022
  1. STEM & STEAM Day - November 8

  2. Veterans Day - November 11

  3. World Kindness Day - November 13

  4. Steve Irwin Day - November 15

  5. World Children’s Day - November 20

  6. Thanksgiving - November 24

  7. Black Friday - November 25

  8. Small Business Saturday - November 26

  9. Cyber Monday - November 28

1. Appreciation and Gratitude

While we should always express our gratitude and appreciation, November seems like the perfect time to do so. Not only do we have Thanksgiving, World Kindness Day also falls on November 13. Promote kindness and a sense of community during this time with campaigns aimed at your target audience and loyal customers. 

Show your appreciation for your customers with a post on social media or write a blog dedicated to customers and use surveys to generate customer engagement. Learn more about what they liked from your products this year and what they are looking forward to or want more of next year. Offer giveaways and contests to give back to your customers. 

2. Retail 

Admit it. It’s basically impossible to go through November without indulging ourselves in some online shopping. With all the sales going on and Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions, we want to get our Christmas shopping started early as well as stock up on some essential and must-have non-essential items. As marketers, now is the time to hone in on this festive shopping mood and promote your gift-worthy items in a lookbook or a catalog. Why not space them out in a 12 days of promotions theme or give sneak peeks into what you have to offer by leaving crumbs for 11 consecutive days and finally drop the biggest gift for your loyal readers on the 12th day?

We all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but November also celebrates Small Business Saturday on November 26th. Small businesses rejoice, as this is the time to shine with locally targeted ads or special items that shoppers can’t find anywhere else!

Here’s an example of a beautiful gift catalog from one of our Issuu customers. 

3. Education 

A great day to celebrate education is STEAM day. Where would we be without our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics programs? These topics push our society forward every day and by promoting them, we’re ensuring that we are preparing for a brighter future with a well-rounded workforce. If you’re representing a school or educational center looking to advocate your programs, make sure you widen your reach and create content for both parents and students. 

Use your blog to help educate your readers on your products and services with previews of embedded content or even videos.

4. Less is More

Sometimes it’s difficult to be environmentally conscious during the holiday season, so a great piece to write would be tips and tricks on how to be eco-friendly. Can we use newspapers or recycle gift wrapping to not create as much waste? If you’re in the food and beverage industry, offer innovative ideas on reinventing the wheel with leftovers! Promote upcycling unused items or even donating items that may be someone else’s treasure. Let’s all find a way to create joy for others. 

5. The Quintessential Fall 

If you’re tired of pumpkin spice and everything nice, remember that there are so many other fall elements to include in your fall content and design. Think apple cider, fall foliage, anything plaid, and warm soups with seasonal veggies. Whether you’re in the fashion industry and looking to promote a new season’s collection or styling a house with fall decor, fall feelsbring out all the creative juices. 

Here are some examples of seasonal content-packed ideas for every industry: 

  1. Fall-inspired recipes for a cookbook

  2. Fall decor that can transition into the winter season 

  3. Eco-friendly packaging and gift wrapping ideas for the holiday and shopping season

  4. Fall fashion lookbooks inspired by staple pieces that are already in your audience’s closet

  5. Pies for fall, including apple, pumpkin etc…

  6. Recipes for both turkey and tofurkey

  7. Kid-friendly fall activities

  8. Most beautiful places to visit in the fall 

  9. Fall-based educational activities

  10. Tips for traveling in the fall

Now that you’re equipped with some November content ideas, start creating marketing materials to keep your strategy strong. Try Issuu’s easy to use platform and create interactive digital flipbooks and Social Posts in minutes.

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