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2021 Holiday Roundup

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Oh deer, the holidays are almost here! While the holidays are rightfully known as a time of immense joy and love, the looming tasks of meal prepping, family gathering, and flawless decorating are undoubtedly ever-present in the back of each of our minds. But have no fear! It’s time to snap out of that resting Grinch face and stock up on these recipe, hosting, and home garnishing ideas and tips from our wonderful content creators here at Issuu. 

Breaking news: Santa’s ditching the milk and cookies and going vegan this year! Along with this flavorful holiday lentil loaf, VEGWORLD’s Winter 2021 edition is home to delicious vegan recipes to accommodate the dietary needs of your entire family this holiday season. Both novices and life-long vegans alike are sure to enjoy these unique takes on traditional Christmas delights (yes, even vehement meat-eaters just might sneak into the kitchen for an extra portion). 

Well, maybe Santa isn’t actually going entirely vegan this season -- there’s always next year! Lunds and Byerlys Real Food Magazine shakes up the conventional holiday menu with these delicious Scandinavian spiced cookies, also known as Pepparkakor. Flip one page over and take a stab at their Chocolate and Hazelnut Brunslis and Lemon Snowflakes. After all, there’s no such thing as too much dessert!

Deck the halls with all things Christmas! In its special Christmas edition, NFDI Style explores how to infuse the festive spirit into every nook and cranny of your home. From DIY grapevine wreaths to selective silverware, leave no stone left unturned as you prepare to host an unforgettable holiday gathering. 

The kids need a place to sit, too! While it is quite difficult to ignore your kid’s seemingly never-ending gift wishlist, it’s important not to forget to make them feel welcomed and comfortable at the dinner table. Tesco Magazine asserts the benefits of a kid’s table all while detailing tips and tricks to keep your own and your guests’ kids entertained throughout the evening. 

Finally, explore all things trendy with Your Home Magazine’s “Holiday Trends” Issue. From impressive holiday decor ideas to savory seasonal cocktails, Your Home Magazine introduces unique tips to put a modern twist on seasonal traditions. 

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From all of us at Issuu, Happy Holidays!

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