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12 Days of Holiday Recipe Books

Dec 13th, 2022 by Hailey Leclerc
A smiling family in the kitchen preparing a meal for Christmas. Photo by FG Trade Latin.

It’s only a few days until Christmas, which means it’s time to get your cooking on! Treat yo’elf to some of the best digital recipe books out there, loaded with delicious meal, snack, and dessert ideas guaranteed to wow even the pickiest of eaters at your holiday table. And they’re easy to flip through, bookmark, and share with friends and family.

1. Epicure Selection

Epicure Selection’s 2022 holiday edition is a cheese lover’s dream! From extraordinary cheese dip to the creamiest mac & cheese, this online recipe book is sure to satisfy all of your savory cravings this holiday season.

2. The Fresh Market

There’s bread, and there’s pudding… but have you heard of bread pudding? The Fresh Market’s recipes taste as good as they look, and they’ll give you the energy boost you need to continue braving the crowded malls and shopping centers in search of those final gifts (or first gifts – we see you, procrastinators).  

3. Piccinini Brothers

Who said turkey is just for Thanksgiving? These turkey recipes from Piccinini Brothers are perfect for family gatherings, parties, and other celebrations... you’ll just want to make sure you save the leftovers for yourself!

4. Nugget Markets

It’s Friday! Whether you’re stomaching your last final exam or wrapping up that Q4 presentation at work, treat yourself to one of Nugget Markets’ delicious dessert recipes.

5. Pampered Chef

We have our eyes on the pies! A recipe from “Sweet and Savory Holiday Pies” by Pampered Chef is the perfect staple to any holiday meal. 

6. Real Butter

We’re halfway through our 12-day countdown, which means it’s exactly one week until Christmas! Celebrate this benchmark with must-try cookie recipes from Real Butter. From peanut butter cookies, to festive shortbread bonbons, to mulled cider and oatmeal cutouts, you’ll have a hard time choosing which one to bake first.

7. Diet Doctor

We haven’t forgotten about you, keto-ers! Diet Doctor’s keto recipe book allows you to get festive without the carbs. Grab your apron, head to the kitchen, and check it out!

8. Prince Edward Island Preserve Company

Get sippin’ on these five tea-based recipes! Chai, peppermint, and other holiday flavors are craftily combined to produce delicious-looking desserts that your stomach will surely thank you for. Brew an extra cup of tea to sip alongside them. 

9. Lorenza Valdemarca

As we’re creeping closer and closer to the 25th, we don’t want our vegan friends to feel left out. So, we’re highlighting some of the best vegan dessert recipes, courtesy of Lorenza Valdemarca. Explore amazing cakes, cookies, pies, and more!

10. Culinary Team

Homemade is always the way to go! With 250+ easy-to-follow recipes, you’ll have everything you need to prepare fabulous Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals without the hassle.

11. Aligned Modern Health

Chocolate lovers, unite! Aligned Modern Health has you covered with some of the best chocolate recipes out there, including chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and French silk pie. Take a look!

12. Welcoming America

Merry Christmas Eve! With just one day left of our recipe adventure, we couldn’t leave you without Welcoming America’s “Taste of Belonging” edition. This edition bridges readers of all backgrounds and cultures together – the perfect way to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Finally, it’s Christmas Day! Thank you for joining us on our 12 Days of Holiday Recipe Books sleigh ride; we hope we’ve left you with quite the appetite and have gotten you into the Christmas cooking spirit. Santa will be here before you know it… your time starts now!

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