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The Hunt by Neil Sarver

Š 2006

FADE IN: EXT. LAKESIDE – NIGHT A beautiful lake, surrounded by trees. The darkness doesn’t so much surround it from the outside, as it rises up from the inside stealing away the light from the moon and the starts. Bubbles can be seen in the middle, coming up and popping against the air. The gather in a little area of their own, and steam… like boiling…


EXT. UNDERWATER – NIGHT The bubbles rise from almost the bottom. to be pushing them up.

A great force seems

At the bottom of the lake, weeds grow wild and free along the bottom, covering the lake floor. Bubbles rise out. CREDITS ROLL Over images of dark mythological images. sacrifices.

Old gods and

EXT. PORT OF SEATTLE – DAY A ship sits docked. Men bustle about on deck and at the pier below. Machinery grunts. A tall black man in his mid-30s walks off the boat. He is wearing a pea coat over a white turtleneck. This is SETH KELLY. He is smiling with the joy of stepping back on dry land. Another sailor waves at him. KELLY Take care, man. Kelly takes a little skip as he steps from the ramp onto the pier. KELLY (CONT’D) Hello, solid ground. Good to see you again. If you weren’t so filthy, I’d give you a big sloppy kiss.


He walks up to a cart and drives off. EXT. SEATTLE CENTRAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE – DAY A banner still announces “Best College Of The Year”, but no longer says what year. A square out front has a bit of a park of grass and brick. Students mingle with junkies around, lounging, studying, panhandling, etc. INT. LECTURE HALL – DAY RAFAEL HERRERO stands at the front of the room. Hispanic man in his late 60s/early 70s.

He is an

The lecture hall is sparsely filled of mostly disinterested college students. A strikingly beautiful young woman, DANIELLE, sits in one of the front rows looking on with fascination. A young man, MEL, in the back looks particularly disinterested, staring up at the ceiling and squirming anxiously. Herrero paces back and forth. HERRERO And so it was that during sport, the first hunter was beheaded by the demons Vucub Caquix and Hun Came. His head used to make an infertile gourd bear fruit. He stops and scratches his head a moment. HERRERO (CONT’D) Dangerous times lead to death for strange purposes, I suppose. It’s best, however, to always turn down an offer to play soccer in the Underworld. KELLY (O.S.) Or bring your sons with you. Professor?


Herrero laughs heartily. HERRERO Seth Kelly! Good to see you, old friend.


HERRERO(cont'd) Everyone, if you open your copies of Tedlock’s translation of the Popol Vuh, you can find out what Mr. Kelly was talking about. There’s some scuttling about of books among the students. Herrero frees a little smirk. HERRERO (CONT’D) You’re free to go after that. (to Kelly) Come back to my office. We’ll talk. EXT. WILLOW TREE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY - NIGHT It’s a perfectly ordinary white rest home with grass and trees all around. A dock just a short lawn’s distance from the rest home. An old man sits on the pier. He is wearing slacks, a button up shirt and a nice hat. His shoes are off, however, and his feet dangle in the water. He stares out at the water, a lonely look in his eye. NURSE (O.S.) Mr. Albert, you need to come in now. It’s getting dark. EXT. UNDERWATER - NIGHT Looking up through the water’s surface as the bare feet of the old man slap the surface. An otherworldly tentacle clasps the post. tainted with red…

The water becomes

EXT. WILLOW TREE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY - NIGHT The old man’s clothes are perfectly lined up yet empty. A spot of blood where his head would be a small bit of blood dripping from the pant legs into the water. INT. RAVEN’S BEDROOM - DAY This is the ultimate Goth Girl bedroom. Robert Smith, “The Crow” and Glenn Danzig are represented on the wall. Everything is black, iconic faces of pale rock stars and horror movies.


In the corner sits RAVEN O’CONNOR, a Goth Girl in her late teens. She is dressed casually, probably in a Misfits tshirt. Her hair is red highlighted shade of black. She has a nose ring, pale skin and green eyes. She hammers away at her keyboard. Her web browser is opened and the title “The Lone Raven’s Cry” shows in big letters at the top. RAVEN (V.O.) I can’t believe my parents moved me to this town. There was so much more to do in the city… RAVEN’S MOM (O.S.) What are you doing in there? RAVEN Just playing on my computer, mom. RAVEN’S MOM (O.S.) Can you come out and do the dishes please? RAVEN Ok… Raven sighs and stands up. INT. RAVEN’S LIVING ROOM – DAY The furniture is very nice and of a light tint, as is the carpet. A rural kind of design to the wall, with pastoral pictures on the wall and a kind of soft plaid look. MEGAN AND DAN O’CONNOR sit on the couch. He is a lanky dark haired man in his mid-40s. She is short and blond and possibly a tad younger. Raven bounces into the room. RAVEN I was writing in my Live Journal. DAN I’m sure it’ll be there when you’re done in the kitchen. RAVEN Oh, fine!


INT. HERRERO’S OFFICE – DAY A professor’s office. Not very big. Filled with books and various ancient artifacts and various occult-looking knickknacks. Herrero leads Kelly in. HERRERO One of these days you’re really going to have to fill me in on your travels. KELLY But? HERRERO Yes.


He takes a deep cleansing breath. HERRERO (CONT’D) There is a group gathered in the town of Nettleford, just east of the Cascades. We’ve known about them a while. KELLY I think I remember hearing something about that. They gather in an old church by a big lake. HERRERO Yes. And they’ve been pretty innocuous up until now. They have been drawn to something up there, but whatever it is has remained dormant. KELLY What’s happened now? HERRERO It seems their leader, Joseph Logan, has acquired a copy of the black book. Kelly sits down suddenly, his feet having given out beneath him. KELLY And you want me to check into it?


HERRERO Yes, I think it would be best. KELLY By myself? Well…

HERRERO Not really…

Kelly sighs. KELLY With him? HERRERO He’s already on his way there. You’ll meet him at the edge of town. INT. CAFÉ - DAY A small town diner. Kind of trashy but more kitschy ‘50s styled. The night rain can be seen through the window, as can a bit of the “Good Grub” sign seen only in reflection before. Raven is dressed in a checkered apron and short skirt, looking very different from the all-out Goth look we saw before. She looks more like an innocent dark-haired Irish beauty. RAVEN (V.O.) The other kids around her are all a bunch of zombies, watching stupid football games and going to whatever silly formal dances the school sets up to coddle them into bland submission. Three other teenager girls sitting at the booth. They are very small town in flannel and jeans. Raven walks towards them. RAVEN (V.O.) I got this crappy job, waiting tables for a bunch of hicks. I hate this place. Two truck drivers sit at a booth. one of their cups with a smile.

Raven pours coffee into


RAVEN Are you ready to order? EXT. LONELY ROAD - NIGHT The road is heavily wooded on both sides.

Rain pours down.

A pair of big black boots stand by the roadside. A black waistcoat hangs down above it. Headlights become barely visible down the road become barely visible down the road. The man who belongs to the boots and waistcoat steps closer to the road. This is THE UNREPENTANT. His dress, mostly stark black in the manner of a 19th century minister. His face is old with deep creases and almost disheveled with full beard that has grown out unevenly and is left unkempt. His eyes are dark as night and his eyelids and forehead are a maze of deep wrinkles. The car is older and probably a bit more worse for the wear than it should. Seth Kelly is in the driver’s seat. The car pulls up. The Unrepentant walks up to the car. He opens the door and steps in. Under his jacket, an antique black handle Colt .45 is holstered at his waist. INT. HERRERO’S OFFICE – NIGHT Herrero sits, lit by a single lamp. open in his lap.

He has a book sitting

HERRERO (reciting) … Before me floats an image, man or shade. Shade more than man, more image than a shade. For Hades' bobbin bound in mummy-cloth may unwind the winding path. (deep breath) A mouth that has no moisture and no breath, breathless mouths may summon. I hail the superhuman. I call it death-in-life and life-indeath… He stands up and sets down the book.


He begins to pace back and forth. Nervously, unconsciously, he begins to sing… HERRERO (singing) Old Man Rhythm’s gotten in my shoes. No use sittin' here singin' the blues. So be my guest, you got nothin' to lose, won't you let me take you on a sea cruise… INT. SETH’S CAR - NIGHT The two men stare each other down. see the other.

Neither seems happy to

KELLY So… You’re the guy I’m supposed to meet. THE UNREPENTANT If you’re Kelly, I suppose I must be. (beat) There’s a town ahead. That’s where we’re going. The Unrepentant takes an unfiltered cigarette out of his coat and lights it. Kelly attempts to mask his annoyance at this act, but a slight twitch of his lip shows it. KELLY I know. He looks cockeyed out the left side window at nothing in particular… except not at The Unrepentant. KELLY (CONT’D) How’d you meet the professor? The Unrepentant sits, staring blankly through the rain covered front windshield, his cigarette resting between his lips. THE UNREPENTANT Can’t say I recall for sure. KELLY Very conversational.


The Unrepentant stares out the window unresponsively. KELLY (CONT’D) You at least like to eat? THE UNREPENTANT We can stop if you need fillin’ up. The car pulls up to a little dive café. The reflection of the neon lights reading “GOOD GRUB” are reflected in the window. INT. RAVEN’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Raven sits in a t-shirt and boxer shorts, busily typing at her computer. RAVEN (V.O.) Anyway, I met a boy… EXT. LAKESIDE - DAY As the late afternoon fades to evening, Raven sits under a tall tree with a rather handsome Eastern European lad, SOARE "SUNNY" DIMINEA. He is strapping and broad with blond hair and blue eyes, wearing what look to be hand-me-down clothes. She is wearing a black halter top and shorts. RAVEN (V.O.) … He's an exchange student, his name is Soare Diminea. Yeah, it's kind of a mouthful. He's Romanian and supposedly that means something... I don't know, I just call him Sunny. It's terribly silly, I know, but he doesn't seem to mind. SUNNY I can't believe I am so lucky to meet such a smart, pretty girl in a place like this. RAVEN You're kind of a smoothie, aren't you? Smoothie? Raven smiles.

SUNNY What is smoothie?


RAVEN A smooth talker.

A ladies man.

Sunny laughs. SUNNY I am not a ladies man. He takes hold of her hips and moves closer. RAVEN What are you then? SUNNY Just a very silly boy... and even though you don't like to admit it, you are a very silly girl. He kisses her firmly. RAVEN Maybe I could learn to like being a silly girl. He takes a cigarette out of his shirt and puts it in his mouth. Before he lights it, he gets a big dopey grin. and starts running for the water. SUNNY Let's go for a swim! RAVEN Swim? He strips off his shirt. RAVEN There could be people around! SUNNY (shouts) Hello! RAVEN Hush! He kicks off his shoes. SUNNY Come on out, whoever you are. about to take off my pants.


He jumps up


He runs to the waters, shedding his pants as he goes, leaving them at the edge of the water and running in up to his waist. He turns around, unlit cigarette clenched in his teeth. SUNNY (CONT'D) Come on in. The water's cold as ice. He laughs and falls backward into the water. She takes off her shoes and runs to the water, getting her feet wet. RAVEN It's freezing! SUNNY What'd I tell you? She runs in, splashing as she goes, getting herself completely soaked before embracing him. They kiss, then he reaches out and pulls her top down, exposing her breasts. She is shy for a moment. RAVEN But... SUNNY It's not about me and what I see. It's about how you experience the water, and the water experiences you, nature to nature. She smiles for a moment, enjoying the cheesy sentiment of the moment... then she slaps him, only partly in play. He laughs. SUNNY (CONT'D) Ok, it was lucky. What I wanted and what the water needed... (beat) They were the same at that moment. He kisses her before she gets a chance to think about that one. They kiss deeply, plunging into the water.


EXT. LAKESIDE – DAY As twilight begins, Raven and Sunny lay naked on their fronts, with a blanket wrapped loosely around them. She looks over at him and smiles dreamily. SUNNY You are... (beat) You are exactly what I've been looking for. He kisses her. He moves up, kneeling beside her, almost as if in prayer. She shifts along with his movement, rolling onto her back. He leans intently in and suckles on the inside of her breast. She smiles. He positions himself above her and runs his face down her body as she smiles up at the setting sun. RAVEN (V.O.) He's not just all beaches and sun, though. He also really loves the dark side of things... INT. RAVEN'S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Raven and Sunny sitting cross-legged on the floor, looking through books. A black & white horror movie is showing on the TV. RAVEN (V.O.) The stuff he reads is a lot darker than I'm used to. He reads books on Dark Magic and Ancient Gods, while the oldest book on my shelf is… Sunny throws a book against the wall in a rage. innocently… SUNNY Dracula? How can you read this garbage? Vlad Draculya was a savior to the Romanian people! He united us against the Turk invaders and brought us together in our darkest days.

Raven cowers


SUNNY(cont'd) In Romanian churches, more old people pray quietly for the return of The Impaler than for the return of Christ! (beat) This book is an insult to my people and their prayers! RAVEN It's just cool… (beat) What do I know about Romanian history? I just like vampires. And I thought that movie with Gary Oldman was pretty hot. Sunny shakes his head resignedly. SUNNY Is that what you really are thinking of? Raven's laugh is more bemused than accusing. RAVEN You haven't spent a lot of time around girls, have you? SUNNY Perhaps I have not. RAVEN Is that what you believe? stuff about Dracula?


SUNNY No, that is for the old people to believe. He turns away from her shyly. SUNNY (CONT'D) I believe there are very powerful forces. Forces indifferent to us. I believe they will come and bring the end… (beat) … an end. And the only way to survive them is to show them… worship… to learn their magic. Magic?

RAVEN Really?

Like what?


SUNNY Nothing like the fairy stories in your book. Sunny takes out a book bag and pulls out several dog-eared paperbacks with either rather over-made-up middle-aged men or greatly tentacled creatures… SUNNY (CONT'D) You should come and meet my friends. I think you'd like it. He makes a careful stack of the books. SUNNY (CONT'D) You can read through these… (beat) Would you like to come? Raven kind of shrugs and smiles awkwardly. RAVEN Sure. INT. RAVEN’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Raven sits in a t-shirt and boxer shorts, busily typing at her computer. RAVEN (V.O.) It all seems silly trying to explain it here. I dunno. Maybe this small town’s getting to me. MEGAN (O.S.) Raven, your date it here! RAVEN Just a minute. EXT. LAKESIDE - NIGHT Kelly and The Unrepentant stand by the side of the lake. KELLY Well? The Unrepentant draws his gun. across his lips.

A trace of a quiet snarl


THE UNREPENTANT There’s something here. I don’t know if it’s him. KELLY (squinting in thought) What will you do with that? The Unrepentant stands in position for a showdown, legs spread, hands at his sides. THE UNREPENTANT Enough. Kelly kind of laughs. KELLY I hope so. The Unrepentant is unamused. EXT. UNDERWATER - NIGHT Plant life spreads across the bottom of the water. Rising just out of the top are several bald human heads, bubbles popping up from where their mouths would be. The scalps of these heads are shriveled from centuries beneath the water, flaking off and exposing flesh in places, but not blood… EXT. UNDERWATER - NIGHT The full heads of the creatures coming up from the weeds. They look somewhere between flesh-eating ghouls and one of the generic gray outer-space aliens, all identical and vaguely similar to the old man from the dock. Their skin is water wrinkled, their eyes are all white aside from being quite bloodshot. They wear some kind of navy blue uniforms. their feet, but they walk.

The weeds cover

They are also suffocating. The bodies lie on the bottom of the water, weeds growing up around them. Their bodies are already bloated with water.


EXT. LAKESIDE - NIGHT Kelly is looking anxiously at his watch. The Unrepentant shows no sign of having moved out of his showdown pose. KELLY What are you expecting will happen? The Unrepentant’s eyes are unblinking. They look dry and cracked. The pupils are swollen and the whites are awash in swollen blood vessels. THE UNREPENTANT Doesn’t matter. He stares out at the water.

His will unbending.

THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) I’ll be here when it does. The power of God, The Enemy and Samuel Colt will stand with me. Kelly makes no sense of this axiom. KELLY What do you think is there? The Unrepentant stares Kelly down with casual disdain. THE UNREPENTANT I’m a hunter. If they’re fair game, I take ‘em down. Whatever God let sit out in that lake is definitely fair game… EXT. UNDERWATER - NIGHT More creatures are standing with the bodies of the previous at their feet. These creatures have broader shoulders and taller builds, their eyes are almost all black with pupil, whites just peeking out at the very corners. THE UNREPENTANT (V.O.) … I can smell it. The creatures walk in formation along the bottom of the lake.


EXT. LAKESIDE - NIGHT Over the top of the water the heads of the man-creatures begin to rise. The full heads and shoulders of the man-creatures coming up from the water, covered in whatever waterweeds and slime. Kelly dives quickly out to the water. front claws awkwardly at him.

A man-creature in the

Kelly stands waist high in the water. He draws a knife from his waist, he slits the man-creatures throat. Another comes towards him, but falls to a gunshot in the head. Kelly holds a third in hand, a knife to its throat. more are lumbering towards Kelly from behind.


THE UNREPENTANT Blessed Father, in this hour I beseech thee for righteousness to see my enemies when they come before me and the strength to fight them off. The Unrepentant steps forward, his gun firing towards a mancreature that is just coming out of the water. Kelly is gallantly wrestling two man-creatures, his knife in the air, blood and waterweeds hang from it. One sneaks up behind him.

It approaches close.

Gunshots hit man-creatures, left and right. shots in the forehead.

All perfect

He turns quickly, grabs the man-creature behind him and breaks it in half. THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) I pledge my allegiance to Your Son in this hour of need, for he has saved mankind from its sins, that I may save it from True Evil. Kelly stands in the water, bodies and blood at his feet. The Unrepentant kneels on one knee, gun in hand, his head bowed.


THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) Amen. The Unrepentant stands next to Kelly as they both survey the bloodshed. THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) Not bad. I see why the professor wanted you to come along. The Unrepentant wanders slowly over to the water, he whistles “Home On The Range” as he walks. EXT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT - NIGHT A simple church. White stone walls. A small tasteful stained glass cross in the solid wood doors. The reader board says “The Lake Is The Life”. Raven and Sunny approach. in the background.

Behind them, we can see the lake

Raven is dressed in a long black t-shirt, black leggings, big black boots. She has dark purple eye shadow and black lipstick on. Sunny is dressed in black slacks with a white dress shirt and a thin black tie. SUNNY This is very exciting. I am very glad to be sharing this with you. RAVEN This just looks like a regular church. Is this really going to be cool? SUNNY Of course. RAVEN Cool. Will there be anyone to score E from? Sunny laughs amiably. INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT - VESTIBULE - NIGHT A small gathering of happy people of various ages stands around a very standard church bulletin board of events.


Sunny leads Raven to meet the group. SUNNY Everybody, this is Raven. I’ve been telling you about her. A short 50-ish woman in a rather frumpy blue and white dress with the broadest, friendliest, most genuine smile in the history of time is shaking Raven’s hand. She is SALLY DAY. Raven’s eyes betray the awkwardness of this moment for her. SALLY It’s so wonderful to finally meet you. Soare talks about you all the time. (beat) I’m Sally, Sally Day. RAVEN Hey. SALLY There are cookies on the table over there. I made the oatmeal with cranberry. The oatmeal raisin ones are Libby Wood’s. I think they’re a little overdone. Not burnt… SUNNY We’ll be sure to try the cranberry, Sally. Sally smiles and turns to Raven. SALLY Are you going to be staying for services, dear? Raven looks like a deer caught in headlights. forward. Sunny, oblivious to Raven, is flat-out beaming.

She stares

SUNNY Of course she will. This is something we’ve been looking forward too, right? Raven starts to speak…


SALLY It should be exciting. Rev. Logan will be leading us in the invocation of Luveh-Keraph. We’ve been waiting since he brought the black book… SUNNY Yes, Mrs. Day. We should be finding our seats before all the good one’s are taken. He smiles comfortingly at Raven.

She smiles back at him.

RAVEN And we need to get the oatmeal cranberry cookies before it’s too late. SALLY Oh, you! INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – AUDITORIUM - NIGHT The symbol over the altar is not a cross, but a strange fish symbol. Otherwise this could be any middle American church. People are sitting in their seats. Raven, Sunny and a couple of others are facing away from us as they enter, looking onto the scene. The man at the altar is dressed in black, but shows no familiar signs of being a priest. It is REV. LOGAN. He wears a large silver ring that if the view was closer would show a dragon crest. The priest carefully puts an elaborate hat decorated with a black dragon on. He holds his hand against a book that sits on the altar. It is a large black book. The pages inside look to be almost mismatched and poorly bound, but the cover itself is a strong durable and untarnished leather. Under the hands, the name “Von Juntz” is visible in gold embossed letters. Sunny takes Raven's hand and holds it firmly.


LOGAN Brothers, Sisters, honored guests. We are gathered here to join in The Word Of The Ancient One, that he may be returned to us. So shall it be written‌ so shall it be done. (beat) As we always do, we shall evoke the Black Book in our service. Please consult page 17 in your invocation manuals while I read from the book. (beat) Man shall be led in hand to freedom‌ Sunny and Raven exchange a smile together, unnoticing of others. Sunny holds a small volume in his hand for both he and Raven to see. It is written in some ancient unrecognizable language. She holds her hand on his thigh. LOGAN Man shall be impaired by the lies of men until The Return. ALL TOGETHER MULTEE-YAH-KOL Raven sits in her seat. She doesn't look forward, she looks awkwardly at Sunny's hand on her own. LOGAN Men shall drink below the skin until he can feast on the flesh below. ALL TOGETHER MUL-TEE AB-yad-SAH-bee. Several men bring out a large wooden box and bring it to the front of the room. LOGAN Man knows where he has trod earth's fields, and where he still treads them... Logan opens the box to reveal a naked YOUNG MAN. The young man's body is gaunt and pale. His face is shriveled and dry. His eyes are unexpressive and hollow. He almost looks mummified. His naked torso is covered in long deep colorful scars.


LOGAN Hewalks unseen and foul in lonely places where the words have been spoken and the rites howled... Logan takes out a dagger and holds it up to the boy. Raven gasps. Sunny pats her hand gently but firmly. This is to calm her, but also to firmly state she's not to get out of order. Logan runs the dagger firmly into the young man's chest, opening a line of running blood. He places a silver goblet up... LOGAN As a foulness shall you know him. His hand is at your throats, yet you cannot see him. Logan takes out a dagger and holds it up to the boy. Raven jumps up and dashes out. ALL TOGETHER MUL-TEE YAKOL. MUL-TEE AB-yad-SAHbee. EXT. LAKESIDE - NIGHT The Unrepentant sits on a log. cigarette hangs from his lip.

His gun sits at his side, a

Seth Kelly sits beside him. THE UNREPENTANT How long you been in this game? KELLY All my life. Kelly looks off into some unknown distance. it is good to speak.

He is weary but

KELLY (CONT’D) I’ve worked with most of the best… That… That thing down there killed my parents. The Unrepentant looks Kelly over. than sympathizing.

His face more studying


THE UNREPENTANT Not only yours. Kelly looks up at the Unrepentant. His eyes have a new fire. He also has the beginnings of a bloodstain on his left sleeve. KELLY I know. I’ve met many, but I watched my mother feed on my baby sister merely for it’s amusement, and… The Unrepentant stares off at the lake. Kelly looks down at the ground. may be getting larger.

The bloodstain on his sleeve

THE UNREPENTANT Revenge. (beat) Your goals are small and petty. How simple things must be for you then. KELLY It has hardly been simple. I’ve dedicated my entire life to it… EXT. UNDERWATER - NIGHT The bottom of the lake.

Weeds grow, bubbles form above them.

KELLY (V.O.) … I want it. Some force stirs the weeds. EXT. MIDDLE OF THE LAKE – NIGHT The church can be seen in the distance. Kelly and The Unrepentant sit on the shore a few paces away. MANY VOICES (chanting) Sartanuth multai tergoth ha Abyadsabi dyen tav… Kelly turns to The Unrepentant.


KELLY I’ve gotten close so many times. We thought we had that thing. EXT. FOREST - NIGHT In the woods, next to a mighty tree. and sobs.

Raven sits beneath it

Sunny walks calmly up to the clearing. SUNNY Are you ok? RAVEN How could I be?

You were there...

He forces an embrace upon her. SUNNY It wasn't as bad as it seemed. She pushes him away, but he pulls even closer. SUNNY (CONT'D) You will understand. I promise you will. He kisses her mouth. His hand moves up her chest. kiss.

She moves in and allows the

SUNNY (CONT’D) You do not know love yet. truly. But you will.


They fall to the ground. EXT. LAKESIDE - NIGHT Kelly is sitting on the ground, his head against a log. Unrepentant squats over him. Lie back.


THE UNREPENTANT You’re bleeding.

The Unrepentant tears Kelly’s left sleeve off. shows on Kelly’s arm.

A bloody gash



THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) I know what I’m doing.

He ties the sleeve around the gash on Kelly’s arm. EXT. UNDERWATER - NIGHT The bottom of the lake bubbles fiercely. The bubbles begin to give off a phosphorous glow. Tentacles rise out of the ground below the glowing bubbles and weed growth. THE TOP OF THE LAKE. The middle of the lake is bubbling. bubbles.

Lights glow up from the

A mangle of tentacles rises from all around the glowing bubbles. The tentacles come together, each stretching itself thin and pressing next to the other, forming a kind of patchwork muscle-structure. The muscles tighten up, becoming a kind of gray-green version of a medical model of human musculature. It seems to walk along the water to get to the shore. It is now almost a man. It has tightened up its tentacle body into a very nearly smooth skin. It is not really a man, however, as its dark gray-green hue and black holes for eye sockets reveal. This is THE ANCIENT. It walks out onto the shore, dragging a long trail of tentacles. They all rise up and wrap around him, becoming a very smooth black cloak. EXT. FOREST – NIGHT Sunny and Raven have sex. missionary sex.

It is very innocent, vanilla

She is against the tree and both are not wearing shirts but are trying to get by with their pants around their ankles. The Ancient stands over the scene of the two lovers.


THE ANCIENT Soare, my son! I have come for you. Sunny turned at a jolt away from his lovemaking to look back. Raven, beneath him, also startled. SUNNY My Lord? Sunny leaps over and flagellates himself at the feet of The Ancient. Raven covers herself with her arms, cowering at the tree. THE ANCIENT Leave the whore to her place. serve at my side.


The Ancient’s eyes come to life, deep red and powerful from the deepest recesses of his eye sockets. Sunny looks over at Raven, his eyes filled with longing, torn between two loves. Raven looks back with only a faint hope but a greater love. Sunny looks up at The Ancient, his eyes filled with awe and love. SUNNY How may I serve you, Lord? Raven sits herself, tears running down her face, but her hands still covering her nakedness. EXT. LAKESIDE - NIGHT The Unrepentant leans over Kelly, still tending the wound. THE UNREPENTANT What was that? Kelly sits up a little, his right hand holding the bandaged part of his left arm. KELLY What? THE UNREPENTANT’S EYES squint with great determination.


THE UNREPENTANT Get up. The Unrepentant stands, gun drawn, eyes looking everywhere at once. Kelly rises and takes his side, ready, his knife out, eyes searching if only a little more aimlessly. THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) It’s on its way. EXT. FOREST – NIGHT Raven stands up defiantly. the button.

She pulls up her pants and redoes

RAVEN You think I give a fuck! (beat) Yeah, you run off with that creepy fuck! See how wet and inviting he is! She reaches down and picks up Sunny’s shirt and puts it on, unbuttoned. RAVEN (CONT’D) What’s wrong with you, Raven O’Connor? I mean, talk about fuck and run, huh? She almost laughs at that. KELLY (O.S.) Who’s there? Raven clutches the shirt together. RAVEN Wha—? (beat) Who the fuck is asking? The Unrepentant steps up to her. THE UNREPENTANT There’s no call for such a young lady to use vulgarity such as that. Kelly steps out next to The Unrepentant.


KELLY Are you ok? THE UNREPENTANT Did you see anything? Raven buttons the shirt frantically. RAVEN Does one of you have a goddamn cigarette? Kelly turns to The Unrepentant. THE UNREPENTANT (to Kelly) Not for blasphemers, I can’t say I do. KELLY Give the poor girl a cigarette. I can’t say I’m happy to see her smoking, but she needs something to relax. The Unrepentant takes out a cigarette case. gruesome crucifixion scene engraved on it.

It has a rather

He holds the case in front of Raven, ensuring she catches a good look at the image before he opens it, offering up one of the cigarettes within. She reaches out and takes it. The case slams shut. She packs the cigarette three or four times against the engraving, puts the cigarette in her mouth and lights it with a purple plastic lighter from her pants pocket. RAVEN Thanks. You’re a dear. (to Kelly) I’m fine. I’ve been able to take care of myself for a few years now. (to The Unrepentant) If you want to know what I’ve seen, well, there was a boy here fucking me… The Unrepentant takes a cigarette out for himself.


THE UNREPENTANT I’d reckoned… RAVEN I don’t care what you’d figured, ok? I’m talking right now. Raven takes a deep drag from the cigarette. RAVEN (CONT’D) Anyway, a guy - and here’s the part I reckon you’re going find interesting – ‘cos this guy was something weird, Arab or Egyptian or some shit. I dunno, but he had these red eyes and a big black cloak and he told Sunny to come with him and off they went. The Unrepentant flicks open a Zippo lighter and lights his cigarette. THE UNREPENTANT That was interesting. (snaps lighter shut) Thank you. Which way did they go? She signals him in the right direction. THE UNREPENTANT Obliged. He begins to stride off. Kelly looks confused, but starts to follow.

Then he stops.

KELLY Are you sure you’re ok? RAVEN Are you always this much of a dipshit? The Unrepentant stops, and almost smiles in one corner of his grim mouth. THE UNREPENTANT You’re ok for a blasphemer. He turns back.


THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) You should learn a better way to fill your time than fornicating in the woods… especially with servants of ancient gods. (beat) I reckon that’s the kind of thing you’ll learn with experience. He turns and strides off. Kelly follows. Raven shakes her head and takes another drag off her cigarette. INT. HERRERO’S OFFICE – DAY Herrero is asleep at his chair. His face buried in the same book of Yeats as the night before. A knock on the door. He awakens with a start, wipes the drool from his chin. SECRETARY (O.S.) Professor Herrero? HERRERO Yes? He tries to straighten out his wrinkled jacket. SECRETARY (O.S.) I just hadn’t seen you come in. (beat) Did you need a cup of coffee? Please.

HERRERO The stronger the better.

INT. CAFÉ – DAY Raven is leaning lazily against the counter, smoking. An tall thin bleach blond waitress in her mid-40s is pouring coffee to the patrons while listening to Raven. This is BARBARA BYRNE.


RAVEN So, be careful what you wish for, huh? BARBARA I guess so. (beat) So, what happened to those strangers anyway? Raven flicks an ash into a random customer’s ashtray. RAVEN I dunno. Ran off somewhere. I wanted to write about it in my live journal, but who’s going to believe this shit, y’know? Kelly and The Unrepentant enter. KELLY You Raven? Raven turns to look. Yeah. now?

RAVEN That’s me.

What do you need

KELLY Come over here and sit down. hot coffee.


Kelly and The Unrepentant take an empty booth. a fresh coffee pot.

Raven brings

RAVEN So, who are you guys anyway? THE UNREPENTANT That’s not important right now. KELLY What happened last night? Raven looks a little embarrassed and a little confused. RAVEN Well, I mean… THE UNREPENTANT Before that.


RAVEN I dunno. Just some weird séance thingy. They all stood around a guy with a big dragon hat who read from a really old black book. Kelly and The Unrepentant exchange a look. EXT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – DAY The Unrepentant strides ahead as Kelly and Raven follow behind him. The reader board says “He Is Risen”. The Unrepentant swings the door open in a swoop. INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – DAY The Unrepentant bursts in. Sally approaches him with a kindly smile. SALLY Welcome to our house. help you today?

How can I

THE UNREPENTANT The book. SALLY I don’t think I can let you in there. He slips his hand at his waist. Click. THE UNREPENTANT Pardon me, ma’am, but I can’t imagine you stopping me. Kelly and Raven walk in. SALLY Hi, sweetie, you’d better step away. I think there’s going to be some trouble. Raven reflexively steps back.


A tentacle snaps out of the door as The Unrepentant approaches. It wraps around him and yanks him in. SALLY You should just go home, sweetie. Raven runs forward. Sally throws up her hands and a powerful force knocks Raven and Kelly over. EXT. PARK BENCH – DAY An couple in their late ‘60s or early ‘70s, DICK AND DELILAH COURTNEY, sits on the bench. Dick is holding a well-worn copy of Zane Grey’s “Riders Of The Purple Sage” and reads it aloud. Delilah clutches her husband’s hand tenderly. Barbara walks by, in her waitress uniform. BARBARA Hi, Mr. And Mrs. Courtney. DICK Oh, hi, Barbara.

Off to work?

BARBARA Night and day. Can’t let the citizens of Nettleford go without hot coffee or six-egg omelets, can I? DELILAH That wouldn’t be fair to anyone, would it? (MORE) Barbara pauses and thinks for a moment.

Then she smiles.

BARBARA No, I don’t suppose it would. (beat) What are you guys reading? Dick holds it up. DICK Going back through the old Zane Grey collection. One of these days I figure we’ll read something new.


DICK(cont'd) Our granddaughter recommends something about lemony briskets. Maybe we’ll read that. BARBARA That’d be nice. DELILAH Daddy and I do like our cowboy books, though. Raven runs up with Kelly close behind her. RAVEN Barb! Barb! You’ve gotta… there…


BARBARA Calm down, hon. Take a deep breath. Tell me what’s going on. Raven pants.

Kelly steps forward.

KELLY There’s no way you’re going to believe us if we tell you what’s going on. We just need to get a hot bowl of soup and time to think. DICK What on Earth is he on about? RAVEN There really isn’t time to discuss it. Raven and Kelly run off. DELILAH How odd they were? BARBARA Raven’s always a little odd. This is pretty weird even for her, though. (beat) I’ll see you two later. We’ll have hot water on for tea, so you better be there. DELILAH Yes, I’d hate for the water to go bad.


Barbara makes an “Oh, you!” gesture with her hand and walks off. INT. CAFÉ – DAY Raven and Kelly sit together at a booth with big bowls of soup and cold glasses of soda-pop. Raven sticks a straw into her pop and takes a long drink. KELLY I’ve been tracking the movement of that thing for most of my life. As best I know, its name is Qeltoh, but that’s not important. It is an aspect of an ancient deity. A deity not native to this dimension. He takes slurps up a mouthful of soup. RAVEN What the fuck? Deity? KELLY Yeah, I kind of figured this would take some work. RAVEN Well, yeah! She throws up her arms. KELLY It’s only natural to disbelieve. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I have the time to write up the proofs. You’re just going to have to take my word. RAVEN Why? KELLY Does what happened tonight make sense to your old experience? Well…

RAVEN No, not really.


KELLY So just listen to me.


RAVEN Ok, so assuming this is the deity you think it is… How did he get to… uh… this dimension? KELLY Y’see, groups of worshipers occasionally find an invocation to bring him, or some other aspect of the greater deity, to our dimension. Raven takes a spoonful of soup and blows softly on it. RAVEN And how do you know? KELLY I don’t know the science of it. sponsor is able to track dimensional rifts.


Raven blows more firmly on the spoonful of soup. KELLY (CONT’D) Groups of us try to be wherever the rifts show, in case of, well, this… There are any number of books with invocations that seem to work. Somehow, though, they were able to get the big black book… Raven takes a hesitant bite. RAVEN What’s that mean? (MORE) KELLY Trouble. RAVEN So, anyway, what do we do now? Learn magic? KELLY The invocations to call an aspect of Qeltoh aren’t really magic or supernatural. They are a complex series of sound patterns that can be heard through a dimensional rift and functions as a beacon.


KELLY(cont'd) Without a way to go to the other side, having a similar beacon would do little for us. Dick and Delilah come and sit at the next table. DICK Are you kids feeling any better? Delilah and I were pretty worried. DELILAH We had trouble staying focused on our chapter. We always have to get through one every afternoon, no matter what. Even when it rains, we just go to the gazebo over on the other side of the park. Didn’t there used to be a play area there? DICK Nope. Always been the gazebo there. The old play area was over near where they built the groundskeeper area now. Or halfway between there and the new play area, somewhere there abouts. Raven slurps at the bottom of her glass of pop. RAVEN Pardon me, but our, uh, friend has been kidnapped by a cult. We think they may try to kill him. Don’t mind if we aren’t completely absorbed by the story of the gazebo. DICK Oh, that certainly sounds like trouble you’ve got. Have you called the police? Kelly tries to smile. KELLY I don’t think the police would understand this one. DELILAH I can’t see why that would be… KELLY I couldn’t begin to explain, ma’am.


Barbara walks over and turns to Raven. BARBARA You need more Pepsi, hon? Raven holds up her glass. RAVEN It’s Dr. Pepper. INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – AUDITORIUM – DAY The Unrepentant hangs in a crucified-style against the dragon crest. The Ancient and Rev. Logan stand beneath him. Ten feet back from them, Sunny sits on one knee, motionless. THE ANCIENT Tell me your… (beat) Christian name. THE UNREPENTANT I have given it up. A man who will not repent past sins has no place with a Christian name. THE ANCIENT Then how will you make peace with your god when you die. THE UNREPENTANT My relationship with the Lord Jesus is for me alone to know. The Ancient smiles. THE ANCIENT Fair enough. A ring of fire burst up around The Unrepentant. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) I came here a very long time ago. I feasted on your land. The Unrepentant begins to sweat.


THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) I crushed your beings. I strengthened myself on the nightmares. Then the ice came to this land… more suddenly than I expected. (beat) I called out for… The high-pitched screeching, clicking noise made here is only barely recognizable as “Qeltoh”. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) But he did not hear. So I lived frozen. The nightmares became my only reality. Sweat drips heavily from The Unrepentant’s brow. hands are beaded with sweat. THE UNREPENTANT And now you’ve returned to feast. THE ANCIENT Have you ever lived out a nightmare, Unrepentant? THE UNREPENTANT Yes. THE ANCIENT And how long did that last? You, such small and mortal shell of a being. (beat) My nightmares were lived out for millennia. The fires burn much brighter. THE ANCIENT And now all of you… with the help of Rev. Logan here… Rev. Logan smiles and nods. …

THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) shall experience my nightmares.

Even his


INT. CAFÉ – DAY Raven and Kelly sit in their booth. the booth next to them.

Dick and Delilah sit in

DELILAH What would you have done with something like this when you were in Korea? DICK How would a bombardier handle a kidnapping? Delilah laughs a bit embarrassedly. KELLY It’s not important. I don’t think we should bother you in regard to this. DICK Don’t be silly. We couldn’t let you go off in to danger by yourselves. Could we, mother? RAVEN No, really. We need to take care of this ourselves. INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – CONFERENCE ROOM – DAY Rev. Logan sits at the head of the table. others sit at the table as well.

Sally and some

LOGAN Our Lord has given us each a role in this end time. This is where the strong will be separated from the weak. We are being allowed to stay for the scourging of the enemy. He rises. LOGAN (CONT’D) Let us go and enjoy. All rise and Logan leads them out.


INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – AUDITORIUM – DAY The Ancient stands in the front of the room. congregation is full of worshipful eyes.


At the altar, The Unrepentant is hanging in a much more familiar crucifixion pose. He is naked, his legs bent to the side, his arms up. He mutters incoherently… THE ANCIENT I have chosen as a means to execute this enemy, the ancient Roman system of hanging. He gestures up to the hanging body of The Unrepentant with a dark gleam in his eye. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) This was a method used to expediently torture and kill hundreds of people at a time. Cruelty and expediency… your Romans were quite a group. (chuckles) Later means would choose to focus on one or the other. None would be quite so poetic. Perhaps that’s why the fable of the carpenter son of a minor deity has held on for so long. He scratches his chin. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) What do you think, unrepentant one? The Unrepentant does not meet his eye, but speaks louder. THE UNREPENTANT But thou art he that took me out of the womb. Thou didst make me hope when I was upon my mother's breasts. I was cast upon thee from the womb. Thou art my God from my mother's belly. THE ANCIENT Perhaps if we listen closely, we’ll hear him repent. But first, we’ll watch. Soon his legs will be unable to bear his body weight…


INT. RAVEN’S BEDROOM – DAY Raven is digging around under her bed. group of books on the desk.

Kelly is inspecting a

KELLY Johann Prinn? Where did you get this? RAVEN It was Sunny’s. KELLY Did you read any? RAVEN Is that the worm one? Kelly nods soberly. RAVEN (CONT’D) Nah. Never got to that. sounded cool, though.

It kinda

KELLY I’m not sure that’s the word, but sure. What else did Sunny leave here? Raven throws out another book. RAVEN Just this one. Kelly reaches down and picks it up off the floor. He examines the blank cover, then opens it. He looks down. He drops the book. KELLY Did you read that one? RAVEN I guess so. Yeah. I skimmed through some parts. Kelly picks the book back up and opens it hesitantly. The title page says “Modus Deus Priscus” by Gloria Curat.


KELLY Did you read the legend of the lost child? RAVEN Yeah, he was the first child of the first ones, right? KELLY Yakol, son of Abyad The Cruel. He was lost before the birth of the first who were called gods. RAVEN You think that’s him? was Qeltoh.

I thought it

Kelly shakes his head. KELLY I don’t know. I just… We never thought beyond him and… (beat) And they obviously have. RAVEN Yeah… Kelly stands up. KELLY Well, is that everything here? RAVEN I’m pretty sure. KELLY It’ll have to do. (MORE) INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – AUDITORIUM – DAY The Ancient points up at The Unrepentant who hangs from the wall, his arms are now out of their sockets, causing him to hang much lower than before. THE ANCIENT Witness, with no effort from us, he has shifted position, putting a large portion of his body weight to his chest. This makes it impossible to exhale without an exceptional effort.


THE ANCIENT(cont'd) (beat) Eventually his lungs will collapse and fill with fluid. In effect, the cause of death in a hanging is drowning. The Ancient paces about in a self-satisfied way. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) In this tradition, I could do one of two things. I could offer him relief, allowing him a way to hold some weight on his backside. This kindness could allow him to wait days before reaching his final end. (beat) Alternately, I could break his legs, putting more firmer weight against his chest. This would cause him to die within minutes. (smiles) So little effort, so delightfully many options. He wanders closer to his congregation. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) Perhaps a snack while I consider the possibilities. He takes a YOUNG MAN from the congregation. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) Please disrobe. The young man nervously does as he’s told. as a whole has almost no reaction.

The congregation

The Ancient strides up to the naked youth. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) Don’t like it? (beat) Well… Speak to your mother. He looks him over with a lascivious smirk. He leans forward and takes a bite out of the young man’s neck. He struggles to break skin for a moment, then crunches through bone and cartilage. He wrestles the young man to the floor and begins to feast.


EXT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT - DAY Kelly walks along. He is wearing brown suede pants and a denim shirt. He has a shotgun strapped to his back and a pair of automatic pistols at his waist. Raven follows him. She is dressed in black leather from headto-toe. She is carrying a pump-action shotgun and has automatic pistols at her side. Kelly pulls a pistol from its holster. KELLY Remember what I said. RAVEN Take no prisoners. They break the door open. INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – VESTIBULE – DAY Kelly and Raven rush in. Two men in black suits approach them. Raven fires shots into both before Kelly gets a chance to react. RAVEN Oh, my God. KELLY What is it? RAVEN I don’t know. I just never did… y’know… that. KELLY Are you ok? Raven thinks for a moment. Sure.

RAVEN Let’s move.

They kick open the next door.


INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – AUDITORIUM – DAY The Ancient stares out at the congregation. The young man is but a bloody skeleton at his feet. The Ancient’s face has become bloated with splotches of red, his lips fat and dark with an almost green tinge. THE ANCIENT The blood tells me, mercy. He turns to The Unrepentant. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) I shall break your legs. You may wish to take this opportunity to make your final peace with whatever trivial being you call your maker. Kelly and Raven burst in. A crowd of worshippers rush the pair. Kelly and Raven take aim and fire into the crowd. row fall to the barrage of gunfire.

Row after

Sunny runs up to Raven. RAVEN Don’t come any closer. He takes a step forward. RAVEN (CONT’D) Don’t think because I let you put your cock in me, I’ll let you take another step. He begins a step. Raven pumps back to fire a shot. He pauses and turns back to The Ancient. again.

He moves forward

Raven fires a shot, taking out his kneecap. Sunny falls forward.


RAVEN What kind of useless chicks are you used to fucking? She casually kicks him in the head. The Ancient hold his hands up and applauds. THE ANCIENT Bravo! Bravo, young slut. Let’s see how you do helping you friend here. The Ancient pulls out a long staff and strikes The Unrepentant’s legs suddenly and swiftly. The Unrepentant falls down, further stretching his arms. The Unrepentant looks up briefly, his eyes sunken and bloodshot. Kelly begins chanting quietly to himself, the sound carries over… EXT. UNDERWATER – DAY The weeds.


More man-creatures rise up and begin to walk. EXT. LAKESIDE – DAY The man-creatures walk out of the water. Rows of ten or twenty march out.

One row after another.

INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – AUDITORIUM – DAY Kelly looks up from his chanting, takes careful aim at The Ancient and fires a shot right into The Ancient’s forehead. Black dust puffs out of the hole, then a thick black ooze begins to drip forth. The Ancient’s body falls over… dead. Kelly and Raven rush forth to save The Unrepentant, guns pointed at the crowd as they force their way through. As they step onto the podium, Kelly pulls out a large hunting knife. He reaches up, with some effort, and cuts The Unrepentant down. The two do their best to hold him as he drops.


The Unrepentant mumbles incoherently. Kelly kneels down. KELLY My back. Raven props The Unrepentant’s broken body onto Kelly’s back. She cuts a length of rope that adorns the altar and begins to secure The Unrepentant to Kelly. RAVEN Good enough. Move. Guns still out, the two lead through, away from the crowd, to the open door as fast as they safely can. They get to the door, Kelly walks out facing forward. backs out, shotgun pointed at the crowd.


As she leaves, she slams the door. EXT. RAVEN’S HOUSE – DAY Rural house. It’s painted a light blue color with white trim. The garage is separated from the house, with a tree inbetween. Kelly and Raven approach, Kelly still holding The Unrepentant on his back. RAVEN My parents are so not going to understand this. KELLY Probably not, but we don’t have a lot of options here, do we? RAVEN Nope. She steps onto the porch and unlocks the door. RAVEN (CONT’D) Dad? Are you home? (beat, then louder) Mom? Dad? Mom?

No response.

She turns to Kelly.

She peeks in.


RAVEN (CONT’D) We’re clear for now. Kelly steps up to the porch. KELLY Help me in. Raven takes hold of The Unrepentant and they walk up the steps and carefully through the door. INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – AUDITORIUM – DAY The body of The Ancient lies on the ground. The congregation gathers around him muttering. As they continue to mutter, their muttering evolves into a coherent chant. They chant with increasing volume and clarity. The ooze pours further out of The Ancient’s head, spreading out against the floor. A big pool of blackness falls in the middle of the circle of worshipers, it seems to reflect dark images of fantastic creatures and amazing events, but they are not there to reflect… The circle closes in further, hiding the pool. The chanting at a fever pitch and The Ancient rises up. He pushes away worshipers dismissively and walks over to his former body. INT. RAVEN’S LIVING ROOM – DAY Raven leads Kelly in and helps him kneel down. She unties The Unrepentant and she and Kelly lift him gently and set him on the floor. Water.

KELLY Get him some water.

Raven runs off to the other room. She rushes back quickly with a bottle of water. Kelly takes the water, opens it and begins to pour it gently into The Unrepentant’s mouth. Raven reaches forward and massages The Unrepentant’s throat to get him to swallow. Several small swallows pass and then The Unrepentant coughs, choking a little. KELLY It’s ok. We’re getting you water. You need it.


The Unrepentant spits defiantly. Then, after a moment, he gestures for Kelly to come closer. THE UNREPENTANT (whisper) Whisky… KELLY You’re not ready for whisky yet. THE UNREPENTANT (harsh rasp) Whisky! RAVEN We seriously need to get him upstairs as soon as possible. KELLY I know. Raven runs back off. INT. RAVEN’S KITCHEN – DAY Raven takes out a short glass and sets it down on the counter. She climbs up on the counter next to the refrigerator. She opens a cupboard above the fridge and takes down a bottle of Maker’s Mark and sets it carefully on the stove. She hops down. She takes the bottle a pours the glass nearly full of the drink. She walks back carefully with the glass. EXT. RAVEN’S HOUSE – DAY The man-creatures shuffle about, gathering around the house in the bushes. INT. RAVEN’S LIVING ROOM – DAY Raven runs up to The Unforgiven and tries gently dripping the whisky glass into his mouth, while Kelly holds his head up. THE UNREPENTANT (whisper) Horse piss… Raven pulls the glass away.




THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) More horse piss.

KELLY Comin’ around now, huh? THE UNREPENTANT Always around… Now. More horse piss. Raven pours more whisky into The Unrepentant’s mouth. KELLY Feeling any closer to your savior? THE UNREPENTANT You know… (beat) I thought I would. He looks off nowhere in particular. KELLY Now? THE UNREPENTANT I wish there was better whisky here. RAVEN Aren’t we taking him to the hospital? THE UNREPENTANT No time. KELLY What’s happening? (MORE) THE UNREPENTANT Yakol is going to open The Gate. Why not?

Kelly literally falls over in shock. RAVEN Somebody want to let me in on what the fuck that means? Kelly pulls himself up. KELLY Well, let me tell you… (sighs)


KELLY(cont'd) Remember I told you how occasionally Qeltoh worshipers are able to open rifts between the dimensions? RAVEN Sure. THE UNREPENTANT Cigarette. Raven takes a cigarette from her jacket and puts it in The Unrepentant’s mouth. KELLY The Gate would allow all the inhabitants of his dimension to pass freely back and forth. Raven lights The Unrepentant’s cigarette. EXT. RAVEN’S HOUSE – DAY A rather humble blue car drive up to the driveway. Megan and Dan.

It is

INT. RAVEN’S LIVING ROOM – DAY Raven, Kelly and The Unrepentant are on the floor. The Unrepentant sprawled helplessly and the other two kneeling over him. RAVEN So, what do we need to do? THE UNREPENTANT Contact Herrero. KELLY I will. The sound of the garage door opening… Shit. them?

RAVEN My parents.

What do I tell

KELLY Whatever you need to.


INT. LECTURE HALL – DAY Herrero stands at the front of the room. The lecture hall is sparsely filled with the same disinterested class. HERRERO … and Set gathered a great feast to honor Osiris’s return. He prepared a glorious chest that had been built to match Osiris’s exact proportions. Herrero mimes a great coffin sized chest over the desk. HERRERO (CONT’D) After the feast was through and all the guests - friends, associates, beloved servants as well as many monarchs of neighboring lands were waiting to hear Set welcome his beloved brother in words. And so he did. He clears his throat and circles the table. HERRERO (CONT’D) He rose to the front of the table and began to speak. He said, “My friends, we have gathered to honor the return of my brother, our king, our ally, our teacher, our… He clasps his own hands together and shakes them in a gesture of bonding. HERRERO (CONT’D) “ … friend. His beloved wife has done a fine job in his absence, but there was always something missing when he was away… The spirit of the land that only my brother’s own presence can make complete.” He hops up and sits on the corner of the table.


HERRERO (CONT’D) Osiris was greatly pleased. He knew of his brothers jealousy, and was proud to see that he was finally able to see past his pettiness. His brother was a man now. He jumps off the table, slamming his feet against the floor, and stands tall. INT. CHURCH OF THE ANCIENT – AUDITORIUM – DAY The Ancient stands above Sunny’s body. THE ANCIENT How does it feel to be broken, my son? SUNNY It hurts, my lord. THE ANCIENT It would be expected. (beat) Walk with me, and I will show you another way. SUNNY Walk, my lord? The Ancient steps on Sunny’s shattered leg. pull back his wince.

Sunny tries to

THE ANCIENT I fully trust you’ll enjoy it more than the alternative. Sunny pulls himself into a sitting up position. SUNNY I shall walk with you, my lord. He pulls himself all the way up onto his one good leg, agonizing the whole while. As he settles in position, he allows one small yelp to escape his lips. THE ANCIENT Let’s go.


INT. LECTURE HALL – DAY Herrero stands proudly in front of the mostly indifferent class. HERRERO And Osiris said, “Now to honor the generosity that my brother shows in all his actions, I offer this act of generosity. I have had this chest made. You can see that it is very beautiful. I am prepared to give this chest to whoever fits perfectly inside it.” He mimes leading people up to the table. HERRERO (CONT’D) And one by one, each of them came up to the chest and tried to lay in it. Some would be too tall. A couple tried to bow their legs to appear perfectly fit, but Set was not fooled. He sent them on their way. Some were too short and could do nothing to hide this. (beat) The last one to approach the box was poor doomed Osiris, since he didn’t know that nearly everyone gathered was an accomplices to his murder… probably even the bowlegged giants. When he climbed in, it, of course, fit him perfectly. He lays down on the table, perfectly still. HERRERO (CONT’D) Set looked down at his brother and said, “Congratulations, my brother, the chest is yours for the rest of your life.” And then he closed the lid and everyone gather proceeded to nail closed the king’s coffin, covered it with molten lead and threw it in the Nile. He stands.


HERRERO (CONT’D) After that, great Osiris floated to sea, where his body was eventually recovered by Isis from a pillar in the land of Byblos. Set took the recovered body and, in a rage, tore it into seventeen pieces and spread them around Egypt. HERRERO (CONT’D) Isis searched everywhere and wherever the found a piece, she would build a new shrine. Osiris returned as the Lord Of The Dead. His son, Horus, restored the family crown and began a mighty battle against jealous Set that is said to continue through the heavens even now. One day, when Horus is victorious, Osiris will return to the land of the living and restore peace and order to his people. He points to the clock. HERRERO (CONT’D) I see that it’s time to let you go. For next week, you can see the assignment is to compare and contrast the meaning of the story of Osiris’s fall and restoration to that of Christ’s fall and resurrection. Mel stands up. MEL I don’t have a Bible. HERRERO A copy of the New Testament is listed on the syllabus you were given at the beginning of the semester. MEL I thought that was a mistake. HERRERO It seems it was you who made the mistake. I’m sure the library has a copy if you don’t have one at home.


Mel makes a loud skeptical sound and stomps off. Danielle approaches Herrero cautiously. DANIELLE So, the suggestion is that the two stories are interconnected? HERRERO I suggest nothing. (beat) That’s not true. I do suggest you come up with your own workable hypothesis regarding the interconnectedness of the stories, or lack thereof, and write a paper that convinces me that you have properly thought out your hypothesis and taken it to a logical conclusion based on the materials provided. (shrugs) But that is just my suggestion. DANIELLE Ok. But if they are interconnected, does that mean there is a root story to each of these stories of betrayal, resurrection and eternal war? (beat) Because I have this book… She fumbles through her stack of books. DANIELLE (CONT’D) And it dates this here, “The Song of Dimmom and Ul”… She points to page, illustrated with a wood carving print of a monster being covered in water. DANIELLE (CONT’D) … to as early as 3000 BC, predating even the reign of Gilgamesh. No one can remember the melody, of course, but the story is nearly identical story to the legend of Osiris as you just explained it, except in this they fill the cask with water and then the water turns into lead.


HERRERO Where did you find that? She shows him the book cover, “Pre-Sumerian Legend”. DANIELLE Would that be a precursor to alchemy? HERRERO I think that would be getting ahead of yourself. Alchemy was attempting to bring matter to its purest form. Turning water into lead would be something else entirely… DANIELLE What’s that? HERRERO (now distracted) Perhaps that’s what you should decide in your paper. DANIELLE Oh, well, ok… She gathers her books and walks away, not quite satisfied with the answer that she’s received. INT. RAVEN’S LIVING ROOM – DAY Raven’s parents are standing over the scene of The Unrepentant lying on the floor with Raven and Kelly kneeling next to him. MEGAN And you found them by the road? KELLY A car ran into my friend here. DAN And you didn’t call an ambulance? Raven rises to come to her own defense. RAVEN I guess… I mean, I just wasn’t thinking.


Dan picks up the glass off the floor. MEGAN But you did think to let him smoke… Dan sniffs the glass. DAN And give him a glass of my bourbon. RAVEN I just… KELLY Give her a break. Give us all a break, it’s been quite an ordeal. DAN I don’t doubt it, Mr… KELLY Kelly, Seth Kelly.

Just Seth.

DAN Mr. Kelly. I don’t doubt your ordeal, however, you must be forty years old. Did you really believe getting a teenage girl to give your friend whisky was the best way to get through it? KELLY I know it sounds bad, but my friend, he’s a rather peculiar fellow. DAN I had that figured. KELLY I’m sure. EXT. LAKESIDE – DAY The Ancient carries his own dead body. Sunny leads a small group of followers behind, he hobbles, struggling to hop but occasionally allowing his bad leg to touch ground, causing him to briefly recoil. The Ancient sets the corpse down by the water.


THE ANCIENT This shell once held my spirit, just as each of your shells now holds yours. Now, it is garbage, just as each of you shall one day be but garbage. Sunny comes and kneels down before the body. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) The time has come to return this garbage to the waters from whence it sprung. The body begins to melt into a pool of black goo and stream into the water. Sunny begins to chant as the goo flows and the others join in. The Ancient watches almost indifferently. INT. HERRERO’S OFFICE – DAY Herrero wanders about, looking at his shelves. HERRERO (singing) Denise, Denise, oh, with your eyes so blue. Denise, Denise, I've got a crush on you. Denise, Denise, I'm so in love with you. He pauses and takes down a book. HERRERO (CONT’D) (still singing) Oh, when we walk, it seems like paradise. And when we talk, it always feels so nice. Denise, Denise I'm so in love with you… He flips open to the title page and scans over it, “PreSumerian Legend”, a similar woodcutting decorates the page. HERRERO (CONT’D) (struggling for high notes) You’re my dream… (clears throat) You’re my dream, and I’m in heaven…


A knock at the door. HERRERO (CONT’D) Who is it? SECRETARY (O.S.) The telephone, Professor Herrero. Line one… It’s Mr. Kelly. Herrero stops for a moment.

He knows this isn’t good news.

HERRERO Ok, I’ll get it. He walks cautiously over to the phone. He looks down at it as if it might bite him for a moment before picking it slowly up. HERRERO (CONT’D) Herrero. (beat) Of course.


He nods solemnly. HERRERO (CONT’D) It is as I feared then. (beat) I shall arrive by dawn. Do what you need until then. INT. RAVEN’S LIVING ROOM – DAY Raven’s parents are pacing about. The Unrepentant is now lying on the couch. Raven stands nervously over him. Kelly walks back into the room. KELLY He’s on his way. THE UNREPENTANT Probably too late. RAVEN Such an optimist. Dan walks over. DAN What are you planning on doing?


KELLY I can’t say we’ve figured that out quite yet. Well then… are here.

MEGAN Good things the pros

A knocking sound comes at the door. THE UNREPENTANT What’s that? Kelly pulls out a .45 automatic.

He walks to the door.

He checks the chain, then peeks through the peephole. KELLY Who is it? Nothing. KELLY (CONT’D) Is somebody there? He opens the door the length of the chain and looks around. KELLY (CONT’D) Hello? He shuts the door and unchains it. DAN Should you go out there? KELLY I’ll be fine. He opens up the door and steps out, holding his pistol in front of him. KELLY Who’s there? He steps out. A scuffling noise. Gun fire. A cry out. One more shot and…


Silence. Everyone waits, looking around at each other. THE UNREPENTANT Lock the door. Dan leaps over to the door.

Hands reach in…

THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) He’s gone. Dan tries to push the door shut. He pushes it as tight as he can, then tries kicking the door into the hands. The door jumps open and the hands suddenly clutch at Dan. Dan jumps back. Raven runs over with her shotgun. She stands next to her dad and shoots the gun out the door. Two man-creatures fall in, apparently dead. The door swings in a little. Kelly’s corpse, his throat torn through with many hand, falls down. Raven screams. Fuck!

DAN Fuck, fuck, fuck!

MEGAN Who were those men? THE UNREPENTANT They aren’t men, ma’am. Dan kicks the three corpses over and over until they fall outside, while Raven covers him. Three more man-creatures charge as they slam the door shut. He bolts the door firmly. EXT. LAKESIDE – NIGHT More people are gathered at the lakeside than were before. Rev. Logan stands proudly at the front, taking the right hand side of The Ancient. Sunny kneels at the left, clutching The Ancient’s hand and holding it close to his cheek.


LOGAN My brothers and sisters, we are here to celebrate the coming of Our Lord, the revered Yakol Abyadsabi, and the restoration of the gate between Heaven and Earth. In the lake a small number of the man-creatures begin to emerge. They seem to be covered with the same black goo that The Ancient’s corpse drained into the lake. THE ANCIENT Our day is come, my children. There is indeed much to celebrate. He turns to a Sally. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) You spent your life under terrible stress… (smiles broadly) Please disrobe. Sally nervously does as she’s told. whole has almost no reaction.

The congregation as a

The Ancient looks her up and down in a lascivious manner. More man-creatures begin to rise up, dozens, even hundreds walk aimlessly out of the water. The Ancient pushes Sally to the ground. THE ANCIENT (CONT’D) It begins… (licks his lips) But what will the outcome be for those who don’t obey? He laughs aloud… EXT. RAVEN’S HOUSE – NIGHT The man-creatures are gathered hungrily around Kelly’s broken and lifeless body. One of them steps forward. He leans down and begins to eat Kelly’s corpse in the same way we’ve seen The Ancient consume the living. The others watch in awe, but demonstrate no desire to join the feasting.


INT. RAVEN’S LIVING ROOM – NIGHT Raven and Megan are gathered around The Unrepentant. appear less nursing him than he is holding court. Dan is pacing back and forth, muttering. MEGAN It’s gotten quiet. RAVEN Don’t you dare say, it’s too quiet, Daddy. DAN No… No… Not gonna say that… gonna… Just…


RAVEN It just… (beat) It wouldn’t be the time. No.

Dan turns gravely to The Unrepentant. DAN So, when the fuck does this goddamn Herrero get here? THE UNREPENTANT Before the dawn. (beat) It won’t matter if there’s an army between us and him, though, will it?

(MORE) He tries to stretch his neck but finds it difficult. MEGAN What do you suggest then? THE UNREPENTANT The good book tells us that when the Israelites sent a small army to attack the city of Ai, they were decimated. Joshua asked The Lord what he needed to do. THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) The Lord’s reply was “You’ve been going at everything halfway.



THE UNREPENTANT(cont'd) You give half a tribute to The Lord, your God, and go to conquer the city of Ai halfway. Offer them no quarter.” (mutters) Something like that… (to himself) “For Joshua drew not his hand back, wherewith he stretched out the spear, until he had utterly destroyed all the inhabitants…” (beat) We will not act unfaithfully, but will give our full devotion. Kill them all… Now, can someone light me a cigarette? Raven takes a cigarette and lighter from his jacket and puts the cigarette into her mouth. RAVEN How do you suggest we do that? She lights the cigarette and takes a long drag from it. THE UNREPENTANT You can just take potshots out the window. How many are there now? She exhales slowly. RAVEN Two, three dozen… She puts the cigarette in The Unrepentant’s mouth. a slow drag and exhales.

He takes

THE UNREPENTANT I’ve got six shots in my gun and at least eighteen bullets in my jacket, if someone can dig them out. Do you have a rifle? For hunting or anything? Guns?

DAN Guns…

He shakes him head madly. MEGAN I do. Dan stops, taken aback by this news, but says nothing.


MEGAN (CONT’D) I have a pistol in the bedroom. With twenty-four bullets. Raven puts the cigarette back in The Unrepentant’s mouth and he draws another drag. MEGAN (CONT’D) (to Dan) For when you’re gone. I get nervous. THE UNREPENTANT That might be enough if we could figure on making every bullet count. I’d rather not do that, though. Is that horse piss the only bottle you got in there? MEGAN Dan’s Maker’s Mark? THE UNREPENTANT Whatever it was… Yeah… RAVEN No, there’s a couple of bottles of vodka, a gin and some other whisky. MEGAN Should I ask why you have the liquor cabinet memorized? I just… whisky.

RAVEN I had to find him some

She puts the cigarette in The Unrepentant’s mouth. inhales. THE UNREPENTANT What other whisky is it? MEGAN Scotch. Johnnie Walker, for when my dad comes to visit. THE UNREPENTANT Red or black? MEGAN Red.



THE UNREPENTANT Bring that bottle to. Take whatever last swigs of the horse piss you need, then get some rags. (beat) Drag? Raven puts the cigarette in The Unrepentant’s mouth. inhales.


THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) Ok, get on it. INT. HERRERO’S CAR – NIGHT Herrero is driving along, singing to himself. HERRERO Oh, well there's Flo on my left, and there's Mary on my right. And Janie is the girl, well, that I'll be with tonight… He looks down at the passenger seat and sees the book. HERRERO (CONT’D) And when she asks me which one I love the best. I’ll tear open my shirt and show her the Rosie on my chest… He taps the book gently. HERRERO (CONT’D) 'Cos I'm the wanderer… INT. CAFÉ – NIGHT Barbara is pouring coffee to a number of older men in plaid shirts, reading newspapers and smoking cigarettes. Dick and Delilah walk in. BARBARA Back again? DELILAH Daddy got a craving for blueberry pie. I thought about making one, but we thought it would be nice to be out.


BARBARA That’s wonderful. Find an open seat. I’ll be right with you. The couple wander over to a free booth and sit down. BARBARA (CONT’D) Do you two need something to drink? DICK Two cups of Sanka, please. Barbara walks over with a orange handle coffee pot. She turns over the two coffee cups at the table and pours two cups. BARBARA Are you both going to want a slice of blueberry pie? DELILAH No, I’ll have a slice of hot apple pie à la mode, please. I’m not the berry eater of the Courtney clan. BARBARA Why not? DELILAH Just can’t say I care especially for them. BARBARA How about you, Dick? la mode?

Blueberries à

DICK Oh, no. No mode for me. Just get me the biggest slice you have left, ok? He winks conspiratorially at her. The door swings open. Kelly enters. He seems softer than the Kelly we’ve come to know, though. His face is gentler and younger looking. Even his eyes seem to carry less weight in them. He is wearing the navy blue uniform of the man-creatures. BARBARA Mr. Kelly.


Kelly smiles warmly. KELLY Oh, please, it’s Seth. you?

How are

He walks over to the Courtney’s table. KELLY (CONT’D) Mind if I join you? DICK Oh, no, not at all.


Kelly sits down next to Dick. KELLY (to Barbara) May I get a cup, too? (beat) Is that decaf? BARBARA Yes. KELLY Great. Wouldn’t want to toss and turn the night away, would we? He chuckles. No.

DELILAH No, we wouldn’t.

INT. RAVEN’S LIVING ROOM – NIGHT Raven is watching carefully out the window. holds his position on the couch.

The Unrepentant

Dan sits at the coffee table, soaking rags in the liquor, his Maker’s Mark set to the side for him to hit occasionally. His hand trembles as he moves. Megan loads her pistol’s magazine, bullet by bullet. THE UNREPENTANT Are you people just about ready? RAVEN I count twenty-nine out there.


THE UNREPENTANT Be prepared for ten out of sight. Maybe more. Dan lifts the bottle of Maker’s Mark to his mouth, trembling, spilling more on his face than into his mouth. Fuck!

DAN What is happening here?

Megan walks over to him and begins to pet his head. MEGAN Don’t worry. We’ll get through this. DAN I just don’t know what’s happening. MEGAN I don’t think any of us really do. All we can do right now is our part. He sets his face into his hands, hiding tears. DAN I want to know… THE UNREPENTANT Get up, you useless twat. (to Raven) You. Check the door. Raven goes down to the door, gun at hand. the window.

Megan moves up to

Raven peeks out the door. MAN-CREATURE It lunges at the door, stretching its arm into the hole. Raven presses the gun to its forehead and fires. She kicks the arm out and slams the door hard. She runs up and breaks a piece of the window and pushes her gun through. She aims carefully. One down. She aims again.


Two down. THE UNREPENTANT Stop. Don’t waste bullets on any that can be taken out with a group. RAVEN Sorry. She breaks open a wider hole in the window. RAVEN (CONT’D) Dad, give me a bottle. Dan, trying to control his shaking, hands over a vodka bottle. Raven flicks open the lighter and lights the rag. She sights out the window and throws the cocktail. It does not explode, but rather spreads a wave of fire across the ground. Several man-creatures catch fire and drop to the ground. At least twice their number appear out of the bushes. MEGAN Another one! (beat) Dan! We need another now. She takes a bottle off the table, shooting Dan an impatient glare. She holds the rag end to Raven who quickly lights it. She rears backs and throws the cocktail into a large group of man-creatures. They burn and fall, trying desperately to extinguish themselves like ants under a magnifying glass. Again a group of about twice as many man-creatures steps out of the darkness. RAVEN We are so totally fucked. Megan turns back to Dan sharply. MEGAN Are you going to help us at all? Dan seems to be shaken out of his shock. He gets up, takes a bottle and walks to the window. He holds the rag to Raven who lights it.


He throws the cocktail rather sloppily. The fire from it catches one man-creature but also catches the edge of the house. RAVEN I guess I was wrong. totally fucked.

Now, we’re

MEGAN What are we going to do? RAVEN Somebody will need to get the car. The rest of us will need to be waiting by the door. DAN And then where do we go? RAVEN We figure that out when the time comes. Give me to keys to the car, I’ll get to the garage from the tree by the house. INT. CAFÉ – NIGHT Kelly is holding up his coffee cup, speaking quickly to the rapt Courtneys, as well as Barbara who watches over them. …

KELLY so, anyway…

He takes a careful sip of his coffee. KELLY (CONT’D) … I know there’s no way to kill a good conversation than bringing up God or money, but let me ask you… (beat) Do you believe Our Lord will return to usher in a new era? The Courtneys look at one another with a degree of discomfort. DICK Well, yes, in some manner or another.


KELLY Right. It’s sometimes difficult to know what to believe as that goes. I used to have that problem myself. Let me ask you, though… (beat) If I could show you an honest to goodness miracle… a sign that the end is indeed nigh, would you want to see it? DELILAH (with some concern) Well… certainly. KELLY It happens I believe you’ll be able to see just that at the lake tonight. I’m not trying to… I mean, I’d be skeptical in your position, some guy comes up, makes some friendly dessert conversation and then wants to sell me religion. He takes a long, punctuating drink of coffee. KELLY (CONT’D) So, I’m not going to try to talk you into it or convince you to ride with me or anything like that. Just, if you’re curious, come down to the old St. Elizabeth’s church. I’m heading down after I clear my check. He picks his check up off the table and walks to the counter. Barbara meets him there. He hands her his check and some money. KELLY (CONT’D) This should cover my bill and their, with a decent amount left over for you. (winks) You have a great night. EXT. RAVEN’S HOUSE – NIGHT Dozens of man-creatures stalk the house. waiting at this point.

They are just

The whole side of the house is up in flames.


A window slides on the other side. Raven crawls out the window. She sits on the sill hanging out. She reaches out and grabs at the tree. She misses once. She grabs out again and catches a bit of branch. RAVEN I can’t make it. INT. RAVEN’S BEDROOM – NIGHT Megan and Dan are standing next to the window. the windowsill.

Raven sits in

RAVEN Help me reach. Megan and Dan grab Raven. the window.

They pick her up and hold her out

Further. Further. RAVEN (CONT’D) I can’t quite... They hold her as far out as they can. She takes hold of a fairly solid hold of a branch. it and leans in…

She holds

It snaps. Her body falls forward. head…

She goes rigid and rears back her

RAVEN (CONT’D) Pull me back! They pull her back quickly. She squats firmly within the window frame. EXT. RAVEN’S HOUSE – NIGHT Raven squats in the window. She leaps forward and grabs hold of the tree. She slides down… too fast. She reaches over her head and grabs tight, slowing herself down.


She lets go and looks at her bloody hand. RAVEN Fuckin’ ass. She takes out the gun and holds it in her bloody hand, sliding down bit by bit. With about ten feet to go, she sees a man-creature approaching. She fires and blasts a hole in its chest. She almost drops the gun, then shakes her hand in pain. RAVEN (CONT’D) Fuckin’ ASS! She jumps to the ground and sprints to the garage. INT. RAVEN’S LIVING ROOM – NIGHT The Unrepentant lies on the couch. room.

Fire engulfs half the

Megan and Dan run in. MEGAN You ready? THE UNREPENTANT Let’s move. Megan and Dan pick The Unrepentant up and try to move him to the door. At the door, Dan stares out the peep hole… EXT. RAVEN’S HOUSE – NIGHT The car pulls right up to the door, even bumping it as it comes to a stop. Two gunshots come out of the house, one hitting a mancreature solidly in the head another seeming to narrowly miss another. Raven leans over to the back seat and snaps open the passenger side rear door. Megan and Dan shuffle out, carrying The Unrepentant carefully.


Dan carefully eases The Unrepentant’s body into the car. Megan fires over the top, killing a couple more mancreatures. Megan jumps in the front passenger seat and the car takes off. Dan tries to jump in the passenger side rear door, but a mancreature gets him. Megan shoots through the back seat, hitting the man-creature, but another come quickly behind. The new man-creature tears at Dan as he struggles. man-creature comes… …


and another.

Megan fires and fires. Some hit, others do not. She looks around and sees more man-creatures than they can handle gathering around the car. MEGAN I love you, Dan. DAN I love you, honey. She shoots him in the head. Raven’s moment of shock turns into a gut-wrenching cry. RAVEN Daddy! MEGAN Not now, baby. RAVEN Not now! Not now! You just shot dad. When should it be? Megan puts her arm around Raven. MEGAN Soon, I hope. (beat) Now, drive! Raven snaps into shape enough to pull forward suddenly hitting several man-creatures. She rears back hitting several more. Then she squeals the tires and gears as she hits it back forward.


Megan turns back to see as the whole side of the house burns and burns. They drive away. INT. CAFÉ - NIGHT Barbara has joined Dick and Delilah at their table. DICK I don’t know what I think exactly. BARBARA He seems a decent sort and he seemed so… sane. DELILAH Yes, he didn’t seem like just some religious nut. Barbara pours an alarming amount of sugar into a cup of coffee. DICK But then it’s not like Christ is going to pick Nettleford for his glorious return. BARBARA No, no… DELILAH I don’t think anyone’s suggesting that it’s true, Daddy, but… BARBARA Something’s going to happen out there. Maybe it’s just theater of some sort. DELILAH What a fun way to draw people to a show! I think we should go. DICK I’m still not sure this… BARBARA Oh, don’t be a fuddy-duddy. Dick shakes his head, only half bemused. DICK Fine…


EXT. FORESTED STREET - NIGHT The car carrying Raven, Megan and The Unrepentant speeds down. Raven pulls the car up near a stop sign and skids over sideways, blocking the entire street. EXT. CAFÉ – NIGHT Kelly is standing across the street, chatting up a group of teenagers. Barbara, Dick and Delilah step out of the café. turns the sign to closed and locks up the door. out.

Barbara They walk

Delilah waves merrily at Kelly. DELILAH See you at the lake, Mr. Kelly. Kelly nods and smiles. Dick takes his wife’s hand possessively in his own. EXT. LAKESIDE – NIGHT The Ancient and his congregation are gathered, Sunny and Logan on either side. The Ancient walks out onto the water. THE ANCIENT Oh, my children. The time is coming. You will count yourself as the lucky when my brethren join me. (to Sunny) Soare, my son. Come to me. SUNNY My Lord. THE ANCIENT Strap on your guns and pull on your boots, boy! Sunny cowers to the ground, groveling. SUNNY I am but humble, Lord.


THE ANCIENT And that is what is wrong with your species. (beat) Come to me! Sunny walks out. Each step he takes with care, landing his foot softly against the surface of the water. SUNNY Wha--? THE ANCIENT Stop thinking, you fool. You will take your place by my side. Sunny stands next to The Ancient, staring up at him with awe. SUNNY Why me, oh, Lord? THE ANCIENT You, of all, doubt me the least. You have the… potential to be more. So ever so much more. (turns away) You will, of course, never realize it, but it amuses me to give you the opportunity. The Ancient smiles out of the corner of his mouth. The smile grows and grows until it becomes a rather cheery laugh. INT. HERRERO’S CAR – NIGHT Herrero drives along, bobbing his head in time to his (MORE) singing. HERRERO (singing) And when I pick up a sandwich to munch, a crunchy crunchetycrunchety-crunch, I never ever get to finish my lunch. Because there's always bound to be a bunch of girls! (beat) Getting on the buses. (beat) Girls! Getting outta taxis. (beat)


HERRERO(cont'd) Girls! Walking and wiggling by. Yeah, yeah, yeah… He sees the O’Connor family car blocking the road. HERRERO What it that? He slams on the brakes. EXT. FORESTED STREET - NIGHT Herrero’s car is parked next to the O’Connor family car. Herrero steps out of his car. He walks up to O’Connor’s car. Raven rolls down the window. HERRERO What’s going on? Herrero!


HERRERO Of course I did. I take it, I was needed, too. It looks like you’ve seen better days. THE UNREPENTANT You could say that, although our associate is worse off than me. Herrero nods. HERRERO Ah, so perhaps he’s seeing his greatest day of them all. THE UNREPENTANT Such is my sincere hope, old friend. RAVEN So, are we going to do something or not? HERRERO Your question is more difficult than I’m sure you understand. We will, however, certainly try.


RAVEN Ok…?! Herrero scratches his chin. HERRERO The impatient sort. I know how that is. Anyway, if this is Yakol we are dealing with, he will want to return to the place in which he rested. THE UNREPENTANT We think that’s the lake. HERRERO Then we go to the lake. (to Raven) Lead the way. He walks back to his car. EXT. LAKESIDE – NIGHT The Ancient stands upon the water, his legs seeming to almost become one with the water. He holds court to hundreds and hundreds blank-faced people. Sunny kneels by his side. His balance on the water is more awkward that The Ancient’s but he is managing the feat. THE ANCIENT Soare, my child, rise. Be strong. Your moment has come to be or fall. Sunny stands up.

He seems almost to float to his feet.

SUNNY What do I do? THE ANCIENT It is time for you to feed. There are many to choose from. (smiles kindly) Select whomever pleases you. Sunny looks out at the crowd. He is not at all certain of his choice. He reels around ideas, looking blankly from one face to the next, hoping for some meaning. He finds his eyes transfixed by an OLDER MAN.


THE ANCIENT Excellent choice. He summons the older man with his hand. Without words, he obeys. He steps into the water, walking out, stripping off item of clothing after item of clothing. As the man gets to them, Sunny leans down with a kind of sympathy. SUNNY There’s something I think you should know… I know.

OLDER MAN Don’t worry.

Sunny sinks down into the water until he stands face to face with the older man. INT. O’CONNOR CAR – NIGHT They drive along. The road they follow is a simple forested two lane road, but a line of cars has built up as far as they can see. People are walking from all directions, walking along with traffic. RAVEN What the hell is going on? THE UNREPENTANT They’re all coming. They don’t know why. He sent for them. RAVEN How do we get through? THE UNREPENTANT They’re pilgrims. Happy to move at a pace, just go around them. RAVEN But… THE UNREPENTANT Do it! Raven turns the car into the left lane and steps on the gas. They come up to the lake and park haphazardly by the side of the road.


EXT. LAKE ROAD - NIGHT Herrero comes to the window of the O’Connor car. Raven and Megan stand outside the driver side door. The Unrepentant lays in the back. HERRERO Do you know what to do, old friend? THE UNREPENTANT Not at all. HERRERO Do you know the story of Dimmom and Ul? The Unrepentant nods. THE UNREPENTANT Somebody get me a cigarette. Raven lights a cigarette and walks it over to The Unrepentant. THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) I can do it. Make sure he’s in the water and everyone else is out. Raven places the cigarette in The Unrepentant’s mouth. bites down as he inhales.


HERRERO You sure you can do it yourself? With tremendous effort, The Unrepentant moves his arm up and grabs the cigarette. THE UNREPENTANT Get! Raven, Herrero and Megan walk towards the lake. THE UNREPENTANT (CONT’D) (sings) From this valley they say you are going. I shall miss your sweet face and bright smile. For they say you are taking the sunshine that has brightened my pathway awhile…


RAVEN What’s he doing? HERRERO Summoning forces we barely comprehend. RAVEN With cowboy songs? HERRERO We read spells in books and tend to think that it’s the words that carry the magic, when really the rhythm of the meaning that holds the magic. Some people do their best magic by chanting in ancient tongues. (smiles warmly) My friend summons the greatest magic with cowboy songs. RAVEN This is all much weirder than I expected. HERRERO It is even… weirder than that. The three come upon the crowd. EXT. LAKESIDE – NIGHT The Ancient stands on the water, towering above Sunny and the older man who stand at least waist deep in the water. Hundreds and hundreds are gathered at the shore. Raven, Herrero and Megan emerge from the crowd. Herrero kneels down before the water. HERRERO (sings very softly) That night we fell in love, beneath the stars above. That was a lovely summer night… Sunny leans in and bites the older man’s shoulder. He thrusts his head around, jerking and fighting, trying to tear into the flesh.



RAVEN You son of a bitch!

She rushes into the water. Herrero jerks as if to get up, but thinks better of it. HERRERO (sings very softly) Summer's over, our love is over. To lose that love was such a sin… MEGAN Are you just going to sit there singing? Herrero looks up at her, his eyes soft and kind. HERRERO She must make her own decision. Anything else could jeopardize the order of things. (returns to singing) Remember, re-mem-mem, re-mem-mmember… EXT. LAKE ROAD – NIGHT The Unrepentant lays in the back of the O’Connor car. THE UNREPENTANT (singing) I have promised you, darling, that never would words from my lips cause you pain… Kelly walks up to the window. KELLY Hey there, buddy. better. Seth?

Feelin’ any


EXT. LAKESIDE – NIGHT The Ancient stands on the water, towering above Sunny and the older man who stand at least waist deep in the water. Raven wades toward them.


Hundreds and hundreds are gathered at the shore. Megan stands frozen at the shore. front of them.

Herrero is knelt down in

HERRERO (sings) Our love is in the past… Oh, has it gone so fast? Why couldn't our love last? Sunny, still struggling with the skin, rears back his head and pulls off a piece the older man’s shoulder. The older man cries out. THE ANCIENT Amateurish. (beat) But effective enough. learn.

You will

HERRERO (singing) I'm broken-hearted now… EXT. LAKE ROAD – NIGHT The Unrepentant lays in the back of the car, a cigarette dangling from his mouth. Kelly looks in the window. THE UNREPENTANT Why didn’t you come back in? KELLY No way in. THE UNREPENTANT How did you get through those things? Kelly winces slightly at the word “thing”. KELLY Same as always. The Unrepentant nods and inhales on his cigarette. THE UNREPENTANT C’mere and help me with this coffin nail.


Kelly leans in. The Unrepentant jerks up his arm, takes the cigarette and shoves it into Kelly’s eye. The Unrepentant’s eyes fill with agony at the movement. Kelly drops back out of the car. THE UNREPENTANT (sings loudly) Then come sit here awhile ere you leave us. Do not hasten to bid us adieu, and… EXT. LAKESIDE – NIGHT The Ancient stands on the water, towering above Sunny and the older man who stand at least waist deep in the water. Raven stands next to them. Hundreds and hundreds are gathered at the shore. Megan stands frozen at the shore. front of them.

Herrero is knelt down in

HERRERO (singing loudly) Remember then, then, then, then, then. Remember, re-mem-mem, re-memm-member… Raven looks deep into Sunny’s eyes. RAVEN You fucking coward! Now, you’re giving into your fears. You are just another of the old women worshipping a fairy tale passed down by their grandmothers and their grandmother’s grandmothers. She reaches up to slap Sunny’s blood covered face, and the liquid that rises with her is metallic and slightly thick. SUNNY Mercury? RAVEN We’ve got to get out. Sunny walks out deeper.


SUNNY I don’t care. Go if you want. The Ancient smiles. SUNNY (CONT’D) You were good for fucking. A tear begins to form in Raven’s eye, then she stops and turns away. She begins to run through the increasingly thick and black water… She does not turn back to see Sunny grab the feet of The Ancient and pull him into the water. EXT. LAKE ROAD – NIGHT The Unrepentant lies in the back of the car. the ground beneath.

Kelly lies on

THE UNREPENTANT (sings) Do you think of this valley you are leaving? Oh, how lonely and dreary it will be… Kelly begins to stand. THE UNREPENTANT (sings louder) Do you think of the kind hearts you are breaking, and the pain you are causing to me? EXT. LAKESIDE – NIGHT Sunny, The Ancient and the older man stand chest high in the thickening black “water” of the lake. Sunny tackles The Ancient, dragging him under. The Ancient forces them both up for a moment, their bodies covered in dark molten metal. The older man looks at them. He looks out at the crowd and dunks his head under the water. The hundreds are gathered at the shore. Megan stands at the shore, waiting for Raven. Herrero is knelt down in front of them.


Raven runs. She jumps up, but loses balance when her feet pull out of the liquid and fall onto the solid metal. She falls over onto her butt. Megan runs out to grab her daughter, hugging her close. HERRERO (singing loudly) My mind wanders now and then… Remember then, then, then, then, then… The crowd looks increasingly confused as to why they are there. They continue to look out at the lake, which is now solid lead. No bodies emerge. EXT. LAKE ROAD – NIGHT The Unrepentant lays in the back of the car. over him, about to attack.

Kelly stands

THE UNREPENTANT (singing feverishly) … remember the Red River Valley, and the cowboy who loves you so true. Kelly falls down, clutching his head. Slowly he melts back into black ooze and is absorbed by the ground. EXT. LAKESIDE – NIGHT The crowd is dissipating in confusion. Raven and Megan hug each other tight. pats them both.

Herrero stands up and

HERRERO Time to move on. MEGAN Move on to what? HERRERO That’s always the question. He leads them away. Dick and Delilah walk up to them. DELILAH That was quite a peculiar show, wasn’t it?


RAVEN Yes, yes, it was. DELILAH Daddy and I were just trying to figure out how they did that. Some kind of illusion tricks, I suppose. Like when that one handsome man… Who am I thinking of, Daddy? DICK David Copperfield. DELILAH Yes, that’s him. When he made the Statue Of Liberty disappear… Yeah.

RAVEN It must be like that.

Raven, Megan and Herrero walk away from them. Raven turns back. RAVEN (CONT’D) You two get a good night’s sleep. I’ll have a big stack of flapjacks and hot maple syrup ready for you in the morning. DELILAH That’ll be lovely, dear. (beat) She’s such a nice girl. Haven’t I always said she was nice? Yes, dear.

DICK I think so.

Raven, Megan and Herrero come to The Unrepentant and the O’Connor car. HERRERO How are you holding up, big guy? THE UNREPENTANT Better than I deserve to be. HERRERO Let’s get him in my car, I’ll get him where he needs to go. You two, I’ll check you into a motel.


EXT. MOTEL – DAY Megan and Herrero stand outside. MEGAN Thank you for your help. HERRERO It was the least I could do. He hands her a card, “Rafael Herrero, professor of mythology and culture…” HERRERO (CONT’D) Call me if you need anything. mean that. Anything. Thank you. uh…


MEGAN I hope your friend…

She waits for Herrero to come in with a name.

MEGAN (CONT’D) (after uncomfortable pause) is better soon.

HERRERO He is always better than he seems on the surface. I’m sure he’s already plotting. Ok.

MEGAN Well, thanks.

Herrero nods and walks off to his car. (MORE) INT. MOTEL – DAY Generic motel room with terrible paintings and gaudy comforters. Raven sits at the TV. She has a remote keyboard pointing at the screen. The Internet is onscreen, “The Lone Raven’s Cry”. She types. RAVEN (V.O.) Anyway, a lot has happened since I wrote last. It seems like it’s been weeks. (beat)


RAVEN(cont'd) I don’t know how to explain any of it, though. I just… She throws down the keyboard. Fuck it.

RAVEN What’s the point?

She wanders over to the window. She opens the shades and looks out. She begins to sing to herself… FADE TO BLACK.

The Hunt  

a screenplay by Neil Sarver

The Hunt  

a screenplay by Neil Sarver