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As we walk into the month of February; let us approach this one differently than any other year before. Over the years it seems as if we have been taught this month is about showing love to others. I don’t recall many reminders of self love, self acceptance, self worth and most importantly self appreciation. The power of self affirming love. The ability to appreciate true affection poured into ones true authentic self. We are beautifully made from the inside out with just the correct amount of flaw to make us individuals of self. This month, join me as we spread 28 Days of Self Love Affirmations. We

are setting the tone , “True Resilience Against Negative Stereotypes”; no longer bond by whatever origin we may have been taught about this “Holiday/Month of Love”.

Day 1. My beauty speaks volumes over my past!

Day 2. I trust my ability to authentically, love myself 1st.

Day 3. My soul is worthy of my love.

Day 4. I approve of my growth and freedom.

Day 5. I am worthy of the love I give 1st!

Day 6. I am a gift; I am confident in myself.

Day 7. I choose me today and everyday.

Day 8. I am the reflection of self dedication!

Day 9. Positive energy flows through me

Day 10. I am growing & healing daily.

Day 11. I am in love with myself

Day 12. I define FREEDOM (I am free)

Day13. I am the expert on my love

Day 14. I nurture my love with growth and success

Day 15. I am aligned with my mind, body and soul.

Day 16. Growth keeps my soul smiling.

Day 17. I love myself unconditionally

Day 18. I give myself grace; I deserve it

Day 19. I am love & light

Day 20. I am not defined by society’s stereotypes.

Day 21. Self acceptance sets me free!

Day 22. I choose self love.

Day 23. I choose me, myself & I openly.

Day 24. My love is a gift; I love sharing my gift

Day 25. My growth is limitless.

Day 26. I am more than enough!

Day 27. I am loved.

Day 28. I will teach self love to others; My self love will set others free

Stand strong in who you are; who you’ve become based on lived experiences.

Remember I Love You!! I Appreciate You!

-B. Nick