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CW Piece     B. Hardgers

B. Hardgers

generations of moons rising & suns falling countless ancestors control the currents of ocean waves Souls sing rhythmic tunes ,”Freedom Unseen” generations cruise these living waters clouded ears unable to hear the screams beyond ripples of divine beauty under the sun Take a picture...Beautiful Right Moons rise & fall upon elegant beauty Unseen by the naked eye Ancestors fed despair; drowned upon worthless waters Danger associated as sun ripples Glisten my melanin; inspiring courage & today's fight. Generational beauty deemed unworthy; Controlled by fear Driven by mass deception Racism & systematic oppression Generations of moons rising & suns falling Worlds of backward views of conception Songs of ancestors “Freedom Unseen Generations cruise these living waters Clouded ears Working cameras Lifelong memories Ripples of melanin Controls waves inspiring courage & today's fight Peace of ocean images Reflect divine beauty Black Beauty Lives