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Blaque/OUT Magazine Aug 2022


C A L L T O A C T I O N :

Davon Elijiah Davis of Rochester, NY, born on October 6 of 1998, was a man of few words. He was a kind soul, looking out for others and consistently putting them before himself. Assigned female at birth, Davon was no stranger to adversity. However, his heart of gold remained unscathed until the day of his passing. Artistic and full of hope for the future, he never failed to brighten the days of those he loved most. At only 23 years old, he spent his days working to provide for his family and was never in trouble.

At around 7:00 am on March 19th of 2022, Davon was tragically hit by a driver impaired by the effects of alcohol on his way to breakfast with family.

A little over four months have gone by and we, as his family, are still seeking justice. July 27th, we were informed by the District Attorney that the grand jury has declined to prosecute the man responsible for vehicular manslaughter. We were not informed of any court proceedings taking place. Still confused by conflicting points of evidence, our family is in mourning but we are ready to pursue justice for our beloved Davon.

We are disappointed and enraged at the justice system and seek due process for a sweet soul lost too soon. His story is worth telling and we will continue to tell it in his honor. We appreciate being able to tell a piece of his story to the world through this magazine.

C A L L T O A C T I O N :

H a r d w o r k e r

W H A T T H E F A M I L Y I S S E E K I N G :

1. Davon's story not be forgotten, SAY HIS NAME!

2. A Criminal Atty to review the case & help navigate the system

3. An acknowledgement & apology from the driver

H O W Y O U C A N H E L P :

1. Email the Monroe Co, NY DA's office & demand they re-open the case: districtattorney@monroecounty.gov

2. Contact the NYS Attorney General's office & ask they evaluate the case

3. Share Davon's story (You can share from the Blaque/OUT Mag FB page)

(You can share from the Blaque/OUT Mag FB page)

4. Follow the JUSTICE FOR DAVON DAVIS page on FB