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Santa Claus is coming to town

KHMR starts foundation for local groups ....................................2


Banff Film Fest coming to Golden Civic Centre ..................................10


Golden resident still working in his eighties ..................................16


Santa Claus, and a few lucky children rode through downtown Golden as part of HMC and Rotary’s entry into the Santa Claus parade. For more information and photos, see page 12. Joel Tansey/Star Photo

Town Council decides to rescind Grant in Aid policy Joel Tansey

Golden Rockets break November losing streak ..................................19

At it’s Nov. 19 Open Finance Standing Committee meeting, Town Council ruled unanimously to rescind its Grant in Aid policy, while keeping the bursary part of the program in tact. The Grant in Aid program had an annual budget of approximately $25,000, but it went as high as $50,000 on one or two occasions. Under the former program’s policy, non-profits were able to apply for funds in order to fur-

ther their organizations. The annual bursary to a graduating high school student who intends to pursue post-secondary education in the field of political science will continue to be funded by the Town. The Grant in Aid program was rescinded because council believes it isn’t the most efficient use of funds to benefit the social sector. “We give little bits and pieces of money to these organizations when they come to us, it may or may not be effective, it does have an impact on them but it can be administratively onerous and it is difficult for Council to make


every Saturday night $14.95 November 30, 2013 to April 5, 2014

decisions around that,” said Mayor Christina Benty. Several options were discussed by Council on what to do with the funds that were previously allocated for the Grant in Aid program. The first was a proposal from Mayor Christina Benty, who suggested that council explore the idea of giving the funds to a third party (the Golden Community Resources Society was specifically named) for them to use in order to hire a full-time staff member who would work to support the social sector. Continued on page 4

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Star

Kicking Horse Embroidery

Branch #122 Golden, BC Call: 250-272-2222 Branch #122 Golden, BC

Email: Presents Branch #122 Golden, BC Presents

Susan Leigan

The AnnualChildren's Children's HospitalFund Fund Raiser The Annual Hospital Raiser Presents Owner / Operator HelpingSick SickChildren Childrenfor for over Years Helping over 2525 Years

The Annual Children's Hospital Fund Raiser Friday, December 6, 2013 Friday, 6, *2013 Helping Sick *December Children for over 25 Years Apparel Embroidery Alterations

Heat Press *December Screen Printing * Seamstress Beginning 5:00 PM Beginning atat 5:00 PM Friday, 6, 2013 Located inBranch Golden BC H Hou Beginning at 5:00 #122 PMGolden,ouBC rly rly 00 3 3 : : 5 Do Do 5 or or Ho aw Presents r Pr Pr D u #122 BC rly ize ize at Branch #122Branch Golden, BC Golden, 30 e : s s D 5 M M M

D eat

oo The Annual Children's Hospital Fund Raiser rP raw Helping Sick ChildrenPresents for over 25 Years r iz Presents es Branch #122 Golden, BC Friday, December 6, 2013 The Annual Children's Hospital Fund Raiser

The Annual Children's Hospital Fund Raiser HelpingPresents Sick Children for over 25 Years


at Me

aw Dr

D at

0 5:3

Beginning at 5:00 PM Helping Sick Children for over 25 Years The Annual Children's Hospital Fund Raiser Ho Friday, December Helping Sick Children for over 25 u rl Friday, December 6, 2013 Years 6, 2013 yD :30 5 Friday, December 6, 2013 Beginning at 5:00 PM oor raw

Beginning at 5:00 PM :30

Beginning at 5:00 PM

50 5:3

rawaw t DDr eaat MMe

HHo ouur rllyy DD

Pr iz Ho e s u rl yD oo rP

ooo r oPr rizP esri z


r iz es

100% of Proceeds 100% of Proceeds Divided Equally between 100%Equally of Proceeds Divided between The British Columbia Children's Hospital Divided Equally between The British Columbia and Children's Hospital The British Columbia Children's Hospital 100% of Proceeds and The Alberta Hospita l 100%Children's of Proceeds Divided Equally between Hospita andbetween Divided Equally The Alberta Children's l The The British Columbia Children's Hospital British Columbia Children's Hospital The Alberta Children's Hospita l and and of Proceeds 100% Food100% Friday: Pea Soup a Bun The Alberta Children's Hospitaand l of Proceeds

The Alberta Children's Hospita l Divided Equally Food Friday: Pea Soupbetween and a Bun Divided Equally between

FoodThe Friday: Pea Soup and a Hospital Bun Food Friday:Columbia Pea Soup andChildren's a Bun British The British Columbia Children's Hospital Food Friday: Pea Soup andand a Bun All members and Bona Fide Guests Welcome and The Alberta Children's The Alberta Children's Hospita l Hospita l All members and Bona Fide Guests Welcome

All members and Bona Fide Guests Welcome

Doc Walker performs on the CP Holiday Train in Golden in 2012. This year Melanie Doan will be performing at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday Dec. 12.  Ali Starchuk/Star Photo

All All members BonaFide Fide Guests Welcome membersand and Bona Guests Welcome

Food PeaaSoup Food Friday: PeaFriday: Soup and Bun and a Bun

It’s our first

tOMO rrO


All members and Bona Fide Guests Welcome All members and Bona Fide Guests Welcome

Christmas Open House!

Jessica Schwitek

Please join us!

•• DOOr DOOr PrIzes PrIzes •• saMPles saMPles •• PICk yOur DIsCOunt PICk yOur DIsCOunt

Moose trax Fudge 421 9th ave. n. Golden, BC thursday, Dec. 5th, 4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

enter to win Free FuDGe for a year!

Holiday Train brings Melanie Doan


Golden will be entertained with an evening performance from the CP Holiday Train this year when they roll into town at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday Dec. 12. The 15th year of Canadian Pacific’s Holiday Train launches its annual rolling fundraiser in support of food bank programs along its network in Canada and the United States. The 2013 CP Holiday Train program launches on Nov. 25 in Kahnawake, Quebec, formally kicking off the three-week journey of two brightly decorated trains across Canada and the United States. The first U.S. fundraiser is in Scranton, PA, on Nov. 26. The two trains, each decorated with thousands of LED lights and festive designs, along with musicians entertaining from a converted box car stage will make stops in more than 150 cities, towns, and villages with free family shows until Dec. 19.

Performing on the Canadian train will be Melanie Doane, Jim Cuddy, Crystal Shawanda, and Doc Walker. Every event is free, but attendees are asked to bring a cash or non-perishable food donation for their local food shelf. Everything raised at each event stays there for local distribution. In addition to raising money and food for local food banks, Canadian Pacific will match all donations to the Breakfast Club of Canada and Feeding America during this year’s Holiday Train journey. This matching program is above and beyond the donations made to community food shelves at each stop. Since 1999, the Holiday Train program has raised $7.4 million and 3 million pounds of food for local food shelves. The train will pull into Golden across from the 7-Eleven with Melanie Doane and Matt Dusk performing. The train, which took 30 "CP elves" 100 days to completely transform and decorate, will have 14 decorated cars to light up the night.

The Golden Star Wednesday, December 4, 2013 A3

Kicking Horse Resort starts local foundation

Santa’S checking his liSt at the GoLden doLLAr STore

• Candles • Bags & Bows • Bubble bath • Cards & Wrap • Ribbons & Tissue • Gift Items • Crafts • Hot Chocolates • Dips • Chocolates • Toys • Picture Frames • Dog Toys • Party • Kitchen • Purses • Linens • Wallets • Flasks • Stuffies And much more G STOCKIN

Members from the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort team, and Mayor Christina Benty present a cheque for $500 to Linley McLean with the Golden Women’s Resource Centre. The money comes from the resort’s new foundation to support community projects and programs in Golden.  Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo Jessica Schwitek Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has stepped up their commitment to the community of Golden with a new foundation that will support local groups and projects. “It’s always nice when we can give out seasons passes and that sort of thing, but what we’ve been hearing from organizations is that what they really need is seed money,” said Matt Mosteller, vice president of marketing and sales with Resorts of the

Canadian Rockies. “We hope this money will make a difference for a lot of groups in town.” The foundation (a four-year $100,000 cash commitment) will be run by the KHMR team, which means that it will be local community members making decisions as to where the money goes. Three organizations were chosen for the first round of grants. The Golden Women’s Resource Centre was given $500, as was Golden Minor Hockey. And the Alexander Park

Elementary School playground will be given $21,000 ($7,000 each year over three years). “This money will help us do a lot of good, and it makes us feel extra special that we were chosen by members of our own community,” said Linley McLean, accepting the cheque on behalf of the Golden Women’s Resource Centre. This money will help the centre run their existing programs, unlike many grants which are only available to support new projects.

Hydro rate increases start in spring Staff Writer Black Press The first of a series of BC Hydro rate increases takes effect in April 2014, adding $8 a month to the average residential power bill. Rate increases of nine per cent next year and six per cent in 2015 are the highest of a series of increases over five years that were announced last Monday by Energy Minister Bill Bennett. The B.C. Utilities Commission will be directed to set rate increases that total up to 28 per cent over the next five years, then determine what rates are needed for the following five years, Bennett said. Commercial rates are going up the same amount. Bennett acknowledged that rate increases are being kept low by using a “rate smoothing” account that defers more than $1 billion of the utility’s debt. That account won’t begin to be paid down until after 2020. BC Hydro CEO Charles Reid said the latest rate increases are driven mainly by a large increase in capital spending, including seismic refits of old dams at Campbell River and Ruskin, turbine expansions at two Kootenay power dams and other upgrades. BC Hydro’s

“big build” era of 1973 to 1982 produced rate increases totalling 113 per cent. BC Hydro cited an annual survey by Hydro Quebec that shows BC Hydro customers currently pay the third lowest rates in North America. Montreal and Winnipeg customers pay less, and Seattle and Miami residents pay slightly more. NDP energy critic John Horgan said Bennett avoided the impact of private power purchases on BC Hydro’s rate increases. “We’re going to have increased debt for the next five years,” Horgan said. “They’re going to continue to take a dividend from a company that can’t afford to pay one, and the consequences for people are going to be higher costs.” Bennett said the 10-year plan calls for the government to “wean itself off” dividends from the utility, but the five years of reductions don’t start until 2018. The government has instructed BC Hydro to shut down the gas-fired Burrard Thermal generating station in Port Moody by 2016, saving an estimated $14 million a year. The forecast electricity surplus over the 10-year plan allows that, but the facility will continue to be staffed for its grid stability function, Reid said.




is now closed for renovations We look forward to serving you in our newly renovated restaurant on December 13, 2013

Behind the Wheel

Sponsored by:

Johnston Meier

Insurance Agencies Ltd. 510B - 9th Avenue N., Golden, B.C. (250) 344-5201

How to Park Safely on a Hill

When I was a new driver I almost learned the hard way how important it was to turn the wheels properly to park safely on a hill. I had parked my father’s truck on a hill, didn’t put it in park, didn’t set the parking brake and kept the front wheels straight before getting out and walking away. Fortunately for me, a friend saw the truck start to roll away and yelled at me. I was able to jump back in and do what I was supposed to have done before I left the driver’s seat. If you are parking on a hill without a curb at the edge, turn the wheels to the right. When a curb is present, turn the wheels to the right if you are facing downhill and to the left if you are facing uphill. If the vehicle does roll, the contact with the curb or turning to roll across the hill may prevent a runaway. Always set your parking brake, even if you are not parking on a hill. Put an automatic transmission gear selector in Park, or if your vehicle has a manual transmission, put it in reverse if you are facing downhill or first if you are facing uphill or on a level surface. The combination will make it almost impossible for the vehicle to roll away. Finally, don’t forget that you must park within 30 centimeters or 12 inches of the curb. The author is a retired constable with many years of traffic law enforcement experience. To comment or learn more, please visit The best insurance rates. Have a Home Insurance Owner’s Questions?

Sherry Seidemann

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Star

Resident reluctantly leaves Golden Jessica Schwitek A familiar face at The Golden Taps pub will no longer be there come Thursday. Cook Dave Ladaru, an Aussieturned-local, has run into some visa trouble, and will be heading back to Australia on Dec. 4. "I originally just planned to stay for one season, I was a lifty," said Ladaru about his original trip to Golden in 2011. "Then I got offered a job at the Taps one night. I started at one or two shifts a week, and ended up running the whole thing." Ladaru's visa expired in May of this year, at which point he applied for an extension in hopes he could sort out another work visa. But during a trip to the US border last week, he was informed that he could not get another visa. "They wanted to kick me out that night, but I was able to push it to this week," said Ladaru. "I still had my whole life to pack up. So they said I had to leave by Thursday." He was then told his passport would be waiting for him at the Calgary airport. His plans of staying in Golden have been squashed, but Ladaru is seeing the silver lining, and is looking forward to seeing his family and playing some golf when gets home. It is still very bittersweet, however, as he very much enjoyed his life in Golden. "I love the people in Gold-

Two golden eagles are currently rehabbing at the Invermere Veterinary Hospital.  Photo Submitted

Dave Ladaru, centre, spends some time with his former coworkers Marcie Trenholm and Greg Lamontagne at The Golden Taps before leaving the country.  Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo en, it's such a laid-back town. There's a great golf course here and I love playing golf. It's such a nice stress-free life here," said Ladaru. Prior to his Canadian life, Ladaru was managing a warehouse in Australia. His former boss has already called him to let him know there's a job waiting for him as soon as he gets back. However he's decided to take a month or two and get some golfing in before he gets back into

his working life. For his final days in his soonto-be former home, Ladaru has been spending as much time with friends as possible, including a going-away party. Taps even shut its doors for the occasion. "I will be back one day, one way or another," said Ladaru. Even if he can't get another work visa worked out, he plans to come back to visit. "I love these people to death, I'm going to miss them so much."

Options being explored with Grant funds 

Continued from page 1

“[I suggest] we identify the impact that one person, providing some support to the social sector, can bring into the community. They are able to access funds and leverage funds but they are able to so because that’s their job,” Mayor Benty said. Kicking Horse Culture was mentioned as a good example of the benefit of full-time staff members with regards to leveraging funds through various grants. “One thing about Kicking Horse Culture, what they have managed to do, is because they have dedicated staff, they are able to leverage funds to the tune of half a million dollars that actually benefits our community. That’s kind of the principal that I’m looking for,” said Mayor Benty. Coun. Hearn discussed the idea of taking the Grant in Aid money out of the social sector and using those funds for improvements to roads, water and sewers.

He was concerned about the public perception of Mayor Benty’s idea. “This could certainly be perceived as just another way of getting another staff member, only you are shuffling the money around,” he said. Mayor Benty disagreed, saying that the staff member would have very little to do with the contract, other than the staff member reporting back to them. Coun. Moss also disagreed with Coun. Hearn’s assessment. “What you are doing is investing in the social sector, you’re not just getting another staff member,” Coun. Moss said. After some further discussion, Coun. Hearn moved to have the Grant in Aid program rescinded, while keeping the bursary for graduation students, a motion that was seconded by Coun. Moss and carried unanimously. Council will decide at a later date what to do with the Grant in Aid funds.



Two hungry eagles looking for your help Joel Tansey A pair of eagles are currently rehabilitating at the Invermere Veterinary Hospital, which is leaving the facility short on food supplies for the large, hungry birds. Mary, a juvenile female golden eagle, sustained what hospital employee Judy Burns called minor injuries that should allow her to be released shortly if her rehab goes according to plan. Mary was found at the beginning of November and had some muscle injuries that she has since recovered from for the most part. The facility is hoping that she will pass flight tests this week that will ensure she is ready for the wild again. “We’ll make sure that she is able to fly well enough to be able to hunt, therefore she’ll be able to be released,” said Burns. Woody, an adult male golden eagle, was taken in by the facility last weekend. Unlike Mary, Woody’s injuries are much more severe and could result in him remaining in captivity. He broke bones in his left wing and sustained a severe eye injury when he was struck by a truck. Hunting could become next to impossible if he doesn’t regain proper vision in his eye, which would make him a candidate to be sent to the O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to public education and the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned birds in Delta, B.C. The two eagles eat rats, mice, gophers, and chickens, as well as certain organs of larger game such as deer and elk. Supplies are getting low, and the hospital is asking anyone with potential food supplies for help. “We do have a lot of frozen food, but they eat a lot and between the two of them our supplies are getting pretty low,” Burns said. “Our ask is for old deer or elk meat that’s a few years old. Instead of throwing it out, give it to us.” The hospital will even accept organ meat from wild game, especially liver, that people typically throw out anyways. Any trapped rodents would also be greatly appreciated by the staff at Invermere Veterinary Hospital.




“More savings. Bigger allowance.”


Faster Internet. Where you live.

1 Offer ends December 31, 2013 on $10 off for the first 6 months and applies on 4G Satellite Residential platform to new customers who agree to a 1 year term commitment on any Xplornet 4G Residential package. $99 Activation fee applies on a 1 year term commitment. Xplornet® is a trade-mark of Xplornet Communications Inc. © 2013 Xplornet Communications Inc. NTL SAT Banner Oct 2013

XPLO3605_BW_BC_Golden Star_10.3125X2.5_NTL_SAT_3499.indd 1

10/9/13 3:53 PM

The Golden Star Wednesday, December 4, 2013 A5

Christmas correspondence

T hank You! On behalf of the Children, Parents and the Board of Golden Kicking Horse Alpine Team, we would like to thank all the local businesses that supported us with donations for our recent silent auction. It was a tremendous success and will provide the club with sufficient funds to develop the U14 program this season. Thanks to everyone that purchased items as well as those who donated!

Golden Community Choir invites you to an evening of Christmas music! Come join us in a carol sing-along. Thursday December 12, 7:30pm, Lutheran Church -andFriday December 13, 7:30pm, Golden Baptist Church (on Pine Drive) Admission is by donation 2.8” x 3”

Chance Potvin and his mother Tara Potvin write some Christmas letters for relatives they won’t be with over the holidays at Nicholson Elementary School.  Photo Submitted Deadline coming Jan. 9!

RCMP Report: Four impaired driving charges Joel Tansey Six accidents on the highway RCMP responded to six separate accidents, all of them out of town and none of them serious. On Nov. 22 at 4 p.m., police responded to a call about a single vehicle that had rolled over near Blaeberry School Road. The single occupant of the vehicle was trapped inside until Golden Fire and Emergency Health Services arrived on the scene. The individual was taken to hospital with non lifethreatening injuries. Four impaired charges laid in town Police charged four individuals with impaired driving over the past week, although only one was from in town. Impaired charges are not uncommon during the holiday season. “It’s that time of year, we’re doing actual impaired

blitzes and there’s going to be lots of road checks out there between now until after New Years,” said Sgt. Troy Durand. Sgt. Durand urged citizens to have a plan and drink

responsibly when they are going out. Vehicle “stolen” at Mary’s Motel On Nov. 23 at 8:05 a.m. police responded to a complaint from Mary’s

Motel that a vehicle had been stolen. The individual didn’t know what had happened to their vehicle, or where it was. Police located the vehicle, and discovered that it was towed the night


before because the owner has been operating the vehicle while impaired. The driver was apparently too intoxicated to remember this crucial piece of information.

Deadline to submit: January 9, 2014, noon PT/1 p.m. MT

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Revelstoke Home Hardware Building Centre 201 Campbell Ave. Information & dealers: 1-800-A NEW-POT or Not all locations open Sunday. Quantities limited, please be early. Sale items may not be exactly as shown.



Holiday Spirit


Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Star

Economic Development Golden Star editor,

Christmas was officially kicked off this past weekend with a few very special events around town, and it was great to see so many people out participating. The streets and stores were full of shoppers on Saturday, checking out the deals for Golden’s annual - I SURMISE Shop Local Extrava- By Jessica Schwitek ganza. We’ve all heard lots of talk about how important it is to shop locally. Figures from LocoBC (an alliance of local companies throughout the province) show that $46 of every $100 spent in local stores gets recirculated into the community. It was a great way to start the Christmas shopping season, and very timely considering the province is marking Dec. 2-8 as Buy Local Week. The government is asking people to “support small businesses and grow the local economy by purchasing made-in-B.C. products and services. This week is your chance to celebrate the economic, social and environmental benefits of shopping local, especially during the busy holiday shopping season.” Golden stores and shoppers are definitely doing their part. The staff at the Golden Star were also happy to see the shoppers stop by the newspaper office to try some cookies in our first annual Ultimate Cookie Competition. Ten fabulous bakers dropped off their creations for people to eat, and dozens of people came by to vote for their favourite (The Golden Star staff were more than willing to eat them all ourselves, but it is much better for our waistlines that so many people came in to participate). Look in next week’s Golden Star to find out who won, as well as the Dec. 24 issue to see all the recipes in our holiday greetings section. The day was then capped off with the annual Santa Claus Parade, with some hilarious commentary from Mike Pecora and Steve Keppler. The floats lit up downtown Golden, and some excited children were given candy as they made their way down the parade route. And finally, Kicking Horse Culture brought some Christmas spirit to Golden with Motus O’s performance of A Christmas Carol. The Golden Civic Centre was packed on Sunday afternoon, and volunteers even had to bring out more chairs to accommodate the crowd. The Christmas season is officially upon us, and thank you to all those who bring some holiday joy to the community.

There are 6,700 of us living in Golden and Area A, represented by an elected Mayor and Council in the Town and an elected representative; Garry Habart in Rural A. In recent weeks we have seen a change in accountability for Economic Development in our area; now nobody is accountable. I reside in Rural A, and regard Golden as my community, and request my elected representative,

Resort Shuttle Dear editor, In response to your article published in the November 13, 2013 issue of the Golden Star entitled, “Local works on free resort shuttle”, I respectfully submit this letter. As I understand, a local business, Canadian Off Road Adventures, is seeking support to offer a transportation service for ‘guests’ between Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and the Town of Golden, represented by one Mr. Che Koroll. It is my opinion as owner/operator of Mount 7 Taxi Ltd., that your article has potentially misled the general public as to the specific support of this proposal on the part of potential sponsors as well as Mayor and Council, and perhaps to an overstated sense of confidence. While Mr. Koroll did in fact make a presentation to Mayor and Council for the purpose of seeking financial support for his proposed shuttle service, I would suggest that perhaps they were simply in favour of

Garry Habart, along with his Advisory Committee, provide an article in the Golden Star on what his vision is for Economic Development. My expectation is that an Economic Development plan is developed in collaboration with the leadership in the Town and addresses Economic Development (Community Development), Broadband Expansion,and Business Retention and Expansion findings as a minimum for all 6,700 residents. Mike Cantle Area A

the idea in general, rather than of this particular proposal, a big difference when it comes to intent and perception. In order to endorse such a proposal surely Mayor and Council, together with any potential sponsors, would have at the very least required a business plan setting out provisions for safety and back up service, none of which were provided. The idea of a shuttle service, free or otherwise, essentially connecting the resort with the town is a good one, there’s no question, and it would benefit locals and tourists alike. But to fund and provide the service is significantly more complex. In addition, I find inconsistencies in the details that cause for confusion. ‘Guest transportation services operating between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday,’ as outlined in the delegation request, is a long way from, ‘ servicing as many people as possible, with a particular focus on workers and skiers during the day, and families in the evening…’, as quoted from the article.

In the presentation, although no supporting documentation was provided, Mr. Koroll estimated that perhaps $5,000 a month might be sufficient to rent a 24 passenger bus and provide such a service, a figure unsubstantiated by my 18 years of experience in the industry. Transportation for the general public is both federally and provincially regulated, and to adequately provide such a service takes research into the proper requirements in order to ensure that both passengers and the operator are protected. Furthermore, Mr. Koroll told Mayor and Council that he has been asking local businesses for investment. Potential partners or business owners may be interested to learn that in the event of their participation in such financial support or sponsorship, they may find themselves assuming liability for any injuries or damages that may be incurred during the operation of such a service. Continued on page 7

POLL OF THE WEEK Do you think Golden is a seniors-friendly place to live?

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Yes 50%

This week’s poll question: Do you think the Golden airport provides a valuable service? log onto to make your vote count DISCLAIMER: This web poll is informal, not scientific. It reflects opinions of site visitors who voluntarily participate. Results may not represent the opinions of the public as a whole. Black Press is not responsible for the statistical accuracy of opinions expressed here.

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longer than 300 words in length. We also ask that letters be written only on issues of community interest.

We reserve the right to edit all letters for brevity, clarity, length and taste. Please address letters to: editor at SUBSCRIPTION RATES

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Michele LaPointe

Jessica Schwitek





Joel Tansey

reporter reporter

Ali Starchuk

administration classifieds

Adam Zarachowicz advertising


en’s School zone.

• LOCAL Senior’s Discount

10% ($43.00).

The Golden Star Wednesday, December 4, 2013 A7

Golden point of view

Do you think the airport provides Golden with a valuable service? Stars to all the staff and pharmacists at People’s Drug Mart for their hard work and their excellent service.

Deanna Johansen

Mike Sonier

Taraha Dixon

“No. There’s no commercial airlines like they used to have. It doesn’t do much for most citizens.”

“There’s an airport here?”

“From a search and rescue point of view, yes. For personal purposes, not really, but it helps for tourism.”

Go to to have your say. Continued from page 6 At the very least, I find your story presented a limited perspective, showing little or no background investigation. Mount 7 Taxi Ltd. has provided public transportation for the community of Golden and Area A for nearly 40 years, and we take it very seriously. People’s lives are at stake, which is why the industry is so heavily regulated, almost, and in many cases, to the point of being cost prohibitive. While I’m certain Mr. Koroll has the best of intentions, I would offer that this proposal lacks the appropriate financial information and industry understanding to properly meet the requirements to perform such a service. Respectfully, Sonya Smith Golden

Stars to all the people who contributed to, helped out with, and attended the Starlight Soiree. Stars to Public Works and all the good work they do.

Stars to Mike and Steve for a good job of announcing the Santa Claus parade. Stingers to the people that have made me upset this holiday season. Stars to The Golden Star for putting on an amazing Christmas cookie contest. The delicious cookies and hot chocolate

were greatly appreciated! Stars to blue cheese filled elk burgers from The Island. Stingers to the people who keep stealing my red pens. Stars to Josh Gordon and Alshon Jeffery for guiding my fantasy football team into the playoffs.

Email your Stars and Stingers to

Broadcast Development Editor, Golden Star The Columbia Area A Television Society (CAATS) is pleased to announce that the Parson and Campbell Rd. TV tower transmission sites are now broadcasting CBC and Knowledge Network in digital.  Global-Vancouver and CTVCalgary continue to transmit in analogue for now.  Future plans include converting these channels to digital, with the possibility of adding more channels (a news channel, TSN, Discovery?) at a later time. Residents of  Parson and north Campbell Rd. area with flat screen, digital televisions must reprogram their TVs so that these new digital signals are recognized.  This is a simple procedure.  Simply press the “Menu” button on your remote, find the Set Up menu and toggle to “Autoscan” or “Search” and your TV will take a few minutes to look for the new digital signals.   To change channels you will toggle the channel but-

ton up or down. Parson residents will note that Global has moved from Channel 7 to Channel 11.  Enjoy the sharper picture and wider screen viewing! A note on antennas: a rooftop antenna works best; rabbit ears give mediocre results, given the mountainous and treed area we live in.  In Parson a VHF antenna is required; in the Campbell Rd (centred around Lavallee Rd) area a UHF antenna is required.  The local electronics store in Golden is able to supply them for reasonable cost.  Don’t be deceived by the term “digital” on the antenna; that is simply modern-day marketing and labelling.  Your old antenna works just fine. Residents of the Nicholson area will have their signals converted to digital in Spring 2014, although some residents of Nicholson could point a UHF antenna towards Campbell Rd. and have success in picking up these signals. Regards, Ron van Vugt CAATS

Don’t give up the fight to protect public power says MLA With the recent announcement that BC Hydro rates are about to go up by 28 per cent over the next 4 years, people are reminded that the BC Liberals promised, prior to the election, that they would keep any increases to rates very low.  And how much is this increase going to cost you?  British Columbians will pay an average of $300 more per year. For families that are already finding it hard to make ends meet, the increase in their hydro bill will mean even less money available for other necessities such as food and clothing. BC Hydro, which once provided significant dividends to the province while still maintaining low rates for ratepayers, is now struggling with debt and aging infrastructure.  How could this have happen in less than a decade? While some might characterize the situation

as mismanagement by BC Hydro, if you look closely, the most costly decisions have been made by the Premier and cabinet.  This is an example of government interference, pure and simple. When the BC Liberals passed a law that stated that BC Hydro could no longer build new projects but instead must purchase power generated by privately-owned power developments, a scenario was created where private companies were given public rivers and lands to build power projects using ratepayers money from long-term sales contracts at highly inflated rates. When the BC Liberals removed many BC Hydro decisions from the oversight of the BC Utilities Commission, the need to prove that decisions were in the best interest of ratepayers over the long term was ended. 

With each example of BC Liberal interference in BC Hydro, people across this area stood up and said no. In 2008, rallies were held all across this constituency with many 100s of people protesting against the giveaway of our rivers for private power projects.  And at those rallies, speakers such as Rafe Mair and Joe Foy predicted that the actions of the BC Liberal government would result in massive increases in hydro rates and would be significantly detrimental to the financial well-being of BC Hydro. People in this area fully understood this issue then and they used their voices and their votes to speak against the BC Liberals’ failed energy plans.  It is important that we remember the real story of how we got here and that we don’t give up the fight to protect public power in this province.

- MLA Report -

By Norm Macdonald


Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Star

CWL Mini Bazaar Home Business Potpourri Saturday December 7th 2013 10 am - 4 pm Sacred Heart Parish Hall 808 - 11th St.

Thank you Columbia Basin Trust for contributing $500.00 to our local musician funding. With your help, they all received a raise every time they played at the Golden Farmers Market. In turn, they were able to spend more money at local businesses in Golden. Essence Esthetics will be closing as of Dec. 24th 2013. We would like to thank all of our past & present customers for your patronage over the past 3 years. Please arrange bookings for any outstanding gift certificates during the month of December. Ph. 250-344-7497. Thank you, Bayla & Dezarea is looking for a volunteer to contribute weekly to a blog on Kicking Horse Mountain and/or Roger’s Pass snow conditions. If you have a passion for skiing, enjoy writing, and get stoked over a powder day, here is an opportunity to share your enthusiasm and experiences with our readers. Contact:

Saturday, December 14th. Bring the family, neighbors and friends! Come and see a Live Nativity, Join in the Carol Sing, and Pot Luck Supper! It all begins at 5 PM at the Parson Community Hall. Presented by: Columbia Valley Bible Fellowship

For information call: 250-348-2059

Events & Entertainment Calendar Golden Cinema presents: Thor: The Dark World (3D) starts Friday Dec.6 at 7pm.

This Week A.P.E.S.After School Program Monday to Friday 3 -5:30pm. $12/day for ages 5 to 11. To register please leave a message at 250-272-0425. StrongStart a free, school based learning program bir th-5years. Mon&Fri 12-3:30pm, Wed 2-5pm, Tue&Thur 8:45-11:45am. Call Shelley for more info 250-439-9324.

Wed, Dec. 4 Jam night at the Rockwater. Parent and Tot Play lets parents and kids from birthfive enjoy preschool type activities. Wednesdays at the Rec Plex from 10:30amnoon. Badminton Wednesdays 7-9pm at the Rec Plex. Adults $7, students/seniors $5. Need your own racket. Public Skate at the Arena every Wednesday 7-8pm. Winter Walking at the Rec Plex Wednesdays 1-2pm. Telling Life Stories, a free writing workshop Wednesdays from 10am12pm. Call 250-439-9665 to register. Ends Dec.11. Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Wednesdays at Bizarre Entertainment from 6-9pm. Golden Rockets vs. Fernie Ghostriders Dec.4 at the Arena, 7:30pm game time.

Thurs, Dec. 5 Jam Night at the Golden Taps Pub. Men’s drop-in basketball Thursdays from 8-10pm at the Rec Plex. $8. Bridge Club every Thursday at the Senior’s Centre from 1-4pm. Contact 250-344-5448. Golden Toastmasters Thursdays, 7:30pm at the College of the Rockies. Mountain Magic Quilters Guild Thursdays, 7:30-9pm in the Golden High School’s sewing room. New members and guests welcome, annu-

This week's achievement award goes to...

al membership is $25. A.A Meetings in Golden Thursdays at the Family Centre 421 9th Ave N. All meetings are open and start at 8pm. Golden Youth Centre Band Of Guys drop-in for male teens (12-18) every Thursday from 3:45-5:30pm. Shinny hockey at the Arena every Thursday at 8pm. 19+ years old. The Shoes play at the Rockwater Grill&Bar Dec.5.

Fri, Dec. 6 Karaoke Night at The Mad Trapper every Friday night. A.A Meetings in Golden Fridays at the Lutheran Church basement 915 - 9th St S. All meetings are open and start at 8pm. Golden Youth Centre dropin every Friday from 3:307:30pm. Mother Goose Program Fridays 10:30-11:30am at the Library. Snacks included, just drop in! Public Skate at the Arena every Friday 12-1pm. Parent and Tot skate at the Arena Fridays 10-11am. Meat Draw every Friday at The Legion 5:30pm. Bridge Club every Friday at the Centre for Peace in St. Andrew’s Church, 7pm. Winter Walking at the Rec Plex Fridays 1-2pm. Special Olympics “FUNdamentals” youth program Fridays 9-10am at APES. For children 7-12 years with intellectual disabilities. Call Cyra 250-9190757 for more info. Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Dec.6, 7:30pm, Golden Civic Centre. The Annual Children’s Hospital Fundraiser Dec.6 at 5pm at the Legion.

Sat, Dec. 7 Storytime at the Golden Library 10:30-11:30am. Free drop-in, contact 250344-6516. Meat Draw Saturdays at The Legion 5pm.

• For more information... go to

A.A Meetings in Golden Saturdays at the Golden Museum 1302 - 11th Ave S. All meetings are open and start at 8pm. Public Skate at the Arena every Saturday 5:306:45pm. Season Kick Off Open House at Dawn Mountain Nordic Centre Dec.7 from 1-4pm. CWL Mini Bazaar Dec.7 10am-4pm at the Sacred Heart Church.

Sun, Dec. 8 Sunday Howl open mic night at the Wolf’s Den every Sunday from 4-8pm. All ages welcome. Public Skate at the Arena every Sunday 4:30-5:45pm. Documentary & Discussions Sundays at Bizarre Entertainment from 6-9pm. Admission by $5 donation, or 2 non-perishable items to the food bank.

Mon, Dec. 9 Join the Cadets. Free program meets every Tuesday, 6:30 - 8:30pm at the Legion Banquet Hall. For young men and women ages 12 to 18. Golden Community Choir, Mondays from 7:30-9:30pm at the Lutheran Church. Member fees $10. For info call Joyce 250-344-6043. Seniors Day at Reflections Hair Studio every Monday 15% off all regular priced services, call 250-3445766. Family Dinner Play and Learn Mondays 5-7pm in the StrongStart room in APES Free program includes dinner, discussions, and activities. Call 250-4399665 if interested. Heroclix League 6-9pm Mondays at Bizarre Entertainment. The Cadets meet Mondays 6:30-8:30pm at the Legion Banquet Hall. Winter Walking at Mount 7 Rec Plex Mondays 1-2pm. Golden Youth Centre drop-in every Monday from 5-8pm.

Badminton at the Rec Plex Mondays 7-8:30pm. Need your own racket, $7 (or $5 for seniors/students). Shinny hockey at the Arena Mondays at 9:15pm. Must be 19+ years old. Purcell Mountain Orchestra “Together at Christmas” Dec.9, 7pm at the Civic Centre. Arbonne for Asher fundraiser Dec.9 at Eleven22 from 4-6pm. CSRD Community Meetings Re: Parks. For Area “A” residents Dec.9 at Seniors Centre 7pm.

Tues, Dec. 10 Job Skills Workshops at the Work BC office every Tuesday at 10am. Call 250344-5413 to register. John Jenkins & Friends at the Rockwater 8pm. Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition Tuesdays 6-9pm @ Bizarre Entertainment (Free) A.A Meetings in Golden Tuesdays at the United Church 901 - 11th Ave S Alley Ent. All meetings are open and start at 8pm. Parent and Tot skate at the Arena Tuesdays 10-11am. Golden Youth Centre drop-in Tuesdays from 3:30-7:30pm. Grief Shared is Grief Diminished, a Christmas candlelight service Dec.10, 7pm in the Chapel of Hindman Bowers. CSRD Community Meetings Re: Parks. For Area “A” residents Dec.10 at Winston Lodge 7pm. Rockwater Grill & BarR


Upcoming Events

CP Holiday Train comes to town Dec.12 at 9:30pm, across from 7-11. Golden Delicious and Krowd presents Stickybuds Dec.13 at the Rockwater Grill&Bar. P.J. Party at the Legion Dec.13 from 6:30-11:30pm. Christmas Dinner at The Legion Dec.20 from 6:308pm. Must have tickets by Dec.17. 24th Annual Christmas Bird Count Dec.27. Call 250348-2225 for more info.

Craig Finnegan for being an enthusiastic learner and producing high quality work..

Stop in by December 11, 2013 to receive your small blizzard • 344-2220 •

The Golden Star Wednesday, December 4, 2013 A9



THIS WEEK’S NEWS Robin fails drivers test Johnson scores big! Robin said “I failed my drivers test”. Driving instructor said, “what do you do at a redlight? I said, “I usually respond to texts and check my facebook page.”

Brent Johnson scored eight goals on the weekend. Unfortunately he was playing against the garage door.











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Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Star

Two December dates for the Golden Community Choir Joel Tansey The Golden Community Choir is putting some final touches on their upcoming show, with their two Christmas performances scheduled for Dec 12 and 13. Both shows will be at 7:30 p.m., with the first taking place at the Trinity Lutheran Church, while the second is scheduled to go at the Golden Baptist Church. The choir, which dates back as far as the 1960s, will be led by Kristin Schneider in her first year as the group’s conductor. According to Jean Dakin, one of the choir’s directors, the concerts will feature a mixture of popular Christmas music, with both religious and non-religious favourites on their song list. The concerts will also feature a sing-a-long carol for those who would like to try out their own singing voices as well. For Dakin, singing in the choir has always been a lot of fun. “Singing together in a choir, it’s just really a wonderful thing to do, and develops all sorts of things within you and within the people that listen to you,” she said.

However, that doesn’t meant that there isn’t a strong desire from the choir members to perform their best. “We do strive for excellence in our choir. We don’t just meet and sing off-key, we really work at it,” Dakin said. “When you do harmonize and get everything right, it’s just wonderful.” After the group struggled to find a conductor, having Schneider on board has been extremely important for the choir this year. “Having Kristin in our community now…to have her take on that job, we appreciate so much that she’s willing to do this.” Dakin and the rest of the choir is also thankful to have pianist Ruth Ratzlaff. “We’re very fortunate to have Ruth, she’s such a talented pianist and so supportive of music in the community,” Dakin said. A spring concert is also in the works, with a date that has yet to be determined. Admission to the choir’s two Christmas concerts is by donation, which will help the choir cover the high cost of purchasing music for it’s 20 members. Coffee and tea, as well as some baked goods, will be served following the second concert.

Let's Talk About Community Parks! UPCOMING MEETINGS NOTICE

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) invites Electoral Area 'A' residents to come out to one of four upcoming community meetings to talk about community parks. We want to know how you recreate now and what types of projects you would like us to focus on in the future. Wed., November 27 Parson Community Hall 3589 Highway 95 Parson, BC 7:00pm

Mon., December 9 Golden Seniors Centre 1401 - 9th Street South Golden, BC 7:00pm

Thurs., November 28 Nicholson Elem. School Nicholson, BC 7:00pm

Banff Film Festival coming to the Civic Centre Dec. 6

Tues., December 10 Winston Lodge

(aka Kicking Horse Saloon) (upstairs)

1593 Cache Close, Kicking Horse Mtn Resort *Special focus on development ideas Golden, BC for CSRD parkland located at the 7:00pm Kicking Horse Mtn Resort

If you have any questions, please contact Marcin Pachcinski, CSRD Parks & Recreation Team Leader: / 250.833.5923

HEAR CLEARLY ON THE PHONE Speaking on the phone can be challenging with hearing loss. Phonak DECT CP1 cordless phone connects wirelessly to your new or existing Phonak hearing aids, transmitting sound to both ears simultaneously, reducing noise and maximizing understanding. Automatically recognizes your Phonak hearing devices and connects wirelessly! NO SETUP REQUIRED! And because it’s a regular phone too, the whole family can use it! Now booking local hearing screenings in Golden

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with the purchase of any Q70 or Q90 product See store for details. Limit one phone per customer. Offer ends Dec, 31, 2013.

North of the Sun won the Grand Prize at this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival and will be one of the film’s shown Dec. 6 at the Civic Centre. Photo Submitted Golden Star Staff Kicking Horse Culture is getting set to present The Banff Centre’s Banff Mountain Film Festival at the Civic Centre as part of the festival’s world tour. A series of films have been selected for screening and will be shown at 7:30pm on Dec. 6. The films that will be presented are based on what audiences have responded to at past shows and the preferences of the local audience. “A lot of it is like looking at the different things we do here in Golden, so there’s kayaking and there’s skiing and outdoor adventure and then there’s human interest stories as well,” said KHC Executive Director Bill Usher in reference to how the lineup of films were chosen. The movies will range in length from as short as 3 min to as long as 46 min for North of the Sun, this year’s festival Grand Prize Winner.

Sun is a film out of Norway that tells the story of two young Nowegian adventurers who discover their own private playground between the cold Atlantic Ocean and the rocky slopes of a remote, arctic island. They build a cabin and spend the long winter skiing and surfing. For more information on this film, check out www. Ten movies will be shown in all, including Canadian offerings Into the Mind and Not Bad. An excerpt from Into the Mind will be shown, which includes amazing skiing and stunning imagery. Not Bad is a biking movie that features seven brave riders who set out from the four corners of the globe for thirty days of outrageous fun and bicycle tomfoolery in New Zealand. Tickets can be purchased from the Art Gallery of Golden for $20 in advance for KHC members or $25 for members and non-members at the door.

The Golden Star Wednesday, December 4, 2013 A11

Season gets started with Motus O’s A Christmas Carol

Kicking Horse Culture volunteers had to bring out extra chairs to accommodate the crowd at the Golden Civic Centre watching Motus O’s A Christmas Carol. The production brought together professionals from the company, as well as some local performers who auditioned for the show last month.  Jessica Schwitek/Star Photo

A Reel Review: Quebec biopic Louis Cyr delights on many levels Joel Tansey Louis Cyr is a French-Canadian biopic about the legendary 19th and early 20th century strongman from Quebec. Canadian cinema as a whole can be pretty hit or miss, but Quebec usually pumps out a few critically acclaimed movies every year. While I’ll admit I haven’t seen a ton of Canadian movies over the years, of the ones I have seen, Louis Cyr is up there with the very best that our country has to offer.   While working at a low paying manual labour job in Lowell, Massachusetts (his family immigrated there in 1878 from Quebec when Louis was in his teens), Louis (played by Antoine Bertrand) is challenged to lift a large boulder that is later discovered to have weighed over 500 pounds. He lifts the boulder without too much of a struggle, which catches the attention of a promoter who convinces him to tour through the Maritimes for a weekly salary that is several times larger than what he is used to. Louis brings his future wife (Rose-Maïté Erkoreka) on the road with him, and the couple soon celebrate the birth of a daughter. Louis’ fame (and eventually, his fortune) begin to grow. Before too long he is performing feats of incredible strength in front of sold-out audiences in Montreal and winning national and international acclaim as the world’s

strongest man. His feats of strength include lifting a group of people with his back that collectively weighed nearly 2,500 pounds and lifting a 534 pound weight with just his finger.  Louis Cyr is extremely well acted and well written, and Daniel Roby does an admirable job of bringing it all together. There’s one especially memorable scene late in the movie where Louis is attempting one of his greatest stunts. Super slow motion and vibrant sound effects are used in perfect harmony to create a truly fantastic sequence of filmmaking. I find it’s often hard to encourage friends to watch films that aren’t in English (about 2/3 of Louis Cyr is in French). Some people just don’t enjoy reading subtitles while watching a movie. If you are typically someone who writes off subtitled movies, I strongly recommend you give Louis Cyr a chance. You’ll find it’s a very enjoyable, and at times extremely moving film about a man that is very hard not to root for. For these reasons, I’ll give Louis Cyr 9 out of 10 dancing hot dogs.      Louis Cyr is now available to rent or buy at Kicking Horse Movies.

Louis Cyr is a French-Canadian film about the legendary Quebec strongman, is a hidden gem filled with fantastic acting performances and moving moments.  Christal Films

The Nutcracker Sunday, December 22 @ Noon Adult/Seniors Tickets $15 Children (13 & Under) $10

802-10 Ave. S 250-344-5510


Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Star

Principal’s Report: APES hosting ‘Gifts from the Heart’ event Vicci Nelson APES Principal

peace in our school, community, and the world at large. A highlight was the wonderful Remembrance Day Assembly we had, honoring our Canadian soldiers of long ago and present day. Classes shared poems and

November around Alexander Park has been busy, busy, busy. During the month, students were involved in many different activities related to

Winter H oli d



on c

Works by Handel, Tchaikovsky, Corelli, plus some new and old holiday favourites

er t

songs about peace, poppies, the meaning of Remembrance Day, and hope for the future. It was nice to see so many parents and community members in attendance. Special thanks to the Legion members for attending, and to Constable Wolfram for playing the bagpipes. Believe it or not, the holiday season is upon us and in less than a month we will be into a new year. During the

next few weeks, the students will be involved with a variety of Christmas literacy, arts and crafts, and cooking activities. It is always a fun and exciting time around the school. Our annual ‘Gifts from the Heart’ is set for December 11th and is once again sure to be a huge success. The children always enjoy ‘shopping’ for just the right gifts for their family and wrapping everything up in

festive paper. Thanks to the amazing generosity of parents and staff, children always go home with wonderful recycled gifts for their family, and all the toonies collected will be given to the Golden Food Bank. Each year our goals of providing children the opportunity to experience the joy of giving, while at the same time reducing waste by recycling and reusing items, and raising

money for others in greater need, are easily met. The A.P.E.S.’ Family Christmas ‘Craftacular’ has been set for the morning of Friday, December 13th. There will be a wide variety of crafts for the children with their families to make beginning at 9:15 am. At 11:00 am, families are invited to join us on our weekly school wide walk. It promises to be a fun and festive mor-

ning. We hope many families will be able to attend our ‘craftacular’ morning. Needless to say the next couple of weeks promise to be a very eventful time for students. To keep informed about all of the many exciting class and school wide activities still ahead before the winter break, please be on the lookout for the ‘APES Chatter’ as well as classroom newsletters.

Rotary takes honours for top float

PURCELL MOUNTAIN ORCHESTRA Conductor and Musical Director: Sue Gould

Together at Christmas December 9th 7:00 pm

Golden Civic Centre Admission by donation Sponsored by the Golden Dental Centre

The Golden Secondary School band entertained the crowd (above) while the Golden Girl Guides (below) marched and waved to the many onlookers who gathered for the Santa Claus parade on Saturday. The HMC-Rotary float earned top overall honours. Columbia Diesel & BNW, Home Hardware and Falkins insurance finished first, second and third respectively in the commercial category. The Golden Beaver Scouts took first place in the not-for-profit cateogry, with Mountain Shrine Club #44 and the Golden Secondary Band rounding out the top three.  Joel Tansey/Star Photo

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Star A13

Police force aim was to restore order between locals and settlers On March 28,1874 Lake, joined the newly formed NorthWest Mounted Police. A young man with previous military experience, Lake was one of the first to join. His regimental - Turning Back the Pages number was 13. By Colleen Palumbo From the time he joined in 1874 until his death in Golden in 1887, Lake re-enlisted three times, at Macleod in 1877, Fort Walsh in 1880 and Regina in 1884. The B.C. Government had requested that the Dominion send out a Division of the Force “K” Division to restore order between the Kootenay Indians and the white settlers. Once the company detrained in Golden they found themselves snug in a camp on the left side or south bank of the Kicking Horse, which at that time of the year was a raging torrent. From this point in the story I’ll let Sam Steele take over and explain the events that led up to the death of SergeantMajor Lake. “Our camp lay in a pretty grove of pines, where I received completely new equipment for the Division, and was in a day or two in good condition to face the two hundred miles of pack-trail to Galbraith’s Ferry on the Kootenay River. A few days later, Wood and the Sergeant Major arrived full of amusing stories of the celebration of the first of July

at Lethbridge. Wood was full of fun and could always see the ludicrous side of anything which came to his notice. I then learned my reason for being there. It was this: the constable at Wild Horse Creek, two hundred miles south by pack trail, had, the previous winter, when the country was inaccessible, on hearsay evidence of a rather slim description, arrested two young Indians of Chief Isadore’s band, Upper Kootenay, for the murder of two white miners at Dead Man’s Creek in 1884. Whereupon Chief Isadore, infuriated at what he believed to be an injustice, proceeded at once with his warriors, broke open the gaol, liberated the prisoners and turned all of the Government Officers, except the Collector of Customs, out of the District. This action of the Chief caused great alarm to the few settlers and prospectors in the area.” Preparing to leave Golden and after a great deal of trouble which I’ll have to write about in another column, Steele was ordered to go down the valley and either eject Chief Isadore and his people or settle the matter. Back to Sam Steele. “But before I was quite ready my Sergeant-Major, who had been working very hard all day, informed me that he had been suffering from a severe attack of neuralgia and, as my Surgeon had to return to Calgary a few days previous and another was on the way to join me, I had to give him orders to proceed the next morning to Donald, seventeen miles north and west from Golden, and get something done about his complaint. Early next morning I heard a shot and looked out of the tent to ascertain the cause. Seeing nothing, there seemed

Pictured is the Northwest Mounted Police Station in Golden in 1884.  Photo courtesy of the Golden Museum to be no cause for the shot and, as some patriotic citizens of Golden had been keeping up the festivities of the 1st and 4th of July, I thought no more of it. Then to my horror and grief, the hospital informed me that my good sergeantmajor had committed suicide while in a state of temporary insanity caused by the neuralgia. He was a great loss, being one of the best all-around non-coms that I have known. I had known him for fourteen years and had recommended him

for a commission in the Force, which he expected at any time. An inquest was held by the coroner next day, in the village, and it transpired that he arose early, swam in the river, afterwards walked about the camp very neatly dressed ready to go to the train, but suddenly disappeared into his tent, lay down on his bed, and taking is pistol shot himself through the head. We buried him with military honours under the tall pines in the vicinity.”

Call for Interest

Appel de candidatures

ADVISORY DEVELOPMENT BOARD for Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks

COMMISSION CONSULTATIVE SUR L’AMÉNAGEMENT Parcs nationaux Banff, Yoho, et Kootenay

Are you interested in reviewing development permit applications for Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks? The Advisory Development Board is a group of volunteers that publicly reviews development proposals for Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks and provides recommendations to the Park Superintendents. There will be vacancies to serve for a twoyear (2) term on the board starting January 1, 2014.

Souhaiteriez-vous faire l’examen des demandes de permis d'aménagement présentées pour les parcs nationaux Banff, Yoho, et Kootenay? La Commission consultative sur l’aménagement est composée de bénévoles qui étudient publiquement les propositions d'aménagement présentées pour les parcs nationaux Banff, Yoho et Kootenay, et qui formulent des recommandations aux directeurs des parcs. Il y er janvier 2014. aura des postes d’un mandat de deux (2) ans à pourvoir à compter du ler

Do You Have... • an interest in national parks? • general knowledge of Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks? • the ability to understand complex issues and appreciate divergent points of view?

Avez-vous... • un intérêt dans les parcs nationaux? • des connaissances générales sur les parcs nationaux Banff, Yoho et Kootenay? • la capacité de comprendre des dossiers complexes et de tenir compte de points de vue divergents?

Are You... • over 18 years of age and a Canadian citizen? • able to contribute approximately 8 hours a month for the two-year (2) term?

Êtes-vous... • âgé de plus de 18 ans et un citoyen canadien? • en mesure de donner environ huit heures par mois de votre temps pour un mandat de deux (2) ans?

Interested? Interested individuals are asked to complete an application form available from the Reception Area, Banff Park Administration Building; the Lake Louise Visitor Reception Centre; the Yoho Park Administration Office or the Kootenay Park Administration Office. Applications can also be obtained electronically or by mail by contacting: rachel. or by calling (403) 522-1207.

Cela vous intéresse? Veuillez remplir le formulaire de demande, que vous pouvez vous procurer au comptoir d'accueil du Centre administratif du parc national Banff, au Centre d'accueil de Lake Louise ou aux centres administratifs des parcs nationaux Yoho ou Kootenay. Vous pouvez aussi obtenir une demande par voie électronique et par courrier à l'adresse, rachel., ou en composant le (403) 522-1207.

Applications should be submitted to the Development Office; Lake Louise, Yoho and Kootenay Field Unit, P.O. Box 213, Lake Louise, Alberta T0L 1E0 Deadline for applications: Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 4:30 p.m.

Veuillez faire parvenir votre demande au Bureau d'aménagement, Unité de gestion du secteur de Lake Louise, Yoho et Kootenay, C. P. 213, Lake Louise (Alberta) T0L 1E0. Date limite pour envoyer une demande : Le jeudi 12 décembre 2013, à 16 h 30

New video series for sledders



Golden Star Staff

In the high-octane world of mountain snowmobiling, it takes a lot to get the attention of riders. Images of gravity-defying climbs, steep descents and massive jumps are common, as snowmobiles get increasingly powerful and nimble. High in the mountains, lives depend on riders being aware of avalanche danger, skilled in safe travel techniques, and trained to handle an effective rescue. The Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC) has





Offer includes $1,665 freight and air tax

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Get the gift that brings Endless Joy. Only at your BC Ford Store. released a new video series made for and by mountain snowmobilers that highlights the need for avalanche education. Throttle Decisions features spectacular footage shot in some of Western Canada’s best mountains riding areas, with production values that reflect the quality of other action videos from this fastpaced sport. With strong messages from trained and experienced riders, the series takes the viewer through eight chapters that loosely follow the curriculum of a two-day Avalanche Skills Training course. Each chapter touches on essen-

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Active grille shutter system. Anti-lock brakes. Side-curtain airbags. AND MUCH MORE.

Front bucket seats. Rear-window defroster. Privacy glass. AND MUCH MORE.

Trailer tow with 4-pin connector. Air conditioning. Cargo box tie-downs. AND MUCH MORE.




Offer includes $1,765 freight and air tax

10.6L/100km 27MPG HWY 15.0L/100km 19MPG CITY *** †


WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers only valid at participating dealers. Retail offers may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Dealer order or transfer may be required as inventory may vary by dealer. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. For factory orders, a customer may either take advantage of eligible Ford retail customer promotional incentives/offers available at the time of vehicle factory order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof. Retail offers not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). †Offer valid between December 3 - 15, 2013 for 2014 models and until December 31, 2013 for 2013 models. Receive $750/ $1,000/ $1,250/ $1,500/ $1,750/ $2,000 / $2,500/ $2,750/ $3,000/ $3,250/ $3,500/ $3,750/ $4,000/ $4,250/ $4,500/ $4,750/ $5,000/ $5,250/ $5,500/ $5,750/ $6,250/ $6,500/ $6,750/ $8,000/ $8,250/ $8,500/ $9,250/ $10,500 in Manufacturer Rebates with the purchase or lease of a new 2013 [Edge SE]/ 2014 [Transit Connect (excluding electric), E-Series, F-150 Regular Cab XL 4x2 (Value Leader)] / 2013 [CMAX]/ 2013 [Escape S, E-Series], 2014 [Fusion S] / 2014 [Fusion (excluding S, Mustang V6 Coupe] /2013 [Fiesta S, F-150 Regular Cab XL 4x2 (Value Leader), F-350 to F-550 Chassis Cabs], 2014 [F-350 to F-550 Chassis Cabs]/ 2013 [Fusion S, Mustang V6 Coupe], 2014 [Fiesta S]/2014 [Focus S] /2013 [Focus S, Explorer Base], 2014 [Edge, Flex, Escape S and 1.6L]/ 2014 [Focus BEV, Fiesta (excluding S)]/ 2013 [Fiesta (excluding S), Fusion (excluding S)], 2014 [Focus (excluding S) and ST, Escape 2.0L]/2014 [Mustang V6 Premium, Explorer (excluding Base)]/ 2013 [Taurus SE, Edge AWD (excluding SE), Flex, Escape 1.6L, Transit Connect (excluding Electric)]/ 2013 [Focus (excluding S and BEV)]/ 2013 [Mustang V6 Premium, Explorer (excluding Base), Escape 2.0L], 2014 [Taurus SE] /2014 [Mustang GT] / 2013 [Edge FWD (excluding SE)]/ 2014 [Expedition]/ 2013 [Mustang GT]/ 2014 [Taurus (excluding SE), F-150 Regular Cab (excluding XL 4x2)] /2013 [Taurus (excluding SE)] / 2013 [Expedition], 2014 [F-250 to F-450 (excluding Chassis Cabs) - Gas Engine]/ 2014 [F-150 Super Cab and Super Crew]/2013 [Focus BEV]/ 2013 [F-150 Regular Cab (excluding XL 4x2)]/ 2013 [F-250 to F-450 (excluding Chassis Cabs) - Gas Engine], 2014 [F-250 to F-450 (excluding Chassis Cabs) - Diesel Engine]/ 2013 [F-150 Super Cab and Super Crew]/ 2013 [F-250 to F-450 (excluding Chassis Cabs) -Diesel Engine] - all Raptor, GT500, BOSS302, and Medium Truck models excluded. *Purchase a new 2014 Focus SE Sedan/2014 Escape S FWD with 2.5L engine/2013 F-150 Super Cab XLT 4x4 with 5.0L engine for $16,749/$22,999/$28,999 after Manufacturer Rebate of $3,500/$3,000/$9,250 is deducted. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after total Manufacturer Rebate has been deducted. Offers include freight and air tax of $1,665/$1,715/$1,765 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI (if applicable), registration, PPSA, administration fees and charges, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. All prices are based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. ▲Offer only valid from December 3, 2013 to January 31, 2014 (the “Offer Period”) to resident Canadians with an eligible Costco membership on or before November 30, 2013 who purchase or lease of a new 2013/2014 Ford (excluding Fiesta, Focus, C-Max, Raptor, GT500, Mustang Boss 302, Transit Connect EV, and Medium Truck) or Lincoln vehicle (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). Limit one (1) offer per each Eligible Vehicle purchase or lease, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per Costco Membership Number. Offer is transferable to persons domiciled with an eligible Costco member. Applicable taxes calculated before CAD$1,000 offer is deducted. ***Estimated fuel consumption ratings for 2014 Focus 2.0L I4 5-speed manual transmission: [7.8L/100km (36MPG) City, 5.5L/100km (51MPG) Hwy] / 2014 Escape FWD 2.5L I4 6-speed automatic transmission: [9.5L/100km (30MPG) City, 6.3L/100km (45MPG) Hwy] / 2013 F-150 4X4 5.0L V8 6-speed automatic transmission: [15.0L/100km (19MPG) City, 10.6L/100km (27MPG) Hwy]. Fuel consumption ratings based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption will vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading, vehicle equipment, vehicle condition, and driving habits. ‡Claim based on analysis by Ford of Polk global new registration for CY2012 for a single nameplate which excludes rebadged vehicles, platform derivatives or other vehicle nameplate versions. ‡‡Based on R. L. Polk Canada, Inc. Total New Registration data for Full Size Pickups per Ford Segmentation as of YTD September 30, 2013. ®: Registered trademark of Price Costco International, Inc. used under license. ©2013 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ©2013 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

A14 Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Star

tial points from the training, with a strong central message that Avalanche Skills Training is required before heading into avalanche terrain. “We’re very pleased with Throttle Decisions and look forward to getting it in the hands of riders,” said CAC Executive Director Gilles Valade. “The videos are engaging, informative and exciting to watch. And just as importantly, they showcase the depth of skill and training in the snowmobiling community.” To view Throttle Decisions online, go to 

Available in most new Ford vehicles with 6-month pre-paid subscription

Star business directory

The Golden Star Wednesday, December 4, 2013 A15

Golden Business Directory SE













@ D

$25/week This Space






*with 12 week commitment

Call us at 344-5251.

“Grave marker sales, installation and refurbishing” Dave & Susan Poland P.O. Box 1741, Golden, B.C. V0A 1H0

Phone: (250) 344-8351


Licensed Home Builder 911 North Avenue Box 599, Golden BC, V0A1H0

Mike Burns


Cell Office Email

250 344 0290 250 344 3992

Snow Removal

Big Big or or Small Small Jobs Jobs Loader, Grader, Loader, Bobcat Bobcat Parking Lot Sander

250-344-2215 250-344-2215


Here for You, Here for tHe environment!


•Sales •Service •Construction •Maintenance •Renovations

All Your Electrical Needs 1135 10th Ave N (250) 344-2530 Fax 344-2584 Reg. #22652

Dr. TINT GLASS TINTING Master Installer

• • • • • • • • •

Residential & Industrial Vacuum Service Hydrovac (Nondestructive Excavation) Water Tankers • Vacuum Trucks Steam Cleaner/acid Cleaning Flusher Truck Oil Field Hauling Portable Toilet Rentals Septic Tank & Field Cleaning Grease Trap Cleaning • Well cleaning

Service is our business! vac truck Services


H F Protection Systems Inc. Serving the Interior of British Columbia since 1993 Monitoring for Fire, Security, Environmental

Alan Chornyj

ULC listed Monitoring Station

• Automotive •Residential•Commercial

Security systems, CCTV, and special low voltage equipment Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service Fire Safety Plans

Give the Gift of Safety Gift Certificates Available

Ask us about monitoring without phone lines

Call 250-344-2979

$25/week This Space


Phone: 250.545.7000

Toll Free: 1.888.622.FIRE (3473)


*with 12 week commitment

Call us at 344-5251.

Phone 250-344-6161

820-10th Avenue North

One Call Does It All! “Largest plumbing and heating inventory in the area” • renovations • new construction • service • septic systems • • pumps • water softeners • 10% Seniors Discount – parts only

Showroom @ 805-9th St. N


n • Full Service Junk Removal r ju yo u • Dumpster Service e k • Deliveries Ma

u ko


b pro




250-272-JUNK (5865)

Call for a free quote

Owned & Operated by Leigan Enterprises Ltd.

This Space


with 12 week commitment

Get the word out about your business every week!

CONTACT: Ali Starchuk Phone: 250-344-5251 Email:


Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Star

Golden Moments: Stan Lim hasn’t slowed down into his eighties Joel Tansey Stan Lim, part-owner and manager of Bean Bag Coffee Roasters, has never seen retirement as an attractive option for himself. “I never planned on retiring,” he said. “I’ve seen too many people retire and then they have nothing to do. As long as you can work, why not?” Perhaps it should come as no surprise to hear that coming from a man who has been involved in a wide variety of groups and activities throughout his life. Lim arrived in Golden in 1951, and settled here permanently in 1956. He worked for CP Rail up until 1969 and ran for council for the first of many times in 1962. Because that was right around when the Rogers Pass portion of the Trans-Canada Highway opened, Golden underwent a lot of changes during Lim’s first few years on council. “The town was booming…at that time we had a huge building boom because there were no facilities on the highway for travellers. Hotels were almost

non-existent…We had the highest value of building permits in the B.C. interior at the time,” he said. Council kept him very busy back then, and Lim recalled having 53 meetings one year. “We never got paid, this was all volunteer. We did it to improve the community, that’s what we ran for,” he said. One of the initiatives that Lim pushed forward was the creation of space for community parks during the construction of new subdivisions. “I got council to agree with me to keep two lots for a neighbourhood park…I [felt] we should have green spaces where people can go and sit and kids can have somewhere to play instead of on the street,” Lim said. One of the parks built during this initiative is now known as Kinsmen Park. Lim also found the time to be heavily involved in many recreational pursuits, and was a long time participant in hockey, bowling and badminton. His passion for hockey led him to pursue the project that brought Golden its first indoor arena. “I went out in the community and I got a group together of just regular people…after much

discussion we decided we needed an arena because we had a lot of kids playing hockey out in the open rinks,” he said. One day, a couple of young boys asked Lim about playing organized hockey. He decided to post a notice at the elementary school telling interested kids to meet at the outdoor rink to see what could be done. “I think something like 300 kids showed up,” Lim laughed. Lim helped get them all registered with the Minor Hockey Association, which also covered their insurance. “Because of the nature of our community, with people coming in from all over, I had to get birth certificates to verify their birth from Germany, France, England, and the U.S. and Canada,” he laughed. “The kids were great, and they played well.” Another important initiative that happened during Lim’s tenure on Town Council was an appeal for action at the Kinbasket Reservoir. Lim was one of a group of locals who petitioned for the debris to be cleaned up in the reservoir as well as the construction of several boat ramps, improvements that according to him were greatly needed.


Stan Lim moved to Golden in 1951 as an employee at CPR. He ran for office in 1962 and served under five mayors throughout his stints on council.  Joel Tansey/Star Photo Over the years, Lim worked in construction, both for a company and as the owner of his own small-business, before he eventually started working for his daughter at her coffee shop, the

Bean Bag. When she moved on, he and his wife Patti took over the business in her place. For a man that never seemed to take things slowly, working into his eighties is a natural fit.

Tell us what you're up to!

250 344-5251

www.the Your Community Newspaper Since 1891 LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS

Golden Star Star Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Wednesday, December 4, 2013 A17 A17

Your community. Your classiďŹ eds.

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Information ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2014-2016 BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis

Business Opportunities

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CWL Mini Bazaar - Home Business Potpurri. Saturday Dec. 7, 2013 at the Sacred Heart Hall from 10am-4pm.

Business Opportunities GET FREE Vending Machines can earn $100,000.00 + per year. All cash-retire in just 3 years. Protected territories. Full details call now 1-866668-6629,

HOME BASED Embroidery Business for less than $10,000. Get started in the promotional products industry. Work from home on your schedule. Call Nicolle at 1866-890-9488.

TRAIN TO be an Apartment/Condominium Manager online! Graduates get access to all jobs posted with us. 33 years of success! Government certified. or 1800-665-8339, 604-681-5456.

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SignUp online! 1-866-399-3853


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Call 24Hr. Free Recorded Message 1-888-213-2854




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Information ADVERTISE in the LARGEST OUTDOOR PUBLICATION IN BC The 2014-2016 BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis

The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terrific presence for your business.

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email: ďŹ

In Memoriam

The most effective way to reach an incredible number of BC Sportsmen & women. Two year edition- terrific presence for your business.

Please call Annemarie 1.800.661.6335 email: ďŹ New to town? Having a baby? Getting married? Call Ellen Hatlevik, your local Welcome Wagon Representative! 250-344-4799.





CANCEL YOUR Timeshare. No risk program. Stop mortgage and maintenance Payments today. 100% money back guarantee. Free consultation. Call us now. We can help! 1-888-356-5248.

In Memoriam Adolf Jankovic July 1929 - November 2011

Time and years roll swiftly by but love and memory never die. Mary and family

Coming Events

Grief Shared Is Grief Diminished As Christmas draws near, we realize that the holiday season can be a difficult time for families who have lost a loved one. Believing that this is a time for remembering together, we welcome you to attend our annual remembrance


Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 7:00 p.m.

Chapel of Hindman Bowers Funeral Home

803 11th Avenue South, Golden

Sponsored by Hindman Bowers Funeral Home For more information call: 250-344-2958

• Labourers • Tradesmen • Class 1 Drivers


Dr. E. Gordon Lapp January 5th, 1918 – November 23rd, 2013


In Memoriam

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We’re on the net at www.bcclassiďŹ


After a lifetime of amazing adventures, Dr. Gordon Lapp, 95, passed away on the afternoon of November 23rd, 2013 at Bastion Place Residential Care Home in Salmon Arm, BC, surrounded by his family. A Celebration of Life service is planned for December 15th, 2013 at 1:00 pm at Bower’s Funeral Home in Salmon Arm. Gordon was born and raised on the family ranch in Redcliff, Alberta, the youngest of five children. A precocious student, he skipped several grades in school and graduated from Medicine Hat High School with high marks and plans to work in the banking industry. The outbreak of the Second World War changed those plans and Gordon enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940. After completing his pilot’s training he flew Spitfire fighter aircraft with the 411 RCAF and 185 RAF squadrons. Among many other actions, Gordon fought in the Mediterranean during the siege of Malta, and on the continent during the D-Day invasion. He was promoted to the rank of Squadron Leader in 1944, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) for his “unfailing courage and determination� before completing his second operational tour. The history books recognize Gordon as an Ace for the quantity of his victories in the air. After the war, Gordon sought a challenging career and enrolled in medical school at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Upon completion, he did several short internships in Dawson Creek and Campbell River, B.C, Gimli, Manitoba, and Nordegg, Alberta, before moving with his family to Golden, B.C. to settle in to a 33 year medical practice. As one of the founding medical practitioners of the Golden Medical Clinic, Gordon enjoyed many years of distinguished community service with his wonderful colleagues and staff. They were a great team! Gordon’s calm, confident presence, strong leadership, and encouragement inspired his patients, staff and family alike. Upon retirement from medicine at age 68, Gordon and his wife, Dee, moved from Golden to Sunnybrae, B.C., where they were able to share wonderful times with family and friends at their home on the lake. In 1991, after a few restless years and an apparent inability to get Gordon’s Alberta ranching heritage out of his blood, they purchased some land, built a house, and started a bison ranch on the outskirts of Salmon Arm. In 2001, he and Dee moved into town, building the last of their many homes together when Gordon was 85. Gordon will be deeply missed and warmly remembered by his wife Dee, of 46 years, his children, Keith (Jane) Lapp, Kent (Leslie) Lapp, Karen (Bob) Henderson, and Darren (Christine) Lapp, and stepchildren Jeff (Lisa) Abbott and Dee Anne Le Cerf (Doug), and their families, including 19 grandchildren and 15 greatgrandchildren, as well as many good friends, former patients, and extended family members. Gordon was predeceased by his first wife Barbara, his daughter, Janet Barbara Allen and his grandson Tyson Henderson. The family wishes to give a special thank you to the wonderful staff at Bastion Place for all of their compassion, care and support. Donations in memory of Gordon can be made to The East Kootenay Foundation for Health Online condolences can be sent through Gordon’s obituary at Funeral arrangements are in the care of Bowers Funeral Service, Salmon Arm, BC.


A convenient place to work! If you’re outgoing, enthusiastic and share our commitment to customer service, we’d like to have you on our team. :e offer you training, Eene¿ts to those who qualify, competitive wages and a friendly, supportive environment. • 4-40 hours/week • Duties include: assisting customers, cooking food, completing tasks, shift end counts. • Uniform provided. • Mature, responsible person required. • Apply in person at store during the week with resume. We are an equal opportunity employer. We thank all applicants for responding, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please.

Mountain View Assisted Living Position: Assisted Living Worker – Full time The Assisted Living worker delivers exemplary personal care services that enhance the life quality and peace of mind for seniors living within the assisted living residence. Under the direction of the Assisted Living Leader delivers personal care and housekeeping, laundry, dining social/recreational programs as driven by the needs, interests, choices and abilities of assisted living residents. (duFation 4ualiÀFations and ([SerienFe • Resident Care Attendant, Home Support or Assisted living Certi¿cate or equivalent combination of education and experience • Comfortable working alone or in a team environment • Available and willing to work shift work • Able to plan, organize and deliver care and services with minimal supervision • Current )irst Aid Certi¿cation Please submit your letter of interest to: Tricia Bowness, Site Manager, Mountain View Assisted Living 750 8th Avenue, Golden, BC, V0A 1H0 Fax: 250-344-7962 Closing Date – December 11 2013


Employment Help Wanted

Cooks and Servers, Full/ Part time, needed for Legendz Diner. $11-$13 hourly. 40 hrs/week. Send resumes to PO BOX 676, 1405 Trans Canada Hay Golden BC VA 1H0. Or email to: jobs.legendz., or fax to 250-344-5059.






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JOURNEYMAN AUTOMOTIVE Service Technician(s) in Hanna Alberta. Hanna Chrysler Ltd. offers competitive wages from $32/hour, negotiable depending on experience. Bright, modern shop. Full-time permanent with benefits. Friendly town just 2 hours from major urban centres. More info online at: Fax 403-854-2845; or email us:

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 newspaper?

1100 sq. ft furnished/unfurnished Basement Suite. Util, w/d incl. *Power not incld. $750/mth. Avail immdly.

Office Space for rent. Approx. 350 sq. ft. above Body Quest. Call 250-344-7876.


Location:Golden BC

Trades, Technical

Help Wanted

Job # CGV-111304


Counselling GOLDEN COUNSELLING SERVICES Professional Support for Emotional Wellness Counselling Services for: Families, Couples, Individuals, Adolescents & Children. Contact:Jocelyn Seagram MSc Experience: 30 yrs. providing Psychological, Behavioural & Counselling support in schools & clinical settings. c: 250-688-3737. Hours: T,W,TH afternoons & evenings.




PSYCHIC MIRACLES by Call and get a free reading by phone. Love money job family, restores broken relationships, solves all problems permanently. 1-866-2295072

Invermere’s Premier Seniors Housing and Care Community • Attractive Compensation Package • Innovative Support Team to Ensure Your Success • Opportunity for Growth within an Expanding Company • Vibrant Professional Atmosphere Columbia Garden Village Invermere, BC Please apply by email (include job #) or call us at: (250) 341-3350 Email:

Help Wanted

IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is not an issue. 1.800.587.2161.

Legal Services CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

Medical Health VIAGRA 100mg or CIALIS 20mg. Generic. 40 tabs + 10 Free all for $99 including Free Shipping. Discreet, Fast Shipping. 1-888-836-0780 or

Electrical AERIAL CONTRACTORS LTD. Power line systems built to BC Hydro standards. EC# 19806. 1-800-661-7622.

Merchandise for Sale Firewood/Fuel FIREWOOD for sale. Call 250-344-7677.

Help Wanted

Bolico Holdings Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons 1421 Trans Can Hwy, Golden, B.C. V0A 1H2 1020 Trans Can Hwy Golden, B.C. V0A 1H0

Food Service Supervisor

Full time(40hrs/wk)/Shift work Nights/Days/Early Mornings/Weekends Experience: 1 year to less than 2 years $12.55/hr + benefits Apply in Person: 1421 Frontage Rd, Golden, BC, V0A 1H2 or Fax resume to 250 439-1963

Job # CGV-111303


request for qualifications

Invermere’s Premier Seniors Housing and Care Community

CBT requires experienced graphic designers, website designers, videographers and photographers who can offer quick turnaround and deliver to high professional standards. For more information, visit: Deadline for submission: 3 p.m. PT, December 12, 2013.

Merchandise for Sale

Required for Mary’s Hotel F/T Hotel front desk clerks Sal: $13/hour Duties: Register arriving guests and assign rooms. Answer enquiries. Present statements of charges to departing guests and receive payment. F/T housekeeping room attendant Sal:$13/hr Duties: Sweep, mop, wash, wax and polish floors. Dust furniture and vacuum carpet. Make beds. Attend to guests’ requests for extra supplies. Contact:

SHEETMETAL AND CRANE OPERATORS WANTED WKM is currently looking for journeymen and/or registered apprentices We offer competitive wage packages and LOA Please send resumes to Box 225, Trail BC V1R4L5 or email or phone 250-364-1541 for more information

Help Wanted

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 Wednesday, December 4, 2013 The Golden Golden Star Star

Join us:

• Attractive Compensation Package • Innovative Support Team to Ensure Your Success • Opportunity for Growth within an Expanding Company • Vibrant Professional Atmosphere Columbia Garden Village Invermere, BC Please apply by email (include job #) or call us at: (250) 341-3350 Email:

STEEL BUILDINGS/Metal buildings 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-4572206 or visit us online: STEEL BUILDING. “The big year end clear out!” 20x22 $4,259. 25x24 $4,684. 30x34 $6,895. 35x36 $9,190. 40x48 $12,526. 47x70 $17,200. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

Misc. Wanted Local Coin Collector Buying Collections, Olympic Gold & Silver Coins etc 778-281-0030

Office/studio for rent: $350.00/month (excld. GST). 200 SF, on ground floor, hydro/heating/ air conditioning/wi-fi/ parking/waste disposal incld, private washroom, no smoking, no pets, avail Nov.1. Inquire at 250.344.2443.

Homes for Rent

FOR RENT Visit our website for complete rental listings Property Management Division Alice Dahlberg, CPM 250-344-2418 or 250-344-8581 (cell)

Storage S TA S H YO U R S T U F F. C O M Storage spaces of different sizes starting at $40/month including heated units. 250-344-3104.

Each ofce is independently owned & operated.

Rentals Apt/Condo for Rent 1 - 2 bdrm, 1 - 3 bdrm mobile home at Anderson Rd. Pets welcome. 250-344-8551. Rosewood apts 1309 12th St S utls incld. Close to amenities. Laundry facls, security entrance. No pets, parties, or smoking. 250-3448113. Twin Rivers - 1 & 2 Bdr apts. No parties, N/S, no pets. Laundry facilities, security doors. Best deal in town! 250-344-8113.

2 Bdr bsmt suite 1116 12 St. Newly renovated. W/D, F/S. No pets, no parties. Avail. Dec 1 or before.

Blaeberry Cabin - 1 bdrm, furnished. No pets $400/mnth wood stove&electric. 250-3442241. 2BR Cabin 8 mi S of Golden. Secluded acreage. N/S. Refs req. $750/mo. 403-461-4090, 403 286-3391.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Apartment Furnished 1&2 bdr. furnished suites. Utilities included. Close to amenities. No pets, parties. DD. Internet available. 250-344-8429, or 344-0604. FULLY FURNISHED all inclusive bachelor suite. View at or call 344-7001.

Commercial/ Industrial Golden COMMERCIAL BUILDING 3100 sq. ft. of Retail Space Located DOWNTOWN Excellent High Traffic Area Plenty of Parking 250-344-6710

Cottages / Cabins

Suites, Lower


2 bdr house. N/S, no parties, no pets. Avail Dec 1. Sat. tv, utls, all incl. $1100/mth. 250439-1055. 403-497-9303(cell) 2 bdrm, 1 bath, clean, main flr, fenced yard in Alexander Park, parking, shared laundry, NS/NP. $1,100 all utls, wifi & satellite incl. 403.760.5004. 2 bdrm basement suite w/ kitchenette, utls incld with satellite and wifi, furnished. Close to downtown in Alexander Park $700/month. 403-760-5004. 2 Bedroom renovated older house, downtown Golden. No pets or parties. References and Damage Deposit required. Long-term preferred. $950/mth + utilities. Located on a large commercial lot and is suitable for business use also. Telephone 250-344-6710. 2 large bdrm mobile home for rent on top of hill $750/mnth. 2/3 bdrm duplex for rent completely new! Mature tenants (families pref’d) and refs req’d. Call 250-344-5996. Crawford Bay House Rental, 3.5 bdrm, dbl garage, new appliances, $1200 + utilities (rent negot. for upkeep) 250-3651005 Newer 1 bdrm cabin w/ loft sitting on full basement on acreage South of Golden $950/month plus utls. No parties, no illegal activities. Long term mature reliable tenants preferred. References and DD req’d. 250-344-6710. Small, unique house on the Blaeberry River $750 utls incd. NS, NP, no dogs. Now until April 15th. 250-344-2114.

1 or 2 bdrm suite for rent. Sperate driveway, utls incdl, but no laundry. Avail. Dec 1. No cats please. Call 250-2725744.

Townhouses 4 BDR 2 bath Townhouse. Balcony & propane fireplace. Appliances incl. dishwasher. Family preferred. References & Damage Deposit. $1495/month plus utilities. Telephone 250-344-6710.


Auto Financing

Need A Vehicle! Guaranteed Auto Loan. Apply Now, 1.877.680.1231











Bolico Holdings Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons 1421 Trans Can Hwy, Golden, B.C. V0A 1H2 1020 Trans Can Hwy Golden, B.C. V0A 1H0

Food Counter Attendant

Full time(40hrs/wk)/Shift work Nights/Overnights/Early Mornings/Weekends $10.25/hr + benefits Apply in Person: 1421 Frontage Rd, Golden, BC, V0A 1H2 or Fax resume to 250 439-1963

Endless Job Opportunities

No Limits.

Cars - Sports & Imports 2003 Subaru Baja. 4cyl automatic. winter tires and rims. 155,000k. Leather interior, sun roof, cargo rack, fog lights. Silver in colour. $10,500. Contact:

The Golden Star Wednesday, December 4, 2013 A19

Rockets lose Friday, snap losing streak Saturday KHMR brings back free community day Joel Tansey

It was a down and then up kind of weekend for the Golden Rockets, as they experienced both a blowout loss and their first win since October, snapping what had become an 11 game losing streak. Playing without forward Connor Beauchemin, who was traded to Castlegar earlier on Friday, the Rockets failed to snap their 11 game losing streak following a 6-1 defeat at the hands of the Beaver Valley Nitehawks on home ice. The loss drops the Rockets’ record to 6-19-0-2 and leaves them 9 points shy of the Columbia Valley Rockies and the final playoff spot in the Eddie Mountain Division. The game got off to a fairly even start for both sides, with the Nitehawks outshooting the Rockets 13-10 in the first period. It appeared as if the two squads would go into the intermission scoreless, but with 2:46 remaining in the first Drayton Brennan gave the Nitehawks the lead when he beat Rockets’ netminder Brian Parsons. The game started to turn decidedly in the Nitehawks’ favour midway through the second when Lyle Frank gave Beaver Valley a two goal lead, but a lengthy 5-on-3 soon after gave the Rockets a “golden” opportunity to get back into the game. Unfortunately for the home side, the two man advantage wasn’t enough to get them on the board. Some back and forth passing in the offensive zone looked promising at times but didn’t deliver any legitimate scoring chances, and the failure to score appeared to be a real backbreaker for head coach Ty Davidson’s crew. “That 5-on-3 was basically the turning point of the game, if we score there then it’s 2-1 and I think we’ve got a shot,” Davidson said. The Nitehawks added to their lead just prior to the intermission when they scored with just 10 seconds left, further damaging the Rockets’ aspirations of a third period comeback. Nevertheless, there was a glimmer of hope for the 143 fans that turned up at the Plywood Palace when Brett DeFrias rifled home a power play marker less than 3 minutes into the third. The hope was shortlived however, as the Nitehawks restored

Jessica Schwitek

Rockets forward Nick McCabe fires a shot on net in second period action on Friday night.  Joel Tansey/Star Photo their three goal cushion just 30 seconds later, giving the Rockets very little chance at a comeback. Beaver Valley added a pair of goals late in the third to further cement the 6-1 win. Confidence was clearly lacking for the Rockets at both ends of the ice, something that is far from surprising given their recent woes. “Right now, mentally, I think we’re a pretty fragile group. I think any group that’s dropped 11 games in a row, needless to say they are going to be fragile mentally. We’ve just gotta keep our heads up and get out of this,” Davidson said. While Davidson was quick to credit the Nitehawks for their solid play, he wasn’t happy with the effort from his team. “I apologize to all the fans that came out…because that wasn’t a very good effort,” he said. There were no apologizes from Davidson to any dedicated fans that made the trip to Creston the next night for the club’s contest with the Thunder Cats. The Rockets got off to a flying start from the opening face-off and potted three goals before the first per-

iod was 10 minutes old. Nick McCabe, who recently returned from injury, got things started two minutes into the game, with Tanner Watt and Braeden Allkins completing the early scoring outburst. The lead was short-lived, however, as three unanswered goals from the Thunder Cats in the second half of the first period sent the team’s to the locker rooms all square. The team’s traded a pair of goals each throughout the second frame, with defencemen Brett DeFrias and Daniel Dahlin scoring the markers for the visitors, creating a 5-5 tie heading into the third. Allkins scored his second of the night just over eight minutes into the third for the Rockets, and it was a lead they wouldn’t relinquish. DeFrias topped things off with an empty netter that made it 7-5 and the Rockets celebrated their first win since Oct. 25, also over the Thunder Cats, and their first road win since Sept. 27. The Rockets will look to keep the momentum going this week with home games Wednesday and Friday night against the Fernie Ghostriders and the Kimberley Dynamiters.

With more than 150 centimetres of snow to date, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is excited to be opening for a bonus weekend on Dec. 7 and 8. "Mother nature has helped us out a lot, and our team has been working really hard to get everything ready," said Matt Mosteller, vice president of marketing and sales for Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. To celebrate the start of the season the resort is hosting their free Community Day on Dec. 15. All residents of Golden and Area A are invited to come up to the resort for a free day of skiing or snowboarding. "It's sort of our thank you to the community, so it's a very important day to us," said Mosteller. "It's a great opportunity for people who don't get up that often, or for seasons pass holders to bring their friends up and show them what it's all about." It would also be a good time to check out Kicking Horse’s brand new Family Ski Zone, an area off the Catamount Chair dedicated entirely to family sport. The area, which started with the kid’s trail program, blocks off high speed traffic, and brings together elements that are suitable for all members of the family, including better access to more chutes. As part of their commitment to making the resort more family friendly, KHMR is bringing back their daycare centre, which will now be located in the Mountain Centre. For more information about what is new at the resort this year, check out

Rockets trade forward Connor Beauchemin to Castlegar Joel Tansey The Rockets have dealt leading scorer Connor Beauchemin to the Castlegar Rebels in exchange for forward Quinn Klimchuk and a player to be named later. According to head coach Ty Davidson, Klimchuk gives the Rockets a skilled forward that can play on their top two lines, and his 1995 birthday means that he will be a key component for the team going forward, while Beauchemin’s junior eligibility will expire following

this campaign. Beauchemin’s scoring touch will surely be missed by a Rockets team that has struggled to create offense this season, but Davidson doesn’t believe that this trade is a sign that the team is giving up on its playoff aspirations. “We want to build for next year but not by sacrificing this season. The reason I took this deal is because I felt it wasn’t throwing away this season. We’re bringing in a strong player and we’ll still have a very good shot of making the playoffs,” he said. Klimchuk has missed time with injuries this season, but Davidson is confident he will fit in nicely on one of

the Rockets’ scoring lines once he returns, which could be as soon as next weekend. “He’s shorter but he’s kind of stocky. He has very good speed, he’s a very skilled player and he’s a very smart offensive type player,” he said. Beauchemin ends his Rockets career with 64 goals and 53 assists for 117 points in 108 games over the past three seasons. He added 15 points in 18 playoff games, including a team-high 10 goals during last season’s playoff run. He is scheduled to make his return to Golden as a member of the Rebels on Jan. 3.


Golden Rockets VS.

Golden Rockets VS.

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