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Wedding Guide 2013

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Monday, July 22, 2013 Kootenay News Advertiser

Ten tips to give your wedding direction and save stress

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Planning a wedding can be a strenuous and stressful task. Start with these 10 tips for a smoother special day.

One of a Kind Wedding Venue Making Your Wedding a Weekend to Remember!

He has finally proposed? Then your top priority is to do a bit of bragging and tell everyone the good news! Once your initial excitement has calmed down a touch, though, you’ll have to take time to do some serious thinking. There are so many details to plan, a budget to draw up, and deadlines to be met: it seems so overwhelming. If you are finding it hard to get some traction and launch your wedding planning, here are ten tips to give you some direction and help you get moving. 1. Establish your budget per guest. In fact, this is the perfect time to draw up your guest list. 2. Order your invitations, being careful to include your names, the date, time, and place of the wedding and reception, as well as the date by which you need to receive replies. Being clear about this will help you save a lot of precious time and money. Be sure to include stamped, addressed envelopes if you can.

3. The reception hall is often one of the biggest expenses, so be sure to reserve one as quickly as possible. If you want to keep expenses down, think about holding the reception at a family home or in a garden. 4. Creating a good atmosphere is just as important as choosing a caterer, although you don’t want to skimp on food either. To cut costs, consider serving fewer courses, with a focus on excellent quality instead of quantity. 5. Make up or order wedding favours for your guests. These are put with their place setting or offered at the end of the reception. Let your imagination run wild: you could offer small homemade soaps, candles, local produce in mini format, bath pearls, or small boxes of candies. It can also be fun to have a “retro” favour, such as a pack of matches with the bride and groom’s names embossed on the matchbook cover. 6. Give yourself enough time to find a wedding gown that really suits your person- 250.344.7281

of the bride and groom — unless they really want to be involved that way. Instead, let them enjoy being with the guests. • If you intend to create a gift list, be sure to put it on the Internet so that it will be easily accessible to everyone. • If small children will be at the reception, plan to have a space available where they can play and a quiet room where they can sleep. • Take photographs of your hair and makeup test runs so you can choose the perfect combination when you’re well rested. Prepare a make-up kit for any touch-up jobs on your big day. • Leave a guest book at the entrance of the reception hall. It’s a great souvenir to keep, along with your photo album. • Leave a disposable camera on every table so that guests can record magical moments during the reception.

A cake suitable for the occasion Submitted

Rustic Barn Venue 120 Person Max 20 Acre Riverfront Hillside Lodge & Chalets

ality. It is also possible to rent a dress for the occasion, much as your beloved can buy or rent his tuxedo. 7. Book your hair, make-up, esthetician, and manicure appointments several weeks before the wedding. If possible, plan a test run. 8. Put all your heart into writing down the vows that you would like to make during the marriage ceremony. If you plan to make a speech at the reception, be sure to get that down in writing as well. 9. Plan the reception down to the last detail: create the atmosphere you like with suitable music, entertainment, and a décor that matches your personality. (Don’t forget to decorate the bathrooms, a place everyone will see at some point!) 10. Organize your honeymoon so that you can celebrate your new life together. And while we’re talking weddings, here are a few other tips to keep in mind: • Avoid giving important jobs to the parents

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Spend the time to meet with the person baking the cake for your wedding day. Flavours, colour and the amount of guests at the event are important information for the cake maker.

Serving some kind of baked good on your wedding day is a tradition that dates back to antiquity. Today, there’s no lack of choice when it comes to the flavour of your wedding cake: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, or other original flavours. However, choosing your cake is a little more complex than you may have imagined, and that is why it is so important to meet with the baker when ordering the cake of your dreams. During this meeting, you should mention the number of guests, clearly identify the style that you’re looking for, and discuss the colours and shapes you’ve set your heart on. Don’t hesitate to ask to taste the various flavours of cake, icings, and garnishes that the baker suggests. You could also show him or her pictures of the wedding cakes you like, plus a copy of your invitation and a sample of your deco-

rating materials. The more guidelines you can give the creator of your cake, the happier you’ll be with the end result. One of the current trends in wedding cakes is a tower of small cupcakes, decorated individually and mounted in whatever shape you desire. Another popular modern choice is a cake that is in fact a pyramid of macaroons, a magnificent blend of colours and flavours. Such cakes are also very practical, as they are already divided into individual portions. Be sure not to forget the great tradition of keeping a few slices — or the whole top tier — of your wedding cake for your first anniversary. Seal it in plastic wrap, place it in an air-tight freezer bag, and enjoy it all over again one year later.

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Bridal Fair Krevan Photography

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2014 1: 00pm – 5 : 00pm

Krevan Photography


The St. Eugene Pavilion

Fo r m o r e i nf or mat ion about t h e Br id a l Fa ir or to p a r ticip a te in the event p lease c on tac t: e ve nt s @ s t e u ge ne . ca


7777 Mission Road, Cranbrook, British Columbia ·


Monday, July 22, 2013 Kootenay News Advertiser

Find yourself at the St. Eugene Resort With majestic Fisher

The Columbia Valley’s Complete Party Rentals Headquarters

Peak as the backdrop

Tents - Tables & Chairs Tablecloths - Dinnerware Bar & Glasses - Coffee Urn Dance Floor - Wedding Arch Radium Hot Springs, BC



to your wedding, the St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino is a one-of-a-kind wedding destination that will leave you with the best of memories. From the lush Les Furber designed golf course to the renowned Purcell Grill, event pavilion and the Casino of the Rockies, the wedding party and guests will feel like

Wedding Tortes, Unique Sugar Flowers & Chocolate Favours

they have been transported to their own personal retreat. Of course, no mention of the resort would be complete without talking about the food. Executive Chef Rob Brown has used his 30 years of experience travelling the world for culinary delights to create a menu filled with a diverse array of delicious food – as unique as the resort itself.

Quality Hand Dipped Belgian Chocolates & Truffles

Photo Krevan PhotograPhy

The St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino takes on a magical quality at night.

Photo Krevan PhotograPhy

The pavillion at the resort is designed for maximum comfort and oppulence for the wedding party and all the guests – perfect for a summer wedding.

Gourmet Fudge ◆ Brittles ◆ All made on site Frozen Yogurt ◆ Ice Cream ◆Unique Gift Packs #14 - 12th Ave. S., Cranbrook

250-417-3199 Coming soon. Online shopping. Find us on Facebook

Photography by Theresa (Theresa St Jean-Crockett)

#1 Stop for bridal & bachelor party supplies Photo Krevan PhotograPhy

The grounds of the resort feature manicured flower beds, trees that provide shade during the hottest days and cultural references to the Ktunaxa people who are co-owners of the resort.



Cranbrook • Next to WalMart • 250-426-2338

HOURS 9 am - 11 pm , 7 days a week

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No one can fault you for playing a few holes of golf on your St. Eugene wedding experience.

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Monday, July 22, 2013 Kootenay News Advertiser

Shop locally for your upcoming wedding Future brides and grooms don’t always realize just how much time they will have to devote to organizing their wedding. From the moment your engagement is announced, many hours will be spent making innumerable decisions and countless appointments. But don’t worry: you can save an amazing amount of time by dealing with local businesses. Why not combine practicality with pleasure by focusing locally when preparing your wedding. Everyone would agree that organizing a wedding isn’t an easy thing to do, and so it can be very reassuring to be able to count on people that you’ve known all of your life,

or almost, to make a success of this important event. Just think for a moment about all the steps involved: choosing the location of the wedding and reception, shopping for wedding bands, the gown, selecting a photographer, making up the guest list, having invitations and thank-you cards printed, planning the menu, decorating the reception hall, finding a DJ, selecting a cake, ordering flowers and favours. The list is long and the job, huge. By choosing to buy local, not only will you avoid wasting a great deal of time driving long distances but you will also have the pleasure of involving people in your community, those who are a part of your neighbourhood

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Local merchants not only carry excellent products, they also know what works for the area. and local economy. Your florist, caterer, jeweller, and all those other business people will be eager partners

in making your wedding the best party of your life.

Having an emergency wedding kit can really save the day.

Your emergency wedding kit Submitted

and have on hand for the big day: • Makeup kit and makeup removal pads • Pocket mirror • Glue for false nails and eyelashes • Pre-moistened wipes, deodorant, and lip balm • A toothbrush, toothpaste, and breath mints (avoid chewing gum, especially during the

If you feel your stress level rising at the mere thought of your upcoming wedding, imagine what it will be like on the big day. Of course you want your wedding day to be fabulous, and the best way to ensure that is to be prepared for every eventuality. Here are a few things to pack

We’ve got you covered! We deliver, • Party Tents set-up, take (various sizes) down & remove • Port-a-potties • Barricade Fencing We’ve got•you covered! Generators ••Party TentsChairs & Linens Tables, in various sizes

• Port-A-Potties 250.423.7057 • 250.423.1455 • Barricade Fencing • Generators We deliver, set-up, • Tables, Chairs take down & remove & Linens

Invermere & District Curling Centre

*Specializing in Weddings (all Inclusive from ceremony to reception)

• Anniversaries • Special Events • Old & New Music


Weddings? DJ? Karaoke? Music? 20 years experience. providing Quality service for any event Call Lily or leave a message.


13 S 20 RD

Dance Hall -•up to 250-423-7057 250-423-1455 people (summer only) Licensed Lounge - up to 120 people (year round) Kitchen Available Rates start at $125





13 S 20 RD

Call 250-342-3315

Perfect for your midnight snack


Fine Meats & Award Winning Sausage 250-426-7770


13 S 20 RD

• Tents • Tables • Table

on your special day



Wedding & party supply rentals


Linens • Dinnerware • Cutlery • Glasses • Punch Fountains & Liquor Dispensers • Dance Floor • Karaoke Machine • Wedding Arch ...just to name a few

Visit our showroom and cut your wedding costs


Rental equipment ltd. 2450 Cranbrook St. N., Cranbrook 250-426-5254 • Toll free 1-800-561-5254 • •

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652 2ND Ave, downtown FERNIE, BC PH: 250-423-6916 1-877-448-7285 E-MAIL:

photo session!) • Transparent nail polish, nail file, and nail polish remover • An extra pair of glasses or contact lenses, including the case and lens solution. • Tampons • Curling iron, hair straightener, or hot rollers • Bobby pins (to control rebellious curls and to affix your veil) • White and black thread, sewing needles, safety pins, and a pair of scissors (for clothing repairs) • Iron and ironing board • Extra pair of pantyhose • Pair of ballerina shoes (for the end of the evening when your feet ache after all that dancing!) • Tissues as well as acetaminophen or ibuprofen (for unexpected headaches) • Super glue or something similar, masking tape, and transparent adhesive tape • Finally, because you know just what your man is capable of, include a pair of black socks in case he had the bright idea of wearing white sports socks with his tux! Collect all these things in one spot before the wedding day. Why not use one of your grandmother’s magnificent hat boxes or that travel bag you spotted in your favourite store?

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Working out the perfect vows for this most special day Submitted

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Your wedding vows should reflect who you are as a couple and team throughout life.

“I do” are not the only words you’ll have to say during your wedding ceremony. Not to put any pressure on you, but your vows are the reason for your union and they should be chosen and spoken with care. These special words deserve the time and effort reserved for the most special of occasions. Here are a few tips to help you. If you have opted for a religious ceremony, many priests or pastors will provide you with traditional vows. If that is the case, you won’t have to think too hard. On the other hand, if you have decided on a more unconventional route, writing your own vows is a wonderfully romantic idea. But what if you can’t quite get your thoughts and feelings down on the page? What if you find yourself stuck in front of a blank page for hours on end? Here are a few suggestions for expressing your love without sounding

overly sentimental. Start by asking yourself the right questions. How did you fall in love with your future spouse? What does commitment mean to you? And marriage? Your answers are the best material to use, as they come straight from your heart. Keep your vows simple and concise so they will be memorable and interesting. There is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from a favourite poet or a line from a movie. Most of all, you don’t want to see your guests’ eyelids getting heavy! A good rule to follow is to make the vows about the same length as traditional vows, which are between 30 to 40 seconds long when spoken. If you have too many feelings to express in this amount of time, then you could take up to a minute, but not any longer. You won’t make a mistake if you are speaking from the heart. Once you have your vows down on paper,

practice them until you have them memorized perfectly. Of course, it

wouldn’t hurt to have a copy tucked into your sleeve, just in case

your nerves play with your memory.

Your dream wedding… Our dream location completewedding wedding destination thethe complete destination

LuxuryLog LogHomes Homes ·•Banquet Banquet and and Reception Reception Hall Luxury Hall •· Breathtaking Breathtaking Outdoor Outdoor Ceremony CeremonySites Sites Catering Options Options •· Low/High Catering Low/High Season Season Rates Rates •· Eco-conscious Eco-conscious and andPet Pet Friendly Friendly

14 kms on Settlers Road 14 kms on Settlers Road 1.877.647.4525 • Ph: 250.342.6516 · Ph: 250.342.6516 •


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Some golden rules for respectful guests For an important event such as a wedding, it

is absolutely essential to dress in an appro­

CLEAN, QUIET, COMFORTABLE! Room Rates Start $79 Jacuzzi Room Packages Welcome Tour Buses & Groups Families & Seniors! Kitchenette Suites avail.


1908 Cranbrook St N, Cranbrook BC

250-489-4600 a inn

1-888-489-4600 Brides:one day sale 11-01-18 1:16 PM Page 1

priate manner and appear well­groomed. However, it isn’t always easy to make the right choice for these occa­ sions, especially becau­ se of the great variety of styles that blur the boun­ daries between casual and formal. For women, there is one golden rule to fol­ low: never wear a white dress. The bride should be the only person to dress in this colour; for someone else to wear it

From engagement rings and wedding bands to attendant’s gifts we have plenty of affordable ideas. To make it even easier for you, we will have your gifts wrapped free of charge.

would show very poor manners, as if they were trying to steal the show. Provocative styles, such as very short, tight dresses with plunging necklines, should also be avoided. Dresses made of a silky fabric are classics, and a light woven wool is alright, but avoid knits and worn looking fabrics. Long dresses are not obligato­ ry, but hemlines should never go too high — a dress cut just above the knee is the most appro­ priate choice. For men, a long­slee­ ved shirt tucked inside the pants with a belt and a tie is a basic courtesy. Smart pants in a dark colour complete the out­ fit. Wearing a sports jac­ ket or suit jacket will

depend on the type of wedding you’ve been invited to. The impor­ tant thing is to forgo casual clothing and bright colours, like those flashy Hawaiian shirts! Once in a while, the bride and groom may specify a colour that they want all their guests to wear for their wed­ ding. If this is the case, try to be agreeable about it and follow their wis­ hes. It may be that they have a wedding theme, or that they want to stan­ dardize the photographs in their souvenir album. Don’t forget that this is the bride and groom’s day, not an occasion to try and stand out from the other guests.

Ask about our FREE lifetime warranty.

Planning a wedding?

24 - 9th Ave. S., Cranbrook 250-489-5773 » 1-800-953-8388

oon Honeym s tion Destina

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A bouquet is an age-old symbol of the bride and should reflect the joy of the occasion.

Tips on choosing a perfect bouquet A bouquet is an impor­ tant accessory for any bride, one that should be coordinated with the dress as well as the style of the wedding itself. Here are a few tips for choosing the right bou­ quet: • If you’re wearing a long dress, your options are broader: your bou­ quet can be round, simple, or cascading. If your gown is shorter, however, it is advisable to opt for a round or discreet bouquet so that your flowers will not hide the dress. • If you’re dreaming of a huge bouquet, keep in mind that the more imposing the bouquet, the heavier it will be to carry. That could get tir­ ing, not to mention the chore of trying to throw it over your shoulder! You should also take your figure into consid­ eration when making your choice: a tiny or very slim silhouette can be overwhelmed with a

large bouquet. • Think about per­ sonalizing your bou­ quet with accessories such as lace, pearls, or even fruits. Be sure to set yourself a budget: flowers that are rare or out of season will make your bouquet costs climb. The language of flowers Even though some brides choose a bou­ quet for its look, others prefer to use flowers that have a traditional symbolic meaning: red roses (love), white roses (pure love), lil­ ies (purity), carnations (sincere love), tulips (perfect love). If this language means some­ thing to you, perhaps you’d better avoid yel­ low roses (infidelity) and narcissus (selfish­ ness)! Most important of all, be careful not to choose flowers that will spread pollen all over your beautiful gown.

Come see us for a good selection of

luggage and travel accessories. Pick up your passport applications and have your passport photos taken here!

3, 755 13 Street Invermere, BC V0A 1K0 Ph: 250-342-6978 Fx: 250-342-3091 Toll Free: 1-888-98-8888

Unique honeymoon hide-out 5 secluded and romantic log cabins nestled on 107 forested acres • fireplace • jacuzzi tub • kitchen • loft bedroom $109 - $159 + tax/couple (includes breakfast)

Windermere Creek Bed & Breakfast Cabins Windermere, BC • 1-800-946-3942

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Halfway between Golden and Revelstoke is somewhere close to Nowhere

Heather Mountain Lodge and Cabins is very happy to be a gateway to Nowhere. Nowhere is beautiful, it’s mountainous, its wild, its adventurous and Heather Mountain Lodge & Cabins is somewhere at its heart. A perfect place for your wedding! Heather Mountain

Lodge & Cabins was built, in 1996 in classic Canadian timberframe style to host guests from around the world on its sacred winter heli-skiing grounds. Early 2000s the lodge doors were open to summer travel-

lers. Our summer visitors were the exploring type that went beyond the well mapped, welltrodden road to popular destinations like Banff and Lake Louise. What they discovered as they peaked on the most northern part

Photo Submitted

of the TransCanada highway, halfway between Golden and Revelstoke British Columbia, was a gateway to Nowhere, Heather Mountain Lodge & Cabins. The lodge is somewhere; it’s just that its

reference points are unique. The Lodge is nestled on the side of its namesake Heather Mountain. The busy gas stations, fast food restaurants, and chain hotels of Golden (55 km east) and Revelstoke (90 km west) have long disappeared, overtaken by quiet standing coniferous trees. The closest manmade landmarks are the Mountain & Pacific Time Zone change (1 km) down the road to the west and the East Gate of Glacier National Park (2 km). The more impressive landmarks are natures Mount Tupper and Mount MacDonald standing guard to the inspiring ascent of the highway from the Beaver River, through the winding mountain highway and avalanche tunnels to Rogers Pass (25 km west). This is an amazing destination wedding location for those who love nature, mountains, wilderness, yet still need accessibility. Heather Mountain Lodge and Cabins is

a private wedding venue, which means you will have the whole property just for your wedding celebration. One reason to come to the mountains is to get away from the crowds, especially on such an intimate day like your wedding. A private wedding venue insures that you and the love of your life are surrounded by just mountains, trees, your friends and family. You choose your own ceremony backdrop, the timber-frame lodge, the snow-capped peaks of Glacier National Park, the Beaver River timber-bridge and historical railway, or a helicopter accessed mountain peak. You choose the menu options garnished by the chef’s garden, and how you will celebrate the evening away in the licensed dining room, exclusively there for you and your guests. One thing we do suggest is that you chose a private luxury cabin for yourself; it is the place to compliment your perfect wedding.

Heather Mountain Lodge & Cabins will host your private wedding function, providing memorable mountain inspired dining, 23 Mountain View guest rooms, and two luxury cabins. There are no venue charges; each guest simply pays for their own room or cabin. Each guest room has two queen beds, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, espresso maker, and mountain views. Your private timber-frame cabin has a King bed draped with a deep sleeping duvet, espresso maker, wine fridge, flat screen TV, Wi-Fi, woodstove, and a soaker tub with the best view on the whole property. Whether you stay for a night or a weekend celebration, Heather Mountain Lodge & Cabins will forever be somewhere for you and your guests. Book your 2014 wedding now.


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The important guest list

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Careful thought must be given to who you invite to your wedding. Are you the type of person who has lots of friends, gets on well with work colleagues, and is involved in

plenty of activities or sports? If you are sociable, love meeting people, and have the gift of building solid

friendships quickly, you’ll probably find that compiling your wedding guest list is a little trickier than putting together a grocery list! First of all, you should ask yourself if your budget warrants an intimate ceremony or a huge affair. Although your big day isn’t just about money, the basic budget factor for the whole day is based on how many guests you invite to your reception: the more there are, the more expensive it will be. And, of course, more guests also means a more complex planning and set-up operation. Keep in mind that every guest has the option of bringing a partner, which quickly

extends the guest list. Start by listing the names of your respective parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and closest friends. After this you could add the names of all the uncles, aunts, and cousins. The list may now be already as long as you can handle. If your heart is set on a bigger wedding, you could always add the names of your work colleagues, distant family members, and old friends while choosing to offer a simple onecourse meal or buffet. Alternately, you could invite many to your wedding ceremony, and just a few closer relations to a smaller, more intimate reception.

The roles of maid of honour and best man Someone close to you has asked you to be their best man or maid of honour, a role you have happily accepted. But what exactly does this entail? The maid or matron of honour gives a short speech during the reception and offers practical and emotional support to the bride throughout the planning and organization of the wedding. She also takes care of a wide range of small but important details: helping with the invitations and shopping for the dress and the bride’s bouquet, and dealing with last minute surprises. In other words, it’s a

busy time for the maid of honour as well as for the bride. The role of a best man is virtually identical. On the big day, he helps the groom dress and accompanies him to the ceremony. Most importantly, he holds the wedding bands. Like any good host, he is the first to arrive at the reception hall in order to welcome the newly married couple. He makes the first toast of the evening and dances with the bride as well as her mother and the mother of the groom. Of course, the maid of honour is traditionally in charge of organizing the hen or bachelorette

EST 2013


For All Your Wedding Styles

At the Prestige Hotel PHONE 778-517-0949

HOURS ARE : Monday to Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm Saturday 10am - 5pm Evening Appointments Available Like us on Facebook at The Station Salon 209 Van Horne Street S, Cranbrook, BC

party, and the groom organizes the stag party. One innovative idea for a hen party is to organize a relaxing day at a spa to relieve accumulated stress, followed by a gourmet meal and an evening at a nightclub. For the men, the groom’s interests are a good indication for a suitable bachelor party: if he loves playing golf and going to the casino, then an afternoon on the golf course followed by an evening on a floating

casino is a brilliant plan. In short, the privileged role of the maid of honour and of the best man is to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

a a a a a beauty for the bride

From first glance to the last dance, we’ll create a wedding day look that holds up beautifully. Professional Hair & Makeup Services for Brides & Bridal Parties On Location or at Our Salon Suite 1,1401 15th St. N Cranbrook, BC 778-520-2277

Wedding Spa Packages

New eNergy wellNess spa “Come and experience specially designed wellness treatments with natural products and organic concepts. Relax while soaking in the healing energies of the spa and enjoy your special day.”

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2. Beautiful Bride $315

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Eyebrow shaping, Lash & Brow Tint Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage Radiant Rose Facial w/Tru Essence Deluxe French Manicure & Pedicure with Gelish Polish Aromatherapy Couples Massage Infrared Sauna For Two Facials for both w/Tru Essence Botanical Wellness Manicures

Eyebrow shaping, Lash & Brow Tint Seaweed Body Wrap & Massage Radiant Rose Facial w/True Essence Deluxe French Manicure & Pedicure with Gelish Polish Aromatherapy Couples Massage or Botanical Wellness Facials Infrared Sauna For Two

Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and Groom, Groomsmen packages available

209 Van Horne St. S, Cranbrook, BC 250-417-0505 •


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Kimberley Bridal Fair bigger and better!

This year The Kimberley Conference Centre and Kimberley Alpine Resort will join forces to bring a bigger and better Bridal Fair. On Saturday September 7th the Sullivan Mine Railway Tour will be running to bring people up to the Resort and the main Chair Lift will be open to show off the views from the Kootenay House at the Top of North Star Mountain. Once again we will have vendor booths represent-

ing all the businesses and services that can help with your wedding details. Tara’s Boutique will display all the new fashions in gowns and wedding apparel and Flowers Galore will be here with samples of bouquets as well as decorative arrangements. Jeff Bazley of Kimberley Alpine Resort will be on hand to take you on a tour of all the best Ceremony and photography locations. Rooms at Trickle Creek Lodge will also

be open for you to view. Sample menus will be on display. Music options, photographers, hair salons and so much more. When looking at the venue itself Events Coordinator for the Kimberley Conference Centre Meta YeeLim said “We have had weddings of all sizes and descriptions, at the Kimberley Conference Centre from small intimate celebrations to large formal extravaganzas. One thing the Bridal parties have agreed on is

that this is the perfect venue for their special day. You only have to walk through the door into the stunning vestibule to know that something magical is going to happen here today.” Another great highlight for the Bridal Parties is the food. The Chefs and Staff of the Centre take a great deal of pride in preparing an extraordinary dining experience. They understand that everything has to be perfect and that they are not just

cooking dinner they are creating memories. Many of the wedding parties take advantage of the State of the Art audio visual system. The main Ballroom boasts two 20 foot projector screens, one at either end of the room. Wedding guests are treated to slide shows and video footage of the happy couple. The Centre also has full video-conferencing capabilities so the ceremony or reception can be transmitted to friends and family

unable to attend. Located at the base of the ski hill, the Kimberley Conference & Athlete Training Centre is nestled amongst the resort’s accommodation making it so convenient for wedding guests and family to stay close by. There are also countless ways to entertain yourselves pre and post wedding with everything the Kimberley area has to offer. This is what some previous Clients had to say: “What an awe-

some place to have a wedding ceremony. Thank you soooo much for providing such a first class facility...” - Roi & Larry Ewing “One of the nicest buildings in all of the Kootenays! The food was award-winning (in my opinion) the staff cheerful and very helpful! The Event Coordinator went out of her way to ensure all of our needs were met!” - Gail Rousseau

July 22, 2013  

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