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Can White Foster Parents Empathise with Racism?

Why is the Virtual World replacing the Human Touch?

F e a t u re A r t i c l e : P e a c e D e l u s i o n ?

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I say bring back the phone conversations, bring back the social gatherings, bring back the chit-chats, bring back the impromptu/surprise home visits, bring back the human hugs and kisses, bring back paper birthday cards and handwritten letters; bring back the laughter, the fun and the mucking around. Bring back the time it takes to show love! The Editor.

Why is the art of conversation disappearing? Why are people resorting to texts and email at the expense of visiting friends, speaking on the phone - showing love? Everyone needs human interaction and whatever it is you are hiding from, behind the text, the email or the chat room, one day you have to come out from behind the smoke screen and reveal your true self and what you are feeling.

With the advent of texts, emails, IMs, chat-rooms, I am wondering if we have lost the ability to communicate person to person? Are people finding that they can’t be bothered to visit anymore? The cop-out seems to send a text, because have you ever called someone seconds after they have sent you a text asking how you are, to find that they don’t pick up the phone? We could take it personally and deduce they don’t want to talk to us, but why send an enquiring text in the first place if you don’t want to talk about what it is you are asking about? Texts are fast becoming like the rhetorical “How are you?” in the British culture. I am beginning to believe that the ‘guilty’ parties do not want to communicate person to person but rather than admit it, they send a text or an email. This accusation applies to those that if you were to call the sender, minutes after receiving a text or an in-depth email to discuss the contents, the sender routes the call to voicemail and doesn’t return the call. Has that happened to you? Please email me if it has.

Are We Losing the Desire to Communicate 1:2:1? EDITORIAL


The call was from a withheld number which exacerbated my suspicions. I therefore spoke to the bank and asked them how long would I have to wait for a cheque to fully clear if I deposited it in to my back account the day I was speaking to them. They told me anywhere between 3 days - 6 months!

I had received two calls once the contract was despatched one instructing me to deposit the cheque and the other asking me when I was going to deposit it, which I thought was strange. I told the caller I would deposit the cheque once I received the correct contract.

I examined the contract (coming from a legal background), the amounts were wrong, my name wasn’t on it but there was a NIVEA stamp on the contract.

I wrote to ‘Andrew’ who was the person I had been corresponding by email with, and asked why a contract had not accompanied the cheque? I was told to deposit the cheque first and the contract would come afterwards. I started thinking supposing there was something in the contract I didn’t agree with? I wanted to see the contract first so I shared my concern with Andrew who promised to send out the contract to me the next day. It came a couple of weeks later.

Have you heard of the saying: “Anything too good to be true usually is?” Well that is what came to mind. Getting a cheque for £5,700 was one thing, but paying 80% out of it to a third party in cash, was another! I knew advertising on billboards paid a lot of money but I had to find out more because I had never been a model before.

“You get a cheque in your name for £5,700 and you are suspicious? I would be down the bank if it was me” I was told.

I was approached via internet to the effect that my photograph (left) had been chosen for the Nivea billboard at Gatwick Airport. I would be paid £12,000 for the deal. I would receive an initial payment of £5,700, but would need to give 80% to the modelling agent via Western Union. I would keep £1,500 being the initial downpayment and the balance of £6,300 would follow. I had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the email because I felt the photo could genuinely represent Nivea. I agreed to being a Nivea Model and I received the cheque for £5,700 within two days! It would have been easy for me to deposit the cheque for £5,700 and send off £4,200 to the agent specified, after all I would have been paid £1,500 up front even if they didn’t use the photo, but the cheque came too quickly in a plain envelope and without the contract.

I was almost victim of a scam, the details of which I am publishing to to protect other unsuspecting victims.


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Blackbright News

It is important to understand the lengths people will go to get money out of you. You would not normally expect someone to give you money, you would expect them to ask you for money, which would cause you to drop your guard. So, if you are offered a large cheque for services: 1) Tell them you prefer BACS direct into your account; 2) Check the company’s authenticity via Companies House & 3) Look for full contact details - these 3 can protect you from being royally scammed!!

Luckily for me, I didn’t deposit the cheque straight away, nor did I give away 80% of an amount that was not mine to give, or else I would have been royally scammed. Yes, admittedly, I had visions of seeing my face on the the Nivea Billboard at Gatwick, but vanity has its price - one I couldn’t afford!

If f I had deposited the cheque immediately and paid out the £4,200 to the ‘agent’ by Western Union as instructed, I would have been responsible for repaying the whole £5,700 even though I would only have received £1,500 out of it - Scary!.

A couple of weeks ago, I was tidying up and I found the cheque. Its 3 month expiry period had not elapsed so I decided to deposit it to see if it was fraudulent. Sure enough, within 3 days I had notification that the cheque was a counterfeit. I called my bank who confirmed it was obviously a scam and asked if I had parted with any money or given out any of my bank details. I had not. He told me I should inform the police, which I did.

The agent wanted his money within 3 days! I received a follow up call asking if I deposited the cheque and I told the caller that I thought it might be a scam. He assured me it wasn’t but then tried to initimidate me citing all the work that had been put into the transaction. I decided not to put the cheque in, and left it on one of my shelves. I didn’t hear from them again.


Broken Silence is a UK youth led charitable organisation founded in 2005 by four teenagers with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) in memory of Leona Dehaney, who sadly died from complications relating to the disease. We campaign for the rights of (mainly young) people with Sickle Cell Disease. Among other activities, produces an annual talent show for dancers, singers and group acts to raise awareness of SCD. Broken Silence has the support of patrons Kwame Kwei-Armah and Richard Campbell alongside Liberal Democrat Lord Trevor Smith. We are trying to achieve: Equality: People living with SCD are given equal medical and financial support as people living with diabetes. There are approximately 15,000 people living with SCD in the UK. Awareness: The majority of the UK population (especially employers) are not aware of SCD and the specific needs of people living with it, leading to discrimination. Education: People living with SCD are made aware of their rights (Disability Discrimination Act) and are provided adequate support. Broken Silence Talent show Every year we hold a talent show to raise awareness and educate people about Sickle Cell Disease. The acts are judged by industry professionals and celebrities that have included: Singers Shola and Sadie Ama, reggae artist Tippa Irie, renowned choreographer Aicha McKenzie and Rachel Yankey (England & Arsenal Ladies FC). Within the audience we have had support from community leaders such as; Brent major Councillor Bertha Joseph, MP Dawn Butler and Councillor James Allie. Over the past three years, we’ve entertained over 1,800 people and raised over £11,000. The money has provided a commemorative plaque for Leona Dehaney’s grave, Nintendo Wiis for children’s’ wards of two London hospitals, and a DVD player and money towards a blood exchange pump for Central Middlesex Hospital’s daycare Unit.

Broken Silence

By leading discussions as part of assemblies, we provide valuable insight into the cause and effects of SCD to students across the UK.

School outreach programme Members of Broken Silence tour schools to help raise awareness of SCD within teenage children.

Vitolina Samu, Grants Officer, Genesis Community. Securing government support Working with a political lobbying consultancy, we have secured the support of Lord Trevor Smith who in 2008 asked a question relating to stokes in Sickle Cell children in the House of Lords. London Mayor, Boris Johnson has also sent his support of our aims; “It’s a testament to the youth of London that Broken Silence rose from the tragic loss of their friend. I tip my hat to them.” Moving forward, we’re aiming to persuade the government to publish employer guidelines highlighting the specific needs of people living with SCD to help decrease discrimination through education.

Our commercial sponsors have included: Choice FM, Novartis, Genesis Community, Grace Foods, Tamara Designs, Jack Petchey Foundation, Hawkeye Records, Harlesden and Stonebridge Regeneration and Renewal, EUT Entertainment, Overtones Studio,, AMCK Dance Agency and social website Need A Place To Go. “…We were very impressed with the show they delivered and would highly recommend them to any funder. They represent and make commended efforts for a very worthy cause.”


When you purchase a vinyl record, tape or CD you only can use that record for domestic purposes. You do not acquire any rights to copy that record, or to play that record in public. So if you want to copy a sound recording on that record onto your computer, you must obtain the permission of the owner of the copyright in that sound recording

Why do you need an extra licence ifyou have obtained the tracks lawfully?

If a copy of a sound recording is made in order to play that sound recording in public, PPL controls the relevant copying rights and so can grant you a licence to ensure that your copies comply with the law.

I thought I would share this information with other DJs. Apparently you if you are a DJ in the UK you need a Digital DJ Licence because under UK law it is necessary to obtain the permission of the owner of copyright in a sound recording if you copy that sound recording.

that when you purchase a vinyl record, tape or CD, you only can use that record for domestic purposes. You do not acquire any rights to copy that record, or to play that record in public??


Russell & Jonathan were both given a slap on the wrist and have both kept their gainful high-paying jobs, despite breaching civil duty and being recommended to resign. I wonder if Baroness Scotland will be given an equally generous consideration!

I heard Nell refer to her “whopping salary” when discussing Baroness Scotland. I wonder if he felt the same about the level of Brand & Ross’ salary?

The first thought that came to mind was the slanderous behaviour of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross who are earning £6m a year, respectively, the latter being given a 3-year contact of £18m!!

I was at home, and turned on my TV to see if my favourite programme was on – Agatha Christies Poirot with David Suchet. However, my concentration was interrupted by the Daily Politics Special with Andrew Nell who was in Bournemouth for the Liberal Democrat’s annual conference. Nell was insisting that Baroness Scotland resign, saying she breached the laws she had made and I wondered why he felt so strongly about it. When I saw the photograph of Baroness Scotland on the screen, I realised why he was so adamant about it. Baroness Scotland was born in Dominica of Antiguan and Dominican parents, and is the Attorney General of England & Wales earning £113,000 a year (Brown Honey with money) Baroness Scotland is actually Patricia Scotland and not the Baroness of Scotland as some may believe.

You had better be Perfect!

Black & Famous?

has dared to make a mistake, if the Prime Minister hadn’t supported her ! All I can say is that if you are black, British and are priviledged enough to be in the high-income bracket, you had better be squeaky clean, because it you are not, you will not be pardoned for human frailty! Anon, Luton 4

During this programme, Baroness Scotland was being morally lynched for her imperfections. She was held to ridicule, and could have potentially lost everything she has worked hard for over the years. She could have been publicly disgraced like every other black person in the high-income bracket who

There is nothing in the Ministerials Salaries Act 1991, that specifies that the allowance is only to be paid to ministers whose main residence is outside London” that Baroness Scotland is allegedly guilty of contravening, although they are now saying there were updates! Baroness Scotland claims she never told anyone that her main residence was outside London so they are getting her on another technicality - employing an illegal immigrant as a cleaner!! Baroness Scotland erroneously assumed that because her cleaner had married a British lawyer, that her working papers were in order and didn’t check. She is now in civil breach of the law, and it is for this second reason why she was being asked to resign!

Similarly, when Margaret Moran MP for Luton (above) got caught claiming £22,500 for two properties she deliberately claimed expenses for, she was allowed to pay the money back.

Written: by Paul Green

Many children have being abused throughout the world. Many children have become victims of violent crime. Many children are living a life without hope. A lot of children are living their lives in fear. The children they do need our love and care. We need to teach them positive things, so that a positive life they all will live. Motivational words we should always place in their minds. And the things that we do to them should always be so friendly and kind. Without the children we don’t have a future. We as adults are the ones that they look up to. Remember children live what they learn; words contain a lot of power and strength. And in all cases, use words that will give them upliftment and help. For all the children who are presently living in despair. On your behalf, I really care. Please don’t kill, hurt, neglect, abuse or ill treat any more of our children. Because when we hurt and abuse them. Who will be there to love and protect them?

All children need love and proper care


I lodged a dispute and PayPal intercepted. I hadn’t realised the company was in Japan which is why there was a delay. I received an email 2 days after from the seller with the tracking details, so luckily I got my trainers. You might not be so lucky!

The other day I bought some physiological trainers, reduced from £360 to £72 - what a bargain! I usually always check that “https” is in the browser bar, but I was hurrying and besides, the company was called the trademark, so I was not concerned. I ordered the trainers but they did not arrive when expected. I went to the website and pretended I was re-ordering and noticed only http: in the browser, no phone number, no address. I panicked

... you should not buy online unless you see https://... in the browser bar and a padlock when you go to the check out. The ‘s’ at the end of http is very important and indicates the authenticiy of a website.

Did You Know...

Bill Cole on Gravatt: Eric was outstanding. Like another great young drummer, Tony Williams, Gravatt has the savvy to listen to what the soloist is playing and to accompany him in a manner that will put the fire and drive into the solo improvisation. He also develops what Clifford Thorton calls a “circle of sound,” poly-rhythms and things going with each limb. Gravatt also played only one solo and it was fascinatingly organized. He built the solo like Frank Lloyd Wright would build a house, organically. It’s

Wayne Shorter on Gravatt: “Eric was the one. Miles wanted him, but he came with us in Weather Report. Eric is teaching now, and he is still explosive when he speaks. He had bounce in his rhythm that would bounce off the floor and carry the music up to the ceiling. He had this ethnic sound - the continent of Africa - but with grace. He has a dignity and the flavor of Africa, and of metropolitan cities, all with the element of surprise.”

I was greatly drawn to his aura behind the kit. And I tried to learn everything that Eric played. His approach comes through in my playing to this day — more than anyone else’s.

Terry Bozzio on Gravatt: The first time I saw Eric play was at the Keystone Corner in San Francisco, and seeing him play changed my life. There isn’t — and maybe never will be — anyone who plays drums with that much intensity. I never fail to mention Eric at my clinics.



A holder of a Ph.D. from the University of Sussex and cofounder of the Caribbean Artists Movement (CAM), Brathwaite’s name is seminal for a literary critic, scholar, or student concerned with Caribbean Literature, History and Culture. He has received both the Guggenheim and Fulbright Fellowships, to cite only two of many other notable fellow-

born 11 May 1930, is one of the major voices in the Caribbean literary canon. Brathwaite is the 2006 International Winner of the Griffin Poetry Prize, for his volume of poetry, Born to Slow Horses.

Edward Kamau Brathwaite


you’re really good like Gravatt, it’s sheer magic.

very difficult for someone who doesn’t play the drums to understand how a drummer coordinates himself - how he’s able to get his legs and his arms going in a different direction. The left hand spinning, the one stick switching from snare to high-hat, the right foot hitting the other snare straight on. The left foot hitting the bass with still another time and the right smashing down on the cymbal with a good mixed time. And when


The Four Kamau’s

“My music is a mixture. It’s reggae at the root, but I think because I’m influenced by so many other musical genres, it has an identity of its own. It has a bit of everything. Depending on the song, you’ll hear Latin sound, you’ll hear real African rhythm, a little pop flavour, but all in

A prolific songwriter and a melodious singer, aptly describes Kamau whose debut CD, Sight Up, underscores his musical prowess. Born Horace Morgan, the singer who hails from Nannyville Gardens, Kingston Jamaica, took unto himself an African identity with the sobriquet, Kamau which means “Quiet Warrior”.


In his poetry Brathwaite has infused European and African influences. He combines spoken word with modernist techniques, and new spellings, and uses rhythms from jazz and folk music. But in Brathwaite, play with words and linguistic inventions are not a manifestation of self-absorbed individualism or postmodern ironic attitude toward aesthetic practices. His poetry is a part of the collective search of Caribbean identity and racial wholeness. Feelings of rootlessness emerge often from Brathwaite’s poems, and in an interview he has confessed that his travels have given him a sense of movement and restlessness. (Source: wikipedia)

In 1983 Brathwaite was appointed professor of social and cultural history at the University of the West Indies, where he worked until 1991. After retiring he spent some time as a visiting professor in America, and in 1993 he became professor of comparative literature at New York University. Among Brathwaite’s several awards are the Cholmondely Award in 1970, Guggenheim and Fulbright fellowships in 1983, and the Neustadt Prize from 1994.

Brathwaite is noted for his studies of Black cultural life both in Africa and throughout the African diasporas of the world in works such as Folk Culture of the Slaves in Jamaica; The Development of Creole Society in Jamaica, 1770-1820; Contradictory Omens; Afternoon of the Status Crow; and History of the Voice

ships. Winner of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature, the Bussa Award, the Casa de las Américas Prize, and the Charity Randall Prize for Performance and Written Poetry, Brathwaite has painstakingly established himself as a tour-de-force in not only the literary arts arena but also in the arena of historical and cultural studies.


His most project “Celebrating Neruda,” intertwines dance, Latin American music, and the poetry of the Chilean genius, Pablo Neruda.

Kamau has also collaborated with Hubert Laws in writing the score for “Small Steps, Big Strides” a Fox network documentary concerning the history of African-American film. He has also written and supervised music for “The Dawn At My Back,” a Sundance Film Festival award-winning interactive DVDROM memoir.

Pianist, saxophonist Kamau Kenyatta currently resides in San Diego, CA where he is a lecturer at the University of California’s Jazz Studies Department. Originally from Detroit, his versatility comes from his early exposure to a vast array of musical styles. This talented performer-composer-arrangerproducer has worked with jazz greats such as Hubert Laws, Earl Klugh, and Patti Austin. World tours have taken Kamau to over 20 countries and include stints with Donald Byrd, Jesus Christ Superstars’ Carl Anderson, The Supremes, New Kids On The Block and 90’s hip-hop groups Silk and SWV.


In terms of his approach to his music in general and the lyrical content in particular, he reveals that his aim is to make it positive and as internationally competitive as possible. “First and foremost, my music is always going to portray positiveness, that is the first criteria when I sit to write. It must give joy and inspiration, that is where my head is. I want my music to be on the world stage, I want it to be of a universal standard so that it can have an appeal in Europe, Japan, Africa and all across the world. So I really write on that level”. Kamau has graced the stages of major reggae shows locally such as Rebel Salute and Western Consciousness, the two leading roots rock festivals held in Jamaica annually, Reggae Sunsplash and Reggae Sumfest, two of the biggest reggae festivals in the Caribbean, where he performed on International Night. Sight Up, the 12-track CD with three bonus cuts, features Kamau on all lead vocals, produced by Glen Browne under the auspices of Browne’s GRR Productions Company. One of reggae’s most respected musicians/producer on whose Island Treasure Label the album was released, Browne expresses total confidence in the artiste and the product. “I’ve asked the Almighty to show me a talent that I could work with and develop into a good artiste that could make a meaningful contribution to the industry and the culture of reggae, and I saw the making of such an artiste in Kamau. He understands his craft, he knows what to do and how to do it. As the producer for the album Sight up, I can say that Kamau approached this project as a professional, and he delivered”.

all the core of it is roots rock reggae”.

I have continued to work with Rude over the years, as he is a good friend and mentor, and he encouraged me to build Supatech Studio.

On the “I’m Just a Guy Riddim” I recorded George Nooks “Love is the solution” which was my first professional recording in Kingston Jamaica, with the help of Mark (Top Secret) Ainsworth. On this trip I also recorded some Riddim’s with Mark. This was the beginning of Supatech Records.

Rude called me, and invited me to come and attend a recording session @ Stingray Recording Studio, were I was introduced to Stingray staff. We became good friends and in January 2004 Rude gave me a copy of his recording of the “I’m Just a Guy Riddim” on 2 inch reel to bring to Jamaica to work with.

It was by chance that I bumped into Leon Leiffer, the founder member of The Blackstone’s, in the My interest in music technology assisted me to West End London early 2007. We got talking and construct Reggae Riddims. 8 I told Leon that I was on my way to deliver some

I took a break from the sound system circuit, and returned in 2002 with “Supatech Sound” built and owned by me.

In my teenage years (14) I started working with sounds such as General Dee, Tishion Hi Fi, and many other sounds, in youth clubs and parties etc. I was a DJ/Singer and Sound Engineer.

My speaker boxes were used on my (Scorpion) sound, and I would buy records with my pocket money (I use to drive my parents mad with noise). I used to ask my parents why they played Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Ella Fitzgerald and so on, they replied ” When you get older, you will understand” and they were right.

I had an interest in music at a very early age. When I was in primary school, I was constructing speaker boxes. Skills and tools were limited, so I used my ingenuity to achieve my constructions. I advanced to pulling electrical items apart and learned the basics of fault finding.

My name is Junior Powell (above) aka Junior-P born May 1963 London.

The Supatech History

Supatech Records

On a visit to Daddy Ernies (Klassique) record shop in Wembley 2003, I met Mr. Emmanuel (Rude) Davies (aka Mun Mun International Records). I enlightened Rude that I wanted to learn more about producing records.

My inspiration to make music came from watching my cousin Neville Griffiths play keyboards and guitar. In the summer holidays, I would stay at my Aunt’s house, where Neville would practice; I took note of every note he played, and would practice what I had seen him play when he was not using his keyboard.

Both Tracks available on 7inch 45 and also download (Juno download)

JC Lodge (below) utilises the Break up to make up riddim with a new song “Your Smile”

Supatech Records revamp of the Treasure Isle classic “Break up to make up” (Heptones), is covered by the UKs Trevor Walters’ (above) Lead vocals featuring the Legendry The Blackstones on Harmonies

The aim of Junior-P aka Supatech Records is to “Produce music that stands the test of time”.

ing together since.

The Blackstone’s was happy with the outcome of that 1st recording, and we have not stopped work-

I offered Leon a lift, and during the journey we arranged to do a recording in my Supatech Studio.

new Supatech 7 inch pre release (Ceema Riddim), Jamaican press to Peckings record shop in Acton, Leon was on his way to meet Tony Phillips (Ruff Cut Band Guitarist/Producer) to discuss his forth coming album for Jetstar “100% Niceness”, in Harlesden.



Supatech for

(If you’ve visited the Caribbean, you’ll love this!) It’s witty, it’s funny, it’s engaging. £10 + p.p. or get it from your library. (ISBN 096323881-7) Order via (Written by Myrna Loy, Published by AOG)


Doug Miller /

Trevor Rhone didn’t know it at the time, but he was a lot like Bob Marley. Although he never enchanted crowds with songs of freedom and redemption, he played a huge role in exporting reggae music from Jamaica to the United States and the rest of the world.

Trevor Rhone who co-wrote the 1972 classic, ‘The Harder They Come’ dies. Rhone worked with director, Perry Henzell to tell the story of a down-on-hisluck Reggae singer

Trevor Rhone dies

+44 (0)7956 821 378

Supatech Recording Studio London

Produced by Junior-P Supatech Productions

Theses tracks are a must to have in your reggae record collection.

These harmonious tracks are UK Lovers Rock style, while still maintaining the authentic Jamaican one drop reggae momentum.

Oh, if only I was white From Eve’s apple, no bite I would save us from smite Rise up to it, not, “might”. *

Oh, if only I was white I know it’s not right And yes, I was bright But hear this, “... er not quite ...” *

Oh, if only I was white Some days and at night When crime’s at a height Blame for murders - from fight *

Oh, if only I was white My hair’s just too tight Just think of my plight “Get out of my sight!” *

Oh, If only I was white Oh, if only I was white Have no worries or fright As a child, fly a kite Have favour, take flight

by Michelle Balach-Ali

If only I was White!


Hanson apparently sent 800 pounds of sterling siliver by his brother Samuel Hanson to George Wasington to provide the troops with shoes. Hanson, as President, ordered all foreign troops off American soil, as well as the removal of all foreign flags. It is claimed that Hanson established the Great Seal of the United States, which all Presidents have since been required to use on all official documents. President Hanson also established the first Treasury Department, the first Secretary of War, and the first Foreign Affairs Department. Lastly, he declared that the fourth Thursday of every

As the first President, Hanson had quite the shoes to fill. No one had ever been President and the role was poorly defined. His actions in office would set precedent for all future Presidents. He took office just as the Revolutionary War ended. Almost immediately, the troops demanded to be paid. As would be expected after any long war, there were no funds to meet the salaries. As a result, the soldiers threatened to overthrow the new government and put Washington on the throne as a monarch.

Once the signing took place in 1781, a President was needed to run the country. John Hanson was chosen unanimously by Congress (which included George Washington). In fact, all the other potential candidates refused to run against him, as he was a major player in the revolution and an extremely influential member of Congress.

The new country was actually formed on 1 March 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation. This document was actually proposed on 11 June 1776, but not agreed upon by Congress until 15 November 1777. Maryland refused to sign this document until Virginia and New York ceded their western lands (Maryland was afraid that these states would gain too much power in the new government from such large amounts of land).

According to an anonymous source, George Washington was not the first President of the United States. In fact, the first President of the United States was one John Hanson. Anon states: “Don’t go checking the encyclopaedia for this guy’s name - he is one of those great men that are lost to history. If you’re extremely lucky, you may actually find a brief mention of his name”

Who was really the First President of the United States?

Whilst out shopping in my local supermarket, my eye was captivated, by a young black girl being rather unruly, this girl in my opinion could only been aged around 5 or 6, however what struck me even more was that she was addressing the adults who were with her, as mother and father, but what was unique was that the people she was addressing as mother and father were white, so I assumed they were her foster or her adoptive parents. I never really thought much about it, until I spoke to a friend from the city in which I grew up. This friend like myself is black, and he was also adopted by a white family, although he praised the way he was brought up he would often confide in me the problems he would have in adult life in relating to other black people and also believing the stereotypes and labels that are often attributed quite unfairly to many of us. Although I do not want to undermine the credibility of people being parents, I think I can identify the issues and the backbone to his problems. I say we need to look at ourselves as black people and the issue of the lack of suffiicent black people coming forward to be adoptive or foster parents. As stated in the previous paragraph we must not underestimate the credibility of people being responsible parents, however, what I must question is how these children are developing within a modern British Society. However in making this statement is important that we recognise the importance of looking at ourselves and to analyse how we are failing our own. All too often is the case is many people who choose to foster or adopt youngsters are often from white middle class

Fostering is not for the faint-hearted


suburban Britain, and often is the case, that these communities do not interact with multi-cultural Britain, and in the process leaving these children with the lack of identity that is needed. A question I often ask myself is, who prepares these youngsters who are raised by white guardians for the racism that exists not only within the society we live in, but also the world at large?. Who will understand these children when they confront issues such as racial abuse or exclusion, or often the isolation we feel in some segments of the society that we live in? Who teaches these children of the history of black people as I am not convinced that they will be taught these issues in schools. I, having been born in Jamaica and raised in Britain, never came across a situation in which I was taught about black culture in school or college, or heard of where black culture is a part of the education curriculum in modern British society. An issue that caused controversy in our media most recently was pop idol, Madonna, adopting a child from Malawi. However, although we have to commend her for the courage in doing this, we must ask certain questions, such as, how many black people does Madonna have coming to her house? How can she prepare these children for the issues that they will have to face as they develop into adulthood and as stated in a previous paragraph, how does she explain when these children come across issues of racial abuse and prejudices that sadly still exist? I can relate to issues of stereotyping and labelling, having being educated in boarding schools, due to difficulties in childhood. Although I spent time with the family on weekends and holidays, my problems arose when I left school at the age of 16. I, was not able to relate to certain situations, not only in the white community, but also in the black community, and was often left with a sense of not belonging anywhere. However, I do not criticize the way I was educated, as I have often thought that it has left me culturally diverse, with an understanding of two cultures. As for black people fostering or adopting white children, I am confident in saying that we are well equipped to do that, and this can be put down to the long history of colonialism that many of us have come from. I often say as much in the many debates that I have had. Many of us are culturally rich-


Winston Walker

er than we care to think, as people throughout the world will know everything there is too know about Britain, however we often find that native Britain does not understand or in some instances will not make the effort too understand the people of different cultures, even those who live amongst them. In our own countries we are forced to understand the lifestyles of other societies just to survive. The problem lies with us as Britons. Whatever the reasons are for our children being put in these situations, we have a responsibility to preserve our identity and integrity within our culture. We are a caring people, no matter what background we have come from, and it is important that we find more people from our background to take on the roles of foster or adoptive parents. We need to start caring about each other and not only our own biological children, but all our children. We also need to be educating our youth on the practice of safe sex and contraception, as we do have a very long history of teenage pregnancies and in some cases creating an unwanted generation who will find themselves, lacking in identity and culture. The challenges faced by many black people coming forward to do fostering and adoptive, could be that they do not feel able to go through the stringent and arduous processes, from being investigated to complying with all the other procedures that everyone who chooses to foster or adopt have to endure. I have to agree with a lot of these procedures, as anybody who is put in a position where they have to be cared for, must also be protected and we as a society must always protect our vulnerable, however, we has people who come a long history of colonialism also have a duty to maintain the integrity and standards that we have maintained within our culture for so long, and that must start with our young people.


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The Voice of Health

The takeaway? Take measures to calm your mind and body by using more soothing sounds to wake you up in the morning. And whenever possible, try drowning out noise by listening to something pleasant. Your brain will thank you!

Beyond this, stroke victims have also been reported to have increased visual awareness when listening to preferred music, and surgery patients have reported less pain while listening to nature sounds.

Psychologist Arline Bronzaft’s research has shown that, in the case of a school located next to a train track, students’ performance is hampered by noise. On the quieter side of the school, students performed at a reading level higher than the students on the train side. When measures were taken to insulate the noise-affected students, their performance evened out.

We also become mentally combative when we’re pummeled with noise, such that the World Health Organization notes aggressiveness as a health risk of noise. Additionally, other cognitive functions are sacrificed in the presence of noise-induced anger.

... We subject ourselves to ‘acoustic startle response’ each morning we’re roused by the unpleasant sounds from an alarm clock. This abuse can, in the long run, induce cardiovascular and digestive distress.


Born in Jamaica, Peter became a U.S. citizen in 1986. His wife, Lisa J. Nelson, received her BA and MD from Yale University. She is a child psychiatrist. They have four sons: Christian Blair, Langston Alexander, Hayden Montgomery, and Harrison Elbert.

An author of numerous articles and book chapters, Henry is best known for a series of publications in the three flagship journals of the American Economic Association that overturn conventional wisdom on the topics of debt relief, international capital flows, and the role of institutions in economic growth. He is currently writing a book for Oxford University Press.

Henry joined Stanford as an assistant professor of economics in 1997. Between 2000 and 2001 he was a National Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and in 2001-2006 he held an Early CAREER Development Award from the National Science Foundation. Most recently, he was appointed by President Obama to the Presidential Commission on White House Fellows.

Peter Blair Henry, a Jamaica-born Rhodes Scholar, moves to NYU in January 2010 from Stanford, where he’s currently holding the post of Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Economics. He’ll be NYU’s first black business school dean. Henry takes over at the school with 5,700 students at a difficult time, with many people questioning the mission of business schools after last year’s financial crash, which many now believe was caused in part by greed among business leaders.

A new day another barrier is broken. The Stern School of Business at New York University, one of the premier business schools in the nation, has turned to an economics professor at Stanford University, who is also black, as its new dean.

(Extracted) By: Floyd O. Wilson (September, 2009)

US Business School Gets 1st Black Dean

The name “Zionism” has acquired a negative meaning for the Arabs throughout the Middle East, which in itself emanates colonialism domination. Israel is seen as an aggressive modern day conqueror with an evil eye for Arab lands. How can you pursue peace with the Palestinians by undermining their elected Parliament, assassination of leaders, wanton killing of Palestinian children under the pretext of self-preservation? Yasser Arafat was vilified by successive Israeli governments and backed by the United States as a hindrance to meaning13 ful peace negotiations. Well after Arafat, it is now the Hamas

The earliest right-wing extremist Jewish Irgun and Lehi groups carried out numerous deadly attacks on Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan. There was one instance when an Israeli commando party systematically massacred all 254 men, women, and children in an Arab village of Deir Yassin with full knowledge of the United Nations after the fact. Over the years the Arabs have shown consistency of incohesiveness as to what their collective goals and objectives are for peace and prosperity amongst themselves, before they can coexist with their Zionist neighbours. What the United States and the rest of the world should understand, is that a Zionist State cannot exist totality without the existence of a Palestinian State with its own elected government and assured autonomy.

In its move of aid, the U.S. Government, through an operation of the Bank of Washington Export-Import, granted a long-term loan of US$100m to the newly created Jewish State. During the 1950-52 Middle East wrangling for supremacy, Ben Gurion made his bed with the United States Government. He offered military alliance which would give them a key interest in the existence of Israel. The United States were given carte blanche which guaranteed Israel total protection from all its Arab neighbours. Since then, countless wars and incursions have happened between Israel and all the Arabs around them.

There is nothing of substance original about George W. Bush II, the President of the United States Of America via the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1947, Russia’s Zhadanov laid down the principle that “All those who are not with us are against us”, which ushered in the infamous Cold War then between East and West. One of the impending factors in the Middle East of 1947 between the United States and the Soviet Union was the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine by partition, which initially was not favoured by Great Britain. The British Government resented the Americans aggressiveness and influence in the Middle East. The British High Commission closed its door immediately and evacuated its troops in 1948.

(A little bit of history by M Khumbulani)


I am fully convinced that this behaviour by all the key white countries of this peace initiative is to conspire against all ethnic races outside the Anglo-Saxon

Whenever the Palestinians retaliate they are shown to the world as terrorists through the eyes of the United States. It is clear as pure crystal water that the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip is a contention that will not go away. Washington’s ambivalence only encourages Israel to circumvent all avenues for a peaceful solution. Absentee Arab land owners of vast hectares of lands since the 1967 ArabIsraeli war whose names are on Zionist Police registers are prevented from returning to their rightful property. The Israeli have instituted colonisation office in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, Rafah, and Sinai. For decades Palestinians have been scattered in refugee camps all over the Middle East unable to return to their rightful home, under horrible conditions and the United Nation seem to be emasculated on the issue, including the Human Rights watchdog.

The intensity of Jewish settlement under Sharon’s regime, and now under its current leaders will never accommodate any real peace and self-government for the Palestinians. Sharon’s last ‘Will and Testament’ will serve all future policies by the Zionist State in fulfilling total control of Palestine by any means necessary. Israel’s outrage of Arab freedom fighters being called terrorist, is a delusion of their past and present covert actions. It has been documented that Israel for years through its Secret Service, killed activist and officials of the Palestinians as far back as 1972. Explosives placed in Ghassan Kanafani’s car killed both him (left) and his young niece in July 1972 in Beirut. Will the Israelis admit to the introduction of letter bombs and deadly poison they used over the years against these people?

who are a greater threat to Israel security and stability in the region. This slate-of-hand game by the Israeli can fool no sensible onlooker as to exactly what is their real intention, but to set themselves up as a supreme ruler over the entire Arab world. Their comatose Ariel Sharon, whose infamous “Unit 101” killed countless Arabs on the pretext of reprisals against Palestinian attacks inside Israel settlements, belied the real underbelly of his ruthlessness. Sharon, the cofounder of the Rightwing Likud Party with the late Menachem Begin (left), also shared Begin’s vision of a biblical ownership by Israel of both sides of the Jordan river.

14 (by M.Khumbulani) This article was submitted by an independent writer and does not necessarily represent the thoughts, ideology or values of Blackbright News.

Can those Anglo-Saxons who presently occupied the Unite States say it is their land by a biblical promised by Jehovah. Spain, France, Portugal, Great Britain, and Rome used to divide the Rest of The World as their personal real estate. The trading of human cargoes between these powers was strictly for commercial gain. The present orchestration by present days Superpowers is definitely to maintain their grip on the rest of the world’s resources. Serfdom is being repackaged and marketed by the World Trade Organisation(WTO) to create eternal sweat shops for Third World economies. These manipulators are so clever that they have recruited members with an African face and place them in prestigious posts without any real power similar to the days of an overseer on the plantation during Slavery.

Chosen by whom? What about the other ethnic races of this planet whose features are not white. Stereotyped judgment have been leveled at nations of darker color, namely the Africans and Arabs who by historical generic emanated from the same origins. Arguments such as carelessness, laziness, inability to govern, a propensity to cannibalise each other through genocide. Christiandom loved to express the Twelve Tribes of Jacob and conveniently ignored the Twelve Prices of Ishmael whose descendants own a vast amount of the world’s oil. Biblical teachings spoke of the descendants of Isaac entered into Canaan(Arabia), the land flowing with “milk and honey”.

Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States in a 1947 diary that was discovered in his presidential library, wrote that the Jews often expect ‘special treatment’ and do not care how many other ethnic groups get killed or mistreated. Quite frankly there is tremendous accuracy to this recorded observation since establishment of this Zionist State. The West has certainly given the Israeli every possible resource to subject the Arabs to sub-human and repressive incursion on territorial rights. The truth that is not known to most fundamentalist disciples of the King James Bible, is that the Jews of Palestine resorted to extreme acts of terrorism to drive the British out of the Middle East. It is absolutely illogical and twisted reasoning when the Israeli Army murdered Palestinian civilians, especially children and say it is self-defense and preservation of a biblical chosen people.

culture. The Arabs and the Africans share a common gene, we mistrust ourselves and our leadership has always been destructive to the people who gave them power. Just peek inside all African leadership and you will discover the underbelly of centuries field slave vs house slaves mentality.


C hallenges, Experiences


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