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House of Electronic Arts Basel at LISTE - The Young Art Fair

Be With Me The new House of Electronic Arts Basel is the successor of [], Art & New Media (2000–2010), and the new home for Shift – Festival of Electronic Arts (est. 2007). It presents contemporary art and music that uses and addresses electronic media. At LISTE, it presents a guest project with young artists from China, curated by Li Zhenhua. The project was initiated by Annette Schindler. Be With Me addresses social media, but does not stay restricted to the online realm as it engages with the interrelations of art, the human body, and social intervention. It is posited that by investigating the boundaries of reality, we are alive and acting. It focuses the opposing constructs of past and future, and how traces of the past relate to and impact what is about to happen. Special thanks to Clepic Image (Qing Ying Yin Xiang, Hangzhou), artlinkart, DDMwarehouse, Pro Helvetia Shanghai/Beijing, Edward Sanderson Works at LISTE Aaajiao Turritopsis nutricula (2010) Computer Generated Moving Image installation (algorithmically generated Turritopsis nutricula) Computer graphics: Aaajiao, Liu Xiaoguang Anti-cybernetics (2010) Interactive installation Technical support: Shen Jiujiu, Hardware: Ma Jian Aaajiao has been well known as a blogger since 2006. He participated in the V2 DEAF festival in 2007 in a well-received talk on China’s Great Fire Wall issue. He is also an artist working with audiovisual performances and new media installations. These two works have been rebuilt for LISTE, the ideas have followed from a contradictory situation in our world of cybernetic methods and the infinite forms of creatures. Chen Dongfan Story Series 6: Where is Happiness (2011) Public project Chen Dongfan has recently finished a public project in a narrow urban space in Hangzhou. Chen has used a combination of animation, painting and graffiti in a public expression. Normally the artist works day and night to pursue his work, which reflects on the situation now in fast-moving China and the situation for young and talented personalities, who never sleep but are always energetic. Cheng Ran Chewing Gum Paper (2011) Colour, HD, sound, 16:9, 5 min Some silver paper balls are scattered on a drum surface. They are jumping and moving to a fragmented recording of “I Have A Dream” – from the lecture by Martin Luther King. They seem like they form a strange and lonely galaxy. Cheng Ran has been an actor since 2004, taking part in Yang Fudong’s famous epic Seven intellectuals in the bamboo forest (2004–2007). As an artist, Cheng Ran has been shown in the Guangzhou Triennial in 2008. His work has always had a deadened atmosphere, but also an attractive tension between his moving images and the real world. Double Fly The Double Fly Group was established in 2008 by nine young graduates from the New Media Art department of the China Academy of Art. The double fly robs the bank Series (2009)

Performance A commercial bank is under renovation; The Double Fly Group dress as robbers, with a rented van. They crash into the bank and randomly snatch things. Inside the workers are in shock. Finally the Double Fly Group snatch the building materials and run away. The Idiot Boy Series (2009) Performance The Double Fly Group dress up in white-collar clothing and perform as idiots in a five-star dining room in Hangzhou. They fight with the waiters, who call the police. At this point the Double Fly Group quickly return to normal, and escape. Who cares about the future (Series: Who cares about the future) (2009) Performance The handsome fellows of the Double Fly Group dress like the Sanya beach boys, shooting their first hit record Who cares about the future. Contemporary Business (2010) Video The Double Fly Group quotes from the 2010 pop “agricultural metal” song Love Business to create a MV. This piece is shot in Shanghai, the image is crystal clear, the colours are gorgeous, you are welcome to invite this work to participate in all kinds of show, on all occasions. The Great Double Fly Hero (2011) MV A Rap song created by the Double Fly Group for their 3 year anniversary. It is a criticism of what they see, and how they feel/behave. Fang Wei Distance, Time and the Unreachable Love (2011) Photography project Fang Wei has been working with photography series. Always dealing with isolation and the feelings of his inner world, he tries to use the modified or pixelated image to reconstruct his memory. Through the click, click, click of the slide projector, people may notice how little the artist can do to protect against change; but to work as an artist without making big, passionate objects, these fragments, light and dark, may help to get back the identity of the artist. Zheng Yunhan Poor Coffee (2011) Multi-media installation “Poor Coffee” is both a public installation and a space in which to provide a service. It can be set up in a particular place by hand, and then exists and serves as a node for people to meet in. Through the Poor Coffee installation, the information being conveyed and exchanged in this particular space can be stored in the artwork. Thus, this exchange of information conveys the new thinking and experience which are advocated by Poor Coffee. CloudLISTE Social Media Cloud by Aaajiao/artlinkart/Li Zhenhua CloudLISTE is an immediate reaction to the world famous gallery exposition in Basel, it’s an information playing, cross-virtual boundary project. Information from LISTE and the actions from Double Fly Group will be updated to it daily.


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