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Keep Your Bike Ready to Ride

Helpful Bike Tools & Supplies

Like any other mechanical device, your bicycle needs routine maintenance to ensure it’s safe to ride when you need it. Here are a few tips to put you on the right track!

Tip 1: Stay Away from the Hose

Every moving part on your bicycle needs lubrication to function properly. A hose forces water in and lubricant out, leaving your bicycle susceptible to corrosion and excess wear. Instead, fill a bucket with warm, soapy water (Dawn dish detergent works well) and use a large sponge or washcloth to clean all the parts of your bicycle. From top to bottom rinse it all off with fresh water, and let the bicycle air dry.

Tip 3: Reapply Lubricant Tip 2: Focusing on the Drivetrain

If you have a particularly dirty drivetrain (the gears, chain, and the little pulley wheels on your derailleur) and want to get it sparkling you will need the following: • Degreaser • A stiff bristled brush • Rubber gloves • Protective eyewear

Now that the bicycle is clean, reapply lubricant. The only places that need lube are the chain and possibly cables. Step 1: To lube the chain, prop your bicycle up so you can freely backpedal. While backpedaling, coat the chain evenly with lubricant. Step 2: Once the chain is well lubricated, fold a rag around the chain, backpedal, and remove all the excess lubricant you can (the chain will feel almost dry to the touch). Note: If you feel you need to lube the cables, apply lubricant in small doses, where the cable enters the housing. Cycle the gears, or squeeze the brakes until capillary action transports the lube into the cable housing.

Having a clean and properly lubricated bicycle is essential to making sure your bike is ready to go when you’re ready to ride.


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