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How Rich are we? Take a look at the productions that have flourished in O.E.S. history.

$ Annual Report  3



The story of Oleshko

Entertainment Studios is the story of two brothers; two young brothers making films with stuffed animals in their t-shirts and underwear because production was so expensive they couldn’t afford pants.


tarting at the young ages of 8 and 5 respectively, Michael and Thomas Oleshko quickly became immersed in the world of the film industry. Of course, their materials lacked a coherent story line; improvisation proved critical to an even remotely entertaining show. But it was then that Thomas learned his love of movies, for they allowed him to show the world what crazy hash stories he could think of.

4  OE Studios

Annual Report  5

As Thomas aged he began to grow a brain. Which is to say that he no longer need to rely on improvisation anymore. After 2 years of that particular film style, it was starting to wear on the audience (even more so when Thomas would occasionally leave the camera rolling and do something else entirely; wasting film, money, time). Movie scripts and general story ideas began to flock into the little boy’s mind. It was during this time that Thomas hatched the idea that would blossom into his future industry: The Wizzer 6  OE Studios

and Dipstick Show. Two dalmatian brothers from Northern Illinois, Wizzer and Dipstick became movie and TV stars. Pretty much every show that came out of OE studios from 1998–2000 was a Wizzer and Dipstick show. The show was an instant hit; fresh and bold, a new approach. However as the show aged, so did Thomas’ brain processing. Eventually Thomas went through a “This isn’t really funny but I think it is because I’m a dumb f%@#ing kid” stage. The show began to head into a downward spiral. Audience participation declined. Eventually, Michael left OE Studios stating, “This show has become so terrible I think you gave me cancer.” Production came to a screeching halt. Years went by without a single episode. Thomas went into a deep depression that felt it had no end. Cocaine and Heroine addictions plagued the young boy, and consumed him to an empty shell. Life has he knew it was over…

Annual Report  7

between two promising actors, but when set-pieces began to fall apart, the story changed to a tragic comedy, resulting in the ships utter destruction to a horrible homemade soundtrack. “Genius” was the word that came to Thomas’s mind. If only he could do that again… With the idea of the past still looming in his head, Thomas began to think of ways of implementing his new coherent thoughts (with a now


o further his depression, Thomas would force himself to watch his movies while he tried to make a gun out of Legos that would end his miserable existence. But watching the films made him realize that the funniest shows in OE Studios history lay in the past, when the young Thomas didn’t have a story line to follow and was just going with it. A prime example of this was the 1998 release of QOAO (Queen of All Oceans; a Titanic rip off). The movie was set to be a romance 8  OE Studios

teenage/mature humor) with his future movies. It was here that Thomas gave birth to QAS (Queen of All Ships). Another go at the Titanic rip-off he once set out to accomplish years ago. This one would “Never be a romance, it’s set for comedy the whole way through,” stated Thomas. Production of the film was done in a day, and shown to the public audience the same day. The reaction was a success, and OE Studios had found its funny again. QAS would later give birth to other smash hits later on down the road. With the years progressing, and brain wavelengths at an all time high, OE Studios CEO was in full throttle with production. No longer would OE be known for producting the FILTH it once had been come to do. OE Studio co-founder Michael Oleshko soon joined Thomas once again for a run at production and editing rights. Michael would find his roll as OE’s Executive Graphic Design Engineer, and the brother duo was back in action. ■ Annual Report  9

INTRO Oleshko Entertainment Studios is a basic dream of two brothers that wanted to start a company from home and turn it into something to be proud of and impress the insurmountable number of viewers around the world via intranet. The man ahead of the decisions of the company, and the original visionary for O.E.S. is the younger of the two brothers, Thomas Oleshko. The Executive Producer of the O.E.S. and the man in charge of all editing and finalization throughout everything that the company does is Michael Oleshko. Both brothers started putting their ideas on the table at an extremely young age, however could not progress due to limited resources and very low budget digital/video equipment. The basic idea of 10  OE Studios

how current O.E.S. functions is the brothers utilize their inhouse division and role-play the act/show they planned, using stuffed animals with the brothers being each characters voiceover. After the episode had been complete, they would use their video equipment to edit and finalize their work. Michael would then move to the digital/technological division and create a cartoon or enhanced version of the episode to give viewers another look or more relatable act for the story. After seeing children’s movies

Wizzer and Dipstick Dalmation (pictured to the left) were the main influence for the Wizzer and Dipstick Show. This multi-million dollar idea opened the doors for O.E.S. production capabilities as well as script writing process, forever changing the way O.E.S. made movies. created by Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks, the brothers decided they too wanted to make an impact on the digital film industry as their multi-million dollar counterparts had been doing for years. The business strategy for O.E.S. will cover a variety of topics such as in depth biographies on Thomas and Michael, competitive advantages, assets/ technology, and the decision-making process. ■Annual Report  11








Bios Bios


Thomas Oleshko Founder and CEO Thomas Oleshko is the younger of two brothers, decided at an early age to pursue his dream in the entertainment industry. Thomas has always been considered as the stand out to take the initiative and let his imagination take him to places reality never could. Whether he creates a drama filled episode, or an action packed thriller; Thomas always insures the material will be fresh and entertaining. One of the key ingredients to Thomas’ success is being spontaneous. Every episode is random with all dialog being from the top of Thomas’ and Michael’s heads. As technology progresses, so do the possibilities for the brothers. Purchasing some of the top of the line equipment for their episodes has much to do as far as quality and viewer reviews. Since O.E.S. is based upon reviews from its viewers, making sure all material is up to the expectations is vital to their success. As time and Thomas’ imagination progress, so will each episode of O.E.S. and the brothers will constantly continue to persevere. ■

Annual Report  13

Michael Oleshko Executive Producer and Chief Editor Michael has always been fascinated with graphic arts and has always been in-sync with technology. At an early age, Michael had an attraction and a natural gift for understanding computers and art. It wasn’t until his mid teenage years that he discovered how to put the two together affectively. Much like Thomas, Michael also shared the same passion for entertainment and decided to put together O.E.S. with his brother and take part in making the many followers of the episodes happy and always on edge. Michael is currently pursuing his dream to the next level by receiving a college degree in graphic design to maximize the potential of O.E.S. and his career ahead. He plans to take an internship in either the television or magazine industries where he can find an alternative view on graphic arts to have a wellrounded grasp within the industry. â–

As stated earlier, O.E.S. relies strongly on the feedback from their viewers. Constantly insuring that the content and nature of each episode is always fresh and entertaining. There are two processes of decision-making in business, centralized and decentralized. The difference between the two is in a centralized business, the decisions being made start from the top management such as from the CEO, and trickle down to lower management through to the employees, until the orders are completely carried out. Decentralized decision-making entails feedback from customers and employees for recommendations on needs and wants to solidify a company. Such feedback, positive or negative, is then relayed back through the management rankings until top management decides which feedback is needed to act upon based on urgency and best interest of the company. O.E.S. pride themselves on what their viewers have to say. Relying on the feedback from the viewers and replying to their needs is how each episode is created. Therefore, O.E.S. uses the decentralized decision-making method to insure the viewers stay happy, and the company continues to progress. 16  OE Studios

comparative.advantage The graphic arts market is one that is broad and extremely competitive. There is a constant competition for animation and who can create the most realistic/lifelike masterpiece within the 3D graphics realm. There are three companies within the industry that are comparable to O.E.S. which are: Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks. O.E.S. is clearly not as profitable or widely known as any of these three companies, however, O.E.S. offers some features and ideas that the others are yet to think of.

Incorporating the ideas of using stuffed animals and live voiceovers for the characters to create each online episode, then, a digital representation based on each episode is simply amazing. The Oleshko brothers took the idea of the Muppets, and molded it with the idea of Toy Story. Just the integration of these ideas has been enough to draw the attention of the major competitors within the market. O.E.S. has been contacted by representatives of Pixar and Dreamworks for suggestions and recommendations for digital short films for major movies such as: Shrek, Toy Story, and Cars. O.E.S. is not a publicly traded company which means they can acquire different market power than the other powerhouses. However, being private can lead to financial losses due to viewers not being able to hold stake or actual control over the company. Annual Report  17

Technology 18  OE Studios

Infrastructure The infrastructure of a company is one of the most important factors in building a company. Infrastructure is an underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system. Also it is the basic facilities, services, and installations needed for full function in a community or society, such as transportation, communications systems, water, power lines, public institutions, schools, post offices, and prisons. (Hill, Jones) The infrastructure of O.E.S. harbors most of the details of an “ideal� infrastructure, but O.E.S. is made up is two divisions; online, and a physical/in-house.

The Caveman Days As O.E.S. began there journey, the technology that was given to both the Oleshko boys was cutting edge during there time. But unfortunately, the stop motion animation industry was far from booming during this ambitious time in the young stage of O.E.S.’ life. But the Oleshko boys needed to make due with what they had, and they were more than gracious for the opportunity they’ve been giving to use such high tech equipment at such a young age. Armed with the equipment that there simple RCA shoulder mounted cam-corder came 20  OE Studios

Armed with nothing but primative technology to work with, overall production of a film quote “Makes me want to piss myself,” according to CEO Thomas Oleshko.

with, they tried there best to make blockbuster hits. Looking back on the earlier years, they might have well used a rock to beat there recordable VHS movie tape to a pile of pathetic and useless piece of garbage. It was a clumsy way to edit as well as add voice overs and music to there production. Thomas and Michael soon perfected the capabilities of there equipment in years of production practice. With many failures under there belt such as “Pigzilu,” and “Pigzilu: Lets Try This Again,” the amount of intelligence that was gained from using

A simple RCA Shoulder Mounted camera was used primarily for the majority of all of O.E.S. studio productions throughout the earlier years of O.E.S.’ life.

such a sketchy piece of equipment was more than comforting to the young production team. Production quality soon had an increase due to new methods of shooting. This pleased everyone on the production team, knowing that precious dollar amounts was no longer being wasted on the overall cost of shooting. This made the Oleshko brothers look forward to the advancements in technology that was yet to come, because they both knew that it would only go up from where they were now. â–


Advancement Technology

As the years progressed in O.E.S. so did the technology. Computer technology came into play and allowed a huge relief to the animation team when it came to editing and production. Production technology greatly increased throughout O.E.S. life. Computer technology was on the rise. With the privilege of using a personal computer, this gave the Oleshko brothers the option to edit everything that they would shoot in a computer movie based program. Camera’s also got much smaller in size, as well as much larger in overall shooting quality. This proved to be quite cost effective for the team seeing as everything they shot could now be seen instantly and edited on the fly. Special effects would come later as the team perfected the editing capabilities of the software programs they now possessed.

Annual Report  25


We’re so

Because of our movies, we can buy our very own

Just how rich are we? What, you don’t care? Well TOO BAD! We’re going to brag about our many riches we have because of the success of our movies. Look at the figures and determine for yourself how awesome we are! Annual Report  27


Oleshko Entertainment Studios hasn’t always been the profitable organization it is known to be today. Like with any company, you have to spend money to make money. In this case, spending money meant buying useless shit such as candy, toys, legos, and cocaine during Thomas’ depression state in the early 2000s. As brain function progressed, so did the concept of conservation and recycling props and sets; as well as adjusting to the new technologies becoming available to the studio staff trimming the fat of the obese fithy disqusting fat hairy moo cow manbearpig of a budget.



In Millions



15 10 5 0


28  OE Studios





03 04

Years From 1998 - 2007


06 07




Time Spent


Toys Candy





Thomas’ Downfall in 2001-02




With the fall of production in 2001-02, actors like Wizzer and Dipstick (featured left) went without jobs. They remained loyal to the company, however, until the incompetence of Thomas subsided, and re-evaluated his priorities within the company, as well as the outstanding budget. Annual Report  29

Wizzer and Dipstick Show Profits Box Office

In Millions


DVD Sales

4 3 2 1

$ Years






With the increase in revenue with the Wizzer and Dipstick Show throughout the years, this opened up opportunity for bigger thoughts and ideas for O.E.S. The Wizzer and Dipstick Show was the most profitable product to come out of O.E.S. up to 2006 when production was discontinued.

The construction of new sets proved costly in the early 2000s, due to there lack of usage in actual production. The sets ended up being tossed in the garbage or having Tom and Mike urinate on them for there own amusement.

HVP - Humans




Production Cost:

$10.6 million

Time of Production:

8 months

Net Gross Income:

$301.4 million

Opening Week Income:

$54.6 million

Puppies: Wizzer Dalmation, Dipstick Dalmation, Myjrone Calarida, Tyjrone Calarida, Captain Blue Hat, Admiral Purple Hat, Lucky Dalmation, Random Party Puppies...

*$6 million over budget

*2 months ahead of schedule

*Highest grossing film in O.E.S. production

Humans: General Timmy, Solidus Snake, Commander Jeff Goldblum, Nick VanOwen, Nick VanOwen in a yellow vest, small green guy from... christ I don’t know, to hell with it!

HVP Profits *Numbers calculated in millions







Week 1






Week 2






Week 3






Week 4












HVP (Humans vs Puppies) was a major block buster hit back in 2009. The movie started out as an animated series broken up into several “minisodes” drawing the audience in each episode making them begging for more. The major, full length film debuted in April 2010 with the editing taken control by Lead Designer Michael Oleshko. The full length production proved to be an instance box office hit, grossing $54.6 million in the opening week.

32  OE Studios



Production Cost:

$6.6 million

Time of Production:


*numbers increasing due to production in progress

Currently film is in production. Production is to be completed early in the 2012 year. Production figures are accurate to date.

Puppies: Wizzer Dalmation, Dipstick Dalmation, and the rest... which baffles the audience because they were all killed. But I guess they shake it off to come back in the sequel...

Humans: All of those who were in HVP, which doesn’t make sense, because they all died in the last movie. But then again, nothing really makes sense when it comes to O.E.S. Annual Report  33



Personal computers had opened the doorway to new advancements in technology. With this kind of advancements came different video programs for shooting movies. O.E.S. soon began production on in/house digital animation. This took the main idea of The Wizzer and Dipstick show to a new level. The popular dalmation duo soon had new avatars to explore the animation world 34  OE Studios

from the computer scale. An entire film studio was created in relation to the digital version of Wizzer and Dipstick. Everything from sets to props to special effects and stunts was used in the overall creation and production of Wizzer and Dipstick. This new wave of digital animation proved to be quite profitable with the audience, seeing as it was a new fresh look at the popular stars.

Sets like this were used in the digital version of movie makings. This bar set is used quite often with the Wizzer and Dipstick movies, as well as many other sets at the O.E. Studio.

O.E.S. Digital Productions


Dipstick vs. Evil Turkey Man Turkey Man Returns News Flashbang Mime in a Microwave Wizzer Gets a Job


Total Production Cost: $106.4 million Total Net Gross Income: $602.6 million Biggest Blockbuster: Wizzer Gets a Job Biggest Flop: Mime in a Microwave Annual Report  35

Fin “What comes we goes.”

– Thomas Oleshko

O.E.S. Corp Report  

Oleshko Entertainment Studios Corporate Report.

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