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EDITORIAL With the arrival of the winter the quality of life of the animals at the shelter drops. Some become more sensitive, sick and even with our efforts during the summer to improve the facilities, and place blankets and jackets to warm the animals in the winter, it is always hard to provide the ideal conditions of a home. And because of that, now more than ever, our animals need a home where they can be loved, respected and cared for, as the family members they are. Remember that the number of animals entering the shelter always exceeds the number of adopted ones! And so we never cease to need dry and wet food, blankets, medicines, etc. These are things that are always needed and are never too much to receive. If you want to make a donation take a look at the web site and find out how you can help. And even if you want to adopt but cannot do it, know that sponsoring an animal may be the solution for you to help without adopting. This way you are actively giving a better quality of life to the animal you choose to sponsor, knowing that he will be having everything he needs. Furthermore, you receive a sponsor certificate with no extra costs. This is a great present to those who love animals, and is very in vogue these days. And come and meet us!

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The Christmas Dinner is already near. It will be happening on the next Saturday, the 3rd of December. This dinner is an usual event and is meant to join volunteers, collaborators and adopters. It is always a pleasure to meet again those who saved an animal, those who adopted a dog or cat that was at the shelter for a while, to hear news and exchange experiences. Furthermore there is always lots of animation!! After dinner we will be having DJs playing music for everyone to dance, magic shows and, of course, our annual dessert contest. Everyone is invited to participate with a dessert and to taste the cooking skills of others! Don’t forget that some items from the blog ‘Fazendo Animais Felizes’ (“Making Animals Happy”) will be for sale at the dinner and you can take the chance to buy a bargain or start your Christmas shopping. If you want to join us at this dinner please confirm your presence using the email And help us to help!

L E T S WA L K T H E D O G On the same day of our Christmas Dinner, another monthly dog walk of the group “Let’s walk the dog” will take place, where the Christmas of our animals will be celebrated. Attendants have promised to bring Santa Claus and reindeer caps, and lots of Christmas props. Come and join this party. This brave group never misses an event, with either sun or rain, and dozens of dogs are lucky to have this walks. Please check the meeting point at the group facebook page. Everyone is welcome! |


WE WERE ABANDONED... The inhuman reasons that people use to abandon an animal are innumerous. Here, and after almost a decade acting on the behalf of animal welfare, every volunteer of Association Bianca has already heard every possible excuse and reason to justify that act. For the dog or cat that sees himself at a strange place with strange people, it is traumatizing. Many of them never fully recover their trust on humans… Sometimes animals arrive to us in disturbing and scary situations… giant and neck injuring leashes, iron chains that held them captive for their whole lives being dragged on the floor, thirsty, hungry, wounded… We have seen it all!! But we also know that these animals, no matter how much they have suffered, will finally be loved and cared for. We do everything for them to trust us, human beings, and with time we will find them a home. See the photos of the new little friends we have at the shelter and feel free to fall in love with one of them! If you can and want to adopt, please send an email to If you cannot adopt but want to help, know that you can sponsor. This way you may provide some welfare to an animal. Know more at or send us an email.




Rocky Ava







Flurry |



HOT STUFF... Some of Bianca's Ambassadors "wear the t-shirt" of our Association. Anjos, Pedro Henriques and João Zuzarte Reis, accepted the challenge and dressed our new t-shirts for men. This model has a different, younger and manly design, with phrases about animals written in different languages. An excellent Christmas present! We took the moment and also took a few photos with the already known "We are not disposable" t-shirts. We thank our Ambassadors! You can order through the e-mail:

S O L I D A R Y L I N E | C A L L (+ 3 5 1 ) 7 6 0 2 0 7 0 6 0 Help feeding one animal for one day. (cost: 0.60€ + vat) |


FEATURED ANIMAL COVER ISSUE RAMA We live in a civilized country but not every action and attitude we see testify that. Rama was abandoned on a national road in Venda Nova located on the municipality of Sesimbra. She had a giant hernia on the abdominal wall, where her intestines were trapped. She was obviously immediately hospitalized because she was in real danger of dying from bowel strangulation. How could she live in this situation? Gladly she is now recovering very well. Rama on the day she arrived. Rama is an adult female dog, very tender and sweet that now will have the opportunity of living with welfare and, who knows, with owners that love and care for her unlike the former ones.

She is waiting for a responsible adoption.

SPECIAL ADOPTIONS BENTO Bento is a senior dog, with a reserved temper and some completely controlled and medicated health problems. At ďŹ rst he is very shy, but he rapidly becomes a gentle, calm and, despite his age, agile dog. He loves to walk and it is always a thrill when he sees a leash! Bento is at our shelter for too long now and, because of his age and health, no one ever showed interest in adopting him. Remember that adult dogs are always easier to take care and educate. Bento only needs daily medication and love. Everything you have to do to make him happy is provide him a home with warmth, comfort and love. Besides he is one of the stars at the 2012 Calendar. Adopt him.

Bento at our shelter, September 2011. |


I AM A VOLUNTEER M r s . F I L I PA F I G U E I R E D O “Hello! My name is Filipa, I am a teacher and at the moment I’m a fulltime mother of three amazing children of 9, 7 and 4 years old. We have 13 pets at our home. Ever since I can remember I have been helping animals in need, and when I was allowed I started doing volunteer work in Lisbon. When we moved to the South Side of Tagus River I made some field research on the associations of the area, visited some of them, and choose Bianca, because I saw that animals were happy there. Today, besides being a volunteer, I’m also a member of the board of Association Bianca, being responsible for the Educational Project, which allows me to visit schools and raise children awareness on animal Mrs. Filipa at the shelter abandonment and mistreating. And then there are the visits to the vet, which are innumerous. My family understands my dedication to the cause and knows how I feel accomplished by helping. For me it is a joy to be at the shelter and see how animals are happy and return the love they are given. One of my dogs was found on the side of the road on Christmas day, as we were going to the family lunch. She was incredibly thin, eating from the trash container, under the pouring rain. I looked around for over an hour to see if she was from any of the houses nearby. We made the rest of the trip with our windows open, freezing cold, because her smell was unbearable. This was one of the most marking events I can remember and was, undoubtedly, very special for our family. I named her “Luz” (it means “Light”), light of my life, and she is beautiful. The message I want to leave here is that, although we all have our daily routine, there is always a little time we should spend dedicating to those in need. I decided to dedicate myself to my beloved four legged friends.

MAKING ANIMALS HAPPY F E AT U R E D P R O D U C T The item we call your attention to this month is again our 2012 Calendar. We are very close to Christmas and so we present you many articles that you will like for sure. Offer something knowing that you are actively helping Association Bianca. Place your orders using the email And good shopping! |


NEWS of the MONTH N E W PA R K S He have already constructed some parks, integrated on the project “Say no to chains”, and now we started the second round. The construction of these last 5 parks was delayed but not forgotten, and now we plan to have this work finished by the end of December or beginning of January. The parks will allow their “inhabitants” to live without the chains.

The beginning of the construction of new parks

B AT H T U B The hygiene, shearing and brushing of our animals are as important as the walks and vaccinations. The welfare and health also relies on this set of little and simple gestures. And so we considered the construction of a bathtub something important. As with everything we set ourselves to do, it was a success. The bathtub became ready this November. It is big, with lots of space and high enough to bathe a large dog, and will make the delights (for those who love it) of our animals. We have more projects to execute. Stay tuned!


S O L I D A R Y L I N E | C A L L (+ 3 5 1 ) 7 6 0 2 0 7 0 6 0 Help feeding one animal for one day. (cost: 0.60€ + vat) |


I FOUND A HOME. . . It may take a month, a year, several years, but the truth is some animals have a home waiting for them somewhere in the future. Our daily struggle points that way: find a home for every animal that are still at the shelter. No matter how sick, injured or traumatized, they always have volunteers working with the sole purpose of making them happy while waiting for a home. Some animals have to wait longer, that is true! Elisa’s case is a good example. She was a shy dog in whom no one had noticed before, and after a huge effort from the volunteers and from Elisa herself, she was socialized and adopted. Like every other adoption, it was a joyful victory. If you have adopted one of our animals please feel free to tell us how he has grown, what's his personality or even a small story that you find particularly interesting.

Cleo Ella

If you send us photos we will publish them on our website and social networks. Contact us by e-mail for the address!









Monet Kim


Kapa |







Kiro Elmo



S O L I D A R Y L I N E | C A L L (+ 3 5 1 ) 7 6 0 2 0 7 0 6 0 Help feeding one animal for one day. (cost: 0.60â‚Ź + vat)

IN MEMORY OF. . . Rex was our oldest dog. He was nearly 18 years old and spent most of his life in the streets. His personality was strong and suited his imposing physique. He ended up at our shelter and we never managed to ďŹ nd him a home. He loved to be brushed and walked and even when it was hard for him to stand up he was always happy to see a leash. He died knowing he was cherished and cared for by those who loved him so very much. Goodbye Rex! You will always be with us. |


SAFETY TIPS H O L I DAY S S E A S O N Holidays can create special dangers for your pets. Each year during the holidays season, thousands of pets are seriously injured and/or become deathly ill. It's a busy time. . . a time of much planning, shopping, cooking and baking, rushing to and from parties and get-togethers with relatives and friends. Oftentimes we forget about our little four-legged members of the family during the rush and festivities. They are curious and anxious as we, their caretakers are and there are many hazards waiting for their curiosity. Here we present you some tips so that everything that everything goes alright this Christmas: - Do not leave candies, chocolate, coffee or alcoholic beverages at reach; - Certify yourself that your pet cannot reach the Christmas turkey bones; - Do not give in to the temptation of giving them the leftovers. Vomit and diarrhea do not disappear on Holiday Season; - Be aware of the props hanging from the Christmas tree: chocolates are poison, Christmas balls can be easily swollen and suffocate your animal, and the Christmas lights are like toys and may even electrocute them; - New Year’s fireworks are scary for most of our animals, so remember to never leave the doors opens or let them out without a leash at that hour. And never forget that, if you want to include your pet on the Christmas presents list, there are many appropriate treats and toys for sale at your pet store. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your four-legged family member!

S O L I DA RY L I N E (cost: 0.60€ + vat)

C A L L (+ 3 5 1 ) 7 6 0 2 0 7 0 6 0

Help feeding one animal for one day. |


English Newsletter of Bianca's Association of December  

English version of Bianca's monthly newsletter. Issue # 32 of December 2011.

English Newsletter of Bianca's Association of December  

English version of Bianca's monthly newsletter. Issue # 32 of December 2011.