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Letter from the Publisher

Letter from the Publisher

Hello Be Well for Women Readers,

It’s here!! Our highly anticipated issue with the theme that is so near and dear to me as an entrepreneur for over 30 years is here—as a living, breathing testimony! I have learned so much and weathered many storms, but through it all I have landed firmly on my perspective on collaboration.

As many of you know, the 3 Pillars of Be Well for Women is to Be Well Connected, Informed and Inspired. I encourage you to apply this recipe as you initiate, maintain, or expand collaborating relationships.

Ingredient 1: Start with the End in Mind

Be Well Connected to your purpose and gifts— also known as stay in your lane. It took years for me to become totally okay with writing, yet not being a professional writer. Only then would the Universe gift the Be Well for Women Community with the writing flair of our Editor In Chief, Crystal Thompson.

Connect with those that have the capacity to see the benefits of compromise, support and sharing. You will know instinctively when you’ve attracted these types of people. They come with an abundance mindset and it is highly contagious!

Ingredient 2: Invigorate Ideas with Training and Technology

Be Well Informed, create the evidence by mastering the work. Until we acquire a level of mastery, retain the services of someone that has mastered certain skills to elevate your brand. That’s exactly what Be Well for Women has done in collaborating with WeMerge Media and Michael Damond. Yes, I would love to take the time to learn Youtube, Constant Contact, and how to scale up my Facebook business page. The Be Well Magazine exemplifies “Collaboration is the New Currency.” I have the vision, Crystal has the skill and gift of writing, and Michael’s creative genius and marketing expertise creates the look of finesse and mastery.

Ingredient 3: Squad Goals

Be Well Inspired - collaborate with other women that live a life of inspiration. They impress and motivate us with their resilience and efforts to soar against all odds. Many of them show up so gracefully and strong at the same time. These relatable and powerful women inspire us in demonstrating how to stretch our Bodies, Spirit, Business, and Beauty. I introduce to you and present to others the Be Well Magazine Contributors for the July 1st, 2021 edition.


Collaboration Is The New Currency

Carmen C. Ray