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About Our Photographer: Crissy Everhart

Newtown Square Friends & Neighbors is excited to introduce Crissy Everhart as our new Contributing Photographer. Crissy has a portrait studio in Historic Sugartown, between Newtown Square and Malvern. With 2,000 square feet of indoor space and acres of beautiful surrounding landscape, Crissy’s studio hosts the perfect setting to capture your photos both inside and outside during the same photoshoot.

Crissy’s love for photography began at an early age. A native of West Chester, Crissy began doing portrait photography while in high school. Then in college, Crissy joined a local photography studio, capturing timeless wedding moments. Since 2002, she has photographed over 400 weddings and events, hundreds of headshots, and thousands of smiling children, families and beloved pets.

Crissy Everhart Photography offers family photo sessions, corporate headshots, preschool photography and wedding and special event coverage. Large and small businesses in the area contact Crissy Everhart to help them update their online presence with new headshots for themselves or their entire staff. Crissy will travel to a company’s workplace to photograph a few people or a few hundred, and subjects can choose their photo on-site, immediately after it is taken. Individuals can also come to her studio for a quick headshot package, which includes one retouched image chosen from about a dozen proofs.

Crissy finds many headshot clients come into the studio saying,

I hate getting my photo taken.” But after just 20 minutes, they leave relieved to report that, “It wasn’t so bad, and I actually like how this turned out!
Crissy’s Historic Sugartown portrait studio

Parents who thought their small children weren’t so cooperative during the photoshoot are often amazed at the full gallery of great photos to choose from. They fall in love with the authentic smiles and personalities that come shining through in the final product. That’s because Crissy Everhart is a true professional. And as a mom of two boys herself, Crissy knows and understands how to help families relax in front of the camera. She is well-versed in lighting and posing to make everyone look their best. Crissy is also full of silly faces, has a library full of funny jokes for the young kids and plenty of sarcastic comments for the adults to move you through your photoshoot with ease.

Crissy Everhart

For more information or to schedule a photo session, contact Crissy Everhart at 610-308-7066 or visit her website at