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A Win-Win Way to Part with "Your Stuff"

When does 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 ?

No, this isn’t the New Math; it’s a very powerful community partnership!

Add together...

1 Realtor® who offers Home Sellers a free Home Clean-Out Concierge Service

+1 of the Realtor’s Home Sellers who must downsize or seriously de-clutter

+ 1 appointment for GreenDrop® to come and take away that Home Seller’s donated items

RESULT: 4 Charitable Organizations may be better funded to accomplish their Mission!

Yes, this type of Win-Win is now possible when Real Estate Experts like our magazine’s Sarah Forti partner with GreenDrop. When Sarah tells her clients that decluttering and staging their home for sale can help increase its market value, many of them don't know where to start.

Decluttering and parting with your stuff is MUCH easier than you might expect!" Sarah Forti says confidently. "GreenDrop can pick up your donated items onsite at no cost. Then GreenDrop will sell those items, with a portion of the proceeds going to 1 of their 4 Partner Charities, whichever YOU prefer.

GreenDrop’s 4 Partner Charities are the National Federation of the Blind, American Red Cross, The Military Order of the Purple Heart, and The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia, all of whom collectively provide an extensive array of services and support to thousands of people in our local communities and the greater Philadelphia area.

When GreenDrop launched its Home Clean-Out Concierge Program in 2015, they focused on connecting with people who might need help with large-volume donations of gently used clothing and household items: people like new empty nesters, those transitioning to assisted living facilities, and estate Executors. Those folks were happy to let go of their often-cherished but no-longer-needed or no-space-for items when they learned they’d also be helping a good cause.

A year later, GreenDrop’s Community Marketing Manager Colleen Blair expanded it to add a no-cost Concierge Service that Real Estate Agents can add to their “toolbox” of related services.

Packing items you need and can take with you is time-consuming enough without having to spend time selling or disposing of items you don’t need or can’t take to your next home!” said GreenDrop's Colleen Blair. “Our Drivers can pack up and load your donated items into our truck, and take them away so their remaining value can benefit someone else and cut down on landfill waste.

Sarah Forti says “I’m delighted to see how happy and relieved Home Sellers look when I offer them this Concierge Service! They know many of their items have a lot of life left in them, and with GreenDrop, those items can be used secondhand, or recycled and turned into something completely new, all while raising funds for those in need.”

It's easy to do the “1 appointment” part of the equation: Send an email to Concierge@GoGreenDrop.com or call 888-575-7700. A professional concierge representative will meet with you, to review everything you want to donate. GreenDrop accepts clothing, shoes, blankets and bedding as well as collectibles, kitchenware, toys, small appliances, electronics and sporting goods. A date gets scheduled for GreenDrop’s drivers to come pack and take away your donated items.

GreenDrop's Concierge Service can handle a Clean-Out of several rooms or an entire house. Sarah Forti is thrilled that as a Realtor, she can offer her clients what Colleen Blair describes as "a perfect solution to what is often a HUGE problem for homeowners."

GreenDrop’s “footprint” and Concierge Service extends from southern New York down to northern Virginia. That’s a LOT of Realtors and Home Sellers who can join this community partnership and benefit from GreenDrop’s Home Clean-Out Concierge Program while also indirectly financially supporting GreenDrop’s Partner Charities and those they serve. Do the math. The possibilities for doing good may be infinite!

Sarah Forti, Realtor®, Newtown Square’s Resident Real Estate Expert