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Apimondia Congress 1995

The APIMONDIA Congress is the premier event in the international beekeeping calendar.

APIMONDIA is the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations Every two years APLMONDIA organises a major Congress. It is the largest international event in the beekeeping calendar. It is attended by beekeepers from every part of the world.

The next APIMONDIA Congress will take place in the Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne, Switzerland between the 15 and 19 August 1995. During the Congress week, Switzerland will become the world centre of beekeeping.

The theme for APIMONDIA ‘95 will be “Beekeeper meets Beekeeper” and the Swiss organisers are expecting several thousand Congress participants.

The APIMONDIA Congress covers all aspects of apiculture. NY but for readers of this  journal, the mast relevant sector is the Apimondia Commission for Beekeeping in Developing Countries Indeed, the President of the Commission is Dr Nicola Bradbear, the Editor of Beekeeping & Development.

At the Lausanne Congress, there will be a fresh emphasis on this aspect of beekeeping, with discussions, paper presentations, poster displays and exhibits.

Informed and vigorous debate help to advance beekeeping in developing countries. Start planning your presentation for the Congress now. You could present a paper, or provide a display about your beekeeping work.

For further details of the Congress and how to participate, write to APIMONDIA, Italy.