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IBRA branch libraries

In addition to the main IBRA library housed at IBRA Headquarters in Cardiff there are four other IBRA libraries in Colombia, Kenya, India and Japan.

The Branch Library in Colombia is based in the Faculty of Science at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin. Dr Gilberto Morales Soto writes that all the available information is located in the Biology Building. There are more than 2400 papers and almost 80 books covering bee biology, taxonomy, behaviour, pests and diseases, beekeeping techniques and Africanized bees. At present information is indexed according to subject and author and these indices will shortly be transferred to computer. Most of the material in the library has been provided from IBRA Headquarters, but some has been bought by the University or been donated by authors.

The Library is mainly used by students and others from universities or official institutions in Colombia. The library has received some requests and visitors from Argentina, Chile and Mexico, and welcomes further use by those outside Colombia.

(Gilberto Morales Soto)