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Cartoons by Sjesu Karunarathne

1. Establish the bee colony near the house for easy inspection 
2. An entrance to a bee colony should be positioned in a way to ensure that it is in line with the direction of the wind, does not gather moisture during the rainy season and that it is not directly exposed to sunlight
3. To ensure easy access for maintenance and to prevent damage from the hive toppling over, it should be secured on a support which is strong and not too tall (0.5 m)
 4. Spend time near the colony so that the bees become familiar with your body odour (pheromones)
5. During the rainy season provide the bees with a coffee solution with sugar or a medicinal drink made from bell flowers or coriander. In the dry season a solution of fresh fruit juice should be provided to compensate for lack of food resources
 6. Protect the colony from ants and other predators such as geckos and chameleons
7. Honey is a valuable, nutritious food and a natural herbal medicine. Therefore, remove honeycombs very carefully
8. Refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, using pesticides, herbicides and the use of fireworks near to a bee colony
9. Relocation of a colony should be undertaken after 1800 hours on a wet day and after 2000 hours on a dry day