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La Luz de Cristo para Perú Volume 5 Issue 10 October 2010

Running the Race | Kenyi I had the distinct honor of watching the 50 yard dash today as run by a field of 3 and 4 year olds. Okay, I know that doesn’t sound like an amazing way to spend the morning for most of you, but it was truly nothing short of AMAZING for me. You see, my favorite competitor is definitely the underdog in the field - definitely the “long shot” on the course. And, true to form, he came in last. But what a glorious “last” it was!!! Kenyi (pronounced ken-jee) is a student in the Kuyay Talpuy—Iscos program. We met Kenyi last March (7 months ago) when his mother timidly approached our program and asked if we might consider allowing him to enroll. “You see, the other school programs in The Valley won’t take him. In fact, he might not ever be allowed to go to school. He has hydrocephalus. He can’t walk. He wears a diaper because he can’t control his urine or bowels. One eye is damaged from the pressure…”, she rattled off all of his ailments to our staff as the precious little boy with the giant eyes smiled at us from his position wrapped in the manta on her back. “I promise to come to school every day and sit with him and help him. I have to carry him. He needs support. But I promise to come if you’ll let him enroll,” she pleaded. The staff questioned us—”What do you think? Can we take a disabled child into the program?” Our response was immediate—”Why not!? Our program is for everyone. God loves Kenji, and so will we.” And so it was. Kenyi was enrolled in the Kuyay Talpuy program. Hydocephalus is a condition that Kenyi was born with. He has an abnormal amount of fluid surrounding his brain. The excess fluid presses on parts of the brain and causes a myriad of symptoms. In Kenyi’s case, before he was diagnosed, the fluid caused damage to his ability to walk, to the function of one eye, and to his ability to control his urine and bowels. He has been through countless numbers of surgeries and he can name every hospital and clinic that he has received treatment. He now has a shunt to drain the fluid from his brain. This is not a cure, it is a way to treat the symptoms. As he grows, he will continue to need surgeries to extend and replace the shunt.

Kenyi’s mother was true to her promise. She carried Kenyi to school every day and she stayed in the classroom with him. But it wasn’t very long before the teachers told her that she didn’t need to feel obligated to stay, they could take care of him. Kenyi was bright and a quick learner and was rapidly trying to do the physical things that he hadn’t ever done before, like walk. Literally, step by step, Tania and Rocio walked alongside Kenyi and helped him to build strength and confidence. He wanted to play at recess, and so they helped him to learn how to play the games. He wanted to dance at Kid’s Club, and so they have helped to teach him to dance. And he wanted to run in the 50 yard dash in the Kuyay Talpuy Olympics this week. Seven months ago, Kenyi couldn’t walk. Seven months ago, Kenyi’s mother begged us to enroll him because no one else would take “a disabled child”. Seven months ago, we said “YES!” Today, Kenyi ran the 50 yard dash, unaided by any human being, but carried on the wings of angels and blown by the breath of God Himself. He never faltered. He never looked back. He never fell. He just ran his little heart out and smiled the whole way to the finish line. And everyone cheered him on… that’s what the love of Christ was all about today. The perseverance of Kenyi and the love and faithfulness of God... ...and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. ~Hebrews 12:1b

All photos in the header of this page are of Kenyi… Please join us in praising God for Kenyi’s miraculous life and please pray for Kenyi’s continued improvements in his health.

“Now what will we harvest?” From sewage to salvation!

Wilfredo Veli is a local gourd artisan. We became friends with Wilfredo two years ago when we first met his family in Cochas Chico, Perú. Wilfredo is the oldest son in a small “empire” of Veli artisans… literally every member of the family works in the business. But Wilfredo has another calling… In his heart, he is a missionary. Last year, during his travels to purchase materials for the family business, Wilfredo happened upon a town in northern Perú. They were hospitable and offered him a place to stay and made friends with him quickly. In Wilfredo’s words, “It was like they hadn’t ever seen anyone from ‘outside’ before.” He stayed for several weeks, enjoyed spending time with the town’s people, and his heart began to tell him that the “harvest” was plentiful here… that this was where God wanted him to work. But the town’s people had a very specific problem… they had very fertile ground and they could grow just about anything, but they didn’t have water. The little bit of water that they had was needed for drinking and cooking. That only left sewage water to use in the fields—and that was exactly what they did. They grew crops with sewage water. But they soon found out that the government wouldn’t allow them to sell their harvests because of the sewage water. “Now what?,” they worried. They are very poor and there is no business or industry. Now what would they do? Wilfredo had an idea… what about growing gourds? They aren’t for consumption, so they can be grown with sewage water. And they are in high demand by the gourd artisans throughout Perú. And it just so happened that Wilfredo is a gourd expert! So the town began to plant gourds. This past month, the town harvested and sold their first crop, with 80% of the crop meeting the “top quality” standards for market!

Wilfredo, Ash & Billy

During this venture, many town’s people have gotten to know Wilfredo much better, and Wilfredo has gotten to share his faith with them. Wilfredo is realizing his dream of becoming a missionary… he has led many in the town to Christ and continues to do so by sharing life with them, working the fields together, and sharing the Love of Christ with others.

From Persecution to Transformation — Kuyay Talpuy one year later... It just doesn’t seem possible that it was just one year ago (August 2009) that the Kuyay Talpuy project began in the community of Iscos! It has been an incredible year, with lots of bumps along the way, but with incredible transformation as a result.


Last year:  Only a handful of people trusted us and would enroll their children.  At our Parent Teacher meetings, two parents attended.  The public school tried to kick us out of town.  The mayor tried to kick us out of town.  Our center worked with 18 students. This year:  We have a waiting list for students who wish to attend the Kuyay Talpuy education center.  The parents elected PTO board members. Parents show up and participate in every activity. Parents help in class, help clean the classrooms, plan activities… they are completely involved and active.

The public school of Tinyari invited us in to teach Bible classes in their school every week. We reach 80 students and their families each week through this joint venture.  Not only did the mayor not succeed in kicking us out of town, but we were invited to open a second center in Patarcocha (an annex of Iscos) and teach Bible classes in Tinyari (another Iscos annex)!  This year, we work with 120+ students and we have three education centers. The community of Patarcocha has a new church plant. The community of Iscos begins a new church plant/disciple group this week. There are countless new believers in the area… 550+! Historically, under times of persecution, the church and Christianity has GROWN, not diminished… once again, this has rung true. Transformation and growth have resulted!!!

DEAR BILLY AND LAURIE,  I will pray for you. Please send me your newsletter by e-mail: ____________________________________  As God provides, I plan to partner with you by giving $ _________ Per month / quarter / year for _____ years.  I would like to donate a one-time gift of $ _________  I would like to sponsor a child’s education for $25/mo. ($300/ year). (Please write Special Project on your check) Name (PLEASE PRINT) ______________________________________ Address _________________________________________________ City____________________ State__________ Zip _______________ Phone _____________________ Home Church __________________ Email Address: _________________________________________ TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFTS MAY BE SENT TO: The Mission Society PO Box 922637 Norcross, GA 30010-2637 USA DESIGNATE GIFTS: “DRUM SUPPORT 5/321”



Prayers and Praises Praises and Prayers for the new disciple projects in Iscos and Patarcocha. We have new workers and a new effort to teach the Bible and to usher new believers into relationships with others so they can grow and learn more. Pray specifically for Darwin, Rocio and Pastor Beto as they lead this effort. Pray for the Kuyay Talpuy school projects and for the communities of Iscos, Patarcocha, and Tinyari.

KUYAY TALPUY BEGAN IN AUGUST 2009 AND JUST HELD THEIR FIRST ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION... Kuyay Talpuy celebrated the First Anniversary of the program on September 23-24 with a celebration consisting of art competitions for both parents and children, cooking competitions (complete with typical dress and presentations), a parade through the streets of the region of Iscos, and the first ever Kuyay Talpuy Olympics! We’ve come a long way, Baby!!! Our parade stopped traffic and was so long that the entire parade line wouldn’t fit in my camera lens… it was absolutely incredible! Take a look at our photos and see for yourself. And if that isn’t enough for you, we’ve uploaded a video of the festivities at

Pray for our teachers as they strive to teach and help people to apply Godly principles in their lives. Pray that they find new and exciting ways to make the Bible come alive and become relevant in the life of the communities we serve. Praises for transformation in communities, families and individual hearts! Pray for our sons in Texas, Ryan and Miles. Pray for God to continue to move and do mighty things in their lives. Pray for us as we begin to transition to the USA for a few months of speaking engagements and relationship renewal . We continue to pray for all of YOU as you continue to support us through your prayers and your financial support. Thank you!!!

Six months into his fragile life, a young child was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a debilitating disease involving a drainage malfunction of cerebral-spinal fluid from the brain cavities. The news was devastating and the young family did their best to stand strong as they went through the proper steps to prepare themselves for a lifetime of surgeries, beginning two short weeks from that date. It hit his parents hard, having to deal with such an unexpected complication in the life of their youngest, but no one was more devastated than his oldest sister, barely past her ninth birthday at the time. She became physically ill with worry, her sick brother occupying her every thought. In a house full of non-believers, where the word God was never mentioned, let alone the word prayer, the small girl stayed up for nights on end praying as hard as she possibly could without having any clue how. Squeezing her little eyes shut she would not stop pleading with God to please let her brother live a healthy life where she could run and play with him and their little sister, where they could laugh and jump and swim together, “Please God,” she prayed, “fix my little brother!” Twelve days later, in a consultation just two days before the infant’s first scheduled surgery, the doctor admitted to the young family that he could not believe what he was seeing. The fluid that had been consistently building up in the child’s brain had miraculously drained. No surgery was necessary. It was unexplainable, or so he thought. The family was well aware though, that a little girl had been working non-stop asking for a miracle, and God had answered her loud and clear with a blessing that would change all of their lives forever.

The Power of Prayer The Faith of a Child A true story … (Names have been omitted)

~submitted by Meghann Lau


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