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Volunteer Spotlight: Maureen Attridge

Touchstones Nelson Archives Volunteer

Maureen started visiting the Shawn Lamb Archives at Touchstones Nelson three years ago when she was researching her family history. Maureen discovered a passion for genealogy and we were delighted when she offered to volunteer her time in the Archives.

Maureen has since become our resident genealogical inquiries assistant, using her in depth knowledge of our resources to help others discover more about their own family histories. Maureen also took on the huge task of managing and updating our 20,000+ obituary records. This has included making a list of these records available online.

At Touchstones we have a small team of staff and rely on volunteers to fill many roles. Maureen is in the Archives almost every day, and through her dedication, we are able to stay open when the Archivist needs to be elsewhere. Her commitment greatly improves the services we can provide to our community.

“I volunteer to give back to the genealogy community,” says Attridge. “I began doing my own research and then started volunteering. I am retired and it gets me out of the house and working on something I am interested in. I started with a list and I’ve basically worked to expand it.”