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By young people, for young people


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  Thanks! F&roMmethrre team y Christmas         PAGE 2


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If you walk down the streets of London, or indeed any major city, it is obvious that the number of homeless people living on the streets is ridiculously high and it is obvious that this number should not be so high. However, when researching this article I discovered that there are many more homeless people. Homeless people that we do not see…


looked up the word homeless in a dictionary and found it to mean “Someone with no housing.” At first I was able to accept this on face value, it made sense. If you have no house you must be homeless. After some further research I have found that this definition is not strictly true. You can be counted as homeless if: you are living in temporary accommodation such as a hostel or B&B, you are living in unsafe or overcrowded housing that you should not be expected to live in or you are living with friends or relations who cannot house you permanently. In 2004 local authorities found that 204,750 households/families were homeless (this figure does not include those families who do not seek advice from local councils). At the end of December of the same year, 101,040 homeless families had been placed in temporary accommodation; 6,450 families were placed in hotels and 10,080 families were placed in hostels. PAGE 4

Again figures do not include those who sought their own accommodation or those who received help from social services. Given that Britain is the 4th wealthiest country in the world, why are so may people living in temporary accommodation or housing that is unfit to live in? Why do so many people have no accommodation at all? Money is a huge problem. The average weekly housing benefit is £63.20, however the average weekly rent is £77.30. With a large family or indeed any family, and perhaps a job that doesn’t pay so well, what are families supposed to live on? There are around 700,000 empty dwellings in England and more than enough people to fill them, the problem is people just can’t afford the cost of living. According to the latest figures, well over 1 million houses in the UK are unfit to live in, however 90% of them are unoccupied. Thanks to outdated

guidelines the government does not recognise the situation of a lot of these families. These ancient standards mean that rooms such as the kitchen and living room count as spaces to be slept in. When taking a people count, babies under 1 year of age do not count as a person and children under 10 only count as half a person. By these standards a family of 6 could easily only count as 3 ½ people. These guidelines mean that well over 1 million children are living in unfit housing and it is estimated that homeless children miss out on a quarter of their schooling. With education being one of the most important things in life, I believe we are setting our children up to get poorly paid jobs and the whole cycle of not being able to afford housing begins again.

Something has to be done and fast but what? I spoke to Wayne Smith (pictured, right), a Homeless Project worker to find out. 1) As a Project Worker what actually is your role? Well I’m a project worker for a Christian centre in Waterloo; I get into work at around 7:30 to 8:30am and set up all the breakfast things. When people start arriving at around 9am I serve tea and coffee. During the rest of the day I create orders for clothing and showers.

2) Do you think the government have done anything particularly effective in trying to both prevent and help the current homeless situation? I have mixed feelings on this. The government seems to think that homeless centres are prolonging homelessness. They think that as long as these people get a meal and a shower they don’t need to get a job, so they are closing centres down. This is ok only if they open rehab centres. A lot of people use

the homeless centres as a place to build relationships and gain selfesteem. If you have been on your own for a long time it is a hard thing to do. Some people just aren’t ready to get a job. If they have been homeless for 15 years, that is 15 years of habits to deal with. 3) In your experience as a Project Worker what effect does homelessness have on young people both now and later on in life? Low self-esteem is a major problem with homeless young people. It is a downward spiral that can lead to using substances; it is a way of putting up barriers so as not to have to face the world. Certain attitudes develop and it is a self-perpetuating problem where the young person pushes people away and eventually people end up not wanting to go

near them. It is difficult to generalise as the young people are already suffering. Something causes homelessness and it is not just people from this country. At the moment there are a lot of people from Poland who have been told that they will be able to get jobs here and they can’t.

4) Again in your experience what are the most frequent causes of homelessness and what are the best preventatives? It is usually something that has happened in the early years. Perhaps they didn’t fit in or had difficulty at school. People soon become outcasts at any early age. Sometimes they can’t cope and don’t get any support. It is very easy to get isolated quickly. END

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elcome to the KYC page. Firstly I hope you all got what you wanted in your various exams and the new school year isn’t getting you down already. However you have in your trembling hands issue two of the vastly superior youth magazine, compiled by the young people of Kingston. Young people such as yourselves, people you no doubt cheer or jeer in your school corridors. These dedicated folk were not chosen, no youth worker covertly enlisted them, they simply offered their skills and were given the chance to demonstrate them, the outcome of which is spilled over each page. Short of this being part of a recruitment drive, this is a message that I think we all too often block out. School is hard, sure and it may seem like you seldom have time for much else, so why not prove to yourself that the things you’re picking up can come to some use and get you noticed? If you don’t like being branded as a lazy teen then get up, say you’re going to do something and do it. Join a sports team; get involved in your school’s council, get up ten minutes earlier, it’s not that any of the above is difficult; it’s just effort. Granted, it would be really easy to dismiss this too and keep cruising through your youth, but my advice is, leave a mark, have something to talk about, have something that makes you, you, individuality is a trait seen to be lacking in our generation. As my year as Kingston’s Member of Youth Parliament ends I can say that the youth council continues to go from strength to strength. Very recently we ran a racial justice event in Coombe Girls and are currently preparing for an exchange to our sister town in Germany; both have come out of dedication and some inspired ideas. What would be great is for each person to vote in the upcoming election, take some interest in the candidates and, if you see something you like in it all, to act on it.

‘Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it’ By Chris Fullbrook


If you want to have your say on youth issues or concerns and you want something done about it email:








On the 20th October, an event took place at Coombe Girls School in order to raise awareness of the racial justice initiative in Kingston. ach year Kingston holds a memorial event in remembrance of Ricky Reel. This year we chose to look forward, asking questions like, what is racial justice and is there racial justice in Kingston? The ‘Reel Event’ involved groups of pupils from schools all over the borough coming together and discussing ways of promoting racial justice. The afternoon was spent in workshops discussing not only ways in which racial injustice can be stopped, but also about how young people think racism affects them.

The Story of Ricky Reel

On the night of 14th October 1997 Lakhvinder ‘Ricky’ Reel and three of his friends were racially attacked in Kingston upon Thames. Ricky was separated from his friends and never returned home that night. The incident was immediately reported to the police, but his parents felt that no action was taken. Fearing for Ricky’s safety the family then began their investigation and discovered vital video evidence and witnesses. Seven days later, Ricky’s body was found in the Thames, less than half a mile away from the location of the incident. The police concluded that further investigation was not required. The family instigated a complaint against the police because they believed that they had responded poorly. This was undertaken by the Surrey Constabulary and supervised by the Police Complaints Authority. The police maintained that Ricky died by slipping over


Justice… About Racial

Stop racism ur rights Stand up for yo ice in schools st Stop racial inju stice Start racial Ju fe Always be sa

the edge after urinating in the river. They refused to investigate other theories. Consequently the circumstances of Ricky’s death still remain a mystery. In 1998 the investigation was taken over by the Race and Violent Crime Task force. Their report was completed in 1998 and in early 1999 it was released to the family and their solicitor on the condition that it is not disclosed to the public. In November 1999 the inquest into Ricky’s death began at Fulham Town Hall. As the inquest progressed, the new investigating team announced that they did not believe that Ricky died in any other circumstances than an accident. This was a shock to the family who had some faith that this team was at last looking seriously into Ricky’s death. Despite the police arguing that the death was accidental, the jury returned an open verdict. The family continues to demand that the report be made public and will continue their campaign to discover how Ricky Reel died.

What is Racial Justice?

Racial Justice is all about achieving equality and fair judgement for all races in society. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, there should be justice for all racial groups and justice against racism. Those who attended the Reel Event learnt that people should be treated the same, regardless of their colour, race religion and culture. No one should be bullied or hurt due to where they come from. Racial justice is based on theEND belief that we

About Racial Justice in

Schools… There is racial injustice in sc hools Teachers can be racist It’s bullying It’s not talked about

itself… What people thought of the event It was good and taught them a lot y People shouldn’t be treated differentl iring The event was insp like it There should be a lot more events

Lyrics by Chris Smoove

Ok wait Some of u thinking what’s this What I dealing with is Racial Injustice If you don’t know get to know about this Gather round when I’m done to discuss this And ask yourselves where u find it exists In your town Your country Your estate Your niche How can it be helped How can we get rid of it The system ain’t doing much about it so I gotta tell of it It’s relevant So I’m leading by example in hope to influence Being unjust to someone because if their race Their colour Their beliefs Is just not right No matter who you are no matter where you be In Life we should all get treated equally I hope you listening to everything I say I need you to think about everything I say A whole bunch of things ain’t really right today And racial injustice is one of them

This is the real Lets think about what happened to Ricky Reel If it happened to your family how would you feel Tell you what, here’s what I’ll do Lets think about this like this was you You’re out one night with three of your mates For a drink, laugh and maybe score dates Then you and your mates get racial abuse Situation blows out of control like a fuse Next think you know you’re being attacked So in fear you gotta run for your life When reported Police don’t believe the hype A week later your body is found in the Thames No investigation No suspect names A sad incident Written off as an accident

I hope you listening to everything I say I need you to think about everything I say A whole bunch of things ain’t really right today And racial injustice is one of them

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT Racism and Racial Justice is an ongoing issue, some ideas on how to take this topic further involve… Talking to more young people and getting more opinions Finding out more about racial justice in schools If you have any ideas on this topic or want to get involved let us know, you can email us at You can also check out the younglivin’ bulletin board at to give us your opinions on racial justice. PAGE 7

As usual, the summer of 2005 brought us a whole range of music festivals, but if you really like your ROCK, you had to be at Reading. As Dave Grohl told the screaming crowd, “V Festival’s for the clean people, Glastonbury’s for the hippies. Reading’s for the dirty f*cking rockers!”

Take the Bank Holiday weekend in August, mix in some bands both old and new, sprinkle thousands of musiccrazy, rockstar hungry fans, and leave to simmer in the mud, the rain, and the scorching summer sun…




uddy nd was still m s, as the grou lie el w y ft er le w w days, we Armed with flo rs of the last fe ou np w do y other from the heav d dirty in yet an to get down an y ad re of the day, nt op te st r ou was the first nt Te g lin ar d C lent. We foun tent…yes, the for hot new ta ch ar se a on on to the and we were c. We partied nd, Thirsty Mer ba ie u’ll always ss yo Au y, e th f during the da , re he w nt g it HUGE. O Te verge of makin NME/Radio 1 e th on bigger with e d ar an s get bigger find bands that nd ba e th , in rget night draws t we’ll never fo course, as the Main Stage, bu e th g “Ah-ahhhin e lin th g ad eryone singin The Killers he ev g in av le t into the night. ectacular se Kasabian’s sp chorus of LSF !” ah hhh -a -ahhh-ahhh ahhh-ahh-ahh Above s, Death From c, The Dead 60 er M ty e Stone irs th Th of : s Bands seen oral, Queen C e Th w, bo Coxon, El d Kasabian. 1979, Graham cycle Club an or ot M el eb R rs, Black our mate Nick Age, The Kille at we’d be, as th so m 3a til we all ing up un Highlight: Stay ything and then own and ever td un co a as e.” There w 01am. said, “hardcor proximately 3: ring The Coral our tents at ap Main Stage du in e th of nt fro passed out e very but no…mosh g crushed at th slightly chilled be ld ou w Lowlight: Gettin al k The Cor for QOTSA). hs (you’d thin by crazy yout dn’t stay there di e w od G k nd…than pit for every ba bian. sa Ka Best band:

AY the SUND you’re like us, Sunday was all about m osh

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t dcore” the nigh ter being “har af te la y irl fa ribs. Woke up e last of The C only caught th ith the w e er before, so we th in out getting ab l al ly al re l, Today was ongst them al keys fans. Am on M ic ct Tales of Ar e hardcore nes like ‘Fak er ing along to tu ng si e, with Alex Turn er s’ th standing ancing Shoe D ur Yo . al on ic ut ag and ‘P surreal. M San Francisco’ it all felt a bit ”… pe rrell hy e Bo th ny ’t believe n came John telling us “don the setting su ith ngs W . Ki ys s, ke e Mon ry-rock God Gotta love thos brought Count sk du , ts ha t ’s cts. Bu people cool laser effe stealing other dazzled us with os Fo , put a crazed e ys th lle d tro an of Leon, y. Take two le ol Tr t ou flying! It ab l t was al nding people Saturday nigh each other se to in em th y rit m and ra even secu youth in each b culture. Not meaning to yo w ne le ho w ere gives a d stop ‘em. Th e trolleys coul to ls al confiscating th w t ile e to imbing over th were people cl d. Literally. ee sp od lley. G Biffy liberate the tro e Black Alps, The Cribs, Nin e Th s, Bands seen: er th O e ic Monkeys, Th s of ng Ki Clyro, The Arct , ht lig Heat, Razor ot H ot H , ns Charlata Fighters. E Leon and Foo rrell at the NM ting Johnny Bo ne re az N Highlight: Mee d an s gendary ed our arm gn si e H ! nt tions of the le Te Signing ok out for varia Lo ! EY LL O and TR got a kiss J… creepy ding 2006. ea R d Jake from a at Trolley d by our frien ve sa be to ng havi Lowlight: Alice ly “nuzzling.” ore he was on sw ho w an m creepy ngs of Leon. Best band: Ki


AWARDS People’ : ’Crazy Welsh Best Dressed d Jimmy ouple: Nick an The Cutest C one, hehe. ) Best Fire: Our nny got around Razorlight (Joh en ev … de Best Signing: ci Can’t de the weekend: it. Best band of uldn’t do w, with doubt. And no sive person co the most deci ic Monkeys, no ct Ar . e em Th : th nd op ming ba e can st Best up and co thing and no on no , lts be r ei th under a Number One ere dirty and eading, we w Thank you, R do it all ing. And we’d we were rock again.

year! See you next ice xxxx Al d an Nazrene trolley. et your wellies P.S. Don’t forg





oards of teenagers were milling about in cliques in the church in anticipation of the doors opening to THEVENT; a night where local bands come to play for those organised enough to book a ticket on time. I lounged on a sofa inside and wondered why I didn’t feel at all intimidated by the spiked lip piercings, studded boots, wild hair and uniformly black clothes that sucked all light from the surrounding area. I put it down to the general friendliness and happiness of most of the people there. Many people sat outside to chat over free drinks of hot chocolate. Others sat in the prayer tent for deeper conversation and prayer (hence the name). Most people appeared to know each other, yet even if they didn’t they were ready to get to know new people. If given half a chance considering the deafening rock music inside. Whether people had come to see the bands or just meet with friends, everyone enjoyed the music, jumping together, moshing together, dancing together… I reckon they all agree with me that THEVENT is one of the easiest places to have a good time. (To get tickets for the next Vent visit END


YOUR ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO MUSIC: SHOWCASING THE HOTTEST NEW TALENT IN YOUR AREA AND REVIEWING THE LATEST SINGLE AND When can you smash drumkits, play with plenty o' pedals, be secret fans of The Beach ALBUM RELEASES… Boys in a "Pop Rock Punk" band AND find loads of fit girls armed with spacehoppers? Why, when there's a Red Storm Rising of course…


ed Storm Rising are John, Spencer, Duncan and Craig. Now, they write their own songs and play gigs at venues like The Peel and The Garage. Three years ago, they did a covers gig. Before that, each were part of various other bands "who rocked". Before that, like every musician in the business and any aspiring rock stars you might know, they had to learn how to play their instruments.

But why'd they start anyway?

Duncan: Because bass looked easier to play than guitar… John: There are only four strings! Duncan: I started after I saw that gig with Three Colours Red and Pete wore a nice suit while playing and he's got nice hair as well. I suppose I was just inspired by that if we needed one sort of inciting incident. John: Well I started doing music because my mum plays the piano and by granddad plays the accordion, started playing piano when I was about four and then other instrument. I started guitar at seventeen. So it all stems back to my mum and my granddad - that's how cool I am. It wasn't a gig that did it; it was my mum and granddad. Craig: Um, I, well, I actually started playing the clarinet and I sucked at that, so I gave that up. I was about ten. John: And those hopes of playing the Albert Hall were dashed forever. Craig: I started having an interest in playing the drums after listening to my dad's record collection and listening to The Who, which was the most incredible sound I've ever heard. I actually started playing air drums in my bedroom for about a year, I used two wooden spoons and tried to play along to Keith Moon. I got my first actual drumkit when I was seventeen and just kind of developed. Spencer: I'm similar to John, I think my dad and my grandparents were all sort of concert pianists, concert violinists, and I learnt violin when I was five and I finished all the grades when I was about fifteen. My sister told me it was cool to play the drums so I went to have lessons - it was good fun. After that, I started playing around on bass and started to take an PAGE 10

interest in acoustic guitars. I got my first electric when I got my first credit card.

Any tips for young scenesters who might just be starting out?

John: Do it for the fun. Craig: Do it for the girls! John: Don't sit there and start playing and think you're good enough to play because you won't be. I'm not being mean there, am I? Duncan: Yeah, you are. John: If you're gonna be a rhythm guitarist listen to GreenDay because it's nice and easy to play along to. If you're gonna be a lead guitarist listen to stuff that's got lots of Slash in it, Van Halen, Hendrix. Practice until you get good, don't practice until you think you're kind of all right and mess up, otherwise people will watch you and think "Oh you're a bit rubbish aren't you?" Craig: I'd say the best thing to do is probably to listen. I never learnt to play the drums properly, I never had a lesson, so I'd just say listen to as many drummers as you can and develop your style - find a guy that you like and try and play like them, if you can get a teacher then all the better, because there's still things that I don't know and will never know because I was never taught properly. Just listen and develop your sound.

So how would you describe your sound then?

John: We're Pop Rock Punk or those three words in some kind of order. That's the easiest and loosest term to put us in. Spencer: Craig's very influenced by 60s/70s bands like The Who so his drumming is like pure rock and Duncan's a bit of a punk bassist at heart and I'm influenced by 80s bands like Van Halen and Guns 'n' Roses, stuff like that, and John's big on pop rock. John: Yeah, I love Wild Hearts and every related band to them - Yo Yos - and also stuff like Butch Walker who's been working a lot with Avril Lavigne recvently. And he did a song with Tommy Lee, which was so cheesy it hurt. Spencer: So it's quite a mix…and also - don't quote us on this one - John and I are quite big…Beach Boys fans.

Do you guys do this professionally? Is this your jobs?

John: Yeah, we're unsigned, we've got this album that we've been working on since like June, it's kind of nearing the end, we're hoping that it'll be out by Christmas and that through that we'll get some kind of interest from record companies. I mean, we just sort of do this for fun but to do this for a living and get loads of money out of it would be great as well!

Do you have any crazy stories from gigging? What was with the spacehopper thing?

John: I think it was last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but then…no, wait, that's a song. The Christmas gig was excellent - really good fun - we had about ten or a dozen different spacehoppers and they were bouncing up and down and I don't think I've ever signed so many spacehoppers in all my life! And then it kind of happened again around Easter but it's kind of stalled since then because I don't think people can be bothered to take their spacehoppers anymore.

What bands going around nowadays would you like to support on tour?

John: Blue. They're over though! John: Lee Ryan, he's got his solo career going…oh I dunno. So not Simon Webbe? John: …No. Not Simon Webbe. I mean obviously your best bet is to be supporting people who are a similar sort of style really but that you're also different enough from. So any of those punk bands…Blink-182…just anything. Duncan: I'd love to support The Pixies. Spencer: I'd love to be headlining really. What do you think about the rock 'n' roll stereotype? Are you all wild like Pete Doherty? Craig: F*cking wasted knob. John: He just acts like an arse. At Live 8, he just came on stage and just made noise in the microphone and didn't actually perform or do anything and there's all these people worshipping him like he's the new saviour of music.


Spencer: Craig and Duncan take care of the wild side; John and I have responsibilities. John: I have responsibilities in the respect that I have a girlfriend. And I'm a teacher so I can't really go mental generally. The most crazy story I've got is that I was in a folk band and I ran karaoke at Uni, that's the most crazy I get, I think, or the fact that I know all the words to Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby. By heart. That's either very very sad or very very impressive. Duncan: There was that Halloween party you turned up to at Uni dressed as Ginger Spice John: Yeah, I was with four mates and we thought, "Let's go as the Spice Girls". Craig: I break drumkits. John: Yeah, very often. Spencer: I haven't done anything. I've been good.

So no groupies at all?

Spencer: Not groupies in the traditional sense but we have people who follow us around. John: Anyone interested in the traditional sense see Duncan or Craig. Well, ok, going back to the Spice Girls, what parts do you each play in the band? Scary? Sporty? Spencer: Duncan's the moody bassist. John: Yeah, definitely the moody bassist. Duncan: I'm not a moody bassist! John: Craig is a beast. He is like Animal from The Muppets but not quite as mellow. I've got a double persona, I'm either absolutely stupid and cracking bad jokes all the time or I'm kind of scarily intense and it depends on what mood I'm in…but I'm mostly stupid. I do crap jokes. That's my thing. Duncan: Spencer is our guitar hero. John: The man with more pedals than brains. Duncan: To be fair we only have one brain. John: All right, fair enough. Though I've got five. Duncan: And I'm not moody. John: No, you're not moody. OK, Duncan is actually completely stupid. Craig: Yeah, we don't mean stupid as in he's crazy stupid…as in he's just stupid. John: Yeah, he's just a bit dim. Duncan: Cheers. Craig: You're coming out really well in this, mate - moody bassist or dim.

John: He's very moody if you compare him to someone who's very happy.

And finally, aspirations for the future - where are you gonna take your band?

Craig: Get signed, tour the world, spend all the money, split up in a hail of drugs and booze and then… John: I'll claim that I wrote everything in the world EVER. Spencer will do a side project with all guitars, I'll do a side project with all the songs that never made it to Red Storm Rising because they were a bit rubbish and so that will sell about fifty copies and then people will realize how bad it is and take it back and then they'll all buy Duncan's album which will be a spoken word album, I reckon. Spencer: Yeah, I mean, I think with the album coming out I think we're gonna push it as much as we can next year to try and actually do something. Craig: Next year, it's make or break. John: If we don't make it we'll kill ourselves. Spencer: Well, even if we don't' make it we're still gonna be playing and doing this. John: I think we'll stop playing together when I stop writing cheesy songs, Duncan stops writing cheesy lyrics, Craig loses… Craig: An arm. Spencer: And I stop playing guitar to take on producing. John: 'Cause then we'd have no cool solos. Anything else you'd like to add? Craig: Stay in school, kids! John: Yeah, stay in school, don't play with fire, don't cross the road without looking, don't drink and drive. Duncan: Don't do drugs. John: Don't follow the crowd, stay cool…thank you Renton mosh pit for the great times and thank you to my girlfriend for letting me live with her for the last year. Thank you to these guys for letting me be in a band with them, er, thank you to my car for not dying… Craig: And we want to thank you for putting us in the magazine. John: Yeah, we want lots of fifteen year olds at our next gig! So, fans, if you want to be on our mailing list, e-mail us at END

Stuck for the ultimate Xmas gift? Here are my Top Tracks for November/December. Glad to help, Nazrene xxx

- - - SINGLES - - -

WHEN I’M GONE – EMINEM (12/12/05)

Hooray! The only rapper out there – at least, in my view – that has attitude, style and thoughtprovoking lyrics. Thank God he’s back…a worthwhile investment, and hopefully a good indication of his upcoming album. JERUSALEM – KEEDIE: ENGLAND CRICKET TEAM (12/12/05)

It’s Christmas so songs like these are inevitable, but what can I say? People out there seem to buy them, so I thought I’d give you a head’s up. MASTER HAS COME BACK – DAMIAN JR GONG MARLEY (12/12/05)

It’s as if Bob Marley was back (for me, he never left us), and the true spirit of reggae certainly resides within young Damian. His last single was superb and this one’s just as toetappingly good. NO GOODBYES – THE SUBWAYS (12/12/05)

Very few rock/alternative bands at the moment are quite so pretty. Boys love Charlotte, I like Billy, but nothing will separate them, as there will be ‘no goodbyes’. Catchy tune. Clever stuff. ULTRAVIOLET/BALLAD OF PAUL K – MCFLY (12/12/05)

I love McFLY. The new album was far more creative and musically brilliant than the first, it took a while to get into, so if you’re still not sure…invest in this CD, which features two of the best tracks! STAY AWAY FROM

…Crazy Frog’s Jingle Bells/U Can’t Touch This…unless you are that way inclined.

- - - ALBUMS - - -


I don’t usually like TV-manufactured pop, but there’s no doubt about it, Girls Aloud can strut their sassy stuff and make good music too. Relating back to the singles…this album’s just as funky. HYPNOTIZE – SYSTEM OF A DOWN (5/12/05)

The great return of System of a Down. Still as eccentrically alternative and heavy as ever, if you loved them back in their Toxicity days, you will still have a place on your CD rack for them now. FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EARTH – STROKES (02/01/06)

I LOVE the new Strokes. Their single Juice Box was a little bit weird but tonnes of fun and this album is exactly that and will get those indie rockers out there jumping like a…jumping bean. ARCTIC MONKEYS (30/01/06)

BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! There is no better album available in Dec/Jan and the title of it’s still TBC but you gotta reserve your copy fast. Who knows how fast this little number’s gonna fly off the shelves! PAGE 11




Every issue our resident grumbler Tommy WC has a whinge about the latest things that get right up his nose. This month, Tom has a major problem with: TAGGERS

This issue, I thought I would look at taggers, and how exactly they can get fun from what they do. So, why do some people find it necessary to write their names on walls? Well I guess it is their way of gaining a bit of fame around their area. I suppose they think that this is the only way of them getting their 15 minutes without actually having any talent. What I like to call the “Peter Andre effect”….. It’s insania. As for what they actually write, I’ve seen such brilliant tags such as: “NET” and “PROTO” which leave me wanting to buy electrical goods, but also make me wonder if half the word has been scrubbed out. Other great ones include “Top Blunk,” probably David Blunkett out there spray painting walls for cheap thrills under the cover of darkness. However, my favourite has got to be one found on the internet saying “sucker”… sheer brilliance! You have to love the fact that this person had the opportunity to be known as any name in the world that they wanted, and they chose “sucker”. Please if you find any other great tags such as “dunce” or “div cheese” contact me at the magazine so we can all have a good laugh! I’m not talking about big proper 3D dub writing on walls, but rather just people with no talent wanting to mark their territory. The problem is, that the actually GOOD graffiti artists get (please excuse the pun) tarred with the same brush as those who simply write their names on walls. There has been a lot of talk about legal graffiti areas in the borough and if they would


be possible. Myself and others believe that this is a definite possibility, but only if we sort out the problem of taggers. If there was a definite chance of walls being saved just for respectful good graffiti artists, there would be a chance. The problem is that everyone and his uncle think that they are clever if they can write things like “YOGE” on the side of a bus shelter. I don’t actually understand why people do it… Reputation?…Respect?… Some sort of cults? The fact is, I personally believe that graffiti done properly takes amazing skill and talent. Far more than any of nowadays “modern artists”... who just seem to sign toilets and proclaim they have created a new genre. The only problem with graffiti being treated as a major art form is its reputation for spoiling urban landscapes around the country. I would just say to all those people out there who “tag,” that if they want more respect for graffiti artists, stop spraying words on walls, (stick to a pen and some paper) and let the true artists get the credit they deserve!

C h e e rs

Other great tags I have found include: “Jimmy” “Double dose dave”

ell for a W ? it p to s to el a need So why do I fe e properly n o d i it ff ra g . st rubbish start they’re ju kill and talent. s g in z a m a s take

(possibly an aspiring chemist/



Life these days is an unhealthy business for many our age. The question is, is it the fault of the pie pushing corporates taking advantage of our wealth or should we look further into ourselves for the root of the problem?


Food is good but being able to compete in sports and feel good about your appearance is also good

irst off, there is being overweight and being obese, the latter being the worse for you and your armchair. In 2004 the government believed that 15% of UK school children were obese and overweight. Young people are eating more, they are doing so because it is easier to find cheap food but since Jamie Oliver’s attack on our lifestyles our schools’ vending machines are being removed. The problem with this over consumption for the individual is an increased chance of obtaining: A heart attack Diabetes Bowel cancer High blood pressure Nasty Nicknames There is also the issue of self-esteem. Larger people can be found less attractive, less able at sports, and in an increasingly shallow society these impediments can greatly hinder your enjoyment of school life. I could now go on about what you must do to maintain a healthy weight but every one of us is aware what makes us fat and what we can do to sort it out. However it is this fact that makes the larger number of overweight people around harder to swallow (pause for laughter), people simply can’t be bothered to stay healthy. If sport is not a regular part of your weekly schedule make it so, join a gym, take up tennis, or cycle more. Simply doing enough to negate the calories you consume that week will keep you healthy enough. I feel it is also worth dispelling a popular myth among the portly population, genetics make little or no difference on your size, it is your lifestyle and the food you eat that makes you out of your trousers’ reach. Should obese children be treated with contempt? No, of course not, they should instead be given support. Parents who maintain that their ‘little darling’ is just enjoying his food and should be left to do so are in the wrong. Constructive criticism has to be put out there, if it’s left, then the bigger they are the harder they will fall. Food is good but being able to compete in sports and feel good about your appearance is also END and ignorant. If good, and sacrificing one for the other is both foolish you can help it (and you can) don’t have another helping. PAGE 13


...IN 1 WEEK

This boy has no brains, no emotion... Let the doctors of pure girlie evil help you out….



Ok, so you meet this really hot emo guy with his cute lip-ring and black hair, or this really amazing sporty blonde, or this totally cute Usher look-a-like. You flirted, used your girlie charm and wrapped him around your little finger. Sounds sweet! Urm, no, actually you realised you’ve messed up. This boy has no brains, no emotion and can’t even mutter three simple words, ‘I love you’. Or even worse, he uses them at the end of every sentence. Damn girl, what are you going to do to get rid of him? Let the doctors of pure girlie evil help





Tell him all your problems. When I say all, I mean all! Tell him everything! Even the stuff he doesn’t want to hear… (Girly issues… you get me…)

Always complain that he never talks to you, even if he does.

Say you know what he thinks. This will really make him mad. Say, “I know what you think of me!”

Always talk about, and compare him to, your ‘wonderful’ ex-boyfriend.

Create a big problem and tell him about it. Say how it’s tearing you up inside and cry all over him! Just say ‘Sorry mate, but you’re not my type.’

Give him really embarrassing nicknames. Such as ‘Princey’ or call him ‘Yours.’

Buy him a girlfriend/ boyfriend wristband and make him wear it, especially in front of all his friends! Mahwah!

Insult his football team or support his opposition team. PAGE 14


Make him listen to really girly music like Maria Carey and sing and dance all the time!

Make him meet your parents in the first week you’re going out. Tell him that your dad is very protective of his ‘little girl’ and say “he is a boxer, but once you get to know him he’s great!” Ask him loads of questions about his personal life and life in general. Basically annoy him by asking loads!

Forget his name or worse call him your exboyfriend or his best friend!! Oh deary me! Complain all the time! “Nothing is ever good enough!” “Why did you buy me flowers?” “Why are we sitting here?”


Say you pulled another guy but ask him to still go out with you.

Go really emotionally unstable on him. Keep having mood swings! First be really happy and hyper with him, and then suddenly change to being cold and distant. Then go all depressed then be happy again.

Dump him and then 30 minutes later ask him back out again. My guess the answer will be…NO!

Make sure you don’t get on with any of his friends. Annoy them and make sure they hate you. This way you can get them to bitch about you.

“Accidentally” pass msn conversations to him from other guys saying how much they like you. This will either make him crazy, jealous or he will just ignore it and go on.

Tell him how you have been asked out 4 times in one night! He will then think how much of a flirt you are with everyone and END anyone.




Good aftermorning to thee, ladies, gentlemen and all in-between or both irst of all, here’s the finger to all your narrow-minded, preconceptions of New Malden as a “dump of a town”. I mean, how can the greatest concentration of Koreans outside Korea be casually dismissed as just “a disorganised hotchpotch of chicken noodles”? Hmm? This is the kind of belligerently ignorant attitude that I hope to expose to you, (yes you) in all its ugly prejudiced wrongness. Now New Malden may look a bit shabby on the outside but, to paraphrase a common proverb, you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and accordingly a town by its looks. After all, good looks lose their charm if there’s nothing within to

attract; like one night stands that don’t blossom and all that kinda loveless philandering. If you can see through the façade designed perhaps to deter the fainthearted British tourist, there’s a wealth of things you can indulge yourself in… There be beautiful cafes with plush, sexy sofas for seats as standard, internet cafes with an byte transfer rate to die for, shops selling hot Korean food, dirt cheap DVD rental, a swimming pool much more decently sized than the Kingfisher, Beef mountain, Teletubby hill, a free outdoor basketball court, a cool roundabout to vroom round and round when you’re bored and of course loads of stylishly attired Koreans to admire as this already overlarge list swells and groans with growing pains. I suppose some of these hot spots aforementioned are so well hidden that they are only found by the favoured few, and some you just have to be Korean to know about… Well, I hope now that some will appreciate the nature of New Malden as a hidden beauty, as of yet undiscovered by most of the non-Korean world.

So, less of the ignorant comments, if you please? yes/no/maybe?

If yes, you be enlightened and have gained true separation from the wheely of life.  If no, ye shalt know that ye be wrong, when ye start the next life as a no-legged turtle.  If maybe… Step thyself down from thy fence and choose. Life is about choices as literature is all about consolation… Beefeaters. 

Disclaimer: The narrator/thesis proponent/moomoo of this here heavily opinionated, largely whimsical exposition accepts no responsibility for feelings of outrage or annoyance caused to any conservative/boring/bored/clinically depressed readers, partly because he/she/it couldn’t care less, and partly because he/she/it is a fictional construct that (hopefully) cannot be taken to court against. So *ahem* scootle along to Longtown and leave me alone if you hate this article. As they say… Like it or lump it. Have a nice ENDshaped revolution will eventually roll down the hill day L. You all know that the big mango
















14 15



18 19



22 23



26 27


29 30


1. Automatic, supersonic _______ funky fresh. (8) 3. Let me take some of the _______ for you. (7) 7. Taking over the show, with this new ____. (4) 10. Just to be _____ in your arms. (5) 12. Standing in line to see the show _______ & there’s a light on. (7) 14. A door without a key a face without a ____. (4) 15. Whatever I ____, whatever I did I didn’t mean it. (4) 16. Got me looking so _____ right now. (5) 17. Made to feel the way that every child should ___ and listen. (3) 18. I ____ I knew how it would feel to be free. (4) 19. Jealousy, turning ______ into the sea. (6) 23. You’re watching your back, like you can’t _____. (5) 24. as long as there’s a bed beneath the _____ that shine. (5) 26. Maybe we need some time _____. We need to let it breathe. (5) 27. I’m just a love _______. (7) 28. If you never try, you’ll never ____. (4) 29. Snap back to reality, oh there goes _______. (7) 30. My heart’s in overdrive & your ______ the steering wheel. (6)


1. Air _______, I like the way you dress. (7) 2. And through it all, she ______ me protection. (6) 4. For the love you bring, don’t mean a thing, unless you ____. (4) 5. You say it ____ when you say nothing at all. (4) 6. Knock on my door. I want to make you feel _________. (9) 8. ________ for the land. Turn forever hand in hand. (8) 9. And you promise me faithfully, that you will be my ____ man. (4) 11. So when I bust my rhyme, you break your _____. (5) 12. A few times I’ve been around that _____. (5) 13. And if my _____ falls down now, I wouldn't have a clue. (5) 20. I’m addicted to you. Don’t you know that your _____? (5) 21. Words can’t _____ you down. (5) 22. On the boulevard of ______ dreams. (6) 23. I’m getting old & I need something to ____ on. (4) 24. _____ you’ve been gone, I can breathe for the first time. (5) 25. In the ____, where I was born. (4) 27. She was with another ___. (3)

Help and advice on smoking, drinking, drugs, general health, feeling low ...or anything else you want to talk about

We also provide free contraception and sexual health advice. No appointment needed.

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/ The ne / / / / / be m

give s more e



a e school held November, th ill st n r ca ce u an yo C if e east charity and se Pink Day for Br what springs it’s all for a at th e one of the d m in co m have no idea be in s keep and ha ar t he ha w u ’s yo at n th he d Schools thanks to mind w good cause. An first Fairtrade s’ e irl th G t, in os iff m ‘T e th hardworking the words will strike you to our terribly if ow y jo kn t en n’ l al do I rls hools’ School.’ fact that the gi International Sc or od to go es is m co ng it ki in n he s, we supply what you’re th contributing w Committee. Ye ck to ba k in th I er th e, he olate and it bad, but for m fundraising. W Fairtrade choc rre sell za us bi R t os en m ur d La e good. the busiest an individually lik tastes doubly life. ’s ol ed is ho ra sc e ho what came th w few years of I have no idea in Upper Sixth day 0m e on 00 M 5, of g g in in m en im en I m tioned th On the ev over £80 by sw to mind when as t much of or bu , ’ s, 03 ol ur 20 ho ho r Sc lf be ha irls’ 15th Decem in one and a words ‘Tiffin G t was en k ed is es oc bl ra pr ur ng ho O w hi are the facts. the main teac class like 11F re a he e. fir a of stroyed by even as one ond Road was completely de over £570, or site on Richm s r am of te ity e or ris aj rp m te 50s school fo This left the our Young En originally a 19 e th e ay th to w in to r ed on ou t m on pu re students cram did when they boys. Now we’ s, hall, two gym you believe it) very updated, ld a ou g (w in t m ke co school’s main ar m to be ly ll. e th ha ’s ng at ni th di s, e school can tru and even th Tiffin bricks. Ye very cool (if a n be ow g to in t-d d ild rn ha bu bu s y d ol ur nd e nt ce Obviously, fu bricks from th be cool) 21st rry on rls gi ca t y ur no nt d ul ce co st raised; we building. fit for all you 21 e , go, go, , the girls wer hat’s really w t Bu now it’s all go e. er So this way. Soon th out field, d e de th va on in ts ve hu at despite the moved into and builders ha important is th a em of se e be W . to ol ed ho being the which seem Tiffin Girls’ Sc last two years ore ars m e d th an an e th bizarre yeEND or m ity be getting better qual est and most si to bu d s in the ol nstruction life, the staff teaching room involved in co of the school’s e n tiv io va at is no al in re e t through it, is or building. Th ojects, as m the girls all go d pr an a r fo m hool to ai ill all having ture are pushed the sc the girls are st d plans for the fu an 00 ,0 m of £100 ith The Fire substantial su cropping up. W fun. ing, ild bu ds g strong and ar in w or more to Appeal still go w ne a uipping ing set for refitting and eq the new build y ur nt ce st July 2006, the 21 building of completion in e th present, d plans for a standards. At long postpone its en at ready be Music and school has al revamp of the 91. ,0 67 £1 is now under g s in ie is target, ra Drama facilit r, ne em y Br e even ideas We’ve had Ror way. There ar id ent, Dav doing up the Matthew Pinc circulating of e nc re w and La k and sports Attenborough Sixthform bloc ho (to ll e our ha at happens, w Dallaglio grac halls, and if th d ha ve w). We’ to next? name but a fe knows where es, is om Pr all this fire of k n in Don’t th an Auctio of d an , es ls, raffl ns TGS isn’t concerts, mea business mea try u Yo . n Trek t others course the Tiffi thinking abou miles n ve se Friday 4th e n th walking anymore. O Park for d on hm ic R around


much of the main teaching block was completely destroyed by a fire.


/ / / / /////

/ / / / / / /ew/ classrooms will

much lighter and students a much pleasant learning environment


CHANGE COM ES TO BEVER BY LEWIS WOO LY BOYS DHEAD everly Boys, or Coombe Boys as they will be known from January, is ab out to underg o many change s. These

chaotic with hu ge queues, so the new canteen will m ake lunch tim es much more relaxed! include: Bike sheds: Th e previous bike Design and Te sheds were rusty an chnology/ Art d un sa fe, with very lit R ooms: The new room tle se curity for stud s will be bigger ent’s bikes. Th , newer and updated… e ne w sh eds will be muc therefore giving h more secure us better opportunities , giving green minded in subjects su cy cl ing students gr ch as Art and DT. The ne eater pi ece of mind ab w classrooms out the safety will be much lighter an of their bi kes and allow d give studen ing them to co ts a much nc more pleasant en trate on their lessons! learning enviro nment, with good faci The Name: As lities to displa a student at Be y people‘s artwork. verly, soon to be Coo mbe Boys, th e na Canteen: The m e ch ange doesn’t new canteen really seem to will be bigger; current o m uc h of a big deal. Apar ly lunch times t from the chan are fairly ge in head teachers , the transition from


W SPORTS E N S L I E V N U LS SCHOOL R I G E B M O O C CENTRE S T R had changed A D N A uch the school L HAL tell us how m w. ore we have no e event

hm ony. Part of th and how muc ed me realise with the cerem enting es pr at re l th al y, the day help , ng el ls ki tiv pi in ec th pu sp ol of ro ho ps et sc R ou to gone one luxury. involved gr y have, hool, forming Have you ever day is such a ts that school to pects of the sc y? I doubt man as ck lu nt t ly re ee of the art spor ib ffe gr e ed di at to cr st t you are in now has a lour and spiri around at be co m ok of lo oo d ll C to an fu t ar es de st mpolin a should great para brand new tra ts hall. Being but we really r hall, along with inside the spor sed with at ou ts es bl es e gu ected with e ar th e nn e th g w co tin s everything was represen country with o drama room I t tw tic ec d ra s, ef at oc pr m m en de in a ing facilities an nt year elev schools. Living d sound record r way to the fro hool should an ou sc e ng nd oi ad te ith de m w at vi e to W om tal ro e have prefects. ly was ent music reci laws saying w day 20th Princess. It tru also a magnific a chore. Tues e greeted the t w no ted with their re ry ec he xu w nn e lu co th a feel like puters each walk in with t me that I m hi to co e ly e nc tru pl to it rie ap y pe da as the a great ex a great step up city, the September w ul for. oards. This is there full capa kf yb to an ke g th n in be in ay ow pl to ck ount ting ba orchestra have a large am perienced star and to see the be Girls’ what I had ex gs waving high y when Coom fla da y e an th m as w . This ceremony all the guests year 7. e very auspicious happy faces of have never ded it was tim en School held a d d ha an many others, y ll d on ha an m ts I, re e or ce Sp e ilt th After wly bu hool spirit at on within their ne tours to any ex ed so much sc day to ve a nc gi rie as to w pe ts ur It ex . ec yo ef tre m END ts Cen ask fro for the pr Performing Ar se could you cility as and I were tour u time. What el other prefect g of the new fa in An . en ls be pi to prepare yo op m e pu is oo th m C e ai celebrat ho attended hen its sole y. Many w w da ne ol rth eo ho bi m sc th so 50 hool’s guides to obably opportunity? well as the sc As you can pr Mayor of for the world of hool in 1973. including the d e Sc te sh s’ vi e irl in G nc e si er d w ange guests on upon would have ch ugh of Kingst imagine a lot t round the en w the Royal Boro H e R w H d Coombe. As nathan, an ga ed Yo nd n te at ga e when Yo Thames ed the new what it was lik I had a feel of a officially open ol dr ho an sc ex ribed Al sc ss Prince en. She de th ol was first op lebrate the 50 ho ce sc to e th beret. so n Al ee s. facilitie cluded a gr people who iform which in school, many un e r th ei of th hool in y sc ar e rs annive e invited looking at th mbe Girls’ wer ked through, al oo w C e on to ed W t nd en te w once at way. She etely different pl m co a n. io un for a re involved enough to be I was fortunate


su y is

da o t l oo xury sch u l a


If you want to include some news about your school or an interesting story, call Vicky Metcalf on 07795 813052 PAGE 19



Not sure what to do after school? Confused about university or just don’t feel ready to get back into study just yet? A gap year may be just what you need to get yourself sorted…


ts give c e j o r p r ap yea g d by t e s u o l a M v that are s l l i k s you e rs e mp l o y

Parents’ view:

Some parents worry that their children might stop working and lose the interest to continue with their education, especially those who have to be encouraged to work hard at school, but all in all, few are actually against the idea. There have been some very sad and well-publicised cases of accidents and even deaths occurring during gap year programmes, which would naturally make most parents worry, especially if their child is doing a physically demanding activity or is in a remote area of the world. However, most organisations take health and safety very seriously; the Year Out Group works hard to promote common aims among organisations and has government backing to ensure gapers are safe. PAGE 20

University views:

Uni tutors are usually happy for people to differ entry but there are some exceptions, mainly in the science and maths field or in strongly academic universities. If tutors can see that a gap year will help the subject of study then they’re bound to be impressed. In fact some tutors notice that gapers are usually highly motivated, well organised, communicative and mature. Similarly, employers are aware of the skills that could be gained or enhanced by a year out.


very year thousands of young Brits take a year out of education in search of an experience of a lifetime, escaping from the pressures of sixth form, exams, the endless university courses on offer, or the thrilling prospect of having to find a job. Last year 20% of uni applicants applied for a differed entry so they could take a “gap” and the increasing interest has sparked new and exciting programmes which cater for everything, from round the world trips to voluntary work in the UK. The deadline for university applications is drawing closer and closer, and as the cost of higher education increases with

top-up fees and living expenses it’s more important that if we do go to uni, we can start our course knowing we’ve made a good choice instead of feeling that it was just the next step up the ladder. So for anyone who isn’t sure which direction they’re headed after school, then a gap year could help sort you out. For example, you might end up trying different types of work that you wouldn’t normally consider, and your CV will benefit from the new skills. Most gap year projects give you skills that are valued by employers, such as team work, communication and resilience, simply because you’d be in a new situation with new people. For

. You aunting

g, a bit d or r endin ld seem e u v o e c n animals u e s ar for yo ildren, ie t h it h unity c il g m h ri ib it s m e w s or co work gramm ts , c The po e ro g je p n ro e a th ch np tion a

anyone who already has a career in mind then it’s a great time to gain work experience that isn’t boring - for instance teaching English abroad to children could help with teaching or psychology, as well as being fun!

ey or a n o m f aste o w a t i ? Is ifetime l a f o chance

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E C N A T S B SU ! S R E T SIS n o i t a m r o f n I g u Dr



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, UTH SERVICE KINGSTON YO RVICES SE EN R D IL D CH LEARNING AN BARNFIELD Youth Centre Parkfields Road Kingston Surrey KT2 5LL 020 8546 4103 ALBANY PARK Canoeing and Sailing Centre Albany Mews Kingston KT2 5SL 020 8549 3066


KINGSNYMPTON Youth Centre Kingsnympton Park Estate Kingston Hill Surrey KT2 7RR 020 8549 5705

SEARCHLIGHT Youth Centre Kingston Road Kingston Surrey KT3 3RX 020 8549 4514


FOUNTAIN Youth Centre 1 Kingston Road New Malden Surrey KT3 3PE 020 8942 5251


SCHOOL LANE Youth Centre School Lane Surbiton Surrey KT6 7QJ 020 8390 2056


HEAD OFFICE Guildhall One, Room 103 Guildhall Surrey KT1 1EU Email:

Magic Roundabout 23 Richmond Road, Kingston Mon 3.30-6.30pm, Sat 9.30am-12noon (Megan Dawson) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8974 9252

Off the Record 2 Church Street, Twickenham Mon 3.30-5.30pm, No fri service (Deborah Kerpner) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8744 1644

Wolverton Centre, Kingston Hospital, Galsworthy Road Walk-in: Tues 9-11am, Thurs 2-4pm App. only: Mon 8.30-11.30am, Weds 4.30-7.30pm, Thurs 9-11.30am, Fri 8.30-11am (Was unable to check these times) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8974 9331 Roehampton Clinic, Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton Walk-in: Mon 3.30-5pm (under 18s only), Mon 9-11am, Fri 9-11.30am App. only Tues 2-6.30pm, Weds 8.30am-12.30noon, Thurs 8.30-11.45am, 2-4pm (Dorinda Philby) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8355 2470/2077 West Middlesex Hospital Sexual Health Clinic, Twickenham Road, Isleworth Mon 9am-12noon, 2-6.30pm, Tues 2-4.30pm Weds 1.30-3.30pm (family planning), 4-7.30pm Thurs 9am-12noon (women only), 2-4.30pm Fri 9am-12noon Please arrive half an hour before closing time

The Venner Youth Centre The Manor Drive Worcester Park KT4 7LG 0208 8330 2805

CHESSINGTON Youth Centre Church Lane Chessington Surrey KT9 2DR 020 8397 2495


Info for Young People In and Around Kingston & Richmond SEXUAL HEALTH

DICKERAGE Adventure Playground Dickerage Lane New Malden Surrey KT3 3EQ 020 8942 1707


HOOK Youth Centre Devon Way Chessington Surrey KT9 2RJ 020 8397 2216


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8565 5718

Sexwise Helpline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0800 28 29 30


Community Drug & Alcohol Team, Richmond . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8940 3331

National AIDS Helpline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0800 567 123

Alcohol Services Kingston & Richmond . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8940 1160

Train Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .08457 484950

National Drugs Helpline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0800 776600


London Transport Travel Information . . .020 7222 1234

National Express Coach Enquires . . . . . . .0990 808080


Kingston Citizens Advice Bureau Neville House, 55 Eden Street, Kingston, KT1 1BW Walk-in Monday, Tuesday & Friday 11.30 - 1.30 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0870 126 4019

Richmond Citizens Advice Bureau Linfield House, 26 Kew Road, Richmond TW9 2NA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .08457 0505152/020 894 2501


NHS Direct . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0845 4647 DRUGS AND ALCOHOL

Community Drug & Alcohol Team, Kingston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .202 549 9279

Kaleidoscope, Kingston . . . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8549 2681 Release – drugs & legal advice helpline .020 7729 9904


Kingston Connexions Swan House, 51 High Street, Kingston, KT1 1LQ Walk-in: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 9am-5pm, Weds 10.30am-5pm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8410 4105 CfBT Connexions 1 Ilex House, 94 Holly Road, Twickenham TW1 4HF Mon – Fri 9.30am-5.30pm . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8891 6162 INFORMATION, ADVICE, COUNSELLING & SUPPORT

Off the Record 2 Church Street, Twickenham Tues, weds, thurs 4-8pm Fri, 2.30-6.30pm Sat, 10am-2pm (Deborah Kerpner) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .020 8744 1644

Youth Unlimited Issue 2a  

A magazine for young people by young people

Youth Unlimited Issue 2a  

A magazine for young people by young people