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Ben Franklin 1706 - 1790

Alexander B. Pine Room June 2013

Introduction Famous Quotation: Well done is better then well said. Best known for: Being a leader of the American Revolution

3 Key Qualities: Brave Strong Nice

What I find interesting: His wife died of smallpox and he didn't give up.

I chose this person because... They were a leader of thousands of people. I wanted to learn more about his history.

Overcame a Hardship/Challenge Ben Franklin couldn't go to school that long because his parents didn't have enough money. He had 16 brothers and sisters. He had to go to work.

It was surprising because he started out with not that much school education but ended being big leader.

Showed Compassion and Empathy Ben Franklin helped to make the first library, free school and hospital by starting a club of citizens who wanted to make buildings that would help their community. Ben Franklin wanted to help the community be a healthier place and for everyone to be happy. He knew that they were connected to him and it was a good use of money.

Took Action Ben Franklin discovered the power of electricity. He had experienced an electric shock and became curious. He tested it again by flying a kite with a key attached on a stormy day. He discovered that electricity can come from lightning.

Ben Franklin took action by following his curiosity to help the future. He could have died from a powerful electric shock but he kept going and took a risk.

Persevered When Ben Franklin was a kid he wanted to know if a kite would fly him across the lake. Other boys said he couldn't do it. Ben Franklin didn't listen to them and did it anyways.

It took perseverance because he didn't go to the lake and say, "It's too dangerous." He did it. I have a connection because in preschool kids said I couldn't ride my bike without training wheels. It hurt my feelings but I still did it.

Impact: How Things are Different Today Ben Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence which made America free from British rule.

It was important for Americans to have freedom because they were being treated unfairly by Britain.

Demonstrated Bravery Ben Franklin went to speak to the King of England to lower the price of tea, paper and glass from England. The King said "no" so Ben went back to America and helped start and win the war to fight for their rights.

I think it was brave to start a war because a lot of people could die if they lost but Ben knew it was important to be free

Author Talk I’m similar to my Change Maker because I also don't want war to break out.

My Change Maker is connected to George Washington because they both helped lead Americans to freedom.

I’m a Change Maker when I stop my friends from fighting.

Bibliography Ben Franklin and His First Kite

Thinker, Inventor, Leader

Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin

Glossary Declaration of independence: A document that made America free from British rule.

Library of congress The first library ever in America.

American revolution A war fought to make America independent.

Lightning rod A rod that helps buildings to stay up if lightning hits it.

Map Of America 1775

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