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From Womb to One Candle A family diary by Richard Baker

This is a piece of work about a personal journey I made almost 15 years ago: the first 12 months in the life of my first child Ella, and my wife Lynda’s journey from expectant to actual motherhood. But most of all for Ella, a new-born to a one year-old. Looking back on this work now is remarkable as not only do I see my teenage daughter as a sweet infant again and how our world has moved on, but it also shows a family from a previous century. Ella now has a brother and we are four.

Richard Baker is an English photographer whose reportage appears in magazines, books and corporate image collections. His image archive is represented by Corbis, Alamy and Photoshelter. Richard Baker Photography Linkedin Photoshelter Skype bakerpictures Twitter @bakerpictures

From Womb to One Candle  

A personal photo diary of a daughter's first year by photographer, Richard Baker.

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