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Cover photo: Paige Murray, by Anne Short Got a digital camera? Then you could be an Alert photographer. Just send us your photos and we’ll print our favourites. We might even put your work on the front page - instant fame! Guest photographers Adriam & Pol Mawby

NEIGHBOURHOOD MANAGEMENT The last Neighbourhood Management Board discussed; Gooding Avenue Exit/ Hinckley Rd

Cllr Glover informed the board that Cllr Naylor is leading on this. Anne Short announced that a wider consultation would be taking place shortly. Carnival fundraising - Angie Wright was able to report that £636 was raised on the curry night at Laat Saab and that £600 of prizes had been donated by Infinity Group and other members of the public. She also announced further fund raising events, to include a stall at a school fete on 22nd May and a health and therapies day on Saturday 12th June. Parks - Anita Robinson was able to tell the board of how well the new equipment and skate park is being used and that ten new litter and dog bins were in place around the park. Anita was particularly concerned about damage to the toilet block and broken glass around the Skate Park. A round the table discussion looked at how to improve the positive usage of all the equipment and how to create a sense of ownership by the residents. Sally Davis suggested the “Friends of” group needs to be set up. Clean Up up-date Angie Wright asked for support with the Big Braunstone Park Clean Up, which is to take place on Tuesday 1st June. Lunch will be provided and there will be nine areas which will cover the park. Future area to be targeted by the clean up group, is the underpasses on Bendbow Rise and Gallards Hill. Residents Network up-date Andy & Alan informed the board that a core group of resident’s network volunteers would be forming a constituted committee group. Angie Wright informed the board that the committee would be able to have membership and possible representation on the new B-Inspired Foundation Board. Hockley Farm Surgery up-date - Michael Cooke told the board that he has been meeting with Dr Nana and they have been discussing a localised agenda, looking at health inequalities and improving primary care. Angie Wright suggested that the Neighbourhood Action Plan would be a document which would support the work that the surgery and Cllr. Cooke are doing.

RESIDENTS NETWORK MEETINGS Why don’t you come along to the resident’s network meetings and tell us about life in Braunstone. We are looking for new ideas on how to continue improving the area and we welcome you to come along. If we spoke to you about joining us at the Carnival come along to our next meeting on Tuesday August 24th from 1.30pm to 3pm at the Grove, on Cort Crescent.

SPRING CLEAN FOR THE PARK Staff from Braunstone Neighbourhood Housing Office joined forces with local volunteers from the community and local agencies in tandem with staff from a range of council services to carry out the ‘Big Spring Clean-up’ in Braunstone Park on 1st June 2010. Despite the rotten weather 61 people attended, including 25 young people. Local councillors and the Police joined in to carry out the litter pick and waste clearance on the park. There were members of different local community groups such as Friends of Highway Spinney, Golden Gloves Boxing Gym and the Braunstone Residents Network. 70 bags of rubbish were collected and another ton of waste was loaded on the truck. This was seen as a very successful event by all concerned. This is now an annual event which brings local tenants and residents together with NMB agencies and other council departments to clean up Braunstone Park. It is seen locally as one of many events which involves local community and enhances the appearance of the park and the local environment.

POLICE & HOUSING SURGERIES Just to let you know that the police surgeries, where you can get to have your say… will be taking place at the following locations at the following times… Brite Centre, Braunstone Ave – 4pm -6pm 03/08/10, 07/09/10, 05/10/10, 02/11/10, 07/12/10 Co-op, Hallam Crescent East – 1pm-2pm 14/08/10, 16/10/10 Stable Block, Braunstone Park – 1pm 2pm 17/07/10, 18/09/10 Winstanley Community Centre, Blackmore Drive 1130am -1.30pm 24/09/10, 26/11/10 Queensmead School, Hamelin Road – 2.30- 3.30pm 29/10/10 Caldecote School Café, (Also with housing officers)… Hallam Crescent East – 9am- 10.30am 24/09/10, 29/10/10, 26/11/10 Also Housing Officers will be at the Brite Centre every Wednesday morning from 10am to 12noon, from now until 18th August!



he residents network have been thinking for some time to get themselves constituted so that they can achieve a number of things in their own right. Firstly it will allow them to apply for funds that will assist local community groups who don’t necessarily want to be business minded but just want to continue to enjoy their hobbies and interests. Some want to host their own events such as the Braunstone Awards or try out a new activity. Secondly, the group has decided to apply to be considered as a member of the b-inspired Foundation Board (formally BCA). With the group doing this it ensures that we strengthen their links with the Neighbourhood Management Board and the Foundation in working to improve local provision. Other news is that we have really enjoyed being part of the fund raising activities as mentioned elsewhere in the magazine. We’ve helped out wherever we can whether it is serving tea, selling tickets, taking entrance fees. We have been in the thick of it and enjoying every moment. But the work doesn’t stop there! We are wanting to undertake some survey work around the Hinckley Road / Gooding Avenue junction and to look at the speeding traffic on Braunstone Avenue. This is likely to happen in the Autumn but we would like some more help. So if you would like to join us then come along to our next Resident’s network get-together at the Grove on the 24th August, 1.30 - 3pm. And oh! by the way, we are working with the b-connected team in planning the next Braunstone Awards, there will be nomination forms in the September/October edition.



Ellen Watts, from Gutheridge Crescent housing office asked Did you grow up in Braunstone and made it in us to tell you about the plans to build new houses on the Bendbow Rise School site. This has now been given the go ahead, with work starting at the end of July 2010. There will be 21 homes which will consist of: 1 five bedroom home, 7 three bedroom homes, 8 two bedroom homes, 3 one bedroom flats and 2 two bedroom flats. She said “these homes are being built by Nottingham housing and its really exciting news for the area! There will be more homes built in the future, but this is the plan for now, the rest of the land will be fenced off properly to stop fly tipping. The building work is likely to last for about a year. We often hear that there is overcrowding and a shortage of houses in Braunstone so we think this is great news, lets hope there is more to come!

the world. Too many people try to put Braunstone down. If you have an achievement you are proud of and are prepared to be interviews on video. Please contact the History Group.

You can contact us by calling in at the Brite Centre in the library on a Tuesday morning between 10am - 12noon.

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Why can’t I get an appointment?

Clean up Braunstone’ is a local initiative to tidy up and enhance the appearance of the area.

At Hockley Farm Surgery there were 410 appointments missed last month and that means a total of 89.6 hours of doctors and nurses time wasted on doing nothing. That is the same as having a full time doctor sitting in his room without seeing a patient for over two weeks of the month! Despite offering two late night surgeries to 7.30pm, the surgery is still unable to bring down those figures. We would like to ask you, what stops you coming? We would also like to ask you about visits to the A & E department at the Royal Infirmary. A report has just been published which says that Braunstone residents make more visits to the A & E than anywhere else in the whole county. We are going to be looking at why this is, and would ask that you give us some feedback! On a brighter note! We have a new doctor starting in August and are looking to take on some trainees too, so we are hoping to be able to work towards the 48 hour appointment target that was set by the previous government. The new government has withdrawn this ruling but we have decided to stick with it! We are also going to be having a practice open day later in the year, where you will be able to meet the doctors and get some first hand information, so look out in the Alert for more details as they come along. Dr Nana

BRAUNSTONE AWARDS Its nearly that time again! We will soon be looking for you to send in your nominations to thank those people who deserve a thank you, a well done or who have stood out from the crowd for one reason or another! So, get your thinking caps on and look out for the form in the next edition of the Alert!

Local tenants and residents recently expressed an interest in creating a community garden which will encourage people to take an interest in gardening and possibly provide adult learning opportunities. At a resident network meeting in Braunstone, local tenants and residents identified a garden that should be seen as a ‘good example’ and has been a bone of contention for some of the local community. They suggested it be used as community garden and they offered to supply plants and light labour. Our Neighbourhood Operatives from the Future Jobs Fund have been working hard to clear this area, lifting and relaying slabs, planting trees, clearing rubbish and cutting grass to turn it into a community garden that local people will be able to come along and put their stamp on. Ali, one of the local neighbourhood support workers said “this will be fantastic for everyone, and they are waiting in anticipation”. She also added that “these lads have already made fantastic progress and I am very impressed by their commitment”. Anne, another local neighbourhood support worker added “they have transformed it into a garden ready to plant.” If you would like to help develop this community garden then please ring 223 2256.

SMOKE FREE HOMES We found out about a new project that is aiming to tackle the problem of second hand smoke and we thought you might like to know about it… HUNDREDS of people in the city who suffer with respiratory problems are set to benefit from an innovative new project NHS Leicester City’s STOP! team has just expanded their existing smokefree homes scheme to specifically include the families of people who have respiratory problems such as breathlessness and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The aim is to protect the person who is already suffering from breathing difficulties by encouraging others to not smoke in the home. “Making your home smokefree will help to prevent the condition of the person who is ill from getting worse and prevent unwanted admissions to hospital. By keeping active, maintaining breathing exercises recommended by your doctor and taking medicines correctly, these small manageable steps help to improve the symptoms of respiratory conditions.” For more information on how to make your home smokefree or if you have decided now is the time to quit smoking, contact the STOP! team on 0116 295 4141 or email



Chris has been the community worker for St Peter’s Church Braunstone for 10 years. He has hung about, he has got to know thousands of people. He has been to loads of meetings – sometimes he has found new ways to have a meeting!

After two very creative years, we are saying goodbye to our Community Art Workers, Lisa and Zoë. “It’s been a really fantastic couple of years,” Lisa told us, “but I think the last nine months, working on the ‘Learning from the Past, Building for the Future’ project, has been the best part. It has been really inspiring to see the commitment and passion that the residents have for where they live, and the talent that has been revealed has just been incredible. I think we both feel really humbled by it all. The girls, along with their fellow worker, Di McCathie, were thrown a surprise party at St Peters Church. “That was so unexpected, and really lovely,” Zoë told us. “We had no idea, and to see residents there, as well as colleagues made it such a special occasion. The residents we have worked with have become our friends, and it hasn’t felt like work at times.” Di adds “when I joined the team I had no idea what was ahead and I would like to say thank Anne & Angie for the opportunity”. “I have had an incredible experience working with Zoe & Lisa on this project. The pleasure has been immense, but the most enjoyable part was working with talented individuals, watching them blossom on their journey”.

Chris is so gentle, people don’t always realise how passionately he feels about values and issues. He is passionate about respecting everyone, whether you’re a politician, a professor, unemployed, a young person whatever your race or culture. (We’re all people, after all.) In the early days we had a young people’s play project at St Peter’s. Some of the kids were quite hard to get to know – experts might call them “hard to reach” but Chris managed to reach them. Not by gimmicks, but simply because he listened and respected them. Chris doesn’t make a lot of noise, but things happen when he’s around. “Clean up Braunstone” was started by Chris with a group of colleagues, but it was Chris who kept it going when the colleagues’ jobs were moved on. The annual Summer Festival at St Peter’s has been masterminded by Chris, with themes as different as the Spanish Armada and this year’s Food Festival. Chris has always worked with other people – especially perhaps Paddy McCullough from b-connected – and we at St Peter’s are going to try hard to learn from him and work with others from around the community. It’s especially good that so many community groups are coming to the Food Festival. Chris’ final report is a ground-breaking piece of work. Almost his final remark is that he needs to move on, so that we have to get up and do some of what he did. It’s our job now to follow his example. Chris doesn’t yet know which job he’s moving on to, but we all wish him well. If you want to come to the party to say Goodbye to him, please order a ticket we have to do it this way, because we can’t fit in everyone who would like to come! Call in at St Peter’s or call me on 2893377 Chris Burch.

So what’s next for the Creative pair? Well, Zoë is looking to become a selfemployed artist, while Lisa is planning on taking a well-earned break, but she remains optimistic about the future. So for now thank you all so much “We still plan on supporting the Creative Network when we can, but I think we will both be back in Braunstone at some point... so watch this space!

Zoë L Jukes Artist Telephone E-mail Website


Mosaic • Ceramics • Mural • Textiles • Multimedia Commissions • Workshops • Residencies

The Big Clean up What a great turn out for a wet miserable day in June, the Big Clean Up on Braunstone Park! Over sixty people, combining City Council workers and local volunteers and residents got together in one big effort for the Braunstone Park Litter Pick. The group included children in their first decade to the most senior volunteer, who is in his 9th decade. Their combined efforts yielded 70 sacks of rubbish which included most of a motorbike, a ladies hand bag and some other stuff which doesn’t bear repeating. Everyone took part in good humour and were welcomed back to the stable block to enjoy a hot drink and a bite to eat. So Barnie Newshound would like to say “Wag Wag for a job Well Done.”

Join the Friends of Highway Spinney every other Monday for a litter pick. Dates are: 19th July, 2nd & 16th August, 6th & 20th September. Meet at the Wyatts Close entrance. If you are interested in joining the Friends group contact Janice Locke on 0116 2917121 for more information

esidents and visitors to Braunstone regularly comment on the amount of abandoned "white goods"; fridges and freezers etc, left in gardens or tipped illegally around the estate. This re-enforces the negative opinions that people have of Braunstone. Since 2007 it has been law for retailers and distributors of electrical products, like a fridge or freezer or TV, to offer a free of charge return system to take back what is referred to as WEEE, on a like for like basis. This maybe achieved through in-store take-back or through the retailer or distributor joining a take-back scheme where a 3rd party organisation will provide the take-back service on their behalf. There is no need to leave old worn out products in gardens or tip them illegally when they can be removed free of charge. Also recycling unwanted electrical products is better for the environment. The amount of electrical waste, from hairdryers to washing machines, that is thrown away is increasing by around 5% each year. This means that in one year the amount of electrical waste created in the UK could fill Wembley Stadium 6 times! Over 75% of waste electrical goods end up in landfill. This can have a very harmful effect on the natural habitat, wildlife and human health. When situated near populated areas toxins can cause problems to communities as their water and soil is polluted. Did you know that many of the electrical items that we throw away can be repaired or recycled. Recycling items helps to save natural resources reduces the environmental and health risks associated with sending waste electrical goods to landfill. For more information talk to your local retailer or visit Help the environment and "take pride in your estate". Regards, David. Local resident


Invitation to the

Naming Ceremony The Spark Children’s Art’s Festival Invite’s you to the launch and naming of the new play space on

Braunstone Park On the 17th July at 12.00 - 1pm Join us for games, songs and stories

TWO PAIGE SPREAD We found out that we have a local celebrity living in

Awesome! That’s what we


think of Paige Murney! Also from Braunstone, and also an inspiration to others! We met up with Paige at Golden Gloves Boxing Gym at the Oak Centre on Bendbow Rise, where she was training and sparring with Tony Smith who is a new addition to the club. Tony is an ex England and ex international boxer, and has only recently retired, he is about to undertake training to be a coach for the club... After witnessing Paige take a swipe to her nose, she took a moment out to talk to us about her love of boxing. Paige said “I am sorry about the nose, It doesn’t usually bleed, but did you notice how I split his lip too, that’s really unusual because I don’t usually get anywhere near him! That’s fighting talk Paige!! ,

Paige Murray has been presented a prestigious rose bowl after winning the “Honoured citizen’s Award” which is given annually by the Lord Mayor of Leicester. So tell us your story! We asked “I was shocked to win the award, when he said my name I didn’t believe it, I am proud of myself though” Paige is a member of the “Big Mouth Forum” which is based at Barnes Heath, in the city. “We are a group of young people that look at the services available to young people with disabilities, and we get to tell the people in power, what needs to change. One thing we all agree on is we don’t like those big yellow buses, because they look so obvious. I was born with cerebral palsy but that doesn’t mean to say I need to go on a big yellow bus! Seriously, a white bus would work just as well!” Paige told us all about her other achievements, such as speaking at a conference packed with health professionals and about her sporting achievements at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Paige has competed at their annual games event for the last two years and has plenty of certificates lined up around the room to prove that she is not one to let anything or anyone, stand in her way. “My pet hate is ignorance” she told us “I get that a lot on the buses, and I could go on about it for hours but I wont, its good that I get to speak my mind at the Big Mouth Forum and I can tell you… everyone knows about the problems I face with buses, I just have to make sure the bus companies hear what I have to say” So what will the future bring? We asked… I really hope that I can do a sports degree at Loughborough University and in the mean time I am aiming for the 2016 Paralympics, I have got myself a swimming coach and am giving it my best!” We wish you all the best too Paige! Come and meet Paige on the 17th July at the naming event for the Spark amphitheatre on the Park. Paige is opening the event 12 noon -1pm. It is open to families with young children. If you are not sure where it is, it’s on Braunstone Avenue side of the park.

“I am 15 now and have been boxing for just over a year, I thought it would keep me fit and healthy and keep me off the streets but I didn’t realise how much I would grow to love it”. It keeps the adrenalin running, we can see that! We asked Paige about what she had achieved so far and she told us about her boxing accomplishments “I have boxed twice in Birmingham, in Sheffield and Chesterfield and have won three competition fights and in May this year I got to the semi finals of the school girl amateur boxing championships. Oh, and I would like to point out that I was knocked out by the eventual winner of the event, so I don’t feel too bad about that at all!” Paige has to train vigorously to keep her fitness levels up and is supported by her coaches Paddy and his son Leon. “I go running with Paddy and he gives me lots of support in the ring, I couldn’t have got this far without him and he keeps me keen to carry on” Asking Paige about her family, she told us “I have two older brothers and neither of them box but they are really good to me and back me up every step of the way” That’s good to hear! We decided to ask her coach “Paddy” Greg Lynch about her and he was more than happy to say “In one year Paige has achieved the level that would usually take three years to get to, she is spot on with her diet and training and in my opinion, is every thing you would look for in a young person, one of the best” Well, what more can we say than that, apart from well done Paige and keep up the good work!

HILLCROFT: THE NATIONAL RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN. It’s a place to learn and explore to take a break from your everyday routine and spend time in the company of like-minded women. You don’t need any formal qualifications to come to Hillcroft, just a desire to improve yourself, you might want to upgrade your skills or try something totally new. Maybe you feel in need of a confidence boost, gain a volunteer qualification or want to get up to speed for university entrance or in the work place. Perhaps you’re looking to take the first steps on a new life path but you’re not quite sure where to start. At Hillcroft we’ll help you identify your goals and fulfil your potential. The atmosphere is lively and supportive; our tutors are experienced and knowledgeable. You’ll have 24-hour access to learning resources and there is Free childcare so you can bring the children, and they can have fun too. It’s all set in 3 acres of beautiful woodland, with easy access to Surbiton Railway station and only 15 minutes from Waterloo so you can enjoy all the sites and activities London has to offer. There is lots of financial support to, which will cover your course, accommodation and childcare, many students find they are eligible to go on these courses for only a fee of £15.00 – that’s less than the cost of your mobile phone! If you have any questions just call us on . Do you know someone who might benefit from Hillcroft? Please tell them to get in touch!



Recently we heard some sad news about one of our Residents Network Volunteers. Colin Miles, passed away in his sleep on 19th June. His family tells us that he often talked about the volunteering he was involved in. He was a keen member of the Neighbourhood Management Resident’s Network in promoting Braunstone in a positive way . He also delivered the Alert to his friends and neighbours on Braunstone Avenue. The Alert Team would like to express our condolences to his wife and family.



he park saw some ‘action’ recently with Rhys Davies, a local film maker. He was using the blossoming trees as a background for one of the scenes for his new up-coming film. ‘£43’. Its a comedy based on a director having to make a film for only 43 quid!. Rhys Davies has previously made a comedy called ‘Zombie Undead’ which was shown at the Phoenix Leicester.

Email us on or take a and look at our website check out all the courses to help move your life forward.

Alert We have been working hard to raise funds to put on this years carnival and what a success it has been! Many people have helped us to raise a total of and we wanted to thank all of those who took the time to volunteer, entertain, to organize and carry out the many events that took place at such short notice. A massive thank you goes to ER Crew, Stars and Angels, Kids to entertain You, the Residents Network, Supertroopers, Infinity Group, Alan Chapman and the fabulous Ali Ladak, who single handedly arranged a curry night and a health and therapy day at the Brite Centre, these two events alone raised nearly !!!

Whats on in Bruanstone

Monday: 11.30am - 12.30pm

1.30pm – 3.30pm 2.00pm – 4.00pm 2.00pm – 4.00pm 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Healthy Eating Group Mary Bancroft or Sue Richards Hockley Farm Health Centre Watercolour Group Sandyhurst, Hockley Farm Road Golden Years Group (Bingo!) Blessed Sacrament Church Indoor Bowling Trinity Church, Woodshaw Rise Bingo Cort Crescent Community Centre

Tuesday: 10.00am – 12.00pm Braunstone History Group BRITE Centre - Library Braunstone Avenue 12.00pm – 1.00pm Lunch Club (closed in July 2010) Cort Crescent Community centre (Book at least 2 days in advance) Call Tony on 0116 2855399 Wednesday: 9.30am – 11.30am Baby Club (through Surestart) Trinity Methodist Church Hallam Crescent 10.15am Coffee and chat at St Peters Church, Woodshawe Rise Contact Chris Burch on 0116 282 5034 1.45pm - 3.30pm Over 60s Friendship Club West End Working Men’s Club 3.00pm – 5.00pm Friendship Club Trinity Methodist Church Hallam Crescent 6.00pm – 8.00pm 40+ Club Oak Centre, Bendbow Rise 6.30pm – 8.30pm Braunstone Creative Network (Monthly) The BRITE Centre, Braunstone Ave Contact Anne/Ali 0116 2232256 Thursday: 12.00pm – 3.00pm Women of Wisdom (WOW) Group Contact Eileen on 0750 216 4400 12.00pm - 1.30pm Lunch club- Trinity Church Call Marilyn on 0116 2892182 5.00pm – 8.00pm Lesta Zim Drumming and dancing grp Oak Centre, Bendbow Rise Contact 07767892886 Friday: 10.00am – 12.00am Coffee morning/ pop in Blessed Sacrament Church Gooding Avenue 10.00am – 12.00am Art Club- Visitors centre The Stable Block, Braunstone Park. 10.00am – 1.00pm Sew ‘n So’s Needlecraft Group The Oak Centre, Bendbow Rise 12.00pm – 1.30pm Bingo Cort Crescent Community Centre 6.00pm - 9.00pm Bingo Bonanza (Last Friday of Cort Crescent Community Centre mth)



n the Spotlight this time is Lizzie Gregory, a wellknown and dedicated member of the Women of Wisdom group and an active member of the NMB Residents Network. Lizzie enjoys taking part in ‘Looking Out for You’ visits for older residents in the area. Another hobby is also something of an artist, having exhibited one of her paintings at the Learning from the Past- Building for the Future exhibition in March. What is your idea of a good night out? A meal a Chiquitos and then cinema afterwards ... a good night in? A bath and some good music What animal would you be? A horse, because they can run for miles What is your pet hate? Miserable b%*@&$%s (sorry for the bad typing!) What was the last book you read? Along Came a Spider What is your favourite film? Aliens (scary and exciting) Describe Braunstone in three words. Beautiful, togetherness, hope How do you describe yourself? Someone who would like to put the world to rights. How would other people describe you? Reasonable??? What is the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Antigua, that’s where my partner, Phoenix, is from. What would be your ideal holiday? Hawaii (not too bad thanks!) What's your most attractive quality? My hair... ... and your least attractive quality? ...the rest of me! Have you got a claim to fame? My hands appeared in the Alert One thing you would change about yourself? My size (bigger or smaller?) If we made a movie of your life who would play you? Sandra Bullock (smaller!) Do you have a wish for Braunstone? Peace How do you want to be remembered? For being difficult to shut up!

Dear Alert Could you please let your readers know about our book! We have been collecting stories from women all over the estate, asking them to tell us about their lives. Now we have published a really nice book with 40 stories in it. We are selling copies for £5 and If anyone is interested in buying a copy, could they please contact me on 0750216 4400 Many thanks Eileen P.s A special thanks to Paddy McCullough for the talk he gave to the WoW group on his up-bringing in Ireland. Hello Everyone Just to introduce myself to you my name is Dave and I am one of the Leaders of the “CARE TEAM” (Community, Arson Reduction and Education). I work for the Leicestershire Fire Rescue Service, based at Western Station in New Parks. With your support we hope to reduce the number of arson fires and hoax calls in the area. At the moment 7 out of every 10 calls are arson or hoax calls. If you have any information that could stop these calls please ring 01162 872241. Thank you Dave Everett

Dear Alert I just wanted to say... a big THANK YOU to the new Neighbourhood Improvement Operatives, who are working in the area at the moment, everywhere I go. I see what a difference these lads have made. Wellinger Way garden is looking really good and the tops of the underpasses on Bendbow and Gallards are so much nicer to look at. I think they have done a great job and wanted them to know that its appreciated by us residents.

TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH Narborough Road Leicester Saturday 7th August 7.30 p.m.

Tickets £7.00 For tickets contact: Church office tel: 0116 289 2182 Proceeds in aid of Crossroads Project for Human Development, Raichur Kids Paradise School Turanakandoni, and Trinity Church Funds


Alert deadlines for placing adverts or articles September October edition - 10th August November December edition 10th October Alert delivery times July August edition - mid July (to include carnival pics) September October edition End of August -1st week Sept November December - Late Oct - 1st week November If you want to help deliver the alert please contact us. Details overleaf

4C’s Community Café@ Caldecote School

p ur grou o y e s i t Adver n ve n t s o e g n i m or upco . e board c i t o n our details t c a t See con below

Ÿ Open 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday, term time only! Ÿ Hot breakfast baguettes/ Jacket potatoes/ toasties/ soup/ home made cakes and freshly made salads and wraps. Ÿ Order your child’s packed lunch and we will hand deliver it to the school. Ÿ Have your meeting free of charge here, have a small party here. Ÿ Meet the housing officers and the police at their monthly surgeries. Ÿ Sit outside on the terrace or inside with the giggling duo.

their ewsletter for N rt ta S re u S e Please see th ek: groups. All we munity Café ool Coolcats Com ity Primary Sch n u m m o C te Caldeco nt Hallam Cresce isure Centre Braunstone Le e Brite Centre Maz’s Café, Th venue hBraunstone A t activities wit u o b a n o ti a form rt For further in ntact: Sure Sta co se a le p y it n in the commu

Braunstone Neighbourhood Management Board Send your comments or ideas for the board to

Braunstone Evenin gs multi Sports Prog ramme Wednesday 4-30 6.30pm Cort Cesc ent football pitches Thursday 4-30 - 6.30 pm at the Oak Cent re Friday’s 4-30 - 6.30 pm at the Braunst one Grove Cort Crescent Delivered througho ut the whole six w eeks holiday starting 21st July until 27th August Contact www.smartsports.

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