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AM: That’s so true; the possibilities are endless. You can be whatever you wish. It must have made you think of ways to express yourself... How did LostAngel Industries develop? What was your motivation as a creator? EC: I love LostAngel; it is what has kept me here. Every product from LA has been studied to have a specific target, specific scope and utilisation. The goal is to have each piece be original. Working at LA really makes me happy and I can’t find in RL a better way to express my creativity. AM: Your passion for the work is infectious! Your poses are quite diverse. Everything from hip modeling poses to intimate couple poseballs. Tell us about your first creation. EC: Well, I started making accessories like purses. LostAngel at one point included clothing and skin with a partnership of Kaoz Koba. It was my start and I later found my way into photography and LostAngel was born with Pier. AM: How has your work evolved? EC: We began to produce poses, with the EYE of the photographer in late 2007. It was a success after the release of the Boudoir series. It became the most photographed prop in SL! AM: On May 10th we got to experience the New LostAngel. For those that missed out, share your thoughts on the day. EC: I built a new sim and called on Studio Red and AVENUE to make a memorable sim launch. AVENUE made a campaign of viral marketing that was incredible, the videos were so professional, so beautiful they seemed to be conceived for a RL business. I was also excited because of Studio Red’s preparation for the event. It was a success and the land was full for eight hours with record numbers of attendance. AM: What makes LostAngel poses resonate with customers? Which are your top selling poses? EC: There is a series that “summarizes” the characteristics of LostAngel, originality, seductiveness, and creativity. The Seven Deadly Sins series gave me the opportunity to express all of those things. Our poses resonate because of our building and scripting ability, great imagination and great pose themes.

AM: SL, just as RL, is about balance. How do you find balance in your Second Life? Besides your work, what drives you in SL? EC: Finding a good balance is not easy. When you work and see that it is going well, you have enthusiasm and never stop work. For me, I was a workaholic, but finding a balance is so important because there is one thing more important than your work and that is the people here. The real people behind the PC screen. I keep pictures of my friends here in my home. RL pictures because I love them inside and outside SL. So, sometimes it’s right to say “buzz off” to the work and spend some time just chilling or exploring with them. AM: I agree completely; our friendships ground us and we need to nurture those for balance. Thank you for taking the time to speak with AVENUE. Is there anything you would like to add? EC: Well, I can only add that it is not ended; it is just the beginning. I have my energy now, so full of ideas and I’m going to expand and do something different. AM: Ooooh, then we have a lot to look forward too!


Silver Dormeuse Shopaholic Modern Puff Grey Tempest Rosca & Sapphire COakes

Red Modern Puff Red Pillow Set Couple Pose Sapphire COakes, Iustinian Tomsen & Sally Yachvili

Black Dormeuse DeeJay Sapphire COakes

Grey Dormeuse Romance Iustinian Tomsen & Sally Yachvili

Pink Dormeuse GossipGirl Puff Pink Sapphire COakes & Tempest Rosca

Hot Tub Sapphire COakes & Sally Yachvili

Orange-Z-Boy Dormeuse Modern Puffs Black Sapphire Coakes, Iustinian Tomsen & Sally Yachvili


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