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Publisher’s Note Some say first births are the hardest and indeed much labour of love has gone into the birth of the inaugural issue of AVENUE Magazine. With a team strength of almost 20 in the editorial team, it was teamwork and dedication that made it all possible to give rise to this new fashion and lifestyle magazine. AVENUE aims to be the ultimate comprehensive guide to the aspects we love in Second Life from work to play. Covering a plethora of aspects which include fashion, lifestyle, events, homes, interior decoration, business, entertainment, recreation and the arts, AVENUE brings you not only the established successes but to uncover and pay tribute to the rising stars of tomorrow in SL. AVENUE is a celebration of collaborations and a recognition of the possibilities that SL has to offer. The bridge between SL and RL increasingly broadens its paths and we wish to profile these links proactively. Above all, AVENUE is a celebration of life and creativity in all its permutations. We welcome SL residents’ submissions of their events to provide a resource for our community to explore and enjoy their Second Life with exuberance and joie de vivre. Here’s to life and may we be the avenue for all your expressions.

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Cover Credits Featuring Stiletto Moody wearing Stiletto Moody Tall Boot (Bullet Croc) and shoe props the first look of Stiletto Moody’s latest release of the Stiletto Moody Pinup spike (Tartan Red) in conjunction with AVENUE Magazine’s launch issue. Ceative Director : Rusch Raymaker Art Director & Photographer : Sapphire Coakes Stylist : Joy Laperriere


Fashion Icon

Stilet o Moody Written By Tiffany Dragonash Photography By Sapphire Coakes

Almost a pair o most of they cam become everyon have be have m her on a glad to b for this derful p er. Sh “a free which I’ of work to Secon and was plexity world.

But one ent to h malls. S she was someon was a sit tifying. to sit id solution clear to true cal make sh shoes th

everyone in Second Life comes across of Stiletto Moody shoes eventually, and f them invariably want to know where me from. The Stiletto Moody brand has e synonymous with quality shoes but not ne knows the woman behind them. I een fortunate enough to met and conversed with a few occasions and was be able to interview her article. She is a wonperson as well as designhe describes herself as spirit and a dreamer”, ’m sure helps in her line k. Like many, she came nd Life out of curiosity s captivated by the comand possibilities of this

e thing became apparher as she explored the She couldn’t find shoes s happy with. And for ne that loves shoes, this tuation that needed recStiletto is not the type dly by and wait for the n, however. It became o her that this was her lling in Second Life; to hoes. But not just any shoes, the best hat Lindens can buy.

Now, one does not just decide to make shoes and knows how to do it. Especially the type of shoes that Stiletto envisioned. Beyond following the fashion trends and trying to be innovative in design, there was the technical aspect of making the shoes to learn as well. She believes that shoes are the most complex fashion item to make in Second Life. All her shoes are made from sculpties and require advanced 3D design skills as well as texturing expertise. Using her methods is necessary to get the results she demands of herself. Great design is only one element of a successful fashion item business. Good marketing and image can be the difference between success and failure. Stiletto came up with a tag line that has become one of the most recognizable phrases in Second Life: “Impossibly High Heels”. Like all good trademarks, these words conjure an image in many people’s minds. So what does it suggest to Stiletto herself? In her own words: “I just love the concept of juxtaposition and tottering around in towering high heels, impossibly high heels just evoke the exact right image of what my designs are all about. Its just came out and stuck and I love it.”

Besides the fitting tag line and word of mouth advertising, the Stiletto Moody brand is promoted in other ways. Stiletto is not shy about sponsoring fashion shows with other designers. If you’ve attended many Second Life fashion shows it’s likely you have seen her shoes presented with some of the leading fashions here. Most if not all of the top designers are happy to pair their designs with Stiletto Moody shoes. A lot goes into the making of a good show and I asked Stiletto how she saw the value of doing them and how much they contributed to the promoting of her brand. “It’s a tricky one. It requires such an inordinate amount of effort for the number of people who get to see it, but then they are a very powerful and focused group and they are the group that many look to for fashion ideas. So if a show is executed well, the word spreads, the blogs write about it and the goodwill is transferred out to the community who then see it as a hot item.” Since she has built her brand to one of the top in Second Life, but with things moving so fast here, Stiletto makes a conscious effort to stay ahead of the competition and to keep her brand fresh and has recently released the first few of her generation 2 line of shoes. She doesn’t intend to be one of the companies that gets bypassed and fade away. With the involvement of her husband, now, I wondered what other developments are in the pipeline. “My husband Feather is very involved in business development, and so we focus on technical innovation and customer care. So we are not only developing shoes but also focusing on technology and solutions. We are not resting on our laurels. We are continually devoting some of our time to strictly experimental research and so all I can say is, you can expect more surprises, continual surprises and at a quality level you expect from me. We do have some interesting announcements in the next months and it goes beyond just Stiletto Moody. As you know we have built a custom commerce technology platform that we use for sales and for customer care and this will continue. But when I look at it strictly from a fashion perspective, we really love fashion at Moody and I am focused on trend casting for the real world and what is right, what the ZEITGEIST of the moment is, how to translate it and how to listen to what my customers want. And so I hope that we will continue to deliver designs that everyone wants. I will try very hard to keep our customers happy.”

We have already seen hints at the future of the Stiletto Moody brand with the release of the first elements in the new lingerie line. The use of lingerie in Second Life is an intriguing one. Why buy underwear in this world? Yet it is a very popular item among women as evidenced by the amount of lingerie available here. I was curious as to what Stiletto’s views are on this and why she chose to enter this area after shoes. “Ah yes, well that’s a good question. It has about as much use as a bag in SL but look how much more popular it is. I think SL is basically an advanced form of social networking. And instead of saying what you like ala facebook and MySpace, in [stead] you show what you like. So this early stage is all about appearance and self-image. And it seems clear that a woman’s body image drives commerce in SL. Men want hot girls, girls want to be hot, and so the cycle continues. Lingerie is both sexy and dangerous but not all out hard-core sex. Its makes us girls feel cute and sexy and then throw in a pair of heels with that and everything takes on a new high level of tension. The hips pivot forward - long sexy legs – tottering vulnerability juxtaposed with a glamazon in control. All in all the combination of lingerie and heels make girls feel hot and men feel desire. It’s the last step before all out nudity and I have often found partially dressed to be far more sexy than fully nude. Hence lingerie and its popularity. Suggestive, naughty, hot and steamy, even cute and girly. Makes perfect sense.”

Obviously, there was thought that went into the decision to expand into lingerie. Stiletto is pleased with the success of the line so far so we can expect it to be increased beyond the panties and stockings available so far. And she assures me that more is coming, “an expanding range and it will be both sexy and fun and naughty but cute.” But with all the lingerie available, people need a reason to buy one brand over another. The Stiletto Moody brand is already known and respected but she sees more than that for the acceptance of it. “But also it’s just my Stiletto design. Each designer every season comes out with more and that more is designed to capture the sense of Now - of the moment. When a customer buys a Stiletto Moody shoe or lingerie item they have the comfort of knowing it really does reflect whets going on at the level of catwalk fashion today. It’s hip in SL. It’s hip in real life and its cute without overkill. I guess that’s the delight - choice for all. If someone pops in and buys shoes and then wants the perfect set of seamed stockings or a cute tattooed panties with tie sides it’s right there for them and right on the mark, I hope.” So what’s next for Stiletto Moody, the business? Since the very popular “Picture Your Moods” photo contest a few months ago was a success, it will become

a regular event. The next one is already being planned and will incorporate the entire brand, shoes and lingerie, and offer even bigger prizes than the first one, the winners of which are still proudly displayed in the store. But what else can we expect? “Giggle – now that would be telling. But let me just promise this. We wont disappoint. Have a few plans up our sleeve yes.” Enough to eventually see an all Stiletto Moody fashion show, perhaps? “… Yes, we will have enough in the line to cover a show, … a full and lovely Stiletto Moody show is definitely part of the program in support of our next shoe season.” Beyond her talent and business sense, Stiletto is one of the people that make Second Life a place to enjoy. Not just because of her great products, but also because of person she is. This is evident from the words she has for her loyal customers: “I love you all, and I promise to keep designing the best I know how. It’s about you, not me. Thanks so much to all of you out there, I am going to try not to disappoint in the future.” Judging from the time and effort that she puts into her business, I don’t expect she will disappoint. A

The ECLIPSE Fashion by Eclipse Development (ED)

Photography & Styling by Divine Tokyoska Featuring AVENUE Models : Kryptonia Paperdoll Liane Maertens Valeria Pienaar Salvo Waydelich Maxmillion Carling Special appearance by Rusch Raymaker, CEO of AVENUE Models

Rusch : ED Asylum

Liane : ED Impact Maxmillion : ED Obsidian (Male)

Salvo : ED Impact & Impact Boots

Kryptonia : ED Paladin Light

Valeria : ED Cleric

Liane : ED Nemesis

Maxmillion : ED Obsidian (Male)

Liane : ED Nemesis Woodlands Salvo : ED Impact & Impact Boots

Rusch : ED Obsidian

Valeria : ED Warden Charcoal

Designer of the Month:

Marni Grut Written By Arialle Dufaux Photography By Angelique Ronmark

When Marni Grut of Royal Blue could not find what she wanted in stores, she took matters into her own hands and began creating her own clothing designs. “I started my store about a year ago. I think one of the best ways to express yourself is to make something personal” the hot, young fashion designer tells me. Inspired by art from across the globe, Marni describes the collection as disjointed. “Currently it’s a bit mish-mashed, but I like that” she says. If she ever needs inspiration she’ll visit an art gallery. “The Clayton brothers are possibly my favourite artists because their works are bold, strange and unapologetic. Mijn Boa is an SL resident and her work never fails to amaze me”. Grut explains that having creative people around her feeds her own creativity. It is an ecelectic collection that’s motivated by Marni’s sense of fun and her good humour. The name Royal Blue has British origins just like Marni. “I love the idea that being British I can poke fun at the toff side of things” she laughs. The collection, she tells me, is an expression of herself adding, “if I’d like to have it, then I’ll simply make it”. Clearly the residents of SL are lapping it up too.

But Marni has a unique approach to putting it all together, something that even the most experienced fashionistas need a hand with. “It’s probably not the best approach from a marketing point of view but I don’t believe people should wear full outfit from just one shop” she explains bravely. “I always mix my own garments up with clothes from other stores. That way you can really personalise your look. My bird cage skirt was probably the funniest to watch people mix-and-match.” The juxtaposition of style is important to Marni, who adds “why not mix latex leggings with a flower print dress?” Mixing it up and keeping fashion interesting is important to Marni. “Trends come and go but the key is layering. I do this in real life and I think it works on Second Life too because you’ll never look underdone.” she explains. When I ask her about fashion faux pas she laughs. “I’m not one to judge others” she offers tentatively, “but body oil and assless chaps are inexcusable!” laughs Marni. Grut plans to move into creating accessories and explains that sculpty shoes are definitely on the horizon, but warns to expect the unexpected! Have fun with fashion is her mantra and the shoe line looks like it will be. “I hate the idea of doing a shoe line just because I should. I’d like people to buy shoes from Royal Blue because they are different, perhaps even a little odd”. Right now, Marni is on the move with the Royal Blue main store moving to Horst from Floyd. “I also have a store in Glam World 3 and one in Fuzzy and one at Hotel Dare. My new main store though will be based on Escher’s art and as long as there’s at least one person who genuinely enjoys what I’ve made then I’ll continue. Who knows…one day you might be able to buy Royal Blue creations in real life”, laughs Marni.




Argrace's Hunting Cap

Amanda Bolero Fall 2008

It was a grey day when I was asked to do a fashion report for a new and upcoming magazine! It was a moment of confusion, when I though, “ME? Do a fashion report?” for you have to understand that, despite my active role in the SL™ fashion community, I still am a fashion noob. Is that a look of shock on your face? It would completely mirror mine, at that moment. You’re reading words from a kitty, who one day wears something grungy, ripped jeans, scratches and big stomper boots, and the next soft wool dress with matching scarf and mascara running down my cheeks. There is no rhyme, reason or method to the way I dress, so what would make me be able to write a fashion report! But, I took this task on, and hey! I might learn something, or expose myself as a fashion disaster, either way; I went on search of what I could put in a fashion report.. As summer turns into fall, there is always that seasonal shift, from hot days and warm nights, to chilly days and colder evenings, our fashion also turns. Days still have warmth for short sleeves and sometimes tanks, but definitely evenings are times for hoodies, jackets and even the return of shrugs and shawls around the shoulders. There is always that switch of colors from the light pastel colors of spring and the bright whites of summer, into the darker warm tones such as bronze, browns, blacks and darker oranges, whites and yellows; definitely reflecting the changing of the leaves as they fall from the tree.


in the Look

by Summer Deadlight

I personally love fall, although my favorite is summer, but fall has such a contract in style to the other seasons, not to mention the memories of childhoods filled with back to school, Halloween, playing in the leaves, bonfires, and approaching holidays. I think clothing styles have played into this concept, and definitely associate different looks with different types of activities many of us have experienced. Take for example houndsooth and plaids, are associated with school, perhaps from school uniforms, but this style comes in year after year, decade after decade, in different cuts and fits, it has retained its longevity in seasonal wear. It’s the association between fabrics and events, that seem to make traditional wear, and so in the real world, as in second life, we continue to uphold these traditions. This in itself can also point to the emotional response of fashion. Fashion is not just about what we wear, the designer label, or the trends, it’s about an expression of who we are, even to the point of putting our emotions into what we wear. I know, when I’m down in spirit, I run to my favorite jeans and black hoodies, just to have a sense of comfort. Clothing is even a type of art at times, to wear something couture, outlandish, different, shocking, to be able to mix and match styles to create a unique look, is an expression of our artistic abilities. Fashion is not just clothing.

Baiastice Fall 2008


Back to the report! On the grid, the season is slowly building. Up until a couple weeks ago, there was summer styles, a lot of short sleeves and shorts still showing up on the feeds and in stores, but slowly I’ve been noticing the bloggers putting up more styles with a Fall feeling. Most notable are scarves coming back as an accessory, and more sculpted hats. Argrace’s “Hunting Cap,” is a good choice, has some caps as well as Kyoot’s new release “Wynter.” These are a few of my favorite hats, and as the weather turns colder, it definitely not only keeps your head warm, but helps you keep stylin!

Sweaters are a classic return, there is not a fall season that will go by that will not have sweaters as a part of wear. Although, sweater dresses are popping up, and it makes a real return back to the 80s feel with a modern cut. [ RIDDLE ] comes to mind first, with a great sweater dress “Skully Argyle.” The sweater dress has an argyle vest pattern, couples with ¾ length sleeves and bottom cuff skirt, that makes you feel very sexy, edgy and yet trendy at the same time. Couple it with a pair of low heeled boots and tights, and you have an outfit that you’ll feel good in. Last fall, sweaters were designed with big cowls and collars as attachments, and the fall shirts and jackets that are coming out now follow the same style that I’ve seen. A big surprise that is trickling from real life into SL™ fashion is military wear. Etchd has a great military jacket that I found called “The Baroness Coat”, and I am in search of more military styled clothing.. In my real world occupation I have seen a lot of clubbers wearing military fashion; shirts mostly with lapels and insignias. It reminds me of the late 80s/early 90s, when a rush of military fashion came through. Although it was accompanied by bike shorts (spandex), and I am personally thankful that fashion has not returned. In fact, many styles seem to reflect physically fashion and it is extremely interesting concept, that we are styling ourselves based upon our real lives, and the working mechanism of our fashion industry seems to reflect and produce in a similar nature.

The rich, dark tones and hues are back. Recently Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice introduced her Attitude II Fall 2008 Collection. These outfits are completely retro and historic in many senses, and yet she adds a modern flair that makes it perfectly accessible to the 2008 fashion conscious. Ranging from knee length to full floor length, the styles include veils, hats, feathers and dark colors mostly, very reminiscent of Paris in the 1940s in some sense, but completely timeless in classic elegance. Amanda Bolero also released a Fall Collection, with flair from the 60s coming into the style of above knee length dresses and outfits in rather “mod” patterns. Boots are always in style, but more so in Fall and Winter. Stiletto Moody, well known for amazing textures and realistic styles, introduced her croc boots in later summer. These boots are perfect for fall wear. I tend to wear them with short dresses as they help lengthen the leg. I am showing the gold croc boots teamed with an outfit from Celestial Studios. I had not been to *CS* in a very long time, but was so pleased to see new releases. I found (CS) Aphrodixia in Platinum, a form fitting dress that hugs the body curves, long sleeves that attach with gloves, open wide key-hole top with platinum colored bra underneath, and you got one hot outfit.

The most fun thing about fall weather is a chance to bring out the darker colors, the jackets, caps, and boots, let the gold and silver jewelry shine better against blacks and browns, and the fact that we adjust to the seasons, is an amazing feat. Truly it makes us able to adapt and survive life and the fashion jungle. I am anxiously awaiting as the season heads into full swing by Halloween, with more scarves (I call them hankies), more returns of 70s and 80s styles, such as big shirts, skinny pants, long jackets, mod minis, different cuts of sweaters, more bulk wear, return of fur jackets and boots, and I have to mention one of my favorite fall wear: tights, which are absolutely great to keep your legs warm plus an added bonus to accessorize with those skirts and shorts in cooler weather. Also, grunge wear with legwarmers even the odd hoodies that never goes out of style, will make a return this season. Ultimately, whether you are looking for a glam event gown down to a day at the SL Library in jeans and tee’s, fashion is never about what you wear, but how you wear it. Fashion is never about what style or trend you follow, it’s about creating your own and feeling good about it. Designers give you items to work with, it’s up to you to make others notice, and attitude is far more important than make your outfit work, than all the lindens and outfits in the grid. So remember, Fashion, it’s in the look, but the look comes from you. Enjoy this season, and searching out what is “you” and we’ll see next month what has been released and take a look at what people are wearing! A

Photography by Tillie Ariantho

AVENUE Model of the Month:

Mimmi Boa

For this inaugural issue of Avenue Magazine, Mimmi Boa has been selected as featured AVENUE Model of the month. It’s with great pleasure that I was asked to interview her for this honor. Mimmi is one of the most well-known and accomplished models in SL. I invited her to my home in Costa Rica for the interview and what follows is the conversation I had with her over the course of an hour.

Tiffany Dragonash: I suppose being interviewed is routine for you by now :) Mimmi Boa: yes, it is in these last weeks. TD: I’m sorry if I ask a lot of the same questions :) MB: NP dear it’s ok. TD: I’ll start with some of the basics :) TD: Some have come to SL for the purpose of being a model, others discovered it after coming for a different reason. Which was it for you and how did you get started in SL modeling? MB: oki I’m gonna tell you something i didn’t told before. I was a model in rl some years ago.

TD: oh, I didn’t know that. MB: yes usually i don’t want to talk about it, but for you i can do. TD: thank you MB: i was a good model, not a top model one, but i had lot of work. The day before my first big fashion show “Pitti casual” in Florence I had a terrible car crash and i was in the hospital for almost 2 years. They rebuilt all my body and i cut part of my face. TD: oh, that must have been traumatic MB: It was a nightmare, I still have scares on my face. Now i love it, but when i was 21 years old I thought my life was destroy and i stopped modeling (of course).

TD: I can understand, that ended your career in a terrible manner MB: and i went into the music business MB: Yes was terrible. I was unable to walk for two years. Was such a pain TD: for how long were you a model before that? MB: for this reason i started to model in sl, nobody knew the real reason before TD: and you don’t mind me writing this now? MB: no Tiff, i don’t mind. i would people start to know the real me with my weakness and my strength TD: ok, just want to be sure :) TD: did you come to SL intending to model? MB: no MB: i came to SL just for curiosity and i started with Miss Italia contest than i met Salvo, my husband, he was a supermodel and he introduced me in Modavia dea, Harmy and Elisne helped me a lot and salvo too and in few months here i am. i follow their suggests, i worked hard alone practicing hours a day TD: it has paid off :) MB: yes, i can say i’m proud of my job TD: do you feel your experiences as a RL model helped you excel here? MB: i think yes, a bit, but here is so different and also in rl everything is changed from that time TD: does modeling in SL help you deal with the lost opportunities of you RL? MB: Dea Mills said to me “to be a great model you must have attitude” and i agree, we must have attitude and rule the trends! modeling in SL is great, it brings to me back in time i’m happy about it

TD: What attributes do you feel have been your biggest assets contributing to your success? MB: i really don’t know, i can say my face, my body.... but there are tons of great and beautiful models so i think is more my temperament my way to be i’m serious, reliable this i think is important i worked to be unique and i did a good job i think and i try to put something of me in everything i do, in everything i wear TD: yes, and with anyone able to buy looks here, those are important attibutes MB: i agree MB: i have a strong temperament despite i can appear so sweet and i’m sometimes shy despite i can appear too strong i’m a strange woman TD: hehe, we are allowed our moods :) MB: Mimmi and Isabella are absolutely the same (isabella is my real name) TD: :) MB: i don’t want to be another person, i’m just me (sure...more beautiful...) lol, but every feeling i have here it’s for real TD: Some people come her to be another person, but you have put yourself into this life MB: i suffer, i laugh, i cry MB: i’m proud of me Tiff, in both lives TD: I’m sure you have made those that helped you get started proud as well MB: and i don’t wanna be another MB: life sometimes let you grown up fast, so i wanna be myself....only too young, too beauty, too lucky and with the best man of the world TD: so you see SL as a way to grow up again? MB: sl is a way to dream and we all needs to dream a bit TD: yes, we do :)

MB: :0) here we can work to become our dreams comes true is easier TD: was there anything in particular that you found especially challenging about SL modeling? MB: well i can say there are lots of analogies (dunno if is the right word..) with the fashion system in RL and the more you’re into this world in SL. the more you discover is very similar RL so also here we are addict to the trends we wear the best outfits we took hours to find the good combinations when you start sl you’re happy to find nice clothes and is good when you’re in this world you must rule the trends is a kind of evolution of the avatar ahahahahaha MB: lol i talk too much TD: no, it’s fine :) MB: and my english is terrible TD: people want to know about you :) MB: Now they know new things of me TD: The first time on a runway is an exhilarating experience for a model. Do you still get a thrill when performing? TD: Lag, now that’s something you didn’t have to deal with in RL MB: In RL we deal other things... sometimes worse than lag TD: such as? MB: we can deal with lots of things some good (thanks God) some very sad and we couldn’t put our graphic card low TD: haha, that is true MB: :0) TD: in some ways we have more control here then MB: yes MB: and what a wonderful thing can change hair, body, eyes, and shape whenever you want MB: ahahahahahaha without diet TD: yes, how wonderful all that is :)

MB: without surgeons MB: ahahahahahhahha and here we can fly in RL we can fly only in our dreams :0) TD: :) TD: can you put into words what it is that causes the thrill of the runway? MB: ok is the same when i go on the stage to sing is that emotion you feel to be the center of the attention the emotion you feel thinking all the eyes are on you the fear to do wrong things is adrenaline that runs in your pixels. MB: yes, i still have it and every time “Mr Lag” makes our shows a kind of “incognite experience” but to be serious yes i still have the same enthusiasm and thrill TD: yes, very well put :) MB: :0) and i have a question for you TD: ok :) MB: What was your first thinking when you read you’ll be a Miss Universe finalist? (i know you fainted) ahahahahahaha TD: haha, best described as shock :) MB: yes TD: but also thrilled MB: it will be great TD: to think that of all those beautiful and wonderful people, I was selected, but this interview is about you :) MB: ahahahahahah yes MB: but we will be in final together TD: so now you sing in RL, have you ever sang her in SL? MB: No, i didn’t sang in sl TD: any plans to? MB: only i allowed a friend to play one of my songs for salvo MB: no i sing only in rl here i’m busy enough with modeling

TD: fair enough :) TD: As a model, you have had to style many different fashions. Do you have any favorites for the runway? MB: well i love my black version and the wild version of me but do you know in the most part of the shows we have to follow the requests of the designers TD: yes, do you have any favorites to work with? MB: i have lot of friends and i love them MB: Sissy pessoa, Bianca Foulon, Anubis hartunian, but i love all the designer i worked with everybody were great to me the next week i will model for Bianca and we studied very strange looks we had lot of fun TD: wonderful, are you allowed to talk about it? :) MB: yes it will be a big fashion show with Avenue models for “Best of italian fashion” the sim of my friend Annemarie Perenti TD: Bianca is very innovative, what new things can we expect to see from her? MB: ahahahahh Bianca is a genius and i love her you will see TD: haha, ok I had to ask :) MB: you will see the “real dress” of Bianca real collection • TD: that should be exciting MB: and some of her creations with her skins and accessories MB: yes, i’m proud to be selected by bianca to model for her and we laugh a lot, she’s very clever and nice TD: the fashion community here seems to be a close group, do you agree with that assessment? MB: i can say yes, fashion community is a bit a close group MB: but i think it depends probably there are lots of other agencies we don’t know and other close groups we are talking about the most important but there are tons of other “community” i’m sure TD: yes, that is certainly true

MB: i hope to explain as well in my poor english TD: I understand :) MB: is a bit difficult for me to find the right words to explain my ideas TD: some things are hard enough to put in to words even with out the language issue MB: yes sure TD: What do you see as your biggest accomplishment in modeling? MB: do you mean what’s the most important goal i’ve reached? TD: yes MB: first to be a Modavia Supermodel TD: were you one of the first? MB: no MB: i become a modavia supermodels some months ago TD: it seems to me like you were always one :) MB: (yes i’m a bit everywhere lol) TD: hehe that comes with the territory :) MB: ahahahahahah yes MB: than i’m so proud to be in Miss SL Universe final and represent my country TD: You’ve achieved a level success where you are considered one of SL’s real supermodels. Do you find ways to use this notoriety in the advancement of any causes? MB: well as you know i often work for charity causes TD: yes MB: and if my notoriety can help for real i can say i’m happy to be famous i really love to do these things and i think sometimes SL is a great way to help. Helping the persons who needs is the best way to feed our soul TD: I agree, bringing attention to good causes is one of them best things this world can do. MB: and yes i can use my notoriety for such these great causes and how a bout being a role model to new comers, do you enjoy this aspect?

MB: i teach and i love all my lil new models i love tohelp, suggest, give tips and sure i’m happy the new comers consider me such a kind of “mitus” TD: You’re not worried about creating more competition for you? :) MB: ahahahahahhaah but i’m not, i’m just Mimmi TD: :) MB: and i do my best to help them TD: many young models are in awe of you and others that have reached your level, What would you like to say to them about that? MB: i try to have a good word for every of them and if i can do something sure i do it MB: i can only [say] i didn’t born famous and teacher i did the same things they are doing now so i can only MB: we have to be “perfect” every time not only for the public events to be a model is easy in SL to be a supermodel is hard TD: because a model is always on display MB: yes we are always on display TD: SL hasn’t been around all that long, and the fashion industry even less, are there things that you see that need to be improved on or changed? MB: (thinking) MB: no, i think fashion system in SL is ok. Also with their lil problems and imperfections so is more near to the reality TD: ok, enough about modeling then :) what other things do you enjoy in SL? MB: i love to spend time with my husband (when i find time). I teach and i really love it and i also love to spend time with my friends but this is really difficult in the last months TD: why is that? MB: because i’m very busy and i couldn’t stay online 24/24 TD: hehe, no MB: ahahah LOL do first there is my job now TD: but being busy is part of being successful

MB: yes, absolutely but first of all there is salvo He’s my SL and fortunately we are in the same job so we often work together TD: do you ever get to work a show together? MB: yes we did some and we will have others TD: haha, answered before I asked :) MB: lOL MB: eheheh MB: and now he’s asking “where are you???” ahaha TD: haha, we can wrap this up :) MB: good we have a shoot in 15 min (working together) TD: is there anything else you’d like to tell people about yourself? MB: yes simply that i give to you all my biggest hug TD: aw, so nice :) • TD: I give you a big hug back TD: as I/m sure many do MB: and a kiss to all my friends here MB: I’m what i am, nothing other TD: ok, thank you for your time, this was a real pleasure for me MB: same here Tiff, you’re a very special person TD: thank you, as are you :) MB: and was a great moment to share part of my life with you, kiss hunny TD: I’m honored:) MB: i must run!! TD: yes I know, kis, see you soon :) MB: i’m honored too, to be model of the month for this such incredible agency AVENUE Models. Kiss hunny TD: kiss to you too, have a good shoot :)

This hour passed quickly and I could have gone on talking with Mimmi for much longer if she didn’t have to leave for a photo shoot. Such is the life of an SL supermodel. I feel blessed to have known Mimmi for the short time that I have and am glad to know her a little better now. I hope this dialogue helps others to known her a little better as well.

By Tiffany Dragonash


Hairs To You

Hair Fair 2008

Written By Cherie Parker Photography By Angelique Ronmark Well kids… Elvis has left the building and by that I mean Hair Fair 2008 has come and gone. I don’t know about you but I spend the budget equivalent of the national debt on new hair during the three week extravaganza. We dropped attachments. We went nekkid. We went without hair. We flew around on boxes to avoid lag. And by God we went without Shoes just so we had the chance of getting into one of the four sims that held all the wonderful newness that the collective hair creators had laid out before us. This year’s Hair Fair 2008 was sponsored by Rezzable and brought us four complete sims filled with great new creations from over sixty different creators. The biggest Hair Fair to

date. Thanks Rezzable! Hair Fair 2008 donated proceeds to Locks of Love (LOL) this year. At least one design from each designer’s collection was required to donate 50% to the charity. Some created several designs where they allocated 50% to Locks of Love. All of these designers should be commended for their hard work and dedication to such a worthy cause. The final day of the fair was celebrated with the sale of bandanas where 100% of the proceeds were dedicated to Locks of Love. I was happy to see so many people wandering the grid, on and off the Hair Fair sims proudly wearing their bandanas in support of LOL.

Locks of Love is a public, non profit organization that provides wigs and hairpieces to those children afflicted with cancer, burns and many other severe conditions. To learn more about this organization visit their website at http:// Once again here in Second Life many have

risen to the call to fill a need. In this case it was the content creators that create one of our favorite things to shop for in SL making it not only a fun filled event with great new fashionable styles but a kind and considerate act of compassion on the parts of everyone involved.

The total raised this year for Locks of Love was $L 2,765,128. What an amazing accomplishment! I don’t know about you guys but all lag, nekkidness and lack of shoes aside, I can’t wait for next year and to see what more great feats will be accomplished. A special thanks to the following list of creators who chose to participate in this year’s event. If I skipped someone please forgive me, I’ve been up since 3am working on my inventory trying to find and sort hair from mild to wild and I can’t be held responsible? Haedon Quine Shelly Toonie Alice Demonia Jenny Seibert Mya Heaney Aemilia Case Rose Columbia Delora Starbrook Catty Loon Autumn Hykova BettiePage Voyager Helena Stringer Rita Groshomme Kia Goodliffe Natalia Zelmanov Mystikal Faddoul Onyx Leshelle Tigerlily Koi Babyboo Glitterbuck Betty Doyle Mirai Shan Gwendolyn Cassini Carryn Concord

Mallory Cowen & Winter DiPrima Trinitee Trilam Mikayla Kohl Shylah Honey Ina Centaur Dreams Lightcloud Laynie Link Babsie Glitterbuck Rei Gully Verikai Vargas boo Nakamura kavar Cleanslate Calico Ingmann Selena Gateaux Kristel Wunderlich Bryce Tully & Kish Iwish Rikka Koi Elke Banting Marleen Vaughan Reopa Laval Kallisti Burns

Cay Trudeau Nyteb4 Dayafter Washu Zebrastripe Sachi Vixen Tag Mulligan Sunnivah Jiutai Mcgeeb Gupte Leetah Moxie Zyrra Falcone Sheltered Heart Aleri Darkes



By Tiffany Dragonash

in Retrology Square. Pin Up Dolls is one of the many vintage fashion retailers represented in Retrology. Another located here is Artilleri, whose stores have an exterior of a 1950’s style diner. Across the street is the south entrance to the Lover’s Walk Park, a large open area space with flagstone walkways. Here you can find beautiful flowerbeds, park benches overlooking a koi pond, a Victorian Gazebo and a romantic pergola complete with pose balls. Nearby is a stand offering free scooters to travel about. So let’s grab one and head west down the parkway to see what As people moved into and populated Second Life, other sites we can find. they naturally set about creating the world as they wished it to be, so the creation of retro locations and As you travel down the parkway and turn left onto fashions should surprise no one. One of the leading Bettie Page Blvd, you see the old style billboards places for the rockabilly genre is Retrology (http:// depicting ads reminiscent of days gone by. A short An en- distance up the road we come to Hayworth Heights tire sim dedicated to recreating the look and feel of Square, another of the shopping areas. The shops the mid century. And how wonderfully it succeeds in here are arrayed on 3 sides of stonework plaza with doing this. A visit here is like traveling back in time a fountain in the center and park benches. The area is illuminated by vintage street lamps. The anchor to 1950’s America. store here is Ingenue, which sells vintage clothing and On entering the sim you land on Pin Ups Parkway near hair. It is flanked on both sides by a number of other an open air dance floor just outside the Pin Ups Dolls specialty and retro shops. Lifestyle and fashions of bygone days are often popular with people. Whether from sentimentalism or a longing for simpler times or just out of curiosity of how things were depends on the individual. The midtwentieth century is one of the favorite eras of many. This time is known for the rise of rock-n-roll music and is thought of as a fun and carefree time of prosperity. With the number of people alive today that lived through these years or that have parents that did, it’s no wonder that it holds interest for many today.

Moving on to avoid getting busted in the raid, we find the Mistral Theater across the street. Pick up some popcorn in the lobby and check out the posters of coming attractions before entering the theater area. At the next intersection we take a left onto Rockabilly Drive, which leads to Grable Plaza Square on the right. This is yet another shopping area and is laid out similar to Hayworth Heights. Skin Within centers this shopping area, which includes some lovely specialty stores like Split Pea, a seller of hats appropriate to the era. Further up and across the street we find King’s Corner Square. Hel Bop Clothing is here housed in what looks like an old filling station complete with gas pumps out side and a garage door to the service bay. Turning the corner once again, we’re back on Pin Ups Parkway. Just ahead is Fresh Baked Goods. On entering we see that this is not a bakery, despite the external appearance, but a jewelry store. It’s full of baking sheets containing colorful bead jewelry and

fancy bangles, perfect to go with those funky clothes you’ve been picking up along the way. Entering Retrology Square once again completes the circuit of this amazing sim. Retrology, like many sims, can be considered a retail sim. It specializes in Vintage and Retro stores offering everything one needs to dress the part. If you want to see a good representation of these types of stores that can be found in Second Life, this is a good place to start. But this sim is much more than just a place a shop. There are many things to see here for those that love this era. It’s fun to just walk or ride around town and appreciate the little nuances that have been added to enhance the atmosphere. I’ve mentioned some of them we toured the area, but you really need to look for yourself. Every time I visit I notice some new detail I hadn’t seen before. If you like anything vintage you’ll enjoy your visit to Retrology, one of the leading sims of it’s type in Second Life. A

Photography by Angelique Ronmark

Architectural Review


Designs Written By Arialle Dufaux Photography By Rusch Raymaker

AVENUE Models Front Facade

Spread over eight sims, JC Designs is still growing. The brainchild of Babe and eyeing Daligdig, JC Designs is at the forefront of home design on Second Life. Featuring a broad range of architectural styles, the homes are quality through and through, explains Babe. “We started out doing just Tiki-style builds, then we added a tropical range and now we’ve added more contemporary and modern designs.” The couple, him an architect in real life and her an interior designer, began like many people.. out of necessity. “We wanted a home together and we hired a couple of builders, but we weren’t happy with what they were doing” nods eyeing. Babe cleared the land and it all began from there. “I built us a home and then we ended up selling it as a complete house and land package. It was then we realised we could really turn this into something special” she says. The couple joined Second Life in 2005 and today, JC Designs sells homes and furniture in many different styles. They also undertake custom builds for residents who have specific needs or want something unique. “We believe variety is the spice of life so we offer a high-quality range including outdoor accessories from furniture to stand-alone pools, Greco-roman temples, waterfalls and even plants and flowers at Bloomin Solutions”, explains Babe. “We started out doing custom designs so we’re very comfortable with it and we love working with clients to create something different” adds eyeing. One of their houses which began its life as a custom design is the stylish and highly original Le Rusch home. Grand in proportions with clean and sleek lines, this contemporary and largely monochromatic split-level house was originally designed and built for Second Life entrepreneur Rusch Raymaker (CEO of AVENUE Models and Publisher of AVENUE magazine). The home features a grand entry foyer complete with internal water feature, a fully functioning kitchen and a very private retreat on the upper level. The retreat boasts a separate bathroom adjacent to the generous bedroom space and also an intimate area for contemplation during quiet moments. Babe sees it this way, “it’s a very powerful home, quite daring really, just like Rusch”.


AVENUE Models Runway Pool

VENUE Models Waterfalls View

Babe and eyeing Daligdig

Le Rusch Poolside Facade

Le Rusch Bathroom Featured Le Rusch home belongs to AVENUE CEO Rusch Raymaker

“We are very approachable when it comes to custom designs”, Babe explains. “And we enjoy what we do”, eyeing adds. This might be the reason the couple also took on the design and construction of the Avenue Headquarters for Rusch. This inspired build is unique not only because of its scale. The style and finish set the Avenue build apart in addition to the sense of space and proportion. In terms of architectural style, the building is reminiscent of a Greco-roman temple, “with an Arabian feel...bold and beautiful really”, says Babe.

Le Rusch Bedroom

One of the features in JC Designs homes that makes them stand out from the crowd is the quality of the textures, particularly the baked-in effects. “The workmanship and design are very important to us, as is the desire to be daring and different. We make most of our own textures”, says Babe. The other outstanding feature of the homes is the intelligent way in which they are designed. The houses are roomy and open-plan with no pokey little rooms to be found. “I think most people like the sense of space, the higher ceilings and all the little extras they get with our homes”, says eyeing. “One of our best sellers is the Falling Waters house which has many features I think we’d all like in a real life home”, he explains. But Babe has her favorites. “They’re all our babies, but I think the Eternity and the Le Rusch houses are two of mine”, she adds thoughtfully. “Most of our designs are modify and copy because a lot of residents like to make little changes to personalise things and I think that’s really important”.

Le Rusch Front Facade

Customer service is also paramount for the couple, who get a lot of repeat business as eyeing explains. “We put customers first” he says. And without hesitation Babe adds, “yes, the customer comes first because their smile is our reward”.


Interior Design:

Patking Miles

Interview By Arialle Dufaux

Photography By Irrie Ember

What do fashion modelling and furniture design have in common? Well the answer is designer, Patking Miles. Winner of the Miss SL Universe pageant, Patking’s sense of style is clear from the get-go. “I work in furniture design in real life and it seemed natural for me to embark on this endeavour in Second Life”, says Patking. When I asked her what motivated her to begin building she explains it this way. “I love shopping and it was getting just too easy to spend way too much money on the furniture I wanted, so I started designing and building my own on SL”. With a wink and a nod Patking says the first thing she ever built was a bed. “You can probably imagine why!” she giggles. “But I couldn’t just sell a single bed in a store, so the range expanded from there. Using my real life design expertise I made some sofas and chairs. Many of my in-world friends encouraged me to open a store with my creations”.

Style and quality lie at the heart of her designs. “I make contemporary furniture, for people who appreciate crazy, sexy, cool stuff”, she laughs. “The pieces themselves can be mixed-andmatched so my designs can work equally well in a beach house or an inner-city loft”, explains Patking. Patking is reinventing her retail presence in SL. “I closed down my shop temporarily to concentrate on the upcoming Miss SL Universe 2009 pageant. But I’ll be re-opening Patking Design at the beginning of October with a brand new furniture line”, she explains proudly. But Miles’ talent extends to creating custom pieces for clients as well. “If someone has very specific needs I am happy to help where I can”. Her advice for people who are furnishing a home begins with asking some simple and straightforward questions. “Ask yourself what your needs are, I mean do you use your house just to change clothes or do you entertain with lots of friends around. Clearly everyone’s needs are different so that’s a good starting point. Then you’ll need to consider how many prims you have on your land. Whether you fill up your home with furniture or keep it minimal, that’s the key to a killer interior”, she adds enthusiastically.


Enlightenment of Second Life with TorlEy Linden

Interview By Spruce Canning

In all my time here in Second Life, I have always wondered about the people who work to make Second Life what it is today. I had the distinct pleasure of contacting Torley Linden, the Resident Enlightenment Manager at Linden Lab. He was very interested in what I had to ask him about his experiences and advice that he shares on his blog Torley Lives at . I had but ten questions that I thought that most residents of SL would most likely ask. Torley was glad to answer these for me today. Spruce Canning: What attracted SC: How did you become a Linden? you to SL when you first came in world as a resident? TL: A natural progression. I actually had this dream where I became a Torley Linden: Among other things, Linden, and it kept recurring. I set making lots of friends and all the out to make that dream come true, novelties — I refer to not just wild using the assets I already had: my inworld creations, but so many “first vast inworld experience, for one. I experiences”. Long ago, I was on Q- applied via Link on C64 which had gameshows, (at the time, I sent a notecard) and but doing trivia in Second Life is then, weeks after, was interviewed. so much more lively and engaging. Interviews went well, I got the paBack then, we had social ratings; I perwork, and I was employed. Also remember watching the blue pop- see: with +1 as I continued to chat like-to-work-remotely-for-lindenand answer questions. lab It was simple for me, although let What keeps blowing me away about me make sure to emphasize the Second Life is how each person can many events that led up to it: in make a difference, and this can eas- weeks previous to my employment, ily be verified by gesturing your av- I loved sharing photos I took inworld atar or building stuff (like in sand- of my adventures, and I’m sure that boxes) AS OTHER PEOPLE WATCH. IN had a positive influence. I also was REALTIME. I love that spontaneous very helpful, assisting with docucreativity and sharing experiences mentation and FAQs after I had been with others, even tho we’re 1,000s assisted by some of the greatest of miles apart. Mentors and helpers I’ve met in ANY online environment.

SC: What were your first duties as a better, including how to use it well, Linden? and kewl places to visit. Experiencing both the GOOD and BAD of SL TL: Frontline support! “Liaison- (and everything in between) has ing!” A lot of Live Help (in Instant increased my expertise vastly, and Message) questions. Things have that’s why I understand what’s hapchanged in support considerably pening so well. since then, but the core values of great customer service and doing it There’s absolutely no substitute with a rich, memorable personality, for it, and I’ve always been glad to remain the same. I then graduated help my coworkers with this knowlto helping with the forums and Info- edge, so that their decisions about hubs, the then-new welcome areas. projects can be better informed. In As well as writing Knowledge Base addition, my voice as advocate has articles. helped bugs get prioritized faster, features get implemented, and SC: How did your experience as a oh... there’s a whole long list. For resident influence your duties as a instance, on WindLight, there was Linden in SL and from that experi- so much aesthetic feedback comence, how have you been able to ing in — I played a key role in that shape the SL experience for new alongside our graphics gurus. and experienced residents? I’ve had enormous influence in that TL: There’s been a total and abso- “be the change” regard — obviously, lute bridge for me. My official du- it wasn’t always that way, but I’ve ties @ LL have ALWAYS been about built one thing after another, leadempirical inworld experience, e.g., ing up to the 1,000s of snapshots, not just “theory I heard about” but 220+ videos, and dozens of wiki “things I’ve done and can use”. pages I’ve edited. Creating even That applies directly to the video ONE resource that helps a few peoand other tips ‘n’ tricks I do, since ple is well-worth it, because if they I’ve been through a lot of “learning like it, they tell a friend — word of by doing”. mouth — and many MORE people are helped by ONE person. Being a Resident Enlightenment Manager means my core responsibilities We can all do this — I’m simply leadare about making Residents happier ing by example and encouraging you through understanding Second Life too. :)

Photography By Tillie Ariantho

SC: How effective has the video tutorials on YouTube been for Newbies and experienced residents in enhancing their experience in Second Life?

what our communities are saying and DOING... and make sense out of them, distilling some of the best bits to save time for others. I’ve also documented why it’s so important to compile info: https://wiki. TL: Extremely effective and not enough. I say that be- piling cause the video tutorials have enjoyed tremendous success — 3+ Key areas for improvement, tho: million YouTube views, 1,000s of videos need to be easily searchapersonal praise comments to me in ble and shown to newcomers more IMs, emails, Resident Satisfaction prominently (working on both of and other survey results, etc. AND those), and Here island in Second YET... there’s still so much to im- Life could use richer content to prove on. demonstrate “Here’s (ha, intended) why THIS matters and here’s Every time I get feedback saying how YOU benefit!” when it comes “That was great, but here’s what to features like click actions, camyou should do next”, I treasure it. era movement, and beyond. I idenIn large part, and as I often articu- tify weak points and “gaps” very late, my followup (and consequen- quickly, and even show bugs with tial improvements) are often done workarounds and my videos, and PRECISELY because one or more I’ve often been thanked for showResidents felt, and expressed that ing it as it is and being earnest. it’d be helpful for them and their friends. SC: What advice would you give a Newbie after he/she completes the My foward thrust is nothing without orientation island and he or she Residents. Infact, I liken myself to moves into the Grid for the first a sort of meta-aggregator because time and tries to find his or her way so much of what I do instinctively in the Metaverse? and intuitively comes from the lifeblood of what’s occuring in Second TL: I could write a book on this. :) Life. I track so many datastreams And it really depends on who I’m (blogs, news sites, social media) of talking to. Like, if I’m in a one-on-

one conversation, I gain a better understanding of what a new Resi is interested in, and that puts me in a brighter place to give personal recommendations. But some quick tips everyone should know about: * Watch my video tutorials and check out my personal blog ( ), I’m a friendly, guiding hand — bookmark the Knowledge Base @ support (I hope more of our inforesources are better cross-linked and unified in the future too) * Learn to take snapshots early on. You’ll ALWAYS treasure saving those memories, whether it’s to teach newbies when you become a guru, or simply to reminisce. * Be insatiably curious. Write a long list of everything you want to find in Second Life, and seek them out. Don’t be afraid to spend long stretches of intense hours, then take a break. It’s how I learned so much (by doing) so quickly. Also be aware of web resources that can save you time, e.g., for shopping there’s SL Exchange and OnRez — while textures load inworld, I’m often browsing and buying stuff there. It’s (almost) like being in 2 places at once.

* ALWAYS document the most helpful tips you have. Use http://wiki.secondlife. com and fill out your user page. And share those tips with others: by teaching, that reinforces your own memory, and helps you to MAKE FRIENDS. Some people ask me, “How did you make so many friends?” and the answer is largely in knowledge-sharing and humor. * Brush up on history. Go to . While incomplete and has a lot of subjectivity, it also has COLOR about inworld culture. You’ll be “speakin’ SL” in no time! History’s also a good conversation-starter for making friends, because someone will ask, “Why’s it called ‘rez’?” and you’ll be able to answer. * Learn how to buy Linden Dollars. You may not need to, but a lot of people who should know, don’t. Camping chairs are the suck if you’re in a hurry to get results. I understand this. Speaking of, * Good manners can only help; I am intent on publicizing this more: http:// Like I said, I could go on and on. But these are some of the most important, and from which a great many other finer details derive.

Space Junky comprises of two guys and a beautiful lady. All Australian, brimming with talent and RL experiences collaborating with influential musicians in RL such as Kylie Minogue and Reba McEntyre; they are also close friends in Real Life. The trio made the album, Resident Alien together despite the fact that each live in a different part of the world. Second Life for them was a way to spend time together and perform together, despite the distances. The group’s concerts are always supercharged with beautiful lighting and particle effects, a rich form of entertainment and art that will send you spinning and dancing, on a high and truly appreciating the virtual life. The audience is friendly, active and bubbly, emanating the group’s philosophy of Cosmic Love.


I was lucky to encounter Space Junky some months before. It all started with an IM from Bella Dutton and days after, got to meet the band, their master of effects, and their photographer and went on a special tour on Shangria. Days later, I was taping their concert as part of my TV show and interview of the band. At that time, they were promoting their remix contest hosted by Sony for “Gravitational Pull”. Recent media exposure, with the biggest coming from their interview in CNN gave them an opportunity that not all bands were able to have and an edge due to the way they use Second Life to spread their music to the world.

Fast forward to September, Shakti Cianci and I met and she updates me on what Space Junky has been doing since we last met. Their remix contest was a success and they spent a lot of time listening through the entries and is now about to announce the winner. The band also scored valuable airtime and collaboration with an RL Italian radio station Radio Imago, who also was the first station to play Space Junky’s music in Italy. A 6-song EP is in the works with new partner SLevolution making a special mp3 player for Second Life that will play the music from their EP. The player also has a capability to access other cds and purchase them in world, and access to radio stations as well. Space Junky will also be in this year’s Burning Life and are excited to participate in one of Second Life’s biggest events. As one of the grid’s premier music group, they deserve to be part of the affair that was responsible for the existence of Second Life. They represent what SL can be used for and their creativity will be a great showcase to everyone who will be going to this activity, guaranteeing them more exposure. Shakti notes that Second Life was able to help them a lot with promoting their album and letting the word out. Through SL, they get to connect to the world audience quickly and easily. But they won’t stop in SL, they plan to take on the atomic world by going on a world tour soon. >>

Giving Cosmic Love and Great Music in SL and RL by Isadora Fiddlesticks

“Everyone is seeking new possibilities,” says Shakti, “we bring a ‘virtual concert’ experience to SL that showcases our CD, but at the same time it is like a real concert experience with movable lighting and effects in real time.” Indeed, with their master of effects, Space Junky can send their fans to a cosmic ride that can leave them on a high, with particle and lighting effects that can never be seen in any other gig in SL. Space Junky’s SL concerts are comparable and perhaps better than any RL concert visually and aurally, and Shakti herself is excited with performing every time.

“The day I can send a particle beam out through the audience in RL like SL will be an amazing moment.” She enthuses and we both laughed.

They are also busy with Shangria. The sim has grown and changed since I was last there, boasting of untapped opportunities for the group. Apart from the fact that they are one of those rare bands with an impressive sim in Second Life, Space Junky also makes Second Life their creative playground, a place to spread cosmic love and a meditative lifestyle. In their sim, Space Junky provides an out of this world experience through their homes that display their affinity to Buddhism, Egypt and Outer Space. They intend the sim to be a peaceful place for them and their fans to connect to each other, and have set aside space for them to be able to rent in Shangria. A special house will be made and Shakti herself will be doing the interiors, with each house and interiors different from one another. No typical rez-faux cookie cutter houses, only unique homes for those who seek to live the same way they do, a peaceful and loving existence in SL. Indeed, Second Life is proving to be a great place for this trio. With plenty of publicity for them in world and in real life, coupled with their wonderful compositions, Space Junky will be sure to be saying hello to more fame.

Their music embraces life and its little joys, their song “Killer Coat” is a hymn to fashionistas and shopaholics SL and RL. Fashion plays an important part for Space Junky, as having a great wardrobe is important for their concerts. They are partial to Bare Rose, Solange, DE Designs, and jewelers Lapointe and Bastchild.

*For more info on Space Junky: To join their Ning group: A

by Isadora Fiddlesticks

Devee Voom & Serdan Mendes of Deizha Bar Isadora Fiddlesticks: How did you discover Second Life? Devee Voom: A friend of mine recommended it to me about 2 years ago as he had seen/heard about it on TV, so I created an account a couple of days after that actually for about a week never left orientation island. LOL. So I didn’t bother with SL until a rainy afternoon about a month after that and finally figure out how to teleport! From then onwards it was never the same… totally addicted to SL and what was then a new experience. IF: What did you do before you started djing? How did you start to dj in Second Life?

Photography By Angelique Ronmark

Devee Voom extends Hed Kandi’s presence in SL. Real Life DJ Devee Voom is a longtime DJ in RL and never thought he can use Second Life to promote Hed Kandi in virtual worlds. He tells AVENUE Magazine how he got started, his work as a marketing person for Hed Kandi and DJing at Deizha Bar.

DV: Well I have been DJ’ing in RL since the age of about 12. Got my first decks and mixer at a second hand store and use to spend majority of my time learning the art of mixing and music. DJ’ing was basically my introduction into the music scene and club scene and hence why I work in the music scene at the moment and love every second of it. So to answer your question basically before DJ’ing I would hang out in school playgrounds and play kissing catches with the girls. LOL! I started DJ’ing in SL when the RL music label I work for (Hed Kandi / Stereo Sushi) wanted me to experiment and explore the possibilities of promoting our music and compilations in SL. So back in the day I searched for a house club where I would get the opportunity to spin a few sets etc. So basically met the owner of the famous Sands House Club (Dean Ashby) and from there did some classic and successful Hed Kandi events and had a residency.

IF: What music do you usually play? Do you play other IF: How long have you been DJing in RL? Does Hed genres too? Kandi and Stereo Sushi know of your presence in SL? Do they know SL? DV: Well as I work for Hed Kandi I generally tend to play the music we release on our compilations and DV: Hahaha! If I answer the how long I been DJ’ing would play at our RL events. We have a broad array of for question you will all know my real age. LOL! But styles so I will often to themed events in SL to corre- I have been DJ’ing for nearly 2 decades now and prospond with music style. Basic styles you will hear are fessionally for a decade. So been around for a while Vocal House, Disco, Garage a touch of Electro, basi- and NO I am younger than 88 ;-) cally anything that sounds good to me I will play :-) Yes Hed Kandi and Sushi know of SL and the presence IF: Where do you usually play your music? I have created here as I assist our online digital marketing department at the office so it was basically DV: Well at the moment I am co-owner of a club called my idea and I formulated the strategy for us to get Deizha Beach Bar so tend to 90% of my sets there. involved here. Hed Kandi and Stereo Sushi are both exclusive brands to Deizha and we do our little thing there. Howev- IF: What do you enjoy most about SL? er every now and again I will do a specialised event whereby we use different locations and build custom DV: Music, Lag and Happy Gestures themed venues to host some distinctive events. IF: Lastly, tell us your schedule as DJ and where we IF: How much time do you spend in SL DJing? can find you. DV: Not as much as I would like. With my busy RL schedule I tend to be travelling a lot and can unfortunately not DJ as much as I did before. However I try get a set done in SL at least once every 2 weeks, more when I can and hopefully many more in the future.

DV: Well my schedule varies but generally you can catch me Saturday evenings at Deizha Beach Bar. For all the Hed Kandi secret events and random sets you will have to join the Hed Kandi group and just watch for group notices :-)))))

IF: Asides from DJing, what else do you do in SL?

See you on the dancefloor!

DV: Well besides assisting in the running and managing of Deizha Beach Bar I enjoying trying to come up with concepts for some future events – so I generally tend to be building new venues and arranging every detail of how these events will run etc. And I try to spend most of my “free” time in SL just chillaxing with mates and my lovely girlfriend ;-) >>

Serdan Mendes spins your Favorite House Tunes in Deizha Beach Bar.

IF: What did you do before you started djing? How did you start to dj in Second Life? SM: Before I started DJing I have been club-hopping a lot. Checking venues, listening to different DJs, observing the crowds behavior. I also worked as a host for a Slasa-Club once *lol* Then I found this unique place called SANDS HOUSE & JAZZ CLUB. Incidentally the owner, Dean, was spinning. We started to talk and when he asked me about my RL I told him that I was a DJ. Well, from there things went very fast. Dean hired me and from this time on I was a SANDS RESIDENT DJ. IF: What music do you usually play? Do you play other genres too?

SM: Like in RL I usually play soulful house mixed with some deep, disco, funky and progressive house. Hard to describe my style. Because of the many RL music influences I try to flavour my sets with different house styles but never moving too far from the Isadora Fiddlesticks: How did you discover Second soulful. Life? IF: Where do you usually play your music? Serdan Mendes: By chance. I was beta-testing another 3D world by this time but wasn’t very satis- SM: There’s currently only one club I play for: DEIfied with it. So I searched the web for competitors ZHA Beach Bar. I do the “Stereo Sushi Sundaze” there and found SL. I created my first account 3 years ago every Sunday and cancelled it again because back then SL was too I really would love to play at asian or US based clubs complicated for a “normal” user in my opinion. But too. That is one of my plans for the future. in Feb. 2007 I gave it another chance with a new ac- Furthermore I play at sim-openings, inaugurations, count. And here I am :) birthdays, fashion shows....

IF: How much time do you spend in SL DJing?

IF: What do you enjoy most about SL?

SM: Depends, I try NOT to play too much currently :) DJing is like alcohol or sex. If you start doing it you don’t want to stop. My longest set I played in SL was 11h without repeating one song. But a good weekly average is 8h

SM: The possibillity to DJ for a large mix of nationalities and...that I can DJ in underwear or pyjama if I feel like *lol*

IF: Asides from DJing, what else do you do in SL? SM: I spend my time with my SL wife and RL girlfriend Jolinja Mills and help her building houses and furniture a little bit whenever she needs my help. IF: What songs do you play? If you handle requests, what is your most requested song?

IF: Lastly, tell us your schedule as DJ and where we can find you. SM: Every Sunday at DEIZHA Beach Bar Isle/125/125/21 starting at 12pm (noon) SLT. The event is called “Stereo Sushi Sundaze” and it’s all about soulful hi-fidelity vocal house. For more info on Stereo Sushi:

I really hope to see you and the staff from AVENUE SM: I normally don’t get requests often. But some- at Deizha soon ;-) And thanks for the interview. It A times it’s funny if people ask you to play their favor- was a pleasure :) ite ROCK song in the middle of a HOUSE set :)) IF: How hard is it to DJ? Can someone learn how to DJ in a short time? SM: Technically nowadays it’s quite simple. With the right software, a certain feeling for the music and a good selection of tracks even rookies can mix. And yes, you can learn it in a short time....BUT: to be technically good doesn’t mean to be a good DJ. It takes a long time to “feel” what the audience wants and needs. That requieres a lot of psychology :) Every DJ has his/her own secret on how to create this special feeling on his/her sets and how to build a “perfect” set. I’m a real life DJ for over 20 years now with thousands of sets played but I still get excited if I play at a new venue. You never now how the crowd reacts. That’s a new challenge everytime :)

Charming Babii

heats up the dance floor in Anju

Interview By Isadora Fiddlesticks

Photography by Angelique R



I recently got in touch with one of SL’s premier DJs for House music and got to know him a little more. Read on and get to know the DJ that is heating up the dance floor in AnjunA House Club!

SL, but now I only spin at my House club called AnjunA House Club.

IF: How much time do you spend in SL DJing? CB: Not enough hehehe...hope to spin Isadora Fiddlesticks: How did you discover more! Second Life? Charming Babii: I saw something about IF: Asides from DJing, what else do you do SL on television, a program about a Dan- in SL? ish guy who started at club in the virtual CB: Running my club, land selling, being I had to see that ;-) with friends, but the thing I love most is being together with my girlfriend, Britt... IF: What did you do before you started we are together in SL and RL :-) DJing? How did you start to DJ in Second Life? IF: What songs do you play? If you hanCB: I think I did what almost all did in dle requests, what is your most requested the beginning, discovered and met a lot song? of great people....I actually had no idea CB: I don’t do requested songs...I love it was possible to play live as a DJ in SL... building my set up...and feeling the peountil I met a great friend of mine in SL, ple enjoying it :-) Tana Robbiani...she showed me the great club and DJ scene in SL...I still thank her IF: Are you a DJ in RL? If so, how long have for that every day :-))....Thanks Tana ;-) you been DJing in RL? CB: I have been DJing for 12 years in RL IF: What music do you usually play? Do you play other genres too? IF: What do you enjoy most about SL? CB: When I started as a DJ in SL I was mainly CB: Being with my girlfriend :-)....DJing spinning Electro house (hard) progressive and definitely my friends in SL. house, tribal house and Trance...and some house music. But today its house music, IF: Lastly, tell us your schedule as DJ and my passion is House music and has always where we can find you. been, and will always be. CB: Join the group AnjunA House Club or HouseDJs, then you can follow my live IF: Where do you usually play your music? DJing :-) CB: I have been DJing a lot of places in A

DJ Profile

Deeter Decosta

Here in Second Life, Deeter Decosta is both a DJ and owner of the Sidee’s group of dance clubs. He uses his involvements here to escape the professionalism and responsibilities of his RL job. Although he does have some experience DJing in real life, it has mostly been for private functions. Second Life allows him to expand beyond the small group and reach a much larger audience. This hasn’t happened over night, it took a great deal of time and effort to make it possible. He credits his partner, Sidney Pennell, for much of his success: “Without Sidney’s support and encouragement, I would never have built the dance clubs in SL. She is my biggest supporter, fan and critic providing valuable feedback when necessary and working behind the scenes to ensure I continue to grow and evolve as a DJ on SL” A good DJ spends much time preparing a set of music specific to an event. Deeter spends the day before laying out the hours of music a set requires. He takes pride in the sets he devises and has a preference for techno. He often arranges the songs by tempo, thereby controlling the mood. While he will take requests as most DJs do, the songs need to fit the theme of the night and his arranged program. It’s not unusual for DJs, to be involved with other aspects of music as well. Deeter plays guitar and the drums a little. In addition to the music he normally DJs, he likes to listen to jazz. He likes romantic areas, open water boating and winter recreations. As to what he would be if not a DJ, he had this to say: “I enjoy writing and one of the first groups I joined in SL was the INKster’s. In a nutshell, I would like to be a writer if I was not Djing.”

Written By Tiffany Dragonash Photography by Angelique Ronmark

Any successful DJ or business owner needs to realize that it’s the people who support them that make things possible. Deeter understands this and in his own words sums it up well. “I truly believe my fans are the best in SL and [I] have met many good people from all corners of the globe that come out regularly and listen to my music. … Without them, there is no DJ Deeter and the DJ experience would be a fraction of what it is.” A

Dousa Dragonash

On The Tube :

Interview By Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography By Tillie Ariantho

Dousa Dragonash is one of MBC’s newscasters in its weekly news show. For her, SL is a world full of news and stories worth telling, with a kaleidoscope of activity, fun and many times, controversy. This avatar tells AVENUE Magazine what it is like to be a news anchor presenting news that only in SL can happen, how she almost did not log in SL, and what she wants to do in the future.

Isadora Fiddlesticks: How did you discover Second Life? Dousa Dragonash: friend told me that he thought I might find it interesting. IF: Why did you log into SL? DD:I didn’t immediately the hand looked like a cult and checked with my friend that I had the right site. IF: What did you do before you started your career as news anchor for MBC? DD: Built, built, and built and explored everything. Oh and changed appearance. IF: What is it like to be a newscaster in SL? DD: It is hard work, it keeps me very busy. It is interesting though. I have to explore SL which makes me happy and examine what is going on here. I do have to rein myself in as the events and stories that I might be interested in will recur every week. It is a better cast when we have kept it open.

IF: Do you find the news in SL getting more and more interesting as time goes by? Are there times when there’s not much news to tell? DD: Unfortunately yes I do. I say unfortunately because there are many changes happening in SL right now, that make me personally uncomfortable. I do think it is right that we report those changes. There has never been a time when there isn’t anything to report, lol. If there is nothing in, then we as a team are not looking. IF: What can we expect from MBC News in the future? DD: Well that really depends on the virtual worlds and Real Life. One of the fascinating things about Second Life and indeed MBC News is that it is always changing. We don’t necessarily plan to change but if the technology is changing we take advantage of it. We are hoping to move to twice a week, at the moment it is a weekly programme; we are being sponsored now which is terrific and this means we will be able to breath a bit easier. All of us on the team are dependent upon the kindness of strangers at the moment for our bread and butter and it would be good to shift that emphasis more into Second Life. IF: Are you in the media in RL? IF so, how different/similar is it to SL? DD: I think you may have mistaken me for someone else. I have never been to RL. One of my team members says it is expensive and you can get sick there though. And Recka Wuyts my co-anchor doesn’t look well on it so I think I could give it a miss. I have heard that the media in RL is just soaps and sport.

IF: What do you like about Second Life? DD: It is a level playing field. You think of something and you can do it. Immediately. And then you can change it. And keep changing it. And I meet avatars from all walks of life. IF: How can you fit SL with your RL? You seem so busy, but still so organized, how do you keep up? DD: I never visit RL. If I were to it would be the same there as here. In the media you are ruled by time. The impression of media folk is that they are careless and childish. However we are ruled by time. You have to be disciplined. If I miss a deadline it eats at me until I have accomplished it. I can’t miss a taping like someone else can be late for work. It doesn’t work like that. There is a whole team behind the News who are all working to the same deadline. To be late is to be disrespectful of them and to not have a script is impossible. Money and time and teamwork would go out of the window. IF: What are your future plans in SL? Any goals you want to achieve in SL? DD: At the moment, my goals are the next deadline lol. However long term, I would say that I would really like to move in lock stock and barrel. I would like to be accomplished in here at building, scripting and animation. And I would like to make a really cool film.


AWM Mars

Machinima Feature :

by Isadora Fiddlesticks

AWM Mars is no stranger to virtual worlds, from Adobe’s Atmosphere to, AWM, which letters mean A World Maker, is always in search for the next development in virtual environments. For him, virtual worlds is an outlet for creativity, and his machinima, or movies that are made in games or virtual worlds are all beautiful and fascinating output of his immense creativity. However, it was not that way for two years. Time was spent building, trading, and exploring potential outlets before WBA Advertising was formed. Tapping into the fresh and untapped potential for machinima and advertising services for businesses inworld, this business is the first company to handle such for businesses in Second Life. Nowadays AWM’s machinima activities consist of shooting footages for NEX-Core’s fashion shows. For something that was a hobby, AWM is making strides and is carving out a niche for machinima that covers not just commercials or mini movies. Recording fashion shows is one of the most practical things that AWM has done that is benefitting the designers, for he records their fashion shows for posterity and additional exposure. He makes it possible for fashion shows to be seen the way it is meant to be seen, completely rezzed in its splendid glory, anytime.

His group’s formula and creativity proves to be successful. His machinima and video footages attract 260,000 viewers a month, and his fashion machinima for NEX-Core gets 75, 000 viewers a month. However, making movies in Second Life is not always easy. There are nuances in Second Life that limits them from producing their movies the way they want to, like the challenges of limited body controls, no nuances for text, limitations on avatar controls, and animations. So to overcome these, AWM collaborates with talented animators, scripters, and dabble with third party applications such as Crazytalk for lipsynching to get better expressions. Producing machinima is also similar to producing real life movies, for it involves the hiring of actors and the dealing with details such as wardrobe, location, logistics, etc. With AWM and his group’s experience and expertise, they are able to work things out and they all note that the beauty of Second Life is in finding a wealth of people to collaborate with, and it is in SL that they have a large pool of forty talented people who can build sets, create storyboards, come up with themes, etc. AWM is always looking for ways to improve and are always exploring many techniques to improve the way VR platforms can work for their benefit. With creating NEX-Core, AWM also serves as a pool of talent for his movies, and also as a liaison to reach designers and the fashion industry. Their original catwalk system was created for shooting movies and has improved over time to serve both movie making >> and fashion shows.

AWM’s other ventures include INKFree Media Company and EML-Entertainments, that distributes the Silver Stream Network technology. INKFree is spearheading Eco-friendly grids and creates media for Real Life companies. With those accomplishments, AWM and his group are constantly pushing the boundaries, and finding SL as a perfect tool to do such. For them, the words “It cannot be done” does not exist, not when the options are endless. What AWM loves about Second Life is the ability to stretch one’s mind, overcoming real life inhibitors. His RL daughter and Co-Owner WkdSpirit Bayliss notes that it allows her “to network with people from all over the globe” without getting a huge phone bill, and mainly the ability to be so creative. With AWM’s vast experience in virtual worlds, he says that SL has many more opportunities, one can be “outlandish” and exercise one’s wildest imaginations, and it is acceptable in SL. Furthermore, for AWM, “Machnima is as creative a media as singing, designing, and building, but maybe more malleable and transportable. It has a way of becoming a yardstick, one you measure your own achievements and historically, where you came from.” For AWM, they see a lot of untapped markets in SL, and to provide a Full Turnkey solution in everything they propose to do for their clients. He also notes that “opportunities are not placed in front of you, very often, its those that create opportunities that will lead the way.” Indeed, with AWM’s creative vision, he will consistently lead the way in machinima. A

Photography By Tillie Ariantho

Burning Life

Written By Spruce Canning

The city built in the Nevada Desert for only one week out of the year which is called Burning Man has its SL equivalent known as Burning Life which came to the grid in 2003 and it is in its ďŹ fth year here. This year’s Burning Life Festival occurs September 27th until October 5th. Philip Rosedale made the trek from San Francisco to the Nevada desert where the Burning Man Festival was being held where for one week out of the year, up to 50,000 participants built a city where they can celebrate who and what they really are. These were the inspiration and the ideals behind the medium that we now know and love as Second Life. What sets Burning Man in Real Life and Burning Life in-world apart is that there is no commercialism of any kind. participants in both the RL and SL versions of Burning Man make gifts of their endeavors to each other and produce artwork and services that are too avant-garde or dangerous for the mainstream of civilization to handle. It is also a utopia in the fact that the city that the participants put up in the desert is only present for one week out of the year. At the end of that week, the entire city is dismantled completely, leaving only the dust that was disturbed by the city which will be wiped away by the wind and winter rains and will not be disturbed until the next year of building utopia in the desert. Among those who are set to perform in Burning Life are Space Junky and Eden Toll. These two performers have their own spaces in Burning Life and are excellent performers in Real Life as well.

Photography By Tillie Ariantho

For Eden Toll, it is about recreating the Burning Man in Second Life for those who cannot go to the event. It is a creative outlet, without any boundaries, and the fact that Burning Man is based on radical self-expression. As a public artist in real life, (working with light and electricity is: fire sculptures, neon, fiber optics), she finds that it is less expensive to design here than real life. She takes a picture of the location to a background and creates a sculpture for a client, then with an animation can explode the artwork thus they can get a feel for the design of the piece they are commissioning. As a participant in this year’s Burning Life, Eden feels that the event brings a chance to meet many kinds of people who we normally cannot meet in other circumstances. Space Junky meanwhile is participating for the first time, bringing in their signature performance style that brings the elements of the universe, balancing chakras, harmonizing energies with a magnified stage, lighting, pyramid, crystals and rhythm to fit in with the spirit of a real life event in the virtual world, with a creative twist of flair, energy and color. Each night will come alive with cosmic energy and peace, and Zen master Tommy Parrott will bring his fire works show alive, while Dragon Mentor in residence Dannon Robbiani will be hosting a storynight and Shakti Cianci, Space Junky’s lead singer, will be bringing to life the healing bed as well as conduct meditation sessions. The band brings in a cosmic place to get together and be together as one, sharing unity and spirit as well as enjoying the ambient music of one of the first bands to successfully merge SL as part of their RL’s musical existence. There is a definite SL connection to the Burning Man festival, Dusty Linden, who is Eden’s direct superior in Burning Life is married in RL to Michael Mikel one of the founders of the Burning Man festival along with John Law, Kevin Evans along with Larry Harvey. Burning Life as well as Burning Man is an experience in SL that would have to be experienced to grasp the full impact that Burning Man would have in the Real World. A sample as to what type of artwork would be seen at BL and BM is found here at Eden’s Flickr, galleries which are listed here. Prepare for an intense experience only Burning Life can give, live the passion, the wonder and experience the camaraderie and explosion of creativity that gave birth to Second Life. For without Burning Man, Philip Linden would never envision Second Life to be what it is: a synergy of creativity, imagination, peace and unity.



Summer Festival of the Arts

by Isadora Fiddlesticks

The Arts community has a special place in Second Life. With the grid’s ability to bring out the creativity in its residents, the metaverse is splattered with artwork and galleries that continue to amaze the residents that behold those works of art. SLART® has been one of such galleries. An eclectic array of art by talented Second Life artists such as Adam Ramona, Cubist Scarborough, and Sasun Steinbeck graced Second Life August 24 until September 20, 2008 at Artropolis. Some works were interactive pieces, like Dizzy Banjo’s Gestural Music Experiment, while others were canvasses—but all stir different emotions from amusement, happiness, confusion or fear. SLART® was able to showcase the greatest art for the summer, and going through them was a great visual pleasure. A bonus is getting to own them by acquiring copies of the featured artists’ works in the art book they are distributing, A so you get to bring home the memories.

Second Life Prepares for the

Yokohama Triennale In real life, The Yokohama Triennale is a series of international exhibitions of contemporary art that was ďŹ rst conducted in 2001. It consists of a diverse range of artwork (videos, installations, photography, painting, and sculture) by a selection of 60 to 70 artists from various countries. It is held in the Japanese city of Yokohama, and for their third exhibition this year, the Triennale has landed in Second Life as part of their efforts to reach out to artists abroad.

by Isadora Fiddlesticks

The Second Life version of the Yokohama Triennale is brought to you by the artist China Tracy (RL: Cao Fei) together with Vitamin Creative Space and Avatrian and the launch was held at the newest virtual city and art community RMB City. Established to realize the dream projects and to be a large public platform of creativity, RMB City proves to be the ideal space for the Yokohama Triennale. September 13, 2008 started the SL Triennale period and will run until November 30. The ofďŹ cial party and The Vernissage occurred the day before and were attended by RL curators of the Triennale, New World Notes and The Making of Second Life author Hamlet Au, and China Tracy amongst others. The Triennale is now accepting entries. Please send ideas via email to with the subject YOKOHAMA DREAM PROPOSAL before October 10, 2008. A

Oh Darling

Written & Photographed By Cherie Parker

Oh Darling… no I’m not making a pass. I’m simply stating the name of Bianca Darling’s new art gallery cutely named “Oh Darling”. If you haven’t been yet you need to get over before the end of September to see this months art exhibit featuring the Gavin Rossdale-Wanderlust 2008 Tour shot by Bianca Darling in Seattle Washington. Also on display are original in world works of art created by Bianca and a variety of artists, Ursul Turkm, Ryker Beck, Cicciuzzo Gausman and featuring her SL daughter Callie Cline as well. Oh Darling is housed inside the caLLiefornia sim and Callie Clines flagship store. You can find it here caLLiefornia - (238, 130, 25). It’s a rather small exhibit but worthy of seeing if you’re into the band previously known as Bush as Gavin Rossdale was the front man for.

Gavin Rossdale now on solo tour post Bush, allowed Bianca Darling to photograph him during his US tour dates that she was able to attend. I wonder if she got a glimpse of Gwen Stefani. That’s Gavin’s RL wife and super talented singer as well. I’m certain being allowed to follow Gavin on tour had to be one of the coolest events ever! Bianca Darling plans on using two walls each month to display her own works of art from both RL and SL in addition to hand picking a variety of other artists from SL to fill the rest of the gallery. Each installation of art will be on display for only a month so if she’s featuring an artist you love, you need to get there before the display changes. No word so far on who will be selected as next months featured artist, as Bianca plans to hand pick each one instead of having artists come to her.


Of Lively Art and Trance: : Cienega Soon and The Fog Terrace by Isadora Fiddlesticks

SL’s respected artist Cienega Soon will be reopening her gallery, the much anticipated “Castle Valeriya Artist Gallery” on October 24, 2008. The gallery promises to be a sight to behold that will only cement Cienega’s reputation in the art world as one of the most sought after and viewed artists in SL.

Cienega is well known for her vivid and lively art which brings fourth various emotions while being viewed. Cienega’s art captures the attention of the viewer and draws them in making them want to know or learn more about each piece of art they are viewing. Her art has an edge and an appeal which reaches out to both the art connoisseur and to those that simply enjoy visually appealing art. Cienega’s accomplishments include being a judge for various contests including the “Photomania Contest” by the City of the Arts at the Hyacinth Island, speaking for the Photo Institute which is SL’s premier school for studying photography. She is also a winner of various photography contests including the Koinup Exotic Contest and the SLArtist Idol contest and was also one of the contributing artists for SL5B, was featured artist in Avatrait, and is also one of their galleried artists in their RL gallery just outside Chicago, Illinois. Her real life artwork uses many mediums such as oils, acrylics, scupting with metal and wood, sort leather and feather mixed with glass and stained glass. Fog Terrace will also be opening and will be featuring guest DJ’s that will paly Dark Psy Trance Music. This location will sure to becom a hit to those who enjoy the genre of music, and will also feature 12 DJs who will fill the Terrace with Psy, Goa, and Trance mixes for 24 hours, ensuring that revelers of these genres from all over the globe will be able to enjoy them here in Second Life. A

SLURL : Valeriya/31/245/102 To contact Cienega Soon by e-mail: Visit Cienega Soon’s website at: For Custom Art Prints, Canvas, Cards: