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november 2010


Photo by Boe Cortes

AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE


hat a blast of a 2nd anniversary celebration we had last month when two of Second Life’s top musicians, American Skye Galaxy and Japanese Chouchou performed specially for all AVENUE staff, readers and advertisers. Their stellar performances marked our turning of age aptly and reminded us all of the incredible talent in this world we call our second home. This month, our cover story extends to Croatia covering the success of real life fashion brand Boudoir here in SL. Read about how Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless re-creates a unique success of fashion styles here in SL with a first hand glimpse of their recent real life fashion collection. Certainly success will follow the creativity of this duo powerhouse. Last month, we published the exclusive revelation of Phillip Linden’s new look so we decided to shed light behind the scenes on the creator of his new look, Mars Absent aka Khai Sinister from The Abyss. On the recreational front, for those who love their feline pleasures and pets, we check in on the latest breed of SL’s breedable pets, Krazy Kitty. All this and more of the goodness you have come to expect from us in the first issue of our 3rd year. Cheers!

AVENUE | Editor's note

Isadora Fiddlesticks Photo by Boe Cortes

Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE


ne more month left and we’re charging in for 2011! It seems that the days seem to be going by faster than one could ever think of, and that 24 hours are not enough to do all the things you need to do for the day!

Yet there are days when you get a chance to relax and log in SL to just relax, listen to some live music, celebrate the creativity and just LIVE that SL. With so many things to consider doing in your spare time, you need a reliable and edgy magazine that will help you keep up with Second Life’s best. There are so many magazines out there that makes a magazine just for the sake of making a magazine, but for us here at AVENUE Magazine, we make a magazine not just for profit or bragging rights, we make this magazine as a collective effort to bring about the creative, entrepreneurial, community and charitable aspects of SL... and we have been doing it with such panache, spunk, and class for two years now! We hope that with this month’s offering, we satisfy the senses and feed your mind. Indulge in the lavish fashion spreads, interesting features, and get ready to click the teleport button to experience what you see! Shop, explore, listen, commune, and create. Such things are what make this virtual world round, and more... ENJOY!

Fashion Icon Mars Absent

32 Cover Story Boudoir


AVENUE Magazine November 2010 cover Featuring Boudoir Designers Vitabela Dubrovna & Precious Restless Photographer Kyrie Source



Couture Look 2011 Valeria Endrizzi

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AVENUE | Cover Story

Vitabela Dubrovna

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by blackliquid Tokyoska RL photographer Mladen Šarić RL model Suzana Horvat

Brings Her Boudoir to Second Life


ew designers in Second Life can boast designing success in both worlds. Vitabela Dubrovna happens to be one of the few that can not only boast this, but she can even point to the fashion magazines to prove it.

Founded in 2001, Dubrovna’s Boudoir has enjoyed much of the same success in-world as it has in the real world. Her designs exude a kind of playful seductiveness that you rarely find in the fashion world, whether in first or Second Life®. With a hectic schedule in both lives, AVENUE was so fortunate to be able to catch Dubrovna for a brief glimpse into the mind of an incredibly talented designer whose creations have the distinct honor of having graced the runways of both worlds. Sensous Soulstar: I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to sit down with us to provide a little more insight into the mind of a seriously gifted designer. Let’s just jump right into things. As a designer in both worlds, I’m dying to know, what is your definition of “fashion”? What are your standards for defining truly iconic fashion in the real world? Vitabela Dubrovna: We [at Boudoir] don’t take fashion too seriously. Fashion must be treated as a game and you must enjoy it. I do not believe in the concept of “last season”, “vintage”, or “must haves”. Fashion is just fashion, and it depends on each person to determine how they will interpret it. There is no default definition of how to create the “it” piece. If that were the case, all designers would be super successful, and we wouldn’t have anything but all average designers. “It” pieces can happen to anyone, but I always believe that the simplest idea is always the best.

S.S.: Wow. That definitely was not the answer that I was expecting, but I truly believe it makes a lot of sense. Now let me ask that question again, but for Second Life. Do you think there are different standards for fashion here, including the quality of what’s accepted? Have you found that it’s more difficult to please the fashion community in either RL or SL®, or is there even a difference? V.D.: I think there is no difference between the fashion community in RL and SL. SL is just a different platform to create and design, so the same minds are creating, just with different equipment. I’d say it’s even more fun to create in SL because almost anything is possible here. S.S.: It amazes me how some truly incredible designers with the most creative and sensual pieces I have ever seen, choose to have a much more conservative style when it comes to the pieces they choose to wear themselves. So I’m curious, tell me about some of the outfits you choose to wear yourself whether in real life or Second Life. What is your personal taste in fashion like? V.D.: Actually, I dress quite eccentric here in SL because I find it funny when people ask “where would I wear this?” There is no dress code in SL! I do wear mostly my creations, but then again, I do the same in RL too.

"SL is just a different platform to create and design, so the same minds are creating, just with different equipment"

S.S.: Just to give our readers a little background, you and your sister’s in real life Boudoir opened its doors in September of 2001 in Croatia, and it seems you guys have been going strong since then. You’ve won numerous achievements, including a Fashion Oscar for your Boudoir Chronicles Spring/ Summer Collection, you designed the bottle for Coca Cola Light, and you’ve played a key part in the DOVE Campaign for Real Beauty in which you designed a capsule collection for models over the age of 45. It seems that you all have enjoyed tremendous success since opening your doors. But what was that original feedback like for you? V.D.: We had very small opening, but after 6 months, we had our first Boudoir fashion show, and that was the real breakthrough for us. We got excellent reviews and were recognized as a new quality brand in the market. S.S.: Now tell me, the pieces you design in SL, are they all reflections of your RL pieces, or does SL give you a little more creative room? Do you make it a rule to strictly stick with what you’ve already created in your store, or do you have a little more fun with your designs in SL? V.D.: In the beginning I started out by creating dresses based only on the RL creations, but in time I realized that it would be a waste not to use all abilities that SL offers. So now I can say that our SL creations are our fantasy designs. They are dresses we always wanted to create in RL but that were impossible to create.

S.S.: I’m dying to know, have you found that you have more success in SL because of the success of your brand in RL, and do you find that more people are attracted to your designs because of your accomplishments in RL or is it the opposite? V.D.: No. Actually, I think many of my costumers have no clue that we are RL designers. I just think they like our style and the playful way that we create. S.S.: That’s actually a pretty amazing feat to have that kind of success in both worlds strictly based on your designs, and not off of your brand name or celebrity. I definitely want to thank you again for taking the time out to talk with us, and we here at AVENUE wish you nothing but continued success in both worlds. As of June 17th, the amazing real life Boudoir designs can now be found at the newly opened boutique Boudoir at 22 Radićeva Street, just a few buildings away from their first studio in Croatia. We encourage anyone that may be in the area to stop in and take a firsthand look at these renowned pieces. A

AVENUE l Trendspotting

Photographed, Styled & Modeled by Kyrie Source



/Skin Glam Affair - Castalia /Hair & Device L + N - Scorpius /Lashes House of Fox /Nails Miamai - Part of Myda /Body Violator - Baroque Doll

/Skin Glam Affair - Castalia /Makeup Miamai - Los Muertos 02 /Hair Eshi Otawara - Ninja Girl /Nails & Rings Rozoregalia - Gemma /Corset&Shorts sYs -Electric /Boots Miamai - Weight

/Skin Glam Affair - Castalia /Hairbase Miamai /Hair L+N - Love Diaster /Ensemble sYs - Necronom /Boots sYs -Khrome /Sunglasses sYs - Evangelina

/Skin Glam Affair - Castalia /Hairbase Fior Di Perle /Lashes Miamai - No Alpha 17 /Eye Makeup Cheap Makeup - Gutter Liner /Hair L+N - Flash /Mask sYs - Silent /Jacket Miamai - Ansiotropic /Pants Miamai - Equinox /Boots Mea Culpa - Predator



AVENUE | Featured Designer

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Ozz Larsson

The Original Originality in SL

niquely nico


ne of the most frustrating things about finding the perfect look in Second Life速 is realizing that hundreds of others share that same look. While many of us dread the idea of being seen in the same outfit as another avatar, the idea of having the same skin as another is even more abhorring. Unico Solo has felt our pain, and provided the perfect remedy: limited edition skins!

Thanks to Solo, no longer do you have to fear bumping into your avatar’s twin, or having to face the realization that your perfectly put-together look appears just as perfect, and even sometimes better, on the avatar standing next to you. Solo has created the “Home of the Limited Skins.” Originally aiming to release no more than 100 of the same skin, Solo has since found that the number may at times be lower as she releases different tones and looks, but the idea is still the same: keeping the originality of each skin. While she has a great deal of respect for other designers, and their mass marketing of skins, she decided to take on the huge responsibility of having to constantly release new skins to meet the demands of customers who crave originality, a model that seems to be working tremendously well. With such a heavy burden, it’s hard to believe that Solo has released at least 2 to 3 skins per week, and she’s looking to increase those numbers. Finding inspiration in almost everything, she only has one rule when it comes to choosing which skins will be released: a wave of color and intensity; if she releases a truly intense skin, then the next release must be subtle, and so on, providing some sense of consistency for her customers with this up and down wave. Although she didn’t start designing skins until September of 2009, Solo opened CStar a month earlier and began selling

"she only has one rule when it comes to choosing which skins will be released: a wave of color and intensity" small accessories, eyelashes, face paints (prim versions) and neko tails. However, soon finding herself frustrated with the difficulties of creating prim based objects, Solo decided to use her real life talents of photo retouching and her history with makeup to go in a new direction. With her previous training at a Design and Technology Academy during her high school years, Solo became drawn to the idea that she could be pretty successful at making skins, and thus began the legacy of the limited edition skins.

With such a unique business model, it is no surprise that Solo chose such a unique brand name. When asked about the meaning behind the name CStar, Solo explained that it means “to open up your eyes to life and its beauty; to see the stars!” She elaborates by adding that “each star in the galaxy has its own name and color, its own location and age. People have these same characteristics. It’s what makes each of us different. With CStar skins, you can be a Creative Star, Courageous Star, Celebrity Star, Calming Star, etc. You can be your own star at CStar.” Although it should be noted that CStar was not the original brand name, but, after a revamping of the store and of the skins, Solo decided that it was a more appropriate name and a much better fit for her skins, and it appears to have worked, since CStar is now one of the most recognizable names in the skin world. For Solo, the sky is the limit, and inspiration comes from any and everything. Her motto is “everything is fiction until you make it happen.” It appears this lesson reigns true. The idea that there could be originality in Second Life and that a woman could truly feel unique in her sense of style and appearance was once a fairy tale…until Unico Solo came along and decided to turn fiction into reality, earning not only the gratitude of women everywhere, but also the title of the original originality in a world of replicas. A

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

Disappearing into the Abyss with

Mars Absent F Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Mars Absent

or most designers, barbed wire and gas masks are scary things not to be incorporated in any type of design. Yet, for Mars Absent, these are just another set of weapons in his creative arsenal as he launches an all out fashion war on the masses. Recently, AVENUE was fortunate enough to catch the creative genius for a moment to delve into his mad world, and to find out a little more about the man who designed Philip Linden 2.0.

Sensous Soulstar: Congratulations on being selected as AVENUE’s Fashion Icon! Tell me, how long have you been involved with fashion, whether it’s designing, working for others or even modeling clothing? Mars Absent: Thank you and your readers for selecting me for this feature! I’ve been designing for years, entirely self-taught. I still have a lot to learn. S.S.: Now after seeing your creations, curious minds are dying to know: what is your definition of fashion? You’ve stretched so many boundaries, and done so many things in the fashion world that haven’t been seen before. What does it take, in your mind, to really be “iconic” fashion? M.A.: For something iconic, it has to have its own set of beliefs and ideals. Timing is as important as your vision. It should remain relative yet stand out somehow. S.S.: Alright, so before delving into your creations, let’s talk about Mars Absent. Tell me a little about your own personal style. Can it be categorized? Is it styled after someone or something? M.A.: I’ve always enjoyed the idea of old elements combined with modern. But truthfully I would say my own personal style is constantly changing. Sometimes it can be frustrating when I am unable to express a direction of my style the way I’d like to. There are a lot of limits and struggles all designers deal with, but regardless I’m always trying new things. S.S.: So let’s take that question and apply it to

your creations, since it’s rare to find someone with the kind of creativity to pull a fashionable look out of barbed wire and a gas mask. Tell us, who or what inspires your designs? M.A.: Generally, my inspiration for <TheAbyss> is my own depiction of a dystopian future. The people, their attire, and how they express or identify themselves are all a part of my vision. The gas mask was inspired by war, and the barbed wire was inspired by Jesus Christ. S.S.: Speaking of <TheAbyss>, tell us about your store. First, does the name stand for something in RL or SL®, and how does it apply to the brand? M.A.: Initially, I started with an idea of a city disappearing into the shadows. “TheAbyss” seemed fitting. How it came to be from there was entirely gradual. The name itself can be interpreted in many ways. S.S.: How would you classify your store and your designs? There’s an element of urban grunge, but it seems there are a few skins that reflect a little vampire influence, even a robotic look. When you create, do you strive to limit yourself to a certain genre, or do you just let yourself go and create whatever comes to mind? M.A.: The reason for <TheAbyss> was to allow endless creative freedom in the RPG genre. The sim includes mixed elements from the past into the future and the content there also reflects that. Usually I’ll get out my yellow sketch book and draw what comes to mind if I’m feeling uninspired.

S.S.: What should we expect next from The Abyss? Any details that you want to share about next season’s release and should we be looking for an emphasis on a particular color or look? M.A.: Most certainly! Wearable garbage. Trashiness. Literally. Yellow, green, and especially brown. I’m joking! Today I am not certain of what mess I’ll think of next. Hopefully something inspiring and unique. Maybe a new direction. S.S.: Now of course I couldn’t have an interview with you, and not ask about Philip Linden’s new look. You were recently selected as the winner of the Philip Linden 2.0 Contest. How did you get involved in that and how did you decide on a final look? What was your reaction when you found out that you’d won? M.A.: It was good timing. I had been working on a new skin and I felt like the realism I was going for fit into the ‘Philip 2.0’ concept; I could mod it quickly into ‘Philip 2.0’ within the time I was allowed. I wanted to him to look crazy realistic with an animated/cartoonish quality. Think Santa Clause. I didn’t want to change his iconic look into something colored by my own self-interests. S.S.: I want to thank you for taking the time out for this interview, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? M.A.: Have confidence in your vision and you will go far! A

More information on Mars Absent and his designs can be found on his blog at

AVENUE l Edge of Style


ith winter chills in full swing, it’s the time for cosy nights in by the fire place watching film noir and munching on popcorn. So here are some styles I have put together inspired by some classic genres. Whether you’re into aviation or war films, this first look really is quite timeless and stylish, don’t let this jacket fool you, it maybe a female jacket from Coco Designs but let me assure you, it can hold it’s own when it comes to creating a macho look on any male. The cargo pants are also from the female section at Lelutka created by Thora Charron, this was no means intentional to wear all female items, but recently more designers are starting to create versatile items which work just as well on men if not better. For a more traditional approach this second outfit was influenced by gangster films set in the 1930’s with the added twist of the sweater under the waistcoat giving a unique style to the more conventional concept of a shirt, tie and waistcoat. The duotone collar that comes with this waistcoat really caught my attention and makes for a very desirable item for anyone into waistcoats.

FilmNoir Photographed, Written, Styled & Modeled by Boe Cortes

The final look really was a challenge, with some patience and careful prim adjustments this Lelukta Lumber jacket can look exceptional and refreshing on any guy. For a more wintery and solid approach to this style a KiiToS vest has been added to compliment the jacket allowing for a more masculine look.

/Skin Belleza - Shawn 8 /Hair MADesigns HAIR - Alex in Black /Jacket Coco - Aviator Jacket Black /Sweater MOGU - Gradaton Knit in Gray /Pants Lelutka - CARGO pants in Black /Shoes hoorenbeek - Karsen Boots in Black /Glasses HOC Apparel - Aviator Style Glasses Unisex #003

/Skin Belleza - Shawn 9 /Hair MADesigns HAIR - ALI Flat Cap (Leather) DPBR III /Vest /Sweater Scars - 2 tone Best set in Black /Shirt NINIKOBOY - White shirts2 base with Hoorenbeek Cuffs /Tie enchanty -006 Shizuya Shirts collar with Black tie /Pants CHANTKAREMALE - MARK ENSEMBLE Dres Pants /Shoes hoorenbeek - Allen in Black / White

/Skin Belleza - Shawn 3 /Hair NINIKOBOY - Newsboy Cap /Jacket Lelutka - LUMBERJACK jacket in true /Shirt COCO - SkinnyTie&Shirt in Black /Vest KiiToS!! -Sinilitu Drape Vest in Beige tinted grey (hem only) /Pants NINIKOBOY - Wide Pants tweed in Grey /Shoes Kookie - Nyox in Noir /Suspenders Kari - New School Suspenders in Black


AVENUE | Fashion Spread

double dare dD STYLE Photography by blackLiquid Tokyoska AVENUE Models Mavi Beck Vikeejeah Xevion Keira Tyles Brendon Heron

/left Mavi Beck DD Style SAVAGE GIRL /right Vikeejeah Xevion DD Style SAFARI GIRL

/left Keira Tyles DD Style CAMO LADY Brendon Heron DD Style CAMO MAN /right Keira Tyles DD Style CAMO GIRL Brendon Heron DD Style GRUNDGE MAN

/left Vikeejeah Xevion DD Style JUNGLE LADY /right Mavi Beck DD Style SAVAGE BODYSUIT Brendon Heron DD Style PURPLE JACK


AVENUE | Couture Look 2011

Written by Aaliyah Munro Photography by Diconay Boa

VENUE Couture Look 2011



Aaliyah Munro: Congratulations on winning the October Finalist title! How did you get your start in modeling? Valeria Endrizzi: A baby compared to a lot of the older models I’ve watched progress in this career, I started modeling about 12 months ago, but waited three months later to really begin as I didn’t know anything of the modeling industry. After about a month, I decided to try out for an agency (of which I still represent) and I was so nervous, my real hands were shaking! It was difficult because I barely knew anything about styling and shape; after receiving an IM letting me know that I’d made the cut, I was so happy I jumped about my house! From then on I left my nerves behind and started to trust my ability; as more jobs and runway shows started to come in, I thought back to that first time and was grateful to have been given a chance with that first agency.


newcomer to the world of modeling but not at all new to creating aweinspiring looks, Valeria Endrizzi, a model representing 15 separate agencies, has captivated the hearts of fashionistas and fashion experts alike. Taking the title of October Finalist for Couture AVENUE Look 2011, Valeria Endrizzi is set to compete in AVENUE’s venture to find the face of Couture AVENUE, an illustrious shopping district. Read more for a chance to learn the inside scoop on just how Valeria made her incline to fashion fame.

AM: Wow- that was a great story; we’re glad that you’ve made it as well. Tell our readers, what obstacles did you face when progressing in your career? VE: Obstacles? Well, lag for one! Jokes aside, I think rejection is a major hurdle that we all must face; you can attend a casting and think, “Yeah, I look amazing and will definitely enter this agency [or show],” but you never know what the jury has in store. It can be really disappointing at times, as is the notion of clones; a lot of times you may think that you have a unique look, but find that one has a similar style, making you just another model.

AM: That’s true- both rejection and being unique are major turning points in a model’s career. Have you seen any changes in the modeling or fashion industry since you started? VE: Well, I’m really not sure as I’ve just started this year; I’ve learned that the things I’m used to, like big crowds and well-made skins, were simply not there in the past. I’m a part of the NEW generation of models in SL®, but it’s good to know a bit of modeling history as well. AM: I totally agree! So tell us- how did you feel leading up to the Couture AVENUE Look 2011 contest, and then after you learned that you’d won for October? VE: I at first felt a little unsure about the look I chose, and a little insecure too; the great thing about modeling is that it’s all about risks, and this is the reason I decided to enter the contest. When I received a notecard with the announcement that I was a semifinalist, I was completely shocked as I didn’t expect to make it, and afterward reassured myself that while I was a semifinalist, I was still competing. The day of the event I was relaxed, and after seeing the other outfits I thought, “May the best competitor win.” After walking and standing to wait for the results, nerves got the best of me until I heard my name being called!

I was surprised, and insanely happy because it was difficult to think of an outfit for the contest; I’m so happy and excited to be a finalist! AM: Again, congratulations! Do you have any advice for those competing for subsequent months? Any closing thoughts? VE: Create an outfit that really identifies yourself; don’t try to make a look that the old winners wore- try to create something that you really like, and make it stunning. If you don’t win, don’t give up- keep trying and aim for the next month. The great thing about this contest is that you can try again, so don’t be disappointed; I’ll see you in the finals! ---Are YOU the next face of Couture AVENUE?  To learn how you can be the a finalist for Couture LOOK 2011, stop by the AVENUE office and pickup an application.  Join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group for regular updates on important dates and finalist announcements.  Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Application LM AVENUE%20at%20GOL/173/96/22 AVENUE Website -


AVENUE | Fashion Spread

Photography by Haedeon Gateaux



AVENUE | Fun With Fashion

a Vixie Rayn Styled by odeled, & to Destiny Written, M otography by Kallis Ph

Classique Structure


very girl dreams of her wedding and it always starts with the dress. We all want to be original in a dress that showcases our personal style. One can easily find a lovely offthe-rack gown, but if you want a real challenge take the time to create your own look. Weddings are a very big business in Second Life® and we all hope to find something unique and special. It can be a challenge, but with a little inspiration you can create your own look and might just save a few lindens as most “wedding gowns” cost $3000 lindens or more. Accessories can completely elevate a look and help to make it your own. The House of Fox Cream Couture gown is spectacular, the fur cape and collar make it very old-world and romantic. The headpiece from Chapeau Tres Mignon would make any bride stand out with its daring style paired with the high-fashion of Gasqhe’s designs. A true mix and match can be challenging, but when you work within one color pallete pieces just come together. A simple search in your inventory for white, beige, cream, champagne, etc. and you can find the perfect combination.

/Jacket R.icielli Valentina in Ice /Shirt Boudoir Dirty Faded /Skirt Gisaci Beleza Evening in Creme /Hat LeeZu Miss Tre’s in Beige /Gloves LeeZu Miss Tre’s in Beige /Shoes G Field Kate in Cream /Rings Donna Flora Atma /Skin Lelutka Ava in Makeup 1 with Prowl Lipstick /Hair Maitreya Natalie in Walnut

R.icielli’s new Valentina jacket is stunning and paired beautifully with the classic Armidi Gisaci gown prim. The LeeZu accessories transform the look to a “Classique” style. A wedding can be a wonderful inspiration. If you have that special day around the corner, take the time to create something personal and unique. Until next month, remember that fashion is fun!

Feathered Elegance /Gown Gasghe Jeynne /Skirt Gasghe Gisela /Headpiece Chapeau Tres Mignon Carousel Day /Gloves Gasghe Gisela /Shoes LeeZu Dncorde Danse in Ambience /Skin Lelutka Ava in Makeup 1 /Hair Boon ZGO223 in Chocolate

Old-World Romance /Gown House of Fox Cream Couture /Collar Aoharu Sweet Dress Coat Fur /Cape COCO Fur Brown Mix /Hat Chapeau Tres Mignon PT Flower /Gloves Miamai Vixie /Shoes Courtisane Hors dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;haleine in Champagne /Skin Lelutka Ava in Makeup 1 with /Lipstick Lelutka Ava Dark Side Lipstick /Hair Boon OPT129 in Chocolate A

AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

A Little Piece of

Brazil Amarelo Manga Fashion Show

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by BlackLiquid Tokyoska


razilian fashion is hotter than ever this year. This time we were able to partake in some of it during the Amarelo Manga Fashion show held in October. The fashion show was staged in a background of white with splashes of color displayed in the seating and graffiti style posters and DJ booth. The colorful surroundings stood out against the white background and seem to create a modern atmosphere.

You rarely see beach and casual wear as jaw-droppingly sleek, cool, and affordable as that bearing the label of Amarelo Manga. Brazilian fashion designers, Luana Barzane and Arturcosta Akina said their latest collection was inspired by “the colors of the Brazilian beaches and forests, and creating a clothing line for a contemporary woman. When I started creating this collection my main goal was to develop a quality product and make fashion in Second Life® closer to reality.”

A must needed essential when you lay out by the pool; a sizzling hot green and orange swimsuit. This is one flirtatious bikini that is sure to attract attention and envy.

These two ladies are look set for an afternoon beach party in these bikinis. This chic one piece will make waves rather at the beach or yacht. Its smooth fabric will hug your body just right and shows off just the right amount of cleavage to capture everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eyes. Nothing says bold and sassy like the color red on this swimwear. This suit was made to show off your best features. (Left to Right)

In this pant suit you can see some of creativity that Amarelo is known for. This outfit reminds me of paint splashed across a white canvas. Be ready for a weekend full of parties and fun. In the same style as the previous look is this stunning Turquoise colored pants suit that is perfect for those warms days traveling through Europe.

Luana and Arturcosta have found inspiration in the countryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rich cultural and artisanal traditions to create a collection that will lift the spirits and draw out inspiration. Designing shortly after marrying her SLÂŽ sweetheart in RL, Amarelo Manga started to form. A brand that draws from their passion for each other and using that to create clothing and accessories that any fashionista would want to own. Luana and Arturcosta are working on a new line of jewelry as well as a Fall-Winter Collection that Luana says will be very romantic and chic. I know whatever creations they design will be worth waiting for. Visit Amarelo Manga to see what you have been missing and stayed tuned for even more incredible creations. A

Written & Photographed by Vixie Rayna


AVENUE | GOLden Shopping


ccessories are a must-have for any shop-a-holic and GOLden Shopping has your fix! You can elevate your look with a few pieces that would make any wardrobe sing. Je Suis is an emerging brand by the uber talented Julia Merosi, and her jewelry is stunning and unique. If shoes are your thing, then Nardcotix will make you shout for joy with the wide range of styles and colors. Pacadi is a great shop for the adventurous fashionista with it’s daring sculpts and designs. One can never have too many accessories, and AMG Boudoir has everything from hair to shoes. GOLden Shopping is part of The GOL community of sims built by renowned architect Dakota Neumann. It’s the perfect place to discover your own personal style. As soon as you arrive you’ll find brands such as Aoharu, Anexx, Narcotix, 2xtreme, BAX Coen Designs, Akeyo, LostAngel Industries, Boom, C.Smit, Alphamale & Blacklace, So Many Styles, Oh Studio, AMG Boudoir, Sr3d Poses, Dezno, PACADI, BOA Creations, Elymode, Je Suis, No.7 and Kiliebe. We have everything from clothing and accessories to dance animations and furniture. It’s easy to find your own style with such a wonderful mix of designers. Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!


Je Suis

Boheme Necklace



Aditi Bodysuit Skirt II in White



Breezie Stilettos in Silver


AMG Boudoir

Sigma Belt with Jewelry in Brown


AVENUE | Fashion Agenda


Introducing Fall/Winter C 2010 Edition Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Annough Lykin


’s Collection n


his past month, Meghindo Romano reintroduced the word “sexy” to Second Life®. With the debut of her Fall/Winter 2010 Collection, Romano reminded us that even as the seasons change and the weather gets colder, you can still be just as sexy as ever in her first official fashion show.

Spearheaded by Sweetest Sands and CindyS Tatham, the show brought to life some of Romanoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s finest creations on center stage as models graced the runway in the latest in formalwear, lingerie, and {Meghindoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s} newest addition, casual wear. The show, graciously held on the sim of 2408 Alekseev, featured music by Banchee Gothly, as well as a live performance by Rae Delicioso. Built by Romano herself, the setting also utilized some of the most stunning additions by creators Mo Miasma of Morantique, NyuNyu Kimono of Maritima and freelance builder Christiano Titanium. Custom created skins by Joakim Asbrink adorned the models introducing the new casual line.

Using the infamous Ralph Lauren quote “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams” as her guide, Romano unveiled what can only be noted as her sexiest collection to date, as well as her most diverse collection. Known for her elegant gowns and formalwear, Romano has now successfully branched out into casual wear, as well as a little “street style”, and managed to still keep her signature style of metallic gold hues, sequins, satin, brocade, and plenty of glamorous fabrics.

When asked about her inspiration for her designs, Romano explained that her designs in Second Life are based off of what she sees and craves in the real world. “The items {Meghindo’s} promote are straight off the catwalk, and off the shelves from the biggest and most glamorous brands in RL. I think everyone agrees that SL® is the perfect place to satisfy your needs, including shopping, and as is my case, the desire to wear glamorous pieces that one cannot afford or that you have no place to wear them. Since, being 22 years old and a student, there’s really no point of having a $4,000 gown by Versace if you’re never going to wear it.”

One of the biggest standouts of the show was the emphasis on a curvier, more natural look of the models. Romano explains: “I have always been a supporter for the natural look, as with my designs, I don’t exaggerate things and I don’t push items to the edge. I’m like that as a person too. I admire a woman’s curves much more than an androgynous looking shape. Yet, I do have to admit that SL has finally answered my question regarding the use of thin models, including in RL too: a thin looking shape shows the clothing better. Take, for example, the breast area; a curvy shape stretches the textures and deforms the design while a pencil thin shape keeps all the textures just the same as they look in Photoshop when the creator is making them.” Continuing on to explain her use of the models in the show, Romano states that “at the end of the day thin and curvy models worked together on this project and again proved that some appearances don’t mean a thing in the end.”

Models: Ava Jhamin Sophitia Ophelia Emmaline Pizzaro AngelRaella Shelman Hannah Naimarc Thamara Sweet TyraBanks Eiren Keira Soulstar Latesha Spiezel Babe Lannock Dixie Halfpint blackLiquid Tokyoska Latrelly Flux Ezmeralda Silversmith Fuzz Lennie Vichonette Constantine Celestial Lunasea Sweetest Sands Cindys Tatham JEZZIXA Cazalet CJ123 Grantham scryer zigar ChristianDavid1 Destiny Beyonce Aurotharius Ananya Mai Burly Tigerpaw Matteo Bettencourt Qoo Coy ChristianDavid1 Destiny

One thing is for sure, the appearance of this stunning debut meant a great deal to the fashion world, as {Meghindoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s} Fall/Winter 2010 Collection has not only reintroduced Romanoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s talent, but has also reinvented sexy, a feat rarely accomplished in one collection. A

AVENUE l Model of the Month


Written by: Augusta Carver Photography by: Diconay Boa







uly Raymaker is a mover and shaker in SL. Becoming a very recognizable name across the grid. Not only as a model but a budding entrepreneur as well. Her three years in Second LifeÂŽ has been full of wonderful experiences and accomplishments that has made her the person she is today. Humble, skilled, and dedicated are only a few words that describe. Novemberâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AVENUE Model of the Month.

AVENUE l Model of the Month

Augusta Carver: How long have you been modeling for in SL? July Raymaker: Well, only a year. I started my first classes last year in September. I’ve been around in SL for more than 3 years. Fashion is what brought me here in the first place, but I always thought models were out of this world if you know what I mean A.C.: Yes, I always use to admire them from afar.

A.C.: And you own a Pose store as well? J.R.: Yes I do. I’m really picky when it comes to posing and I always thought that the poses out there were not made to fit a model’s shape. So I started trying to make my own. I gave up pretty soon, but then tried again and actually made a few. I never intended to actually sell them, but I gave a few out to friends and they convinced me to open up a store and sell them.

J.R.: Me too. I used to go and see fashion shows and always think “Oh…I want to be like them”.

A.C.: That always seemed difficult. Making things, especially poses LOL.

A.C.: How did you become involved with AVENUE?

J.R.: LOL yes. A.C.: One day I want to try though

J.R.: I used to watch all their shows and one day I came across some information about their academy and decided to sign up. It was a great experience. When it comes to runway procedures…I think Kryptonia is one of the best teachers you can have. After my graduation I was hired to model for AVENUE. A.C.: Awesome.

J.R.: once you get the hang of it, it really isn’t that hard though. You just need a little patience A.C.: Ah a virtue that is hard to keep LOL. J.R.: LOL yes. When it comes to making poses I do have patience, but when it comes to building or anything...I get totally stressed.

J.R.: LOL yes. A.C.: Don’t get me started on building LOL. J.R.: When I started modeling, I had set a couple of goals for myself and getting represented by AVENUE was one of them. So you can imagine how happy I was when that was accomplished.

J.R.: LOL. A.C.: What do you find to be the most rewarding and most challenging thing about modeling?

J.R.: The most rewarding thing is to get acknowledged for your hard work. For example if you do a fashion show and you have the designer IM you afterwards and tell you they loved it...that is so rewarding. I think the most challenging thing about modeling is to keep up-to-date. And the competition is pretty hard, so you have to make sure you can bring something “new” all the time. A.C.: How would you define your style July? J.R.: Well I believe it’s quite classic, but with an edgy touch. I love styling outfits but you will never see me go “over the top”. I really don’t like jewelry in RL, so I try to keep it simple in SL as well. A.C.: Aside from modeling and pose making, what else do you enjoy in SL? J.R.:! I love to wander around and find these so called hidden gems. My favorites are these tiny Japanese shops. They sometimes have the most beautiful things. A.C.: Yes, me too. It is like going on a little treasure hunt.

A.C.: What are your favorite stores in SL and why? J.R.: I really don’t have a favorite, because it really depends on what I’m looking for when going shopping. A few of my favorite stores are.. Modern Gypsy, Lelutka, Baiastice, LeeZu, Paper Couture, Chantkare, and Gasqhe. I like innovative and “daring” designers who bring something “new” all the time.I like innovative and “daring” designers who bring something “new” all the time. A.C.: Any advice for aspiring models in SL? J.R.: My advice would be to always be yourself... and stay true to yourself. Work hard and be loyal. It’s unfortunate that a lot of aspiring models think the fashion industry is all glitter and glamour, but if you work hard and stay true to yourself... you’ll get there. Also to enjoy what you’re doing, that is so important. In the fashion/modeling world competition can be challenging and demanding. July has proven that with a little creativity, hard work, and patience, you can make yourself stand out in a crowd and be the best at what you do.

J.R.: Exactly. My friends are an important part of my SL as well. A.C.: The cornerstone to any good SL experience. J.R.: I think so yes. If it weren’t for my friends I’d have been gone a long time ago. A

AVENUE | My Precious Queen Contest

Road to Royalty

written by Imani Enzo photography by Natasja Schumann


Magazine takes great pleasure in introducing Bodza Mubble, Flora Stipe and Imani Enzo.”


gnes Finney’s sophisticated, glamorous, and feminine designs have a way of making a woman feel like royalty. As a result, it makes perfect sense that many models choose to compete in her popular contest that will give one lucky lady an opportunity to reign as My Precious Queen. If you are model who is interested in advancing your career to the next level, you may want to consider entering this one. Each month, beautiful contestants compete for the title of Royal Princess and an opportunity to vie for the coveted title of My Precious Queen. Up for grabs are some great prizes which include cash, gift cards, admission into AVENUE Model Academy, and a photo shoot for AVENUE Magazine. Once again it’s time to meet the lovely ladies selected as My Precious Princesses for the month of October. AVENUE Magazine takes great pleasure in introducing Bodza Mubble, Flora Stipe, and Imani Enzo.


Bodza Mubble Royal Princess – October 2010

Favorite My Precious Design: “That’s a hard question. I love the fine work of Ms Finney. I think my absolute favorite is the Queen Mayur Grandeur. That gown is so beautiful and unique. I have never seen anything like that before.”

Bodza Mubble is an adorable, sweet, and artistic lady who is a newcomer to the modeling industry. Despite her newness, Bodza has already made great strides as a model and is quickly establishing herself as a face and name to remember. She enjoys meeting new people and believes that you can learn something from everyone. Bodza also works as a layout designer for a popular SL® magazine and particularly enjoys living out her dreams in this virtual world.

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “The queen must be a unique and fine lady to represent this fabulous brand. I can only hope that I am deemed worthy. However, I don’t underestimate anybody. Each and every one of the selected Princesses are glamorous. I wish them good luck and I feel honored to be one of them.” Style tip:  “Never be shy to ask others for their opinions because they just might see something you don’t. Also, remember to take your time to find the right outfit, makeup, and accessories on those occasions when you really need to shine. Perfection can’t be rushed.”


Flora Stipe Royal Princess – October 2010

Favorite My Precious Design: “I definitely love Dazzle in both black and white. The gown is awesomely elegant in that it molds any model’s body perfectly, and it has volume without being a balloon. The movement of the skirt is amazing.” Flora Stipe is an easy-going, generous woman who tends to get along with just about everyone she encounters. Fashion and modeling are very much a part of her SL. Specifically, she’s a formally trained model and works for some of the grid’s most popular designers. Flora is grateful for the amount of success she’s had so far in her short modeling career, and is looking forward to her future in the industry. When it comes to style, Flora states that she is somewhat conservative with her looks and loves wearing furs, jewels, and well behaved updos. However, she is quick to point out that she has no trouble stepping outside of her comfort zone when she’s on the runway.

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I have worked hard to get here, but I really do not expect to be selected as Queen. There are far more beautiful and experienced models that certainly deserve the title. I am just starting in this competitive career! So my goal, for the moment, is to learn all I can by taking part in shows and contests and of course try to win them. ” Style tip:  “Work very hard, have patience, and never give up. If you practice a lot and love what you are doing, you will be successful. Also, be elegant and remember that elegance will always hint, it never reveals. “


Imani Enzo Royal Princess – October 2010 Favorite My Precious Design: “My favorite is the Mayur cocktail dress. I adore it because of its classic sophisticated look. The strapless bodice and versatile length is flirty and comfortable without sacrificing one ounce of glamour. The most beautiful part of the Mayur dress is the elaborate feather detailing because it adds just enough drama to make the dress exquisite and alluring. Simply put, the dress is nothing short of amazing.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “Many beautiful ladies have been selected this year and I am just excited and honored to be counted among them. I think that any one of us would be a wonderful representative of Miss Finney’s extraordinary brand and I wish all the ladies the best of luck.”

Imani Enzo is perhaps best described as a laid back, smart, and creative lady with a great sense of humor. When she isn’t modeling or writing, Imani enjoys photography, exploring the grid, and spending time with her friends. The budding stylist has a great eye for fashion and loves shopping for unique pieces to make her chosen looks more interesting and fashion forward. When it comes to personal style, Imani has a fondness for casual and edgy looks but prefers not to limit herself to them. Instead, she strives to achieve variety in her wardrobe because according to Imani, variety in her looks and styling better demonstrates her versatility as a model.

Style tip:  “Wear colors that complement your skin tone and hair color as opposed to those that wash you out. Also, pick one style or trend per outfit. Don’t go overboard when styling your looks because there is a very thin line between chic and shabby.” Next month is your last chance to be selected for this year’s competition. So, if you think you have what it takes to be My Precious Queen, please visit My Precious by Agnes Finney in world to learn what you need to do to enter and shop for some of Second Life’s most beautiful gowns. Who knows, maybe you will A be featured in next month’s issue.

AVENUE | The White Armory

Written by Rachel Carstensz Photography by Natasja Schumann


ake a trip with me back in the fourth century and the center of medieval times, to be exact. Think of the chivalry, the royal courts, the general way people acted. Great, isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it? Through the designs of glamorous gowns and impeccable weaponry, Bee Dumpling and Colton Drechsler have brought that feeling to us here in Second LifeÂŽ through the store, The White Armory.

When visiting The White Armory on the Emerald sim, the size of the store is what first catches your eye. The teleport point sets you at the lower level of a circle, with stairs moving up to the store level. To the left and right, live models are stationed along the steps, modeling the latest in weaponry and attire, gowns and tunics. Once you reach the top of the steps, you can begin shopping for the latest fashion for the medieval era. When thinking about fashion, most do not automatically think of medieval times. The White Armory began over two years ago when Colton purchased the land where the store still sits as a wedding gift for Bee. As Bee says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;The White Armory was birthed out of a husbandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s love for his wife and our desire to grow creatively together.â&#x20AC;? Since that time, they have done just that. Colton designs the weaponry seen in the store while Bee designs the fashion.

I was interested in finding out more about which came first, whether it was the weaponry or the fashion, and Bee explained that Colton was already creating weapons when she began dappling with apparel out of a need for roleplaying tunics. She laughed when remembering that Colton often frowned at her frustrated “I can’t do this!” outbursts. Luckily for us, she kept at it, and she has produced some amazing designs ranging from tunics to elaborate gowns.

The White Armory is literally a one-stop shop for all your medieval needs. While there’s the weaponry and attire, Bee went on to explain that the store works in conjunction with a roleplaying area named Nimtaure. “It’s a wonderful elven/Tolkien inspired area that is both magical and just a little bit dark as well. We also host a beautiful steeplechase level for our equestrian friends and the White Cathedral for weddings,” she said while also stating that all are welcome.

It is often a goal of a successful business owner in SL® to make their products available in some capacity in real life, and Bee describes the ideas her and Colton had when I asked her what was next for The White Armory. “It was our goal from very early on to make The White Armory a virtual cross over business to real life. We are already in the preliminary stages of making our gown and sword designs available exclusively on Much goes into the process of taking a gown design to an actual product, and the same in creating a workable sword from a virtual model. We are very excited about what the future holds for The White Armory in world and out.” From the attire and weaponry to the roleplaying area that works in conjunction, Bee and Colton have made The White Armory THE place in SL to get everything medieval, a mecca for everything old world but still highly fashionable.



Photo of Trocadero House

orth W hen thinking in terms of luxurious, well-planned homes in Second Life速, one of the most prominent names in architecture comes to mind Barnesworth Anubis. What started as a building venture in other virtual worlds has manifested into one of top brands in the home design market; AVENUE Magazine recently had the opportunity to meet the avatar behind this exquisite brand, to learn more about his motivations for creating such unique builds.

AVENUE | Architecture & More

Written by Aaliyah Munro Photography by Rusch Raymaker


Aaliyah Munroe: Jumping right in, Barnesworth, can you tell us about your inspiration to begin building here in SL速? Why did you begin creating content?

Photo of Lamin House

Barnesworth Anubis: I actually entered SL with some friends from The Sims Online. We really liked designing houses there, so we wanted to try more advanced building that Second Life had to offer. I was introduced to SL as basically it being a big sandbox where you made stuff. So, going into content creation was the reason for coming. I started building things and structures just for myself, but once I was done I was bored with them and just wanted to clear the land and build something else. I started selling items and structures too as a way for me to share the things I spent so long making but wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t interested in using, as well as help generate a little in world income to pay for uploads, land, and other costs. AM: Wow- Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve heard of a lot of Sims Online transports, but none who transitioned almost seamlessly into home design. What made you decide to pursue architecture? BA: When I started SL the first things I made were structures because of my background doing houses for The Sims, where content creation was pretty much restricted to buildings. Even though I have dabbled in a lot of areas of content creation in SL designing buildings has always been what I felt most passionate about. It just keeps my interest more than anything else has over the past 6 years Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been making things in SL.

Photo of Belle Aire House

Photo of Belle Aire House

AM: You’ve been here an awfully long time, and in that time I’m sure you’ve faced obstacles when progressing in your career as master architect. Can you tell us about some of them? BA: I never planned I would own or run a business, so organizing it and maintaining it has been a challenge for me. I love the creating part, but the administrative part can be exhausting. I’m just a control freak and have a hard time even thinking about someone else run things. It’s a challenge to strike a good balance between making new content and running things behind the scenes; I wish it was as simple as making something and checking the “for sale” box on it, but its not. AM: You’re not the first builder to admit that marketing plays a major part in business here in SL. Aside from advancing in that aspect of your entity, how has your workflow changed as SL has advanced in technology? BA: Luckily I started in SL early; the bar was set much lower back then and I’ve been able to slowly work at keeping up with it instead of having to jump in now and meet the quality people expect. I began using very few textures, or very basic ones and do more prim work, so a lot of time was spent in SL working with prims. But now due to advancements in the types of content SL supports and the demand of consumers for low prim, but nicely made items a lot more time is spent

outside of SL creating more refined and detailed textures, sculpted objects, etc. I find myself spending more time outside of SL than inside when making new items, but the results are usually worth it. AM: Yes, it does seem to be a continuing trend to move toward lower prim items with quality texture work. Can you tell us about some of the real life builds that inspire your work here in SL? BA: This is where I will show my architectural ignorance. I don’t really know a lot of famous builds that I could reference as real inspirations. I don’t really know much about architecture in a technical sense, although I’m a lot more familiar with some of it since I started building in SL. A lot of my builds are inspired from different cultural/regional architecture from around the world. My most popular build by far is the Agadir Villa, which was inspired by some images I found online of coastal villas in Morocco. The Lamin Longhouse is also very popular, which again is inspired by a picture I found of a communal type structure from Indonesia. Some of my more modern builds people say look a little Frank Lloyd Wright; who isn’t a little inspired by his work? AM: True, his work has been manifested into all sorts of items here in SL! Finally, do you have any advice for those who may be beginning builders and/or architects?

BA: It always sounds clichĂŠ, but build stuff that you like, things that inspire you. I would be lying if I said I never built a house just because I thought it would sell well, but Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve found the ones I was excited about making because I loved the idea have always not just sell better, but seem to be generally more liked. I think when you are really into it people can tell, it shows through in the build and makes it really special. Visit Barnesworth Anubis to peruse some of the best and most stunning displays of architectural brilliance on the grid. For more information, please visit his blog at http:// A

Photo of Trocadero House

AVENUE | Interesting Sims


A of Wonder & Imagination Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Tillie Ariantho


tep into a magical fantasy world full of entertainment and endless possibilities at Elicio Ember’s Cerridwen’s Cauldron. RL and SL® artist Elicio Ember became drawn into SL as a world that has infinite opportunities to express your own creativity for others across the whole world to see. He believes that “It’s beautiful to paint, but SL allows one to walk into one’s “paintings”, so to speak. It allows people to have an interactive experience with what you create, and allows them to reinterpret what you build, something painting does not traditionally allow.”

As I entered Cerridwen’s Cauldron, I was immediately struck with awe and amazement at my beautiful surroundings. My first stop was the Calavera! Exhibit (Also known as the Day of the Dead). The Day of the Dead is where people visit the cemetery where their loved ones are buried. They decorate gravesites and bring toys for the dead children and bottles of tequila for the adults. They sit on picnic blankets next to the gravesites and eat the favorite food of their loved ones. The exhibit has an amazing display set in a lush green field surround by brightly colored marigolds (Cempazuchitl in Spanish). Marigolds are sometimes called “flower of the dead” and are thought to attract the souls of the deceased. Lighted candles were placed all around the site along with painted skulls. Food and liquor were also placed on the tables to offer to the dead spirits in the time of celebration. The celebration in RL is from November 1st-2nd. The SL exhibit ends mid November. While walking the Main Gallery, there was a wide variety of tall plants and flowers that made it feel like strolling through a garden. Through the Main Gallery I crossed the luminescent white bridge into the Tower of Dawn. From there I put on my walking shoes and trekked the row after row of stairs. As I approached the final few stairs light snow started to fall and I reached a level with interactive plants. One of the plants was flowering me after I clicked on it! Now that was cool. Elicio was inspired to create these

plants by the image of the Night Forest in a book called Never Ending Story where “a glowing, translucent forest that grew by night and at dawn died to create a colored dune desert. Being a scientist, I have always been enthralled by bio-luminescence. So I had wanted for a long time to create a glowing ecology” said Elicio. It was such whimsical and beautiful area to be in. At the very top of the tower a huge rotating earth floating above a gorgeously detailed stone flower. You can see the top of the flower closest to the earth; it’s a rich blue color when the rest of it is grey stone. It’s as if there is a message saying that earth, humanity, nature, love, imagination, and being, all comes from within. Elicio shows some of his own RL artwork on the Floating Isles area. Pictures are displayed for all to see and purchase if to their liking. You can tell he has a big appreciation for art, nature, and all things beautiful. The next area I visited was Cauldron’s Shallows. A beautiful underwater world with Jellyfish, giant Clams, and many other magnificent aquatic lives just waiting to be explored. The Temple of Elemental Earth is another site to behold. With brightly colored red stairs, giant pillars, fire, and a secret underground water cove. When I asked Elicio what is favorite part of the Sim was, he said “I love the feeling of walking along that thin strip of forest, from

one side to the other. I also love the feel of the Floating Isles, where the shop is, and the current Calavera! exhibit. It’s very difficult to say which one is my favorite really. I guess the project I am working at the moment is my favorite one.” Elicio says his inspirations for creating Cerridwen’s Cauldron stem from his deep love and admiration of nature and all things living. “I wanted to be able to bring that into SL. My influences are Art Nouveau, Keltic story and art, Psychadelic, Fantasy and Visionary masters from all arts; Tolkein, Brian Froud, Alex Gray...folk culture and myths, science... You see, Cerridwen is a great ancient Welsh Goddess, a Mother Goddess, but also a goddess of knowledge and mysteries. Her Cauldron is the source of all knowledge. The legend tells that she was brewing a potion in her Cauldron to endow her son with all the knowledge of the universe.” Spending time at Cerridwen’s Cauldron was like stepping into a world that I would describe as whimsical. I felt like I was a little kid again, going through the many areas and interacting with the objects. It is truly a unique and fun experience. Fantasy lovers and Sim explorers alike will enjoy a trip to Cerridwen’s Cauldron. Elicio plans on moving to a full private island sometime in the near future as well as continuing his plant line and possibly doing more temples. With that said, you can be sure you will see the Sim develop into something even greater over time. A

AVENUE | For The Love Of

Lending A He

Preferred Fami Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Blaz Halfpint

â&#x20AC;&#x153;...won over 1.1 million dollars in grants to support using virtual worlds... â&#x20AC;?

elping Hand

ily Healthcare P

referred Family Healthcare is a behavioral healthcare non-profit organization established over 30 years ago. They provide treatment for substance abuse as well as prevention and other mental health services throughout the Midwest. Preferred Family

Healthcare provides substance abuse treatment that is designed to fit each personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs. Some of those services have been carried over into SL in order to reach people even further. I had the opportunity to sit with Coughran Mayo to discuss how PFH works.

Augusta Carver: How did you become involved with Preferred Family Healthcare in Second Life®? Coughran Mayo: I have been with Preferred Family Healthcare since 2000, and I learned about Second Life in 2007. I came in to see if there was any way for our organization to benefit from a presence in a virtual world or, to be of benefit to the residents of SL. AC: Do you find it has been a successful transition? CM: As PFH’s official representative in SL, I was involved in the initial stages of development of the Non-Profit Commons, which has put us in contact with many other nonprofit groups. That has been very rewarding for me, to talk to others and learn what they are doing in RL and in SL to promote their causes. We decided at PFH though, that we wanted to have our own SIM as well, which is where you are now. This is the “business end” where we have offices, informational displays, classrooms, and so forth. We have a good amount of information for people who are concerned about drug and alcohol use problems, their own or those of someone they care about. AC: What services exactly does the organization offer to SL residents? CM: We have information which anyone can come and see anytime. We also will hold classes or give lectures here from time to time. Both myself and my associate Brena Benoir

are certified substance abuse counselors. So we can work with SL residents who might need some brief therapy. We also have a space set aside on this island for support groups to use; like AA, or Alanon. Most interestingly, we have created a place on a private grid to deliver formal counseling, although the target group there is clients we already serve, not SL residents. AC: You stated earlier that you started with PFH in 2000. Why did you decide to work with them if you don’t mind me asking? CM: I have been working in the substance abuse treatment field since 1982, PFH was a natural evolution in my career path :) I am now the Senior VP of Planning and Development for this organization. So a part of my job is creative and innovative thinking about what we should be doing in the upcoming years. AC: Sounds like a challenging and rewarding job at the same time. CM: It is both, indeed. We have won over 1.1 million dollars in grants to support using virtual worlds for counseling aimed at rural clients who have difficulty getting to and from offices due to distance and other considerations. These are clients who we meet initially in RL of course, but we bring them into SL or to our private Sims - not connected with Second Life or with Linden Lab.

So we have private, secure, confidential space to use for those purposes. We intend to stay on the Main Grid as well, to continue our support of Non-Profit Commons and to “get the word out” to SL residents that there are solutions to life’s problems. Our virtual world counseling projects are going quite well, and they exemplify some of the very practical uses of a virtual world. Especially for people who are not living close to a major population center.

in seeking help or volunteering?

AC: So you have been in the substance abuse field for a while now?

Even if Brena and I are not here, we can be summoned easily if we are logged in, and you can always send me an IM or drop a notecard on me for specific response. Addictions usually respond well to therapy, so there is always hope for recovery.

CM: About half my life :) AC: Do you recall what it was that made you want to join in that line of work? CM: I started my own personal recovery in 1981 and have felt compelled to work with others and with organizations that help people in situations like the one I was in, ever since. So I started in at the “ground floor” as a volunteer, and then pursued the education and training to be a counselor. My earlier life in the mainstream business world made it perhaps inevitable that I would move into management and ultimately get to where I am today. I have a great job that allows me to harness my natural curiosity and creativity and put it to good use. AC: Would you happen to have any advice so people who might be interested

CM: As for volunteering. We are always interested in talking to people about that. We would love to have volunteers here 24/7 to meet visitors and show them around our space here. People who have concerns about their drinking and/or drug use, or people who care about someone with a problem can come visit our site.

AC: I am very impressed with what your organization is doing here in SL. I look forward to seeing more great things from you guys. CM: Thank you, we are proud to be able to do our work. It really does make a difference in people’s lives With over 30 years of comprehensive mental health experience, PFH has been making its mark to help others. With the emergence of PFH in SL, it has become easier for residents to seek help in-world when a personal issue or addiction can be too difficult to overcome alone. For more information about Preferred Family Health, visit their site: A

AVENUE | Recreation

y z a r ! K s e g i t n i t i o G rK o f Written by Aaliyah Munro Photography by Tillie Ariantho


uter than horses and more cuddly than turtles, SL® residents have long held an affinity for their feline friends; in a dream manifest in the form of adorable, breedable pets, the staff behind Krazy Kittys found themselves immediately consumed by the overwhelming response from the public when learning that beta testing began. Now in full beta at the time of this article, Krazy Kittys Breedable Kittens are sure to be a staple in SL recreation. Read on to learn more about the sweeping phenomenon and how you can be a part of it. AVENUE Magazine was afforded an opportunity to sit down with Twstd Ruggles, creator of Krazy Kittys, to learn more about the brand and what it means to SL’s breeding community. A seasoned SL business owner and live music connoisseur, she provides Aaliyah Munro: So, tell us- what inspired you to create breedables here in SL? What’s the Krazy Kitty back-story? Twstd Ruggles: Well, being a neko and kitty lover I saw that SL had breedable chickens, rabbits and turtles, and I thought it would be awesome to have kittys. I formed a team and we made it happen. A.M.: Wow, just like that. Sounds like you’ve been in business before; what other genres did you work in before starting Krazy Kittys? T.R.: I do a little bit of everything; I own 2 non-profit islands Oahu and Kauai which are both vacation resorts. I own LZ Productions for 4 years as well as a weddings business.

I am also Communications VP for Metaverse Television and produce The Late Show with Numbers Rossini. I created and produced The Stream Scene, a bi-weekly music show, keeping people in touch with the live music community. I am also co owner of Grid Hitz, the 24-hour all music channel featuring musicians from SL. A.M.: Wow! You have a full background of experience that should most certainly bring a wealth of business experience to this new endeavor. Have you encountered any obstacles since starting Krazy Kittys? T.R.: At first it was finding people in SL who are dedicated and committed to getting work done; in my years, a lot of people have come and gone, and not many stay for the long haul. A.M.: Understandable, as turnover rates in SL are a part of any business, young and old. So tell our readers- what do you foresee for the opening of Krazy Kittys? When will the breedables be open to the public? T.R.: We want to end beta as soon as we can, so that all the people who didn’t get to be in the test group can have their kitties. I think Krazy Kittys will be ready when we have worked out the glitches and implemented some of the ideas of our testers during this beta study. We want to make sure we provide a product with great consideration of the feedback from our testers. A.M.: Awesome! Can you share a bit about some of the rare ones that people can breed? What are some of your favorite variations?

T.R.: My personal favorites are probably the Tuxy and the Tiggy. Right now the rare kitties are the ones textured in their natural colors. We do have ultra rares in the system, which we want to leave as a surprise to our customers. The ultra rares will be very unique, and of course cute, possessing special powers that the others don’t have. A.M.: I can’t wait until the public opening! Tell us- do you have any advice for those who may be just starting breedables? Do you have any closing thoughts? T.R.: Well, I think that whether you want our breedables for business or for pleasure, users will find it suits all their needs no matter what the intention of use. I also want to thank all 500 beta testers for being part of this study (at the time of this article) as we value all opinions; we intend to provide excellent customer service to all. Keep your eyes open for the future, as we will continue to add more breeds, rares and ultra rares to the system. To find out more about the Krazy Kitty Breedable Kittens, stop by their sim in Expressions, or join the in-world interest group, “Krazy KittysBreedable Kittys.” A

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Natasja Schumann


usic is a great way to express ones creativity and true feelings. SL has given us the opportunity to try out different genres of music without even leaving home. To many people in many cultures music is an important part of their way of life. Music creates ambiance that sparks the imagination. It invokes mental imagery and inner scenery that opens the mind to amazing insight.

AVENUE | Live Music

Augusta Carver: How long have you been an RL Musician? Kaklick Martin: I first got the itch for it when I was about 6 (that would be about 42 years ago). I first picked up a bass with intent in high school at about 15 years old. I got an AFM card when I was 18 and I’ve since let that affiliation lapse. I let things cool down quite a bit in my 30’s. A.C.: What made you decided to join SL®? K.M.: I saw an interview on the video podcast “Rocketboom” with Nephaline Protagonist and the concept of a game type environment where you could actually create things (and potentially make money) intrigued me. I started just over 5 years ago (my rez-day is Oct. 1). A.C.: For those, who do not know what kind of music do you play in RL & SL? K.M.: I’m pretty eclectic, so it’s tough to nail down, I’d say it’s a sort of Heartland Rock, with heavy influences of humorous folksy bands like Barenaked Ladies. Frankly I’m still looking for a

good elevator pitch for it. In SL I’ve written a fair number of SL specific songs that I don’t do too much in RL. Most of them fall squarely into humor. I’d have to say I’m pretty attracted by offbeat subjects as well.

“I started just over 5 years ago (my rez-day is Oct. 1)”.

A.C.: How did you get started in the Music industry?

A.C.: Aside from playing music, what else do you like to do?

K.M.: Straight out of High School I was asked to be in a cover band that was put together to tour the hotel lunge circuit. It was pretty miserable and awesome at the same time. It ended up falling apart pretty quickly and I returned home and found another band that was based around the university I ended up attending the following year. It was more of a college based band, and had some momentum, but it folded shortly after I’d started classes as Music major, which drifted into Theatre. I ended up graduating as a Theatre major and went on to CalArts as a theatre sound designer/composer, the first MFA in the specialty. I worked with some great folks in the music school there as well, and then started trying to survive - I ended up getting into the computer industry for a while and then show control, and that sort of kept me out of music for a while. After discovering Second Life®, I’ve been more directed toward music than I have in ages, and I’ve released 3 albums and a single in the last 4 years.

K.M.: Spending time with my wife and kids, and our yellow lab. I love to get some bicycle riding in as often as I can (not enough). SciFi, gaming and other geeky pursuits are also usually quite welcome. A.C.: Where do you draw the inspiration for your music from?

“Do it because you have to, because there’s no way you can NOT do it”.

K.M.: It depends, but all around me. Most of the time lately, I’ve been concentrating on more offbeat things like zombies and pirates and vampires (oh my). I’ve been known to pen a political song or 2, and generally anything that gets me wound up, may end up being in a song. A.C.: Do you have any favorite musicians you like to listen to? K.M.: Lots, but some of those on the top of my list are: Barenaked Ladies, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, several of my fellow SL artists: EvaMoon Ember, Zak Claxton, Matthew Perault, Juel Resistence, and many others. A.C.: What is your favorite part of playing and creating music? K.M.: When you know you’ve really reached someone, even if the audience is one, to really

feel they got something out of what you played, is amazing. A.C.: Have any words of advice for aspiring musicians? K.M.: Don’t do it for the money (there isn’t any there for most of us), don’t do it for fame, girls or whatever other trappings that go with it. Do it because you have to, because there’s no way you can NOT do it. Kaklick is a man with a wide appreciation for music and enjoying life. Having an ear for harmonic sounds early in life, he has carried that with him into his SL journey. For 5 years, Kaklick has been strumming to the beat of his own guitar and making people happy and ready to sing along with his tunes. You can check out his website for more information about his music: . On Friday nights at 8pm SLT, you can also catch him playing at The Luxe Stage in-world. A

AVENUE | The Time Machine

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Tillie Ariantho


any films have been made using the Machinima genre as pioneered by Pixar with their short films as well as their collaborations with Disney in the feature length films such as the Toy Story Trilogy. When the Machinima short film of The Time Machine was released by Celestial Elf on YouTube and the website of the Second Life速 Machinima Artists Guild I had the opportunity to interview Celestial Elf and ask him about the film and how The Time Machine fit in the machinima genre.

“The film even earned itself 2 honours on YouTube’s list of daily honours”.

SC: How does the encapsulated eight minute film bring the theory of time being the fourth dimension and what would it mean to the average person? Spruce Canning: How did the novel inspire you to bring the spirit of H.G. Wells and his vision to the art of Machinima? Celestial Elf: H.G.Wells. Novel The Time Machine presented itself as an excellent vehicle for this Machinima project primarily because it originates in a similar time period to the starting point at Four Winds that we wanted to portray. The period then, as well as the period’s characteristic nature of Scientific Enquiry and of its Gentlemen explorers confirmed the decision to model the film loosely after H.G.Wells adventure.

CE: In mathematics, the fourth dimension is an abstract concept derived by generalizing the rules of three-dimensional space and has often been interpreted as Time (apparently this view is no longer held in modern physics). Having a layman’s fascination for science and enjoying many novels that explore the possibilities of other dimensions, including Edwin Abbot Abbot’s Flatland as well as H.G.Wells’s Time Machine. I am familiar with the concept that many realms may co-exist simultaneously in the same ‘Space’ divided only by Time...

Whilst we do enjoy a linear sense of time as Days and Seasons unfurl on their cyclic patterns, and we progress from youth to age through this system, modern theories such as Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity which describes how Time is not an Absolute but is co-dependant on the Time/Velocity of the observer, and theories of Curved Space, bring such possibilities as Time Travel within at least speculative reach. Filming then within the Virtual World of Second Life, which have residents from every current Earth time zone who may be ‘living’ online within every historic time period inhabit, and employing the vehicle of Time Travel to illustrate the story, was a natural step suggested by the variety of historical periods and locations I wanted to include. I could thereby within the 8 minutes I had considered a suitable length for the undertaking, both for the viewer and for editorial reasons, travel through the different Times and Spaces and thus explore our objectives without any problem of period disparity.

because of the relative smallness of the film dimensions, due to being made on MMOG’s they might not render well to full screen size, the textures and etc would seriously degrade as the size was increased, and then following on from this reason the convention (partly dictated by the limited time allowed per upload at video hosts such as You Tube or Vimeo) has developed that the films be shorter, concise, succinct and to the point. Another issue for the Machinima maker often working on a home computer, would be the amount of film file space that a longer film would entail, and the more held on the computer = the less room left for the system to actually run processes such as film editing software. Whilst it has been suggested to me that I may consider making a number of short Machinima films to cover more of the H.G.Wells book as he had written it, I have no plans to make ‘longer’ films at this time for the reasons given, running from 5 to 15 minutes maximum will suffice, and due to the exciting backlog of proposed projects I cannot guarantee whether or when I shall explore this novel further.

SC: Will there be a full-length machinma film of the Time Machine covering the whole range of the book?

SC: What was the reaction by the Public to the film?

CE: The Machinima medium does have a few ‘feature-length’ films in its repertoire, but this would seem to be the exception rather than even an inspirational rule. Perhaps this is

CE: I have been thrilled by the public reaction to The Time Traveler, which has been very positive and the film even earned itself 2 honours on YouTube’s list of daily honours. This is a system

whereby films are accorded honours when they fall within the top 100 views/favourites or etc worldwide within the day, within their category, i.e. Film and Animation in this case. I have also received many positive comments at YouTube about the film from both Residents of SLÂŽ and viewers from a wider non-VR audience, and whilst some have noted the absence of the fearsome Morlocks, others have celebrated the lighter feeling of this film.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I would be delighted to have any part in promoting a wider awareness and appreciation of the Machinima genre â&#x20AC;?.

SC: How do the Four Winds Sims in both SL and Inworldz play in the film and will these Sims play a role in Future Machinima? CE: Creating a record of and tribute to Koshari Mahana's beautiful creations at Four Winds was the initial proposal for this Machinima film project. All the Buildings and Scenes portrayed in the film are therefore On, and are available At, the Four Worlds Sims in SL and via Koshari Mahana in InWorldz. The amazing detail and period accuracy of the buildings and artifacts are in my opinion second to none. I shall definitely both look out to include them in further projects as well as recommend them to any other Machinima maker seeking similar period settings.

SC: In conclusion, where do you see the art of Machinima and will it be a prominent force in the art of motion pictures beyond the Metaverse and would you have a prominent role in bringing machinima into the mainstream? CE: To answer this question demands a little background information; Machinima differs from more widely known forms of computer animation software such as iClone, Softimage and (more recently) Blender in that it is filmed within a Massively Multiplayer Online Game or MMOG. This difference has both positive and negative aspects, as whilst Computer Graphic artists may spend years training in animation,

modeling, and effects, by contrast Machinima is easily accessible, requires very little capital to start and films of similar quality can be done in a tenth of the time for a hundredth of the budget. Amateur undertakings such as my own may remain limited to the shorter production, although this could potentially include mainstream cartoon slots, book previews and advertisements. However, the rise in technical and artistic standards among more dedicated Machinima makers is continually elevating the level of what may be achieved and with the arrival of notable Filmmakers such as Peter Greenaway now actively supporting Machinima as Judge of the 48hr Machinima Competition, we may look forward to a greater public recognition of the genre. I would be delighted to have any part in promoting a wider awareness and appreciation of the Machinima genre and some of the fine artists working with it, to this end I would invite any who may be more interested to download a Fraps screen recording camera (free), to create an online account at Second Life or InWorldz (also free) and to have a go. I also recommend that newcomers join helpful groups such as The Second Life Machinima Artists Guild which is a peer managed group where Machinima producers, actors, directors and technicians, beginners and professionals alike can collaborate and share experiences, and possibly explore my blog About Machinima where I share a few basic points of Machinima making.

SC: Thank you for the invitation to share a bit about The Time Machine, and about the Machinima genre. As I watched the film and saw how Celestial brought the vision of H.G. Wells and the theory that Time is the Fourth Dimension of Space in about eight minutes. The film brought the viewers into the time machine and he or she would see the mists of time flash before their eyes and see the periods that Professor Dudley and Filby entered with clarity and wonder. The film brings the message that time travel can be speculated and with current scientific research, that space and time would be brought together. Celestial Elf brings the spirit of H.G. Wells and modern science together in a film that leaves one to wonder and thinking about the future and what it holds in an eight minute Machinima film. It deserves the honors that it won at YouTube and the acclaim from SL residents and Elfâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s colleagues in the art of Machinima. It is a fine example of the Machinima genre and I recommend it highly. A

The link to the film is here:

AVENUE | Inspirations


artwork Š Quika B.

artwork Š marimari Yuitza

artwork Š maclane.

artwork Š Kaycee Nightfire

artwork Š Lindini2 Lane


artwork Š sarana


AVENUE | Arts Feature

Written by Aaliyah Munro Photography by Blaz Halfpint


n this epic tale of savior turned stranger, residents of Second Life速 are transported into a world long past, groveling at the feet of King Oedipus, forgotten son of the late King Laius. Watching the story unfold right before their eyes, the crowd begs the king to rid their lands of the pestilence brought to form by unknown forces; actors of the Avatar Reperatory Theater aid in entrancing its audience into the prophecy still used today.

The Avatar Reperatory Theater, or ART, a tight knit group of thespians joined together by their love of theater production in SL®, as led by Ada Radius, pulled together a haunting rendition of the ever popular play. What will be coveted in the minds of its audiences as a Second Life experience to hold dear is the inflection and diction used by the actors and actresses pulled the audience in, and the unique use of scripting and animations has kept the audience engaged. The build, a stunning rendition of Thebes in the times before Christ as created by JadaBright Pond, Ada Radis, Rowan Shamroy, and JudyArx Scribe, was a sensual reminder of the setting of the play; lush with trees and mountains in the distance, historically accurate buildings and ancient textures, it was as if one could close their eyes and feel the warm sun covering the ancient city. Changing with the scenes, in a wondrous instance the “stage” would evolve from one building to the next without losing the play’s immersive grasp. The actors and actresses not only gave a stunning performance, the use of voice helped to further the experience garnered by the audience members lucky enough to catch an engagement of the production. With a firm grasp on the time period, Joff Fassnacht as Oedipus not only told his story through a virtual representation of Oedipus, but with intensity as the hurt, anguish, resentment, and pain

the character felt traveled from his voice to the hearts of all in attendance. The alarming presence of Queen Jocasta hanging in the castle was accentuated by screams; the fiery discontent held by Creon towards Oedipus’ hesitation was marked by thunderous voices echoing about the lands. The voices of the performers were a show in their own, and would have been engaging without the visual component; as combined with the virtual stage, the thespians of ART created an intoxicating tonic that left the audience both spellbound and longing for more. On the heels of the successful production, Alice and WonderSLand, the Avatar Reperatory Theater has put on what will be one of the most celebrated performances in Second Life this year. With an enthralling and engaging performance, skillful voice acting and scripting, and music that acts as the cherry on an already scrumptious dessert, the ART troupe is one to not only follow, but by tickets to go see

soon as another performance hits the feeds. Catch the Avatar Reperatory Theater weekly, Fridays at 5pm SLT at the Archon Theater on the Cookie sim, to experience live improv, monologues, and other theatrical performances. A

AVENUE | Featured Artist

Delving Into


Written by Aaliyah Munro Photography by Del May


enturing into the unknown region where reality and fantasy intermingle, Del May stands firm and uses her highly artistic eye to pose and take photographs; through her art you’re invited to this very space, where you’d be reluctant to leave. A pose maker and SL® photographer with a refined taste for mystery and intrigue in her compositions, Del May’s progression from would-be furniture maker to artist has been an eventful one. AVENUE Magazine has been afforded the great opportunity to sit down with the artist who continues to stun audiences with her talent.

Aaliyah Munro: Thanks for taking the time for this interview! Tell us, what inspired you to begin creating poses and photos in SL? Del May: My first ever pose was just a means to an end, as I had an idea for a photo and needed a particular pose for it. Pose making wasn’t something I’d ever given thought to before, but I soon had a head full of ideas, and I spent more and more time making them and taking photos, just for the fun of it. It wasn’t until after I’d had my first art exhibitions in SL at the beginning of 2009, that I decided to work towards opening my own store. By this time I already had a lot of poses in inventory, so I had a good basis for starting, and I finally opened my first store in August 2009. A.M.: That sounds like a great progression- so what genres did you work in before opening your store? How do you use your background to keep your entity viable? D.M.: My first creative attempts in SL were with building and furniture making, which I did incredibly naively and badly. I never made anything which I considered good enough to sell, and I just didn’t have the vision or the skills to make a success of it in any sense, and so I eventually gave up on the idea & focused instead on that which came naturally to me, which was just to have fun creating new looks for my avatar and snapping photos to post on Flickr. This soon became my vocation and led to a bigger interest in SL photography, which then sparked my interest in pose making. The first creations I ever sold in SL however weren’t

poses...but eyes. I made a series of them, which I sold as a guest vendor in MiaSnow’s store, alongside her Immortal Dreamer skin range, back in October 2008. I don’t think my background has anything to do with keeping my business viable. It took me a while to discover what was possible in SL, and what was possible for me with the skills (or lack of) that I have, and that I arrived where I did, was a very natural progression. It wasn’t planned from the outset. All I did was follow my instincts, find my passion and work hard to be the best that I can, and that’s what I continue to do. I am driven to do what I do, by my passion for what I do, and I think that’s what others respond to and appreciate about my work. A.M.: And this seems to be the case for so many; following your passion makes what you create in SL that much better. Tell us- what obstacles did you face when progressing in your career? D.M.: I don’t see what I do in SL as being a career. It is my creative outlet and my vocation, but not a career, and so in that sense I don’t see obstacles... only challenges. And I like challenges. A.M.: Inspiring words, indeed. The readers and I wonder- who or what inspires your art? D.M.: The inspiration for my art comes from many places... life in general, other artists and other people. If I know I have a show to work for, then I normally try to think of a concept first, a starting point. I find that if I start from

somewhere, ideas develop and grow, and the work often takes on it’s own meaning and surprises even me in the end. I enjoy the challenge of creating art just for the sake of it. It’s different to my pose making work, in that it pushes me more, exhausts me more and fulfills me more, ultimately. A.M.: That fulfillment, I’m sure, inspires you to want to create more each day. What are your future plans? Do you have other art installations planned and/or updates for your store? D.M.: My future plans? Well... I always have far too many future plans for my own good. They are in general unrealistic in terms of the time I have... but, I think that’s also part of what keeps me going. I am not really thinking too far ahead at the moment though, as I am having to adjust to returning to full time work in RL, and this has taken a huge chunk out of my SL time... so for now I’m just doing all I can to stay afloat in both worlds, but as a general plan, I would like to do more of what I do, and do it better. A.M.: We can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with, when you find the time. Do you have any advice for other artists and creators, or any other closing thoughts? D.M.: My advice to new artists and creators is... Second Life® needs you!!!! It needs you to be original, daring and passionate. There is too much of the same here. In a place where so much is possible, don’t do as they as you do and you will stand out.

Del May’s latest art installation, “Furnished”, can be found at the Nordan Art Gallery until November 12th, and her self titled pose store A in Terravia Island.

VENU | AVENUE at GOL [45, 153, 22]

AVENUE Magazine November 2010