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MAY 2011

Finesmith Designs

AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Photo by Ozz Larsson

Rusch Raymaker Publisher AVENUE


very issue, we always celebrate the treasures we find in Second Life. This month is no different except that this time, I would like to go beyond the obvious and consider the treasures in our life and if we do enough in cherishing them. As I wrote this month’s note to you, I decided to share my reflections with you about my thoughts about Relay for Life and how wonderful it is that all of us in Second Life can rise to the occasion, cross barriers and countries to work together for the betterment of our fellow men. I think about one of our past Production Managers, Ocean Miami, who worked tirelessly till she could no more, as she fought the onslaught of cancer. Braving her illness, she refused to stop working until she finally relented. I was fortunate enough to have met her in the United States two years ago as I brought her copy of the print issue of AVENUE Magazine. I could not describe how amazing it was meeting her except that she is short of nothing but amazing. When I knew of her illness later, I was devastated. I tried to meet up with her again when I returned to the US last year but somehow we failed to connect and until today, I have had no success in being able to reach her. It saddens me to think about what she must be going through and even sadder that I am unable to do anything for her personally. The least I could do is... I dedicate this issue, our efforts at AVENUE for Relay for Life, to our dear Ocean Miami. Ocean, if you are still there... I hope you will read this and know that we care for you deeply and that you are dearly missed. We love you... and if you will, please let us be there for you. Life is too short... let’s do what we can to preserve the best of it. Check out our blog ( or join AVENUE Magazine Readers to learn how you can support our efforts for Relay for Life. To Life!

AVENUE | Editor's note

Isadora Fiddlesticks Photo by Ozz Larsson

Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE


elcome to another fun issue from AVENUE! We hope that in this issue we bring lots of additional fun, creativity and camaraderie into your Second Life®. As usual, we’re bringing a ton of awesome fashion, art, music, and business features, all found in-world. There is so much creativity and opportunity in Second Life if you take the time to explore and research, and we hope that our magazine helps in your search of those things that will continue to keep us engaged in SL™. This issue, in particular, pays special homage to various people who find their sense of community in holding fundraisers, such as those being held to help Japan rebuild after such a devastating double whammy of disasters. Find out how these people did such a great feat by doing their part to help inside this issue. Aside from the Pacific Fundraiser, there is still the annual Relay for Life in SL, and we are proud to say that we are participating in our own way by hosting activities that will raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Please support our efforts, as well as others participating in RFL, and be part of an annual SL activity that is very meaningful and important. In order to find out more about our activities for RFL, please join our group AVENUE Magazine Readers and/or AVENUE of Life, and help us raise money for charity! May love and light shine upon us.


34 Cover Story Yula Finesmith

Fashion Spread Baiastice

AVENUE Magazine May 2011 cover Featuring Finesmith Designs’ Yula Finesmith Photographer Miaa Rebane


Vignettes Ladies who Lunch


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Yula Finesmith bares her soul

AVENUE | Cover Story

Behind the jewels

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Blackliquid Tokyoska


amed industrialist Henry J. Kaiser once famously surmised: “if your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” Such a simple phrase, with such a profound meaning: shut up and let your product speak for itself. No one designer better portrays this motto than Yula Finesmith. Finesmith has been creating the stunning jewelry pieces that many Second Life® residents have come to know and love since her first days on the grid. Join AVENUE as we take a moment to delve into the mind of superbly talented artist as she shares her passion for creating, and the inspirations behind her incredible line of jewelry

Sensuous Soulstar: I want to first thank you so much for taking the time to sit and talk with AVENUE this month, especially with it being such a busy time for you. Since I know you’re in the middle of such a hectic time, let’s just jump right into the questions. Tell me about your background. How long have you been involved with fashion and accessories, and how did you get your start? Yula Finesmith: I’d say almost 12 years, if we count RL. I really started from making wooden hair sticks, and then set gems into A them. I’ve been in SL™ for almost 3 years and I started creating from the first moment, and it was always jewelry. I did not know the fashion world in SL was so developed, and I honestly was just practicing for my RL skills. Honestly, for the first 2 years, I did not understand how big it could be for me, and I did not [originally] take it to the very serious level that it is today. SS: Once you really learned the basics, what was your first impression of the fashion accessories, including jewelry, and the quality and variety of what was offered? YF: Honestly, I looked less at the designs and more at how they were created. There are a lot of “tries to be something” in SL , and to be truthful, I appreciated everything from the first day because when you create and know how hard it is, you cannot disrespect something, even if it’s less than great quality. Some things did “wow” me with how realistic they looked or how genius the idea was. But it did take some time to find really high quality fashion, which I

did eventually here, but by that time everything was just as fascinating and interesting. SS: Now, before we get into your store and your designs, tell me about some of your inspirations for the pieces that you choose to wear yourself. Would you say that your personal style can be categorized, or styled after someone or something? YF: If I go to an event, I will make sure my jewelry will speak for me because this is my way of expressing myself. I like to think that my personal style is a go between couture and avant garde elements, with twist of fantasy; but really you can catch me with a very minimalistic outfit most of the time because when I create, I don’t like to have anything bothering my space for imagination. SS: Let me ask that same question, but this time for your designs. Where do you pull inspiration for your designs? Do you model your pieces after real life jewelry designs, or do you stick to strictly whatever your imagination comes up with, or do you find that you have more freedom to be creative with the pieces that you create for SL? YF: My inspiration comes from the inner self. I discover myself through other people as they are the mirror to my thoughts. Inspiration reflects from people’s behaviors and feelings that I have for people; the way I see them and it’s expressed and shaped through my vision. I never model my pieces after RL items, actually I can’t. But sometimes, when I see something in RL, it can give me ideas that I will try to pull

off in SL. I am very loyal to my designs and more and more, I find that I am getting farther from things that I see in RL and now tend to discover [the designs] myself. I don’t think anymore about making what I think people will love, but now it’s about what I do and what I want to make. And the more that happens, the more people like it because it is such a process that they see and experience with me. I think that designers matching their designs to the styles in the fashion world are an everyday thing; I mean if you always create the changes in weather, changes in the world, actual news, etc., all of this will affect your new items. So, if you are alert to what’s going on around you, you will probably create something that goes with the changes in fashion world, like summer flowers/butterflies/colors/etc. And I can’t ignore that, but I just have to give it my own fingerprint and make it my way. SS: I want to take a moment to talk a little about the Finesmith Designs Inspiration Project and the Muse Contest that you are currently in the middle of. Give the readers a brief overview of the idea behind it, and what led you to create such an innovative contest. How have the entries been thus far, and how have the winners inspired your creativity? YF: The Finesmith Inspiration Project was born out of understanding that I analyze things in a very simple way. I enjoy giving a name to something that I see, and the fact that I like to categorize in my mind; it was always just for the order of things.

In design school, one of my first exercises was to make jewelry for a customer. I needed to choose the customer. I chose my little sister and made her a brooch that looked like a map of Tel Aviv, and the pin closing the brooch was a magnifying glass. Why? Because she would always lose her way going somewhere while her mind was drifting in thoughts. In SL, it started just by wanting to make something bigger with my thinking; I like the challenge and I won’t ask others to challenge themselves if I don’t as well. This is a contest where I give so much and the models give so much that together we create art. The contest is huge. I have about 100 applicants, and anywhere from 30 to 50 of them get to the casting every month if they apply correctly. It’s huge and it’s there’s great exposure in it for them: inspiration models are Finesmith models, which are the face of this brand. The winners inspire me a lot of times just by their styling, and that is, so many times, so overwhelming that I simply build a full story around each character; a story that will be the basis for my creation. Then I try to get to know them a little better, sometimes even giving them an assignment, such as to take me to place that they like/ find items that represent themselves, or sometimes I just IM them and have a conversation that is somewhat like this interview to try to know as much as possible. It is also the start of a friendship. Finesmith Muse 2012 is the top of my career

in SL, and there is no doubt that the models taking part in it are winning the best of me and I’m winning the best of them. SS: What should we expect next from Finesmith Designs? Are there new releases slated to come out in the near future? If so, when can readers look forward to the new release and will there be any special events planned around the release date? YF: The main thing is to keep surprising people with the Finesmith Muse conceptual pieces. There are always new creations at Finesmith, at least 5 sets a month for the Inspiration Project. I just released 10 sets of Inspirations in Limited Edition, as well as the Demure Collection inspired by Rissa Friller, Miss Finesmith Stylista. There are definitely going to be exciting releases, especially using my translation of what a flower is, and a lot of new color textures, gems, and metals. I’m hoping to also create a new collection inspired by Blackliquid Tokyoska around June. SS: As always, I want to thank you for taking the time out for this interview, and to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? YF: For advice: always do what you love. A life lesson: There’s no such thing as too far from reach; everything is reachable. Something funny: It’s not that I have everything, but if I believe in my life lesson, I will. But anyway, for now, I have what I need. A

Vitabela Dubrovna //Hair Aimee roots Milana //Skin *LpD* skins Melissa 60’s doll //Dress Ladies who lunch //Bodice KC fashions //Stockings LeeZu Latex stockings //Butterflys CheerNo //Poses Bent!

AVENUE | The Blogspot

art meets fashion

Written by Vitabela Dubrovna Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Vitabela Dubrovna and Petra Messioptra


itabela’s Blog is a platform where many talented designers, photographers and artists post about a wide range of themes linked with Second Life® -- but mostly about fashion. When the blog first started in May 2009, the posts on the blog were mainly about freebies, hunts and gifts sponsored by founder, Vitabela Dubrovna. Vitabela’s Blog was the perfect showcase for the first of Vita’s “Boudoir” creations, and is still the official blog for Vita’s Boudoir Couture Studio. Vitabela’s blog is the home to some of the best artists in SL™, who contribute their amazing pictures. These artists include: Precious Restless, Petra Messioptra, urikoH Blinker, Mo Miasma, Kyrie Source, Nur Moo, Del May, ColeMarie Soleil and Eshi Otawara. This isn’t your usual review of the latest fashion blog; it’s more like “art meets fashion.” For this showcase, the styling and photography was done by Vitabela Dubrovna and Petra Messioptra, who are the most frequent bloggers on Vitabela’s Blog.

Vitabela Dubrovna //Hair CheerNo Max //Skin LpD skins Melissa 60’s Doll //Gloves C.Smit satin gloves //Outfit Vita’s Boudoir Latex Post //Earrings and Ring Morantique Lush //Boots Baiastice Petra Messioptra //Hair MADesigns Rebel //Head Piece Solidea Folies Hugo head Piece //Neck Piece Rozoregalia HYDRA necklace 2 //Corset Meghindo’s Steel Corset //Tapes Vita’s Boudoir Part of Latex Post //Socks House of Fox Part of LeatherGarter //Shoes NeuroLab Inc Xtrema ankle boots //Gloves Cheerno Leather gloves

Petra Messioptra //Hair MADesigns Rebel //Head Piece B@R Part of Neo Aries Lady outfit //Mask Cheerno Editorial Wire mask //Top LeeZu La Goa Top //Leather Harness B@R Part of Midnight Harness //Shorts R.icielli Joanne high waist shorts //Fur Sleeves B@R Part of Dreamcatcher outfit (tinted) //Gloves B@R Part of Catsuit //Boots NeuroLab Inc Fatality Ballet //Pose Del May

Vitabela Dubrovna //Hair MrS Valentina Bob //Skin LpD skins Melissa //Headpiece La Malvada Mujer //Outfit bijou //Gloves C.Smit satin gloves //Tights Sheer //Boots KaS Ballet boots //Ring Morantique Lush //Makeup Piddle lipstick

Petra Messioptra //Hair MADesigns Rebel //Hair Piece Chapeau Tres Mignon Carousel Head Piece //Mask Vita’s Boudoir Venetian Mask //Neck Piece and Corset Lelutka Part of Constricted outfit //Skeleton hands, Gloves and Fish Net Top Vita’s Boudoir Part of Stolen Heart Couture //Shorts R.icielli Joanne high waist shorts //Skirt layer Badoura Designs Part of Solitair Outfit //Skirt Prims House of Beningborough Part of Venice Outfit //Shoes NeuroLaB Inc Xtrema ankle boots //Pose Del May A

AVENUE | Fashion Spread

Vintage Chic

Photographed by Brie Wonder Modeled by AVENUE Models Linnda Scofield Poptart Lilliehook Seashell Dench

Linnda Scofield //Outfit Baiastice Elenoire //Skin Baiastice Marina Pale Makeup 5 //Hair Baiastice Invasion Hair Brown //Shoes Baiastice Lotus Pumps Black

Linnda Scofield (left) //Outfit Baiastice Thithee Bodysuit Pearl //Skin Baiastice Marina Pale Makeup 6 //Hair Baiastice Dolly Hair Attachment Blonde //Shoes Baiastice Lotus Pumps Black Seashell Dench (right) //Outfit Baiastice Ephidryades White //Skin Baiastice Marina Peach Makeup 1 //Hair Baiastice Wind Hair and White Roses Blonde Peach //Shoes Baiastice Damasamba White Pearl

Seashell Dench //Outfit Baiastice Chantal Gold //Skin Baiastice Marina Peach Base Blonde Hairbase //Hair Baiastice Wind hair and Black Roses Blonde //Shoes Baiastice Crystal White //Jewels Baiastice Fiorenza

Poptart Lilliehook //Outfit Baiastice Horai Light Coral Dress //Skin Baiastice Marina Pale Makeup 3 BL and Hair //Hair Baiastice Spagna Hair Blonde //Shoes Baiastice Claire Decollete Shoes Orange //Jewels Baiastice Reale Earrings and Ring

Seashell Dench (left) //Outfit Baiastice Atlaua Dress Silver //Skin Baiastice Marina Peach Makeup 10 //Hair Baiastice Michelle Hair //Shoes Baiastice Crystal Rubelite //Clutch Baiastice Ibras Fuschia Poptart Lilliehook (right) //Outfit Baiastice Themi Gold Dress //Skin Baiastice Marina Pale Makeup 6 //Hair Baiastice Wind Hair & White Roses //Shoes Baiastice Lotus Pumps Ruby //Jewels Baiastice Reale Necklace

Poptart Lilliehook //Outfit Baiastice Nereide Nude Dress //Skin Baiastice Marina Pale Makeup 3 RD and Hair //Hair Baiastice Great Night Hair Red //Shoes Baiastice Crystal White Shoes


AVENUE | Featured Designer


ia Pawpad of LoQ has been hooked on fashion since the beginning of her Second Life® days two and a half years ago. Since then, she has been creating beautiful and stylish hairs that help make the people of SL™ more fashion forward. Original and creative, she has created numerous styles of hair that have been drawing attention and buzz all across the grid. Hair enhances our look and can make us feel more confident about our style, and Pawpad knows that once you find that perfect hair piece, as soon as you put it on, you just know it was meant for you to buy.

Hair Driven

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Natasja Schumann

Augusta Carver: What made you decide to join SL?

AC: Aside from designing, what other things do you like to do?

Gia Pawpad: About 3 years ago, one of my university colleagues told me about SL and she insisted that I join. I first thought that it could be fun, but I got bored quickly and didn’t come back for months. When I decided to come back, I realized that I forgot my password, and that’s why I got my second avatar, Gia Pawpad.

GP: Absolutely shopping! I’m a real shopaholic. Sometimes I get online just for shopping.

AC: How did LoQ come about? GP: Before I had my own store, I was making accessories for my personal usage only. At that time, I realized that I really enjoyd designing things, and when I thought about the lindens that I spent for hair, I decided to design them lol. AC: For those who do not know, what styles of hair does LoQ have? GP: Casual and chic. AC: How long have you been creating hair? GP: Almost a year and a half. AC: What inspires you to design? GP: Nearly everything, such as my own hair styles or the ones that I see on people around me, on television, the internet, and fashion shows. For example, I combined my own bangs with a ponytail that I saw on a model at a fashion show. So, options can be unlimited.

AC: What do you find to be most rewarding about designing? GP: When people express their appreciation, it means so much to me. AC: What does fashion mean to you? GP: I think it is a taste of the life. But wearing things just because they are trendy is not being true, I think. You must choose things suitable to your personal style. If it doesn’t suit your style, it looks false on you. This situation is contrary to nature of fashion. So, fashion is wearing things which look good on you. AC: If there was one thing you could do aside from designing, what would it be? GP: Blogging seems as fun as designing to me. But of course, I don’t talk about taking a photo with a shirt and jeans. I think you must create a story first, and then combine unique apparel that is suitable for that story. Because, in my opinion, when someone sees a blog picture, they should both enjoy and get information about your look at the same time. AC: What are some of your favorite stores in SL? GP: Maitreya for shoes, LeLutka and Mon Tissu

for clothing, Mons and Dutch Touch for skin,  and Lagyo for accessories. Actually I can add many more, did I mention that I’m a shopaholic? Lol. AC: How would you describe your own style? GP: Neither sporty nor classic. I think my style is between the two, but absolutely chic. But, I can say that I never, ever wear a gown lol. AC: What has been your favorite item that you have created so far? GP: I made a small and cute country house for myself. I love making decorations and landscaping. So almost every 2 months I change whole things and make a new one. AC: There are a lot of hair stores available throughout SL, what do you think sets LoQ apart from the others? GP: I believe that everyone’s taste is different from each other, and if you don’t copy the others, you will be different. So I only create

stuff with my own taste. That could set LoQ apart from the others I think. AC: Is there anything exciting we can look forward to seeing from LoQ in the future? GP: For now I’m designing only hair, but in a few months I will move on to different areas, such as creating clothes, shoes, and accessories. Actually, I have already started preparing myself bit by bit. AC: Do you have any tips or words of advice for the readers? GP: Work hard, and be unique. Gia is a fashion force to be reckoned with. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it; a true businesswoman with the plan and talent to create top quality hairs in SL. She has already put the wheels in motion to expand her brand and to carry what is sure to be even more fabulous things in the near future. You can check out her store at ZI Mystic Moonlight [61,217,21] A

AVENUE | Fashion Spread

left //Model Valeria Pienaar //Outfit Kunglers Solange right //Model Liane Maertens //Outfit Fellini Couture Bouquet gown


Photographed by Blackliquid Tokyoska Modeled by AVENUE Models Dahlia Joubert Liane Maertens Valeria Pienaar Vixie Rayna

Couture of Hope

exclusive design sale . may 1 - may 31, 2011 avenue at gol [161 . 205 . 22]

left //Model Vixie Rayna //Outfit Chantkare Clarissa dress right //Model Dahlia Joubert //Outfit Finesmith Jewelry Wings of Faith


left //Model Liane Maertens //Outfit Solidea Folies Seasons of Hope right //Model Dahlia Joubert //Outfit Gasqhe Glenda


left //Model Valeria Pienaar //Outfit Gizza HotHeaded right //Model Dahlia Joubert //Outfit Azoury Tenue Lavande

winter A

AVENUE | Vignettes

//Skin PXL Linda Dark //Outfit Ladies who Lunch by Faint //Pose oOo Studio

Ladies Who Lunch Written, Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Strawberry Singh


his month for Vignettes I wanted to focus on one main designer; her name is Faint Paulse and she brings you the most outrageous high fashion creations on the grid. Let’s start off by talking about the name of her store. Her creativeness leaps out at you right away, just by hearing it the first time. The phrase “Ladies who lunch” is usually used to describe middle-aged rich ladies that meet during the weekdays in a restaurant for lunch to chat, gossip and possibly discuss their charitable ventures. It’s absolutely hilarious to give that name to a Second Life® store. You’ve just gotta love her thought process! Ladies who lunch, which is not only for ladies, has a great selection of high fashion wear htat you wouldn’t always see on the streets. For both women and men, you can find outfits that are bold and outstanding. In a few of her designs you will even notice that Lady Gaga is a strong influence. Gaga’s love for the unusual

and her bodacious styling speaks volumes. To adapt that and bring it into SL™ is no easy task, but Faint seems to do that beautifully. At this couture virtual bakery, you can find a wide variety of quality items. Not only does Faint create intricately designed clothing, but she also makes shoes, eyewear, jewels and even furniture! She’s recently gotten into working on lingerie, which I always say you can never have too much of. Over the past year, I have worn her designs several times on my blog; today, I chose to show you the three that I haven’t had a chance to share on my blog as of yet. I love the military style of the gorgeous money jacket and money pants that she has designed for both men and women. The flamingo dress is just an epic and versatile outfit. When I put it on, it just screamed elegance to me. But, her Ultimate Mad Tea Party set has got to be one of my favorites though. The whole table is full of colorful dishes and sweets; it’s just such a fun and festive set. I’m also wearing her lingerie and tutu whilst sitting on the table. The style of her tutu is just brilliant! I love the extra drama it adds to any outfit. Her designs are a mix of excellent sculpted pieces with impeccable textures. She also has a very generous nature because with each new in-store release, she puts the first 10 fatpacks available for free in her marketplace store. So, her marketplace is a great one to keep an eye on at stores/20317.

//Skin PXL Linda Dark //Hair Plume Punk Onyx //Mask Plume Mask //Hairbase Boon vine shaved black //Outfit Ladies who Lunch by Faint //Tattoo Huz Tats D’jango //Pose oOo Studio

The best way to be notified of her releases is by joining her group in-world, which you will find when you visit her main store at Aroha Island [155.181.744], or her website at http://

//Skin Glam Affair //Hair Maitreya //Outfit Ladies who Lunch by Faint //Tea Set Ladies who Lunch by Faint //Pose Exposeur


AVENUE | Fashion Icon

Fashion The call of

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Ozz Larsson


rom denim, shirts and jackets to amazing funky eye catching jewelry, you can find it all at NSD. Designer and mastermind behind the well-known brand, Naith Smit has been creating fabulously stylish clothing that people have been coming back for time and time again. Fashion trends may come and go, but good quality designs are something that is always sought after. NSD provides that for every shopper. I recently spoke with Naith Smit about his experiences in the fashion world and his store, NSD.

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join Second Life®? Naith Smit: I was actually just getting in from my RL job at the time and was watching a TV program, and one of their features was SL™. They had a whole segment on how to start, and showed the different possibilities that you could do. I was blown away with the idea and the aspect of it all. It was something I had never seen before and I knew I had to give it a go. AC: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? NS: I think at the very start when I got to know my first group of friends on the game; they were all clothes or item designers already, and I’d been a graphic designer in RL. I soon worked out that clothes were something I would take pleasure in doing. It was a little different from what I do in RL, but I soon picked it up and it all started from there. I think having been around a lot of other designers at the same at a more progressed level really helped me flourish in SL. AC: What is your inspiration for your designing? NS: I think inspiration can come from just about anywhere for me, and luckily I can find inspiration from a variety of different sources. I love design and art, so a lot comes from that; I am always immersing myself in that culture. I think I tend to find a lot through friends and also seeing how people react to items. It’s almost a never ending thing for me. As they say…too many ideas, not enough time to put them in action. Lol. AC: What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

NS: For me, I enjoying making the clothes and also seeing others enjoying wearing and using the items; making sure that things are recognized as a unique brand still and that people love the design and quality they are getting from me. AC: How would you describe your own style? NS: My own style is very easygoing, simple and smart-trendy. I really like zesty colors, but solids as well. I would say I’m practical but kind of stylish. AC: How would you define “success” as designer? NS: Success is really hard for me to define, but I think it has to do with the satisfaction you get from your work and knowing people are responding to what you are designing. Success can only come when you have enthusiasm for what you are doing. AC: What is the style of your store, NSD, and why do you feel that way? NS: From the start, the style of NSD has evolved a lot and developed gradually along the way with what my own style is. I have done everything from steam-punk to neko styles in the time that I have been designing in SL, and I feel like this is one thing that has kept my store present in the fashion world of SL. At the moment, I am really delighted with not being pinned down too much with a certain style, as this allows me to explore a lot of different ideas and designs. I have had a lot of people tell me they can see my English background in my works, but I don’t know if that’s just because I use a lot of union jacks, lol. AC: What are your most challenging and favorite parts of the design process? NS: Normally I would say the most challenging

part of the design process for me is getting started… actually sitting down and starting from nothing, but once I get started, I never have any problems from there. I think my favorite part has to be seeing my creation and really doing what I set out to create, seeing something that was just a imagination and then has been set out for people to wear; that has to be the best thing as a designer for me. AC: Aside from designing, what other things do you enjoy? NS: Well I am a very big football fan, of which I support Chelsea, and it is the greatest team in the world I might add, lol. I love supporting and playing football. I really like sports, playing golf and badminton is something I extremely enjoy. I also enjoy spending a lot of time with my partner, watching movies, and just generally socializing in RL and SL. AC: What does fashion mean to you? NS: Fashion does not always mean to me that you have to wear what others wear. I think there is this misconception that you have to conform to other people’s style, but you should be yourself and wear what makes you comfortable and happy with yourself. AC: What has been your top favorite item that you have designed to date? NS: I would have to say my Napoleon Jacket, both male and female version. I love that style and it’s something I’d wanted to do for a long time, so it was such a relief to actually do them and get them out. AC: What should we expect to see from your

designs in the future collections? NS: Expect a lot of the same quality and standard of work. As for collections, I usually work season to season, so there will be a lot of summer clothes and items coming soon. AC: Do you have any favorite designers in SL? NS: I have so many favorite designers in SL that it would really be unfair of me to list them all. I would say I love LeLutka, Minnu and Thora; they are all amazing. After working with them for a year or so and having been part of the LeLutka team, I learned so much and have had such fun working as part of the team. Also, seeing them work is something that makes me strive to work harder and learn faster. My partner Kianna Noel, who owns Addict, really is the one person who’s design opinion and style I respect the most in SL. I really love her designs and ideas, some of which I would never be able to come up with; she is someone that pushes me all the way. When I started SL, I think Kyoot was the one store I loved everything about. Also, the store Kari is such an amazing shop and has the most amazing character, which a lot of shops in SL do not have. Menno is an amazing designer. Reek, The Loft, Akeyo, Orta, Atomic, Boye... the list goes on. AC: What do you think sets your store apart from others? NS: I think it would be my unique style and the clothes that I design and create. There is something for everyone, whether it is a jacket or a piece of jewelry, and even now hair. AC: Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or NSD?

NS: I would love the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me and my brand, and that there is going to be some exciting things coming up in the summer! Naith Smit has a great appreciation for fashion and enjoys making the most out of his life and days in SL. His 3 ½ years of traveling through this incredible virtual world, as well as the friends he has made along the way has given him the expertise and drive that has made his store, NSD, the success it has become today. Take a trip down to NSD and see what you have been missing at Heartless City [134,136,41]. A

AVENUE | Homme

//Skin [ DNA ] - Jack beard //Hairbase + Facial hair Plume - 7&8 //Hair Plume - LJ - Version 1 - BLACK //Ear plug [GLUE INK] - Sculpted Metallic //Tank SG -Dendi in White //Top Dirty Hands -Fire- Madras Shirt Brown //Tattoo Para Designs - Paisley Temptress //Pants {mon tissu} - Denim - 1929 Cigarette //Shoes *Kookie* - Snug //Bracelet ROZOREGALIA - *Gazellver* //Necklace MANDALA - SHAMIRA DOG TAG //Prim Hands *Mayden couture*

Edged Styles Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Lulu Jameson

//Skin no.07 - James Beard //Hairbase + Facial hair + eyeliner Plume //Hair [LeLutka] - RAIN //Top Cheerno - STYLETees - WhiteJIM //Vest +grasp+ - Cargo jacket/Black/men’s //Pants *Valiant* - Cross-stitch black belted jeans //Shoes WMD - ROT //Arms SiniStyle - Taped Fist

//Skin [ DNA ] - Jack //Hairbase + Facial hair Plume - 04b //Hair [Anaphora] - Jayden //Top RONSEM - Hoodie2011 //Pants HaVoK - {HAV} Invader Denim w/ Belt //Sunglasses [Gos] - Custom AVIATOR v3.2


AVENUE | Trendspotting

fledglings Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Brie Wonder

//skin Mother Goose Katie //makeup GATO 70s lashes //top cher!sh Lace Blouse //shorts (TokiD) Tweed Shorts //nails Rezlpsa Loc //hair booN BSC767

//skin Mother Goose Katie //makeup GATO 70s lashes //top GATO Vintage Dress //shorts Pig Fragilidad Shorts //socks [ m ] Knee Sheer Socks //shoes G-Field Knot Wedge Sandal

//skin Mother Goose Katie //makeup GATO 70s lashes //dress {mon tissu} Longline Blouse //scarf (TokiD) soft scarf //socks Maitreya PrimSocks //shoes Maitreya Frenzy Banana //nails Rezlpsa Loc


AVENUE | Model of the Month

13 Cortes Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Diconay Boa

Confessions of a Shopaholic Turned Model


n avid user of Second LifeŽ for four years, 13 Cortes has been creating a name for herself ever since. Her love for fashion and her incredibly strong sense of dedication and experience helps to keep her at the top of her game. It should come as no surprise that she is AVENUE’S Model of the Month for May.

Augusta Carver: Congratulations for being selected as our Model of the Month! 13 Cortes: I was very surprised and in awe. AC: Have you been with AVENUE long? 13: Since February/March of last year; not long after I graduated from AVENUE Academy. It was a dream come true for me. It was a goal of mine to model for AVENUE, and when I was actually able to do it, it was a very proud moment and I felt privileged. AC: So what piqued your interest enough to want to join SL™? 13: I saw a documentary on the Dutch television and was curious. I have been hooked ever since. AC: How did the idea of becoming a model come into place? 13: From my early days, I was always shopping and looking for nice things, as most do I think. I was invited one day to a fashion show and I really liked what I saw, and thought “what if I…?” So, I worked to the point where I could model and Linnda Scofield believed in me and gave me a chance to do my thing. She took me in to the agency, ModelX, and everything started from there. It’s all about chances and possibilities; I got mine and am grateful for that. AC: What do you find is most challenging thing when it comes to modeling?

13: The most challenging thing is to try every time to get and wear the right things for a theme and showcase the designs the best that I possibly can. It is hard work but I don’t step away from a good challenge. AC: What modeling?






13: The excitement, the nervousness, the pressure and the styling and mixing of the right accessories. It’s as exciting as when I first started. Even the people around me with the same interests, and the help we give each other. It is the complete package. AC: What inspires you? 13: How SL has evolved over the last few years, the designs designers make, and the work the agencies put in there themes and builds. Fantastic outfits, clothes, and the jewels and shoes…they are all fantastic. Finally, the work everyone puts into the production of shows and contests is very inspiring to do more. AC: Besides modeling, what other things do you enjoy in SL? 13: Well do be honest, modeling is where most of my time goes, but when I am not modeling, I like to hang out with friends and have quality time with them. I am planning to learn more things like building and creating things. I want to design hair styles. I am a true hair addict. So the next step is making them myself. AC: That sounds like it would be a lot fun.

13: Oh yes. My inventory is huge, especially the hair folder. Hahahaha.

working hard, doing your thing, learning, and looking around you; be as a sponge and absorb.

AC: Lol! What are some of your favorite stores?

AC: Do you have any advice for aspiring and current models?

13: I like to find things in small shops which are maybe not that well known. A few of my faves are: Miamai, Aoharu, and Baiastice. For hair: Truth, Exile, and Plume is a wonderful shop with really amazing designs. For shoes, my fave is N-core; they seem to fit me well. AC: How would you describe your sense of style? 13: A mix of urban, classy, edgy, avant-garde and everything in between. AC: You have been in SL for almost four years come June, how would you describe the change in the fashion industry here? 13: The fashion industry is still evolving like the models do, and all of us in the business think there are chances for everyone. It’s all about

13: Yes, work hard, listen to the ones who know and learn from them. Always be polite and thankful for the chances you get. Your time and chance will come. I also wanted to thank you and everybody at AVENUE who gave me this opportunity to be the Model of the Month! It is such a fantastic feeling. Fun, stylish, helpful, and driven are just some of the words that best describe 13 Cortes. Through her years in SL and experiences as a model, she still remains as dedicated and humble as ever. Her great work ethic mixed with just the right amount of fun gives her a balanced life to enjoy. There is no doubt that we will continue to see more wonderful things from 13 Cortes. A

AVENUE | Fashion Agenda


Starts a Fashi


ion Revolution

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Nala Kurka


t all started with a simple phrase: “A new world awaits. Join the Revolution.” Guests at the latest [sYs] fashion show presented by AVENUE Models were fortunate enough to be a part of fashion history in the making: The [sYs] Experience. Keeping in line with the same level of high quality fashion that they’re known for, sisters Syane and Systi Cisse introduced another line of stunning futuristic fashion to the masses of awaiting guests and fans of the brand alike.

“Enter a future cyborg world amidst the mysterious era of inquisition and decadence.” While a mysterious line in itself, it was a perfect opener to the show, which was clouded in mystery and a level of unique display that we have come to expect of the Cisse sisters… and unique was definitely the best word to describe this performance. A

With an onslaught of models rushing the stage, one had no idea what to expect, but after listening to the words of “Captain Rusch,” Rusch Raymaker, CEO of AVENUE Inc., the impending chaos began to create an effective illusion, and added to the show’s now even more mysterious theme. Each outfit became an integral part of the cyborg theme, and each contained its own story. When asked which came first, the outfits or the theme, the sisters replied: “Our outfits are a story [centered] around the multiverse and fit the performance around them. For example, the Inquisition outfits represent the moral order established no matter the ages.”


Though there was a futuristic, almost asexual feel to some of the earlier pieces, the more models that graced the stage, the more the sexiness began to shine through. As only [sYs] can, new life was breathed into a scary cyborg ruled world. When the Inquisition took center stage, the tension was felt throughout the room, yet the sexiness came bursting through like the glow from the neon lights surrounding the room. The moves of the models as they broke into dance melted the tension away and all eyes became glued to the stage as the truth seekers sought out a truth they didn’t need to find, not afraid to use every move necessary to finish their mission. The outfits were a combination of military police meets cyborg woman, meshed together to create a striking Inquisitor that captured every eye in the room. The moves of the models complemented the piece almost as well as the accessories, creating a total package rarely seen in most virtual fashion shows. According to the Cisse sisters, the greatest challenge in putting together the show was creating the movement for each model; “[the movement] should give beat so that it sounds like music, adding rhythm to the visual of the show.” A

The set design was a stunning space station set to mystify and enthrall the audience, capturing the true essence of a futuristic world in the midst of chaos; a perfect home for the oncoming revolution. The hues of neon blue drifted through the floor and created an eerie combination of mist and haze that came together to perfect the show’s theme. The floating bodies in the background of the stage, while not the main focus, added an extra layer of mystical to the show, as one could not help but to gaze at them from time to time wondering what kept them suspended and floating, and what form of being they were.


As the show progressed, the level of sexy continued to increase as the outfits became more elaborate, each taking away from a robotic, dry future and instead painting a picture of a more sensual revolution, complete with lace lingerie stockings and just the right amount of sheerness to captivate but remind any wanderers that the revolution is not to be taken lightly. Nothing about this show was your usual ordinary fashion show. This was a living art performance, a story wrapped up in a fashion show package. The models didn’t “grace� the runway, but rather stormed the stage as if they belonged, as if they wanted to hold the audience hostage, mesmerized by their presence, their sexuality, and their sense of power. These models owned every step, every move... and they knew it. There was a sense of a struggle, as if two powers were fighting for one spot, fighting to grab your attention and never let it go. A

Never has one color evoked so many different feelings... seduction, power, chaos, fear... the Cisse sisters managed to do so much with one conservative color: black; black as the night sky over the gloomy space station, and black as the runway, illuminated by its neon blue borders. Almost impossibly, the sisters managed to design an entire collection around one color, while still offering the kind of variety and creativity that other designers can only bring about using a very full palette. With subtle highlights and a hint of color every so often, the designs took you on a visual journey through the entire story. There was no highlighted favorite as each set of designs elicited different feelings, but each brought out the same excitement, and wonder of what was to come next. As for their pieces, the Cisse sisters noted that their “creations are the daily outfits of the universe to which one belongs. We’re mixing many influences (through the time and place) to make them timeless. SL™ is a fantastic virtual world to express creativity; we take no pleasure in reproducing the RL. The future is now.”


The Inquisition set the tone for sexy, but the chaotic warriors in their cyborg militaristic outfits with multi-colored accessories set the new tone for power and allure. One could not help but to appreciate the visual progression of the story as the revolution neared, as more and more light was added to the designs, and the neon glow of the stage became the backdrop to the neon glow present on designs worn by those such as the Cybernetic Angels... illuminating the dark of night and bringing hope for a new change. A

The bodysuit of the new era took a mix of the power and the sexy and together combined to show that in the midst of the chaos and struggle, the people would find a way to fuse together for the new virtual revolution. With this new look, the people are now prepared to fight or seduce the oppressors, all with one look. When questioned about their feelings on the show, including plans for any upcoming performances that may be a little tamer, the Cisse sisters humbly replied: “We are so glad to have been able to stage the story of our creations and can share it with AVENUE and the public. [It’s] an experience to repeat…always different, always magic...but never tame.” For now, one thing is clear: bring on the revolution; the people are united and the people are ready...but most importantly, the people are sexy; a revolution never looked so good. A


AVENUE | Couture AVENUE Look 2011

Couture AVENUE Look 2011

Irina Strazytski



he Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Contest has just announced its 8th finalist and continues to bring an array of stylists and models to the runway each month.  With top Second Life® designers such as AZUL, Baiastice, GizzA, LeLutka, Nicky Ree, Osakki, Stylissimo and sYs, one would think the challenge easy.  How hard can it be to wear such stunning designs and look amazing? Harder than you think  when the competition

Written by Jesika Contepomi Photography by Annough Lykin is so steep.  The contestants each month compete to bring the “best” style to the runway to embody the Couture AVENUE brand in a way that shouts unique.  This month, AVENUE is proud to announce aspiring model Irina Strazytski as its newest finalist.  Join me as I sit down with Irina to find out how she quickly climbed the model ladder and stood strong in her look and style as she swept this month’s competition.

Jesika Contepomi:  Irina, congratulations again on becoming Couture AVENUE Look’s 8th finalist, and thank you for taking the time to sit down with me today. Let me start by asking what inspired you to compete in the Couture AVENUE Look Contest?

a try. Very soon I noticed that I enjoyed it quite a lot, and now I’d not change it into any other SL career in the world.

Irina Strazytski: My friend Ranini suggested that I should give it a try. She gave me the info notecard and the LM to the stores, and when I teleported to AVENUE, I was sold. I went through every store and was impressed with the selection. Contests cost a lot of coinage and I can’t afford to enter but a few each month. I love to mix and match to create my outfits, and I knew that whether I’d do well in the contest or not, I’d find use for the items that I bought and that was the biggest reason for me to enter. To me, each outfit I mix and match is a challenge and I enjoy trying to “outdo” myself. This contest provided me the perfect opportunity for just that.

IS: I still consider myself green as a model, so I don’t have many things to change…yet. I like to learn things slowly, step by step. I like to even make mistakes, because it’s how I learn to improve myself. One instance does come to my mind: I’d go back to check my email at the end of March to notice the invitation to the “I am Fierce walk off” group. I had completely forgotten that I needed to join a group and I had forgotten to check my mail as well, so I found out about the audition nine hours before I was supposed to be there. I managed to get my outfit done, but one hour before the audition, I had still zero poses which worked with the outfit, so I ended up admitting a bitter defeat and deciding to wait till the July walk off.

JC: Well I’m glad we could provide a reason to expand your inventory, as well as challenge your styling skills which truly brought you this win.  Let our readers know a bit about your history and when you got your start in modeling? IS: I started modeling about six months ago when I returned to SL™ after a long break. My best friend, Eleya Kenin, is a model and she was the one who inspired me to the path. I had toyed with the thought already before I went into my break, but I didn’t have an opportunity to pursue the career back then. When I got back, I thought I had nothing to lose if I gave

JC: If you could go back and change one thing in your modeling career what would it be?

JC: So, even in your short time as a model, what has been your most memorable modeling experience? IS: Winning this semi-final, hands down. I was happy beyond words to be selected to the semi-finals but I never, not even in my wildest dreams, thought that I could win. When my name was stated as the winner, I couldn’t believe it and I was so surprised that I couldn’t get a single word out of my mouth at first. Even the next day, I kept thinking I had been just dreaming and someone would send me a

note that there’d been a mistake somewhere. It ranks easily as my most memorable modeling experience, because I’m still floating somewhere sky high because of it. JC: You truly earned the distinction and it was an honor to have you on our stage.  What do you find thus far makes your styling and look in general unique? IS: This is a difficult question. I consider myself still very new to modeling and I’m not at all certain if I look unique. In fact, despite of the myriad of options for styling available to us here in SL, I find it quite difficult to attain a unique look. To me, a shape is a big part of having a unique avatar, but many of the small asymmetric things which make the models RL unique, won’t work with SL shapes. For example, I tried to make myself a “Russian aristocratic nose” because I had never seen an avi with a nose like that, but all of the attempts looked wonky rather than what I was aiming to make. In my styling, I like to mix & match, use bits and pieces from stores which are not so well known, modify my existing items into something else, and sometimes create something completely new to find the perfect look in my eyes. With that said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what looks great in my eyes, might be hideous for another person.  I think what’s sending me towards the right path in uniqueness is neither my look nor my styling, but rather a small bit of both combined with my personality. Each player behind the

avatar is unique. We have different life-stories; we all have our way to think, and we all have our dreams. I try to make my personality shine through the avatar, because it’s my best asset in the journey towards becoming unique. JC: So in your journey to become unique, what inspired you to compile this specific look? And what about it do you feel brought the win? IS: I started by walking through the Couture AVENUE stores day after a day without buying anything, to get the feel of the items for sale in there. Whenever I passed the Bodysuit in Baiastice, it kept whispering “buy me” into my ear and finally, I decided to give in to the urge and use it as the base of my styling. I was already familiar with the selection in the stores, so when I bought the bodysuit, I headed instantly to Osakki because I had seen the perfect pants to go with it in there. The rest was trial and error, consulting my best friends and going through shops in search of accessories. I ended up even changing the color theme in the middle because I couldn’t find a hat that fit with my style in white. Why did I win? Honestly, I’m not at all certain, because I still have difficulties believing I won. I’m throwing a wild guess that it was because my outfit was simple yet edgy. JC: To help the finalists that will follow in your steps, what advice would you have for models trying to find “their” unique look and possibly interested in entering this contest?

IS: Well, I don’t think I qualify to answer this because I’m still searching for my unique look myself. I’d say stay true to yourself and don’t try to be something you’re not, because it’ll shine through the avatar. I recommend this contest warmly. It was a great experience for me in so many ways. JC: Irina, thank you so much for your time; one final question in closing: where do you see yourself in a year? IS: This, too, is a difficult question. I try to live day-by-day and take things as they come. I hope I’ve moved a few steps forward in my career and that I’ve improved myself by learning from the incredible people that I’ve met and that I’ll continue to meet in the SL fashion community, without becoming a person that I don’t like. -Are YOU the next face of Couture AVENUE? To learn how you can be a finalist for Couture Look 2011 and be featured in AVENUE Magazine, stop by the AVENUE office and pickup an application. Join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group for regular updates, important dates and finalist announcements. Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Application LM AVENUE at GOL [173.96.22] AVENUE Website


AVENUE | Fun With Fashion

Pretty In Pink Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Vixie Rayna


ink is the epitome of sweet feminine style. The color adds a breath of fresh air to any outfit. This month’s column is all about pink! Get your girlie side ready! I didn’t realize just how much pink I had until I started putting this month’s styles together. I wager that the color I have most in my inventory is a tie between beige/brown and black, but running close in third place has to be pink. I have a soft spot for the color, and every time I wear pink, it brightens my day. Inex Hax of Peqe created a wonderful swing coat in a wide variety of colors for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. The coat was a perfect musthave not only for the good the donation will do, but for its classic style. It paired beautifully with the low-cut Oui Oui shirt and glitter hotpants from LeeZu. Lamb Bellic’s Bardot-esque Mess hair is one of my go-to styles and perfect with this outfit, especially with the addition of the hair rose from Artilleri. On my toes are the Kate shoes from G Field, with their playful bow and chunky heel.

//Hair Truth Alison in Driftwood //Skin Belleza Erika Pale 3 Hair //Outfit Snatch Gilda in White/Pink //Socks Aoharu Flower in White //Shoes G Field Eve Flower Pumps in Rose //Necklace Paper Couture Glass Flower //Bangle Zaara Sadaf Paua in Silver //Nails Pixel Mode Sculpted V2 HUD

Bliss Couture recently expanded their “Basic” collection and it’s anything but basic. It’s filled with dresses, shorts, skirts, and tops that are fun and fresh. The pink sequin scarf is a wonderful addition to the shirt and marries well with the summer tweed Kathleen bell bottoms. Lelutka’s short Seth hair evokes a very sweet pixie look, especially when worn with top-ofthe-line Belleza skins by Tricky Boucher. Snatch has to be the best bargain brand in Second Life®, with full color packs running you $250L. The Gilda came with a white shirt and seven color options for the corset/shorts. I fell in love with the pink, and it’s the perfect sexy girl-next-door look. Just when you think Truth can’t make a better hairstyle, he comes up with a fresh new one each week. The Alison is a tousled wavy ‘do that adds a flirty touch to this look. Aoharu’s ankle socks are ultra-feminine detail when paired with the sexy Baby T’s from Pixel Mode. You will always lighten your mood and brighten your day in the hue of pink. Take some time to make your own uplifting style statement. Until next time, remember that fashion is fun!

//Hair lelutka Seth in Glucose //Skin Belleza Melissa Med 15 //Shirt Bliss Couture Basic Fatima in Pink //Pants Bliss Couture Basic Kathleen Bel l Bottoms in Pink //Bracelet Junk Shell in Opal //Shoes Pixel Mode Baby T’s Plain in Silver

//Hair Lamb Mess in Butterfinger //Skin Belleza Erika in Med 3 Hair //Coat Peqe Pacific in Pink //Shirt LeeZu Oui Oui in Pink //Pants LeeZu Glitter Hotpants in White //Shoes G Field Kate Bow Strap in White //Necklace Sigma Lumina Necklace in Charcoal //Hair Flower Artilleri Rose in Pink //Nails Pixel Mode Sculpted V2 HUD


Road to Royalty


AVENUE | My Precious Summer Queen 2011

Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Natasja Schumann


ver the last several years, Agnes Finney, the creator of My Precious Design House, has established herself as one of the most sought after designers when it comes to beautifully-made, elegant designs in ladies formalwear and cocktail designs in the Second Life® grid. In 2009, Ms. Finney began the My Precious Queen contest, an opportunity for individuals who embody the ideals of the brand to compete to become the face of My Precious, and the royal ambassador for the design house to serve as a representative on the catwalk, in print advertising campaigns, and at various public events. My Precious is known for charm, class, and sophistication in design, so the one selected as My Precious Summer Queen this coming June will be chosen because she shares those qualities as well as a flair for unique and refined styling that enhances the beauty of My Precious designs.

The current contest round will culminate in the selection of the My Precious Summer Queen 2011, a lucky lady who will have quite a journey ahead of her. In addition to the prestigious title, the winner will receive cash prizes, a voucher for the AVENUE Models Academy, sponsored gifts and gift cards, and a photo shoot for AVENUE Magazine. She will also have the opportunity to serve as the hostess of Behind the Throne, (link: a blog in which she will highlight My Precious designs and events from her reign. With April’s selections behind us, there is only one month left in what has been shaping up to be an exciting competition. AVENUE Magazine is proud to present the three finalists chosen for the month of April. Read on as we introduce you to Eliza Mint, Sabine Mortenwold, and Vivienne Coppola.


Eliza Mint Royal Princess – April 2011

Eliza Mint is a dynamic lady, bringing lots of enthusiasm, laughter and an outgoing personality to the contest. As someone who was once an experienced role-player, Eliza has spent time dressed as a sword-slinging pirate and a lady straight out of the Wild West, but she says she is a “classic girly girl” at heart and loves dressing in ball gowns and looking like a princess. Eliza shares that she has evolved into a fashionista who has been developing a refined taste while discovering the possibilities that the SL™ fashion world has to offer. As one who has been known to assist beginning avatars with the SL basics, Eliza feels that helping new users while this virtual world is new and fresh could inspire them to continue exploring the grid and all of its possibilities. Eliza is an up-and-coming model who is represented by the Farouche Tres Modeling Agency, and she also works with the DAB Collective where she performs public relations work. She is a live model and customer service representative for je suis…, and she was recently hired as a My Precious model. Eliza says she considers herself to be very fortunate to have had the opportunity to mingle with such a diverse SL community, and she urges others to be open, be aware, and keep an open mind.

Favorite My Precious Design: “I love every lace gown! Vivienne, Serene, Dazzle, Catherine, Wish… the list goes on and keeps growing. Agnes has an amazing talent for the lace masterpiece. They are formal and yet very sexy.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I am so honored to have been chosen as an April Finalist! This contest is one of the most respected on the grid and to have been chosen is a rare opportunity I am so thankful for. My Precious is one of the most prestigious fashion houses on the grid and being able to represent Agnes Finney’s creations is a privilege. I can’t even fathom what it would be like to win the My Precious Queen contest! To be chosen to represent My Precious would be something of dreams!“ Style tip:  “Be yourself! Yes, your avatar is not yourself in RL and you probably dress your avatar a lot differently than you would in RL, but at least connect with your in-world style. No matter what style it is or if it’s completely different day-to-day, wear items that you enjoy which express your personal style or you’ll never feel quite right about your styling.“


Sabine Mortenwold Royal Princess – April 2011

Sabine Mortenwold is an artist in her first life, and enjoys the imaginative possibilities and artistic venues available for exploration all over the grid. She reveals that she is constantly amazed by the level of creativity and ingenuity that can be found both in virtual art and fashion. As an admirer of fashion, Sabine relishes the space where fashion and art merge, and she loves to style and experiment with different elements to create a variety of stylish and unique looks. Sabine has been a modeling teacher and says that she enjoys the opportunity to use her acquired knowledge to help others learn. She has worked with a variety of modeling agencies, including Glance International Agency, Venus Models Agency, Evane Models Agency, Maritima, Premier Modeling Agency, Sophisticated Secrets Modeling Agency, JSE Modeling Agency, and Outrageous Glamour. In addition, Sabine is a store model for House of Beningborough and has also joined the live modeling staff at Finesmith. Sabine describes her personal sense of style as “ladylike with a twist” and says that her artistic background serves as inspiration for color and texture matching and styling. Favorite My Precious Design: “I really loved the dress that I wore this month in the contest,

Romantic Butterfly. It was so playful and is such a great dress for spring. I have been drawn to dresses in SL with butterflies on them - they are such happy creatures and are so beautiful. There are so many lovely formals at Agnes Finney that it was nice to choose a shorter dress for a change and to have fun with the way it looked.“ Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I have participated in the contest in the past and always wanted to do so again. I am really honored to have been chosen. To me, Agnes Finney designs are so lovely, ladylike, and luxurious - what an honor to be considered in the contest.“ Style tip:  “I love to play with the outfit - what will complement it and what will make it shine. I pick a piece and then I try and build a look and a story around it. I might try six or seven different hairstyles or necklaces sometimes, and other times you look at something and go, “Oh yes, I know exactly what it needs.” You have to read blogs and check out stores and know where to pull things from (especially for accessories) to make the look have your own unique touch. It is also true that a large inventory helps for styling as you have more options to work it.!“


Vivienne Coppola Royal Princess – April 2011

Vivienne Coppola is a friendly and sociable lady with a unique background: she has spent the last four years in SL as a hockey player with the Global Online Hockey Association. Although she still visits the rink when she can and cohosts on Sundays on, Vivienne hung up her skates in February and has been making the transition from someone who “played, ate, drank and slept hockey” to a fashion model. She works as a store model for Miamai and Ezura, and is represented by XLP Modeling Agency, D’ior Modeling Agency and LeCharme Fashion Agency. When considering what lessons she has learned in our virtual world, Vivienne indicates that in finding commonalities with others who live thousands of miles away, she has realized just how small the world really is. Vivienne describes her sense of style as classic and feminine, but adds that she also enjoys experimenting with many different styles and looks. Favorite My Precious Design: “My favorite design is Vera Floral Amethyst. I can quite often be a real girly girl, and as a child I always dreamed of wearing a big puffy ball gown to a magical event or ball. To

date, I’ve not realized that dream in real life, but SL gives me the opportunity to do this. Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I entered the contest because I love to style clothes. I never imagined I might win, and therefore, the very thought of actually being crowned the winner is not something I’ve thought about, but I know it would be a dream come true and an amazing accolade.“ Style tip:  ““I would say the best tip I have is to not restrict yourself to the outfit that is on the “box.” Recently, I put together an outfit by modifying the belt that was attached to the skirt of one outfit to team with a bodysuit from another. I really believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Just remember to save and copy things first!” For more information about the contest, entry forms, or to see a gallery of the contestants for each month, visit the main store location. If you have a unique flair for glamour and elegance, you could be the one that the My Precious fashion house is searching for. A

AVENUE | GOLden Shopping

2Xtreme Written by Jesika Contepoimi Photography by Brie Wonder


OLden Shopping at GOL 5 is the home of some of the best creators in Second Life®. Going far beyond what most shopping sims offer, GOLden strives to offer variety in the everyday shopping experience. Last month we featured some of SL™’s best animators, and this month we’d like to go even further outside your normal shopping mall fix. Tunes Meness, owner of :: 2Xtreme ::, is a long time SL resident and creator with an extraordinary eye for detail. Some know Tunes for his furniture, some for his lifelike animals and some for his larger builds, but let’s take a moment to meet the man himself. Jesika Contepomi: Tunes, thank you so much for taking the time to let AVENUE and our readers get to know the creativity behind the man... or man behind the creativity? You ever hear the joke that you’re older then dirt? The very first question I love to ask pioneer residents, those who truly built the grid, is how did you get here? Tunes Meness: I saw a very, very nasty documentary about it and swore I would never come to Second Life :) But, a year later I decided to check it out because I ran into it on the web and got kinda hooked. JC: Well five years later, which since SL is worse than dog years, is an absolute lifetime, I’d say you’re more than “kinda” hooked. Ok, so after you got past the media’s version of SL and found your way into the creative meat and bones of virtual reality, what inspired you to open :: 2Xtreme ::?

TM: When I started in 2006, oh how time flies, Second Life was kind of ok, but most of the items were ugly and everything looked cheesy and computer-like. I started building my own house and some furniture, uploaded some textures and changed some of the existing objects to make my land look less harsh and more peaceful. I introduced a bit of Zen into the computer realm. People really liked the things that I made and asked me if they could buy them. That’s sort of how I started, with a small store above my 2048m island. JC: If one’s creations speak for them and leave a mark on the world, calm and tranquility is truly your legacy... well... minus the man eating gator waiting to chomp my leg off in your store. But in all seriousness, I’m a firm believer that all creations in SL are forms of art; art evokes emotion and you’re art uniquely awakens the senses to recognize all that is soft, light and peaceful. So with that said, what other unique design aesthetics do you feel set you apart? TM: In my furniture, I think my minimalistic approach in appearance and textures makes my furniture recognizable. Also, with the choice of furniture that I make, most of it is based on or are replicas of the furniture of the great designers of the 20th century that I admire so much, such as Charles and Ray Eames and Le Corbusier. What makes :: 2Xtreme :: totally different from other furniture shops is that the furniture is only a small part of the whole collection. I sort of create a whole world, the world of :: 2Xtreme :: consisting of houses,

furniture, beaches, rocks, plants, birds, fish, paintings and more, much more. JC: Yes and speaking of your much more... you recently in April created the beloved Leatherback Sea Turtle for the Costa Rica Sims. For those who may not know, the Costa Rica sims in SL are an amazing group of sims that carry on the RL traditions and cultures of the country. One of those very long traditions is the arrival of the endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles each year onto the beaches of Las Baulas [227.52.22]. To carry out this annual ritual, you made the most amazing lifelike sculpted turtles I’ve ever seen. Next thing you know they’ll be AI breedables and no longer endangered. So really, not only do you create a world of :: 2Xtreme ::, but you also share in other’s worlds, traditions and experiences. So, let’s talk about your store at GOLden Shopping. How did you first get into GOLden and what offerings do you have there that can’t be found anywhere else? TM: The GOLden shopping sim seemed to be a well functioning sim with a great club and enthusiastic members. GOL is one of the bigger :: 2Xtreme :: stores; it’s one of the stores where I discount my new items the first couple of days. JC: What surprises will we see in the near future? TM: I recently totally redid all of my furniture based on the designs of Charles and Ray Eames, which are now fully sculpted and with loads of detail. I’m also working on a New York

"I will always keep creating and improving" Style skybox and some privacy screens. People that buy my prefabs get a 30-50% discount on all the furniture that they want to put inside. I will always keep creating and improving. I’ve also recently started :: 2Xtreme :: in another grid, maybe I will expand there also. JC: Oh, I have a secret addiction for skyboxes! I think we have five of them rezzed around our sim, so this will surely make six. Tunes, I want to thank you for your time and generosity in letting our readers get to know more about you. To leave you in tranquil thought, here is a quote from Tunes profile: “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened... Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Visit 2Xtreme at GOLden Shopping: GOL 5 [110.102.22] or the 2Xtreme mainstore at Pride Isles [163.202.23]. A

Written by Sarahelisebeth Brenham Photography by Annough Lykin

Creating Your Own


AVENUE | Architecture & More


irtual Architecture 101, built and owned by Keystone Bouchard (Jon Brouchoud in real life), is a sim in Second LifeÂŽ that is dedicated to providing people with the tools required to create things to improve the world in which they live and was forged Virtual Architecture 101 in hopes of inspiring folks to contribute to the planet in a unique way.

Bouchard has acquired much recognition for his work over eleven years with third dimensional environments, game programs and conceptions in Unity3D, Second Life, and OpenSim, pulling heavily from his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee. Working also a

freelance design consultant, throughout his time in SL, Bouchard has helped create some of SL’s most recognized buildings, including the Rutgers School of Business, the University of Alabama, Autodesk Island, the virtual U.S. House of Representatives, and Linden Lab’s Virtual Headquarters to name a few. He is also the founder of ARCH Virtual, and co-founder of Studio Wikitecture. His real life credits include: Gallery of Reflexive Architecture, Architecture Islands, and the award-winning Wikisonic installation at The Tech Museum in San Jose. This month, I took a tour through his site, Virtual Architecture 101, and discovered some key tips for building. Take a trip with me through this educational, yet fun architectural experience as I journey through the world of architecture, simplified for all level of builders. Virtual Architecture 101 utilizes a walking tour of the exhibits to educate visitors. The road is shaped into a hoop, so it is just about impossible to get lost. As I looked around, I noticed that the building structures were made of wood and the most realistic looking cardboard texture, giving it a creative and original feel. I also found that I could get up close to inspect each area being described in the walking tutorial, which made for more interesting learning. The adventure started in the Fundamental section, beginning with a discussion of a “point.” Though it is simple in design, do not let that fool you. The point becomes an important factor when it comes to design. From there, visitors are taught more fundamentals, including the structure of a line and its purpose, the plane,

and volume and how it works in connection to the plane.

and look of it just stands out and how that texture is used to convey a mood or statement.

This instructional site is filled with all of the information that one could need to become extremely knowledgeable in the area of building. Aside from all of the information and tutorials on the basics, there were even more detailed lessons such as the ones on form and how to its three dimensional qualities apply when virtually building, and one many Residents may be familiar with, texture, which does more than just change the color of your favorite pair of boots, although, that is one of its many applications. Think of your most favorite piece of clothing and how the texture and look of it just stands out and how that texture is used to convey a mood or statement.

Moving on to the Designing Process division, several very important tips came from this area: plan out your project, before you start building it, take an unoriginal idea and to make it your own, keep in mind the type of crowd that you want to attract to your proposal, analyze all parts of your blueprint, create the feeling you want folks to have after visiting your dwelling and finally, don’t get offended when receiving constructive criticism. Adapting his lessons to the limitations of our virtual world, Bouchard even provided guidance on common issues pertaining to constructing in SL and various building pretensions are made accessible. As is usually the case in SL, an excursion would not be complete without an opportunity to buy something. Here, modern prefabs created by Bouchard are available for purchase, all of which we can assume these key tips helped to build.

This instructional site is filled with all of the information that one could need to become extremely knowledgeable in the area of building. Aside from all of the information and tutorials on the basics, there were even more detailed lessons such as the ones on form and how to its three dimensional qualities apply when virtually building, and one many Residents may be familiar with, texture, which does more than just change the color of your favorite pair of boots, although, that is one of its many applications. Think of your most favorite piece of clothing and how the texture

To find out more about Jon Brouchoud and his work, visit his website at http://archvirtual. com/. And of course, do not forget to take a trip to his Virtual Architecture 101 sim to learn the how-to’s about building at Architecture Island [97,129,1173]. A

AVENUE | Interesting Sims

Journeying back in time


20 Century th

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Ozz Larsson


he epicenter of fashion. The city of love. The city of lights. These are just a few things that come to mind when one thinks of Paris. It is a magnificent city full of culture, sophistication, and so much rich history. While one can appreciate the city for the glamorous metropolis that it is now, the beauty of what was once a smaller, yet still fabulous city, adds to Paris’ already strong presence in the world. And while one can sit and wait for the first rocket scientist to break the time-space continuum and create the first ever time machine to enjoy “ye olden” days of the city, the smarter Resident can just take a quick visit to the collection of Paris 1900 sims and enjoy the greatest re-creation of the amazing 20th century in Paris.

Stroll through any of these magnificent sims, including the landing point for the first of the sims, aptly named, Paris 1900, and you’re greeted by historic architecture at its finest: the Moulin Rouge, the Notre Dame de Paris (otherwise known as the Notre Dame Cathedral), the Arc de Triomphe, the Moulin de la Galette, the Great Ferris Wheel, La Samaritaine… and of course the most famous Parisian landmark, the Eiffel Tower. Each of these landmarks has their own appeal, and each create a picture perfect opportunity. Yet, some of these historical monuments are even multi-functional. The Eiffel Tower, for example, while a beautiful, widely recognized landmark on the sim, it also houses the history on the real Eiffel Tower, is home to a number of small market stands and shops, houses a tutorial on Second Life®, and of course is the home of many romantic moments overlooking the water; not to mention a few very innovative telescopes through which you can see first life Parisian landscapes and views from the actual Tower itself. A brief walk around each of the exquisitely landscaped sims will leave you feeling as if you’ve gone back into time. Take a picture with any of the locals all posed around the city, engaged in some sort of menial activity. Revel in the architecture of the time, or even take a seat and enjoy a trolley through each of the sims, as you lazily enjoy the wind in your hair and the sights of the city. Every step is a picture perfect moment, and there’s a hidden

gem around every corner. Not all of the highlights of the sim are well known landmarks, but they do play a big part in the city’s rich history, and it is a breath of fresh air to see a bit of history sprinkled around the sims. Here, you will find sights such as the industrial side of the city in the 1900s, including its homage to Bois & Charbons (wood and charcoal) where you can take a shot (or two!) from an aged barrel of liquor, or enjoy freshly distilled liqueur. But remember to watch your feet as you enjoy your beverage, as you may catch a mouse or two scampering across the floor, enjoying their own taste of the fresh brew. Once you’re done there, grab a meal, sit down and enjoy the atmosphere at the La closerie des lilas, where the crowd is full of finely dressed ladies and gentlemen enjoying the happier times. And an even bigger perk: you can chat with many famous Parisian visitors, including Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway, who made this eatery a legend. Of course, no sim dedicated to the fashion mecca of the world would be complete without its homage to the fashion industry. Here you will find an incredible collection of stores, offering every kind of fashion imaginable spread out amongst the sims and the landmarks. And while these stores may contain modern dress, they are beautifully housed in the historical architecture of the times, which add to the time travelling feel of the sims, unlike many other historical sims that lose sight of the focus of the sim and instead create a pretty mall.

Here, the focus is always 20th Century Paris, no matter where you turn. On your visit to this amazing place, dress in the spirit of the times, or enjoy the city in more modern attire; whichever you choose, you will enjoy every minute spent savoring the sites, the people, the landmarks, and even the shops spread across the collection of sims. But don’t be surprised if you’ve found that hours have passed as you navigate yourself around, especially with all the wonderful distractions scattered around. While time travel may not be possible, let your senses be fooled with one stop to the beautiful collection of Paris 1900 sims and enjoy feeling surrounded by a little slice of history. To begin your visit to the collection of sims, stop by the main landing at Paris 1900 [128.128.7] and prepare to be swept away through time! A

AVENUE | Sports & Recreation

K.R. Engineering The Gaming Specialist

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Brie Wonder


reedy. It’s a name just about every Second Life® resident knows, and it’s one of the few innocent pleasures left in SL™. You can thank Karsten Rutledge for that. This month, AVENUE sat down with the talented scripter to delve a little into the mind behind the games we have all come to know and love. Read along as Rutledge gives us a sneak peek into the word of K.R. Engineering.


Sensuous Soulstar: First tell me, if you don’t mind, a bit about your background. Did you previously have experiencing scripting and/or building? Karsten Rutledge: I could program before I came to Second Life, but not much else to be honest. I’d never done any 3D modeling and was almost useless with any graphics program. When I was introduced to Second Life in early 2005, my first thought was “Huh, cool, someone made a graphical MOO.” MOOs are what got me started programming seriously at the age of 12. Funny thing about that is the language that MOOs use is at least 100x better than the LSL language that Second Life is stuck using. It was comparable to C++ in features so much so that when I finally went to college years later and enrolled in a C++ course, I was able to sleep through it because there just wasn’t anything new to learn aside from a few syntax changes. If you asked me what my greatest gripe about developing in Second Life is, that would be it: being hobbled by an atrociously poor language. When I first came to Second Life, I was ensnared by that same creative energy that got me into MOOs originally. I could create whatever I wanted, but this time I could take pictures of it! I think the first thing I made was a house, probably most people’s first creation. Once I got a basic grasp on the modeling tools, I started poking at the programming language. Games were not what I thought of making first; I actually started by making vehicles. They

were pretty okay by 2005 standards, but are really embarrassing now. I’m sure they’re still tumbling around in my inventory somewhere. I was still using the rather daft K.R. Engineering name at the time, although a friend later redesigned my logo for me. SS: What is it that led you to designing scripted 3D games? KR: Designing games in Second Life was a great big accident. I had previously designed several games in the aforementioned MOO world, and decided to bring one of them over to Second Life for no other reason than the group I had come into Second Life with was also from the MOO world, and we played and enjoyed the game there, so I thought I would bring it over so that we could play it in Second Life as well. I started Greedy Greedy my second week in Second Life, and sort of tinkered with it off and on over the next few weeks. One day it was sitting out, mostly complete, and a group of avatars happened upon it by chance while I was offline. They recognized the game and were instantly in dire need of owning one and begged me to sell it. I hadn’t even considered selling things up to that point, but I felt bad about turning them down, so they went home with a copy. SS: What was the first game that you ever created, and looking back, how would you compare your work then to the high quality of products that you offer now? KR: Greedy Greedy was my first game in Second Life, and frankly the quality of my building

at the time was very bad. The game worked great, scripting was something I did not have a problem with, but the table itself was very ugly and the graphics were very ugly; it wasn’t nice to look at. My games have gone through many major revisions over the years. I still have copies of all the versions I’ve ever made in my inventory, back to v1.0. They remind me how much I’ve learned over the last few years. The other thing to remember, though, is how very, very different Second Life was in 2005. We had no sculpted prims, no flexi prims, no fullbright, no planar mapping, a terribly inept lighting system, a lot less options to modify regular prims, and we didn’t even have the full set of regular prims that we have now. There was no Windlight and we lacked a great deal of the non-graphical features we have now as well, including a great many of the functions that we now enjoy on the scripting language such as touch detection, modifying link prims, talking to external web servers and so-forth. That’s been one of the biggest challenges for me over the years, is keeping up with Second Life as it changes. Every time a major new feature is introduced by Linden Lab, it results in my games needing drastic overhauls both to their build and to their code. One of the greatest examples of this is when Linden Lab added the ability for a script to not just know that a prim had been touched, but also which side of the prim, and where on that side. This was such an incredible leap forward in our ability to create intuitive, functional and low-

prim user interfaces. I revisited every one of my games and rebuilt them. On-A-Roll was a particularly great beneficiary of this, as it went down from over 130 prims to barely 60. SS: Are there any new releases scheduled to come out in the near future, or have you found that your core games thrive enough that there is no need to add on to the collection? KR: I’m always looking for new games to add to my collection. I have one that is about half completed, a new board game, but it has been sadly put on hold while I’m working on my new Gaming.SL system, which is an external web server that allows me to have global leader boards, achievements, global jackpots, tournaments and other fun features that are not practical or possible with Second Life alone. Greedy Greedy is the flagship product for this new system and has been being used to iron out any issues with it. However, I just released Greedy Greedy v2.12 today and I believe that will be the last revision of it for a while. My focus is turning now to upgrading my other games as quickly as possible to have the same feature set, starting with Pentadee. I’m hoping to have a Gaming.SL compatible version of Pentadee out later this week. After I get all my current games updated, I’m sure my attention will turn back to bringing new games in. SS: Finally, I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. With that being said, is there any advice that you’d care to share with others that may be fans of your work, or even striving to step out and start a business of their own?

KR: I get invited to lecture to graduating students at our local university about this topic occasionally, so I’ll pass along some of what I usually tell them. First of all, don’t ever stop learning. A large part of success is being in the right place, at the right time, with the right skill set. You need all three of those. If you’re in the right place, at the right time, but you don’t have the skills, the world is not going to stop and wait for you to learn them. Someone who already has the skills will take your opportunity from you. Be diverse in your skills, as well. We can’t know how to do everything from the start and you may have to buy kits or animations or such things to complete your projects at first, but absolutely do not be satisfied with that in the long term. If you rely solely on the bits and pieces that fall off of other people’s desks for the rest of your life, you will always be second rate. Don’t settle for being second rate. Don’t make a new product that isn’t better than the last one you made in some way. Learn to sculpt, learn to make your own animations, learn to make your own sounds, and learn to make your own textures. It may sound cliché, but if you aren’t constantly moving forward then you are not merely standing still, you’re actively losing ground. Spend enough time not moving forward, and you’re obsolete really quickly. Something you learned a year ago, or even 6 months ago may be utterly useless now. Don’t be the person who got left behind; always be the person who made something better. A

To experience the fun of all that K.R. Engineering has to offer, stop by the shop in-world at: Karoastoff [ 54.144.77 ].

AVENUE | Business Feature

Coming together to provide aid to


Written By Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint


eading and watching the news reports covering the earthquake and subsequent near nuclear meltdown in Japan, one may wonder how people in Second LifeŽ can help the people of Japan. Well, one way is with the designs and creations that many people in-world buy and to donate the proceeds to AmeriCares with the knowledge that 98% of the donated money will go to those in need in Japan. This month, AVENUE took a moment to briefly speak with the main organizer of the fundraiser, Sanura Snowpaw and learned how even in SL™, people can and will make a difference in the real world.

Spruce Canning: How much of the sales from the designers and the donations to AmeriCares go towards making a difference in the Japan relief efforts? Sanura Snowpaw: Only 2% of Americares’ donations go to keeping the charity itself going. The rest goes straight to the people in need, which is why we picked them over other charities. SC: How much of an effect, as in donations and the sale of clothing and other items at the venue, has the campaign had in SL since the tragedy in Japan? SS: 5,519,466L has been raised so far which equals out to be over 20,000USD, and there is tons that can be done with that. The news of the event spread far and wide. We had a lot of people sending IMs and notes to thank us for bringing the community together; it is wonderful to see people work so hard together to help people in need. Just showing our support helps them, I think, to know they are not alone. SC: How long will the campaign last? SS: It actually ends April 10th. We opened on March 16th, so we ran for a bit over three weeks. SC: Would your group of designers come together again if we were to, hopefully not, be hit by another tragedy or disaster in the future? SS: Yes, I do think so. We contacted designers we knew, as well as had designers come to us, asking to help. In total we had over 400

"Just showing our support helps them, I think, to know they are not alone" designers, and I know many of them would do it again if needed. Actually many of the same designers joined with Project FUR Japan, which is currently going on to help the animals affected in Japan. With many of the designers and SL fashion brands involved in both campaigns, it is evident that the spirit of a shared planet and the humanity of the over six billion sentient beings that inhabit it will rise to the occasion and help those who are in need, be it in their own neighborhood, or as in the case of the people of Japan, more than half a world away. It can be said that like many of the first life efforts that have reached out to help the people of Japan since the earthquake and nuclear accident, the Pacific Coast Fundraiser in SL shows that behind the avatars and pixels are living human beings who care about their fellow man. A

AVENUE | For the Love of

When miracles happen

The Japan Rel Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Annough Lykin


n March 11, 2011, Japan was hit by an enormous earthquake that led to a massive tsunami which struck 250 miles northeast of Tokyo. It has also been labeled one of the worst disasters in modern history. The tsunami also caused one of the most serious nuclear crises in history at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station. With all of these tragedies hitting Japan, a lot of attention has been on the people

lief Fundraiser there and what can be done to help make a difference. Throughout Second Life速, people from all areas: designers, builders, models, photographers, and press alike, have come together to create fundraisers and events in order to help the victims and the animals that were affected by this disaster. One of the fundraisers starting up this month is the Japan Relief Fundraiser. I spoke with Serene Faith and Ji Nirvana, the minds behind this venture to find out more about it.

Augusta Carver: Can you tell me how you became involved with organizing the Japan Relief Fundraiser? Ji Nirvana: Serene and I are its founding members. Initially, we both were working on our own separate events before we decided to work together. When the disaster that took place in Japan happened, I planned a small, more immediate event to help raise funds for Japan but I ultimately wanted to plan a much larger scale event where different organizations from around the grid would sponsor it. So, the first thing I decided to do was to get sponsors. And that’s what I did. I started asking different media outlets if they would participate and it was when I asked BOSL that I was told Serene was planning a huge relief fund event as well. So, I took a leap of faith and asked her if she would like to work with me on planning a joint event. Thus, the Japan Relief Fundraiser was born. AC: Why is this event important to both of you? JN: Japan will always hold a special place in my heart. I was born in Japan and lived there for several years. The people and the culture have made a huge impact on my life and I really want to give back to them. And that’s what I intend to do with Serene through this event. Serene Faith: I’m half Japanese and half Swedish, so this is very close to my heart and a very important thing. I was raised in Japan more than half of my life, and my grandmother who raised me, still lives in Yokohama. She was visiting me in Hawaii where I currently live at

the time of the disaster, which was a fortunate thing. AC: Wow, yes you were both very fortunate. SF: Especially since no one could get through on the phone, and it would had been horrible if we couldn’t get a hold of my granny. It was her 88th birthday on March 11th when we saw the news. We were celebrating her birthday and it was with mixed feelings that we “celebrated” that day. We were out to dinner, so I didn’t know the level of the disaster until we got back. It was just... horrifying. AC: Yes, when something of that magnitude happens…it affects so many people….hard to wrap your head fully around it. SF: It really is, but I couldn’t just sit and not do anything...that same day, already several charity events were organized. And yes, I could shop with everything I had, but I had to do something... AC: Some charity events have specific goals, are there any for this event? JN: We want to raise as much as possible to help the Japanese people. It’s important, as I’ve said before, for us to give back to Japan. Japan has made a big impact in our lives, in one way or another -- whether it’s through the people, media or everyday consumer products, Japan is in everyone’s life. Now it’s our turn to be in theirs when they need it the most. AC: How would you describe the Fundraiser? SF: JRF is more similar to last year’s Project Tents, where creators will have a “store” or “spot” where they can offer several items, but

one only unique to JRF. The concept, in the sense of shopping, is the same. AC: What has been your favorite part of this whole process? JN: My favorite part of this whole process has been meeting and working with everyone who is participating in this event. Firstly, it’s truly a great honor to be working with Serene on this event. She is as passionate about this event as I am. Secondly, this event wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors and designers. I am truly grateful for the outpouring of help we’ve received. It touches my heart to know all of this is being done to help a nation that has been swept by devastation. AC: How many designers do you have on board now? SF: We have 56 creators onboard now. JN: We have been very fortunate. We have an amazing list of creators, from established brands to new and smaller stores. Whether big or small, the amazing generosity and thoughtfulness of supporting Japan has been incredible. And I am so grateful! For some of the creators, this is the second or third charity they are joining and it’s just amazing! AC: Is there anything you would like to add? JN: I am extremely grateful to the outpouring of support for Japan that I’ve seen across Second Life over the last month and a half. It’s in times of crisis when pulling together means the most and it warms my heart to know that people will rally together to help those in need. SF: One thing that this disaster has taught me

is that people still care, and that SL™ gives us a great tool to do great things for others. And thank you so much for everyone’s support, no matter what part we play: creators, shoppers, bloggers, because with just one part, it can’t be accomplished. When all parts are filled, that’s when miracles happen, so thank you! The Japan Relief Fundraiser kicks off May 14, 2011 and ends May 29, 2011. This event is a great way to help the people in Japan who have suffered and are trying to piece their lives back together. Even though there are already several events and activities going on in-world to help support Japan, you can never do too much to help, especially when something like this is near and dear to your heart, such as with Ji and Serene. I am excited to see it all come together. This Fundraiser is shaping up to be a great event with tons of talented content creators joining in such as: DIRAM, Donna Flora, BareRose Tokyo, Bliss Couture, Plume, Patron, Fellini Couture, and many more. To find out more information about the Japan Relief Fundraiser, you can visit their website at A

AVENUE | DJ of the Month

DJ Blaze Zuzu Passion & Perseverance Prevails Written by Sarahelisebeth Brenham Photography by Annough Lykin


n 2009, Blaze Zuzu started his journey down the career path of being a disc-jockey. After experimenting with different music genres, he felt that Trance/progressive suited him best, and was what he hoped people would enjoy hearing. He quickly gained popularity and is now AVENUE’s DJ of the Month for May. We recently caught up with Mr. Zuzu and got the lowdown on his life as an in-demand DJ in Second LifeŽ.

Sarahelisebeth Brenham: How did you get your start DJing in SL™?

SB: What program do you use to DJ?

Blaze Zuzu: I started about two years ago. I taught myself to learn how to mix, without instruction.

BZ: I stream my tunes with Virtual DJ, which was given to me by RobinLynne Raymaker. I create my music with cdj350 x2 and pioneer djm350.

SB: And how did you teach yourself to be a DJ?

SB: Where are you currently DJing?

BZ: I got my hands on some house music and begun mixing various effects and sounds into it.

BZ: I DJ at two locations, the first being Element the 8th @ GOL. It has been the number one club in Second Life, for over four years. The second place is Energy. This area is ranked in the top fifteen clubs, in SL. I only play there on Saturdays.

SB: How do you select the songs to play? What is your inspiration? BZ: I’ve tried quite a few different club styles, starting with house, and out of all the genres I have mixed, about a total of seven, Trance/ progressive seemed to fit my style of mixing and was the best way to show everyone what kind of person I am. SB: Where did you first get your start working as a disc-jockey? BZ: The Blue Rebel Dance Club. SB: Do you use a microphone while DJing, and if not, why? BZ: I use my microphone at various times. I first speak to introduce myself, thank the previous entertainer and prepare the crowd for what they will be experiencing. At the end of the shift, I use it to announce my last song and to thank everybody for coming.

SB: There are still some places in SL that don’t compensate DJs. What are your thoughts on that? BZ: DJs must decide if they are spinning songs for the vigor they have for music or for the money and Glory. For me, it’s all about the music. SB: Outside of DJing, what else do you enjoy doing in SL? BZ: I like to spend time with my friends and my partner, Amira Brinner. I would like to thank my family, friends and fiancée for helping me to get my start as a DJ, and for their support. SB: How would you describe your personality? BZ: I am eased back, relaxed and a goof. I do take my profession seriously, though.

SB: What advice would you give to aspiring DJs? BZ: My best advice to give is this: there are a lot of DJs out there in SL, and people wanting to become DJs, so you have to be different… very different; you have to have more heart and passion than what the current DJs give now, and to get out there and never give up. Keep practicing and keep your spirits high, and never get cocky. Blaze Zuzu, a self-taught DJ, works at two of SL’s hottest clubs. His story goes to prove that along with a love of good music, you can be determined and work hard to become a success. Passion and perseverance are required to be successful in any profession, and also in life. It is no wonder that people keep venturing across the grid weekly to hear his Trance/progressive tunes filling the air. You can check out a sample of Blaze Zuzu’s music at:


AVENUE | Live Music

Elvina Carlucci

The Music Scene’s Tremendous New Talent Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint


istening to the music of Elvina Carlucci and her band, WetBox, and feeling the energy of her concerts has brought this writer to memories of his youth. Her music brings new life into the Second Life® live music scene. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to Carlucci about her music and learning about her plans for both her SL™ and real life career. Read on to find out more about this talented artist and her impact on the SL community. Her original music moves the soul and brings the listener back into a simpler time and a more carefree existence. The covers that she and her band perform bring the children of Generation X back to their youth. When I asked how SL enhanced her first life career, Elvina responded by saying that “I started my SL career before the real life gigs and my

performing in SL is practice for my real life career.” And when asked when her band WetBox would start performing in-world, Carlucci replied: “they don’t perform yet, but they will soon.” Elvina, like most SL performers, knows where she would like to see herself in six months in her music career. “I would like to be as I am now; growing each day with a cool crowd and meeting cool people. And to be motivated by a larger fan group would be my aim,” she shares. As for how SL would impact a real life concert, Carlucci shares that she is planning a mixed reality event with her manager, Marryan Daines, and also a video. She then added that “there are many projects, but not much time.” Carlucci provided her own brand of advice for

AVENUE | Live Music

up and coming artists new to the music scene in SL. And what is her advice? “Find Marryan.” She went on to elaborate. “Friends help a lot. A new musician needs to speak with the right people, a musician or a good venue owner.” After listening to the selection of music on her and WetBox’s MySpace page, it is clear that the spirit of the alternative music awakening of the 1980’s and 1990’s is alive and well here in-world. As far as delving deeper into more exposure, such as Metaverse TV’s Grid Hitz channel and the Amp’d Up program, Carlucci said that she would be interested in the exposure, and added “I’m thinking of a clip first.” Elvina Carlucci represents the youth and vigor of the SL music scene, and her music will be a major force in an environment that is vibrant and innovative in each and every genre that is presented in the Metaverse. She will bring to the masses of the grid a new sound that will rock every Resident. It is easy to see that she will go far in both the virtual and the real world. To check out more from Carlucci, visit her MySpace page: For a sneak peek at the music of WetBox, catch a video clip of their work here:


AVENUE | Featured Photographer

Scarlet’s Way


Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography Provided by Scarlet Highfield

econd LifeŽ avatars have perhaps the biggest presence in Flickr, contributing to the millions upon millions of images circulating the internet. Anyone with a fascination for SL™ photography and arts are engaged in browsing through Flickr pages and admiring the works of various avatars. We wonder about their technique, their skill, and their style of executing the desired effect, and oftentimes how they learn from each other. In Flickr lies a wonderful community of people who support each other in improving their technique and craft.

Somewhere among the sea of Flickr pages lies a page of photos from an avatar by the name of Scarlet Highfield. Her name has yet to hit the “who’s who” of SL photographers, but once you see her work, you will agree that she deserves such an honor. With work so creatively done and beautifully executed, one may just wonder how she gets those images to look so beautiful. This month, AVENUE talks with Scarlet Highfield, a photographer whose photos are making waves in the SL Flickr community. Isadora Fiddlesticks: What brought you to Second Life? How did you discover it? Scarlet Highfield: I have always loved playing The Sims, and I heard about SL through a friend. It was quite a shock when I first arrived, nothing like I expected. I spent the first few weeks in a daze. IF: What was the first thing you did? SH: I mainly ran into walls and got trapped in things. I spent the first 3 days on a snowy sim flying in the air for ages trying to get somewhere. It was after quite awhile that some kind person explained that you can’t actually fly off sim, and that you have to teleport. IF: When did you become interested in SL photography, and who were your mentors? SH: I always liked snapping pictures, but I didn’t realize you could actually tweak and play about with them. I guess Caleb was my biggest mentor (my other half) as he introduced me to Photoshop and showed me how to work it. There are so many brilliant artists out there that

it’s hard to say who had the biggest influence [on me] as I know I couldn’t possibly imitate the kind of work from people like Nur Moo, Ariel Brearly and Del May, but I think I have carved out my own niche. IF: How would you define your style? SH: Honestly? I would never call myself an artist; those words are for the people I mentioned earlier. I maintain that I click about with photos until I like them. I try to keep the real me in there...if you know what I mean. I try not to take myself too seriously and often put silly pictures on that just amuse me. IF: What else are you interested in? What takes up your time in SL aside from making amazing photos? SH: It’s hard to say; I don’t get into SL as much as I used to and when I do, it’s mainly taking pictures and shopping. I do like the way that SL brings people into your life who you may never have met before, so I enjoy chatting with people and finding out about them. IF: Is there anywhere else we can see your fabulous work? SH: Just Flickr. I am far too lazy to use anything else. IF: Tell me a little about your first work? SH: I’m not sure I could call it work, but the first pictures I did involved going around the sex sims and taking pictures of the people there. They were really just for a giggle, as you see all kinds of thing there. I still have a folder full of them and they still make me smile. After that, it was just raw shots taken at interesting


angles or with the windlight settings. Then Caleb introduced me to Photoshop and it all really started there. IF: Which of your shots did you find the most difficult to do, and in what way was it difficult? SH: To be honest, I don’t find any of them difficult. I don’t really use textures, so they tend to be fairly simple shots. I have the attention span of a flea so I have a ten minute rule. If the picture I have taken takes longer than 10 minutes to process to my liking, then I [recycle] bin it. It’s probably my laziness coming through again. I know people work for hours on their pictures and it shows, as they produce wonderful work, but with me, if I try too hard then it tends to come out wrong so I keep it fairly simple. Most of my pictures are spontaneous as opposed to well thought out. IF: Do you describe yourself as a creature who likes to express herself visually? SH: I think so; I guess expressing yourself visually is what SL is all about, from our avatars to the homes we buy and decorate. It’s a living dollhouse, and I think most of us can be quite protective over the way our avatars look, and they are representative of the real us, even if they are better looking or perfect; there is still something in them that is the essence of the real life person. IF: What do you have in store for the future? Is there any concept you would love to do in SL? SH: I often think about themes or projects I would like to include in my pictures, but they




are usually so overblown or overly ambitious that it’s unfeasible. I had an urge to recreate my fave album covers, but soon realized that due to poses, etc., just how impractical that would be…well that and my laziness again. Maybe I will do it one day, or maybe I will just carry on and snap things whenever I feel like it without an agenda. Scarlet may have a rather casual way of creating images, but the end result is just as beautiful as other artists who are more tedious in their process. It only goes to show that even in Second Life its different strokes for different folks, but all resulting in the same amazing vision of creativity and artistry. A For more of Scarlet’s work, please visit her Flickr page:

it’s behind you! Artwork © jojoruno

AVENUE | Inspirations

Artwork Š Strawberry Singh

Artwork Š BellaStarr Fhang

Artwork Š Kirsty

Artwork Š Mira Raymaker

Artwork Š Kenzie

Artwork Š Eira Juliesse


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