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march 2010

My Precious Catteneo

Publisher's Note Winter is coming to an end and spring is about to be ushered in with its new promises of growth and new opportunities. At AVENUE, we would like to herald improvements in our men’s style section with the addition of two of SL™’s hottest models and male stylists on our team, Boe Cortes and Jarl Soderstrom. Boe will feature the latest finds and great hunt finds and style them up in his new regular column “On the Edge of Style” whilst Jarl will feature thematic stylish looks for the discerning men for AVENUE Homme. And it would seem with every hello, there is always a goodbye. Last month marked a moment in time that left the fashion industry in a whirl with the loss of one of the greatest fashion designers that graced us with his remarkable genius and creativity. With a deep sense of loss, I rallied the AVENUE team, models, friends and 38 fashion designers, that came together to support our tribute to the late Alexander McQueen in a fundraising project and show which we share with you in this issue in greater detail. I hope that all of you will lend your support in this tribute’s fundraising efforts that continues throughout this month as a way of honoring McQueen. May his legacy continue in all of us.

Rusch Raymaker Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE

Editor's Note Hello readers! Once again we bring to you what is out there in the world of Second Life®. It is a vast landscape of creativity, and everyday, one of us at AVENUE would find something really endearing that we want to capture and share with you, our readers. We then try to make articles about them, compile them into a visually compelling magazine, and hope that whatever we come across and share with you will enable you to enjoy Second Life more and make sense out of it. In the pages of this issue, we interviewed The Late Show’s new host, Numbers Rossini, introduce Shai’s latest news about her designs, interview a talented designer, and help launch a modeling career. Not only that, we went to an opening of a new club, interviewed a really great musician, and looked into the art of Second Life’s premier artist. What a jam-packed issue we have for March! We hope you like this issue and that we managed to encourage you to get out of your usual activities. As I’ve said, SL™ is such a vast place, there are more to see, hear and do once we try to open ourselves up to the experience. We hope with our efforts, we’ve managed to help you see SL in a new light. Thank you for all your support and kind feedback.

Isadora Fiddlesticks Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE

Photos by Aleida Rhode

AVENUE Homme Glam Rock


Fashion Agenda For the Love of McQueen

AVENUE Magazine March 2010 cover Featuring Mui Mukerji in Catteneo’s je-t’aime Photographer: Divine Tokyoska




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Cover Story

Lilli C

doing what s

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Aleida Rhode


she wants, when she wants Don’t worry about others, just create what

designers amongst their own designs. Such a

you like. Advice given so perfectly by a true

bold move, but one that time has shown has

fashion inspiration, Lilli Catteneo, owner,

paid off for this multi-talented force to be

designer, proprietor, and a woman who does

reckoned with in the fashion industry. AVENUE

what she wants when she wants to. It is rare

managed to catch up with this ever so elusive

to find someone so confident in their design

businesswoman to find out a little more about

ability that they will showcase other talented

the woman behind the power.

Sensuous Soulstar: It is an honor to be sitting with

talk about your line, Lilli’s Fashion. Your designs

you! I know you are an extremely busy woman.

have a bit of flare, some sass, a little elegance,

You have your own fashion line, Lilli’s Fashion,

and definitely some sexiness. What was your goal

you own several pieces of rental property, and

in creating? Did you feel there was something

then there’s your store, Catteneo Store. What a

missing in the fashion world?


LC: I loved clothes in SL, but sometimes I saw

Let’s get right into things. There aren’t many

that you could only have just elegance, just sexy

designers willing to put other brands in their own

dresses or just casual dresses, and I love them all

stores for fear of competition. What made you

together. I want to, and do, wear an elegant dress

decide to make such a bold move?

with crazy masculine boots, or casual jeans with

Lilli Catteneo: It’s very simple. Every designer in

an elegant top.

my store and all over SL™ has his or her own style, and I love the idea that a customer can choose

SS: What a wonderful addition to the fashion

between all the brands in our store!

world: more options! Tell us, where do you find inspiration for your designs?

SS: Very well put. So let’s talk a little about the

LC: As in real life, it’s about what I want to wear.

store and then about your own designs. First, I

I like casual with a little bit of elegance, elegance

love the feel and layout of it. Was there a common

with a little bit sexy, or even sexy with a little bit

theme that you were aiming to achieve with all of

of brashness. I love 70’s era style: lilac, pink and

the other designers?

black are my favorite colors, but I also love gold

LC: Catteneo Store was born as an idea with my

and silver. Then sometimes it may be a magazine,

partner Giuseppe Storaro. All we knew was that

sometimes television, or sometimes just a piece

we wanted to choose the best on SL, the best of

of fabric.

what we really like and wear, and resell it. That’s it. We just wanted to resell what we really love.

SS: It’s no wonder that there is so much diversity in your designs with so many influences. How did

SS: Sounds like a simple, yet attainable goal. And

you get your start designing?

since you mentioned what you like to wear, let’s

LC: It was Christmas of 2008, and there was

someone who wanted boxers for her man with

SS: What should we expect next from Lilli’s

her photo and name on them, and I tried to make

Fashions? Anything pushing the boundaries of

them. After that, I made my first dress and gave it

fashion coming out this year? Or have you even

to my friends!

started to think about your next line? LC: Not yet. When creating, I am very spontaneous.

SS: Do you remember the first piece that you ever

I don’t know how the next dress will look. If I

designed? What was it and how did it turn out that

have something in mind, I think it out and then

first try at it?

I go to my PC and create it. Sometimes I end up

LC: It was Cats, a black miniskirt with legwarmers.

creating another type of dress, not the one that

I sent it to my friends for Christmas, and they

was originally on my mind.

messaged me and asked “Lilli? Did you really make it??? Great!” But I don’t really know if they truly

SS: Alright, so tell me a little about the woman

meant it or were just being kind to me, lol.

behind the brand. Is there a life for you outside of designing? What do you do to just unwind, relax,

SS: Good point, lol. Once you finally opened to the

and enjoy your time in Second Life®?

community, what was that original feedback like?

LC: I really love to be with my partner. Sometimes

LC: The feedback was better than I expected.

we work, sometimes we dance, and sometimes we

There were always more and more people that I

just relax together. I love talking to friends, and,

met in the store who said “I love your clothes,”

of course, I really love to go shopping! I really

and I was always really, really happy about that!

love hair and shoes, lol!

SS: This next question I tend to ask more out

SS: On a final note, is there any advice that

of personal curiosity than anything, but do you

you would give to up-and-coming designers

strive to have an impact or make a statement in

trying to make a footprint in the SL fashion

the fashion world, or do you even care what the


fashion community thinks?

LC: Don’t care about others; just go your own way.

LC: Honest, I truly only care about what the

Don`t try to copy or damage others, but create

customers and those who shop in my stores say.

what you can and what you want to create!

When creating, I am very spontaneous. I don’t know how the next dress will look.


Fashion Icon

Shai Delacroix

Written by Vixie Rayna Photography by Mischa Cuttita


hai Delacroix personifies Fashion Icon with her classy, conceptual and cultural designs. Her work as a designer in Second Life® is

renowned for being fashion forward and unique. Casa del Shai may have been off the radar for some time due to Shai’s vacation to real life, but the brand is back and we have the inside scoop. Vixie Rayna: AVENUE Magazine is very excited to have you as this month’s Fashion Icon! Your work in Second Life has always been ahead of the curve, and we are very excited to have you back with us. In that regard, tell the readers how you started. What brought you to SL™ in 2006? Shai Delacroix: Wow, I was heading a web development start up company and was listening to Leo Laporte on his podcast a lot. I think they featured Second Life and reviewed it as a cool new game in town. So I went in and took a dip, explored a lot of sims.


VR: When did you discover you could design and

VR: Coming back after a long break must

create things in-world?

have been interesting. What was the first thing you noticed? There have been major

SD: Ah, I hounded this talented duo for their skins,

changes in clothing in the past year; sculpties

Tete-a-Pied, and eventually became friends with

are incorporated in most every outfit, from

CJ and Roslin, who persuaded me to go and take

collars to skirts. Were you prepared for that

up my painting brushes and try out clothing.


VR: Both are really amazing creators! You’ve been

SD: Yes, when sculpties arrived, I started picking

designing in SL for four years. Everyone must

up the tutorials and skills in 2007, August. I

make their start with fashion design. Tell us about

must admit, I come from a 2D advertising

your first design. How has the brand evolved? How

background, and 3D was never in my repertoire

have the challenges then prepared you for today?

until SL. It’s still a slow process to learn 3D,

What plans do you have for Casa del Shai in 2010?

you need to get involved and practice a LOT.

SD: Actually I took a long break of maybe a year

My break became a year of just learning how

or more; the first two years were amazing and

it works.

overwhelming. I was on a roll, churning out a lot of clothes and no rest XD. I realized I needed to

VR: So there must be some really fabulous

focus back on myself and my creativity, so I took

things in store for us... Tell us about what you

a step back in 2008-2009.

are working on now.

SD: My first design was... I think a dress.

SD: I’m working on a few things that will

The Boracay Sundress, really a beach outfit,

generally change the way Casa del Shai

worn tied up like a halter. Second Style and a

looks. I’m more interested now in shapes and

few other bloggers discovered my store. And

proportions, now that I can see it better in

about a week later, I produced a menswear line.

three dimensions. I think I have more freedom

October of 2006 was the month when Casa del

to create better things now than before when I

Shai was born.

was limited to painting on templates.

VR: Is this an exciting time for you? SD: You bet! There is only one pair of hands doing all the work, so my brain is exhausted just thinking about it. LMAO! VR: I’m looking at what you are wearing now... and I see shadows behind the can see the clothing against your form. It’s spectacular really and something I haven’t seen in SL! SD: Oh thanks honey! I really love how this one turned out. Just can’t wait to paint on these babies lol! I’m more excited about texturing it, it’s like Crayola time for me! VR: Well I love the pattern already, and you are just going to elevate it and make it PERECTION. SD: Vixie you are a doll! You know, now that I know more about sculpts and how to shade it, I think I’ve found my mistakes in the past really bad. I need to correct them! LOL! VR: I think that must be an exciting thing about coming back…seeing how far you’ve grown and your new ideas come to life! I’m excited and I’m not even YOU. :P Tell us about your

new releases. Will there be collections or mostly

SD: Seriously, I just want to push my own

separates as you are inspired?

boundaries. Building and sculpting is just a tool to the craziness in my head. In the past I was

SD: Of course! I was thinking of releasing them

scared of jumping out of the confines of those

all at the same time maybe for spring. I want to

templates. lol

be coherent with the brand, so I need to review the line and releasing them as I see fit. I cannot

VR: I look at your older work though, back from

say much beyond that. I have yet to fix the

early ‘08, I think you were really out of the box

palette and edit out my unwanted ones.

in terms of skill. You were very ahead of the game. This is why your clothing still is relevant and selling today. Which is amazing considering

VR: I think this is a perfect insight

you have not released any clothing in over a

into the new. :)

year. In a world of a zillion new releases per day, that’s a feat. SD: Yeah, the brand remains classic. Even with some playful pieces. VR: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything you would like to add? SD: I just wanted to thank the crazy customers and their love of Casa. For you I create the work, and it really feels good to be appreciated for it. :) VR: I know you were very much missed and all of SL is happy to have you back with us :)



ild Style fashions

d wil the ash nle

Photography by Micha Cuttita Featuring AVENUE Models Dimitri Shinn Livia Mastroianni Lunabeam Moonites Mimmi Boa


ild Style fashions

Previous Page: Livia Mastroianni Trench Coat rave girl bra & panties Dimitri Shinn Trench Coat black pants Current Page: Left to Right Mimmi Boa Veronica’s Secret “Risque Mini Set” Oxford Shirt, tie & skirt Livia Mastroianni Veronica’s Secret “Just Business” Slacks, Oxford shirt & Suit Jacket Lunabeam Moonites School Daze


ild Style fashions

Left to Right Livia Mastroianni Biker Babe Mimmi Boa Dare Dress - red Lunabeam Moonites Dare Dress - black

GOLden Shopping

Written by Vixie Rayna Photography by Aleida Rhode and Dakota Neumann

Find Your Own Style One of the best parts about dressing up is the

Kiliebe and Berries. There is everything from


clothing and accessories to dance animations and

The whole experience is the dance

of finding that must-have item we can’t live


without. It’s the sensation of pure excitement when you discover a sim full of inspiring designers.

GOLden Shopping is part of the GOL community of

If you enjoy the thrills of the hunt, then GOLden

sims built by renowned architect Dakota Neumann.

Shopping is the place for you.

It is the perfect place for you to find your own personal style. Each month AVENUE Magazine will

GOLden Shopping is a sim loaded up with the

bring you fun mixes from GOLden Shopping. This

latest releases from the hottest designers on the

month it’s about finding your own style from sexy

grid and some up-and-comers just waiting for

to casual; GOLden Shopping has everything you

you to discover. As soon as you land you’ll find

need. You can amp up your casual in the new

brands such as Aoharu, BAX Coen Designs, Akeyo,

tweeds and leathers from Aoharu, hit the club in

LostAngel Industries, Boom, C.Smit, Alphamale

trendy wear from My Pinkie Skull, and wow your

& Blacklace, Cynful, So Many Styles, Naith Smit

lover in the latest lingerie from Blacklace.

Design, Addict, Marcopol Oh Studio, AMG Boudoir, Sr3d Poses, Dezno, BOA Creations, Elymode, HLD,

Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!

.: Aoharu Boe Cortes (Left):

Leather Tailored Jacket in Dark Brown, Ribbed Collar Sweater in Gray, Pinstripe

Formal Suit Shirt with Brown Collar, and Vintage Denim Jeans in Blue

Vixie Rayna (Right): Tweed Feminine Houndstooth Coat, Lace Crash Denim Jeans in Gray, and Silk

Flower Shirt in White

@ GOLden Shopping

.: Blacklace Maile Michinaga (Left):

Diva Red Satin & Lace Set

Aleida Rhode (Right):

Scarlett Black Velvet & Red Satin Corset

@ GOLden Shopping

.: My Pinkie Skull Aleida Rhode (Left): Stripes Outfit in Copper Boe Cortes (Center): Ripped Denims in Grey and Skulls Suspenders in Black and Pink Vixie Rayna (Right): Dots Dress in Red, Leo Capris in Copper and Lace Me Armwarmers in Black

@ GOLden Shopping


Featured Designer

Gyorgyna Larnia The Architect of Fashion

Written by Vixie Rayna Photography by Natasja Schumann

Each month AVENUE Magazine proudly presents a new Featured Designer. This month we spoke with Second Life速 fashion darling and soonto-be real life architect Gyorgyna Larnia. She is the woman behind LG Concept, and a style maven in her own right.

Vixie Rayna: Hello Gyo! Thank you so much

amazing! Inspiring I bet! What inspires your

for sitting down to chat with me. AVENUE

work? I note that there are many surrealist

Magazine is very excited to have you as one

elements... and lots of nature. Do you follow

of our Featured Designers! It’s always fun to

real life fashion trends?

start at the beginning. What brought you to

GL: I love colors... I love nature, flowers and

Second Life?

animals, and I try to put these elements in my

Gyorgyna Larnia: Well, I heard about it many

creations... but I’m also a “technician”, I’m

times, so one day I decided to “play” with SL™.

almost an architect (last exam). So I love to

That was in 2008, and it was only a game at

use prims and I do a lot of research in original

the beginning... a little hard to start with it,


and it’s now a true job but still a funny thing.

VR: Congratulations!! I have a special love

VR: It’s always interesting to hear how we

of architecture! Coco Chanel has even said

start... Were you always interested in the

that fashion design is architecture... I must


agree :) Tell us about your newest venture,

GL: Hahahah yes, I spent a lot of money on

LG Concept. It’s filled with amazing work; I

dresses and accessories, that’s why I started

love the Mangrovia pants in particular. Your

to make them myself... first of all with

current releases are named LG Femme, so I’m

necklaces and little accessories and now this

totally curious... will we soon see LG Homme?

new adventure with clothing.

GL: You will see soon poses, skins, shoes...

VR: Personally, I adore your style. It’s avant

and maybe for winter 2010 LG Homme :)

garde and distinctive, yet very wearable.

VR: Omg! You are such a busy lady! Do you

GL: Thank you so much :)

work with any design partners?

VR: Tell us about your first design. :)

GL: Yes omg! I have now a partner Lucifer

GL: I always try to make something I really

Berman, who made some of the pieces for the

desire... something I cannot wear in RL, or

winter collection... and he is the creator of

better something that cannot exist in RL... I

the skins.

follow RL fashion, well, living in Italy.

VR: You started out with LaGyo, the accessories

VR: Uff! I’m so jealous! Italy must be very

store and now you are rebranded as LG

Concept. Tell us how the branding works. It

the best thing about SL. I’m the organizer of

has been open about a month now, what are

the Weekend Fever event. I have a blog, now

your most popular designs?

only on Flickr because I have not so much time

GL: Well, LG Concept includes all of these

to update the web page. And then designing of

branches... LaGyo for accessories, LG Femme

course... and shopping!

for clothes and soon we will have skins, shoes

VR: Ooh I love that event! Everyone designs

and poses. I think the Paris Blouse… I think it’s

around a common color. How did you come up

a passé partout piece. You can use it in formal

with the concept?

outfits or use it with a more casual style, like

GL: Well... the first of these events in SL was

with jeans or short skirts. And I made a lot of

the 50L Friday; they have always so great


stores. I only wanted to introduce a little

VR: Yes, and well, the look is amazing. I

theme (the common color for all the stores),

love the volume on that design! It’s brilliant!

and I wanted to introduce new stores or

Designing in Second Life is very complicated

not so known stores. I’m mostly too busy to

work. What drives you to create here? What is

participate in it, but I love to organize all the

your biggest struggle with design in a virtual



VR: Yes, it’s great fun to shop on the weekends!

GL: I always used 3D software for university,

Really genius!! And for me it’s a great way

so it was easy to start making jewels... and

to see stores I might miss... or even to be

making my own sculpts. For the clothing well...

reminded about the ones I love. Wow! I’m so

.I’ve always had many ideas about them, so I

impressed with your work here! I know you are

began with simple pieces, trying to improve

a super busy woman. Thank you for taking the

my skills with Photoshop.

time to speak with me. Is there anything you

VR: SL, just as RL, is about balance. How do

would like to add?

you find balance in your SL life? Besides your

GL: Thank you so much, mine is a “little” store

work with LG Concept, what occupies your

for now, I hope it will grow with my partners,

time here?

because we are making a big work on it.

GL: I’ve found many friends here, and this is

VR: We can’t wait to see you GROW!


Featured Designer

Written by Candy Starsider Photography by Aleida Rhode

s s i l B r e e h S House of eningbo




Keira Tyles


eira Tyles was named Face of Beningborough on Jan. 30, 2010, at the Finalists Fashion Show hosted by Bliss Beningborough, designer, creator and owner of The House of Beningborough. “The easiest part of the contest was choosing the outfits to wear; Bliss has incredible talent and so many amazing designs to choose from,” Keira said. “I honestly can’t say there was really a challenging part in the contest.” She feels it was just a great experience overall. “I got to style, which is what I love, and met some fantastic people along the way.”

set limitations on yourself; be yourself and let others see your inner beauty because that is what will always shine through.” Keira’s first experience with modeling in SL™ was the time she spent on the JCNY runway as a showcase model during the Oct. Model’fest in 2008. “From there, I completed training at Maniera Institute of Style, UVogue Modeling Institute and Avenue Models Academy,” said Keira.

Keira has real life experience in fashion and modeling as well as in SL. She was a model during her teenage years and early 20s. She did runway, print and mannequin modeling in department stores, and later during college she was a makeup artist for a major Bliss has been running her Monthly cosmetic line. “My inspiration for modeling in SL is Model Awards for nearly a year. Her goal is giving new models and more experienced models a chance to gain experience on the runway and improve their modeling and styling skills as well as raise their profiles within the modeling world. “I get a lot of pleasure from seeing how the models grow and improve and I know from their feedback that their participation in the contests really does open really rooted in my real life passion and experience doors for them,” said Bliss. in the fashion and modeling world; after arriving in SL, my interests compelled me to begin modeling Keira strongly feels that believing in yourself, feeling here,” said Keira. confident in who you are, and being versatile with your look and style are requirements for becoming She revealed a secret that usually wouldn’t be the face of a top designer such as Bliss. “One thing suspected from such a glamorous top model. “I am that has been constantly said to me is to believe in quite shy actually; and it isn’t until people get to myself or no one else will,” said Keira. “Don’t know me that I open up,” Keira said. “Modeling in

“Don’t set limitations on yourself; be yourself and let others see your inner beauty because that is what will always shine through.”

both worlds helps me express myself through my love the opportunity to model on a runway, win a styles and look.” big prize with a title and have their name appear in print, which is most models’ ultimate goal,” Bliss Keira wishes congratulations to all of the finalists said. “Plus, it creates a great atmosphere in the because she feels each of them were amazing. store and the customers can see the garments She sends a thank you to the many people who worn.” encouraged her along the way, especially Rod Insippo and blackLiquid Tokyoska. “Those two have believed According to Bliss, she ensures the contests in me all along; their love and support have been a are truly fair. “I’m not interested in the constant force,” Keira said. “And of course, thanks drama and politics between individuals.” She to Bliss Beningborough for this tremendous honor, promotes models who have good modeling who is an exceptionally talented and wonderfully skills, have created a great unique look, and sweet woman.” more importantly have great styling skills and stage presence. “I think these models deserve “I decided to create a yearly event, The Face of recognition and not win just because they know Beningborough, where the very best models would one of the judges,” she said. “I might hate your guts, but if you are a great model with great pictures and runway style, then I will give you the recognition you deserve, which is how it should be.”

“I decided to create a yearly event, The Face of Beningborough, where the very best models would get a chance to be recognized”. get a chance to be recognized,” Bliss said. “It was also a great way to celebrate the New Year.” She hopes to hold the contest annually and make it a much coveted title. Initially, the contest aimed at promoting her business and boosting sales, but now Bliss sees it as a way of giving back to the SL community. “So many would

Bliss is quite artistic and creative. She tries to create real SL couture fashion using the tools around her such as sculpted prims, which inspires her to create some great designs. “I usually start with a texture or shape, such as a sculpt. I play with it to create something I can use in a design and usually create the gown or outfit around it, such as my Red Carpet gown and Dragon Lady; both these gowns were inspired by a sculpt shape,” Bliss said. “I try not to be influenced by RL or other designers but use my own imagination, and hopefully this shows in my designs.”

Bliss Beningborough

“I first had to learn how to use Photoshop and joined classes at the SOMA Design school here in SL where I learned the basics of Photoshop and design,” Bliss said. “If I am interested in something, I am a fast learner and very soon had my first store and haven’t looked back from there.” She advises new designers to learn how to use Photoshop first, then create what inspires them, and she reminds them that attention to detail is important. “I’m not the best graphics designer, but I do feel my creativity makes up for that,” Bliss said. “If you love what you create, then it is likely others will too.” Although she doesn’t have any future plans for expansion at this time, The House of Beningborough has a large main store with four floors. Bliss said, “I have had several satellite stores dotted around SL, but I find most people come to the main store.” Bliss really knows style. Her clothing seems to perform while worn. Whether you’re looking for a certain look that is elegant or sassy or maybe something that is a little of both, then the designs at the House of Beningborough has everything you need and more. Rest assured there’s something to fit almost any budget. Join the group to receive two free items. This month, group members receive a free red polo sweater, and new members can get a free introductory gift, the Bird of Paradise gown in blue. Models interested in participating in The House of Beningborough Monthly Model contests can pick up information and entry forms at the main store. Saint LLC (64, 194, 22) Left - Bliss Beningborough Right - Keira Tyles


Fun With Fashion

RĂŞve de Chapeaux Writer, Photographer, Model & Stylist Vixie Rayna



tyle is so reflective of personality. One day you can be charming in your frilly frock and the next aloof in your black sunglasses. Second Life® affords us opportunities to truly reflect our mood and creativity through style. One can enjoy the comforts of casual and the decadence of couture. The options are endless, and each month I love that I get to share a new perspective of my style.

I absolutely adore the whimsy of hats as you’re able to take a fantastic dress and elevate the look in one simple step. Gyorgyna Larnia of LaGyo jumped on the fashion scene with her amazing accessories. She brings a unique talent and style to her headpieces. She has added sheen and dramatic flowers to her Floral headband. It’s so romantic and serene in its simplicity. One needs to find a dress to match the mood, and Miamai’s Sonya gown in Rose is the epitome of dreamy fantasy.

aiastice Hair - W&Y - Hair Fair 1 Type A Hairpiece - LaGyo - Circus Trapeze Vertigo Skin - KA Skins - Bardot Agnes Eyes - MADesign - Truth Green 7 Lashes - Glow Studio - Vingue Eyeliner A Lashes - MMS (Lelutka) - Photoshoot II Dress - Baiastice - Blue/Gold Passion Necklace - Modern Gypsy - Pride Gold Necklace Shoes - Nardcotix - Absinthe Gold

would be perfect for any costume, but it really adds flair to formalwear. The Blue/Gold Passion gown from Baiastice perfectly compliments the swirling gold and feathers in the LaGyo piece. Recently there was an exhibit by the talented Megg Demina of Chapeau Tres Mignon called “Heroes of Fashion”. The event was an ode to the wonderfully talented designers of real life fashion, Philip Treacy, Alexander McQueen and Thierry Mugler. Megg found inspiration in some of their most famous creations and brought them to Second Life. The PT Feather Hat is a bold tribal piece that’s so very dramatic and over-the-top. It had to be paired with something equally bold yet simple in shape to showcase the hat. LeeZu released a special edition Kiss Sarah dress as a group gift some time ago; the rich red color and formfitting design bring the eyes up to the fantastic span of feathers in Megg’s headpiece.

Hats bring flair and drama to almost any look. Keep The Designer United event a few months ago your eyes open for unique and signature pieces to celebrated vaudeville in all its acrobatic splendor. add to your wardrobe. Gyorgyna created the Circus Trapeze Vertigo for the event. I fell in love with the colors and design; it Until next month, remember...Fashion is Fun!


eeZu Hair - VintageWear - Pushed and Shoved Hat - Chapeau Tres Mignon - PT Feather Hat Eyes - MADesign - Truth Green 7 Lashes - MMS (Lelutka) - Photoshoot II Skin - KA Skins - Bardot Agnes Dress - LeeZu - Kiss Sarah in Red Bangle - Baiastice - Gold Sculpt Bracelet Nails - Candy Nail - P039 Dress Up Leopard Shoes - Nardcotix - Varela in Red


iamai Hair - Maitreya - Green II Walnut Hairpiece - LaGyo - Floral Headband Skin - KA Skins - Bardot Agnes Pale Eyes - MADesign - Truth Green 7 Lashes - MMS (Lelutka) - Photoshoot II Dress - Miamai - Sonya in Rose Gloves - Cachet (Lelutka) - Gloves White Shoes - Tesla - Vixen II in Fallow




Photographer, Model & Stylist: Dementia Navarita Writer: Jesika Contepomi

Apparence Skins & Shapes recently announced Dementia Navarita as its winner for the Apparence Style Challenge. After 8 weeks of challenge submissions, with entries from all over the grid from models, stylists, photographers and enthusiasts showing off their style, Apparence owner Marisa Gregan has found a true brand champion to help drive the team through 2010. Apparence also named three honorable mentions...Imani Enzo, Elena Ewing, and Kenna Whiteberry all received special prizes from the designer; these are surely names to watch out for. With sponsorship from Vanity Hair, Zeb & Sly, LaGyo and our own AVENUE Magazine, this challenge was a great success, and we’re excited to see what new faces both Marisa and Dementia show us next. A

lackLiquid Tokyosk

Introducing Alatiel’s Newest Face Written by Sensuous Soulstar | Photography by Natasja Schumann


ith a daring name like blackLiquid, you better have a daring look to match. And as Alatiel Fashions soon found out, she truly does. AVENUE recently had a chance to sit down with the newest face of Alatiel Fashions, blackLiquid Tokyoska, just to gain a little insight into the woman behind the face.

Sensuous Soulstar: Thank you so much for taking a few moments to talk with me. As always, we here at AVENUE love to meet the people whose drive, talent, perseverance and beauty push them to the top! And I think we can say that about the newest face of Alatiel Fashions, but definitely not a new face to the modeling world!

I needed a scene change, and inspired by my lover, Eshi Otawara, and my friend, Anita Claven, I decided to plunge into the world of fashion, cutting all ties from my former SL™. From there, I attended and graduated from the now defunct MPI Academy, and from GLANCE International Agency. I am currently studying at EVANE, and have returned to finalize my studies at AVENUE as of February 2010. SS: Wow, that’s a lot of training! But it definitely shows a dedication to becoming the best in a very competitive field. What was the biggest challenge you faced in deciding to pursue a modeling career?

BT: The negative attitudes of other models have always been and, I believe, will always be my biggest So tell me, first, when and how did you decide that challenge. you were interested in becoming a model? Did you attend any modeling schools to prepare? SS: That is definitely something I’ve heard in the industry before. What agencies are you currently blackLiquid Tokyoska: In July 2009, I decided that working for?

BT: IC Motions, Envision Models, BESTYLE, The Element Agency, Modavia Models, D’ior Modeling Agency, MWC, .::KABUKI::., Venus Model Agency, Infinite FOCUS Models, and The Other Fashion Agency.

competitions I have been involved in have led me to more solid work, and as a new model it has been a good judgment call. Even though competitions and modeling aren’t the same thing, in SL there is a definite link.

SS: Very impressive list. Now let’s get right to Alatiel Fashions. How did you find out about it, and how did you find the experience to be overall? Would you do it all again if you had to?

SS: As I have recently found, no one seems to do just one job anymore! It seems as if everyone has to multi-task, so besides your modeling career, please tell the readers what else does Ms. Tokyoska do with her time in SL?

BT: I would absolutely do it all again! The experience was most enjoyable indeed! I had loved the designs and textures of Alatiel Fashions since my former SL life, and I own most of her creations. I found out about the competition while shopping one day, and I immediately felt that I should enter, especially knowing how very confident I felt about the brand and its artist/designer. I was also confident that I knew how to achieve the kind of styling that would suit the brand well enough to become its main representative.

BT: I am the head of KABUKI collective. We host artistic fashion shows to “wow” the senses. I am a photographer, shape maker and personal stylist. I enjoy building and being creative in every way. I also love to design and have started making skins, hair and accessories for myself, just for fun. SS: And finally, do you have any advice for up and coming models looking to get a start in SL?

BT: Make sure you get a good education and model SS: What made you decide to get into contests? I training from AVENUE, GLANCE or EVANE. know some models focus solely on getting work lined up that’s a guarantee, so what made you decide to SS: Simple, practical advice any model would be go out and try something a little more risky? crazy not to follow. BT: I do everything I can! Risk is good, and competitions provide me with variety as well. Most



Modern Glam Writer | Stylist | Photographer | Model Jarl Soderstrom

Glam rock, or glitter rock as it was also known, was first seen in the 60’s. It’s a style that conjures up images of androgynous men in makeup and platform shoes wearing outrageous clothing with even more outrageous looking hair. It’s a style that has evolved somewhat since David Bowie first took the stage sporting his now famous Ziggy Stardust persona. Today’s glam rock has been toned down slightly but still retains its synergy brought out by the artist’s ability to take their love of outrageous clothing and combine it with their ambiguous sexuality. Many of today’s rock artists find themselves borrowing styles from these pioneering artists such as David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, and Roxy Music and mixing it with more modern, edgy clothing and hair styles. No longer is “glam” characterized by flamboyant lyrics, strange costumes, and campy looks of the past. Today’s glam is all about being sexy. The modern glam looks are about sexiness and the ability to keep people guessing.


This month I wanted to show a couple of styles that are a more modernized form of the classic glam looks of the past. And if you want to dress glam, I think the first stop on the list has to be Casa Cheerno and their new Deuil collection influenced by modern glam. I chose to go with one of the more flamboyant, feathered outfits from the newest line called simply “Manson”. This outfit takes androgyny into a new direction with its skin hugging, dark gray and black leather bodice topped with frilly black ruffles combined with neck piece covered in black and gray feathers. This outfit is perfect for a modern glam look. I topped it off with one of the more punkier hairstyles from MADesigns called CASH. Finally to keep the flash bulbs of the paparazzi at bay, I added a shiny pair of orange, reflective sunglasses from FNKY.

androgyny OutďŹ t Casa CheerNo: Deuil Manson Glasses FNKY! SuperStar (Gold/Orange) Hair MADesigns Hair Natural Black - CASH

Glam looks might not be for everyone. But for those that like being the center of attention and like to keep people guessing, it just might be for you.

Camp it up

This second look is a bit more campy. I took one of the newest male outfits from Phoenix Rising called Flashback. It gives the outfit a very theatrical look to it. A sort of demented ringmaster kind of feel. I added to this a red feather boa from Callie Cline, a diamond topped cane from Casa CheerNo’s release Vaudville, tattoos from Aitui to give the look a bit more color, and finally a somewhat strange pair of glasses that really seem to have been through a car crash as the glass is missing, cracked and broken.

Camp it up Hair Uncle Web Aj-Hair Meteoric Hat Suspenders, Pants: Phoenix Rising: FlashBack (Black) Tattoo: Aitui: Dire Glasses [ glow ] Studio designs - Car Crash sunglasses

Edge of Style

LET’s BAG it !

Bags for men have long been more of a necessity than a fashion statement. As city life becomes more hectic and the latest toys and gadgets saturate the consumer market, stylish bags are just as important now as having the coolest phone or mp3 player. SLTM designers have created some amazing bags which consist of highly detailed sculpties and realistic, rich textures. There is a bag for every man of any style. You can go from the boardroom to the skate ramp and everywhere in between. It’s for the young and old...from the hip to the classic. So here are a few samples put together showing how to dress around a bag.

Photographer . Model . Stylist | Boe Cortes

First, a very elegant, refined, Japanese style bag from Null by Daaii Jinn. This particular Gainsbourg bag is exceptional in quality and finish. The menu options enable you to change between 6 different textures on separate parts, allowing for over 24 different combinations. This bag also comes with and without poses for hand and shoulder. With a bag like this, it’s only fitting to dress with quality, so I chose one of my favorite suits from Lelutka designed by Thora Charron. It’s combined with a shirt from Cocoro Lemon of Coco for that added collar and tie.

Skin Lelutka - Ishmael Hair Uncleweb – Nick hair in Meteoric Jacket Lelutka - DEAN jacket in Midnightblue Shirt COCO - SkinnyTie & Shirt in Black (female) Pants LeLutka - DEAN pants in Midnightblue Shoes Kalnins Footwear - Terra in Black Belt LeLutka - DEAN pants Front Belt in Midnightblue Bag Null - Gainsbourg Glasses Kumaki Glasses - Negrect

Now, it’s not always going to cost you an arm and a leg to find a great bag. I came across a great find during the Shoes and Accessories Hunt. The Freestyle backpack from Inimitably Design by Mell McMahon may not have an all singing, all dancing, texture changing menu, but it does offer style for the casual look. It has added details such as the Marlbora packet, lighter and zip chains on the side of the bag. For a casual chill out day in the city this bag is the way to go. For my chill out look, I threw on some Coco shorts, Cheerno t-shirt, and Emery socks for that extra street retro look. On the feet are some awesome Pro Spec sneakers from 2REAL by 2REAL Okelli, a new footwear designer to watch out for. Finishing off this style, I accessorized with a jacket around the waist from Pixel Fashion and shades from Kumaki.

Skin Belleza - Thomas Hair Mirai Style - Stat in Darkbrown Shirt Cheerno STYLETees WhiteMYOLDSOUP Undershirt SAIKIN - Nenley Neck in Gray Pants COCO Roll-Up Jeans in Dark (female) Socks Emery - Socks Orchid in Red Shoes 2Real - PRO_SPEC Waist PixelFashion Knotched Jacket in Red Wristband Emery - Hand Bandana in White Sunglasses Kumaki Glasses Style Unisex GoodWorld Bag Inimitably Design Backbag “Freestyle” in Black Caro Wool

My last look includes a group gift Trunk from DCCXXIII by natu Ellils, a Japanese timepiece designer. The texture and design are rich in small details and offer a great vintage feel, coupled with a HOC Apparel leather messenger bag by Guu Nishi. This vintage city style consists of a brown, open tweed jacket by Ninikoboy, a retro geeky shirt and vest from Zenith, Laqroki shorts for that extra travel look, and a scarf from Meriken & Co. This style wouldn’t be complete without the leather band suspender socks from Picnic and the loose Coco boots. Whether you’re walking through Convent Garden in London during the 1890’s to 2010, this is the look for you at any age and in any decade. It just goes to show that even men can make bags an essential necessity to polishing off a look in SL.

Skin Belleza - Thomas Hair Aitui - Daedalus’ Hope in Black Hat NINIKOBOY - Newsboy Cap in Brown Scarf Meriken Co - GURURI FlOWER Jacket NINIKOBOY - Jacket in Brown Shirt Zenith - Brown Vest & Shirt Pants Laqroki - Khaki Shorts in Beige Socks Picnic - Leather Band Suspender socks in Beige Shoes COCO - Homme - Lace-UpWorkBoots (Loosed) Bag HOC - Leather Messenger Bag in Brown Suitcase DCCXXIII - TRUNK02


Fashion Agenda

t u b i r T c i h C s e Tr n e e u Q c M for Written by Imani Enzo | Photography by Annough Lykin & Tillie Ariantho


Foreword from the Producer Alexander McQueen represented an immortal legacy of the spirit of innovation that continually pushed the envelope in fashion. Always one to shape and reshape fashion by deconstruction and reconstruction, Lee McQueen was indeed a 21st century designer that constantly dared to refrain from conformity. He gave the world a new vision and perspective about fashion, and his knack for storytelling to relay these messages was second to none, richly realized in his designs and fashion show productions. His mind, his spirit and his visions were larger than life to me. When I heard of the news of the passing of Lee McQueen, I was devastated. I was overcome by the sadness of knowing that such a man of greatness would have felt so alone and in the dark with no light to go to...or that he could not have possibly seen the light at the end of the tunnel. And yet, he was a light onto the world, at least to the fashion industry and those who came to know and love his work such as I. For all these things and the sense of loss and grief I feel for losing such a great inspiration in my life, I dedicate this tribute, For the Love of McQueen, alongside Second Life’sŽ fashion designers, stylists, artists and the team from AVENUE Models and AVENUE Magazine to take the time to return our gratitude for the impression he made on all our lives, real and virtual. I have chosen one of the charities that Lee had donated his time and work to, Keep A Child Alive, for the charity that this tribute will be contributing to, as it represents to me the irony of how we could not keep him, a precious child, alive. Dear Lee, may you be in the light now and be bathed in warm sunshine, eternally surrounded by the love you needed. Your work, you, will always be alive in our hearts and minds. Rusch Raymaker

(Left to Right) Model: Aleida Rhode Casa del Shai Pula Pod Dress & Lizard Skin Boots Lelutka - Ife - Pale (skin)

Model: Tempest Rosca Violator Hasta La Vista Baby TheAbyss - Ama Garijus - Dusk (skin)


ast month the fashion world was rocked by the untimely death of Alexander McQueen, an award winning fashion designer who was known for his extraordinary and dramatic designs as well as his unconventional and lavish runway shows. Some called him “L’Enfant terrible” because he often pushed the limits of fashion with his sometimes shocking and controversial tactics. However, most of us called him a genius due to his trendsetting designs and innovative use of technology in his runway shows. AVENUE Models, known for its share of innovative and extravagant runway shows, recognized the genius of Alexander McQueen and the void left by his passing. As a result, the agency joined forces with 38 of the most talented designers in SLTM and organized a tribute fit for a fashion king called “For the Love of McQueen”. The fashion show featured unique designs that were inspired by the creativity and spirit of Alexander McQueen’s works. As a model and writer, I’m not always anxious to see fashion shows when I’m not working, but this was one I was not going to miss. I was so determined to make this show that I walked across the GOL sims and flew up to the venue when I couldn’t get the LM to work. Despite all the extra effort it took to reach the designated place, I managed to take my seat almost an hour in advance. It’s a good thing too, because the place quickly filled to capacity.

(Left to Right) Model: Lunabeam Moonites Boudoir For the Love of McQ (dress & skin) Lelutka Saffron Heels - Electric Pink Saab Hair - White

Model: Natasja Schumann Indyra Designs Sakura du Mort Coquette Noir Ankle Boots Lelutka Ultra - Horns Estelle - Fair (skin)

Once seated, I immediately found myself in awe of the beautifully decorated space. The production team clearly channeled the late designer’s creativity with the dramatic colors, extravagant catwalk and amazingly perfect tunes provided by AVENUE’s CEO Rusch Raymaker. Finally, after just two weeks of planning, the highly anticipated show began with our host Angie Mornington of Fabulous Fashion TV announcing 31 of the most opulent and beautiful creations that I’ve seen. Each design clearly captured the genius of McQueen, and the beautiful models and choreography made me feel like I was actually viewing one of his collections. An added bonus was that each description included the designer’s own reflections about McQueen’s work and how he inspired their special creations. The designers drew inspiration from a broad range of Alexander McQueen’s past collections, and each piece presented during the tribute demonstrated the diversity and depth of his magnificent design style. Alexander McQueen took the fashion world by storm and gave us fantasy, dark glamour, symmetry, rebellion, edginess, flamboyance, strong silhouettes, and sophisticated fabrics. The participating designers took all that he gave us and presented a fitting homage to his extraordinary talent. In a word, this collection of designs was amazing. Some of my favorites included the offerings from My Precious, Violator, Jador, Chantkare and a show stopping piece by Eshi Otawara called “Fly Home”. Perhaps the most moving part of the tribute followed the finale when the crowd was given an opportunity to view film footage of some of McQueen’s legendary runway shows. The footage allowed the audience

(Left to Right) Model: Sally Yachvilli AZUL - Reine Tiny Bird - Alarm Call (hair) Lelutka Estelle - Pale (skin) St. Tropez (shoes)

Model: Mui Mukerji 3636 You Will Be In My Heart (dress, hair & hat) Lelutka Estelle - Sunkissed (skin) Saffron Pump

(Left to Right) Model: Florentine Rau Entre Mare Designs Legend M Arcadian Reverie Dreamweaver Blue (skin) Lelutka Electra Hair - Platinum Chloe Boots - Yellow

(Left to Right) Model: Jennaa Loire Stylissimo Stainglass Widow AtomicBambi Hat Madame Butterfly Lelutka Estelle - PAle (skin) Chloe Boot - Yantar Juliet Hair - Caramel

Model: Tiffany Dragonash Baiastice - Love McQueen Lelutka Ife - Pale (skin) Pompai Hair Shannon Shoes

Model: Poptart Lilliehook Wardrobe Outfitters Tousled par Tous Lelutka Ife - Suntan & blond updo Korina Shoes

to see his extraordinary creativity but also gave us more insight regarding all the love and hard work put into this great event. Alexander McQueen was a master of style, color, and form. He was a bold designer with an amazing eye for beauty. He managed to unify art and fashion in a way that no one else could. He shocked us. He amazed us. He made us think. No matter what, Alexander McQueen always made a statement, and many times, he made statements that others would not dare make. In that same spirit, For the Love of McQueen made its own statement on February 28, 2010. Specifically, AVENUE Models, 38 talented designers, the production team, stylists, and an appreciative audience all said “We love, thank, and miss you, Alexander McQueen”. AVENUE Models and these extraordinary designers clearly captured the spirit and creativity of Alexander McQueen in a way that surely would’ve made him proud. The hard work that went into this wonderful production is both applauded and appreciated. Your tribute was beautiful and definitely fit for a fashion king. If you’d like to see or purchase any of these gorgeous designs, please visit the designers’ store locations where they will be on sale through March 31. Please remember that this was a charitable event and all of the proceeds from sales of these special creations during this timeframe will benefit a RL charity. The charity, Keep a Child Alive was selected because Alexander McQueen was a known supporter of similar AIDS/HIV charities.

(Left to Right) Model: Guy Seiling Modern Gypsy Enthralling Tableau (dress, skins & hair) Lelutka - Saffron Pumps

Model: Maile Michinaga Alatiel Fashions Kaleidoscope Tiny Bird - Alarm Call Lelutka Estelle - Light Tesse - Spring Green (shoes)

Model: Laury Sands My Precious (dress) Alienbear (jewels) Mayur LeLutka Pompai Hair Ife - Light Saffron Pump

(Left to Right) Model: Mischa Cuttita Tres Beau - Missing You Lelutka Jean Hair Ife - Light

Model: Ivyana Szondi {AHC} Architectural Lines (outfit & shoes) TheAbyss - ama garjius (skin)

Model: Seashell Dench Black Canary - The Hermit LeLutka Shavon Ankle Boots Estelle - Pale (skin)

Model: Salvo Waydelich CHANTKARE - Artaud TheAbyss - Scorpio_Dystopia (skin)

Model: Ricoracer Flux FIR - Ringleader TheAbyss - Scorpio_Dystopia (skin)

(Left to Right) Model: Rhonda Pennell Gems & Kisses - Hamlet Skull TheAbyss - Ama Garijus - Dusk (skin) Lelutka Hera Hair - Jet Saffron Pumps

Model: Spectre Scribe Champagne - Memory TheAbyss - Scorpio_Dystopia (skin)

Model: Laurel Luminos Dashwood - For the Love of Arcadian Reverie Dreamweaver Pink (skin) LeLutka O’Hara - Autumn Chloe Boots - Blue

Model: Regina Tobias Glam Affair - Karen Dress Arcadian Reverie - Echo (skin)

(Left to Right) Model: Vixie Rayna Phoenix Rising McQueen Tribute Lelutka Ife - Pale (skin) Shannon Shoes - Diamond Black Jeniffer - Coal Mine (hair)

Model: Jarl Soderstrom Cheerno Body Suit (outfit & hat) Venus Greed (skin)

Model: Chirzaka Vlodovic Magnifico Exclusive Decadence & Cage Boot Marcopol Oh - Wasapie (corset) Arcadian Reverie - Echo

Model: Liam Netizen Cheerno Line Sweater Mercury Pants - Yellow Greed -Light (skin)

Model: Mimmi Boa CHANTKARE - Night and Day TheAbyss - Ama Garijus

(Left to Right) Model: Mavi Beck Rfyre - For the Love of Lelutka Estelle - Pale (skin) Maya - Black Grace Hair - Gold

Model: Shenandoah Saintlouis OC Couture - Dead Dream LeLutka Ife - Pale (skin) Grace Hair - Autumn Chloe Boots - Grass

Model: Kryptonia Paperdoll Jador - The Crow LeLutka Estelle - Fair (skin) Chloe Boots - Yellow

Model: Jesika Contepomi Eshi Otawara - Fly Home (dress, shoes, jewelry & hair ornament) TheAbyss - Somber Mourning (skin)


Fashion Agenda

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Tillie Ariantho


ver since Djod Karu began designing in 2008, her creations have kept people inspired and wanting more. I anxiously

awaited to see what incredible clothes awaited me. Her SCANDALOUS Collection from DIRAM was showcased at Avenue this past January and unveiled looks that were sexy, glamorous, and extravagant. Djod creates clothes that attract attention and get people to take notice. The SCANDALOUS Collection was inspired by some of the hottest musical divas to date - Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. They do not follow fashion trends, they create them. Wearing these pieces inspires confidence and sex appeal. Djod Karu’s collection is truly one-of-a-kind and makes a big mark in the fashion industry that leaves people wanting more. The models graced the streets of New York City showcasing the amazing new collection. From luscious pantsuits, to revealing and daring dresses, DIRAM has a little bit of everything to suit any mood or taste.


a short, dark green pants outfit, is one of my favorites. The revealing and low cut leopard print shirt gives the outfit an adventurous and exotic look.


is comprised of a short, formfitting jacket and black and white striped bodysuit. Not only does “Noa� make a bold statement, but it is also versatile and can be worn in different ways.


is made to keep a body warm, with lush layers of thick, warm gray fabric that hug your body and enhance its features.

Each season Djod Karu’s designs evolve into

something bigger and better. Fashion inspires and helps to express your personality and make it shine. DIRAM helps to achieve this through their designs. Their new SCANDALOUS Collection was well worth the wait. DIRAM’s designs never disappoint, and Djod always manages to create eye popping creations. Much to everyone’s delight, the SCANDALOUS Collection was released to the public on January 30th, after a long awaited period of non-stop fashion shows.


Djod Karu A

ginevra lancaster Written by Augusta Carver | Photography by Antuanet Forcella

Fashion Agenda

AVENUE Models: (l to r) Tiffany Dragonash & Aleida Rhode


old, vibrant colors and daring patterns set the tone for Ginevra Lancaster’s early 2010 collection fashion show at AVENUE. Since 2006, Ginevra Lancaster has been creating gorgeous works of art that not only are elegant and seductive, they also tantalize the senses.

last. No one walked away disappointed from this amazing fashion show. Here are highlights of some of the fabulous designs: Jo Red gives a new take on pantsuits. Jo Red includes a red, semi-sheer blouse with puffy sleeves, and high-waist, black, white, and red tweed pants and matching hat. It has a classic and elegant style that is very striking.

This was a show not to be missed, as people crowded the venue, awaiting to see what eye catching designs would be showcased. Ginevra Lancaster creates a wide array of clothing, from casual to formal for men and women to enjoy, whatever their tastes may be. Laura is a stylish outfit with a lot of personality and embellishment. The pink against the black and As each model walked the runway, my eyes were white of the blouse make it noticeable from first not displeased to see the wonderful designs that glance. Matching black pants complete this stunning came before me. Each outfit was better than the outfit.

AVENUE Models: (l to r) Andreya Juliesse & Temperance Moonites

Travel back in time with Jude, a brilliant outfit that captures the eyes and the imagination. Hard work went into the making and detail of the gray coat and white ascot. Matching black pants and a dark red cape that hangs off the shoulder adds a flair of adventure. The words pure decadence kept coming to mind when looking at Mimmi, a lavish pièce de résistance. Sheer fabric delicately caresses the skin as strand upon stand of pearls cover it as well as wrap around the neck and arms. Mimmi also has a matching hat with a soft feather backing that is awe inspiring. Ginevra Lancaster did an amazing job with this collection. I was truly inspired and impressed. A lot of time and effort went into her work, and you can tell by looking at them. Her designs are a welcoming addition to anyone’s ever expanding wardrobe. A

My Precious Queen Contest

February2010 Written by Imani Enzo | Photography by Aleida Rhode


nother month has passed, and it’s time to introduce you to three more lovely My Precious Princesses. The three beauties are the February 2010 winners and have secured an opportunity to vie for the coveted My Precious Queen title and extraordinary prizes totaling over $250,000L.

Queen Contest and will provide the winner with an opportunity to be the featured cover model in an issue of AVENUE Magazine as well as provide the winner with a scholarship to attend AVENUE Models Academy.

The February winners are Vitality Lollipop, Katherine Comet, and Jasmine Loening. Here’s your chance to AVENUE is a proud sponsor of the My Precious learn more about these beautiful ladies.

Vitality Lollipop Royal Princess – February 2010 Vitality is an easygoing and thoughtful lady who enjoys SL™ because it allows her to meet wonderful people from all over the globe. She enjoys performing and is a proud member of the Dazzlers dance team. She’s also a model who is inspired by all of the creative designers in Second Life® and is excited to be a part of the fashion industry. As it relates to style, she says she simply wears what she likes, which could be anything from girly to couture.

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “For almost two years I have worked to develop my skills as a model in SL. I have learned not only how to design a look to enhance the designer’s work, but also how to combine their talents with mine to creatively present the designs in the best possible way. My goal is to represent My Precious so that all of SL will have the opportunity to appreciate the talent and creativity of Agnes Finney.”

Favorite My Precious Design: “While all of her designs Beauty Tip: “There are many ways to achieve are just wonderful, I would have to say that one of beautiful styling; just be yourself and let your light my favorites would have to be Gracie; I love the shine. :)” elegant style of the gown. It’s very classy.”

Katherine Comet Royal Princess – February 2010 Katherine is a self-described perfectionist who places a high value on morality and strives to honor every commitment she makes. She’s a hard working model who has achieved a great deal in her modeling career and aspires to become Miss Virtual World one day. Her hobbies include shopping, photography, and landscaping. This talented lady is also the designer and owner of “Heart’s Desire”, a home furnishings and accessories store.

me feel very pretty.”

Favorite My Precious Design: “My favorite design is Precious Forever. This gown is so versatile. You can wear it as a gown or a flouncy cocktail dress. The shades of pink are perfect for spring, and it fits like a glove. It’s truly a very feminine dress that makes

Style Tip: “No matter how beautiful you look in a gown, the wrong pose can make you and the design look horrid. As a result, you should select your poses with care and ensure that your hair and accessories work with your selected pose too.”

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “If I were selected as My Precious Queen, it would mean a great deal to me. I could express my creativity with Agnes’s wonderful designs and enhance them even more by the way I’d style them. I would serve as an ambassador, happily and faithfully, spreading the My Precious message wherever I went.”

Jasmine Loening Royal Princess – February 2010 Jasmine is a music enthusiast who enjoys dancing, helping those in need, and spending quality time with her wonderful partner Julion. She’s an award winning model who aspires to one day be a SL modeling instructor. She’s persistent and tenacious in that she entered this contest five times before being selected! Jasmine is proof that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. Finally, she is also an avid shopper and adores clothing styles that range from formal wear to blue jeans.

great queen because I have experience, I am willing to learn, and I am a hard worker. I strive to be the best model possible and would represent Agnes Finney well.”

Favorite My Precious Design: “Honestly, I have many favorites. As a result, it’s difficult to pick just one Agnes Finney design. I have managed to narrow my choices down to two designs, Caressa and Legend. I love wearing them both with jewelry from Alienbear.”

If you think you have what it takes to be My Precious Queen, please visit My Precious by Agnes Finney inworld to learn what you need to do to enter and shop for some of Second Life’s most beautiful gowns. Who knows, you just might find yourself being featured in next month’s installment.

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “This is an amazing opportunity and I think that I’d make a


Style Tip: “Be polite, professional and ask for advice or feedback about your look if you need it. Once you have achieved your goal, pass on what you have learned to new models. Most importantly, respect others and you will be respected.”

Model of the Month

Written by Imani Enzo | Photography by Trinidad Anatine



avi B





eauty is big business in Second Life®. Nothing demonstrates that statement better than the astounding growth of the SL™ modeling industry. Hundreds of hopefuls enter modeling schools or entry level jobs with the hopes of one day being propelled to supermodel status. It’s a lofty goal that only a few will achieve.

industry. What do you enjoy most? M.B.: I have seen modeling become more and more competitive but not in a positive way. There are too many agencies and models that don’t see professionalism as a primary goal. Unfortunately, many look for fame and money without realizing that modeling involves so much more. I enjoy doing runway shows the most, I always have. They allow me the opportunity to meet many talented designers, make new friends, and reconnect with colleagues I may not have seen in a while.

Mavi Beck is well on her way to supermodel status as evidenced by the great year she just experienced. Her 2009 accomplishments included finishing among the top ten finalists for Miss Virtual World 2010, making the cover of AVENUE Magazine, and being honored for her photographic talents. Despite her busy modeling career, she devotes a significant amount of time to charitable activities and teaching aspiring models. Additionally, she’s a hard working model who defies the claim that beauty is skin deep by showing that she has a beautiful heart and mind as well. Simply put, Mavi Beck is a model’s role model.

M.B.: I responded to an ad placed by Faces Modeling Agency seeking models. I submitted pictures and got cast for an audition despite knowing NOTHING about modeling. In my crazy mind I believed I could make it. I was very surprised and happy when I did.

Imani Enzo: How did you come to know about SL?

I.E: What makes you stand out from other models?

Mavi Beck: A RL friend of mine posted about SL on his blog. I found myself curious and I knew this place was special, so I gave it a try. I’ve made some great friends from all over the world here, and I enjoy their company.

M.B.: My style is the reason I stand out. I like pushing fashion to the max in RL and SL.

I.E: Describe your personality and sense of style. M.B.: I am an outgoing girl who values friendship and honesty immensely. My style is is my color and I tend to choose simple clothes with very sharp cuts. I prefer mono colors over prints, and I like mixing and matching different styles. I have a real passion for feathers and unique accessories. I.E: Please share your views on the SL modeling

I.E: How did you get your start in modeling?

I.E: What does it take to be a supermodel in SL? What characteristics must a model possess to earn such a title? M.B.: I think that in order to be a supermodel you have to work hard and always be on time. You can’t afford to overlook any detail when it comes to styling, and everything must fit to perfection. A true supermodel should never look at colleagues with envy or complain about anything. Instead, she makes the most even out of the simplest dress and looks stunning in it. Finally, a supermodel always remembers that the focus is on the design and would

never overpower an outfit with crazy hair or gaudy M.B.: I am passionate about my friendships and charity work. My friends are precious and keep me accessories. going while my charity work is truly rewarding. SL is I.E: Who or what has inspired your modeling career such a powerful medium for making a difference and providing tangible help. For example, my husband the most? and I have been participating in the American M.B.: My career as a model had a very slow start, Cancer Society’s Makeover Magic program for the and I was ready to quit. However, Nemi McCoy past two years. I must say that it has been a moving inspired me and pushed me to continue. She was and fulfilling experience. We help cancer survivors a great help and always had a kind word for me. I to restore their appearance and self-image. I am also thank Summer Deadlight for accepting me at honored to be part of this amazing group of people. Runway Kidz. The Kidz also inspire me and serve as My aspiration is to do more of what I am doing now, continue to improve myself, and remain true to my my role models. beliefs. I.E: How difficult is it to succeed in modeling in SL? I.E: Okay, let’s make the last question something What advice would you offer new models? fun and fashionable. What are some of your favorite M.B.: It’s more difficult to succeed in modeling now places to shop? because competition is tough and everybody wants to be a model. My advice is to be professional, always M.B.: I love many different styles, but there are look impeccable, join modeling groups, network, three brands that can’t do anything wrong in my and don’t give up. eyes. Those brands are Miamai, Lelutka, and Coco. I.E: What things in your SL are you most passionate about and why? What are your aspirations?



Marcopol Oh

Written by Carissa Sockington | Photography by Blaz Halfpint

l o p o h c O r a M t

hree years ago, Marcopol Oh was watching the news and saw something that intrigued him. A story on Second Life®. He Googled, downloaded the app and took the first step toward a healthy SL™ addiction. After a few months exploring, Marco decided to buy a plot to have his own place. A friend who used to play Sims helped him build a house. Unable to find the furniture he wanted to fill it, he began building. Visiting friends began asking from where his pieces came. Last September, Marco set out on a new path - creating jewelry. With lots of great designers out there, his goal was to do something different and please his friends. “I have a store at Muism as you know, and Icemocolo, who is a friend, sent me a client who was looking for custom made. He ordered two necklaces and encouraged me going on,” Marco shared. I had the extreme privilege to sit down with Marcopol Oh and talk about his amazing designs.

Carissa Sockington: Tell me about the pieces you make - why you choose the textures that you use.

Marcopol Oh: I usually wear black or dark colors. I prefer white gold or platinum than yellow gold. I usually do what I like to wear. I also like mixing skins like crocodile or leather with metal. Black diamonds or white ones. I’m a makeup artist RL, so it’s easy for me to get inspiration when I’m working. I see lots of great stuff. I just let my imagination fly. CS: Do any of your pieces have a special meaning for you? MO: The bangle Lacroix for instance - I’ve been working on shows for Christian Lacroix. I like the details he puts in every piece he does and his way to twist a classic style, the way he mixes colors. He’s a great designer and a great person. It was my way to dedicate him a piece of my work.

l h


l o p o h c O r a M CS: So at first your designing was necessity - making MO: The bangle Lacroix is popular. Concerning furniture, the couch Union Jack is one of my hits at what you want - what keeps you designing now? the moment. MO: I don’t feel the necessity building as I used to. It depends on my mood. I can spend weeks without CS: So unique - I’ve not seen anything like it here. building now - just enjoying being here and chilling with my friends. I need to be relaxed when I start MO: I like making stuff that you cannot find anywhere building. I have recently improved my skills with else. Although it’s not my first purpose. Photoshop. CS: This coffee table with wheels - very clever. CS: What is your favorite thing to build? MO: This is a copy of a RL designer. One of my first MO: Oh...difficult to answer - I really enjoy making coffee tables. Designed by Gae Aulenti, an Italian jewelry. I like these little tiny prims, although they woman, a great designer. make my eyes crossed after a while. I usually build in two or three times. I start a piece and let it rest, CS: Well, they do say imitation is the highest form then come back to it after a few days. It helps me of flattery! to focus on the essential. MO: Now I realize that it is probably one of my very CS: What is one of your most popular items? first items.


o p o h c O r a M CS: What advice would you pass on to someone who was new to building? MO: Don’t be afraid to play with the building tool. The most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing. It makes it light and easier. The best way to improve your building skills is to use it and abuse it!!

CS: Do you have anything new you are working on? Any plans to create something other than jewelry or furniture? MO: I’m working on new bangles and a new range of earrings. Probably some new rings. I just did another version of the Tribute set in white crocodile texture. I’m working on a new couch as well and shoes. CS: You do lovely work, Marco. Keep it up. I look forward to seeing those shoes too! MO: Ladies and shoes!! With a wide variety of interests, Marcopol Oh’s designs are refreshing and modern with casual poses that give your avi a natural appearance. Unique designs in furniture and jewelry not seen regularly around Second Life fill his stores all around the grid. Adding his pieces to your home will have your friends asking where you found them as well! We look forward to more exciting creations from this inventive designer. A

Interesting Sims

Shadow of the


A Mystery Too Good to be Virtual

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Vera Canning

A horribly disfigured body found with very little

twists and turns, and enticing clues that one

clues. A small room with traces of blood and a

would expect to find in a Sherlock Holmes tale.

missing clue. A town with secrets so astounding

Yet, this is no book…this is Shadow of the 13,

even the residents don’t know the full story.

a Second Life® murder mystery that brings out

This is a murder mystery with all the intrigue,

the detective in you.

Roleplay is rampant in SL™. It is part of what

also very fascinating information about a

makes the virtual grid so intriguing for many.

community and its residents that makes one

Though the vast majority of roleplay sims are

wonder how this could just be virtual; it’s just

dedicated to the same form of roleplay, every

too real.

now and then you run across a gem hidden amongst them that truly hides something

This is not a typical hunt in Second Life. This

special. In this case, it’s two words: New

superbly detailed and flawlessly organized

Babbage, a steampunk community unlike any


other in Second Life. And although Shadow of

expectation. It requires you to actually think

the 13 is billed as a murder mystery that anyone

and decipher clues. Nothing comes easy, and

can join, this mystery is more intertwined

even piecing together all the players in this

with the town than one originally believes.

saga takes a great amount of time and hunting.

But delving into this mystery becomes so

So here’s a little advice in attacking this

addictive that you find yourself reading more

mystery head on: (1) Touch everything! Some

and more about the history of this fascinating

of the most vital clues are hidden in places

community, and the hours seem to fly by.

you would never think to look, and you will






not make it without them. (2) Take a friend. the


Although we all fancy ourselves super sleuths,,


the old adage is true: two minds are better

provides you with the basics that you’ll need

than one. An extra eye to look for clues, and

to get started, including the backstory, a map

an extra brain to help you figure out how each

of the town, and your starting location. Read

piece of the puzzle fits makes it not only easier

everything! The information is more valuable

for you, but it’s always fun to have a friend

than you first think, and will provide you with

around! (3) Time is crucial. Take your time,

valuable clues when you get stumped along

and make sure you have plenty of it. This is not

the way. It also takes you to the main New

a five minute mystery; this is not even a quick

Babbage website which also proves to hold a

hour. This will take a good part of your day

wealth of not only helpful information, but

if you give it a real effort. Reading all of the






clues, searching the entire town, and putting the pieces of this mystery puzzle together require patience and a free day or evening. Make sure to let everything rez and look at every inch of every space. Clues can be found any and everywhere. And finally, (4) talk to the residents. Although they won’t tell you the answers, they can provide assistance in finding your next clue or even assist in helping you decipher the meaning of one of the riddles that are meant to be clues. The owners of New Babbage, the residents, and more specifically the creators of this mystery have outdone themselves. The amount of authenticity and work that has gone into this community of sims, and this mystery itself is astounding. Take one look at the clues written in inked handwriting on perfectly preserved parchment paper, or listen to the cylinder recordings with just the right amount of natural static that accompany your journey, and you will be amazed at how thorough the creators were in making this mystery the height of your Second Life experience. Go put on your best (or sexiest) detective outfit and find your way down to New Babbage. There’s a murder to solve, and the clues are all waiting on you!


Virtual Ha

For the Love of

Written by Rachel Carstensz Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Surpassing the Virtual Community to Reach the Needs of a Real Community

aiti Relief On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, an earthquake

that was left of their homes. Some traveled

scaling in at 7.0 on the Richter scale hit the

down to Haiti to assist with the relief efforts,

small country of Haiti, wreaking havoc among

but of course not everyone was capable of doing

the densely populated cities. Many of us sat at

that. Those unable to travel to help were left

home and watched on television as the Haitians

wondering what could be done.

struggled to find missing loved ones while

Every little bit helps, and this idea has transitioned

attempting to make some sense out of the rubble

into Second Life速 as well.

On Saturday, January 16, 2010, four days after

can drop a few Linden™ here and there to help

this horrid earthquake struck, Virtual Haiti Relief

the cause. Through meetings held in-world, the

was formed in Second Life to raise money to send

main goal of raising money for and awareness of

to Haiti in addition to raising cultural awareness

Haiti is reiterated.

about Haiti. Many people have heard of the

Through the website, http://virtualhaitirelief.

country, but those who have heard of the country

org, visitors can find more information about

rarely know more than just where it is located.

the organization. Through the “About Us” link,

The organization is a collaboration of many people

readers can see more about the creators of the

from different backgrounds in both Second Life

organization: who they are, their backgrounds, and

and real life. People who normally would not get

why they wanted to create the group. From there,

together (from artists, to historians, to people in

readers can keep up with the fundraising events

the communication field), came together for the

through the “Events” link, and if a site visitor has

common good: helping the people of Haiti and

a business where he or she would like to set up a

informing others about the country. The Hearts

vendor for giving donations, there is information

in Harmony for Haiti event, a twenty-four hour

about setting up one through the “Getting

event, helped to kick off a month’s worth of

Involved” link. At some point in time, all of these


collected Linden need to be transferred into real

Through the months of January and February,

life currency and sent to Haiti. What is awesome

numerous events such as fashion shows, live

about the Virtual Haiti Relief organization is that

concerts, art galleries, silent auctions, and sim

it tells supporters where every Linden donated

viewings were done all across the grid. Clubs

goes. Through the header of the website and the

hosted themed events such as Disco Night, sims

“Our Charities” and “Crossposts” links, visitors

such as 1920’s Berlin (where period clothing is

can see how much has been donated and where it

normally required) had a period clothing-free

has gone. As the months go on and the process of

day, full days of live concerts were performed,

rebuilding Haiti continues, the virtual community

and there was a fashion event called Designing

of Second Life will remain strong in its efforts to

for Haiti. In addition to these events, there are

band together and work to help fulfill the real life

numerous posts set across the grid where people

needs of Haiti.


Business Feature

The Wishfarmers The Innovative Solution to Bringing Business into the Metaverse

Written By Spruce Canning Photography by Vera Canning

When one considers bringing their enterprise into the virtual world that is the metaverse, one could go it alone and fail to fully utilize virtual worlds such as Second Life®, OpenSim, and OpenCobalt to their full potential, or they can contact a firm to help them every step of the way to become an integral part of the online community. For SLTM, that company is The Wishfarmers. Since 2004 The Wishfarmers, led by Gary Bukowski (Gary Arthur Douglas II in RL), have been helping clients such as the University of Wisconsin Medical School and Kelly Services utilize the metaverse and the 3-D Internet to deliver their services in ways not possible in RL with specialized environments. The Wishfarmers also design virtual goods, machinima, and a unique 3-D environment for each individual client. “Well, after watching the public’s perspective change over so many years, I’ve still found it has to be put in terms of their current world. I love to wave my arms and talk about how this is an all-new, exciting unprecedented world (and it is), but one must understand, you’ve already blown their mind just exposing to them that these things exist: Yes, there really are real people, flying around, making dragons and scooters and hairdos - and it’s happening right now,” Bukowski says after being asked how The Wishfarmers explained SL and other virtual worlds to potential clients.

The Wishfarmers have used innovative techniques in SL to help their clients to utilize the metaverse to its full potential. In the case of the University of Wisconsin Medical School, The Wishfarmers designed environments in-world that enhance medical education, such as simulated medical equipment, to the built in OrgLab presentation system which was designed by Somatic Xiao. The Diagnosis sim, which is also extensible, allows instructors and students to design interactive virtual or web applications to suit the situation presented by the patient data which simulates patient injuries and/or disease. With their experience interacting with customers, the company makes sure that their clients truly understand the concept of virtual worlds, a subject that many are still unfamiliar with. “You want them to wrap their heads around the concepts of virtual goods, virtual marketing, interactions, etc. Even the ones who want to understand can be overwhelmed quickly. You have to be gentle,� Bukowski said.

“More specifically, I literally try first to understand their business life - what’s it like to own an [X] company? What is their day all about? And find where these venues can help them do stuff they already worry about all day. That’s when the light turns on and they go ‘Oh! This is good, this can help me’,” Bukowski said. With Kelly Services, The Wishfarmers designed the Jobbit, which is a tool that SL residents use to utilize Kelly’s job listings with the conveniences that the metaverse has to offer. The Jobbit can be found at the Kelly Services Island or The Wishfarmers Isle in-world. The Wishfarmers also assisted Kelly Services in designing their in-world headquarters, which opened in October 2007. This innovation even is present in the build that Kelly Services used as their debut appearance in-world based on the web-based virtual break room. The Wishfarmers’ innovation and invention does not stop with just Kelly Services; they have designed inworld products for such entities as the Personal AccuWeather System for AccuWeather, which simulates the weather in the SL resident’s RL location in-world. The PAWS system is free to all SL residents at XStreet SL. The Wishfarmers have also visualized panoramic photography with the SceneGlobe, which was invented by Adenoraque Qin of The Wishfarmers. The SceneGlobe displays RL panoramic photography of locations and also panoramic photographs of Second Life locations that can be viewed offline. When asked who would take the most advantage of an in-world presence, Bukowski ponders, “Hmm, well, I like all the stuff we’ve been involved in (or we wouldn’t have done it!) - but I am still looking forward to an opportunity to really go as far as possible. For clients, it’s complicated too - they have to walk a tightrope with their own management. Doubtless in every case, they’re out on a limb, doing this innovative new stuff. They can’t go ‘hog wild’ either, so these initiatives are always toned down at least enough to keep them palatable to management, but specifically I’d have to say I’m still impressed by the courage and vision Kelly Services showed by jumping in so early and being so outrageous. You might think ‘that’s a big, old company’ - but that’s really why I so admire their gusto. They jumped in very early and went against the current with a non-real-world replica, cartoon-style island, which we then followed up with a totally futuristic headquarters - not the stodgy corporate-HQ-replica you so often find.” When asked about other Wishfarmers projects, Bukowski added, “I also really like the University of Wisconsin project, because I think simulating medical scenarios could be a really compelling application in here. I’d love to see emergency room simulations, perhaps basic surgery even. In their initial project, we’ve made simulated ‘bio’ scanners with controllable heart rates and a basic API for expanding it. One thing we could do now that I’d like to try soon is an airborne contaminant, or radiation simulation. So that your avatar would develop radiation sickness depending on how much exposure it had. Okay, maybe it’s weird that I think that’s ‘fun’.”

When asked about what he would say to businesses who are considering a presence in the virtual world, Bukowski said, “Hmm...well, I’d tell them to call The Wishfarmers, hah. But I know you’re asking for more terse, immediate hints...;)” Then he continues: “In a nutshell, if I had to put it into a few key concepts: 1) Know what those ‘purposes’ are. Know what you want to achieve, for one thing - and is it something you can even achieve this way? Lest you end up using a hammer to screw in a nail. 2.) Know the community - or as we say on our web site ‘we want you to join it - not strip mine it’. Because flatly, that’s the only way to do it. SL is like a big, giant whacky party - and you can’t just muscle your way into a party and expect people to love you (and that’s what you want, right?). Unlike TV, they don’t have to watch your commercial if they don’t want. You want to be part of the party - do that first, then worry about when you can make your pitch/promo/advert/whatever. And most important of all...3.) Do not replicate the real world just because you can. Most of the time, what we do here in Second Life is more fun than the equivalent in the real world. This is not a coincidence; it’s a fundamental nature of the platform. You come here, you expect to enjoy yourself. Billboards, for example, are not fun - and you won’t play with them in here. Either someone makes a billboard that is somehow fun (unlikely, but possible) - or they find another way to engage the audience aside of just repeating what they usually do in the real world.” When it all shakes out, The Wishfarmers will be one of the main conduits for businesses to come into the metaverse and bring their products and concepts to a larger audience which constitutes the residents of Second Life and other virtual worlds. When asked about how the metaverse could be improved, Bukowski had this to add: “I don’t think many share this opinion, but I think it’s just about on course. It’s not the least bit unusual that the public still hasn’t figured out what to make of it yet - it was exactly the same with the web. It’s branching out into open-source (OpenSim) servers (like Apache did) and clients, more uses are being discovered - I think it’s just about on course. I wish LLTM had started out using people’s real names instead, but the architecture is such that we may inevitably be logging in to Second Life with centralized accounts like OpenID or Facebook or who knows what. If anything, I think Linden LabTM could do more to promote it - but if they do nothing, it will still become the first major metaverse node.” With companies such as The Wishfarmers providing services and guiding real life companies into the virtual world with their honesty and experience, Second Life and other virtual worlds will grow by leaps and bounds. A

Live Music

All About Fun

When she first came into Second Life®, Tauri Tigerpaw was looking for distraction and relaxing moments such as lying on the beach under the stars and listening to the sound of the ocean…or surfing. She then found out that she could perform live in SL™, mixing two passions that grew with her since her childhood: music and surf. Even being in SL as a musician and an editor of SurfWatch

magazine, Tauri carries out her responsibilities in a funny way of living the virtual world - a condition that matches her light stance towards her songs. “All about love” is how she defines her musical repertoire, no matter what style or artist, as long as it is about love. Tauri regularly plays in places like the SurfSide Hideaway, Club Visiwa, Nancy Blake’s (for Project Children), Ally B’s and more recently


the Secret Passion. Right now she’s working on a RL recording project of originals, but she prefers keeping it smoothly on the ‘Gods’ secrets’….

AVENUE MAGAZINE: Tauri, can you describe your “ah ha” moment when you first knew that you could perform live concerts in SL?

Written by Kleo Gomes Photography by Blaz Halfpint

Tauri Tigerpaw: Sure! I know the exact moment. I was at a party and I heard someone there playing guitar and singing - just in voice, not in the stream - so the quality wasn’t the best and you had to get close to hear him. He had been hired as the entertainment. So I was hit two-fold: I could perform in SL (which I do in RL), and I could earn money doing it! The most compelling was being

able to perform. In RL, I mostly perform with a full 5 piece band. The guys have a really clear idea of the kind of music they want to do, and it’s mostly NOT mushy love songs (lol). So being able to perform whatever I felt like in SL gave me such creative freedom.

AM: Technical issues can be a problem in performing live on SL. What was the hardest part you had to learn when you first started to stream live music in SL? TT: I was lucky because I asked other amazing SL musicians who were very generous with their time and expertise - people like Tone Uriza, Digby Smalls, KevinMThomas Carpool...they all advised me as to what kind of mixer they used, the settings they used, downloading the streaming software, and really, the technical side of things is the hard part

of performing in SL. Sometimes the stream goes down...internet access is lost...the venue owner doesn’t show up to put you into the stream...

AM: On the other hand, what are the advantages, for you, of performing live in SL? TT: Well, I can sing in my PJs, I don’t have to load and tear down all my equipment, I don’t have drunks hitting on me...well...maybe some of these people are drunk, but it’s easier to TP away than get away in a bar! lol And I can sing anything that touches my heart and that I can figure out on my guitar.

AM: You are being heard by people from all over the world. How does it feel to have contact with such different audiences from a cultural point of view?

TT: The exposure has been great! I’m not one of

AM: Are you the kind of person who likes to act in a

those looking to cross over SL and RL - I may never tell anyone in SL when my CD comes out - but the chance to see how different people respond to your music in this environment is an opportunity hard to match anywhere else.

small and comfy place (“tequila bars”, for instance) rather than a big production stage? TT: Well, other than liking belly shots of tequila (lol), I like to joke with the audience and interact with them and get to know them. When I can see the people at my shows and hear what they’re saying and get to talk to them while I’m performing, then we make more of a connection and the show is definitely more fun for me and I think for my audience, too.

AM: Do you define yourself as a ‘romantic’ musician? What inspires you? TT: I’m a voice person, so while I can appreciate instrument skill and love the sound of the guitar handled by someone who can really play - it’s the voice that will draw me, voices like Colbie Caillait, John Meyer, Sara Bareille, Linda Ronstadt, Keb Mo, Tori Amos, Fergie…and in SL, Tone Uriza and Nonge Shipman.

AM: How do you define your interaction on stage with your audience? TT: Honestly, I define it as moments of pure fun. There have been so many gigs where the crowd would have me laughing so hard, I would be crying

and forgetting the words and making lyrics up... I’ve been having so much fun doing music in SL. I can say when the crowd starts singing along with me, or my dogs start howling backup vocals, or some friends jump on stage and play guitar or dance back up‌ those times are so much fun!


Club of the Month


experience is the new reality Written By Roland Zepp Photography By Blaz Halfpint

If Mesopotamia is the cradle of civilization, then the Mediterranean must be its bath tub. For over two thousand years, flotillas have plied the blue waters of the Mediterranean. From the Greeks and Phoenicians to the Carthaginians and Romans, wooden decks and soaring sails have given grace and texture to the seafarers over the centuries. Those themes of wood and sail have been reborn at the latest incarnation of V-Spirit, a jazz club located on ITLAND and floating on the vast SL™ seas. The new V-Spirit occupies the southwest corner of ITLAND sim and acts as a cornerstone for an extensive archipelago of regions of shops, residences, and entertainment venues. Colpo Wexler and the team from Digital Cult have created a marvelously detailed jazz club consisting of wooden platforms, steel spars, and arching sail-like panels that give the club a shape and texture inspired by the sea-going tradition. Excellent use of detail in the struts and spars, the organic elements of stone, palm, and sand, and the repeated motif of the decking creates a magical space in which to dance, chat, or just listen to some of the smoothest jazz on the grid. AVENUE Magazine had a chance to speak with Colpo Wexler, the new club’s builder. He indicated that the club itself had been inspired by a YouTube video entitled “Prometeus - The Media Revolution”, which documents the history of a future of media. The video producers propose a future of the virtual world which includes V-Spirit, a kind of hyper-reality where people experience those things which may be denied to them now. It’s a fanciful and well constructed look at the future of media and serves as the organizing motif for the V-Spirit Jazz Club and the entire ITLAND archipelago.

Colpo Wexler rests between tasks at the V-Spirit Bar

Digital Cult provided much of the building material for the entire region, not just V-Spirit. Their design owes much to the contemporary schools of Italian Modern style with nods to Duilio Damilano in the severe lines and open spaces of the surrounding shops and plazas. Their use of telescoping rods as spars to hold the soaring arches of the club’s roof, as well as the more mundane canopies and umbrellas scattered across the conversational pits, provides a unifying detail that helps blend the entire space into a coherent whole. The club itself is very well appointed with dance balls for men and women as well as a stage for both musicians and DJ. Several pairs of dance balls provide a more intimate dance experience, while the well appointed bar provides a great backdrop for gathering and chatting. When you’re tired of the crowd, you can still enjoy the ambiance of the club by retiring to one of several conversation areas scattered at the periphery of the club, which provide some respite while keeping you near. The club is poised and ready to explode onto the grid with a new, smooth, and sexy jazz scene where Italian Modern is the theme and Italian fashion is always in style. Slip into something stylish and join the crowd today at V-Spirit – where experience is the new reality. SLURL: Prometeus Link:


DJ of the Month


In t


Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Vera Canning


I must admit that nothing gets me going

Today, house music is worldwide and is

like the high tempo, electronic beats and

considered to be one of the most popular

psychedelic bass lines associated with house

forms of dance music.

music. This infectious

This incredible music form is quite versatile

and chic form of music

and has a way of drawing true music lovers

originated in Chicago,

in. Let it be known that it takes a special



DJ to play house music, and AVENUE’s DJ of

decades ago and quickly

the Month, Blade Unsustainable is a perfect






U.S. cities like Detroit,

He’s the type of DJ who can rock a house party,

New York, and Miami

move crowds, and leave you wanting house

before making its way

music all night long. Here’s your opportunity

to Europe and beyond.

to learn more about this talented DJ.

Imani Enzo: Hi Blade. Congratulations and

followers who are true lovers of music,

thank you for taking the time to allow our

especially house music. A typical Blade

readers to learn a little more about you. Let’s

Unsustainable event involves good music,

start with you telling us about your start in

good people, and good fun!

SL™ and as a DJ.

I.E.: Which genre of music do you enjoy

Blade Unsustainable: A few years ago, a

playing most?

friend persuaded me to join. I must admit

B.U.: Music today isn’t what it used to be.

that SL wasn’t well known or much fun when

It is constantly evolving but not always for

I joined, but I did like exploring. After a

the best. I’m a lover of good music. I enjoy

brief stint on an army squad of griefers, I got

playing house, Deep house, and deep soulful

serious about DJing and started the “Blade

house music because they evoke so much

Era”. Things took off for me after I was hired

feeling. I also like playing soul, R & B, and

on as a DJ at the new club of a couple I met

conscious hip hop because they serve as the

in 2006. I’ve been going strong ever since.

foundation of my music understanding.

I.E.: What sets you apart from other SL DJs?

I.E.: What is it that draws you to house music?

What makes Blade Unsustainable unique?

B.U.: I am a “house head” forever! To me,

B.U.: I think what makes me unique is the

no other genre of music is as seductive as

fact that I am a soulful DJ who loves and is

house. I can’t quite explain it, but I feel it.

passionate about what I do in RL and SL. I give

True lovers of house music appreciate the

100% to anything that I find myself involved

skill, artistry, blending, and styles that go

in or connected to. I take my work seriously.

into track production and mixing.

If I didn’t I couldn’t do it.

I.E.: What would you say is the difference

I.E.: Tell us about your target audience. Also,

between house music and deep house?

what goes on at a typical Blade Unsustainable

B.U.: Deep house is one of many subgenres


of house music. It’s catchy and has a raw and

B.U.: Anyone who loves real good music is a

soulful feel. It often incorporates hip-hop,

member of my target audience. Obviously, I

R&B, or classic jazz samples with the funky and

can’t capture everyone, but I try and gain

infectious rhythms associated with house music.

I.E.: Who or what has contributed most to your success as a DJ? B.U.: Without a doubt, it’s my wife Nina. It’s great having a woman that can handle the pressures of both RL and SL. I.E.: If your life was a soundtrack, what would the name of it be? Also, list a song that would be included on it. Why? B.U.: I’d probably call it The Journey because that’s what life is. While I can’t decide on a particular song, I’d have to say there would have to be at least one by Michael Jackson. I.E.: How difficult is it to succeed as a DJ in SL? What advice would you offer new DJs? B.U.: You will be successful if you be yourself and have fun. I.E.: What do you do for fun in SL? B.U.: I spend time with my better half and check out other DJs. I.E.: Ok, one last question, where can our readers find Blade Unsustainable? B.U.: I play weekly events at places like Anjuna. However, the easiest way to find me is to join the Blade Live group. I.E.: Thanks Blade! B.U.: My pleasure.


Media Mojo

Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Trinidad Anatine

The New The Late Show Host

Numbers Rossini

Numbers Rossini is one active and interesting

and, once he was rezzed, greeted him.

avatar. He makes motorcycles, does wrestling,

“SL sucks today,” Numbers said, addressing the

and was part of Second Life’s® reality show ‘I

couple of difficulties we both had that day.

Wanna be a Celebrity’, as the show’s irreverent,

“Trini told me you guys know each other way

macho, funny guy. Nowadays, Mr. Rossini can add

back...” I started once things started to look

‘late show host’ to his profile, as Metaverse TV’s

rezzed for me.

head Robustus Hax got him on board to take over

“Well, I forgot until yesterday, she did a photo of

‘The Late Show’, the virtual talk show that started

me ages ago,” he said, while I laughed out loud

with Angelico Babii as its host.

and told him that Trini told me about it. I sat down

I teleported into his office and motorcyle shop

and waited until he gave me a go ahead to start.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just on this laptop playing

For Numbers, Second Life “gets better all the time,

Second Life while we interview...:D”

new things to see, do, and create”. Ever since he

And so we started. We chatted about how we were

rezzed in-world in 2007, it has been a fascinating

rezzed in the same year and how things have been

ride for him.

busy for him ever since he started with Second

“What other venue offers so many choices and

Life, yet with all the things he is now involved

options that are as simple as clicking a mouse. It’s

with, he still has free time to spend with someone

why SL™ appeals to so many people; it’s an alien


planet really, and we’ve barely begun to tap its

“It’s always nice to have friends to hangout with,”


I said, and he winked, saying, “Lovers too.”

Some people in Second Life would take longer to

do what he has done, and I told him about how lucky he is to be able to experience Second Life in a different way. For instance, not everyone can host a show nor can be part of a cast of a SL reality show. “Well, people can play and grow at their own pace here, but I’ve been fortunate to be in some right places at the right time,” he said. “So, how did you get to have your own show?” I asked. “Well, after I was on Celebrity, it so happened that Angelico, the previous host went on to other things. Rob Hax asked me if I wanted to take on the job. I immediately said yes... apparently he wasn’t as funny as I am,” he said and shrugged. “How was it so far, with you doing the show?” I asked. “I suppose that’s a question better left to the fans, if there are any,” he said. Five episodes on the show, Numbers has interviewed personalities and groups such as the Star Trek fans who roleplay in Second Life, talented business

people can play and grow at their own pace here, but I’ve been fortunate to be in some right places at the right time

personalities, and celebrities who once upon a time shared face time with him on ‘I Wanna be a Celebrity’. Tagging along to help him in his quest to “become the most famous man in Second Life” is his sidekick, the lovely Tawny Dinzeo, who in his own words has “been hard at work”.

“The episode with Star Trek was the most fun

for honesty like that, and if I want my ass kissed I’ll

we’ve done,” he said.

run for office.”

But, as he discloses, avatars roleplaying in Second

For Numbers, it’s important not to be hypocritical

Life will not be the only topic he is planning to

and not to take everything so seriously. “We have a

feature on the show. “We are working on getting

neat little piece of technology called the X button if

a few RL celebrities onto the show in the near

they don’t like what’s being presented, but they’ll

future, something hardly anyone has managed to

watch anyway to see what I’m gonna do next.”

do yet,” he shared.

It’s going to be interesting, as he fills me in without

“Who else is helping you on the show, apart from

going into the exact details.

your co-host?” I inquired.

“We will be doing a 4 or 5 part series on taking

“Lucy Eberhart, the winner of Celebrity, is the

‘Romantically Challenged Men’ and turning them

producer; she’s well connected and is a big part of

into ladies’ men, helping them gain the skills to

making the things happen that need to happen for

get the girl both in RL and SL. Gonna be one of the

the show to go off,” he answered.

best and most charitable things we’ve ever done.”

“I pride myself on not being standard,” he went

I laughed and thought about the many men I have

on, noting that ‘I Wanna be a Celebrity’ has helped

met who could use a skill or two in wooing women

him in doing the show.

in SL.

With him, the show has great potential. As he gets

“I bet you’re the total ladies’ man,” I kidded. With

comfortable doing the show, Numbers will be sure

that, Numbers could only say with a wink:

to provide an entertaining show that is sure to

“No comment.”

make us smile and laugh.

Then he suddenly said, “Is that an Angelina Jolie

According to Numbers, his comedy style is “Dennis


Leary meets Andrew Dice Clay meets Jon Stewart”,

He must have meant my avatar, so I laughed out

an interesting mix of comedians known for their


direct and frank sense of humor.

“No I’m serious lol, it’s not a line, looked like one

“Mostly I’m not interested in holding back; if I

as there are so many in SL. I keep trying to buy

wanna say it I will. People don’t like it because

her lips on eBay. No luck yet,” he explained, as I

they are too sensitive, then so be it; you can’t pay

pondered on changing my skin, yet again.


Moving Images

Colemarie soleil “The Birdgirl” ColeMarie Soleil came to Second Life® after seeing an article on about a virtual realm in which one could make fantasy creatures. About a year later, in what started as a joke, she made her first machinima. I had the honor of sitting down with ColeMarie to discuss her work.

Written by Carissa Sockington Photography by Aleida Rhode

CS : How did you come to be involved in machinima? ColeMarie: It started as a joke. I wasn’t serious. I was tired of whiny emo goth kids in SLTM running around telling me about how horrible their lives were, so I wrote a song to make fun of them and I needed some visuals to go with it. It was just a parody song. I had no idea it would get as much response as it did. CS: Where do your ideas for your movies come from? ColeMarie: I don’t think you can group them all into one idea. That’s like asking where did you come up with the idea for an album all at once. I think every video is different. For me, my videos are cathartic for me. I base them on whatever I am feeling or going through in my life. At least, I’ll try and turn them into visuals and sounds that sort of mirror my moods. A lot of the times there are hidden stories in them that you’d never pick up on if you did not know me. CS: Let’s talk about “Ice Girl”. ColeMarie: The “Ice Girl” is actually one of my most personal. Set design/ particles/costuming are 90% all my own designs. The video had to do with my personal relationships and how I feel like people are always looking for something comfortable and safe and they cling to me because I am good at taking care of people, and then, in the end, they realize they are looking for something and it’s not me. I got angry and hurt and instead of lashing out at people, I turned it on myself and that is what that is about. That sort of explains how a lot of my videos have hidden meanings. That’s one. CS: What about “My Friends are Robots”? Was there a RL experience that led you to create that? ColeMarie: “My Friends are Robots” is the story of my SL retold in poetry. It’s what I see SL as in my own experience of it. “My friends are robots, and makebelieve heroes, get in line...” It’s pretty black and white. When I talk about being a “birdgirl, immersed in poetry”, I am just referring to the song I wrote called “The Birdgirl” in which I am talking about the birdgirl being a part of my personality. The Immersion part is obvious. I was just talking about being immersed here in Immersiva which is where I filmed it. It’s why I wrote that.

“I think that’s what makes me different. It’s all actually pretty personal. I’m not really making up stories so much as I’m making stories to cover the real stories.”

CS: Why do you see yourself as a Birdgirl? ColeMarie: Was a reference to my friend Four Yip’s “Yips a bird” outfit where it turns me into a bird girl. When I was extremely suicidal for two weeks, like very seriously not well, I wore the outfit because somehow it made me feel better. I change so many, many times during the day in SL, but the birdgirl outfit is one I feel comfortable in for some reason.... I stayed in it during that really bad period, and I don’t really know why but it made me feel better. Sounds weird but it’s true. CS: “Breathe with Me”? ColeMarie: Oh that’s a more obvious one. I was really, really angry one day. I knew the person who had made me angry did not mean it and I did not want to fight with them because I don’t enjoy fighting with people. So, I took my anger out on a video because it gave me something constructive to do so I wasn’t destructive. That’s why it has the look/energy/feel it has. CS: I sensed that when I was watching it. ColeMarie: Yeah I could have beat the life out of someone that day sooooo machinima was a better idea. It is all out of whack and confusing; it wasn’t like a good state of mind and I didn’t care about it looking “right”. That’s why to me the important stuff isn’t how I did things, it’s why I made them. Like Bryn’s work, her stuff is just prims but with reason/ narratives/’s more than most things here. That’s the difference between longevity and “pretty”. CS: The depth of your work, not the materials. ColeMarie: Yeah, I think that’s what makes me different. It’s all actually pretty personal. I’m not really making up stories so much as I’m making stories to cover the real stories. A

through night and day and in and out of weeks and almost over a year to



the wild


artwork Š Nur Moo


artwork Š Nevery Lorakeet

artwork Š Del May

artwork Š Liisi Karfield

artwork Š Lainy Voom

artwork Š Josie Anderton

artwork Š faeriehax


Featured Artist


Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint

A Driving Force in SL™ Fine Arts


here are many artists in Second LifeÂŽ who are performers and artists in the truest sense of the word. A lot

of artists have attempted to make Second Life their virtual canvas, either by importing their RL art into SL or by manipulating prims and using scripts to make fantastic art that is impossible to create in the real world. DanCoyote Antonelli, better known as DC Spensley in Real Life, does the latter and is the pioneer in that category. His stay in Second Life has brought upon exploratory efforts in SL performance art such as The ZeroG SkyDancers. The group, led by Antonelli, brought upon the fluid use of color and shapes

in which the performance is choreographed as though it were a production of the Bolshoi or Kirov ballet, or to more Western audiences, the New York City Ballet choreographed by George Balanchine. The






performance art in the metaverse in 2006 when the performance was exhibited at the ZERO1 Biennial at the San Jose Museum of Art. The ZERO1 Biennial was the largest and the most critically relevant exhibition on the West Coast according to Antonelli. The SkyDancers have performed at the opening of the IBM sims in-world and at the San Jose Museum of Art. In March of 2009, DanCoyote Antonelli and Filthy Fluno were featured in the New York Times Sunday magazine, which gave a very complimentary article about the art community in Second Life. He was also featured on the Art21 program on the Public Broadcast System in the United States. “SL artists are starting to exhibit at festivals all over the world like Ars Electronica, where I won an architecture award,” Antonelli said. “Generally my work breaks down into three categories: exhibited artworks, performance work, and theory,” Antonelli said. This theory is based on formalist abstraction in the hyper

medium which is the metaverse. Antonelli explained that the hyperformalist theory informs the exhibited artworks, and that they fall into two categories: the massively large sculptural works and the reactive and reflexive which he calls social sculpture. “The exhibited works and concepts get folded into the performance stage sets for the ZeroG SkyDancers,” Antonelli added. The performance itself blends into the selected artworks which inhabit the stage sets that are based on the audio and reactive technology environments which spring from the successes of the exhibited artworks. When one views Antonelli’s work for the first time, be prepared to leave one’s preconceived ideas of art and what it should look like at the door. His sculptures in the artistic plane that the metaverse provides bring the viewer into the sculpture and heighten the senses. One’s sense of form and grace are heightened as the visual of the shapes and colors reach out to the viewer as he or she is immersed in the sculpture and is transformed by the beauty and the form of each sculpture. It is no accident that such rich artwork finds its way into the performances of the SkyDancers.

More info As this issue goes to press, The ZeroG SkyDancers

Also, there is a blended performance where the

will be preparing for their newly redesigned

SkyDancers appeared with Howard Rheingold

performance since the Let Love Live or L3

and Suzanne Vega, and it can be viewed here:

SkyDance that was released on January 29th, 2009.

The debut will be in March and will be covered


on AVENUE’s blog at http://avenuemagazine.

The Sudo Groundside Flock can be viewed at this location on the Sudo sim:

To see two of the performances of the ZeroG

SkyDancers that have been posted to YouTube, click here

The New Cubes series can be viewed at this

gT0YDAkec and here





about the performance is original down to the costumes and musical score. “The SkyDancers have been compared to Cirque du Soleil by Pathfinder Linden,” Antonelli went on record as saying and is backed by Larry Pixel (Dr. Larry Johnson in RL), the CEO of the New Media Consortium or NMC. Not only is the NMC one of Antonelli’s largest and most involved patrons, they have along with Antonelli raised the bar in the fine arts to the level where in time the SkyDancers will be presented in famous museums such as the Tate Gallery in London, the Guggenheim Museum of Art in New York, or the San Francisco MoMa, which has been Antonelli’s goal since his arrival in-world The New Cubes series of sculptures do just

on April 19th, 2006.

that... bring the viewer into the sculptures

DanCoyote Antonelli is a pioneer and an artist

and bring to each viewer a unique experience

who transcends virtual and real worlds. In order

of what the form of their existence is within

to truly know and appreciate SL’s art scene,

the frame of the sculpture.

one must explore and get to know Antonelli’s

Antonelli exhibits works on the grid at various

work and how it has influenced Second Life.

sims such as the Sudo sim and the NMC sims

The Second Life art scene’s roots can be traced

in-world, takes what is appropriate for each

back to people like him who are able to use

performance, and the performance is scripted

Second Life as a space for their creativity and

accordingly. Above the sets, there is a team

exploration of new concepts and ideas. What

of performers that have been with Antonelli

cannot be achieved on canvas, Antonelli was

since 2006. They learn the new choreography

able to achieve with his craft and The ZeroG

required for each new performance. Everything




AVENUE Magazine March 2010