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Publisher’s Note AVENUE Magazine is half a year old and this is our 6th issue yet and I can certainly vouch on behalf of the whole team that life is never boring at AVENUE. Our last issue received such a great response from readers and advertisers alike that we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your encouragement in this labour of love we put in every month. We would like to invite you to make this magazine yours and participate in our newly created contests and promotions. This month we announce the winner for our ongoing sponsored contest for INSOLENCE’S Photography contest where the top winner walks away with L$10,000 and have their work featured here. Under our Dorian Day Spa feature, 3 lucky winners stand a chance to win some great spa packages worth a total of L$ 8,500. So don’t just sit there, get involved and win some great prizes for yourself. With the coming of Spring, we look forward to new chapters of stories, adventures and experiences together. And we have some exciting new additions for you in our upcoming April issue. Does it get any better? A resounding yes! Watch out for our introduction to Dear Miss Diva in this issue where we have the star of the TV series DIVAS “speaking” for the first time. Find out what she has to say and we hope to be hearing from you by sending those letters in to her in this month. Let’s dialogue, participate and engage! :)

Rusch Raymaker Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE

Editor’s Note What, you mean it’s March already? LOL! Welcome to another issue of AVENUE, where Second Life is at its most dazzling, ingenious, and creative! Here at AVENUE we strive to feature those who work hard to innovate and create in Second Life, and at the same time help you discover something new. Every month, we powwow to think of what we can do to present SL the best way we can. We want YOU to help us with your ideas! Get your thinking cap and picking out the best and undiscovered places that you would like to see featured! Second Life has a lot of hidden gems, people and undiscovered activities that will continue to awe us, so send us an email at and tell us who they are, what it is, and where we can go. Second Life media has been on the rise with concepts, old and new. There’s Metanomics, a show about the business and economic side of Second Life. We sat in on an actual taping of the show and give you a sneak peak on what goes on a live show. Beyers Sellers, the host of the show gives an analysis that is accessible and intelligent. Then there’s I WANNABE A CELEBRITY, a unique reality show hosted by Trinity Serpentine. We sat down with her and she gave a lowdown on her background and you will see why she makes a great host for this show. There’s plenty more in these pages, and considering that we had a REALLY short month to produce this magazine. We truly hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please don’t hesitate to send us some love! Have a great SL!

Isadora Fiddlesticks Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE


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Angelic Adventures Featuring apparel by Angel Dessous

Photographed by Phaylen Fairchild

Featuring AVENUE Models:

Ivyana Szondi Saj Zenovka Summer Deadlight ZoeAnastasia Aeon

Ivyana | Joyce Gold

Left to Right: Ivyana | Frances in Red Saj | Pleasure Lingerie in Green

Summer | Suzy in Red/Gold

The Shopaholic Chronicles Written and photographed by Takeshi Kiama

I am knackered. Well and truly worn out from running about the grid. I never thought I’d say it but no more shopping! For at least a week anyway. Alright maybe a few days. Still the sales abounded for men on the grid with everyone getting in on the act. Unless you were under a rock, you’d have heard of the VAIN INC. “Get Kissed” grid wide hunt as well as the “The Greatest Love” hunt. Both had loads of freebies with top names like Belleza and MAD taking part. However the hunts didn’t have everything a kitty wants. I was delighted to hear that aC Designs by Cheerno Destiny was offering up spring time versions of a few of his outfits. He reworked his popular designs ‘Winter Kid Blue’ and ‘Sweet Guy’ into pink versions for Valentines. There was the added bonus of receiving a 500L giftcard with the purchase of one set. And yes you can attach more than one and it will deduct properly.

Aoharu had on offer by way of a group gift, a silky shirt called “KissMark” in white with red kisses all over it. Of course, a guy has to have shoes so I dropped in on Jeepers Creepers. I think I did squeal like a girl when I saw that all shoes with red or blood in the title were 50% off which enabled me to grab some that I hadn’t been able to afford before. The Toltec, Sebastian and others were reduced from 300L to 175L. Still the best in an SL dominated by sculpties. I have a fondness for JCS since the old teleporting with your shoes in your butt days.

I toted my booty back to my cave and triumphantly howled to the moon. Well, not quite. But I was a happy boy all week!







Trend Report

Written, Modeled, Styled and Photographed by Vixie Rayna

Vintage Charm This season is all about personal style with classic inspirations and modern twists.

1. Hair - Maitreya - Piper II in Walnut 2. Dress – Ivalde – Freydis in Brown 3. Shoes – Tesla – Marie in Chocolate Caramel 4. Cart – iTuTu - Flower Cart 5. Hand Bags – Baiastice – 2009 Crocodile in Brown and Gold

ABISS houses can best be described as contemporary, in the true architectural sense. Like a well planned essay, each unfolds precisely to reveal a series of clearly defined indoor and outdoor spaces. What is remarkable is the intelligent composition of the homes, with primary movement zones or ‘public’ spaces and ‘private’ spaces, such as bedrooms, woven together to form a poetic series of interlocking zones. In addition, Bonetto forms a strong connection between the indoors and outdoors by using decks, balconies, and ‘outdoor rooms’ to reinforce and mark a point of tension. “I love to mix styles, so sometimes I’ll add classic details, such as a fireplace, to a contemporary build. And of course, I love to play with light and textures,” she says.

Although she uses materials that are familiar, such as glass, timber and concrete, Bonetto’s use of textures is quite unique. Their placement and the way in which she uses light as a contrasting interplay with shadow, adds interest at every turn. “I guess many designers usually ‘play’ with shadows, I like to do the opposite by playing with light. I always try to do something new and unique in every new build. I really like the last one I completed, the ‘Triomino’ house. I like the light in that. In fact, I’d like to live in a house like that in real life.” ABISS homes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are extremely well appointed and have been constructed with longevity in mind. “Most of my homes are big because residents seem to like the space. I also

think it’s easier to manipulate a camera in larger rooms. We also decorate interiors so we offer ‘home and furniture’ packages to clients if they wish.” The exteriors of ABISS homes range from those featuring the rich, warm browns of timbers to the cool, clean lines of rendered off-white concrete. At least two appear to use a creamy Travertine-like marble texture to great effect. All homes feature well executed exterior glazing and many incorporate swimming pools. It’s pleasing to add that the ABISS pools sit well within the context of the home, unlike some builders who find it necessary to add ‘bells and whistles’ such as over-the-top and tacky water features. The homes are luxurious with space underpinning design on every level. Scale and proportion can be a problem in SL, with many good builders still getting

this wrong, but Bonetto’s sense of scale is both accurate and comfortable. Although her homes are large they are not overbearing as with some homes in Second Life. What is also interesting is the way in which she has incorporated clever design details that slowly reveal themselves in each build. This is the case with Bonetto’s own home in Second Life, the ‘Triomino’, as mentioned above, which is glazed on the front elevation, essentially ‘framing’ the view outside as an artwork. The use of such sculptural elements is a feature in all her work and is likely to continue to be. “I always wanted to do something like this in real life but somehow I went in a different direction. SL allows me to do what I love. I’ve already started on some new and exciting projects this year,” Bonetto states enthusiastically. (ABISS homes and furniture: 192, 166, 22)


RacerX Gullwing He was kind enough to let me try to run a lap on the track, athough for a first time racer such as me, the giant snail avatar was like driving a tank or a similar tracked vehicle for the first time. I was bumping into everything because I couldn’t see behind me and I couldn’t get onto the track, and I must admit that I need much more practice before I am proficient in the ways of the Giant Snail. One can catch the races at one of the racing sims on Saturdays at 11:00 am SLT and televised on SLCN-TV for a wider viewing audience. As to whether or not I will don the giant snail avatar

to race again, only time will tell, but I thought that being the Giant Snail on the track, even though it was disorienting at first, was a whole lot of fun that one can have here in SL; right up there with wrestling and auto racing. The Giant Snail Races are open to anyone interested in a form of entertainment and fun that is out of the ordinary and something that is easier than walking in your normal avatar. If one is interested, IM RacerX Gullwing and see if Giant Snail racing is for you. Once you make it down the track, you will have a rush that you can only get from winning at something very special. A

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Machinima of the Month:

Sad Machinima Always Make Me Cry Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Blaz Halfpint

This video is meant for couples; it is sad and romantic, and so not meant to be viewed alone. It was a good thing I did not watch this on Valentine’s Day or the tears would have started falling. Lainy Voom’s video, simply titled ‘Fall’, is a graceful and aesthetically pleasing short machinima that portrays a woman falling off a cliff in order to meet with her love in paradise. The overall sadness and bittersweet moments were made more dramatic by the slow and melancholic sound of the cello. It is one of Lainy’s best videos to date. It left me very impressed and pushed me to pursue her for an interview. After chasing her back and forth, deluging her with emails and waiting breathlessly for her reply, AVENUE finally received the news that Second Life’s most talented director would do an interview.

Isadora Fiddlesticks: What brings you to Second Life? How did you discover it? Lainy Voom: A friend recommended Second Life to me in early 2006. I tried at that time to run SL but my computer wasn’t up to it, it wasn’t until I bought a new one in February 2007 that I could have another try. I have loved it ever since. IF: What was the first thing you did? LV: The first thing I did was change my avatar, which is what I think everyone wants to do? I also danced a lot! After that, I spent the first couple of months exploring all the wonderful sims and builds that SL has. It’s full of some really amazingly creative people. IF: What inspires you to make machinima? LV: There are several reasons. I’m fairly quiet in person and find it difficult sometimes to find the words to say what I mean, but with machinima I find that I have a voice and can express thoughts and ideas, and communicate to others in a way that I can’t do verbally. New media also means that it can be communicated to lots of people at one

time, instead of just a classroom. I’m also inspired by the things around me; cinema, TV, painting, other internet artists, writers. IF: Who created the story for ‘Fall’? Where did you get the imagery and the idea? LV: There was no story for ‘Fall’. It started off with playing with the idea of the woman character and the umbrella and then working intuitively it began to grow by itself. Finding the fantastic music enabled it to grow further until, like a jigsaw, it fell into place. I work like that often, but it is rare that it ever comes together to make any sense. IF: What difficulties do you encounter while making machinima? What can be done? LV: The main problem with machinima in SL is the lack of any real emotive qualities in the avatar’s face; it just looks really blank; it’s almost impossible to convey real emotion. Apart from that, I think Second Life is one of the best engines to create machinima in. There is no “game” to get in the way of filming, and machinima can be owned by the creator, which isn’t allowed by game companies. IF: What are you going to do next? LV: At the moment I’m working on a 3-part mini-series with release date April, 2009‘ish, but it’s taking some organising.

It was only a year ago when her machinima “The Dumb Man” was nominated for ‘Best Machinima’ at the Bitfilm Festival ( More of Lainy Voom’s video can be viewed here:


AVENUE Magazine March 2009