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JUNE 2011

LaCrima Skins

AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Photo by Ozz Larsson

Rusch Raymaker Publisher AVENUE


ummer is just beaming ‘round the corner and I hope everyone has their shades, flip flops and summer wardrobe to kick off a playful season. It’s time to unwind, chill, have some fun and defrost those plans that you have frozen over the winter. Too often, when we get all caught up in everyday affairs and commitments, we forget to return to the inner child, let loose, and simply have fun for fun’s sake. And there is no better place than Second Life® to explore like a wide-eyed child and run with our imagination and fantasies. Facing off on our cover is LaCrima, the latest smoldering skin to tantalize skin worshippers across the grid. Slip into something new and experience a new you! Dynamic Duo, Kunglers, graces our pages as our Fashion Icons this month, so find out what keeps these ladies of design pushing their creative threshold time and time again. Just as seasons come and go, brands evolve too and so Republic turns into Absolution...savor the sleek chic of their new fashion direction. Fantasies take off from our fashion spreads where we switch up mindsets and roles with Barerose and Ezura. Fellas, we haven’t left you out...check out the uber-cool fantasy styles in AVENUE Homme. All togged up and ready for an adventure? Venture out to Risk City and abandon yourself to an ambience of daydream visions. Set your spirit free and bask in summer sensations.

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Isadora Fiddlesticks Photo by Ozz Larsson

Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE


orking for this magazine really has its ups and downs, but it is consistently rewarding. Most especially when the ones you featured were the not-so-known ones, where after getting some exposure from our magazine, they hit it off and get better in time! I have seen many designers, sims, and businesses thrive on every little piece of exposure that they get from people like us who discover them and write about them. It gives us a feeling that we have done our job well in showcasing Second LifeŽ and its wonders. Our magazine is all about reaching out and moving further. In all our years of publishing, all we did was push the envelope and we hope that we have encouraged you to do the same. Push for better options in fashion and to look for better places to see and do. Here’s to another month full of sizzling fashion, interesting sims, and great events!


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Fashion Spread Absolution

AVENUE Magazine June 2011 cover Featuring LaCrima Skins’ Sarah Saphir Photographer Strawberry Singh


Fashion Spread Bare Rose


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AVENUE | Cover Story


Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Annough Lykin Modeled by Sarai Saphir, Annough Lykin and Jesika Contepomi

Bringing grace & beauty to every woman


very woman should be comfortable in the skin that she’s in…and this time we mean it literally. In Second Life®, your look is not complete without just the right skin. Your hair can be flawless, your outfit can be meticulous, and your shoes from the top designer on the grid…but with the wrong skin, you are just another bland avatar blending in with the rest of the crowd. But, when you stop accepting mediocrity and you are ready to take your look to the next level, there is only one name you need to know: LaCrima. The brainchild of Sarai Saphir, LaCrima Skins offers the highest quality skins available in SL™, and the sexiest looks available to women across the grid. Creating skins since 2007, Saphir took her desire to do more with her creativity than processing high quality images in Photoshop to another level by trying her hand at creating sexy new looks for women. Since then, she’s put nothing but love and care into each and every creation, finding inspiration from many sources, including current trends, and making sure she provides what women like to wear. Just created in February 2011, LaCrima has come such a long way in such a short time, already gaining a reputation for exquisite, high quality skins and excellent customer service. The name of the brand, LaCrima, comes from the Italian language. “Lacrima” in Italian means “tear” (as in a teardrop). While the word itself does not specifically

apply to the brand, Saphir explains that the name itself makes one think of “grace and beauty,” two words that apply doubly to the brand. The skins themselves offer an array of beauty to fit just about every woman in SL. With different shades and hues to match everyone’s tastes, LaCrima offers the kind of assortment that’s been direly needed in the skin industry. However, Saphir does explain that after creating and releasing a line, she regularly needs time to recuperate and replenish in order to keep providing the level of quality and beauty that fans of the brand have come to expect. “I create new skin lines depending on my personal constitution. If I feel bad, I take a break. Of course, I try as often as possible to publish new skin lines, but I need as much time to recuperate and replenish it with new force.” Saphir continues on to add that she does not make promises that she can’t keep when it comes to her releases. “I’m trying, of course, always taking on new challenges. But first I don´t want to announce anything and promise. It will therefore always be a surprise for myself,” Saphir shared when asked about any new releases, and what we can expect to see happen in 2011. And while fans may be anxious to see what comes next, we can all appreciate the care and time that goes into each skin from LaCrima, so it’s understandable that in order to keep getting the quality we know and love, a little break will always be necessary.

While not a woman of many words, Saphir is definitely a woman with a positive attitude and a friendly personality. She doesn’t often share a lot about her Second Life, because as she puts it, it’s her “own personal keepsake.” Yet, in her case, she doesn’t need to speak much more, as her skins speak volumes for her dedication, passion and drive to create beauty in SL. It’s clear that Saphir lives what a wise man once surmised: “if your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” To find your next stunning look, stop by the *LaCrima* Mainstore in-world at Kanya [104.44.26]. A

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

Dynamic The Kungler Sis ters u o

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Diconay Boa


vaGardner and Barbra Kungler have been a part of the Second Life™ scene since 2007. What started as a career in camping for fashion led to a desire to take fashion to the next level. Putting together both their eye for fashion and their first life skills, the Kungler sisters took the fashion world by storm as they brought double the talent and double the creative energy to an industry plagued by singularity. This month, these Fashion Icons give us a little taste of how these sisters are taking over the fashion world, one outfit at a time.

Sensuous Soulstar: Congratulations on your selection as this month’s Fashion Icons! Kunglers is definitely well overdue. Let’s just jump right into it: how long have you two been involved in the fashion industry? AvaGardner Kungler: I have been involved with fashion in SL™ since late 2007, and it was kind of a way to pass the time since jumping from sim to sim was no longer fun. As I had some experience with drawing tools and always worked with fashion, though not as a designer in RL, I thought it would be interesting to see how my love for fashion would be transferred to the virtual world. Barbra Kungler: Well, in my RL, I´m a graphic designer, and I’ve loved fashion since I was a child. When I first came to SL in June of 2007, I never thought that it would happen, being a fashion designer. Ava and I started “camping” to get some Lindens™ to buy clothes as we only had the free stuff. And with the idea of learning more about designing clothes to take us to another level, we started creating our own clothes, and our friends encouraged us to get a shop and sell our creations. This was the beginning of Kunglers.

"each one of us follows our own instinct and idea...the result is always our particular vision”

SS: Now before I get into more questions about your brand, give the readers a little insight into what it’s like working together as sisters. What led you two decide to design together? When you design, do you work together on the same ideas, or do you each have a different focus? BK: Ava and I are very close as sisters, but we’ve never worked together before. The idea of ​​creating a brand and developing our clothes always worked together since we can reconcile our tastes and each one creates the style we like. In the end, this mix became Kunglers. AK: It has been great working with Barbra since we have different professions in RL. Working together was a way to connect with each other by sharing the same passion for fashion. It actually unites us very much. Our point of view is generally alike, but when it comes to designing, each one of us follows our own instinct and idea. When we decide to release an entire collection, we chat about what line to follow, the main colors, and after that, each one of us executes half of the pieces for the collection. But usually, we just release clothes out of a collection and the result is always our particular vision. This has all helped to create a wide variety of clothing in our store, for which we are known.

AvaGardner Kungler

Barbra Kungler

"Fashion is a form of expression...”

SS: Now as the Fashion Icons, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask about your definition of “fashion” and what makes for truly iconic fashion, so what do you consider real fashion?

SS: Where do you pull inspiration for your designs? Do you model your pieces after RL, or do you stick to strictly whatever your imagination comes up with, or a mix of both? Is there a particular line or style that you model your designs after? AK: Generally, I follow my personal tastes; I just design something that I personally would wear in any situation. But unlike RL, I like to let the inspiration and imagination flow more broadly and uncompromisingly. I love nature and its organic shapes, which is where I get 80% of my inspiration, especially when designing jewelry. I also like to follow trends in the fashion world that I think are my style or combine with it. BK: My inspirations come from the real world, as well as some cuts and modeling. I follow a more classic and casual line; I try to create wearable clothes for the day-to-day here, and to meet the needs of my clients and friends in SL.

BK: Fashion is a form of expression, a particular way that each one has to show its behavior in the face of what is beautiful. Matching patterns, colors, textures, trends, and transforming it all into an idea of what you consider beautiful is what makes each of the images for the fashion world. Designing your thoughts, developing a building that will achieve the tastes of others too, pleasing them and making them want to use their ideas to make their lifestyle - this can make you a fashion icon. AK: Talking about today, style and fashion is a great way to express yourself; it’s speaking without using words! Every designer in RL or SL now has their eyes on the best way to show their point of view and style. In this path, it is indispensable to keep the focus on who you really are and always keep in mind that what you do is really for others, and the goal is to make people identify themselves with your style and work. With luck, you can create something that really touches beyond your audience and that, I believe, is what builds a fashion icon.

SS: What should we expect next from Kunglers? Are there new releases slated to come out in the near future, and will there be a focus for the upcoming season or have you recently released anything for the season? AK: Ah yes, there is always something new to be released, at least four new items per month. For the next step, we are planning a new branded Kunglers product, but it still has some time. BK: We always have a new project up our sleeves, and yes, we are already preparing 6 new outfits for the Winter Collection that we will be releasing next September in the Modavia Fashion Week 2011.

SS: I want to thank you for taking the time out for this interview, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? BK: I always tell our friends that Second Life is not just a game. We ended up creating serious commitments and bonds of friendship, as in our real life, that involve ourselves too. But we must also remember that this “virtual world� is a form of entertainment! So enjoy, have fun, and be happy always! AK: Thank you for the invitation; it was a pleasure for me. It may seem corny, but SL is not RL, and everything that is done here in the pixilated world should be done with great fun and honesty. Leave the RL problems to that life. The best advice is to always be who you really are and that everything will end well; everything has its time.

These humble sisters have created some of the most stunning designs on the grid, all while letting their passion for designing shine through. With a mix of clothing and accessories, Kunglers has just the right combination to live up to the motto “a more glamorous Second Life.� Keep up-to-date with the latest releases from Kunglers by visiting their blog at http://kunglers. Or visit their store in-world to see their designs for yourself at Fashionate Island [ 188,189,22 ]


AVENUE | Fashion Spread

Photographed by Annough Lykin Modeled by AVENUE Models Anna Sapphire, Annough Lykin & Ananya Mai

Sleek Chic

Featuring Absolution

//Skin Blossom Fair Waitress //Top Lace Back Tank - Onyx //Pants Dark Jeggings //Shoes Shane Ruffle Heels - Black

//Skin Blossom Fair Simple Peach //Shirt Deep Scoop Back Shirt Gray //Skirt Bette Dotty Skirt //Shoes Knox Boots - Graphite

//Skin Blossom Fair Simple Peach //Top Layla Tube Top Teal //Pants Amplified High Waist Shorts Dark //Shoes Knox Boots - Graphite

//Skin Beatrix Fair Pink //Dress Absolution Ashley Dress Black //Shoes Brooklyn Boots - Pink

//Skin Olivia Fair Cheshire //Dress Love Potion Dress Purple //Shoes Suede Pumps - Eggplant

//Skin Olivia Fair Peach //Dress Blake Dress Pink //Shoes Glitter Flats - Silver


AVENUE | Vignettes

Dancing Queen

Written, Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Strawberry Singh


une 2011 is Second Life®’s 8th birthday. Linden Lab® has quite a bit planned for this event. All the festivities start on June 20th, and will run through June 26th. The theme for this year is “Magic of Second Life,” and I am sure there will be lots of partying involved. I thought I would add to the festivities by creating some party looks to wear to the various events. While I was in a partying/clubbing mood, I figured I would go shoot at some of SL™’s fabulous clubs. Let’s start dancing!

Anytime I think of club wear, the store / erratic / immediately jumps into my mind. / erratic / is full of trendy clothing and accessories for every club-goer. I love the bright colors and versatility of each item. I paired the bright pink top with one of my favorite pair of jeans on the grid at the moment. The jeans are from S H I N E which is a relatively new store. S H I N E has a wide variety of brilliantly sculpted clothing. I headed down to one of SL’s newest and hottest clubs at the moment: Club Nine, a friendly gay nightclub, where the action is at. The decor of the club is probably the best I’ve seen, and why I’ve used it for photography in the past. Club Nine: Club Road [134.181.25].

//Skin PXL, Gaia (Tan) //Hair Truth, Neve (espresso) //Top erratic, katey bustier (hotpink) //Jeans S H I N E, Evie jeans //Shoes A-BOMB, Lavea Studded //Necklace je suis, africain necklace //Bangles je suis, asymetrique bangles //Earrings je suis, precieuse earrings //Nails je suis, naive nails //Pose Diesel Works

I definitely wanted to do a look that was a bit more revealing and sexy. I knew the perfect place to find something like that would be House of Hucci. House of Hucci is the store to visit when you are looking to show a bit of skin. I topped the sexy lace dress off with my favorite big curls from Vanity Hair then I headed down to Woods House Music Club. Woods House Music Club is probably one of the most organized clubs out there with over 100 staff on board and continuous events day and night. What I love most about it is the open roof environment and also the gorgeous wooden dance floor. Woods House Music Club: Eternity [106.167.27].

//Skin PXL, Gaia (Tan) //Hair Vanity Hair, Liberty HP (Nova Black) //Dress House of Hucci, Lace Dress (Rose Dust) //Shoes Pixel Mode, Fae Wedges //Earrings LaGyo, Mohawk earrings //Bracelet Zaara, Vyomini chained bracelet (onyx) //Glasses Ladies who Lunch, Goggle glasses //Nails je suis, naive nails //Pose Diesel Works

I wanted to make sure I included a cute party dress that was colorful and fun. I love this one from Chantkare, which is actually a marketplace exclusive for a terrific price. I adore the earthy colors of the flowers and the print. Chantkare has some interesting designs with a focus on excellent sculpt work. I headed down to Beachwood club for this look. I love the relaxed atmosphere of Beachwood and as you can see from the picture it certainly is a very popular club, always jam packed with people. Beachwood is all open, right on the beach and focuses purely on live sets for house music enthusiasts. Beachwood: Beachwood [39.55.39].

I’m sure there will be lots of partying going on this month to celebrate SL’s big 8. I only discovered SL four years ago myself, and I always wished I had known about it sooner, as I would’ve loved to have seen it in the early days. SL has really enriched my life, as I’m sure it has for all of us. Let’s all celebrate these 8 years with a blast! Happy Birthday Second Life! <3

//Skin PXL, Gaia (Tan) //Hair LeLutka, Rykiel Hair (Almost Goth) //Dress Chantkare, My Cousin Marie //Necklace lassitude & ennui, Ophelia Cameo pendant //Nails je suis, naive nails //Pose Diesel Works


AVENUE | Featured Designer

Fae Eriksen Fishy Strawberry


ecoming a designer can be one of the most rewarding ways to unleash your inner creativity within Second Life®. The rich colors, detailed textures and patterns that are splashed across designs seen in stores across the grid are enough to make some fashionistas swoon with desire. Fashion designers are involved in every phase of designing, showing, and producing all types of clothing, from bathing suits to evening gowns. Those with talent, vision, determination, and ambition can succeed in this difficult, demanding, and highly competitive industry. Designer Fae Eriksen has accomplished a lot of notability during her time in-world. It is that recognition that has earned her AVENUE’s Featured Designer spot this month.

When a Fruit Meets Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Natasja Schumann

s a Fish

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join SL™? Fae Eriksen: I joined in 2005. I was a Sims player and I read an article about Second Life in some magazine. The premise sounded promising, so I decided to give it a try. It didn’t strike me particularly well back then, maybe because my computer wasn’t powerful enough, or just because SL was really different at the time. I forgot about it for about one year. Then, one day, with a new PC, I tried it again. I couldn’t remember my original account name, so I created Fae. That’s when the magic happened: I was hooked on it. I’m still surprised that I’m not bored of it yet, after all these years. AC: When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? FE: When we started, we really didn’t think we would have success, so we chose a weird, nonsense name because it was just like us. Later, I thought about rebranding and choosing a shorter name, but I’ve got too many emotional ties with it and, in hindsight, we probably made a good marketing choice without even realizing it. So many times some gorgeous outfit lies in my inventory because I can’t remember a store name (my grandma has a better memory than I do). At least that doesn’t happen with Fishy Strawberry, right? AC: What is your inspiration for designing? FE: I’m lucky enough to live in Italy. Most times, I just need to go window shopping, or take a

walk and look at people to find inspiration. In a way, I believe it’s a good antidote to the current financial crisis. I used to be a compulsive shopper in real life; there wasn’t a day I didn’t come back home with some new clothes. If I see something I want but can’t afford, I take a little revenge and think “if I can’t have you in real life, at least I’ll have you in Second Life!” AC: What matters to you most as a fashion designer? FE: Essentially, there are three things. First, to know that I tried my best to make something qualitatively good, even if that means losing my sight over seams or redoing everything if I find there’s a little spot that isn’t supposed to be there. Second, to make stuff *I* like and *I* would wear. If I’m the first one who wouldn’t buy my stuff, what’s the point in it? Last, but not least, to me the whole process doesn’t stop when stuff is packed in vendors and ready to be bought. Maybe the most important part comes AFTER that: customer service. I like to listen to customers, assist them if they have trouble, and try to learn new approaches and ways to improve. I could probably save a lot of time if I delegated that to someone else, but I want people to feel “at home,” as if they went shopping at a little atelier where they personally know and trust the owner. AC: How would you define “success” for someone in your chosen position? FE: You know, the whole concept of SLebrity always made me laugh. I don’t understand it in real life, let alone here! I wouldn’t define

my position as “chosen;” it’s the same as any other player or resident. To me, success is being able to do what I like and feel that I did the best I could. I am never fully satisfied, I’m the harshest judge of myself, but I think that’s the key. No matter how good something we make is, it’s always perfectible and there’s always room for improvement. AC: What is the style of your line and why do you feel that way? FE: Everyday casual, cozy, affordable, and eclectic. In a world that doesn’t obey standard rules, where you can be whatever you want, I decided to stick to what I would wear in real life. AC: What is your favorite part of the design process, and the most challenging part of it? FE: I love the moment when I’m uploading a texture to finally test in-world. It’s so thrilling to be able to see what you had only imagined until that moment. Most times, next comes the inevitable disappointment when you realize it’s not *exactly* like imagined, and that a seam is not aligned and you have to go back and keep working until it’s REALLY done (if it wasn’t for Phoenix Viewer and its temporary uploads I’d probably be broke by now), but the first upload always carries a special feeling. AC: Aside from designing, what other projects

are you involved in? FE: I’m currently involved in very important eugenic experiments. I’m trying to breed my ideal Kittycat. If you don’t know what Kittycats are, let me just say that they are the most adorable thing ever seen in SL! I’m hopelessly addicted to them and my skybox is exploding with fur balls. I’m sure that my experiments would be more successful if I actually planned some strategy instead of letting them mate savagely with whichever cat is in estrous. AC: What does fashion mean to you? FE: I believe that fashion is all about balance and awareness. You should always keep in mind the place where you are, your role, your age, your physical characteristics. To provide a few examples: if you wear a ceremony dress to go to the local market and buy vegetables, no matter how beautiful the dress is, how perfectly it fits you, you will just look out of place. Another case: let’s say floral patterns are a MUST for this season. If I wear only accessories, or details inspired by that trend, then that’s fashionable. If I’m covered in flowers from head to toe, I’m just ridiculous. When in doubt, if you follow the evergreen rule of Chanel: “less is better,” and you can never go wrong. AC: What are some of your favorite stores to shop in SL?

FE: Ha! I feared this question! Do I have 40 pages to answer? Jokes aside, there are so many great talents that I’s really hard picking just a few. I’ll just say what comes to mind first: DP YumYum, Elikatira, Lelutka, Maitreya, Mandala, Mood, Mon Tissu, Tokidoki, Slink, Yuna’s and a million others. AC: Any words of advice for future designers? FE: Never stop having fun. If you want to be a designer for the money, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, and it will soon become a boring burden. Follow your instinct and what gives you more satisfaction rather than some strategy based on mere assumptions; you’ll probably be surprised to find how unpredictable the SL fashion market is and maybe what YOU like is the exact same thing many other people were looking for. Fae has been fortunate to learn and experience a lot during her over four years in SL. Her love of fashion and experience in graphic design is what has helped to boost and maintain her career in the fashion world. To see her designs for yourself you can visit the Fishy Strawberry store in SL at Sanchon [ 79, 159, 1708 ]. Don’t forget to check out her store blog as well:


//Hair ICONIC Foxie/Brown //Skin :GP: Acorn [Light] Lustre-Shimmer 2 CURIO //Shirt ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Off shoulder shirt Black (for Men) //Jeans Miamai Oz Jeans Azure (to be released soon) //Necklace Top Grixdale Deco Layered - Boho //Flats [LWL] Moto Flats noir //Lashes [LeLutka] 2011 lashes/curl //Earrings SPRINGRAIN earrings by Donna Flora

Fashion Expression

AVENUE | The Blogspot

Written, Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Thalia Heckroth


created this blog a year ago as a way to express “style” from my personal view. I didn’t know how to use Photoshop, but I´ve always been a good photographer. I started modeling in RL from the time I was a baby, until I was about to finish college; so my love for fashion has been there all along. Fashion is my self-expression. Nothing more. Nothing less. Blog:

//Gown Seneyra from Miamai (Soon to be released) //Hair Dita Jo from Iconic //Skin Scarlet @ *Glance Skins //Earrings Pavoni from Donna Flora

//Skin *Glance Skins - Scarlet - 01 //Outfit Violator - La Jeune Fille et la Mort-Black/Gold //Head ~Tableau Vivant~ Breaking apart - petals

//Skirt [sYs] Ebonite //Top [sYs] Winter Queen collar //Hair booN DPY537 hair brown //Skin -Glam Affair- Layla Light - L Clean //Hairbase Amacci Hairbase Tattoo - Natural Brown //Lashes Miamai XGen Lashes Vanity


AVENUE | Trendspotting

//shirt Mon Tissu Heathered Pullover //shorts Slow Kitchen //headband Priss //hair Vive9 Stam //skin The Body Co. Lavender

Troubadour Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Brie Wonder Additional Model Nik Seorn

Her: //dress LaViere spring dress //shoes Adjunct Loner Boots //ring Paper Couture Moon Ring //hair Vive9 Stam //skin The Body Co. Lavender

Him: //shirt Iruco Stripe Shirt //pants Iruco Roll-up pants //shoes Algernon Canvas Lace Sneaker //watch Kari //hair Urban December //skin Sacred

//dress & bracelets Barerose Tokyo Romancer //underwear/stockings Pig Ambrosia //shoes Vive9 Rita //hair Vive9 Wang //skin The Body Co. Lavender

//bag So Many Styles //scarf Mon Tissu //glasses Alphavillain Pacifist glasses //rings Yummy, Paper Couture


AVENUE | Fashion Spread

Bare Rose Romancer

The roles we play featuring

BARE ROSE Written, Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Miaa Rebane

Bare Rose Ichigo Decora Pink

Bare Rose Kawaii Seifuku

Bare Rose Night Arms Lady

Bare Rose Teatime Aquarius A

AVENUE | Couture AVENUE Look 2011

Written by Jesika Contepomi Photography by Annough Lykin


Lulu Breuer W

e are now rounding the end of this contest, and each month continues to “wow” the audience. This contest is more than just a title; it pushes each and every model and stylist to look within themselves and demand greatness. With the aid of Second Life®’s top designers, such as Nicky Ree, Baiastice, Gizza, LeLutka, Stylissimo, Azul, sYs and Osakki, one would truly think this contest easy, but each month the styles brought to

the stage are nothing short of fabulous. This competition is steep, although I say that every month. The semi-finalists on the runway each month are constantly evolving and pulling out looks from the eight Couture AVENUE designers that cause even me to have a shopper’s impulse. With a 4-way tie from the audience this month, finalist Lulu Breuer captured the hearts and style of the judges to come out on top.

Jesika Contepomi:  Lulu, congratulations on your win and thank you for taking the time to sit with me. This month was truly a competition, with the 4-way audience tie and yet you managed to come out with the judges’ favorite look. What inspired you to compete in this contest and truly bring it home? Lulu Breuer: The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that the monthly winners would be featured in an article in AVENUE Magazine.  In addition, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to come up with a mix and match look based on a set number of designers.  Couture AVENUE has quite a lot of diversity in the stores, so that attracted me too; to see how different styles could be combined. JC: You truly put together a unique look, with a very couture twist. Where did you learn these techniques and how did you get your start in modeling? LB: I started modeling at the beginning of 2010; it mostly grew out of my love of fashion and shopping. One day, I was in a store when I saw someone wear a model tag. Up until then it never occurred to me that you could model in SL™. Of course, in retrospect, I realize that vendor photos feature models, but that did not register until that day. I immediately wanted to learn more, so I did a search and found MPI, and from there I learned more and more, and found that I really loved it. JC: So from then until now...if you could go back and change one thing in your modeling career what would it be?

LB: If I could, I would give back everything I bought in the first three months I was in SL, lol. I bought lots of low quality clothes, hair and shoes until I slowly discovered the better quality stores. In terms of modeling, I have no regrets. I have been lucky that almost all of my experiences have been very positive, and those that were not I leaned from, so I value them too. JC: Living with no regrets is really the only way to “live.” With that said, what has been your most memorable modeling experience? LB: A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to do a show with some of the top models in SL. The thing that made it memorable was that we were all on Skype as a group during rehearsals and during the show, and I have never laughed so much or had so much fun as I did chatting with that group of ladies. The other part I really admired was that nobody let the fun get in the way of getting the job done. All the styles were perfect, all cues were on time, no time was wasted AND we all laughed our heads off. JC: Memorable experiences like that are a dime a dozen. What is it about you as a model that you think makes your styling so unique? LB: Well I think by definition if your style is unique, it comes from inside of you, as opposed to coming from copying somebody else. My approach for any outfit I wear, be it day to day, or for a show or a photo shoot, is to make sure I love the way I look, and I keep working on it until I do. This way, even if nobody else likes it, at least I had fun with it. Further, by doing so

I think I bring my style into every outfit I wear, even if I am working with an outfit that is part of a show that I would not ordinarily pick out for myself. I tend to like contemporary styles and more structured garments, although I do have a soft spot for lace and girly girl outfits too. JC: And from that, what inspired you to compile the winning look? And what about it do you feel brought the win? LB: This was my fifth semi-final, so I wanted to add an additional challenge for myself. In the past, my process was to visit all the stores at Couture AVENUE, and see what pieces I was drawn to or spoke to me, and build the outfits that way. This time, I decided to start with all of the outfits I had acquired over the previous four months that I bought but never used in any of my finished looks. I started working with them and noticed how much I loved how it looked when I layered the system clothes of a couple of the outfits. So, this was my base; I then worked with the prims to compete the look, and ended up buying one more outfit to have additional prims and clothing layers to finish the look. In terms of why I was selected, well I think it may have been because I had the most unique looking outfit out of the finalists; but to be honest I was glad I was not one of the judges because I thought all of the finalists did an amazing job this month, so I know it must have been hard to pick one winner. JC: Lulu, you have a very intimate knowledge of this contest that some may find very valuable.

What advice would you have for models trying to find â&#x20AC;&#x153;theirâ&#x20AC;? unique look and who may be interested in joining the contest? LB: I think we are all born with certain likes and dislikes. So, my advice is to look inside for your inspiration. I am not saying that other people or things cannot be a source as well, but only in as much as they bring things inside of you to the surface. I think it is a mistake to go against your natural inclinations to try to fit a perceived trend or mold. So, if you are drawn to elegant understated clothes, then that should be your look; if you like funky edgy urban, then go for that. I would absolutely recommend joining this contest. It is a great learning experience and the prizes are very generous, not the least of which is getting the phenomenal exposure of being featured in an article in AVENUE Magazine. That being said, my philosophy for all contests is this: no matter how good you are, the odds are stacked up against you winning. Therefore, if the only way you will get a sense of satisfaction is by winning, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed over and over and feeling like a failure. So, what I recommend is to look for rewards in the process of entering and participating rather than focusing on winning. JC: That is very sound advice; I hope those who enter in the remaining few months of this contest are listening. I just want to again thank you for your time and I have one final question for you Lulu, where do you see yourself in a year?

LB: I am not one of those people who have a five year plan, or a specific set of targets in mind for a specific time frame. I am more process oriented and tend to assess where I am and then try to figure out my next step or two, rather than super long term goals. So, where I am now is having a lot of fun doing runway, print and store modeling. I also get a great deal of satisfaction doing photography for myself and others. So, in a year I expect I will be doing all of these activities; hopefully I will have learned a lot in the process of doing them for one more year, so they will be bigger and better than they are now. I also expect that I will be doing a number of other things that will have presented themselves along the way; I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait to find out what they will be. -Are YOU the next face of Couture AVENUE? To learn how you can be a finalist for Couture Look 2011 and be featured in AVENUE Magazine, stop by the AVENUE office and pickup an application. Join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group for regular updates, important dates and finalist announcements. Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Application LM AVENUE at GOL [173.96.22] AVENUE Website


//Skin thebodyco //Hair Dura - Emo //Beard ~Hype~ - Goatee //Ears Panda Express - Sad Elf Ears Tribal //Necklace Rozoregalia //Tattoo V TATTOO - Enigma //Arms The Covenant Realm - Redemption : Hands of Fate //Pants [NV] - UFF PANTS Used-wash //On leg SiniStyle - Osiris Leg Straps //Wings and feather Arcavim - Mayhem Dark Angel Wings

AVENUE | Homme

Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Lulu Jameson

Role Played

//Complete outfit & eyes The Covenant Realm - [:TCR:] Wrath of God : Men’s Action Figure v2.5 //Hair [YunA’sHAIR] - 19

//Full avatar Super Possessed - Krova Infiltrator


AVENUE | Fashion Spread

Fantasia Featuring Designs by ezura

Photographed by Natasja Schumann Modeled by AVENUE Models Annough Lykin Dahlia Joubert Valeria Pienaar Winter Jefferson

Dahlia Houbert //Outfit ezura Dark Evil One - Black Set Winter Jefferson //Outfit ezura Renaissance - Dark Male Suit

Annough Lykin //Outfit ezura Latex Bodysuit - Black Set Dahlia Houbert //Outfit ezura DIGI Cyber Latex ex-11-03 - Silver

Valeria Pienaar //Outfit ezura Lady Pirate - Roche Set

Poptart Lilliehook //Outfit Baiastice Horai Light Coral Dress //Skin Baiastice Marina Pale MakeupDahlia 3 BL and Hair Joubert //Hair //Outfit Baiastice Spagna Blonde ezura Avant Garde E.T. Outfit Hair - White Set //Shoes Baiastice Claire DecolleteValeria Shoes Pienaar Orange //Jewels //Outfit Baiastice Reale Earrings and Ring ezura Lolita Crown Dress - White Set

Seashell Dench (left) //Outfit Baiastice Atlaua Dress Silver //Skin Baiastice Marina Peach Makeup 10 //Hair Baiastice Michelle Hair //Shoes Baiastice Crystal Rubelite //Clutch Baiastice Ibras Fuschia Poptart Lilliehook (right) //Outfit Baiastice Themi Gold Dress //Skin Baiastice Marina Pale Makeup 6 //Hair Baiastice Wind Hair & White Roses //Shoes Baiastice Lotus Pumps Ruby Annough Lykin //Outfit //Jewels ezura Cheongsam Latex - Red Set Baiastice Reale Necklace

Valeria Pienaar //Outfit ezura Nefarious - Dark Erotic Set Annough Lykin //Outfit ezura Shania MultiPack - Blood Red Set



AVENUE | GOLden Shopping



Written and Modeled by Vixie Rayna Photography by Brie Wonder


achang Pichot of AOHARU & ANEXX is a talented wonder, and GOLden Shopping is proud to showcase this season’s hottest summer looks with her brands. You can find a style that fits any mood, whether you are an ingénue on your first shopping safari, or a groovy sex-pot looking for her next score. Take an adventure of your own at GOLden Shopping to discover your style at AOHARU & ANEXX, or any of our other shining stores. GOLden Shopping is part of The GOL Community of sims built by renowned architect Dakota Neumann. It’s the perfect place to discover your own personal style. As soon as you arrive, you’ll find brands such as AOHARU, ANEXX, Nardcotix, 2Xtreme, BAX Coen Designs, Akeyo, LostAngel Industries, Boom, C.Smit, Belleza, So Many Styles, Oh Studio, Vero Modero, Ines Creations, Elymode, je suis, Insanya, No.7, K-Core and Kiliebe. We have everything from clothing and accessories, to dance animations and furniture. It’s easy to find your own style with such a wonderful mix of designers. Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!

. AOHARU Mini Length Trench in Olive Flower Strapless Dress in Rose/Pinkbase . ANEXX Strap Wedge Bootee in Pink

. AOHARU Off Shoulder Gauze Tunic in Lily Dot Chiffon Skirt in Beige . ANEXX Volume Socks Ankle Bootee in Red

. AOHARU Dot Chiffon Blouse in White Floral Shortpants in Yellow . ANEXX Tassel Suede Bootees in Camel

. AOHARU Front Knot Shirt in Flower Yellow Bow Wide Jeans in Washed . ANEXX Ankle Laceup Boots in Camel


AVENUE | Model of the Month

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Diconay Boa

Natasja Schumann Snapshot Confessions with Natasja


atasja Schumann, a resident of Second Life® for the last four years has had the opportunity to explore and try out many things during her virtual living. Two of her SL™ passions, modelling and photography have come to be a constant for her, and have helped her become as recognized and well-respected member of the fashion industry here. All of her hard work, persistence, and positive attitude have paid off for her in many ways and is one of the reasons she is AVENUE’s Model of the Month.

Augusta Carver: How did you first hear about SL? Natasja Schumann: The first time I heard about Second Life was actually in a news article online. I don’t remember exactly what the article was about, but Second Life sounded very interesting to me, so I decided to join in together with my boyfriend. AC: Why did you choose to become a model? NS: It’s actually a bit similar to why I joined SL in the first place: it sounded interesting. I’m a bit interested in fashion in real life, and once I discovered that fashion existed in Second Life as well, I thought I might give it a go. For me, it began simply as something I wanted to try out. I never expected it become this important to me. AC: How did you hear about AVENUE Modelling Agency? NS: I was told about AVENUE Modelling Agency by a friend of mine, who told me that it was one of the best and most prestigious agencies around in Second Life. At this time, I was just a rookie model working in a couple of small agencies, and the same friend actually introduced me to Rusch as well, so I have a lot to thank her for. AC: How long have you been with AVENUE? NS: That’s actually a bit of a difficult question. By my recollection, I joined in late February 2009, so it’s been more than two years already.

Time sure flies fast when you have fun! AC: Tell me about your very first show with AVENUE. NS: I remember it was in March ‘09, less than a month after I joined the agency. It was truly a great experience, and I still remember how thrilling it was to walk up on the runway knowing that so many people were watching me. Even if the person they watch is a virtual me, it is still me behind the mask of the avatar, and since that show it still fills me with excitement every time I go up on stage. It was also the first time I met Linnda Scofield, one of my longtime friends here in Second Life. AC: Are there any goals you have set for yourself in SL modelling? NS: My main goal is to never be content with myself no matter how far I get. If I stop trying to get better at what I do, I might as well just quit modelling immediately. It is my belief that if you really love doing something, you will keep trying to get better and better at what you do, and that is my main goal: to always improve, always develop myself to the best of my abilities. AC: How did you end up being a photographer with AVENUE and how long have you been working with them? NS: At the time when I joined AVENUE as a model, the agency was looking for a photographer as well. So I applied for the job and I got it. I didn’t have a lot of experience

with photo taking before I joined, but since then I’ve been approaching photography the same way I approach modelling: always trying to expand my horizons and try new things, and to develop my own capabilities. AC: What drives you to succeed? NS: I always want to try and improve myself, because I both want to be the best, and also work with the best. Seeing others who are really skilled at what they do always inspires me, so I want to work with the best models, the best photographers, the best designers and the best magazine! AC: Outside of modelling and photography, what do you like to do? NS: Outside of modelling and photography, I usually just hang out with my friends and have a good time. I absolutely love shopping with my friends, and up until recently I’ve also had a place in my heart for a fantasy RPG sim called Darklife, which unfortunately closed recently. So nowadays, I mostly spend my time hanging out with friends, shopping and blogging. AC: What has been your biggest challenge in the SL fashion world in regards to modelling?

NS: Listening to some of the music being played at fashion shows. Haha, no...not really. Hmm, I guess the biggest challenge for me is waking up for shows. I live in Singapore, so for most fashion shows I have to wake up at 2 or 3 am local time, and stay awake until I have to go to work around 7am, which can be really tough at times, especially if I don’t go to bed very early. For this reason, I’ve started not accepting shows on weekdays. Luckily, most shows nowadays are being held during the weekends, so I can still take part even if it’s in the middle of the night. AC: What is your favorite aspect of modelling? NS: Walking on the runway. It’s the most important part of being a model, and I love promoting something a designer has spent time and love creating. I feel that since the creator puts so much passion and toil into creating the outfits we models wear on stage, the least we can do is give the same amount of passion and effort in what we do. AC: If there was one thing in SL you could do besides modelling and photography, what would it be? NS: That would be designing. I really want to

be able to design my own creations and have an outlet for all the ideas in my head, but unfortunately I just don’t understand enough about how to create things in Second Life to be able to do that. I have considered taking designing classes, but with my busy schedule it seems like that will be just a dream for the moment. AC: If you could give one piece of advice to models and potential models what would it be? NS: The most important thing is to stay true to yourself. It might sound cliché, but it’s true. Don’t try to be someone who you’re not. Wear what you are comfortable with, and try to develop a style of your own that you really enjoy wearing. If you’re really passionate about what you wear, both on stage and off it, it will show through even from behind the mask of your avatar. AC: Do you have any favorite stores? NS: Oh wow, that’s kind of a difficult question. I visit so many shops, and I’m always looking for new things to try out, so I don’t really know. Well, if I have to state some of the stores that I keep coming back to, it would have to be

AZUL, Leezu and GizzA. Those are three of the stores where I always buy a lot of stuff, simply because I love their designs. AC: What’s one thing people might not know about you if you never told them? NS: I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with my real-life boyfriend and Second Life partner, Haakon Schumann, living on opposite sides of the globe, for five years. Most people probably don’t know that we are partners in real life as well, despite the distance that we have to deal with. We’re both hoping to move together with each other in a few years. Natasja’s appetite for learning and doing her best has also helped her during her virtual life in SL. Even though the modelling world can be fierce, she has kept her humble attitude and managed to have fun in the process. No doubt we will see much more of her rocking the runway. You can see some of Natasja’s photography work as well as her modelling portfolio through her Flickr: natasja_schumann


Road to Royalty


AVENUE | My Precious Summer Queen 2011

Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Natasja Schumann


eginning in January, contestants hailing from all corners of the grid have submitted entries for the My Precious Summer Queen contest, hoping to become the next face to represent Agnes Finney’s My Precious Design House. My Precious is a brand well-known throughout Second Life® for featuring ladies’ clothing truly fit for a queen, ranging from extravagant ball gowns to classic and sexy dresses for any occasion. The My Precious Queen contests are here to stay for quite a while, as the entries continue to pour in each month by the dozens from contestants who believe they possess the qualities required to serve as ambassador for this Design House. This year marked the beginning of a new format for the My Precious Queen contest, one in which the original My Precious Queen contest has been divided into two contests to occur semi-annually:

the My Precious Summer Queen contest to be held in June, and the My Precious Winter Queen contest to take place in December. This year’s My Precious Summer Queen will enjoy cash prizes and gifts from various sponsors, including a voucher for AVENUE Models Academy and a photo shoot which will appear in AVENUE Magazine. She will represent My Precious until December, making appearances at shows and other events and hosting Behind the Throne, the My Precious Queen blog. The final three contestants have been selected, and we now have the final eighteen contestants who will be competing in June’s My Precious Summer Queen final. AVENUE Magazine is happy to introduce you to Aliyeh Yifu, Jade Spectre, and Mimosa Nowles. Please read on to learn more about them.


Aliyeh Yifu Royal Princess – May 2011

Aliyeh Yifu is an experienced model who has been involved with the SL™ fashion scene since 2007. She currently works with agencies such as JM Models, Boulevard Agency, Fierce & Epic, MA Modeling Agency, and Siren Productions. In addition to modeling, Aliyeh enjoys photography, among her many interests, which also include styling, sim browsing and spending time with her SL family. She describes herself as a mysterious person and goes on to say that she tends to be on the quiet side at first, leading others to believe she is mysterious, but does form lasting friendships with many. As one who considers herself an imaginative person, she relies constantly on her artistic side and puts her creativity and artistic eye to work in each styling endeavor. Aliyeh describes that though her personal style often changes, one of her favorite looks is one of elegance with a touch of modernism, or a hint of the avant-garde. Favorite My Precious Design: “Wow, this is a tough question, but if I had to select one right now, I would have to say the ‘Agnes Queen Mayur Grandeur.’ I select this one because I love the long back of the dress and the peacock inspired feathers. In my culture, the peacock is looked at as a positive symbol,

and to have this dress created with the feathers in black is such a wonderful and creative idea. The entire look can have so many possibilities for styling, and this is one of the reasons it is my favorite.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “My thoughts on the ‘My Precious Queen contest’ are positive, and it is amazing to see all the different looks people create with the designs from Agnes Finney. I think the contest is a prestigious one; to be named as a contestant among all the wonderful ladies who entered is a great honor. The possibility of my being crowned Queen is an exciting feeling, sprinkled with a tiny bit of nervousness. I think any of the ladies would say the same. It would be a great honor to represent the designs and to follow in the steps of Xandrah Sciavo would be a great honor; from my first encounter of her, she was such a kind and helpful woman.” Style tip:  “A styling tip I can share with everyone is to find a focal point of the look you are trying to create and work around it. Pay special attention to the details and don’t overdo it. This is how I create my styles and it seems to work for me.”


Jade Spectre Royal Princess – May 2011

Jade Spectre has gained many valuable experiences during her time as a model on the grid, and she has advanced to the role of Public Relations Director for Outrageous Glamour. In addition to this role, she also enjoys photography and making shapes; one day, she would love to reopen her shape store. She states that both of these activities feed her artistic side. Jade has a true love for life, laughter and positive energy, and she is a straight-shooter who speaks from the heart and is considered to be a loyal friend to many. Like so many others in the modeling industry, Jade states that she spends a lot of time creating new styles and shopping for items to enhance her many creative looks. As for her personal sense of style, Jade tells us that her style is usually classic, natural, soft or sassy and chic, depending upon her mood and the theme for which she is styling. Favorite My Precious Design: “That’s a tough question. I love all of Agnes Finney’s

designs. I’m still in love with the ‘Queen Lucia Grandeur’ in White. I love the lace and soft flowing sleeves and skirt. When I wear it, I truly feel like a princess. It’s just one of those timeless gowns that you look for a reason to wear again.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I was selected as a Princess in July last year and went on to the finals. It was such a rewarding experience that I knew I would try again this year. Being selected as Queen would be a great honor to me. I’ve always loved and admired Agnes Finney’s designs and soft elegant styles, and I would love nothing more than to represent her brand.” Style tip:  “Be true to yourself and your style, and never try to imitate. Select the styles and accessories that make you feel most like yourself. Always be unique. When you feel confident in your choices it will show in your presentation and attitude.”


Mimosa Nowles Royal Princess – May 2011

Mimosa Nowles joined SL with the specific intention to enter the modeling field. She currently works with agencies such as Farouche, JSE Fashion in Action, MA Modeling Agency, Pasarella, Maritima, Infinite Focus, and Spirit Modeling Agency. She talks seriously about her modeling career, advising that modeling in SL takes dedication and time. In addition, Mimosa is a photographer and enjoys visiting new sims, meeting new people, and shopping. She describes herself as dedicated, helpful, and friendly. Mimosa describes her personal sense of style to be chic and classic at the same time. She admires the styles of movie stars of the 1940s and 1950, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly, and feels that their contribution to fashion and style was timeless, yet very feminine at the same time. Favorite My Precious Design: ”My favorite My Precious Design would have to be ‘Donna’ in Champagne, which is the dress that I wore to enter the contest. The reason I love this dress so much goes back to my admiration for classic style. It is very classic and is just so beautiful once it is worn. I love the bodice, how it wraps around, the sheer elegance of the lace around the dress, and the scarf just adds a touch of femininity and chic to the whole design.”

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: ”I think the My Precious Queen Contest is one of the most prestigious contests in Second Life. Being a finalist for My Precious Queen Summer 2011 has been a great honor for me. If I were to possibly win, I would feel very humble and very much honored to be one of Ms. Finney’s Queens.” Style tip:  “The best personal styling tip I would share with anyone is to just try to be yourself and create your own sense of style. I think uniqueness and the creativity of your own style is very important, and it is what makes you stand out as an individual. Also, make sure that you are prim perfect! I must look myself over a million times before I feel right about my styling. Finally, try different things, like jewelry or accessories and just have fun with it!”

For more information about the contest, entry forms, or to see a gallery of the contestants for each month, visit the main store location. If you have a unique flair for glamour and elegance, you could be the one that the My Precious fashion house is searching for. A

AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

Couture of Hope Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Annough Lykin & Nala Kurka


ach year the residents of Second Life® band together in an effort to help support the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life (RFL). RFL is an amazing event that gives people the chance to not only remember loved ones who lost the battle against cancer, but to celebrate those who fought it and won. As part of this year’s events, AVENUE recently held a major event called “Couture of Hope,” which ran from May 1st through May 31st as a creative way to not only draw more attention to this great cause, but also to raise money towards helping the cause. I had the pleasure of speaking with AVENUE CPO Livia Mastroianni, one of the organizers of this event.

AVENUE Model Livia Mastroianni Designer Entre Mares and sYs

Augusta Carver: For those who do not know, what is Couture of Hope? Livia Mastroianni: Couture of Hope is a fashion event that brings together the talents of 40 amazing and generous designers who create exclusive haute couture clothing and accessories with the sales entirely benefitting the American Cancer Society. AC: What has been your role with Couture of Hope? LM: I produced and choreographed the event. As with all AVENUE events, this was a team effort, and I would like to give credit to: Imani Enzo and Emlies Xeltentat, who assisted me, Jesika Contepomi who built an amazing stage set, our partner, GOL, for designing the exclusive Couture of Hope store, all the AVENUE staff who contributed to the event, our guest bloggers, and Tatiana Kurri who helped in coordinating the after-show auction party, which included the special participation of Dazzlers Inc. AC: How did this event come together?

LM: Fundraising for cancer research is very important to me for two reasons: not only because, like most of us, cancer touched people very close to me, but I also know how important private donations are for research, being a researcher myself in RL. In Italy, where I live, private fundraising is what substantially keeps research going. AC: What has been the most interesting and moving aspect of all of this? LM: Knowing how designers were inspired so personally and deeply in creating their items. Getting to know some of their personal experiences really made me understand that cancer may take away much, but never hope and beauty. AC: What do you find most rewarding about it? LM: The participation of SL™ residents in this event by purchasing the Couture of Hope exclusive designs is making a big difference! After only 15 days, we raised over 150,000 Lindens™.

LM: I really wanted to use AVENUE’s expertise in fashion event production for a good cause, and it seemed natural to organize a fashion show followed by the sale of exclusive designs. We used this formula last year for another successful charity event, McQueen’s Tribute, and I am so glad and thankful to the designers who responded so generously again to this year’s call.

AC: Are there any plans for something like this next year?

AC: Why is helping RFL so important to you?

LM: The AVENUE of Life team has planned

LM: Definitely! AVENUE will participate again with Relay For Life, and hopefully next year we will beat this year’s records. AC: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Model E U N E AV i troiann s a M a i Liv r Designe tions ea Ines Cr

AVENUE Model Mavi Beck Designer Sweetest Goodbye

AVENUE Model Jesika Contepomi Designer Aleida

AVENUE Model Maile Michinaga Designer Insanya and A.Reverie

AVENUE Model Annough Lykin Designer Amarelo Manga and


AVENUE Model Amazon Silverweb Designer Gasqhe

AVENUE Model Roe Woodford Designer DD Style and White Widow

AVENUE Model Natasja Schumann Designer My Precious

several other RFL events. After the fashion events of May, June will be the month to celebrate the excellence of music and art for Relay For Life! Over 40 designers have participated and worked hard on gorgeous exclusives for this event such as Orage Creations, Kunglers, Tres Beau, and Solidea Folies, just to name a few. Couture of Hope has turned out to be a great success; from the amazing fashion show that went perfectly, to the auction where several wonderful residents donated their services to be bid on, such as Mila Tatham of Solidea Folies who offered a custom dress design to the winner, and the exclusive item shopping sale. And if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re like me, when you get to shop for one-of-a-kind designs while helping a charity at the same time, it makes for a double plus. Everyone who participated in this event, from the organizer to the shoppers, deserves at least a mention. Cancer affects so many people and can disrupt our lives in a heartbeat. It is sad to think of the loved ones that did not survive their battle with cancer. But, for those who do, and for those who are still fighting, it is good to know that people are willing to help, and that the American Cancer Society will keep going until a cure is found; because where there is life, there is hope.

AVENU Leah M E Model cCullou gh D e s i g n Ginevra er Lancas ter

You can find out more about the American Cancer Societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Relay For Life through their website: Valeria Pienaar //Outfit ezura Lady Pirate - Roche Set A

AVENUE | Architecture & More

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Brie Wonder


o call the work of Danny Bourne “just skyboxes” would be like calling the Mona Lisa “just a picture.” These immaculate creations, while light on prims, are heavy on texture, design, and comfort. These homes of the sky, and now ground as well, are your little piece of heaven in Second Life®. Take a moment to sit back and relax while AVENUE chats up famed builder, Danny Bourne, and we find out more about his first life, Second Life…and even a little about his love life!

A Second Life


Sensuous Soulstar: Thank you so much for taking the time out to chat with me. Let’s just jump right in to the main questions: how long have you been building in SL™, and were homes you first attempt at building or did you start in another area? Danny Bourne: My building started about a month after joining SL, when I had my own parcel. I immediately created a “house” for myself without really realizing people sold them “prefabricated.” My first store was called Dutch Design and my first vain attempt at creating and selling in SL. I made simple furniture. I look back and the pieces are so noobish, and I understand why no one bought them. Lol. SS: Tell me about the first thing you ever built truly made you feel like you’d truly reached your peak as a serious builder and that you were ready to start selling your creations. DB: *Thinks* Honestly, I never really took it serious. It’s gotta be pretty, but it ain’t art. Building in SL can be difficult sometimes, but it ain’t rocket science. I have an urge to do it as good as I can though. I never felt like I reached a peak. The one prefab that was a spark for me at a more serious level was “Manhattan.” That build was a passing idea I had when building “La Casa Roja.” When that build sold for the first time, I started to play with the idea of prefabs as a business. It told me I was ready to sell my creations, because people really seemed to like it.

SS: Let’s get into your store a bit, reBourne. I love the name, and while I can see it’s a play on your name, does the name stand for anything else, and if so, how do you feel it applies to your homes and products? DB: A good question. As I said, in the first 1-2 years of SL, I was revolving around friends and socializing, but it soon became less fun. Drama eventually split the group, and we went separate directions. Suite and I were left on a pretty empty sim, with a lot of memories, good and unfortunately bad also. Suite encouraged me to breathe in, be productive and not leave SL. I stayed for her and together we started a shop. It was named reBourne because our SLives WERE, and of course Bourne is my last name, plus “reb” is the beginning of Suite’s first name in RL, so it’s a little hidden acknowledgement to her. It applies to the prefabs also. We end up living in most of them saying: this is the nicest one…for two months, haha. SS: You have a very innovative and incredibly helpful system for visitors to be able to tp around and visit the models and your furniture store using the tour hud. What led you to utilize this new system, and what kind of feedback have you gotten from visitors regarding the system? DB: Our tour HUD... I better explain. It is a little HUD that you wear on the top of your screen, with images of the prefabs I have for sale. You click, tp, and you’re there. The reason I came up with this is that I got very annoyed with the time wasted when I

visit a store waiting for the beautiful sceneries people use at the landing point to rezz when really I am there just to pick up something. So, it comes from my own impatience that I didn’t want the same for my customers. They don’t have to waste time rezzing things they don’t need to see. It also has mini pictures of the destinations, so you can see where you’re going and gives some info on the place. It also means you don’t have out of date landmarks in your inventory, cluttering it. We did a survey to our customers and the feedback was very positive. They find it very fun to use and saves them a lot of time. So does a low draw distance btw. SS: You have raised the standard when it comes to skyboxes and it is an understatement to say that you’ve created “the ultimate skybox experience.” What was your inspiration for creating these beautiful places to call home, and how did you come up with such an intriguing idea to create such lavish builds? DB: My inspiration comes from my RL. I am a themed interior designer and decorator for businesses such as restaurants, theme parks, swimming pools, etc. I am also a professional muralist and sculptor. I have used Second Life to design some projects for real life clients, so it became a very useful platform for me. I am definitely more a painter than a builder. Vision before technique, you know? My first builds were wonky and misaligned, but I captured an atmosphere which people picked up on, and therefore enjoyed. I saw in shades and tones

that I see in real life. I am a creative person and easily bored so I enjoy making different themes. I don’t have a uniform style but I put as much effort in each, so I hopefully reach a high standard. It is great fun exploring different cultures and styles, and getting to make a little piece of that in SL for someone to enjoy. SS: Your latest build, Marrakech, is a very lavish build with such amazing textures and an addition any landowner would be remiss not to add to their little piece of heaven. What inspired this build, and what led you to release a skybox version and a land version with your store being the home of the most creative skyboxes in SL? DB: I admire the rich patterns, the colors and decorations of the Morrocan architecture. It is hard to capture in a mood and nothing but square, which is really challenging for me to build. I build my prefabs around a scene, so you really get one mood with the skybox and a completely different one with the ground version so my customers no longer have to choose. Lately, I have made ground versions on most of my builds, which I had many requests to do. It saves people a lot of modifying. Paris, Casa Roja, Africa, Miami and Marrakech all have this option. SS: I want to thank you for taking the time out for this interview, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers?

DB: And thank you very much for this interview also. I feel very flattered! I think the most amazing story I have to tell in RL lately is how I met my girlfriend and how Second Life had such a huge positive impact on my real life. Yes I have one! I met Suite here 3 and ½ years ago, on the very same sim our store is on today. I was building a beach for a friend and she was camping for 1L$ an hour or something. She was talking away at me in IM and soon became a part of my Second Life. We spent years together gazing up at pixel stars, sharing fantasies and dreams. 2 years later, through all barriers, we met in real life and are enjoying first life together now. We managed to make RL as beautiful as things were in SL; although, we do miss the flying and teleporters, but it is definitely better without poseballs, lol. So my biggest advice would be “follow your heart,” even if it scares you. To anyone looking to build, my biggest advice: keep your inventory tidy! Because after 4 years of NOT doing that, you have no chance of finding anything again! Winning in what appears to be both lives, Danny Bourne has taken his first life skills and talent and brought the residents of SL a little piece of heaven that they can call their own. And in this rocky world, who couldn’t use a little piece of peace…especially when it’s beautifully textured and sometimes even more gorgeous than your first life home. Stop by reBourne today and your next great home in-world at reBourne [249.10.23]. A

AVENUE | Interesting Sims

Worth The Risk

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Annough Lykin


raveling through Second Life® and exploring its many wonders can be a fun and exciting experience. Trying to figure out where to go however, can prove to be more of a challenge. So many options pop up in the search, and unless I have someone help me with ideas, I find it a bit overwhelming at times.  One place I discovered was Risk City, a sim with 15 creative and fun areas to explore and have fun with. SuzeLaRousse Milo, the creator behind Risk City had this to say about her sim: “I have put a lot of energy into my ‘Risk City’ Sim. Risk City is an exploration sim where I also have a showroom with a wild collection of products. I build as much as I break down; it is a constant prim battle.”

As I started exploring, I soon discovered that there were 15 different areas to Risk City plus a store with items made by the owner. The first spot I teleported to, was called Icy Storm; a gorgeous blue and white space that reminded me of an icy barren forest. The space was just the right size to explore with others, try out the pose balls, and take some great pictures. The Chocolate Factory was my favorite stop here. It brought out my inner sweet tooth. The entire area was flowering with the sweet treat. Looking around, there were chocolate roses floating by, giant pieces of giant bars to lie on, fountains, and lots of other yummy items. The Gallery is located in an industrial style area and is surrounded by pictures that are all about having fun and taking a little risk at the same time. There is also a romantic spot to sit on the sofa with a bottle of wine and enjoy the warm cozy fire. You can also hang upside down on a trapeze over a boiling hot concoction, with the city nightlife as your backdrop. I then proceeded to immerse myself in total selfindulgence at a one of a kind Farm Spa. With a sunset backdrop and rows of corn all around, I enjoyed a nice soak in the bathtub under a shaded tree, floated in the pond and took a much needed nap.

My last stop at Risk City took me to the @ Risk Store where I found women’s clothing, cute accessories, beautiful sky landscapes, and more. I was able to get ahold of SuzeLaRousse to find out more about her thoughts and her reasons behind Risk City. Augusta Carver: What influenced you in creating Risk City? SuzeLaRousse Milo: I love real life, things I see on the streets, strange mixes of styles and wild combinations of the unexpected. I believe in the phrase “anyone can look for fashion in a boutique or history in a museum. The creative explorer looks for history in a hardware store and fashion in an airport!” AC: What is your goal for the sim? SM: First and foremost my goal is to be happy and to do what I like to do; to move and to play. I have what most would consider an unbelievable need for space and freedom of movement through my world. I have no hard and fast set plans, preferring a spontaneous path. I believe in the journey, not in the destination!

AC: How would you define your sense of style with Risk City? SM: I think that my sim is an inner-directed reflection of me. I use what I like, colors and shapes, and I can’t really tell…it’s abstract. I have called my Flickr page “Visit My Dream @ Risk City!” I think my idea is to create a dream, a perfect world on the first place for I have for myself! But you’re all welcome to enjoy! Risk City is full of exciting realms to discover and try out. And for those who like taking pictures, I think it is an excellent place to take cool pictures. So make sure to grab a couple of friends and take a trip there. You can explore this world for yourself at Risk City [ 119, 103, 30 ] You can also see some of Suze’s work here at A

AVENUE | Sports & Recreation

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Annough Lykin

Boarding into the



hen trying to decide on a fun activity to do in Second Life速, the list is practically endless. Just about anything and everything you can dream up can be done in-world. Golfing, bowling, amusement parks, dirt bike riding, and now even SimBoarding. Sure to be a hit for skateboarders or fans of skateboarding, Simboarding is like futuristic skateboarding, but without the wheels and you use a hovercraft-style snowboard. Shaz Bashly has opened a fun and addictive sim called the Cwazy SimBoarding Realm that caters to SimBoarders, both new and old.

Augusta Carver: What is SimBoarding and how did you come up with the idea for SL™? Shaz Bashly: Well, the idea was not ours. It was by a guy named Sean Martin who created the game of SimBall. SimBall is a game where you can play other players and just have a great time competing against each other. A lot of people have grown to like it a great deal; it’s fun, exciting and very competitive. AC: You said that the idea was not yours, so what made you open a sim for it? SB: Well I have had the sim for over 3 years before SimBall. There was SimBoarding, which was on a sim called VSN and owned by Cyphien Heart, but he decided to close down. The fact that there were a lot of boarders who liked and enjoyed SimBoarding led my husband, Rob, to ask if we could open the sim for SimBoarding and SimBall. AC: How long has the Cwazy SimBoard Realm been open? SB: Cwazy has been going on now for around 6 months. AC: You mentioned that the game can be very competitive, do you hold tournaments? SB: Yes. We are halfway through a league at the moment, which at the end, the winning team gets Lindens™. So far with this league, we are up to 15k. AC: How many teams are competing? SB: We have 5 teams competing at this time. AC: Are they held on a particular day? SB: We have subscribers and groups that people can join, so they all will know when

the games are being played. We also have a board behind the chairs in the arena area where you can see what days the matches are being played and times. AC: That sounds like fun. SB: Yes, we would like more people to join and get more teams together, but as we all know it takes time getting people to know SimBall. AC: It sort of reminds me of skateboarding with a twist. SB: Yes, you could kind of say that, but only much more fun. Once you get to learn keys and what they do, it is great. And if you are new to it, then there is always someone around to ask and show you how it is done. AC: Is there anything we can look forward to seeing from your sim in the future? SB: Well we are doing stuff, but we have not decided how or what we want at the moment. Some parts are still under construction as we are still working on what we want to do with the sim. We do need to watch what we do, as we need to think about the boarders and needing to keep scripts and stuff down in order for it to run well for the boarders. SimBoarding is a fun and competitive futuristic game that combines skateboarding and snowboarding together. While it seemed a bit different at first, once I tried a few rounds with it, it became a lot of fun and I can see how others would enjoy it. SimBoarding is something I would highly recommend to do with a group of people to add to the fun and excitement. A

Stop by the Cwazy SimBoarding Realm to see what crazy fun is going on there and to find out more information about the tournaments and other sim updates at Cwazy [7.118.698].

AVENUE | For The Love Of

â&#x20AC;&#x153;...our work so far has been grants to charitable organizations who work to end disease and hunger... â&#x20AC;?

The Avatar Cha

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint

aritable Trust Philanthropy for the Metaverse


n all my years on the grid, I have always been impressed by the kindness and social consciousness of residents in Second Life®. Organizations such as the American Cancer Society that has held Relay For Life events since 2005 prove that spirit wholeheartedly. Other forms of philanthropy have abounded in-world, but as of May 2011, there is an organization that provides grants and other forms of philanthropy to those who have ideas and causes that would benefit the society that SL™ has created. That organization is the Avatar Charitable Trust, which was founded by Chuk and Lillie Edman. When asked about the founding of the Trust, Chuk Edman stated: “the Trust came about because Lillie and I wanted to do something to give back to the Second Life culture. She and I have a happy life together. We enjoy the arts, we enjoy good builds, we enjoy most all of SL, and we wanted to help people who need it to be creative. We also wanted to be of assistance for all other causes like education, health, and anything that makes SL and RL a better place.” The Trust’s goal is to support others through the funds they raise, to support charitable endeavors and causes in the arts, humanitarian efforts, education, and the welfare of avatars and people in both worlds. Like its first life counterparts, the Trust raises money at kiosks throughout the grid, as well as through grants by individuals. Though, as the Trust becomes more established in-world, it will work with many of the more established SL entities, such as the major fashion houses and media outlets. When asked if this was a major goal, Mr. Edman said, “Absolutely; in fact, Lillie has already begun reaching out to them. We want

to establish our reputation for good first, but eventually we hope to partner with businesses such as AVENUE, and some of the major retailers and entertainment groups to raise funds.” He added, “It’s part of a long range plan to partner with them and be the conduit through which some of these large retailers give back to the culture and community of SL.” Chiming in, Lillie Edman added “we do have a kiosk that has been created to help with that as well, and we are contacting retailers and other businesses to place those and to get our logo and name out there. Our slogan is ‘Opening Doors of Hope.’” The Trust has a far-reaching approach when it comes to the type of projects that it undertakes. “We undertake any project that helps mankind and the culture of Second Life. Most of our work so far has been grants to charitable organizations who work to end disease and hunger, but we hope to expand to providing grants for artists, builders, and others with creative ideas that need Lindens™,” Chuk Edman explains. The application process for the Trust is like that of many of the first life charities and trusts that provide grants to individuals and organizations with ideas to better our society. To date, the Trust has granted about 13,000 Lindens to various individuals and causes, and the artists that have been supported can exhibit their work at two galleries that the Trust operates in-world. Grants for under 10,000 Lindens are decided by the Executive Committee, which consists of both Chuk and Lillie Edman, and grants for greater than that amount are decided by the full Board of Directors, which consists of Leslie Ekstein, Susan Mowadeng, Chuk and Lillie Edman, and Penny Althouse, each with

talent and experience in-world that guide the Trust toward its goal of helping causes and individuals with ideas that would better SL. “We are new in our work, so we haven’t promoted the grant applications much so far. We have given artists an opportunity to do shows in our gallery, and we have given grants to support the work of charities. We hope that things like this article will promote the fact that we have grants to offer and get us more applicants. When they do, I’m confident that we will see results in builds, artistic creations, and other entities that will support the culture of Second Life,” shares Chuk Edman. He continues on to say, “We know that we will grow and evolve as we get experience and we look forward to that.” As with many first life charities and trusts, the Avatar Charitable Trust has a policy of accountability with the funds that they raise. “We guarantee that at least 90% of what we raise goes to grants,” says Chuk. The Trust also holds its recipients accountable for the funds that they receive. “We want accountability; we demand it of grant recipients. They must show us what they want to do and then show us that they are doing it,” he adds. Like their first life counterparts, the Trust will tell donors exactly where their money is going and howthe grant recipients in-world are using it. “Yes.

We have a group and encourage everyone to join it. The group receives a monthly newsletter called ‘The Virtual Giver’ and it reports to them all our activity, all grants, all Board actions, all expenses,” explains Chuk. “Complete transparency of our work is our goal.” When asked how they would want the Trust to be remembered if one day Linden Lab were to shut down the SL grid, Chuk replied, “We want to be known as an organization with no other purpose than to give to others and make the culture and experience of Second Life better for us all. Good people doing good things. That’s what we are, and what we will always be.” Lillie added, “We would love our work to be able to live on even if we weren’t here...a legacy, if you will...of goodwill.” As the interview concluded, it was clear that Avatar Charitable Trust would have a positive impact on the grid. The Trust will help to foster the growth of innovation, and give successful businesses and content creators the opportunity to give back to the SL™ Community. It is through their creative drive that the SL Community is what it is today: the Shining City on the hill of the Metaverse. Visit Avatar Charitable Trust’s in-world location at Breakers [71, 159, 30]. A

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Blaz Halfpint


hile anyone can cover a song, add a backing track, and sing a little karaoke in Second LifeÂŽ, very few talented artists can take a song, create a new arrangement for it, and utilizing only one instrument, make musical magic. Frets Nirvana is one of a handful of incredibly talented artists who can claim this kind of musical ingenuity. What he can do with a guitar, most canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do with a full band backing them. Join AVENUE as we sit down with this master of the guitar and find out a little more about just what grooves the man himself.

AVENUE | Live Music

Frets Nirvana

Life is too short for one groove

Sensuous Soulstar: After listening to just a sampling of your music, I’m in awe at your mastery of the guitar. I must say, I was completely blown away by the sounds coming from your guitar. While I’m not usually a fan of music with a large focus on the guitar, I found myself focusing on yours in particular as you played, including your rendition of Pete Johnson’s “Holler Stomp.” How long have you been playing the guitar, and what led you to pick that particular instrument? Frets Nirvana: I have been playing since my early “teens,” which is a while. LOL! I actually tried the drums at first, but got drawn to the guitar because it is such an expressive instrument. By the way, I had to look up Pete Johnson’s “Holler Stomp” because I wrote that one that I recorded lol. They are not the same. Interesting! Now I have to learn his; it is a boogie woogie. LOL! But anyways, the guitar has always hit me as such an expressive instrument, which is why I love it. By the way, my music keeps moving ahead; you should come and hear the latest! SS: How long have you been performing in SL™, and what led you to begin playing here? How often do you give performances, and do you have a regular place where you perform most often? FN: I have been playing in SL since July 2009. I was introduced to SL by my good friend Von Johin, who also plays in here. I play in SL because it gives me an outlook for my music.

"I do not “cover” a tune; I create a totally new arrangement of it" I have tired of the demands in RL for live performance, so SL now gives me an outlet for my music and I get to play worldwide! I play usually anywhere from 7-10 times a week in SL. I perform at many different venues. Currently that includes: Chompers, The Bluffs, NAG, The Salty Dog and others, but there have been many others in the past. SS: Tell me a little about the music that you play. How do you choose which artists or songs to cover, and do you perform any original songs as well? FN: First of all, my focus is creative arrangements of compositions by others that have my own “stamp” on them. I do not “cover” a tune; I create a totally new arrangement of it. This challenges me musically and also allows my writing/arranging capability to develop. I do not use backing tracks, and I also need to do this to be able to make the song work for me.

Yes, I have originals and will be doing more of those in the future (Holler Stomp is one), but for me, I believe that doing interesting arrangements of tunes people know helps me create a following while still being creative. I could not try to mimic an original composition, that would bore me and since I don’t use backing tracks, it would be very hard to do. SS: Who are your musical influences, whether in general, or particularly, guitar players that truly encouraged you? Which artists do you now find yourself listening to, either for influence or just to relax and unwind? FN: My musical influences are quite wide; I love any good music. Guitar players that have influenced me are all over the place! Chet Atkins, Jimmy Page, Jeff beck, Tommy Emmanuel, Django Reinhardt, Merle Travis, Jerry Reed, Phil Keaggy, to name just a few. If I had to pick one type of music, it would be blues, but I also love rock, jazz, classical and country (the older stuff! LOL). I listen to music constantly and what I listen to is all over the place. SS: What, if anything, is your goal at this point? What would you like to see happen in the year 2011 and beyond for you musically in both first life and SL? FN: Well, for me it is all about moving my music ahead; that means technically, as well as creatively. I want to constantly be improving my technique, but to use it to move people with the music. My music now is totally focused on the web, especially SL. I would like to grow the

music further by using this technique to make it sound even bigger, something I’m already working come listen! Then, as a result, I would like to grow my fan base. I want to use the virtual world to its max with my music. SS: As always, I want to thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? FN: Well I would like to end with saying thank you! And, I would like to thank everyone who spends their valuable time listening to me. It really humbles me that my friends enjoy what I do, and I am really appreciative of it. With that said, all of my performances come with the “Frets Guarantee;” I will give my all to have them be enjoyable, creative experiences that put a smile on their face and some brightness in their day! To enjoy a little more of Frets Nirvana’s groove, come out and enjoy one of his live performances in SL. You will not be disappointed by the performance, and you might just find yourself as his newest fan after experiencing a grooving night with the man himself. To hear a preview sampling of his music, visit his MySpace page at http://www.myspace. com/fretsnirvana, follow him on Twitter (@FretsNirvana), or join his group, Frets Friends, in-world to stay up-to-date on his performances. A

Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Chantal Harvey Ambassadress of Machinima

AVENUE | Media Mojo


his month, AVENUE Magazine is proud to interview one of Second Life® machinima’s most influential people, Chantal Harvey. One of the grid’s best machinimatographers, Harvey started out as just another avatar trying to explore and have fun in the metaverse. It was 2007, the year when Second Life was enjoying the height of their popularity. Plenty of people were intrigued by this virtual world and wanted to find out what it was like. Harvey was one of those curious enough to try SL™, She first started in this virtual world as an explorer, like many did. “I was happy to NOT film here,” she says, “because I did run a local TV station in the Netherlands.” During her early days, she, like many other female avatars in SL, went to look for a job in the metaverse, and got a job here in the grid as a hostess in an SL club called, TJice. While Harvey was having a great time in SL socializing through her work as a hostess, things changed when the owners decided to close the club. This is when Harvey was bitten by the bug. “When that club suddenly closed, I wanted to somehow keep a memory of it,” said Harvey, “so that club closing made me find the in-world camera, and make my first machinima...and I’ve never stopped since.” Creating machinima has been her passion and work in SL since that day. Over the years, she has carved a reputation in SL as someone that tirelessly campaigns and works for the advancement of machinima, not just in SL, but in other virtual worlds. She started the

48 Hour Film Project, and she oversees and facilitates SL groups related to machinima; linking together actors, directors, builders and other people who would want to collaborate and make machinima. However, her contribution to the advancement of machinima does not end there, because every year, the influential Chantal Harvey organizes the MaMachinima International Festival (MMIF) with the sole purpose of showcasing machinima submitted by amateurs and professionals alike. Her purpose? To showcase machinima that each machinimator was proud to create. There are no contests and no prize money; just machimina that creators feel proud to show off. Harvey started the MMIF in 2009 with the aim of putting together a community of machinimatographers from around the globe, crossing all platforms and games. This event is held simultaneously in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Second Life, and on the web. The event is not only a marathon of films made in SL along with other games and platforms, but also a venue for people to learn more about this rising form of media and art. According to Harvey, there is a workshop that is held the first day of the festival that features prolific names from the machinima industry. These luminaries teach the art of making machinima, and then encourage the attendees to create their first machinima, which is screened on the second day of the festival. When Harvey first started organizing the

event, it took her many months, and a lot of convincing for people to submit their work. Now, it takes much less time organizing the festival, and with the popularity of the festival, she now has to screen 67 submissions. Out of those submissions, Harvey says, there is work from people who are very well known in the field that have been joining her festival since it started. “I started something that was not there before, that’s why it is so popular; during the first year, I had to beg people to submit a film.” “[W]hat makes it special is that the filmmakers stand on stage while the film plays, and after each film, they get questions also from the RL audience in Amsterdam! I really wanted to let people connect; they meet and ask, ‘Hey how did you do that?’” She adds, “And you know, many projects have come from MMIF; people meet and start working together, it makes me proud to be a part of that.” When an invaluable event like this happens in SL, it creates a stir in people to come together and do something special, making it a great networking activity where you can bond and connect with creative people who love to do machinima. This time around she has more films to present, not only because there are more people making machinima now, but also because of the success of the first two years of the event. Another special milestone to this year’s festival is also the length of films being submitted. People have been starting to do longer, more elaborate machinima now, which is something

else to look forward to. For Harvey, what she does is very exciting and very monumental for SL. Machinima is the most effective way to communicate the richness, variety and creativity of the grid. On a larger scale, machinima production can be a cost effective way for people to make movies. Imagine a production set in a computer and everything you need, from costumes to sets, are in-world, ready to be filmed in all its glory. Harvey shares that some schools are starting to embrace the practical side of making machinima. “I give RL workshops about machinima in schools,” Harvey shares. “Students love it. Schools can’t afford expensive cameras anymore, and kids break cameras. Fraps is 35 dollars, and Adobe Elements is 80 dollars, I think.” Chantal definitely works tirelessly for machinima, and it is definitely a passion that she never expected to flourish while in SL. As someone who now is in the forefront of machinima, she gets exposure from RL media once in a while. Sadly, despite the rise of computer generated films and the success of James Cameron’s recent movie, Avatar, people have not grasped the concept and coolness of machinima. “I was in the newspaper here in Holland, and for weeks I had strangers walk up to me and tell me, ‘I have a life!’ Duh. It is a passion and a joy, but honestly, people don’t get it; I gave up explaining, so I now tell them I make animation films. Easier.”

However, Harvey concludes that it won’t be long before machinima gets the recognition it deserves from the real world. All it takes, according to her, is someone to make a really big hit. At the moment, machinimas are now being screened in RL film festivals and are slowly gaining acclaim. As for exposure for the festival, this year’s MMIF was featured in an Amsterdam magazine called Time Out. With the festival being held June 17th and 18th, Harvey is in a flurry of activity, from planning the events within the workshop and screening films. She has also made the venue, which she shares with MetaMeets, ready for the big day. “I welcome all press,” Harvey says. “MetamixTV, AviewTV, and Malburns Writer will be streaming it. If people want to stream or cover it, they are welcome; I don’t give out exclusive rights.” She doesn’t work with sponsors either, and has funded the event out of her own means. For her, the festival is not about making money; it is all about sharing, meeting, collaborating and learning what machinima can do and for the entertainment of it all. “I try to break even.” Harvey shares. “People can be a part of it, but it is not for making money with. As for sponsors, it depends. It is such a joy to be free of rules. I value that a lot. But, Linden Lab sponsored me with 4 sims last year, and that was fabulous.” Chantal Harvey has a great attitude when it comes to being in SL, and it is the backbone of her activities in SL. For her, it’s what you do in

SL that counts, despite the glitches. “We don’t blame RL for all the things that aren’t right, do we?” She asks. Indeed. However, SL has moved towards a better ground for machinima over the years, especially with all the improvements with Windlight and other areas. “I actually like the workarounds; it makes you creative,” shares Harvey, “but yeah, graphics improve, and LL has a good ear for machinima now. Rhett Linden is our machinima darling, hehe.” Because of Harvey’s collaborative efforts and volunteerism, Linden Lab has approached her to help them organize Month of Machinima, or MoM, which started last May. Through her help as one of the members of the Linden Endowment of the Arts (LEA), Linden Lab is now paying attention to the power of machinima, sponsoring an in-world machinima showcase, and interacting with machinima groups and organizing meetings to dialogue with machinimatographers. “Machinima is good for Second Life.” Harvey says. After voicing my hope that this will continue, Harvey stated with conviction: “It will. I am not the only one working hard for machinima, hehe. Three years ago, there was nothing; there was one big machinima group that mostly scared people away, but a few of us changed that. We started our own groups,

and we made everyone feel welcome.” Harvey is proud of what she has accomplished, and says that she is really thankful for SL because of what being in this virtual world did to her, and she is very glad to give back. “I did art school in RL, and then went to work...I forgot that I am an artist, that is what RL (and a mortgage and family and bills) does to you... but I know now, I am an artist.” Harvey has definitely rediscovered herself with her work in machinima after finding that there is so much to make movies about in SL. The MMIF is her way of sharing that joy of rediscovery and passion of what machinima has done for her. To view some of Harvey’s work, visit her YouTube page at user/ChantalHarvey. To find out more about the MMIF, visit the event page at A

AVENUE | Featured Artist

Through the Looking Glass with

Carthalis Rossini

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography provided by Carthalis Rossini


f a picture is worth a thousand words, what happens when that picture leaves you speechless? The short answer is that you’re probably looking at a piece of artwork created by Carthalis Rossini, and odds are it has taken your breath away. To call what he does just photography would be a tremendous understatement; he creates snapshots around the virtual grid and using his skill and masterful eye turns those into art that speaks to the masses. Rossini has managed to not only take viewers of his work on a mesmerizing visual journey, but he’s also managed to share a piece of himself through his artwork. Join AVENUE as we sit down with this month’s Featured Artist to delve a little deeper into the man, his mind, and his work.

Sensuous Soulstar: I definitely want to thank you for taking the time out to answer our questions. Let’s jump right into the meat of the questions. Without revealing too much personal information, tell readers a bit about the man behind the avatar. What’s your personality like and how does it influence or show through your artwork? Carthalis Rossini: Thank you for inviting me. I don’t believe there is much of a difference between my avatar and my real self. Just as in real life, I am quite a shy person and I do like to spend a lot of time on my own. I think that does come through into Second Life® in the form of my avatar as Carthalis. I don’t think anyone can really, honestly separate themselves from their avatar in a virtual world; who you are, your emotions and personality does eventually come through. I live in England and work full time in an office environment. I’m quite fortunate to live in a part of the country that is surrounded by some amazing scenery of lakes and mountains, and when I get the opportunity I do like to go out and visit these places and just walk about and enjoy the environment around me. I love exploring and I’m a very inquisitive person, always looking and searching for something. I’m always seeking for knowledge and understanding of the world around me, both real and virtual. SS: How did you get your start in photography in SL™? What was that one thing that made you decide you were going to put your all in photography? Was there a person or particular

piece of art that really made you want to showcase your creativity through art? CR: I’ve been online and using the internet for over 17 years now, and I have spent four of those years here in Second Life. It’s only really in the last two years that things have really shifted and moved forward for myself. I’ve always taken shots of places I’ve visited in Second Life or various outfits I’ve worn, and I’m not really sure if there was particular moment that made me decide to put my all into photography; it just seemed a natural thing to do to chronicle my adventures in Second Life. My first art exhibition was for a place called New York Healthscape, and I really couldn’t believe that someone was asking me if I would like to showcase my work. That was back in 2009 and it still amazes me that I was asked. Then in 2010, Starlash Sweetwater asked if I would be interested in taking part in an exhibition at a new gallery she was opening in the cyberpunk sim, Insilico. I’m a huge fan of the sim, there’s so much opportunity there to take pictures and just explore the whole place. I’m always amazed and just dumbstruck when people tell me how much they love my work, and there I was exhibiting with some amazing artists that I admired so much: Del May, Ariel Brearly and Fingers Scintilla. I just couldn’t believe I was in the same exhibition as these people. And then for them to say they liked my work I was just stunned and amazed. Starting my fashion blog over a year ago was something I had thought about and toyed

with for awhile. Then I spoke to a friend, Grady Echegaray, and asked her for some advice about doing a male fashion blog and she was just fantastic. I’m a huge admirer of her previous blog that she did with Mourna Biziou called “Strange Pixels;” just her sense of style and uniqueness I just adore. Her advice was invaluable. SS: Out of all of your work, is there one piece that means more to you than the others; one that truly stands out as either a favorite, or your greatest accomplishment? CR: This is a tough question, and I don’t think I could pick a particular favorite one. Somethings just seemed to work really well and come together like magic; whilst others I really have to think and sometimes struggle with, especially in my fashion blog. I can put an outfit together, pick the scene and the mood, and it just comes together perfectly and I think “yes I really like that.” Like “The Executioner” shots I did, everything just worked so well. Then other times it feels like I’m pulling teeth; the ideas are there in my head, but getting them out and making them a visual thing here in Second Life can be quite painful. I do like some early pictures I took of some of June Dion’s work from Barerose for my blog. (http:// in/set-72157623482517746). I just love the flow and feel of the pictures. SS: For our interested readers, do you create your art just for your own personal enjoyment, or do you also do work for others as well? If so, do you have a studio or place where readers could visit?

CR: I very much create for my own personal enjoyment, and in using programs like Photoshop, it’s always a learning process; learning something new about it or picking up some tip. There are two exhibitions in Second Life that people can go and visit to see my work. The exhibition in Insilico called “Visions of Insilico” can be seen in the North Gallery in Insilico at INSILICO NORTH [135.27.3612]. And I have a current exhibition at the Benzaiten Gallery run by Ariel Brearly and Fingers Scintilla that people can go and see at Waterton Commerce [34.210.3046]. SS: Finally, I want to thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? CR: Thank you again for inviting me. I’ve been quite fortunate and blessed throughout my life, both in the real world and here in Second Life, to have some amazing and creative people inspire me and give me words of advice that have helped me along. I think the best advice I can ever give anyone is just be yourself, follow your own ideas and thoughts even if it leads you away from the mainstream. It’s not an easy road to walk and I’ve always felt like Alice looking through the looking glass into the world around me. And whilst there have been times where it’s been so painful and hard, it’s also had great moments of wonder and illumination.

Rossini’s work speak volumes to the talent and greatness that is so rare in SL. While many can take a great snapshot, Rossini paints a picture for viewers that goes beyond a camera, and takes you inside the mind of a genius. Stop by both galleries to view Rossini’s artwork and you will walk away speechless, gasping for air as you brain tries to reconcile the beauty it has just witnessed. You can find a sample of Rossini’s work on his Flickr page as well at: photos/carthalis/. A

AVENUE | Arts Feature

Elie Maurice/Loup Erin Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Brie Wonder


a man with a message through art

hen walking through the destruction and looking at the results of human consumption and the role that commercialism plays, all displayed in the art of Elie Maurice (Loup Erin in Second Life速), one has to wonder about human society and how long we can sustain this planet until we are forced to start exploring the Moon and outer regions of the solar system. As I walked through the sim and viewed the examples of human consumption that Maurice has created, I had the pleasure of sitting down with him and finding out more about how human society had motivated him to create the stark examples that would cause humanity to rethink their lives.

Spruce Canning: How did the theme of mass human consumption influence you in your art and what message do you wish to give to the person viewing your work? Elie Maurice (Loup Erin): I am inspired by the world around me to create. In RL and SL™, the phenomenon of mass consumption is very present in our occidental culture, and it influences me a lot. I try to convey my vision of the influence of media on our society, our way of life, mass consumption, etc. I want people to reflect seeing my work. It raises the question about their lifestyle. My work does not have an answer or solution; I just watch my vision and I’m trying to create a visual impact and morale to the person viewing my work. SC: What do you see in contemporary society that generates the commercialism and consumption that your work represents? EM: I work a lot on the image of our world through the media, in particular, the image of our world through television. “The perfect world,” “consume to be happy,” “be anorexic to be beautiful,” etc. I want people to realize that living being guided by the perfect world, as suggested by television, is dangerous. SC: Would you say that your work would bring the public to see their consumption could be a factor in the potential demise of humanity on this planet? EM: I do not know if that brings the public to think about it, but I want to make them think. I sincerely believe that our way of life based on consumption can be a factor in the

disappearance of humanity, a small factor because there are many other contributors. I do not make art to dazzle people, but to make them think. So if my work can bring these people to have this reflection, then I did my job well. SC: What would you say to someone who wishes to make a break into the art world in the Metaverse and in first life? EM: Each is his way of expression. In my work, I do not find a break between “art in SL” and “art in RL.” For me SL is a type of media, like painting, photography, etc. I present my work in SL in RL, and my RL work in SL. I am an RL artist. SL is a medium that I use to express myself, and I think it should be considered in the same manner as a canvas. SC: To conclude, where would you see yourself in a year’s time and what would we see you branching out to when the metaverse has faded into the memory bank of history? EM: I think that in a year, my situation will not be different. I will continue my work in RL, and I think I will continue to use the metaverse, if this still exists. It is a wonderful way to express yourself. As I viewed the artwork on display at the sim, I left with the impression that humanity would need to move to all avenues that would foster the growth of the species, such as colonization of the stars. The rate of consumption that humanity has undertaken since the end of the World War II and the affluence that the developed world has attained since then

drives the need for that option. Elie Maurice, through his art, is sounding a warning bell for the rest of society to stand up and take notice about how we as a people live with the instant gratification and mass commercialism that our society provides and how our affluence has an effect on humanity as a whole. Hopefully man will see what the effects of consumption have had on him and the planet. To view Elie Mauriceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artwork in-world, visit his gallery at: Apopka [122.218.101]. His artwork can also be viewed online at: A

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AVENUE Magazine June 2011