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AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Photos by Aleida Rhode

Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE


ith the arrival of summer, the heat is on and AVENUE is rocking it out again this year at the Second Life Community Convention in Boston as the Official Media Partner. To this end, we will be bringing you an even better real life issue which will be brought inworld for your reading pleasure, showcasing all the movers and shakers over the past year since the last SLCC in San Francisco. It will be another amazing moment to see the joy and reception of SLCC attendees hold a piece of Second Life® in their hands. So we hope to see you at the convention and experience the opportunity to network, share and collaborate and put a face to people you already know in SL®. Places are limited at the convention so do register soon and don’t forget to quote the AVENUE code “avenue4v3n23“ to enjoy a 10% discount off your registration. Until then, let’s soak in the warmth of summer and when you are not out frolicking in summer activites, enjoy what we have prepared for you in this issue that will be sure to ignite your Second Life lifestyle in every way.

AVENUE | Editor's note

Isadora Fiddlesticks Photo by Aleida Rhode

Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE


sweltering June greets us and as usual, we present to you another AVENUE Magazine issue that sizzles!

We have arts, fashion, personalities and amazing sims aplenty in this magazine, and once in a while we feature someone who really jump start that feeling of community and fun in groups. This month, we have such people, in the likes of DJane Mayumi, one of the DJs in the close knit community for Filipinos in SL, and Circe Broom, a fabulous woman who practically set a gold standard in SL Live Music events. These women pave the way for community building amidst distances, through sharing one beat and one venue to appreciate music, whether it is live or otherwise. They show how possible it is to bridge distances and cultural gaps through bringing entertainment and fun into this virtual world, opening it to more people. This principle of bridging gaps and distances also ring true for the Avatar Repertory Theatre. We explore the idea of producing plays through our avatars, and of building sets and scenes through prims. Read on about this marvelous collaboration in the coming pages, and we hope we sparked in you a desire to patronize this emerging venture. Truly arts and creativity have transcended distance and time in Second Life, and in the process have created community, friendship, and new work values. Truly in Second Life, we get a new way to explore what is possible.


34 Cover Story Essential Soul Studio

Fashion Icon Icemocolo Voom

AVENUE Magazine June 2010 cover Featuring Essential Soul Studio Poses Team Steven Dean, Maeve Strom and Corvo Krell on Breakway bike prop Photographer: Jarl Soderstrom




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Magazine : issue 21


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Rusch Raymaker

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Isadora Fiddlesticks

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AVENUE | Cover Story



oul tudio

A Pose for all Reasons


wo decades ago, Madonna’s iconic noir representation of a then-popular dance craze swept the imaginations of millions. The music video for what started as a B-side to “Keep It Together” kicked off an underground dance movement into the mainstream. And the song itself is an anthem for thousands of avatars in SL® today -- models, photographers, and dancers alike.

Written By Roland Zepp Photography by Natasja Schumann

On the grid, striking a pose is not all that simple. Each movement requires an animation and many standard animations -- as well as controls for those animations -- are built into the viewer. If you want your body to move in any way that’s not standard, you need to have an animation that will move you. For that reason, an entire industry has grown around the desire to move (or to stand) in a particular manner. To strike a pose, if you will.

“Ladies with an attitude Fellows that were in the mood. Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. ...Vogue”

A year and a half ago, Maeve Strom and Steven Dean wanted to create a region that would attract photographers and models from all over the grid but realized that setting was only one part of the formula for a great photo. To take a truly memorable picture, the avatar needs the right pose. With that realization, the seed for Essential Soul Studio n Poses was planted. Today, Essential Soul Studio n Poses is one of the grid’s main sources for photographic poses -- from singles and couples to groups of up to fourteen avatars, particularly useful for group wedding shots. Essential Soul has poses for a variety of popular Second Life® styles and even has posed props, including chairs, sofas, and a new motorcycle with a large collection of poses driven by a menu mechanism that will be familiar to most netizens of the grid. In order to provide everything a photographer might need to create the perfect image, Essential Soul has started producing their own line of accessories including belts, sunglasses, and other items to add depth and detail to a photo shoot. Recently, AVENUE Magazine sat down with the owners of Essential Soul to talk about where

they’ve been and what’s on the horizon. We asked the pair how they got together in Second Life. Steven told us, “In 2008 through Flickr, I started a little with photography. I saw a pic which really attracted me and I sent her an IM to tell her.” Maeve added, “I asked Steven to pose for me. I was going to do an exhibition on SL bodies and he was the victim of a very long shoot.” She laughed. After exchanging emails and finding a common interest in photography (and each other), Maeve and Steven opened Essential Soul as a photography studio in October of 2008. It was in a small store front in a region that they hoped to develop as a location for photographers.

Their growing interest in creating images led to creating their own poses. Not satisfied with the available stock of photographic poses, the two started making poses of their own. Maeve told us, “We wanted to create poses that meant something to us.” That enterprise has grown over time to occupy a large store on a private island. With a little prompting, AVENUE Magazine learned that the store is about to grow yet again with a new facility scheduled to open in June -- their third building with more than double the space of the current one, covering half a region. “Actually I think it’s already too small,” Steven laughed about the size, “but we’ll see.” The pair hopes to use the expanded area to promote photographic accessories like their

new Pose Anywhere HUD which allows a photographer to control a model’s poses on location without needing to rez a pose stand or rely on the poses that the model may have in inventory. Maeve told us, “Essential Soul has evolved into everything an avi will find necessary in the photography world and to dress themselves. It’s the next generation of ES.”

wanted a name able to show feelings, then we thought about eyes and the idea behind them: eyes as the mirror of the soul and from that... EssentialSoul.” Maeve said, “We see ES as being able to have the special nature of ‘the art of creating emotions.’”

Maeve added, “He has been flawless in his work, doing great sculpted items. We consider him family.”

From their beginnings as budding SL photographers, the playful pair of Dean and Strom have created the go-to place for poses and hope to become the key source for everything a Second Life photographer needs to create that special image. With clean, expressive poses and accessories to augment the vision, Essential Soul is proving that Madonna was right.

We asked the pair where they came up with the name, Essential Soul. Steven told us, “We

Visit Essential Soul Studio n Poses at their region: Essential Soul Studio (134, 154, 37).

Steven told us, “About accessories, we want to thank especially our general manager, Corvo Krell. He has been working with us since last August on creating sculpts.”

“Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Vogue!”

*Madonna, 1990, “Vogue” Sire (Warner Bros) A

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

Voom Icemocolo

Inspiring Unity through Fashion

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Mischa Cuttita & Aleida Rhode


here are those who wear fashion in ways that change the definition of style. Yet, in order for your favorite model to grace the runway or for the latest “it� figure to grace the pages of your favorite magazine praising

the hottest designers, there has to be genius behind the scenes. Anyone can create the next “it” look, but it takes a truly skilled designer to create a “forever” look: a look that is so timeless, it will always be a classic. When the trends have faded, and the “it” look has become the “it was” look, the “forever” look is like that little black dress, or that one pair of sexy jeans that is a staple in any woman’s closet. While it is rare in Second Life® to find many “forever” looks, there is an abundance of this in one store: Muism. And we have the genius behind the brand to thank for that: Icemocolo Voom. Recently, AVENUE was able to reel in this creative mastermind for a minute of his time, hoping to get answers to some of those pressing questions inquiring minds are dying to know. Luckily, Mr. Voom was happy to oblige. Sensuous Soulstar: Greetings! I must say, you are a hard man to catch, but definitely well worth the pursuit! You’re a fashion icon, that’s obvious. But I want to pick your brain for a minute. What is your definition of fashion? Icemocolo Voom: Great fashion comes from personal expression. In my opinion, fashion is alive and styles are fixed. To be truly fashionable takes an element of creativity and self-expression. SS: Excellent answer. And how does your real life fashion influence your designs here? Does the fact that you’re in one of the meccas of fashion, London, have any impact on your designs?

IV: Everything I create is something I would wear in RL. London, as well as other fashion capitals, all influence my designs. I watch for popular upcoming fashion trends, and choose the ones I like the best to be part of the store. SS: Tell me about your start designing here in Second Life and a little about your first creation. IV: Well, once I decided that I wanted to create fashion, I opened a store almost immediately after I rezzed in SL for the first time. The first piece I ever designed was a flexi jacket. It turned out great on the first attempt. I was really pleased with it, and it still sells even today. The feedback was very good. My friends and supporters have always pushed me to move forward. Overall, loyal customers of Muism have been behind the store this whole time. SS: That’s amazing. So since you mentioned it, let’s get into the store, Muism. First, I’ve got to know, does the name stand for something in real life or Second Life, and how does it apply to the brand? IV: Muism is based on the concept of zero and nothingness. In a sense, it means unity. The brand represents a universal look that can bring people together through classic staples of fashion and similar tastes, thus keeping with the theme of unity in SL®. The branches of Muism also have meaning: the men’s line “Mugen” meaning infinity, and the women’s

wear “Hikari” meaning light. Mugen is the darkness without light to illustrate our life. The mugen and hikari names together would be something similar to yin and yang. They balance each other while united. This is Muism. SS: Now Muism has been around for such long time, since at least 2007 I believe. What do you credit to the success of the brand? IV: I credit many, many hours of hard work, feedback and support from loyal customers over the years. SS: Another excellent answer. You give so many options, from casual to a night out clubbing on the town. You even have some gorgeous formalwear. What was your goal in creating these items? IV: I create what I like. I have seen people wear my designs many different ways. I like that the pieces are versatile enough that many walks of life in SL can wear them with their own fashionable twist to it. SS: And speaking of many walks of life, you seem to cover every aspect -- from men and women’s fashion, to accessories, hair, skin, and even animations. What led you to decide to go beyond just fashion, and how did you get your start? IV: I used to have a low-prim DJ shop. I decided to just bring those items to Muism and sell them all under the same brand. My accessories, poses and other side projects are mainly to take a break from clothing & fashion and express my creative side in other ways.

SS: Well, you certainly are a man of many talents. So what should we expect next from Muism? IV: Recently, I’ve been focusing on building the new Muism store. All of my lines are planned and created shortly before they are released. I like to keep a small element of surprise for my supporters. Most of the upcoming looks will be very versatile to be dressed up or down. SS: As is custom, I want to end on an inspirational note, so, is there any advice you’d give to all the upcoming, aspiring, or even struggling designers that might be reading? IV: I would encourage designers to create what they like regardless of any criticism they receive. Running a shop is a lot of work, and none of it would be worth it if you’re putting out a product you don’t really love. Do what makes you happy and go for it. Sage words of wisdom from such a talented mind. This is evident from not only his designs, but in his choice of team that he has working with Muism. Together, these minds have managed to create staying power, as evidenced by the length of Muism’s success. Branching out from just clothing into all areas of accessories, Voom and his team have ensured that men and women will be able to have the quality that they’ve come to expect from the brand. Look forward to something new and exciting, but most importantly versatile, to complete your wardrobe with the upcoming Summer/Fall line located only at Muism. A

AVENUE | Featured Designer

Rui Muhindra

A strong point of view

Written by Thalia Jie Photography & Styling by Thalia Jie


old asymmetrical pieces, geometric lines and strong colors mark the distinctive style of Rui Muhindra, the designer and creator behind MUHI fashions. MUHI opened in January of this year, and already it’s obvious that Rui has an original and definite design aesthetic.

"I take delight in the whole creative process even when it's totally frustrating"

MUHI features bodysuits, separates, dresses and mix and match pieces that are unmistakably fun, bold and sexy. The color palette for Rui’s designs is mainly deep rich plums, smoky teals and velvety crimsons and a range of pastels from vivid sky blues and baby pinks. MUHI pieces have detailed self-patterned textures that play on the contrasts between two tones of color in the same piece. It’s subtle, but certainly marks her work as distinctive and interesting. Whether it’s the sculpted cap sleeves on a dress or a jacket with only one sleeve, Rui’s pieces reveal a talented designer with an eye for detail. Rui first came to Second Life® at the insistence of a friend. “I had heard of Second Life in newspapers and web articles, but I never signed in,” explained Rui, “until a friend told me that he had joined a ‘strange game’ where he was stuck in a place called tutorial island.

What could I do, but sign up and try and help?” laughed Rui. Rui enjoyed experimenting and discovering the potential for creativity in her new virtual environment, but didn’t seriously start designing clothing until last year. “I enjoy the entire process of creating fashion,” said Rui, “from working out the ideas, then the first attempts. It’s always a few steps forward then a few steps backwards. I refine my ideas, experiment and refine some more, then add the finishing touches. It can be frustrating but it’s also exciting to see how an idea can come to virtual life. I take delight in the whole creative process,” explained Rui,”even when it’s totally frustrating.” For Rui, her next challenge is to expand MUHI into men’s wear. “Fashion for men will have its own set of challenges and frustrations,” laughed Rui, “but it will be fun to do.”

Models: Thalia Jie and Vixie Rayna

Muhi Styling Notes Picture #1

Shape: MADesigns ~ Bella Skin: Pulse Skins/RFyre ~ Mystere Tone 2 No.12 Hair: friday ~ Neva in Gloomy Gray Eyes: MADesigns ~ Innocence Cold Trees Top: Muhi ~ Katie Dress in Vanilla Skirt: Muhi ~ Katie Dress in Black Shoes: Maitreya Gold ~ Allure Tights in Yin Yang Gloves: Yvette Vultee ~ Victor Long Finger Gloves Earrings: Muhi ~ Earths Earrings Scarf: G Field ~ Zebra Muffler

Picture #2

Skin: Pulse Skins/RFyre ~ Mystere Tone 2 No.1 Hair: Little Heaven ~ Rabbi in Black Eyes: MADesigns ~ Innocence Elf Forest Outfit: Muhi ~ Effie Shorts Suit in Midnight Aqua Leggings: Bare Rose [part of outfit Haily] Boots: G Field ~ Short Lace-Up Boots in Red Gloves: Viva La Glam ~ Brody Gloves Earrings: Muhi ~ Earths Earrings Beret: Hat Mechanic ~ Revolution Beret

Picture #3

Skin: Pulse Skins/RFyre ~ Mystere Tone 2 No.16 Hair: Cake ~ Dakota Eyes: MADesigns ~ Autumn Night Bear Dress: Muhi ~ Sierra in Blue Tights: Glanz ~ Metallic Pantyhose in Blue Black Boots: J’s ~ Ankle Boots Round in Blue Grey

You can find MUHI fashion at

Jasmine Hills 36.1.21


AVENUE | Signature Pieces

Hat Tricks Written by Thalia Jie Photography & Styling by Thalia Jie Signature pieces are those classic clothes and accessories that are never out of date, always stylish and add that little bit of extra oomph to your look. Signature pieces are classics with a twist -- classics with your own personal twist and your own personal style. It’s a clothing item or a style that identifies you. It’s your fashion calling card. And while fashions come and go, having your own personal style is timeless. Add originality to your look, whether its glamorous oversized sunglasses, a classic string of pearls or black stiletto heels. Wearing any of these signature pieces can add originality and

a personal touch that make you stand out from the crowd. Complete outfits with a statement-making headpiece. Hats have it all. Stylish, casual, formal or just plain silly, hats are noticeable and a perfect expression of your personal style. As someone once said: “Fashion is a kind of communication. It’s a language without words. A great hat speaks for itself.” Personally, I think Frank Sinatra expressed it well when he said, “Tilt your hat - angles are attitude”.

Skin: LeLutka IFE in Pale makeup1 Eyes: MADesigns ~ Autumn Gold Comfort Dress: Veschi ~ Over The Top Solids in Beige Shoes: Maitreya ~ Verve in Blue Gloves: La Maison Kaestner ~ Leather Gloves in Blue Handbag: Bare Rose ~ Emanuela in Pink Hat: Chapeau tres Mignon ~ Summer Head Wrap in Blossom

Skin: LG Concept Peau D’ange ~ Ayil Clair Makeup 1 Eyes: MADesigns ~ Autumn Gold Clarity Dress: Chantkare ~ Splatte Shoes: Sakka’s Studio ~ Sash Pumps in Black Gloves: La Maison Kaestner ~ Long Leather Gloves in Anthracite Stockings: Blaze ~ Hose in Brown Earrings: LG Concept ~ Lil Nati Earrings Bracelet: Zaara ~ Pallav Amber Bracelets Ring: Zaara ~ Kashiti ~ Bobble Ring in Pearl Handbag: THAF Haute Couture Store ~ BagParty in Yellow Hat: Epoque Dame on Carnaby ~ Tiffany DeCreme

Skin: LaVie ~ Michelle V3 Light 007 Eyes: MADesigns ~

Autumn Night Deer

Dress: Donna Flora ~ Assia Shoes: G Field ~ Figure Pumps in Zebra Stockings: No.9 Nylons ~ Cuban Heel Pantyhose in Black Belt: M * A * ii * K * I

~ High Waisted Belt in Patent Black

Necklace: Mandala ~ Kagetora Necklace in Black Earrings: Paper Couture ~ Vintage Black Earrings Hat: LG Concept ~ The Big Feathered Hat in Grey

“Tilt your hatangles are attitude�

Skin: KA Skins ~ Bardot Yoko Sunkissed Make Up 07 Eyes: MADesigns ~ Autumn Night Deer Dress: Studio Tangs ~ Painterly Florals Bustier Shoes: Maitreya ~ Slinky Stilettos in Patent Yellow Gloves: La Maison Kaestner ~ Leather Gloves in Black Belt: Fishy Strawberry ~ Geisha Leather Belt in Yellow Earrings: Uzuri ~ Ebony Drops Earrings Necklace: Zaara ~ Parnini Necklace in Clear Handbag: HOC Apparel ~ Takeout Bag in Black Hat: LeLutka ~ City Hat in Yellow

Skin: Pulse Skins/RFyre ~ Mystere Tone 2/No.1 Hair: Little Heaven ~ Rabi in Black Eyes: MADesigns ~ Autumn Night Deer Top: Maitreya ~ Bodysuit de la Ruche in Misty Rose Trousers: Tres Beau ~ [part of outfit] Hepburn in Burgundy Shoes: LeLutka ~ Saffron Pumps in Black Gloves: Maitreya ~ [part of outfit] Savoir Turtleneck Top in Rose Dusk

Necklace: Mandala ~ Hannya Necklace in Purple Hat: LeLutka ~Audrey in Orchid


AVENUE | Featured Designer


Jules Jenvieve Written by Augusta Carver | Photography by Mischa Cuttita

then wanted some musical themed items, but they were hard to find, and were musically incorrect, so I started making some for myself. AC: Did you join Second Life to design? JJ: No, I mainly just came to play. I initially had to do a school project, but enjoyed it so I kind of hung around AC: Do you have a favorite part of the designing process?


hen thinking about fashion, most people are reminded of the clothes first, but there are so many different aspects that go along with that…hats, purses, shoes, jewelry, etc… If you have the right piece, jewelry can define an outfit. Jules Jenvieve’s creations do that and more. A resident of Second Life® for two years, Jules Jenvieve has been creating amazing work with her store JJ’s Jewelry of Note. I had the chance to talk to her more about her work.

JJ: Not really - I’ve done a lot of custom work and the best part is being able to give someone something unique that they want to give to a friend for a gift, and have them be happy with it. One thing about my items - From a music notation aspect they are correct. So much of the musical jewelry in both RL and SL are not correct from a musical standpoint. I was a musician in RL for many years, so it bothers me to see stuff that’s wrong.

Augusta Carver: So how long have you been designing jewelry?

The store at Cocoa Beach and the cart in New Hope fit in with the musical themes of the sims, and the owners there have been wonderful. The Revnik location compliments the fine stuff in her store, we think.

Jules Jenvieve: Since I started on SL two years ago. I mostly started making things for myself, and

AC: There are a lot of Jewelry stores in SL, what makes yours so different?

AC: Besides designing, what else do you like to do in SL? JJ: Dance, listen to live music, meet people, explore, shop, - the normal stuff, I guess. There are a million worlds here and lots of creativity - so much goes unnoticed. AC: How do you find inspiration for your musically themed jewelry? JJ: I generally go with recommendations from other people - things that someone wants. My stuff JJ: I’m going after items that celebrate one of the best aspects of SL - the music here. AC: You said you were a musician in RL? What kind of music did you perform and have you ever considered doing that in SL? JJ: I played all types, and yes I’ve considered it but would rather not work as a live performer. I have coached and worked with a lot of them and hosted and worked as an assistant to performers quite a bit. That is probably where I can be of the most assistance and benefit. If you were to ask me my favorite type of music, I would, as most musicians do, say I truly like any type of music that is well performed. Good performance is good performance regardless of the genre.

AC: How would you describe your own fashion style? JJ: I go with stuff I like rather than what people say is fashionable. I would say my style is “comfortable classy.” AC: Do you have any favorite designers or stores you always have to check out? JJ: Yes. My most favorite is the stuff that Pixivor Allen does at AlaFoile. Then there is Bonnie Revnik of Revnik’s at Kinstall Hill. She has some really nice designs. Next is Zaara. I love her stuff and she has the absolute best jeans in Second Life. I have a lot of Nicky Rae gowns, and a bit of stuff from Baiastice. is fairly simple for the most part, but I do have a few complicated items. Sometimes the music part is simple, but other aspects can be quite complex. I’ve learned to appreciate simple items here. I have some gorgeous stuff I bought, but cant TP in, and once was asked to leave a wedding because my avatar rendering cost was so high the bride was lagging. So my stuff is low prim.

AC: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for anyone future designers? JJ: Sure - Like everything in SL, do it because you enjoy it and because it’s fun!! If you’re trying or expecting to get rich you’re going to be really frustrated. I just do it because the people that like my stuff really like it, and appreciate the message behind it. That’s the fun part for me.

I still think it’s pretty and it’s definitely a niche

Jules Jenvieve’s love of music has been a real


asset to her in Second Life. Her jewelry is not only low prim, but musically accurate. Music has

I have a sculptie wall hanging that has done pretty

helped propel her jewelry designs and made her a

well with the first bar of “When the Saints” I’m

recognizable and respected creator. I look forward

probably going to try more of that type of item.

to seeing what other amazing jewelry she unveils.

eveivneJ A

Featured Designer

AVENUE | Fun With Fashion

Surf’s Up T a n k Emery - Mini Top in Striped #11 B ik i n i Bo t to m WWI - Oopsie! in Red (Barerose Microkini C Prims in Pink [Tinted])

Sh o e s Maitreya Gold - Shanti in Cherry Sk in Belleza - Elle in Medium 16 H a ir Mirai Style - Ryna in Darkbrown B a n g le Armidi Gisaci - Healing Giraffe in Brown Neck la ce Sey - Tiger’s Eye + Skull

Life's A Beach Modeled, Styled & Photographed by Vixie Rayna

Summer has arrived and that means it’s time to hit the beach. There’s no need for fashion to take a back seat when you arrive on the sand because these summer looks will have you arriving in style. Wearing a bathing suit shouldn’t limit your ability to put together something fabulous for your beach adventure. You can go from surfer girl to sex kitten in a quick change. Beach hair and tanned skin are both things to be envied in the summer. Mirai Style has the perfect casual looks for your day at the beach. I love the range of hairstyles from everyday to dramatic and this store has it all. Summer brings the heat and it’s all about sun and well... suntans! Tricky Boucher of Belleza has the most perfectly tanned skin. The skins are impeccable and you will definitely stand out with your banging beach bod.

Sex on the Beach B ath ing Suit Devol - Sexy Animal in Zebra S h o e s Stiletto Moody - Bare Greta in gold Skin Belleza - Elle in Medium 16 H a ir Mirai Style - Kibt in Darkbrown Ea rrin g DeLa - Antonia in Beige B an g l e Armidi Gisaci - Metallic Tres in 13 Carot Gold

Bathing suits can be tough to mix, but it’s so much fun to see what you can come up with in your own styling. Emery recently released some super sexy mini tops, and it is a perfect mix with any bikini bottom. Throw on a Havana-type hat with tousled hair to complete the look. Sexy is always fun and this animal print bathing suit from Devol lets out your inner wild woman. The stunning jeweled pin clasps the top together, adding some glamour to your look. One can never go wrong with big, wild hair that begs to be tamed! One can even find romantic looks for the beach, pairing a bikini top with a long flowy skirt like this one from LeeZu. The dramatic scarf in the hair adds a dreamy element to your outfit. Next stop is holding hands, while you stroll down the boardwalk. New seasons are a great time to mix up your style and try new things. Summer is a great opportunity to show some skin and get a little sexy! Find some daring looks that will heat up your days and nights! Until next month, remember that fashion is fun! Love Vixie


B iki n i T o p Chic Boutique - Teensy Polkad Skir t LeeZu - Zarah in Soft White S h o e s Maitreya - ChiChi in White Skin Belleza - Elle in Medium 16 H a ir MiraiStyle - Paio in DarkBrown (Hai B an g l e UnTone - Farther Ne c k la ce UnTone - Farther Double N a ils PixelMode - Sculpted V2


ir Wrap in Beige)

AVENUE | Homme

Writer Stylist Photographer Jarl Soderstrom


Free W

hile summer is often associated with bright vibrant colors -- the types that are apt to burn the retinas right out of your eyes -- it wasn’t always that way. So this month, I want to take you back to a simpler time. A time when peace, love and happiness were the way. A time when people took their time to get somewhere. When nobody was in a rush and colors were muted. People were in touch with nature and it showed in their styles and clothes. Earth tones were more the norm with browns, greens, deep reds and yellows everywhere. So I put together four looks this month for your pleasure. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did putting them together.

/Shirt Zaara Adyan kurta *lime* /Necklace [MANDALA] SHAKA Necklace/Cream Gold /Shorts Baiastice Jeff trousers long & swaged-havana /Sandals [LeLutka] CARSON sandals/saddlebrown /Hair [Anaphora] Phil Darkwood /Skin -Belleza- Ewan v2 Tan 7 /Belt { Kari } Plain brown belt (Curvy)

/Skin -Belleza- Ewan v2 Tan 7 /Hair Uncle Web Studios Robin Meteoric swarm /Tattoo Garden of Ku Tattoo Wired Garden 2.0 /Belt *COCO*Homme DoubleBelt Leopard-Graygold /Necklace [MANDALA] kimera Necklace Men/Black stone /Bracelets [MANDALA] LUCK Bracelets /Shirt Baiastice Laces shirt-ice /Glasses FNKY! MegaStar Glasses (Black/Black) /Pants Zaara Chinos *khaki*

/Watch Kari Industrial watch (Male) /Necklace [MANDALA] KAGETORA necklace/RED/ /Jacket Baiastice Velvet jacket-red /Shirt :SEY +Natur+ /tan /Pants Zaara Chinos *espresso* /Sandals [LeLutka] CARSON sandals/saddlebrown /Hair [CheerNo] MORAN [Surreal] /Skin -Belleza- Mathieu tan 4


/Bracelet :sey Tiger’s eye-JUZU [medium] /Hair a.C - STD.GloXhair POETA.[Sand dollaR] /Skin [CheerNo] Teseu_Ligth_Base Bald /Shirt :sey 2nd date /Pants CASACHEERNO HANK Pants/Terra /Sandals [LeLutka] CARSON sandals/saddlebrown

AVENUE | Edge of Style

White out Writer . Photographer . Stylist . Model Boe Cortes


ith summer heat starting to creep upon us, I thought this month we should lighten things up a bit and start to look at the brighter side of virtual fashion. Going all white isn’t as easy and as simple as it appears. For starters, it’s still quite a challenge to find items in white for males, only recently are we starting to see a few more variety in pants, vests and accessories. So here are a few styles I’ve managed to put together to give you an idea of what can be achieved with a little searching.

For my first style, I wanted to show you that white can hold just as much sexy appeal as black. Here, I went for a loose breezy feel showing a hint of skin yet still smart enough to enter any trendy bar in the city after a long day in the office. So, let’s start with the shirt from Mr Poet. It’s unlike any male shirt in SL®, with tie up string attachment to the back, folded cuffs and the illusion of the shirt flowing in the wind, this is a must have if you’re a big fan of shirts. On to the pants, now decent white pants are not

easy to come by. These Coco pants really are bright white and still retain a high level of detail. Even more appealing is the pouch bag belt included with the pants. It really brings a unique finish to this simple principle of white shirt and pants. Moving on to the next outfit, I wanted to create a more casual semi-sporty approach and to also give you an idea of how different shades of bright white and off-white can really pull a style together. A dual tone t-shirt from Connors with matching Muism cuffs, worn with a Fir white vest adds a little warmth to the shades. This also gives a less classic feel for the more rugged male. The Cheerno pants adds a more sleek and sporty finish to complement the sneakers. However, If you’re feeling really adventurous, how about sporting a shirt from North Wind coupled with balloon pants from Coco? The linen-textured shirt is unique in detail with the short tie and square stitching. Lastly, the pants really rounds off the style with an amalgamation of a russian and indian look.

/Skin Belleza Jonas /Hair & Hat Lelutka ISHA hair with HAT fabricA in white /Shirt Mr.Poet Loose shirt in White /Pants COCO AnklePants with belt and pockets in white /Tie LeeZu Lana Tie in White /Shoes Surf Couture Boardwalkers in White

/Skin CheerNo Teseu Tan Beard#1 Shaved /Hair & Hat CheerNo SOLDIER Special in brown /Shirt Connors See-through Tshirts with Muism rolled up sleeve in White /Vest FIR Relaxed Vest in White /Pants CheerNo ColorPants in White /Shoes CheerNo SOUBRESAUT in white /Scarf Muism Crinkle scarf in White /Suspenders Kari New School suspenders /Gloves Cheerno BRILLIANT Gloves in White

/Skin CheerNo Wady in Pale with GOATEE1 Shaved and Eyeliner /Hair CheerNo Hair MORAN in Surreal /Shirt North Wind Juli Tunic /Pants COCO Homme SlimFitPants and Balloon pants attachments in White /Shoes dEVOL Leather SANDAL in White


AVENUE | Golden Shopping


lement the 8th is the heartbeat and epicenter of GOL and a fitting location for the bright and bold styles of summer brought to you by GOLden Shopping. This month’s column is all about standing out in a crowd -- from black & white to vivid colors. GOLden Shopping is part of The GOL community of sims built by renowned architect Dakota Neumann. It’s the perfect place to discover your own personal style. As soon as you arrive, you’ll find brands such as Aoharu, Anexx, BAX Coen Designs, Akeyo, LostAngel Industries, Boom, C.Smit, Alphamale & Blacklace, Cynful, So Many Styles, NSD, Addict, Nardcotix, Marcopol Oh Studio, AMG Boudoir, Sr3d Poses, Dezno, PACADI, BOA Creations, Elymode, HLD, and Kiliebe. They have everything from clothing and accessories to dance animations and furniture.


elements of

Fashion Editor . Stylist . Model . Photographer Vixie Rayna

It’s easy to find your own style with such a wonderful mix of designers. Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!


Elymode @ GOLden Shopping: Angle-Waist Skirt in Orange Angled Short Tank in Orange


So Many Styles @ Golden Shopping: Flower Cami in Yellow Tweed 7/8 in Yellow


Cynful @ Golden Shopping: Dance-a-licious Pattern Shirt in WhiteStars Chrizzpy Shorts in White Posh Dress in Black


AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

Mister Sartoria 2010 Written by traveller Bade Photography by Daniele Eberarhdt


onths ago, Sartoria launched a competition for all the male models who aspired to become the ambassador for all future Sartoria campaigns. The winner received a prize of 100.000 Linden Dollars™.

The competition required submitting a photograph of the entrants in model poses. Thirty two entries were published on www. All entrants were invited to a first selection where twenty were selected. Then the models participated in additional evenings of selection where we presented them to the jury. We asked them to walk on the runway and to respond to simple questionnaires. On other subsequent nights, the jury selected ten models, and then five. Then one was awarded the winner.

“Ladies and gentlemen I’m proud to introduce to you... Mister Sartoria 2010 Daniele Eberarhdt.”

The jury was composed of prestigious persons such as: edo Tone, Barbarella Cioc, Dimitri Shin, Elisea Carter, maxes Loon, Mimi Juneau, Pidria Bonetto, Lanai Jarrico, Salvo Waydelich, Squinternet Larnia, Nanceee Sinatra and Gymmy Sinatra. Anyone who ever wanted to work with a designer, particularly one with a successful brand that had over three years of presence in SL®, would welcome the opportunity for a little competition. This competition would provide relevant work experience for someone who had new ideas and needed just the right platform or support. The jury was tasked to find the person who had all the skills necessary to become the brand ambassador. The winner was Daniel Eberarhdt. Sartoria is proud to entrust the image of their products for upcoming advertising campaigns. The winner had this to say: “This contest was an unforgettable part of the Second

Life® fashion system. All those evenings, the models and I paid close attention to detail and style in order to create a unique and special mix of Sartoria styles for the judges, all of whom were in the top of their field.” “In my career, I always did my best, taking care of the details while remaining myself. This is a great achievement for me and I am proud to represent the brand of Sartoria, one of the best in menswear fashion. The award isn’t just a title but a chance to be the maximum expression of the brand and to work alongside designer traveller Bade. I hope that it becomes one of the best experiences in Second Life® fashion. That’s the greatest ambition and I’m proud to be here now. Special thanks to all the judges, designer traveller Bade and all the people who believed in me and gave me support.” The photographs of the competition with their credits will be collected in a book available soon in Sartoria mainstore. A

AVENUE | My Precious Queen Contest

Writer | Imani Enzo Photographer | Aleida Rhode


gnes Finney has made a name for herself as a designer in Second Life速. Her exquisite, glamorous, and feminine designs have a way of making a woman feel like royalty. So, it makes perfect sense that she would create a contest that will give one lucky lady an opportunity to reign as My Precious Queen. If you are a model who is interested in advancing your career to the next level, then this is definitely the contest for you. AVENUE is a proud sponsor of the My Precious Queen Contest. Each month, beautiful contestants compete for the title of Royal

Princess and an opportunity to vie for the coveted title of My Precious Queen. Up for grabs are some great prizes which include cash, gift cards, admission into AVENUE Model Academy, and a photo shoot for AVENUE Magazine. Each month, we introduce you to the lovely ladies selected as Royal Princesses and give you a chance to learn more about them and their quest to be crowned My Precious Queen. AVENUE Magazine takes great pleasure in introducing you to the May 2010 winners; Amerique Silverspar, Carilynn OHare, and Pure Nikolaidis.

Amerique Silverspar Royal Princess – May 2010 You may know Amerique for her highly sought after photography skills. However, she’s an equally talented model who describes herself as a professional, dedicated, caring woman with a unique sense of humor. Amerique is truly in touch with her artistic side and uses her modeling and photography careers as vehicles of expression. According to Amerique, most of the time she spends in SL® is fashion focused including her spare time, which is often spent shopping or hanging out with her amazing friends (most of whom are models). Her favorite color is pink and she tends to opt for girly looks with simple accessories. Favorite My Precious Design: “It is really difficult to choose just one, as there are so many gorgeous gowns! One of my favorites includes the Queen Janina Gown which was designed for Janina Scarmon, the reigning My Precious Queen. However if I had to pick, I

would choose the design I wore in my entry, Agnes Moment in white. The train is gorgeous and flows beautifully, it’s a dress truly fit for a princess!” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I try to put everything into anything I do. So, I would be a truly committed and professional representative of My Precious. I would work hard to ensure that the talent behind Agnes Finney’s designs is always presented as it deserves to be. I cherish every experience I have here and it would just be an amazing honor to be selected.” Style tip: “I think that the best advice is that you should always be true to yourself. While advice from other models can be invaluable, you have to go with what you feel is right to some extent. There is a lot of competition in the Second Life® fashion industry and showing your personality is what makes you stand out and be beautiful. ”

Carilynn OHare Royal Princess – May 2010 Carilynn is driven and determined to always be the best that she can be. She believes in hard work and treating others with respect and kindness. The formally trained model loves to shop and listen to live music in SL®. She places an extremely high value on the relationships she has forged in world and has a great appreciation for all the talented people she’s encountered along her SL® journey. When it comes to style, Carilynn tends to stick with what she thinks suits her best, minimalist and classic pieces. Favorite My Precious Design: “Tough question as I have so many of Agnes’s designs, so I think I will select the first gown I purchased and that is the Queen of Roses gown. I fell in love with Queen of Roses for a number of reasons: (1) the rich coloration and fabric, (2) the way it hugs your figure and flares out at the bottom is very flattering, (3) the texture in the bottom of the gown looks like twinkling little lights, and (4) I love roses! I have worn the gown on several runways and always felt it was a very glamorous and sophisticated design, with fabulous detail and styling.”

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “The first time I stepped into Agnes’s store, I was hooked. There is a reason this contest is called My Precious Queen. It is because, when you wear Agnes’s gowns and dresses, you really do feel like royalty. The way they move and flow on your avatar, the exquisite detail, colors, fabrics, textures -- make these creations a real dream to wear. I would like to be selected My Precious Queen because I have a great love and respect for this brand, and because being My Precious Queen would enable me to fulfill my dream of representing a major fashion house in SL®. I should be selected because I will bring a passion to this company that I will use to infuse others with, and I will give to Agnes the very best of what I have to offer -- my drive, determination, and professionalism -- each and every day. “ Style Tip: “The most important thing you can be is unique. You do not want to see your avatar coming and going in SL. Start by finding a shape that you can work with, then modify it (with assistance, if necessary) and make it unique. Next, you need to find a good quality skin and some realistic eyes that are not too brightly colored. These things are the most important for any model or aspiring Royal Princess. “

Pure Nikolaidis Royal Princess – May 2010

an awesome creation. I am such a fan of peacock feathers.”

Pure is an ambitious lady who subscribes to the philosophy of harmonious living and describes her fashion sense as pure and elegant. Further, she enjoys shopping and adores the fact that SL® makes it so easy to interact with and learn about people from all over the world. Pure first got involved in the fashion industry when she managed a club that often collaborated on events with model agencies and designers. Since then she’s also worked as a stylist and shape maker, and mall owner. Recently, she finally decided to give modeling a try at the urging of her RL/SL® love. Clearly, his instincts were on point because she’s now a lovely My Precious Princess!

Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “A queen to me summons elegance and grace and I aim to achieve both in their purest form. I want to show SL® the dignity and beauty that are inside the designs of Agnes and I think this makes me the right candidate for that title.”

Favorite My Precious Design: “I’d have to say that it is Pure in white because it’s simple yet not boring. I also love Mayur Grande as it is

Beauty tip: “I think that beauty lies in the harmony of everything. If your shape and your skin and your clothes are in harmony with each other as well as with the person you are, then you will look beautiful to the eyes of others too.” If you think you have what it takes to be My Precious Queen, visit My Precious Agnes Finney in world to learn more about this great contest. A



AVENUE | Model Of The Month

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Mischa Cuttita


n avid user of Second Life® for 3 years, Boe Cortes has been making his mark ever since. Model, photographer, fashion stylist and more, he has proven that some men do know more than a thing or two about fashion and looking your best. A love for fashion and a strong sense of dedication and experience keeps him at the top of his game. It’s no surprise that he is AVENUE’S Model of the Month.

“I remember mostly the rush, the excitement and being nervous before each show.”

Augusta Carver: Why did you decide to join Second Life? Boe Cortes: Well an RL client mentioned it in a meeting one day and I was curious as he mentioned it to be the next step into the future for online E-learning courses. I went away to do some research to see what SL® had to offer and I have been on every since LOL. AC: Since you’re AVENUE’S Model of the Month, you must know a few things about modeling in SL. How long have you been doing that for? BC: I’ve been modeling since June 2007, well on and off as you know there are not as many shows for men as there are for women. I was 2 months into SL and was exploring, when I came across my first modeling agency. At the time, I thought it was surreal and very amusing that you can model in a virtual world. I was really curious and there I met Tempest Hennesy, who asked me to fill out an application. Soon after that, I was recruited by KMAD. And that was a real eye opener to the potential of modeling in SL. AC: What has been your most memorable moment in modeling so far? BC: It is really hard to say. Each show is different and I enjoyed modeling in every one that I participated in. I remember mostly the rush, the excitement and being nervous before each show. AC: You are a photographer as well aren’t you?

BC: Yes, I started doing pictures about 2 years ago. I just started messing around, but I was really inspired by a project Xochi Tolsen approached me with. Then I started creating pictures on a regular basis. AC: Nice. Photography is such a good skill to learn. All of the different ways a picture can be transformed is amazing. BC: Yes, my approach was more to provide a service for fashion more than art. Well, fashion and models. AC: If you could define your fashion style, what would it be like? BC: It’s hard to define my style. It really depends on my mood of the day. I can go from casual to smart and anywhere in between. AC: What does fashion mean to you? BC: For me, it’s a self interpretation of what you like and what inspires you. AC: Do you have anyone or anything that inspires you and your work? BC: There are a lot of people that inspire me, whom I have had the honor of working with in the past. But without a doubt, the most influential are Kirk and Maddox. They put male fashion on the map in one location. Most important are the designers; the time and creativity that they put in really is inspiring. That is what drives me to

model, create pictures and style. It is a way to show appreciation…well, my way LOL. AC: What do you think is the most challenging part for you with modeling? BC: I think each stage has its own challenges from pose selection, outfit styling to learning the walk, not to mention fighting the lag. It really depends on each show and which designer you model for, as well as the complexity of the runway and walk sequence. I wouldn’t take any of it lightly and think I have any one particular part nailed. AC: Lastly, Do you have any words of advice for aspiring and current models in SL? BC: I think for myself, it is important to be professional and respectful of others. Treat people how you want to be treated but also be level-headed. Keep things in perspective and always spend time to do the prep work as it’s just as important as the actual show. Boe has a great fashion sense and eye for detail that has helped him become one of the most noticeable male models in SL to date. Even though there may be a lack of male fashion events in SL compared to women, that has not stopped him from working hard in becoming the best he can be while having fun in the process. Boe Cortes is definitely a model to watch out for on the runway.


AVENUE | Architecture SL


Villy Enyo Written by Carissa Sockington Photography by Tillie Ariantho


hile working on a doctorate in urban simulation games, Villy Enyo began her start in Second Life® through a suggestion from her PH.D professor. He had heard about this new game and urged her to check it out. “I wanted to make my research on SimCity™ but now I find it a really boring game,” says Enyo. “I used to play active worlds ten years ago but they weren’t fun. You had to be a programmer if you wanted to create anything and also pay a monthly fee.” About two months after coming to SL®, Villy began building. “A friend of mine took me to the Ivory Tower sandbox and told me I could study there, building lessons. There is a building there full of lessons on notecards with exercises you do by yourself. It is the best way to teach yourself I think, and the most quick.”

A former AVENUE writer herself, Villy took the time to sit down with me and discuss metaArchitecture and her talents here in Second Life. Carissa Sockington: So what sparked your interest in building? Villy Enyo: I am an architect in real life, and from the first moment, that was what I wanted to do. I didn’t know what to do with the buildings that I would produce because I didn’t have a land or a shop. I opened my first tiny shop with rings and after a while, I started building furniture and shops, as well as houses for my friends. CS: Tell me about your designs. Being a RL architect do you ever create in here something you’ve made in RL? VE: One of my buildings, the meta Store resembles a drama school I designed as a student in University. I generally am inspired by contemporary architecture all over the world. I try to read as many books and catch up with modern trends and new ideas.

CS: Do you have a favorite style? VE: No, and I get bored easily. I try to improve myself and experiment with anything. Sometimes when I go to the Mainlands where newbies experiment with their recently gained knowledge in building, and where you can find all kinds of structures, I get really astonished. Sometimes inspiration is more important than the technique, because technique is not something you can improve but inspiration is harder. CS: What types of buildings are your focus? VE: I have mainly shops and multi-tasking buildings. I sometimes make landscape elements like this huge island I made because I felt the Sim looked very small. I felt the need to expand it.

CS: As a builder, what do you find is your biggest challenge? VE: When you create things in SL, you have no limitations except the prim limits and such minor things that have to do with the program. But relative to reality, you really can do anything that comes to mind and this is a challenge because you have no excuse to make things that do not satisfy you 100%. You can’t blame clients or the law or economy factors. You have to prove your quality as an architect. CS: If someone wanted to start building in SL, what advice would you give them? VE: I would advise first to believe in themselves and in their powers. To have a clear orientation in what they want to do and then work hard on what they want to do in order to do it. If they don’t believe in themselves, they will find obstacles everywhere, even in the tiniest things. People get quickly disappointed when they try to make something without immediate results. They feel that others can produce it by a miracle in a moment but that is not true.

CS: As a former writer for AVENUE yourself, is there anything you would like to add? VE: I wanted to say, besides Antreas Alter who helped me a lot, I would like to acknowledge Sofi Trenkins who had much more experience than me, and has always been by my side helping me, and also the magazines for which I worked for as a writer and editor, AVENUE and Cave. They taught me many things about business in SL and cooperation. In closing, Villy shared with me how she felt Second Life was good because it was easy to do the things you always wanted to do, but the problem is that sometimes spending too many hours in here keeps you from doing the real life things you have to do. It becomes addictive and consuming. “I believe the problem is not in SL but it is in RL.” The moral of the story? The sky’s the limit here in Second Life but make sure your feet are firmly grounded in your reality. A

AVENUE | Interesting Sims

Carpe Noc


Written by Carissa Sockington Photography by Blaz Halfpint


he literal meaning of the phrase Carpe Noctem is “Seize the Night.� When first landing in the Carpe Noctem sim, this is exactly what greets you: a beautiful night sky and shadows all around, inviting you in. An amazing black dragon perches on a nearby cliff, overseeing all who enter with a cautious eye. If you choose not to walk around on your own, there are teleport hubs throughout the sim, making it easy to get from one area to the next. Having gone both routes, I found that exploring on your own makes the experience of the sim all the more real. Many areas are not directly linked and can only be found by wandering. Unexpected surprises and thrills wait around every corner.

“Venture in further and find that it’s anything but typical.”

The events area, a large stone platform where you land upon arriving, has four sides that lead out into the various areas of the sim. Two crypts stand on opposite sides -- one with a gargoyle spouting blood that runs into a vat below, while the other houses a coffin which reveals a hidden staircase that leads down into the depths of the earth below. Travel down the slim corridor to a lower room with both dancing and ceremonial poses. A large glowing pentagram stands against one wall and headstones can be seen in the corners of the room, engraved with the names and departures of those less fortunate.

Continuing your journey, you’ll find the Ruins of the Lost. This ominous castle stands empty with ornate circular windows overlooking the village. A large pool of blood lies stagnant upstairs. Beyond the castle lies the Village of the Lost -- a typical village setting with quaint little buildings available for shop rentals. Venture in further and find that it’s anything but typical. A bloody axe with a beheading animation lies on the ground while a lone vampire poseball hangs against the side of the ghost-infested pub, suspending its user upside down in immortal sleep. Skeletons lie against buildings, the likely bodies of those ghostly beings floating around the sim. Wooden gallows sit quietly, awaiting those to be punished next, the bloodstains of their predecessors scattered on the ground.

One of the highlights of Carpe Noctem is the nightclub, Club NightChild. Housed inside another ornate castle, Club NightChild has a dungeonesque feel to it, with grated floors and stone walls. Poseballs are available for dancing and there are plenty of areas for chatting around the open space, including a catwalklike balcony area above with a private room. Exploring further brings you to more hidden rooms that overwhelm the visual senses. The Vampire Sanctuary contains a large pool where black swans swim slowly, symbolizing their silent message of something unexpected. Amidst the pool is a large Japanese Red Maple tree with poses for a vampire to hang upside down in rest. A piano sits nearby, along with several couches for sitting or cuddling. Coffins line the borders of the room, contained by wrought iron gates.

The Chamber of Books is a room that lives up to its name. Books abound on all sides, with a vivid floor that appears to be made of lava or fire. Couches form a circle, inviting couples or singles to sit and relax while they read or converse with their friends. Further into the catacombs of Carpe Noctem, down tomb-filled hallways, you will find the Ceremonies Hall. Vivid red benches sit at an angle all along the center aisle. Two scantily clad statues overlook the large red table centered at the front of the room, where a hand holding pose for a male and female await. Outside, one can roam through the night along the banks of Lake Lucifer and catch a ride on a gondola manned by none other than the Grim Reaper himself. The overwhelming feel of this sim is one of darkness and mystery as well as romance and suspense. Roam with your eyes wide open and be sure to touch and view all that you come upon. Expect the unexpected. Embrace the unusual. Experience Carpe Noctem. A

AVENUE | Business Feature

Engaging, Inspiring and Innovating with nTeams

Written by: Rachel Carstensz Photography by: Natasja Schumann & Barb Macarthur


n these difficult economic times, global businesses rarely have the travel budget for their employees to meet face-toface to collaborate on innovative solutions. Instead, distributed teams communicate through conference calls and web meetings. Business owners are left wondering if there is a more efficient solution to improve team collaboration, and the answer is yes. nTeams, a virtual world built in Second Life速, offers a complete solution to improve distributed team engagement, creativity, and collaboration. I had the opportunity to speak with Barb Macarthur (aka Barbara Westmoreland), founder and CEO of nTeams. She came up with the idea for nTeams while writing her book Invisible Forces at Work (August 2010), which is a business fable about how teams can innovate together more efficiently using virtual world technology. With an extensive background in real life leading distributed teams for Fortune 100 corporations such as Procter & Gamble and Wachovia/Wells Fargo, Barbara Westmoreland was able to apply what she had learned during her 25-years of experience and create the nTeams solution, which has already started receiving impressive industry recognition. As Westmoreland states,

“We started nine months ago with a vision to create a virtual solution in Second Life to improve innovation in distributed teams. Now, the nTeams vision has been both realized and recognized by Gartner, Inc., the world’s largest IT research company, as ‘innovative, intriguing, and impactful’. It is a great honor and milestone that Gartner has named nTeams a Cool Vendor in Social Software and Collaboration for 2010, especially since nTeams is the only Second Life business to ever receive this prestigious award. That’s something we and the entire Second Life community can be proud of.” nTeams helps businesses create innovative

solutions by providing a virtual immersive environment where employees work together every day, build unity through virtual team building activities, share ideas, and collaborate with business partners. In real life collaboration, employees sometimes feel uncomfortable sharing ideas because of their language differences or shy personalities. nTeams provides an equalizing environment: there is no hierarchy, no travel overhead, and no limitations of time or location. When talking with Barbara about the benefits of nTeams, she pointed out several reasons why companies would be interested in using nTeams

for collaboration. She said, “the ‘equalizing effect’ of virtual worlds encourages creativity in team members who may not contribute on conference calls – or even in person. Because nTeam leverages Second Life capabilities, it provides different ways for team members to communicate. We’ve found English-as-second language team members may not feel confident enough to speak English on a conference call with native English-speakers. In Second Life, team members have the option of contributing

ideas through text chat, and a single text chat might contribute the one idea that makes the most difference.” Another advantage of teams working on innovative solutions in nTeams’ immersive environment, according to Westmoreland, is that teams can create a virtual community with shared vision and values that encourage innovation. “There’s a lot of talk about how corporations can create an innovation culture.

Yet, it’s difficult for teams scattered all over the globe to build an innovative culture using impersonal, non-engaging technologies like conference calls. In nTeams, employees create a culture of trust to share ideas openly, encourage honest feedback, and motivate each other to realize a shared vision.” When trying to visit the nTeams site, I found that it was blocked to only those on the access list. Westmoreland explained, “We use our

private nTeams site for marketing and client meetings. When a client purchases nTeams, they receive their own private nTeams site located on either the Second Life main grid or on Second Life Enterprise’s behind-the-firewall solution. It becomes their team’s private place to work together every day.” The privacy allows teams to discuss confidential project information without having to worry about security.

nTeams helps teams innovate by segmenting activities into different areas of the site. In the lodge and surrounding outdoor areas, the team experiences virtual outward-bound team building challenges such as a river ride, a survival hike, and an underwater adventure to engage and unify the team. In the tower, the team uses 3d creativity tools, such as brainstorming, role playing, and 3d modeling for idea generation. And in the atrium, teams use multi-media devices to display documents,

videos, and websites for collaboration with partners in real-time. If corporations are not sure what would be beneficial to them at nTeams, this company’s professional services assist by evaluating innovation goals and creating an implementation plan. They also install the nTeams solution in the client environment, train facilitators and system administrators, and support them throughout their use of nTeams.

I asked Barbara how she sees the economic recession impacting the future of nTeams. Her response was optimistic. “In today’s economy, most companies depend on innovation for growth. nTeams offers a solution that both increases innovation and reduces travel and meeting expenses. By using nTeams to increase growth and reduce costs, corporations can achieve a competitive advantage in today’s tough global marketplace.”

With the success of nTeams to date, it only makes sense for corporations who are concerned with their business’ future to explore Second Life and discover how nTeams can help them engage, inspire, and innovate their teams. For more information about nTeams, including a newly-released machinima featuring Second Life residents as actors, go to www.nteams. com. A

AVENUE | Live Music

Circe’s Circles of Sound and Laurel Arts Isle


Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Tillie Ariantho

hen one thinks of the Arts, one thinks of the local Philharmonic Orchestra, Opera, Art Galleries, Poetry, and Theatrical performances that any city in the United States or anywhere in the sphere of Western Civilization would sponsor. In Second Life®, one would look to Circe Broom and Circe’s Circles of Sound for the finest musical and theatrical performances that can be seen throughout the grid. When Circe first came to SL®, The live music scene in world was represented then by musicians such as Astrin Few, Flaming Moe, and Frog Marlowe, she then recruited many of the artists that were using PalTalk at that time to come into the Metaverse and perform on her stream and as she stated, “And THAT was the beginning of the Revolution”. That revolution included bringing in world such names as Slim Warrior, Cylindrian Rutabaga, Edward Lowell, and UFS Hyde along with appearances by Phoe Nix who was interviewed for this magazine in the summer of 2008, and Country sensation and Circe’s partner in world, Vincent Merricks.

When asked about one of her recent finds, Somerset, Oh, and Rhode or SOAR as they are known in world, Circe stated:

The Island is the home to four live music venues along with the Sunset Jazz Club which is the oldest live jazz venue on the grid. Sunset Jazz is home to two of the most famous music programs “I love them. I brought them in here and put in SL, the renowned Coffee and Pajamas Jazz my rep on the line when people were saying show every Saturday morning with DJ Elfay (wrongly) that SOAR wasn’t really live. They Pinkdot and Classical Music Ballroom dances on are GOOD and they always have at least one Friday evenings with DJ Amy Ferguson. Luxor of them LIVE.” Stage in the Karnak area of the Laurel Sim has hosted such artists such as Zaphod Theas and The live performances that Circe’s Circles of Silas Scarborough. Memphis Pavilion has hosted Sound promotes have not been lost on the such artists as Phoe Nix. Cairo Theater has been Real Life media outlets such as the the scene for Baltimore Sun and on the Fox News Classical Music “ makes folks sit up and program Fox and Friends. When presentations asked about the media exposure, wonder, then come to SL to and the venue Circe had this to say: for Burlesque see for themselves.” and Stand-Up “Oh, it makes folks sit up Comedy. “The and wonder, then come to SL to see best comedy for themselves. :) It’s a win-win situation.” I’ve had over there was the burlesque shows... with Kazoo Twang. She was fantastic, that When asked about the influence that Circe’s troupe was, that is...” Circe said. The Sanctuary Circles of Sound has had on the SL Live Music is a refuge for poets and their devotees and scene, Circe is clear on what she wants, has hosted according to Circe, the best poets saying: in SL. When I asked about which poets had read for her, Circe was happy to list them (as “Well, I try to stage and promote the best ones she corrected this writer’s mispronunciation of I can find now - leave the open mic music to Serene Bechir’s last name). “She hasn’t read for the myriad places out there that are willing to me in a while (Bechir is her name) But Russell do it. My stages are for the people Eponym, Stosh Quartz, Corwyn Allen, Klannex can rely on being entertained properly...I try to Northmead, Hope Merryman, Persephone let people know about the art, and the poetry Phoenix, Caldonia Skytower, RoseDrop Rust, that I have all day on Saturdays, again, only saber man carter, asana Metaluna, DonJuan the best on stream... but when I have a free Writer DO all the time :) OMG did I leave anyone hour, I open VOICE chat for anyone with a out? OH Freestar Tammas has read for me as poem they want to read... I just want to keep well” She then added that “These represent a place where these things can happen.” the best poets I’ve found in SL.”

When asked where she saw Circe’s Circles of Sound and the Laurel Arts Isle in the coming years, Circe had this to say: “Hopefully, right here...but my RL situation has changed, and I find myself struggling to make tier each month now... With the economy going south, tips petered out... I haven’t gotten enough for two months now, to cover my tier... and I cannot continue covering it from RL. So time and people’s willingness to help support live music venues... will tell. I don’t plan on leaving without a struggle, though: music is my life.” As I was concluding the interview, I wondered out loud what Second Life would be like without Circe’s Circles of Sound and the Live Music Venues that the Laurel Arts Isle has provided for over six years. Circe answered that with optimism, “As just what they were. I worked diligently to bring good, not back porch music, but stage quality musicians, to the masses in SL...and I think that for these six years, I’ve accomplished that...Clubs without strobe lights and dancing poles for strippers, just a nice friendly and pretty realistic atmosphere, with rules in place that protect the musicians and the guests from unwarranted problems.” As I read that in the IM window, I believed that Circe Broom and Laurel Arts Isle will be long remembered for the culture and refinement that they have brought to Second Life and the Metaverse in general.

To visit the venues of the Laurel Arts Isle, follow these Slurls: LUXOR STAGE Laurel/218/230/21/ MEMPHIS PAVILION 0Isle/230/80/23 SUNSET JAZZ Laurel/147/11/300/


AVENUE | Club of the Month

Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Blaz Halfpint


ummer Corleone’s SLeek Sim features a beautiful beach and lovely ocean views. You’ll also find a great shopping area that has a little something for everyone. Stores include SLeek furniture, which sells high-quality, modern furnishings and gym equipment. Then there’s Hyper Culture for ladies’ wear, Sartoria for the men, and Akeyo which showcases dances and animations. However, the jewel of Hummer’s empire would have to be SLeek Beach Club. If you are looking for a place to party in Second Life® but are not sure where to go, then SLeek is the place to be. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary dance club but it doesn’t take long to recognize that it’s something special. The vibe is always positive, the patrons are great, and the music is amazing. Simply put, SLeek is the perfect party place.

SLeek Beach Club is appropriately billed as “The Ultimate Beach Experience” and the constant flow of heavy traffic at this cool club demonstrates that an extraordinary amount of effort goes into living up to that standard. AVENUE Magazine recognizes the hard work of Hummer Corleone and his team by selecting SLeek as its Club of the Month.

SLeek has been in business for over 3 years now and has always been a place where people can relax, party with friends, and listen to great music. The décor boasts an open and airy floor plan surrounded by beautiful ocean views. The dance floor is the focal point, but cozy seating is available for those of you who simply wish to take in the sounds of SLeek’s main attraction, house music.

SLeek owes its success to Hummer and his management team. Dominic Palisades (General Manager), DJBlacky McMahon (DJ Manager), and DarkShadowSL Sodwind (Host Manager) have put together a dream roster of professionals who are passionate about and dedicated to the work they do at the beach club. Dominic Palisades believes in Hummer’s vision for SLeek. He’s happy to be part of a great team that works day in and day out to create an inviting atmosphere, doing whatever it takes to make sure that people are happy, have a good time, and will keep coming back to SLeek. He also credits some special friends of SLeek as being instrumental in the club’s success. These individuals include Janine Cummings, Christensia Parkin, Kobe Ariel and Lolli Sciarri.

You can expect to have a great time with people from all over the world when you visit SLeek. The hosts and DJs go out of their way to make sure of it. SLeek exclusively plays house music in just about every imaginable sub-genre. You should note that SLeek is an around-the-clock experience. There’s almost always something going on there. Specifically, there are about 90 DJs on the roster and anywhere from 8-10 of them play live 2-hour sets each day. Dominic has been with the club since its inception and devotes a lot of his time to finding ways to make SLeek even more successful. However, he says that his work is fulfilling and asserts that the huge crowds and positive feedback he receives about the club makes it all worthwhile.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire good time with good music and good people, you need to visit SLeek. You won’t be disappointed. To get more information on upcoming events and activities, join the club’s in-world fan group, “SLeek Beach Club”. A

AVENUE | DJ of the Month

Mayumi Ushimawa

Written by: Imani Enzo Photography by: Blaz Halfpint

Imani Enzo: Thanks for taking the time to join me. Congratulations on being selected as AVENUE Magazine DJ of the Month. Tell me how that makes you feel.


n this day and age, the marriage between music and fashion is probably one of the few in Second Life® or real life that is not considered doomed from the start. Music makes fashion come alive. And a musician without a signature look might as well sing karaoke in a local bar because they won’t keep our attention for long. This duo is certainly a power couple. Together, they heavily influence our view of the world and often determine what’s hot and what’s not on the grid. Simply put, the two are soul mates that no man can put asunder. Mayumi Ushimawa, AVENUE Magazine’s DJ of the month, is a firm believer in the power of this blissful union and her Second Life is quite fruitful because of it. Specifically, she has parlayed her love for fashion and music into a fabulous Second Life as a top-notch DJ, entrepreneur, and fashionista. Her love for music led to her desire to become an SL® DJ. She got her start at Sayawan Paradise & Beach Club after a DJ friend taught her how to stream music. She eventually taught herself how to use Virtual DJ and she’s been unstoppable ever since. Today, she continues to play Sayawan most days from 6am-9am, grid time.

Mayumi Ushimawa: Well, I was surprised at first, but I am really honored by the selection because I think AVENUE is such a glam magazine. I’m a little nervous because I think now there may be a little more pressure to provide even better music. It certainly motivates me to do better. I.E.: What can our readers expect at one of your parties? What types of music do you typically play? M.U.: Partying Mayumi style is fun! I engage with my audience and take a lot of requests during my sets. I play anything and everything from 80s music to retro, rock, and pop. Lately, I’ve been playing more house and trance music, but sometimes I get a chance to play R&B, new wave, and music that’s popular in my country, the Philippines. I hope to play more jazz soon as well. Basically, I aim to please my audience. I.E.: What sets you apart from other DJs? M.U.: I think the thing that sets me apart is my ability to adapt to a crowd and a club. I love playing what people want to hear. I.E.: Yours is a very stylish avatar, tell me a little about your sense of style. Does music play any part in that?

“...the thing that sets me apart is my ability to adapt to a crowd and a club. I love playing what people want to hear�

M.U.: I have varied and eclectic tastes in both music and fashion. What I wear usually depends on my mood and the type of music that I’m playing/listening to. The type of club I’m playing also tends to be a factor in what I choose to wear as well. I’d like to think that my style is fluid and I am constantly trying to find ways to reinvent myself. I believe that reinvention is part of my job. I.E.: What are your views on the SL fashion and modeling industries? M.U.: I think they are dynamic fields and I have a great respect for both. I love the fact that the fashion industry is perpetually changing. The innovations and creativity employed by designers inspire me to be more creative in my work. As for modeling, I don’t think I would be too good at it. I’ve seen many shows and I know it’s not as easy as it looks. Lots of grace under pressure! I.E.: How is DJing for fashion shows different from your sets at Sayawan? M.U.: I have loads of fun DJing fashion shows because it involves a little more creativity on my part. I have to put together music that fits the theme of the show, the designs, and the choreography. I love it and think it’s glam. I.E.: Who are your favorite designers? Also, name one item in your inventory that you can’t live without.

M.U.: I love to shop! Designers that I especially like are Aoharu, COCO, Morea and of course Lelutka. For an edgier and more smexy look, I love wearing Kim bodysuits. I also think that Bax Boots are amazing and who doesn’t love Stiletto Moody’s? The thing in my inventory that I can’t live without would be skin. I typically switch between DrLife and Lara skins. I.E.: Tell me a little about your involvement with DrLife. Is it time consuming? M.U.: I used to be a shop girl for my good friend Ms.Leena Ying, creator of DrLife Asian Skins/Hair. I was lucky that she kindly gave me my own franchise and now I own two small branches. The shops are successful and pretty much run themselves, which gives me more time to DJ. I.E.: What advice would you give to aspiring DJs? M.U.: SL is what you make it, stay away from the drama and you’ll do well. Also, be patient and be professional. Treat your SL job with just as much respect as you would an RL one. I.E.: Who or what do you credit for your success as a DJ? M.U.: There are four people who are supportive and instrumental in my success. Two are the owners of Sayawan, jeremy70 Sabretooth and nemja Levee. Another is my good friend, Kula

Darkfold who gives me feedback on my sets. Last but not least, there is Zxorg16 Humburg, my former host. She is an incredible girl who can hype up any crowd. I.E.: Finally, name three songs that would definitely be included in the soundtrack of your life. M.U.: I would pick “Breathing” by Life House, “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson, and any Madonna song. Madonna is a huge part of me. I.E.: Thanks Mayumi. I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors. M.U.: Thank you. Mayumi Ushimawa’s career is on fire because she’s built it on the foundation of the powerful union of music and fashion. Take time to check her out at Sayawan and see just why the couple is a match made in heaven. May the union between the music and fashion be forever blessed. A

AVENUE | Media Mojo

Amplify F your Listening Experience Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Tillie Ariantho

rolic Mills, with his signature silver hair and edgy sense of style is an individual belonging to the who’s who of Second Life®. A man brimming with ideas, his businesses range from publishing a monthly magazine to facilitating major events such as Miss Virtual World. His magazine, The Best of SL, features fashion, music, personalities and events and has a very strong following. His endeavors also include a modeling agency and fashion shows. Frolic Mills loves to communicate, so much so that he realized that communicating on a monthly basis just wasn’t enough. So he thought to himself: why not make my own radio station? He candidly shared when I came over to interview him in his spacious and modernly decorated home. “Once a month with a magazine and maybe 2 or 3 times a week with our website was not cutting it for me. The radio station is an opportunity for all of us to use it as a LIVE venue to make announcements and share information on a daily basis. And that was very attractive to me!”

Thus, April 10, 2010 marked the first day that BOSL Radio was heard all around the the SL® grid’s airwaves. BOSL Radio, or Best of SL Radio is the brainchild of Frolic Mills, CEO of BOSL, to address his “constant need to communicate about great things in Second Life”. Usually, listening to radio in SL means finding an internet radio station in Shoutcast and pasting the link of the stream in the media portion of your parcel. For Frolic, the endeavor turned out to be “more interesting than I ever envisioned”. BOSL Radio is different. It’s more than just a streaming URL and a DJ spinning tunes. It’s a radio station with content exclusive to SL, announcing events and pertinent information related to lifestyle, fashion, and everything under the SL sun. Infused with RL music tracks, courtesy of 22 DJs and counting, an endeavor as massive as this has never been done before. “Most streams were disco based in SL. So the concept of sharing news and events around the grid wasn’t easily grasped at first by many. I kept hearing DJs wanting people to come dance at our offices and I just kept saying, ‘It’s not a disco!’ It’s radio, you can survive alone, you don ́t need a dance HUD, etc... And from then on all the guys were happy doing just that. They play their music and they keep listeners informed. I just have to thank all the supporters we’ve had so far. BOSL Radio can now be heard in many main stores and cool sims around the grid. I think BOSL Radio was a voice that needed to be heard!” Indeed, in typical fashion, Mr. Mills has taken streaming to a higher plane by broadening the communications spectrum in the grid - with hundreds of sponsors and supporters playing their stream everywhere, and through

“it’s all about exploring this virtual world and discovering what’s out there and sharing the info. On the day I feel like we all know it all, that’s the day my computer will go off.” To make the station run as smoothly as possible, he entrusted Persia Bravin to be the custodian and caretaker of his brainchild, attesting to Persia’s adept skills and knowledge of the RL radio industry. “Persia fell in love with this project and I am very lucky to have her as BOSL Radio CEO.” He says proudly. Staffing and scheduling DJs is one of her many tasks for the station, sending out a schedule every week for DJs to follow, and as Frolic adds jokingly, “spanks them if they don’t show or are late.” “I am telling you the sweet Persia we all know is now a different woman!” He adds, laughing. From my observation, Mills seems to keep coming up with new things to do in SL. While people normally enter this world, dabble in a business or own a club, get tired and then leave, Frolic just keeps on going. “I’ve always said that I do things for fun. I once said in a LIVE TV interview that I would publish my magazine even if I didn’t have ANY advertisers nor any readers. I just would. And I feel the same about the radio ... I do what I do for fun, and quite honestly, it’s the only hope anyone has at virtual survival!” With all the activities that he is involved with, how does he keep up? “I am a good orchestra director, but I am also the luckiest man because I happen to be conducting the best orchestra there is. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. Kay Fairey, Umberto Giano, Barbarella Fuosing, BlackBarbie Bravin, Patch

Thibaud and now Persia. They are the real BOSL. And of course behind them we have hundreds of models, writers, photographers, MVW’s etc. That is the heart and soul of the company. It’s just very well organized.” He smiles. Mills has this great philosophy. According to him, he had to continue thinking of new things to do because he has to; because “it’s all about exploring this virtual world and discovering what’s out there and sharing the info. On the day I feel like we all know it all, that’s the day my computer will go off.” “I often say nobody really knows everything about SL. It’s like saying you know everything about planet Earth. So thank God for this, or it would get very, very boring for all of us.” He continues thoughtfully. Going back to BOSL Radio, Frolic clarifies that they are willing to announce anything that happens on the grid, with the exception of only one thing: DJs don’t announce stuff that’s for sale. “So basically, no spam. Otherwise, it’s all good!” He continues, laughing. “You can always come up with shopping radio.” I joked. Frolic Mills laughs. But deep inside I hope he is actually considering my suggestion. Wrapping things up, I asked Frolic what the future holds for BOSL Radio. He replies, “BOSL Radio will be whatever listeners want from it. If you think about it, radio can only be as great as it is interactive with our listeners. And so far it’s all great!” A

AVENUE |Moving Images

BobE Schism Machinimator Written by Rachel Carstensz Photography by Tillie Ariantho


ave you ever come across something in Second Life® and said to yourself “Hey, that’s something I might want to try”? If so, then you had the same thoughts that BobE Schism had the first time he saw machinima. He watched a few films which he said blew him away, and that got him started. As with any person starting out with something new, trial and error and consulting with people already in the field become an important part of the process of creating. And creating machinima films was no exception. To date, BobE has created two films in Second Life, “Hanging Out To Dry” and “Is Sometimes Colder Than Ice”, which he has uploaded for viewing on YouTube. The first video created, “Hanging Out To Dry”, featured BobE and Katje

Jewell dancing to the song “The Mischief of Cloud 6” by Pepe Deluxe. This video is set on a floating “dance floor” where competition is at first formed between the two, but as the film goes on, the two become attracted to each other. The background of the setting sun worked perfectly with the chosen song. BobE uses Fraps & Sony Vegas to create his films. Fraps is a real-time video capture and benchmarking program, and Sony Vegas is a non-linear editing system. When creating the second film, “Is Sometimes Colder Than Ice”, BobE created a scene for the story of Peter Freuchen, which is retold in Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy. The film features a man who finds himself alone on a frozen tundra, unable to figure out where to go. He

finds an igloo to seek refuge, but as he sits in silence, he realizes that the moisture from his breath begins to attach to the inside of the igloo. And the more he breathes, the smaller the igloo becomes. BobE says, “I read that book about 12 years ago, and the story grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go. As well as being a remarkable situation, as an allegorical tale, the unresolved double-bind ending can symbolically represent any seemingly unsolvable logical dilemma. I imagine there’s a few RL situations where it seems you’re absolutely damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Because this is very much a real life story, I asked BobE how he tried to keep the feeling real even though the recreation used avatars. He mentioned the narration used in the film, and “spent a good deal of time getting the narration sounding intimate like that...extreme close micing, to hopefully give the impression of the story being whispered in the viewer’s ear. The gain was so high up, I’m sure you can hear the hairs growing on my arms.” He also dabbled with the avatar’s attire. He considered having the avatar naked to emphasize the idea of isolation, but settled on normal winter attire instead. Because Second Life is still rather different than real life, I asked BobE if he had any difficulties bringing the story to the grid. He replied, “well..on the one hand...despite the inadequacies of SL® as a platform, it gives a remarkable opportunity to basically do and be anything you desire. On the other hand, I’m relatively new to making

machinima, so as well as grappling with new technology and learning how to use the software, I constantly came up against situations where I had to kind of bend the rules. I kind of stumbled across a few techniques particularly when I made the first film “Hanging Out To Dry,” where it didn’t seem possible to achieve what I wanted to achieve, but by fiddling and messing around, I managed to take it where it needed to go. Someone recently had difficulty believing that I shot everything in-world and insisted I was using post processing effects, but I didn’t. I think being a builder was a definite help.” I concluded by asking BobE if there was anything in the works for a third film and what advice he would give to those just starting out. He mentioned that “Is Sometimes Colder Than Ice” will be shown at the Shanghai World Expo. He said that it’s important to ask questions. He laughed when he said that, also saying that he sometimes felt he was a nuisance with all the questions he asked. He also mentioned that he “got a lot of encouragement, support and advice from Toxic Menges (who kindly let me film Ice on her sim), and Mescaline Tammas; both incredibly inspiring film makers, and ColeMarie Soleil who gave me pointers in the right direction.” With BobE being a builder in Second Life and now creating amazing machinima, we’ll be sure to sese more of his work in the future. To see more of BobE and his adventures in Second Life, check out his flickr site at http://www. A


AVENUE | Art Event



Written by Carissa Sockington Photography by Temperance Moonites


n 1865, English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, penned the novel, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” It tells the story of a little girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a world beyond belief. With strangely odd characters and wisdom within the wit, this story has been popular among adults as well as children for decades. In 1903, it was first brought to cinema in a silent film with numerous other versions to follow including Walt Disney’s animated release in 1951. In 2010, SL®’s own Avatar Repertory Theater(ART) took on the year long process of bringing this timeless classic to the SL stage in their theater production, “Alice in WonderSLand.” The experience starts with the audience taking their seats that are cleverly positioned within the set. Surrounded by the story, the adventure begins with Alice quickly finding she is not where she once was. Eloquently designed sets rez for each scene with actors clothed in whimsical, old world costumes coming and going with ease and purpose as they delivered their lines in voice. Beautiful accents and dialogue execution made this familiar story come to life and I found myself completely immersed in the entire show. One moment laughing at the antics and quick wit of the deck of cards while the next, enchanted by the song of the Mock Turtle. When it was over, the audience was left enchained and keen to view it all over again.

I had the grand privilege to sit down with several cast members, AvaJean Westland, Mickie Nikolaidis, JubJub Forder, Elegia Underwood and Kayden Oconnell, to discuss ART and this amazing production.

Carissa Sockington: So tell me, how does a show like this come together? JubJub Forder: First the idea, then the script... casting and sets and AVs and rehearsal...pretty much all going on at the same time.

Elegia Underwood: I understudy Alice & the Cheshire Cat & the March Hare & one of the gardener cards. AW: Mickie and Elegia are Alice of course.

AvaJean Westmoreland: Also, we start from “what exactly CAN we do?” What’s available in the public domain, for instance.

KO: We all pretty much cover other parts. We need to be ready to step in if someone crashes.

Mickie Nikolaidis: We started the production about a year ago. As Jub stated, the first thing to do was to write the script. This was done by a collaboration of ART members.

CS: So do you all have the costumes in your inventory?

JF: Yes, ART as a group tosses ideas into a bucket and then we vote on the ones we like. We were discussing copyright issues and how we have to pay to do plays. I suggested we look at stories out of copyright and adapt them. Then I said, “like Alice in Wonderland” CS: How does the casting process work? MN: ART is a troupe of actors that we draw on for our casts. From time to time we add new members, such as Elegia here. CS: Can you tell me who each of you played? AW: I play the Lory, The Cook, The Executioner and the Mock Turtle. Kayden Oconnell: I’ve been playing the Mad Hatter, the Frog Footman, and the Seven of Spades -- one of the Red Queen’s cards.

KO: Yes, we keep them in folders. Ready to throw on at a second’s notice. CS: So the set.... the entire thing is in a rezzer and does someone change it for each scene? MN: Yes, Jub is our amazing set designer. JF: Multiple rezzors and multiple buttons to set scripts off. It’s a big control panel. MN: He’s working twice as hard as Alice most of the time, making sure everything looks right. AW: And JudyArx Scribe is HIS backup. EU: I think the sets are fabulous. CS: The Alice set was just beautiful. It plays a subtle role itself. AW: The interactive part of the set is my favorite part.

KO: It’s fun to listen to the audience respond when they’re interacting -- like falling down the rabbit hole, or swimming. CS: I asked the question at the show: what the hardest thing was and the answer was scheduling. KO: With actors from around the world, that’s always a problem. JF: We all put a lot of time in. MN: AvaJean Westland here was our godsend on scheduling. CS: Where your people are from? AW: The U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K. KO: New Zealand. JF: Many, many rehearsals without some our covers time to rehearse too. MN: Australia, US, Canada, New Zealand, UK. EU: West Coast North America. CS: Wow, a massive time difference. AW: That’s my favorite part. I love the fact that we have all these accents. CS: You all have great voices. I loved the different ones in Alice...the accents and vibrance of them.

AW: It brings richness to the group that doesn’t exist when you’re all in the same place. CS: How long does it take for a production like this to come together? JF: Approximately a year, from concept to performance. AW: We really wanted to push the envelope on this project and Jub was the force behind it. EW: And four months of rehearsals. CS: That’s an incredibly long time for a place like SL. AW: Yes it requires dedication, which this group has in droves. But we all want to show the world that SL is a viable place for creativity. CS: Tell me a little about ART itself. MN: ART was created in 2008 by Sodovan Torok and Ada Radius. They invited some great actors they had worked with before. And since then we’ve pulled in more actors as we’ve expanded. CS: How many of you do acting or something in theater, RL? AW: I’m a working actor. KO: I’ve been involved with community theater for many years.

EU: I’m in community theater, choir and choruses for the local symphony. MN: MadameThespian Underhill, the director, is a retired actor and Joff Fassnacht is currently a drama professor. Ada Radius is a retired opera singer as well. AW: Joff played the 5 of spades, the Mouse and the Gryphon CS: Loved the Gryphon.....very fun character. EU: He is absolutely hilarious as the Mouse. CS: What other types of plays do you perform? AW: We are pretty open to doing anything. We’ve done Shakespeare but we’ve also done Howard Barker, another English playwright. MN: We’ve also performed plays from playwrights here in Second Life as well. JF: I think SL is incredible for what it allows us to do with the ancient art of storytelling. Drawing people from all over the world around our virtual campfire. EU: Plus, a lot of people are rediscovering the craft of sitting and listening to stories and now watching them unfold as well. MN: I agree with Jub. As my dad ended up putting it, we are pioneers in virtual entertainment.

Second Life® allows us that escape as well as the freedom of a virtual world modeled many times after our own. From the classics of old to modern day playwrights, ART takes these written words and transforms them into virtual magic, brining to life worlds visited only in stories and the recesses of our minds. A


AVENUE Magazine June 2010