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JULY 2011

My Precious

AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Photo by Ozz Larsson

Rusch Raymaker Publisher AVENUE


s Relay for Life nears the finishing line for this year’s race for this amazing charity, I’d like to thank everyone that has supported our RFL group, AVENUE of Life. The tremendous support we have received from fashion designers, artists, photographers, volunteers, staff and supporters of AVENUE and of course our partner GOL, have realised a concerted effort to raise over $600,000L. I am truly touched by the immense generosity of everyone’s hearts and your various contributions which included precious time and effort that goes beyond the monetary. This is the stuff that life is made of...for when we come together, we can do anything and make it meaningful. For that, every one of us at AVENUE thanks you. This issue has some really precious gems as well and we bring you the exclusive interview with the first My Precious Summer Queen winner, Elle Ahren, who graces our cover. The pursuit of beauty continues with the allure of hair in the crowning glories of Magicka. And whilst AVENUE Homme goes offline for a month or so, Boe Cortes returns with a smashing return with Edge of Style as he shows how you can style up fabulous finds from Men’s fashion hunts. We also bring back into the spotlight, one of Second Life’s most loved artist, Bryn Oh, as we feature the workings of her fabulous mind and artistry in Anna’s Many Murders under Interesting Sims, as well as a most unique way of recreation by participating in Oh’s unusual sporting creation, Avatar Games, for a wildly fun time. We trust you will enjoy this wonderful issue as we bring you the many wonders of SL.



Cover Story My Precious Summer Queen Contest

Edge of Style Style for Hunters

AVENUE Magazine July 2011 cover Featuring Elle Ahren in My Precious Queen Elle gown & Alienbear jewelry set “My Precious Summer Queen 2011” Photographer Julie Hastings


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Elle Ahren

Summer’s Queen

Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Brie Wonder

AVENUE | Cover Story

Elle Ahren //dress My Precious - Rosaline //jewelry Alienbear - Queen Celestina necklace & earrings set

Elle Ahren //dress My Precious - Jocelyn //jewelry Alienbear - Ambroisa II Necklace & Earrings set Alienbear - kitty Cyrus Pearl belly chain


s summer heats up, so has the My Precious Summer Queen Contest, culminating in the long-awaited selection of the new face to represent Agnes Finney’s My Precious Design House. Each month, stylistas from all over the grid submit their photographs with the hope of being selected one of the three monthly winners who will advance to the final event. After six months of fierce competition, the field for the My Precious Summer Queen Contest was narrowed down to fourteen contestants who competed for the crown at an elegant event hosted at the AVENUE sim at GOL on Saturday, June 11, 2011. The panel of judges for the evening included: Agnes Finney, owner of My Precious; Sykao Adamski, owner of Entre Mares; Alienbear Gupta, owner of Alienbear Designs; Mui Mukerji, supermodel, CMO of Alienbear Designs, and stylist for My Precious; Rusch Raymaker, CEO of AVENUE, Inc.; Vixie Rayna of AVENUE, Inc.; and Xandrah Sciavo, My Precious Queen 2011. Each contestant was given the opportunity to style both a cocktail dress and a formal gown and were encouraged to utilize their creativity and personal eye for style to create a unique look. During the last round of the competition, the contestants were also asked an on-stage question by the panel of judges. After a suspenseful evening, three beautiful and talented finalists were chosen: Kaidence Piancastellios as second runner-up, Anna Sapphire as first runner-up, and Elle Ahren was chosen as the new My Precious Summer Queen 2011.

AVENUE Magazine is happy to introduce you to the new My Precious Summer Queen 2011 and her court. Read more as they share a little about themselves, some thoughts about the competition, and some personal tips that served them well during the last six months.

k Elle Ahren

Xandrah Sciavo: Elle, congratulations on winning the My Precious Summer Queen 2011 crown! You are the first official summer queen. How were you feeling when your win was announced? Is there anything special you are hoping to accomplish during your reign? Elle Ahren: I am still thrilled about winning the crown. It is by far my biggest achievement in my SL™; not only for my modeling career, but also because of the passion I have for Agnes Finney’s brand. It is an honor for me to be part of the traditional and elegant brand that is My Precious, and I will give my best in representing it well and with style. I hope to earn more fashion experience, improve my styling skills even more and succeed as an SL model during my reign and beyond. I can only imagine what will happen to me in the upcoming months, but I am looking forward to figuring it out! XS: Please tell us a little bit about your background in the fashion industry. What experience do you bring with you to My Precious? EA: I started my modeling career in 2009, a few months after joining n Life ®. I took my

first modeling course in 2010 at MA Modeling Academy, and this year I graduated from Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy, where I was trained by the awesome Mimmi Boa. Nowadays, I am represented by MA Modeling Agency and IMA Inc. Modeling Agency. My modeling skills were of huge importance in my performance for the finale of the My Precious Queen contest. XS: Elle, what do you think were some pearls of wisdom that you kept in mind when styling for this contest? EA: When you plan to join this kind of contest, the first thing you need to do is understand the style of the brand. Once you are competing to represent the designer, it is extremely important for you to be able to dress and act in his or her style. You can always add your personal touch, but people should still look at you and remember the essence of the brand. XS: That is great advice. Do you have any other tips you would like to share with others who are interested in participating in the My Precious Queen contest? EA: I highly encourage any girl to enter this contest; it is a unique chance to show her beauty and styling skills. Like I said before, always try to understand the brand’s style as best as you can, by observing the ads at the store and attending the monthly fashion shows held by My Precious. Do not worry so much about winning or losing, but give your best. Be creative, be unique. In the finale, keep on your best styling and elegance. Remember: you might be about to become a Queen!

XS: That could indeed be true, as you well know! Were there any memorable moments you experienced during the contest that you would like to share? EA: Each day was a torture to me, because I could not wait for the contest’s finale to come. All the experience I earned during the contest and the friendships I made are forever. But I really think that the contest’s finale was the most remarkable moment. Being on the stage, feeling the judges watching me and the final announcement are things I’ll never forget. XS: Elle, so many people who enter contests find them to be so valuable because of the learning experiences received throughout the competition. Is there anything special you learned during the My Precious Summer Queen 2011 contest? EA: I have learned to believe in myself. I had no plans to win the entire contest, because I really thought I could never be good enough, but I gave my best and won the crown. It is crucial for us to trust in our skills and performance, because you must be the first person to believe that you can do everything!

Elle Ahren //dress My Precious - Preciousness //jewelry Alienbear - Queen Posesiva Earrings Alienbear - pearl bracelet

k Anna Sapphire

Xandrah Sciavo: Anna, you were selected as the first runner-up, which is no small feat in a contest where the competition is so steep! Congratulations to you! Can you share one important thing every contestant should know regarding styling for a contest like this one? Anna Sapphire: I think that styling in general has no rules, and that’s why it’s so interesting and challenging to enter in a contest like My Precious Queen. I think that we should always be ourselves and try to show ourselves in the best way possible. So keeping in mind, of course, elegance and class, and starting from this point, try to create something that properly shows us; our uniqueness and beauty, our unique style and our way to imagine what we want to be. XS: Anna, how did it feel to be chosen as the first runner-up for the contest? AS: It’s a great honor for me and I’m very happy about this result. I’m very grateful to Agnes Finney, Will Finney and the judges for this and to Xandrah Sciavo (My Precious Queen 2011) for her precious support and her advice. XS: Do you have any tips for anyone who might be thinking about entering future My Precious contests? AS: This contest is a beautiful possibility for all the ladies that want to challenge themselves and are not afraid of working hard on their style. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show what you can do and to learn many precious lessons. My

only tip, as I said, is to try to give the best of you and show your personality through your style. Be yourself in the most fabulous way; this is the base from where you can start to create yourself. XS: Anna, is there anything in particular you have taken away from participating in the competition? AS: I’ve learned a lot from this contest and from other contestants also. I’ve challenged my style and tried to do my best, and I can say that I feel more confident about myself. I’ve learned that contestants are not competitors, but can also be good friends and help each other. I’ve had the luck to meet a new wonderful friend between contests and to forge a beautiful precious friendship with the former My Precious Queen.

Anna Sapphire //dress My Precious - Catherine //jewelry Alienbear - VernaRosa necklace & earrings set

Anna Sapphire //dress My Precious - La Rose //jewelry Alienbear - Bloody Queen Rohesia

Kaidence Piancastellios //dress My Precious - Isabella Lace //jewelry Alienbear - My Precious Princess 2011 (Summer) necklace & earrings set

k Kaidence Piancastellios

Xandrah Sciavo: Kaidence, congratulations for placing as second runner-up in the contest. What has been a moment you will most remember from your experience? Kaidence Piancastellios: My most memorable moment is having that feeling that I put everything I knew into styling with elegance. Then surprisingly my name was called, even though I say expect the unexpected. Then I remembered me, the one who put everything I had into this, and I remember this gown is truly precious. XS: What is one important thing every contestant should know regarding styling for a contest like this one? KP: The most important thing is to understand what the designer has in mind. You basically want to know the style that the designer usually goes for and also make it your own. XS: What has been an important lesson that you’ve learned during this contest, Kaidence? KP: I would say stay confident until the end, and I say if you are looking to win, go in with an amazing style and be confident.

Indeed those are some great words of wisdom from our new My Precious Summer Queen 2011, Elle Ahren, and her court, Anna Sapphire, first runner-up, and Kaidence Piancastellios, second runner-up. AVENUE Magazine congratulates these lovely ladies, as well as all of the finalists for a job well done throughout the duration of the contest. The search for My Precious Winter Queen 2012 is on! If you believe you may have what it takes to be selected for the next round of the contest, visit Agnes Finney’s My Precious mainstore to obtain information and an application at Agnes Finney [145.151.22]. A

AVENUE | Fashion Icon

The Magic of hair

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Natasja Schumann


ne of the most necessary accessories to shop for in order to complete your look is hair. Short, long, curly, or straight, you can find just about any style of hair you could want and even dream of in Second Life速. For some people who change their hairstyle every day or every week, hair can be much more necessary than any other accessory to further complete their look. Creator of Magika, Sabina Gully understands that need and has been dreaming up some of the hottest realistic flexi and sculpted hair on the grid.

Augusta Carver: What made you decide to join SL™? Sabina Gully: I was using a 3D chat named WorldsPlayer when a few friends of mine decided to try Second Life. So, I thought I’d give it a try and instantly fell in love with it! AC: How long have you been creating hair? SG: Since 2007. AC: How did Magika come about? SG: That is actually a pretty long story. I originally owned a store back in 2006 by the name of Sabix where I sold low prim furniture. In early 2007, Niennra Kitsune and I rented a random mainland parcel and shared it for our stores. I had Sabix and she had her store, Foxdemon, where she sold clothes and skins. I gradually started adding avatar accessories to my store. They were mostly alternative items such as leather straps and chokers. A short while after renting the parcel we decided to unite and merge into one brand. So, for a period we were Candy Mountain. This is when I made my very first hair. Niennra was making a hair for a custom order avatar which inspired me to try it out. In other words, I have Niennra to thank completely. A few hairstyles later we decided we wanted to go more Goth with the store layout and needed a name to match. This is when we rebranded to Magika. At this point, we sold about everything at Magika; clothes, accessories, hair, skins, even scripted items. After some time, Niennra was less and less in SL, so I adopted Magika as my own. This is when Magika started only selling hair and it’s

been like that ever since. AC: What inspires you to create? SG: Mostly it’s because I want more hair myself, haha. I have a very strict rule of only wearing my own hair since it forces me to always create new styles. This way, I also push myself to be better since I would never make something that I wouldn’t wear myself. AC: Aside from designing, what other things do you like to do? SG: Right now I am really into the Meeroos, but it kind of changes with the wind for me. What I always love to do, though, is spend time with my girlfriend and friends. I also love talking entirely too much about my cats, lol. AC: What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of designing? SG: The most rewarding part is always seeing the finished product. There are many rewarding parts to it though, such as seeing my designs worn by random strangers, or when some of my favorite creators wear my hair in their ads. AC: What does “fashion” mean to you? SG: Well, the word “fashion” feels a bit wrong to me. I think we should wear what we love and not what is considered “in” at the moment. It’s when we wear and do what we love, that we glow. Yes I know, that sounded very cheesy. But it’s true nonetheless! AC: What are some of your favorite stores in SL? SG: I love so many stores and so many different styles, so this is a hard one. A store I always love no matter what style I feel like is

Curio. I also love LAQ, Zaara, Illusory, Atomic, Deviance, ViGo, Elate, Ducknipple, mon tissu, Surf co, Tres Blah, Addict, Cobrahive, Blue Blood, Pig, Heart & Sole, Plastik and Kyoot. Oops, that list got kind of long. I guess I just love shopping. AC: How would you describe your own style? SG: Hard question. It completely depends on the mood I am in. I have created anything from casual to crazy basically. AC: What has been your favorite item that you have created so far? SG: Whenever I get asked this question, I always answer that it’s the last item I’ve made, which is also true today. Right now, it’s my Jess hairstyle, in the roots edition. AC: There are a lot of hair stores available throughout SL, what do you think sets Magika apart from the others? SG: I think that every hair designer has a different way of making hair. You can often tell what styles are from what store. I think this is true with Magika hair as well. Other than that, I think that most stores concentrate on one particular style (like casual or Goth) while Magika does a little bit of everything. AC: Is there anything exciting we can look forward to seeing from Magika in the future? SG: That’s what I strive for. Let’s hope there will be too! It’s always hard to tell what I will be doing next since I rarely know myself. AC: Do you have any words of advice? SG: Yes. My biggest advice to anyone who is looking to create is: be patient! Those words

are gold. Trust me! Since 2007, Sabina has been creating hairstyles to suit the everyday look. Her creativity and determination to make great quality hairs are just some of the things that have made Magika so well known today. With realistic features and various styles to choose from, you are bound to find something that will appeal to your tastes. Make sure to check out Sabina’s store in-world at Magika Land [129.112.23]. A

AVENUE | Vignettes

Written, Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Strawberry Singh



t’s the middle of summer, and being the total beach girl that I am, I figured the best way to celebrate summer in Second Life® was to visit some of the most famous beaches on the grid. So, I asked my friends on Plurk what their favorites are, and I got a long list of names. I decided to feature the following four because I felt each of them had its own charm. Bora Bora Isles is a very fun beach where you’ll find lots to do, from windsurfing, hang gliding, jetskiing and much, much more. I chose to wear one of Indyra Originals’ swimsuits. It has a very sexy and sophisticated feel to me, and with the added touch of the cascading decorations, it really catches your eye. Bora Bora Isles [126.214.22]. //Skin CheerNo Femme Skin Emilia Light by Kira Ahn //Hair Plume Vogue Golden by Fauve Beaumont //Swimsuit Indyra Originals Swimwear Tropic’s Wild Lemon Pop by Indyra Seigo //Earrings LaGyo Mohawk earrings by Gyorgyna Larnia //Sunglasses O! Bleak Fame by Shades by Dotty Latte //Nails Candy Nail Magic of Black by peche Bury //Pose Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel

Costa Rica Sims is probably one of the most renowned places to live in Second Life, and I can understand why. The sim is covered in beautiful beachfront property. They have a few beaches where you can hang out, as long as you are not entering anyone’s private property of course. I actually didn’t take this picture on one of their gorgeous beaches; I took it in the Forest of Hope. I just fell in love with the waterfalls. I am wearing the sexy fringe bikini from Hucci, and my most favorite hair from Truth. Costa Rica Sims website: http://www.

//Skin CheerNo Femme Skin Emilia Light by Kira Ahn //Hair Truth Leilani Strawberry by Truth Hawks //Swimsuit Hucci Fringe Bandeau Bikini Wild Pink by Eboni Khan //Nails je suis naive nails by Julia Merosi //Pose Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel

Las Arenas Rosadas is probably one of the most famous beaches on the grid. The destination guide describes it as a tropical island paradise, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic date with all the gorgeous scenery and sounds surrounding you. I am wearing the adorable Kyoot bikini and the hat+hair combo from Kletva, which I picked up at the dressing room. Las Arenas Rosadas [118.25.22].

//Skin CheerNo Femme Skin Emilia Light by Kira Ahn //Hair Kletva Hair Joss Blond + Hat by Vitor Algoma //Swimsuit Kyoot Day Trip Bikini Essaouira by Saeya Nyanda //Jewelry Zaara by Zaara Kohime //Pose Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel

I think Las Rocas was actually one of my top favorite places that I visited. The reason I liked it was that it was small, private and not laggy at all. It had this very cozy feel. Right by the water there is a line of adorable looking buildings and the whole atmosphere and scenery is stunning. There are even little caves and places that you can explore. I’m wearing the denim swimsuit from Miamai and the pose I’m in was actually built into the shells you see lying there on the sand. I just right-clicked and sat on them and ended up in this fabulous pose. Make sure to definitely visit this one! Las Rocas [200.10.21]. //Skin CheerNo Femme Skin Emilia Light by Kira Ahn //Hair Exile Minx Hollywood by Kavar Cleanslate //Swimsuit Miamai Greta Denim by Monica Outlander

Now again, these are just a handful of the gorgeous beaches available on the grid to explore. Don’t forget to check out the destination guide for the rest of the hot beach spots to visit: beaches Happy sunbathing! <3


AVENUE | Couture AVENUE Look 2011

Annough Lykin W

ith the recent selection of the ninth fashion-forward finalist, the Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Contest continues to bring a stunning display of style and creativity to the runway each month. Couture AVENUE features talented design houses such as AZUL, Baiastice, GizzA, LeLutka, Nicky Ree, Osakki, sYs, and Stylissimo. With such a variety of high quality fashion designs, it is no surprise that the June event was yet another amazing show.

Five contestants came to dazzle the crowd, putting their imaginative styling skills to work as they competed to create fierce looks that embodied the unique brands of Couture AVENUE. With a nearly unanimous vote, and garnering the overwhelming support of the audience, model and photographer Annough Lykin was the clear winner, securing the June title. Join me as I speak with Annough about the contest, her background, and what inspires her.

Written by Xandrah Sciavo Photography by Ozz Larsson

Xandrah Sciavo: Hello, Annough! Thank you so much for sitting down with me. As we begin, I’d like to ask you what inspired you to compete in the Couture AVENUE contest? Annough Lykin: I have watched this contest for quite some months now, as I have had the honor of being one of the photographers for the finalists for AVENUE Magazine. In my eyes, this is a contest where success does not depend on having just a pretty face or a well-known name; a feeling you have with so many contests these days. Rather, your styling skills are challenged to be their best. Competition is hard, as every month six to seven male and female models create very creative and stylish combinations of items found at Couture AVENUE from some of our best designers. In the end, I couldn’t resist giving myself a try. XS: I am sure you are delighted that you decided to enter! Your outfit was a beautiful combination of pieces from several different designers. What was your inspiration when you created your winning outfit? Was there a particular type of look that you were trying to convey when you created this style? AL: The inspiration was summer. I wanted to create a summery dress, but based on avantgarde elements, to give it a more modern and stylish look. I used a long wide skirt, a short one over it and a very nice top. While my basic colors remain black, I added a fresh sunny touch with a lot of white and some red accents. XS: Annough, how and when did you begin modeling? What things have you accomplished

during your time as a model that you are proud of here in Second Life®? AL: I started blogging about two years ago, and since then, I have always been my own model, just without any experience. Later, I grew more and more into a professional photographer, and this was the point when I decided that it would be a good background for me to have professional model training. Finally, last winter, I decided to do the training at AVENUE Models Academy, and I graduated at the end of January. I really enjoyed the runway, and I just continued with it. I met a lot of fantastic people during this time -- designers, producers and models that I didn’t want to miss, and with whom I really want to work with in the future. One of my biggest accomplishments since then has been to be accepted at AVENUE Models, and another has been to be in the finals of the My Precious Queen contest. XS: Congratulations on being a finalist for the My Precious Queen contest, as well as being invited to be an AVENUE model! Those are wonderful accomplishments to be proud of, indeed. What do you think made your style stand out among the other contestants in this particular contest to help you win? AL: It was my second try in this contest. While I was really happy with my first outfit, I could clearly see why it was not the winning one. It was a complex styling in nice colors, but something was missing. I felt what I would need is a more outgoing sexy touch and fresh lively colors. So the second time I tried to go for this look.

XS: The efforts you put into styling for this round of the contest clearly paid off for you. What advice would you give to someone interested in pulling a look together in order to enter this contest? AL: Get creative and try new things. Use attachments in different places than originally intended. But whatever you do, the outcome should still look like a designer has just created this awesome outfit. Other than that, be careful about your poses. Look for some uniqueness, but don’t forget the model standard rules for poses. XS: All of that is terrific advice that could definitely serve someone well. Annough, with all you’ve experienced so far in your modeling career, what is a memorable experience you have had or lesson you have learned? AL: The most memorable experience I had was a show some weeks ago where I was one of the models. The sim crashed two times; the first time after ten minutes, and the second time after two-thirds of the show. It is bad, but as it is with SL™, things like this happen. Every time logging in again took me around ten minutes, depending on whether the sim was up and running again. But then it was no problem at all. However, after the first crash, three out of the eleven models didn’t return, and after the second crash there were five of us left. Maybe they had more technical difficulties than I did, but I heard from the producer that even on the next day, there had been no excuse or explanation from any

of the missing models. I admit, I was really shocked by this. If you work as a model and if you commit to a show, you should take it very seriously and always give your best at least as far as SL allows, even if it is not easy and not fun at all. But you have a job, and people rely on you. XS: Thank you for sharing a lesson that anyone in the modeling industry can learn from. Annough, you are always striving to grow as a professional in the industry whether as a model or as a photographer. I am curious where you see yourself a year from now. AL: I admit that I have already achieved one of my biggest goals in SL. I have the honor of working for AVENUE as photographer and as a model. The most important thing for me is to continue improving my photographic skills, as well as my modeling skills. There are some heroes in both genres out there that I really admire. To come closer to their level within the next year is the biggest challenge for me. XS: As some parting words, is there anything else you would like to share with AVENUE readers? AL: Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take yourself too seriously. If you have a job and people rely on you, be serious about it, but never let the fun go out of what you do in SL. Always have some time left for you just to relax and enjoy SL. XS: Annough, it has been a delight to sit down and talk with you. Thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself and your inspirations with our readers.

Could you be the next face of Couture AVENUE? Find out how you can become a finalist for Couture AVENUE Look 2011 and be featured in a future issue of AVENUE Magazine by stopping by the AVENUE office to pick up an application. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to join the AVENUE Magazine Readers Group for regular updates, important rules, and finalist announcements. Couture AVENUE Look 2011 Application Landmark: AVENUE at GOL [173.96.22]. Visit the AVENUE website at A

the Secret? Do you know

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Ozz Larsson


sing her love of fashion and art in Second LifeÂŽ, Maylee Oh, designer of The Secret Store, has been creating a collection of clothing that would make any fashionista drool with desire. She is a great example of how hard work and dedication can take you farther than you can even imagine. With bold prints, and vibrant colors, Maylee is taking the SLâ&#x201E;˘ fashion world by storm, one sculpted piece at a time.

AVENUE | Featured Designer

Augusta Carver: I see you have been in SL for four years now, how did you first hear about it? Maylee Oh: Well my avatar is 4 years old, but I’ve really only been in SL since last year. I created my account a long time ago because a friend told me that we were able to make our own clothing in Second Life, so I gave it a try and then stopped. My first clothing attempt wasn’t really glorious, I must admit. AC: First tries rarely are, but at least you gave it another shot. Was that always something you wanted to try your hand at, becoming a fashion designer? MO: Well I’ve been interested in fashion and art in general since I was a kid. I did art school for three years (in between my SL attempts) and I realized that I was more and more interested in fashion. SL was a pretty good place for some creating some fashion experiments, as I’m totally unable to sew real clothes right now and quite used to graphic software. And I must say that SL is an awesome playground for my creativity. AC: I agree with you there, it is such a cool place to unleash your creativity and try new things. MO: Yes exactly. AC: Where did the name The Secret Store come from? MO: It’s a cute story. In the very beginning the shop was called “Candy Cream.” My RL best friend decided to join me so that we could make clothes together, but she didn’t like that name. While we were searching for something else, we were building our store on an empty mainland plot and we were quite amused that nobody was

coming to visit us, like we were hiding in a secret place (as it’s really hard to start a new business in SL). We then decided to call it, quite ironically, The Secret Store. AC: That is cute. MO: Isn’t it? AC: So you have a collaborator in the store? MO: Well my best friend and I started and learned together, yes, but she left to study right afterwards and had no time to go on here with me, so I kept running it alone. AC: So what is your inspiration for designing? MO: Mostly magazines and the internet. I spend hours browsing fashion websites and blogs. I’m really addicted to beautiful pictures, and I do watch a lot of fashion shows as well, and when my brain is full of awesome pics, I start drawing a bit. AC: How would you describe your own style? MO: Girly, kawaii, vintage, funky and a bit geeky. AC: As a fashion designer, what matters most to you? MO: Trying to keep doing something unique, personal, and satisfying my customers. AC: What are your favorite part, and the most challenging part of having your own store? MO: My favorite part has to be the absolute freedom I have to do what I want, whenever I want. About the most challenging, I might say something like my previous answer: trying not to disappoint my customers and, oh, managing notecards. AC: Aside from designing, what other things do you enjoy?

MO: I really like any kind of art. I try to draw whenever I can, and I’m quite addicted to video games. I also like nature and animals a lot. AC: What does “fashion” mean to you? MO: I read a really nice quotation today saying that fashion was “art and beauty mixed together.” I really like this point of view. AC: What has been your top favorite item that you have designed to date? MO: That is hard to choose. I think the Pretty Poppy dress is my best seller so far, but I might say that I’m really happy with the girly briefcases that I have released lately, and I really wish I could make them in RL right now. The Boheme dress is one of my favorites as well. AC: What do you think sets your store apart from others in SL? MO: Well I won’t say my store is really different from others; there are so many talented designers here. I’m just trying to improve my skills each time I do something new, and to keep designing unique clothes that I would die to have in RL. AC: Do you have any favorite stores where you love to shop in-world? MO: Yes there are so many. AC: What are your 3 favorites? MO: So hard to choose, haha. I’m fond of LeLutka, I also love mon tissu, Fishy Strawberry, Maitreya, So Many Styles, Artilleri, Tram, Tee*fy, Ingenue, Tokidoki…haha well many, many. I’m totally unable to choose only 3 and I wish I could add even more. AC: What should we expect to see from your designs in the future?

MO: Knitwear. I’m so addicted to knit right now, so I’m thinking of doing something in that style for the next season. I also wish I could try doing hair and some more shoes, so we’ll see :) AC: I cannot wait to see what comes next :) Maylee is a fashion force to be reckoned with. She creates items that are truly inspiring and original. Every woman should feel confident and stylish when wearing her clothes, and Maylee’s designs do just that and more. With each release, her creations just keep getting better and better. Expect nothing but good things as the next season approaches. To see The Secret Store for yourself, visit the mainstore at Cheesecake [150.192.674]. A

//Skin Glam Affair - Layla Light in Deep Sea //Hair kik - Kate03 in Black //Dress Glam Affair - Linda Dress //Earrings Mandala - Milky Way in Samurai Blue //Bangle Mandala - Milky Way in White //Shoes PM - Baby T’s in Snow


hic Management celebrated their one year anniversary in style with designers across the grid creating exclusives for the event. Each designer created an item in the “chic” theme. This month’s column features looks from the event.

Chic Blue Hue Written, Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Vixie Rayna

Choosing outfits was especially hard with over 100 designers contributing to the event. I decided to select a color first. Blue can be very chic, and I was happy to find several designers using this hue. Unique accessories, dramatic shapes, and simple details unite each look. Glam Affair’s voluminous dress with black pantaloons proves simple can be very haute. Among the established brands were a few upand-coming designers, like Onion, who paired a striking blue flower over a sheath dress. LeeZu’s “Sonate” gown was a gem with the ruffled bolero. I was attracted to the simple details in the “Luna” dress from Addict. Congratulations to Chic Management for a year of wonderful events! If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of their events, I encourage you to check out their website at for upcoming ones. But, bring your wallet! And, remember... Fashion is fun!

AVENUE | Fun with Fashion

//Skin Glam Affair - Layla Light in My Sweet Vampire //Hair Lelutka - Rykiel in Bournville //Dress Onion - In Bloom //Necklace/Earrings je suis - Africain //Shoes Anexx - Strap Wedge Bootee in Blue

//Skin Belleza - Aiko Pale //Hair Lelutka - Jennifer in AlmostGoth //Gown LeeZu - Sonate //Hair Corsage Tomoto - Twinkle in Blue //Necklace je suis - Boheme //Bangles Zaara - Sadaf Paua in Silver //Shoes PM - Baby Tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in Snow

//Skin Redgrave - Fairy Avie in Ink //Hair Exile - Ada in Whiskey //Dress Addict - Luna in Ocean Ave //Tights LeeZu - LaLun Tights in Teal //Hairpiece LaGyo - Circus Trapeze Vertigo //Shoes NX Nardcotix - Gloria Wedge in Orange


AVENUE | Trendspotting

Peristyle Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Brie Wonder

//Jacket Niniko Soft Riders //Sweater Spadio //Skirt Pesca Paisley skirt //Shoes SLink Luicille Wedges //Glasses Alphavillain Bathysphere glasses //Hair Vive9 JuJu //Skin [the Skinnery] Ressa Nude - Ginger, with Ressa lipgloss black tulip

//Shirt (outer) [Sleepy Eddy] Denim Western Shirt //Sweater ISON knitted grain sweater //Pants Secret Store Flared Pants //Belt BOOM Lynx Skinny Belt Ebony //Bag Secret Store Girly Breifcase //Shoes SLink Luicille Wedges //Glasses Alphavillain Bathysphere glasses //Hair Vive9 JuJu //Skin [the Skinnery] Ressa Nude - Ginger, with Ressa lipgloss black tulip

//Shirt Somapop hemd //Shorts Priss Walking Shorts in Lilies //Belt BOOM Lynx Skinny Belt Khaki //Bag +Bal+ Indian bag //Shoes Reek Ikat Swell Sneaks //Glasses Alphavillain Bathysphere glasses //Hair LeLutka Biel //Skin [the Skinnery] Ressa Nude - Ginger, with Ressa lipgloss black tulip

//Shirt 1 tres blah Rad sweatshirt //Shirt 2 Pig Ordinary Boy //Shorts Eha A.M 180 //Belt BOOM Lynx Skinny Belt Ebony //Bag Secret Store Girly Briefcase //Shoes SLink Luicille Wedges //Glasses Alphavillain Bathysphere glasses //Hair Vive9 JuJu //Skin [the Skinnery] Ressa Nude - Ginger, with Ressa lipgloss black tulip

//Jacket Pink Outfitters Jacobs Blazer //Sweater Mon Tissu Heathered Pullover //Skirt Whippet & Buck So Basic Mini //Bag +Bal+ Indian Bag //Shoes Reek Ikat Swell Sneaks //Glasses Alphavillain Bathysphere glasses //Hair LeLutka Biel //Skin [the Skinnery] Ressa Nude - Ginger, with Ressa lipgloss black tulip


AVENUE | Edge of Style

Written, Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Boe Cortes


fter a bit of a Second Life® break, I found myself needing to get back into the swing of things again. As a big fan of hunts, what better way to catch up on all the new stores and the latest releases than by participating in all the fabulous hunts like MENStuff, Zombiepopcorn and the many others SL™ has to offer. Make no mistake in assuming that the word “free” or “hunt” will mean that the items are not good quality; in reality, they’re far from it. I was amazed at the quality of some of the items on offer. I’ve put together a list of items that caught my attention, and styled a few examples to show you that with a little imagination, you don’t need to spend a million to look a million. I mean seriously, can you spot the free items?

Style for


//Skin LaVie - Andre Goatie2 Normal (H) //Hair MADesigns HAIR ~ TAISTO ~ Dark Brown I //Shirt Connors - POLO SHIRT (MENstuff hunt) //Pants [NV] JEeans (ZombiePopcorn hunt) //Shoes [Gos] - Desert Boots - Cola //Wristband Emery - Jamaica //Glasses PHILO - Homage Mens Sun Glasses v. 1.0 (MENstuff hunt) //Necklace ~Pepper~ - I am thursty Necklace in Cola (ZombiePopcorn hunt)

//Skin Mother Gooseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s - CaiN LB //Hair MADesigns HAIR ~ ZOKI ~ Dark Blonde III //Hairbase MADesigns HAIR ~ Hair Base in Tribe 4 tintable //Sweater Bleh - Suburb Sweater (MENstuff hunt) //Pants KOSH - Linen Shorts -petrol- 2 (ZombiePopcorn Hunt) //Socks sey - 3line3set-WH_BL //Shoes 2REAL - DIAGONAL_10 //Glasses team ASH - Fairy Tail x elysion optic teamASH (gift) //Bag Milk Motion - My tote bag *garage*

//Skin Muism - Ryu_Fair_Hair_06 //Hair MADesigns HAIR ~ JULIA ~ Red VIII //Shirt CONCRETE FLOWERS - Hug a Tee Shirt - fern (ZombiePopcorn hunt) //Vest AOHARU - WovenVest in Beige //Pants Airflow - Roll up denim for Men - (group gift) //Shoes Duh!- Mens Tan Slip On Canvas (gift) //Belt Bag BUKKA - old Leather bag

//Skin LeLutka - CALEB_SunKissed_Hair_Face02 //Hair MADesigns HAIR ~ LACY ~ Dark Brown IV //Sweater Alphamale - Preppy V-neck Sweater, Shirt and Tie (MENstuff hunt) //Pants Ladies Who Lunch - Billie Jeans Vintage (gift) //Shoes Duh! - Brown Hushpuppies (MENStuff hunt) //Glasses YV- LE.LOOK! lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;homme Glasses (exclusive gift) //Bag FIR & MNA - The Duffle Bag (MENStuff hunt)


AVENUE | GOLden Shopping

Nardcotix Written, Styled and Modeled by Vixie Rayna Photography by Annough Lykin


Moshi in Confetti

OLden Shopping is proud to count Nardya Rousselot of Nardcotix as one of our talented tenants. She is making her mark on summer 2011 with an amazing new collection of shoes. There are styles for every mood and the colors to match. You can be anything from a sexy vixen to an avantgarde diva in a single, quick change. This monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s column shares the bright colors and adventurous styles of her latest releases. GOLden Shopping is part of The GOL community of sims built by renowned architect Dakota Neumann. It is the perfect place to discover your own personal style and to shop for your loved ones. You can find this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s featured store, Nardcotix, along with many more! Visit GOLden Shopping today on GOL 5!

Edith in Red and Gloria in Yellow

Maria Rosa in Resort Blue and Breezie in Aqua


AVENUE | Model of the Month

Modeling Aspirations Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Annough Lykin


nanya Mai has been in Second Life® for three years. Over the years, she has made quite a name for herself, while having fun along the way. She has been taking the fashion world by storm since her modeling career began in 2009, and that is why Ananya Mai is AVENUE’s Model of the Month. I had the privilege of speaking with her, and finding out more about her life in SL™. Read what she has to share about her experiences thus far.

Augusta Carver: Congratulations on being selected as the Model of the Month. Ananya Mai: I am so in shock, I just can’t believe it! When I received your notecard, I just stared at it thinking it went to the wrong model. Thank you! AC: LOL, no it didn’t. AM: Haha. AC: So, how did you first hear about SL? AM: I saw something in a magazine about this world and I couldn’t quite understand it. It kept on referencing “make your own world,” but my simple mind couldn’t conceptualize it. I don’t even remember the name of the magazine, but it was a couple of years ago now. AC: Once you joined SL, what made you decide to enter the modeling world? AM: Oh it was the fashion blogs that planted the seeds in my mind. I am an avid profile reader. I stumbled across a “fashion blog” link in someone’s profile, and I checked it out. I was so excited to find a feed filled with SL Fashion. Then, I saw a link to some of these House of Beningborough outfits which were stunning. Once I got there, I noticed that there was a contest going on called the “Face of Beningborough.” I also noticed these exquisite models on the stage. I truly had not seen such beauty before the day that I landed in HOB. These models were contestants in the “Face of Beningborough” and I knew straight away that I wanted to be a part of that beauty on the stage. I grabbed an application, nonetheless, and bought myself a gown and sought to apply

for the contest. To cut a long story short, I went through some SL plastic surgery and a bit of a fashion overhaul and managed to place second in that contest. AC: How did you hear about AVENUE Models, and how long have you been with them? AM: The amazing woman who made my shape recommended AVENUE to me. She said that they were the best. I couldn’t believe my luck when AVENUE Models held open casting; it was so exciting. Oh dear, I am so bad with dates, but it was last year. It was the most organized and professional casting that I have ever attended. It really tested your skills! AC: Well, it looks like you have done a great job so far. Do you have any aspirations in your modeling career? AM: I would love to be a better-rounded model, and to learn more practical skills so I can contribute more to this wonderful industry; skills like learning to build and Photoshop. At the moment, I am blessed to be surrounded by talented and kind people who are always willing to help. I would love to be able to give back a lot more to the community. AC: Outside of modeling, what other things do you enjoy? AM: I love finding new sims, catching up with friends, blogging, dancing, and while it has been awhile, I love to SL surf. I met my RL husband through SL and we used to find sims together. He doesn’t log on as much as he used to, but I still make a note of catching up with our friends.

AC: What has been your biggest challenge in the SL fashion world with regards to modeling? AM: That would be my time zone hands down. I am 15 hours ahead of SL time. I often have to wake up at 2 or 3am to be able to participate in events. AC: Oh wow that is dedication. AM: Hmm…dedication, my husband calls it something else, haha. AC: Haha. AM: I really love the modeling industry with a passion. AC: What is your favorite aspect of modeling? AM: 5 seconds before you are cued to walk the runway…I love how real it makes you feel. The adrenaline rush is quite awesome. I love the atmosphere, the buzz, the logistics, the planning, everything. I love how so many come together for one common goal. So when it is time for a show, the fact that we style to an objective. To see the way others style, it is like witnessing 3D art in front you. AC: Do you have anyone or anything that inspires you in SL? AM: That is a hard one, as I admire so many people. I have to say that many designers inspire me, and it does often change, as you can appreciate. Models and bloggers also inspire me with the way they style it up. AC: Do you have any favorite stores? AM: I am loving the new designs of Mila Tatham; it is like art personified. My goodness! I am also always inspired by Vita’s Boudoir. I love {mon tissu}! Angel Dessous, that fashion

house never ceases to amaze me. Mimikri too. Also, for the dark side of me, I love Ezura outfits; you will find a few of her designs on my Flickr, hehe. AC: If you could give one piece of advice to current and potential models, what would it be? AM: I may cheat a little and get a few in there, hehe. For one, don’t ever give up and always stay positive. Look after your inner health and mind always. Be a good role model and do not gossip! Well, I know we are all humans and that ranting is inevitable, but please don’t get caught up with drama. Set a focus for yourself and work your way towards it with love and kindness. What I find is that it is easy to lose sight of what makes you happy. Gravitate towards those that can help you grow, and always pay it forward by helping back. Being true to herself, experimenting with fashion, and keeping a positive attitude is what keeps Ananya going. With a love for modeling, shopping, blogging, and the company of good friends, she keeps a very active SL life but still manages to have fun with everything she does. Ananya is a good example of a down to earth model and we look forward to seeing more of her on the runway. A

Couture AVENUE presents

Juicy Haute Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Nala Kurka


he introduction said it all: â&#x20AC;&#x153;the fashion trends of summer 2011 are sensual, sophisticated and most seductive; hot in white, with juicy fruit inspirations and bright colors.â&#x20AC;?

AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

With one-of-kind creations from the minds of incredibly talented designers such as Baiastice, GizzA, sYs, and Stylissimo, viewers of the show were sure to be mesmerized by any and every design that graced the stage. Add to those amazing designs exclusive accessories and poses complementing the collection by guest designers Baoba, Diorsis Hair Design, Finesmith Jewelry, Gems&Kisses, Lode Hats, LoQ, and Manifeste, and you have an over-thetop collection that not only screams summer fashion, but a fashion show that has taken perfection to another level.

Opening the show were creatively styled looks, or a â&#x20AC;&#x153;juicy mix,â&#x20AC;? from AVENUE models and Couture Look Finalists presenting mix and match style inspirations of the exclusive designs available only at Couture AVENUE. These fiery mixes were enough to satiate the appetites of fashionistas everywhere hoping to create a new look for summer 2011. And while this was just a small preview of what viewers could do with the exclusive pieces created for this specific collection, it was the beginning inspiration for many attendees who excitedly exclaimed which pieces they were heading over to buy to create their newest, hottest look.

After the mixing and matching came the official preview of the first-of-its-kind summer collection at Couture AVENUE. With each designer showcasing two pieces created exclusively for this collection, attendees sat on the edge of their seat drooling with anticipation as the first pieces for GizzA graced the runway. With a focus on a more military-themed outfit and accessories, the GizzA collection downplayed the sensuality of curves, and highlighted the beauty of power as the military-style balloon pants of the Faust outfit for the men and the Narcissus outfit for the women gave a look of stunning strength with a trendsetting twist in the exclusive color of Plume just for the collection.

Following the militaristic focus of GizzA was the first outfit from Stylissimo which brought to mind only one thing: juicy fruitâ&#x20AC;Śliterally! This punch bowl-shaped dress brought out a new side of fashion, reminding everyone that you can still have fun with what you wear, while still maintaining the vibrant colors of the juicy fruit of course! Yet, with its second look, Stylissimo took on a more classic shape with Roots of Athena. While keeping the classic basic shape and look of the well-known Goddessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; look, there was an added flair of sexiness and regality that gave the classic look a little something extra for more modern times.

sYs followed on the runway and brought new life to the brand by straying away from the darker colors they are known for, while keeping with their futuristic theme. Both outfits from the dynamic duo proved that future summers are sure to be sexy, and yet still stylish in the distant unknown world. Yet, not to stray too far from their fierce theme, sYs came back with their classic, avant-garde, militaristic theme with Sygne, giving a Napoleonic twist to the basic summer dress and taking vintage to a whole new level of fierce.

Rounding out the already amazing show was a staple in the fashion world, Baiastice, with their two tributes to the juicy summer collection, one of the few in the collection for both men and women. And while each designer brought a different look and style of fashion to the runway, one thing was clear: men were going to show a little leg this summer, at least says GizzA and Baiastice. While two different looks for men between the two, there was a common theme between them and it was evident: women weren’t the only ones that will be enjoying a nice summer breeze and a cooler summer -- men will be relaxed and comfortable, while still ever so handsome and stylish. The Sir Suit from Baiastice was one of the highlights of the entire collection, as it showed the diversity the brand has come to be known for, with its ability to give an elegant suit a more casual side by pairing the sophisticated jacket with short pants. It’s safe to say that Baiastice has done it yet again: they’ve created a must-have for every gentleman on the grid with any kind of fashion sense.

While the show was only a quick preview of this one-of-kind first for Couture AVENUE, the preview that it provided was one full of renewed color and originality for the summer of 2011. Vibrant colors, dare-to-go-there shapes, and even a few fruity accessories make the summer of Juicy Haute a summer that will go down in fashion history. No matter which definition you choose, never has one word been more fitting for a summer look. Whether you want to call these looks “succulent and full of juice,” “interestingly scandalous,” or even “temptingly appealing,” the Couture AVENUE Summer 2011 Collection fits each and every definition perfectly. But you can just call it simply “juicy.” To get your own piece of this juicy collection, stop by the exclusive location at Couture AVENUE at AVENUE at GOL [145.203.22].


AVENUE | Interesting Sims

Anna's Many Murders A descent into madness

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Tillie Ariantho


here are many sims in-world; some with heavenly scenes and tranquil gardens, and then there are those that resemble a horror film, such as Dance Macabre, that would bring nightmares to even the most jaded resident of Second Life®. Bryn Oh’s Anna’s Many Murders ranks in the second category. Not only does it chronicle a young woman’s descent into insanity, it also strips away the protective cocoon that the 21st Century man has constructed for himself in the form of smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices with their myriad of applications that immerse the individual into his own private world, ignoring the collective world around him. I spoke with Bryn Oh about the sim and the grim message that it sends to man, and the potential loss of humanity that having mobile technology and programs to seal one off from reality.

Spruce Canning: What was your inspiration for creating the scenes that abound on the sim? Bryn Oh: I was on the subway one day and my iPod battery died. I took off my headphones and noticed the subway was quite packed with people yet, completely silent. It was kind of surreal. Everyone was on an iPod, Blackberry, video game of some sort, or headphones. It seemed like everyone had created a little bubble around him or herself so that they needn’t interact with those around them. I was doing the same thing myself, except my battery died and I was forced out of my personal little reverie to look around. So, I started daydreaming about a future where we would not carry external accessories like our phone and iPod, but rather they would be implanted into us surgically. They would all be like apps that would customize us in some way. My app ear would hear a bird and tell me what kind it was, if it was rare and how far away it was from me. My app nose would smell something delicious on the street and it would inform me that it was from a loaf of raisin bread cooked 43 minutes ago without any preservatives. My app eye would then lead me directly to the bakery. We would just keep adding and adding to ourselves until we ceased to be human. And the strange thing is that I love technology and gadgets. If given the chance I might even get a super eye app. SC: As one sees the stages of Anna’s madness progress while they move through the sim, what message do you hope to convey to the people touring the sim?

BO: I don’t really like to say what I want people to see when experiencing my work. As soon as you tell someone what to think, they stop using their own imagination. It stops being an interaction where one can interpret and puzzle things out, where they can debate or insert their own life experiences into the build. Most of my work involves layering or even hiding things within the narrative. Being passively told something is far less rewarding than the act of discovery. What I would enjoy is for people to come away and think about whether they liked or disliked Anna. Is she a hero, villain or is interpreting in black and white a Hollywood invention? SC: How do the reaction against technology and the modern world play into Anna’s descent into insanity, and how does that relate to the everyday person in the 21st Century? BO: Anna is insane, angry and defiant, yet also desperately sad and lonely. In many of the scenes she is trying to strip away the apps and artificial parts only to find that is all what’s left in the people around her. In her mind, she glosses over what she does in order to make it bearable. “Shopping bags Blowing in the sky, She’d pretend Were butterflies.” After taking apart different characters, she would sometimes place leaves inside their

bodies thinking she was returning a type of organic nature or health to them, but like her butterflies these are all illusions and escapes for her. She copes the only way she can. She is a monster without a mirror. SC: What would be the next project for the sim that you will be undertaking when the present build has served its purpose? BO: I have recently received a grant from the Canadian government to pursue a project related to a three-part narrative I have created which includes the Daughter of Gears, The Rabbicorn story and Standby. In addition, I will be creating a first life gallery exhibit showcasing a new build, which would take too long to explain here. But, I will be using Anna’s sim, as well as my sim Immersiva, to create one for filming and one for the first life exhibit, hopefully finishing in about 8 months. SC: In conclusion how has the initial reaction to your creative inspiration been and will it inspire you towards greater efforts in SL™ and the Metaverse at large? BO: I have actually been working in SL for quite a few years now with a fairly large body of work. Anna’s Many Murders is just my latest creation. I always put in my greatest effort, so no, I don’t think positive or negative reactions could push me past my level of dedication to this medium. As I walked through the sim, I thought about the reasons why Anna descended into madness and how she coped with the ever encroaching

"I have actually been working in SL for quite a few years now with a fairly large body of work"

technology and the applications that run them. It was only by murder that she was trying to find the buried humanity in each and every victim that was displayed on the tableaux of the sim. One would hope that this creation would make modern man stop and realize that even though technology has a purpose and can be used for good or evil, in the end, technology may have finally conquered the human spirit. With Anna’s Many Murders by Bryn Oh, humanity has and hopefully will continue to react to the encroachment of an only electronic world. Visit the sim to view Anna’s Many Murders for yourself at Bryn Oh [217.161.200]. A

AVENUE | Architecture & More

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Brie Wonder

love with

Décor to fall in W

hen I visit someone’s home in Second Life®, I almost always see something that I love; from a picture hanging on the wall, to the home itself. Renting or buying, there are way too many choices to deal with. Since my first days inworld, I have fallen in love with SL™ homes. The possibilities are endless. And for me, even though it seems overwhelming to find the right place to live or the right piece of furniture to complement a home, I can never have too many options. Buying a house or trying out furniture is like a mini SL adventure in itself. Sometimes you know what you want, other times you have no clue, but along the way you discover great textures, clean lines, and amazing details. Builder Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie Furniture fell in love with homes and building herself, and has since created a brand that delivers inspiration and amazingly realistic furniture and homes within SL.

Sitting in a cozy skybox that Froukje built that is reminiscent of a pied-Ă -terre in Paris, we talked about her in-world life thus far and her talent for building. Augusta Carver: How did you first hear about Second Life? Froukje Hoorenbeek: The first time I logged in was because I read an article about Starry Night, the Vincent van Gogh exhibition. In the article, somewhere on the internet, was a SLurl. I bypassed Help Island completely, and never left. AC: Of all the things to do in SL, why did you choose to become a Builder? FH: I rented a home within my first month in SL, and I bought a lot of furniture and started with modding that, and then one thing led to another from building pieces that I wanted and that I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find. I got better and better at it, and finally decided I had something to add to the SL community: very lifelike furniture. I wanted it low prim but high quality, clean strong lines, good textures and shades and with the best animations SL has to offer. AC: Well you have done a really good job of that. FH: Thank you. The real breakthrough was, of course, when I learned to sculpt. I am really looking forward to mesh, to see how it will advance my work. AC: You have been in SL for four years. Have you been building for that long as well? FH: First I shopped and flirted, like anyone else :-) Then I started blogging, and opened

up a little shop about 2 years ago. Since then, all I do in SL is build. AC: For those who are not familiar, what kind of items do you sell at Dutchie? FH: I sell just about everything for your SL living. From furniture to homes, including fully furnished homes like houseboats, beach houses, a stable, and some of the best sex beds in SL. It has been some of the most fun to make. The combination of class, beauty and sex seems to be rare in SL furniture. As are good adult animations; most are very boring with very short animations and there is definitely a lack of tenderness. AC: Is that is why you decided to make sex beds? FH: The decision was a tough one really. I was single when I came into SL, and it was one of the most romantic and erotic places I had ever been in. It was a place to date, just as RL. I met my RL lover here in SL, 3.5 years ago, we are living together now. I know a lot of people who really fall in love in SL. I create the decor for your falling in love. AC: That is awesome Froukje. It sounds as though you are doing something in SL that you truly enjoy. FH: Yes, I am. AC: When you build, how do you find inspiration? FH: It is always what I see in RL. I walked pass houseboats on my way to work in Amsterdam, wondered how it would be to live in one, so I made them in SL. The Holle Bilt is a house

that looks a bit like one in a little town near my home. If I see something beautiful, I make it in SL. Right now, I work in a place that has a lot of antiques, so I am making antiques. AC: What do you think is the most important thing when it comes to building? FH: Only 3 things are important: great shapes, great textures and great animations. I work hard on the shapes in Blender; sculpting, bringing everything back to its essence, with strong clean lines, textures and shadows of course, are immensely important. After that, it has to be fun to use. That is where the animations come in. I spend a lot of time selecting the best, and if I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find what I need, I make it myself. AC: What do you find to be the most challenging about building? FH: There is a new challenge every day! First, there was learning to sculpt, then how to shade my sculpts. Now there is mesh coming, another new challenge. Maybe the most challenging of all, though, is balancing the building with customer service, public relations, advertising and publishing your works. There is a lot of work to be done other than building if you want to have a successful SL brand. AC: That is very true. FH: I havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hired any help in this; I am enjoying every part of it, but it is a lot of work. And as with the building, you learn as you go along in all these different areas. AC: Is there a favorite aspect of building that you enjoy?

FH: I love the beginning, the sculpting of the parts and the beginning of the texturing as well; finding a color scheme, then the shading because it brings it all to life. But most of all, I enjoy the sculpting. I love it all! AC: Well I am glad you love it. It shows in your work. I personally love homes and furniture, and I think everyone should try a home at least once in SL. FH: Shared with friends, the best way to live in SL. AC: I totally agree. FH: It really is sort of a home. The place you come to relax, to hang out with your friends, or have long romantic evenings with your lover in all of the luxury you want. You create your dream home here, right? AC: Yes and it always changes. That is what I love so much about it. FH: It is so much fun! Especially going shopping for new additions, and making it even more beautiful. That is how I work really. Only, I make a home, the one I want to live in, and instead of shopping, I create everything I want in it. AC: You have a great talent for it. Besides building, what else do you like to do in-world? FH: I have very little time to do anything else, but I have recently started a sort of competition for home and garden designers as a bit of fun. Some of the best designers of SL are in this already. Like The Loft, {what next}, LISP Bazaar, etc. AC: Wow that sounds like a fun project to be involved with. FH: Yes :-)

AC: Do you have any advice for people who are interested in building and having their own store? FH: Don’t be intimidated. You will learn as you go, and get better with each step. Your first works will not be the greatest, maybe, but if you enjoy the building itself and the learning, you will get better fast. I learned everything that I could in SL in 2 years. It is amazing what you can learn because of this game. And, invest in customer service and social media outlets such as: Plurk, Flickr, the bloggers etc.

Froukje’s enjoyment in enhancing residents’ SL homes, and life, through her creations can be seen in her work at her store, Dutchie. With two years of experience building and running her store, Froukje is creating a brand that is becoming more well-known each day. To find out more about the designers challenge she is putting together you can check out the website at http://sldesignerschallenge. And don’t forget to visit her store at Dutchie Furniture [102.148.21]. A

AVENUE | Sports & Recreation

Avatar Games Running the course

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Ozz Larsson

with the


hile Bryn Oh is a name that never needs an introduction, her latest build just might. Given the serious, profound nature of the work that she has come to be known for, the LEA Art Games, or Avatar Games as theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re commonly known, is something a little more fun, and a lot more lighthearted from the mind of Oh. Participants make their way through an obstacle course while avoiding somewhat difficult obstacles and traps, and of course, dodging shots (both literally and figuratively!) from the audience and the commentators. This month, we take a moment to catch the famed builder and creative genius to get a better idea of this exciting new form of entertainment in Second LifeÂŽ, and to really figure out if the virtual bumps and bruises are all worth it in the end.

Sensuous Soulstar: I definitely want to thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions, and I want to just jump right into the meat of them. You are an extremely well-known artist in SL™. Having your name behind any exhibit generally tends to garner a lot of attention from residents and the Art community. What was it that led you to come up with the idea behind the Avatar Games, and was it difficult to sell your idea to the Lindens involved with the Linden Endowment for the Arts (“LEA”)? Bryn Oh: I guess that I came up with the idea a few years ago when I built a tower for the Daughter of Gears story. It was almost a game to climb that tower. Balls fall knocking people off ledges and things like that. I have never really had the time nor resources to build the Avatar Games since then, so it’s been pretty fun to actually create it. The LEA runs independently from the Lindens in most respects. Courtney Linden comes to the meetings to ensure that we are not planning any orgy and swearing events under the Linden name :) Seriously though, she is fun and helpful. We don’t have to sell ideas to them; they would rather we come up with ideas and run with them. So, for example, with the Avatar Games, the audience gets to shoot at the contestants as they run the course. If you hit them, you get a point etc. If I had instead named the games “the Griefers Run” then they would have been wary of using the term “Griefer”

as they have a policy against griefing. It’s generally small things like that which they watch out for. SS: Speaking of the LEA, how did you become involved with that organization, and what were your initial thoughts on the idea? Was it a creation of Linden Lab® or was it more of a push from the Arts community? BO: Over a year ago, I was asked by Philip Linden to be part of a group whose goal was to help the arts in Second Life. The Lab, at that time, had been soundly criticized for not doing enough to help the arts in SL, and so they created the LEA. Initially, I was a bit wary of the idea as I am an artist not an organizer. I also was wondering if I wanted to get involved with something like this which was so time consuming, and it’s unpaid and not to mention these types of things tend to just make you a target for bitter bloggers. Did I really want all that? Personally I just like to build. It’s how I work through things and relax etc. I then began to wonder if I was not being selfish and cowardly for not wanting to do it for those reasons. So I joined. Then Philip Linden stepped down, and all the initial Lindens who were assigned to the LEA were laid off. At that point, the LEA went into limbo and was likely going to be abandoned. Courtney Linden then came forward and kept it alive until she could convince the new people at the Lab to embrace it. About four months ago or so, we were given the green light to continue planning out ideas.

SS: After reading a little more about the Avatar Games, it seems an extremely interesting concept. It’s definitely a great source of entertainment. Did you decide on the basic premise of the games first, and then design the course around it, or was it the opposite? Did you have a course in mind, and then kind of work the idea around that? And how much of an influence did RL have on this course and the idea in general? BO: I thought up the idea for the games first and then built the course. The course was mostly just a lot of trial and error. Making the run something that is not too difficult which would be boring for the audience, nor making it too easy where no skill is involved for the runners. Then I had to figure out how to make traps and things. I had never made a gun before and the audience needed one; much of the build is just figuring out how to make things. So the bullets, for example, have trampoline scripts inside them which bounce people up in the air when they get hit. Sasun Steinbeck’s scripting really helped a lot with getting the ideas to work. My scripting is terrible, so she pretty much came in and made things like the scoreboards, which keeps track of the avatars running time, or how many hits the audience members gets on the contestants. I picture her in real life as a huge brain in a jar hooked up to Second Life. In fact, I am pretty sure that’s the case. SS: Other than yourself, who else is involved in this project?

BO: Well as I said there is Sasun (brain in a jar) Steinbeck who helped with scripting. ColeMarie Soleil keeps things running smoothly with informing the contestants on how the event works and things like that. She does all this while swearing like a sailor. The wonderful Honour McMillan does colour commentary in voice with Crap Mariner. They keep everyone laughing. SS: How long do you intend to run the Games, and will this be an annual event, or is it too early to tell? BO: The Games will run each Monday at 4pm SL time. If you wish to sign up as a contestant do so here: http://wiki.secondlife. com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:LEA_Avatar_ Art_Games. Will run the games hopefully for a year with the finals at the end, but will see if people have fun with it or not. As long as there are enough contestants and people are enjoying it, then we will keep the games going. Maybe create a new course every six months or a year. SS: I know your first run of the games was held recently. How was the initial contest, and was the interest what you expected? BO: It happened last night actually, on June 6th. It was lots of fun with the sim maxed out. The contestants wore hilarious costumes and everyone really had a good time. It’s really lighthearted and silly. SS: I want to thank you for taking the time out of your extremely busy schedule to

answer questions, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? BO: Oh wow I am not sure. I guess don’t feed squirrels. I fed this squirrel and he then tried to move in with me. He chewed through the screen on my window and started coming in whenever he wanted to. I couldn’t close the window because my apartment was too hot. I would wake up in the morning and he would be sitting on my bed just staring at me. He actually even started hiding nuts and things in my apartment for winter. This went on for two months. So yes don’t feed squirrels. With such a brilliant and creative mind, how else would you expect advice from Bryn Oh to sound? But as lighthearted and silly as it may sound, you never know when that advice may come in handy in your first, or even your Second Life. So ending it on that happy note, I will merely mirror Ms. Oh’s sound advice: don’t feed squirrels. To try your hand at the Avatar Games, begin by signing up at wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:LEA_Avatar_Art_ Games. And if you’d just like to get a look at the games before trying out the course, you can watch the games every Monday at 4pm SLT at LEA3 [237.125.30]. A

"Will run the games hopefully for a year with the finals at the end"

AVENUE | Business Feature

Virtual Museums

the next incarnation of architecture Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint


hen one talks of architecture in Second Life®, there is one place that comes to mind and that is the Virtual Museum, formerly known as The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum. According to Rosalie Oldrich, Exceutive Director of the Virtual Museum, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation revoked the licensing agreement with the Virtual Museum in December 2010 for use of the name. The Virtual Museum is a virtual showcase of architecture from different historical periods, such as the recreation of Monticello, the home designed and built by the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, as well as building styles from the last century and even futuristic concepts by contemporary architects such as I.M. Pei and others. The educational benefits of the Virtual Museum are limitless to students of architecture. Apollo Reinard, who won the design competition for designing the main building on the VMI campus, has joined the Museum as a staff architect and has been very productive for the museum in a number of projects, according to Oldrich. “For example, he is putting together a display for builders, on a skybox of architectural features that can be rezzed for examination and education, but will normally exist just as pictures.” Oldrich said. She then gave a few examples of what types of features would be rezzed on the skybox. “You might be interested in various kinds of arches, for one example, or what makes a Victorian house uniquely that? On that skybox you’ll be able to rez a simple

Victorian, as just one example, and walk through it to understand how it’s built.” The Monticello project, which is under construction with only the design and the finished dome on display, is being constructed by Oldrich’s co-director, Ethos Erlanger. “Monticello will be a cornerstone of the museum; a permanent exhibit.” There are other exhibits, such as Sustainable Architecture, which according to its category, is ecologically efficient with many advancements and simple means to control the climate inside the houses with minimal use of resources. When asked if the designs in the Sustainable Architecture area of the sim would be marketed to the public as an alternative to conventional construction, Oldrich replied, “Not marketed, but displayed for their use and education. Education is more our goal, but the more sustainable features we can provide, the better!” This is partly due to the museum’s status as a nonprofit entity. The Virtual Museum has tapped the potential of SL™ as an educational tool. When asked whether the exhibits would be used in real life Architecture classes, Oldrich stated with enthusiasm “We certainly hope so! As soon as Monticello is finished and in place, we are hoping July or August for that, we will be talking to educators and providing tours for their classes.” Oldrich then added that the museum gave such tours when it was known as the Frank Lloyd Wright Museum, which served the same purpose in education. The builds will be rotated as time warrants.

“Right now we have a preponderance of homes on the sim, so undoubtedly our next builds to be rotated in will be commercial in some fashion,” Oldrich said. In the historic quadrant where a recreation of an English village of the Tudor period is set out, Oldrich pointed out: “we are hoping for something Roman in the historic quadrant, possibly the Temple of Vesta from the Roman Forum, and it has the uniqueness of having similar columns and pediment to Monticello.” The Museum selects a noted architect every month to exhibit his or her work. The architect for last month was Rafael Vinoly, whose works range from the Mahler Office Tower 4 to the EMK Institute. When asked if he had presence in SL, Oldrich replied “no,” but also added that “we hope to make contact with some of the star architects in the future and that we would LOVE to work with them in SL. We are here to honor the work we see around us.” The museum provides an opportunity for people from many parts of the world to tour various forms of architecture, such as Monticello and the Tudor Village, through the medium of Second Life. The Museum, according to Oldrich, will provide education and opportunities for both the SL and real life communities to tour the builds on the site, and will bring to the Metaverse a deeper understanding of what goes into architecture in both SL, and the real world that all residents live in before they log onto the grid. For your next architectural tour in-world, visit Virtual Museums [41.174.23]. A

AVENUE | Media Mojo

Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Machinima for

Deep W Thinkers A Journey into the Metaverse by Tutsy Navarathna

hile much of machinima is made to entertain, some are made to make us ponder. Upon watching Tutsy Navarathnaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new machinima masterpiece, A Journey into the Metaverse, my long-buried questions about how our Second LifeÂŽ avatar and our real life selves connect once again came to light.

In this machinima, Navarathna spins a story about an avatar attempting to connect to his creator, who left him stranded in-world to explore real world pursuits of rediscovery. The rest of the story was an exercise in philosophy and psychology, of visual and artistic entertainment that forces you, if you haven’t been thinking about it already, to think about how your Second Life affects you. Since the beginning of my journey to SL™, my relationship with my avatar has been in flux. At one time I decided not to take my avatar too seriously, to detach myself from the idea and focus on what was real. I found it difficult, and soon enough came back, and instead focused on what I have thought mattered in my Second Life: the feeling of wonder that I always feel when I see other people’s dreams being manifested into reality through their art installations, designs, architecture and more. This feeling of wonder extends through our unique relationships with others. I have long pondered the notion that our avatars are unrealized versions of ourselves. Our avatars are our ideal selves, perfect and dynamic, so far from the actual reality for some, if not, most of us. How we recreate ourselves to the ideal avatar, in whatever shape, size or form, mirrors our imagination and tastes. It is no surprise that some of us feel negatively whenever people refer to Second Life as a “game.” While it is to some extent a game, because you can make games here, the SL experience is much more immersive and more encompassing.

The SL experience affects the psyche for most of us, and this fact is often driven across the film. In the film, avatar’s creator journeyed to India in the real world for some sort of rediscovery and pilgrimage. This voyage caused him to forget his other part, the avatar that brought him so many experiences that he would always remember. While he has tried to escape, that avatar is so ingrained into him, that he had failed and succumbed back to his Second Life. What I gather from this is that we can never totally abandon the part of ourselves that is in our avatars, for in doing so, we have abandoned the part of ourselves that we have allowed to fantasize, to idealize and realize in another platform, if not in reality. If we do not allow ourselves this freedom to express ourselves through our avatars, we have lost our imagination and succumbed to the pains of reality. So what is the meaning of our avatar’s experience in Second Life? Have we used it to help us realize more about ourselves or is there more to this than we realize? These are questions that we may never be able to honestly answer, but Navarathna’s latest machinima delves into this world of thought, and presents us with one view, a view that many of us may share, and a view that may open our eyes in ways unknown. A Journey Into the Metaverse can be viewed here on: watch?v=c2ha8H2DRBs. A

AVENUE | DJ of the Month


g n i t n e s e Pr

Nash Gearhead Written by ShaiLi Alex Photography by Ozz Larsson


ash Gearhead is one of the latest revelations in DJ music. The love of the DJing profession first began when his brother encouraged him to play. Since then, he has never stopped, and today he is AVENUEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s DJ of the month as recognition of his excellent work, which has become expected by his many fans.

Zander Razor, a friend and fan of Nash’s says of the DJ: “I have been a club owner in SL™ for over three years and have hosted at several clubs myself. Nash was new in Second Life® and was seeing a mutual friend of mine when I met him. We hit it off right away and have become close friends. There are few people in SL that I can actually trust and Nash is one that I trust completely. He enjoys what he does as a DJ; he just does what he loves.” Nash has fun when he is spinning his tunes, and he does his best to make everyone happy, which is why so many people love him. In this interview, he gives the resume of his career and why he is considered one of the best DJs in Second Life. ShaiLi Alex: How did you get the idea of becoming a DJ? Nash Gearhead: I became a DJ because of my SL brother, HOTBOY. He makes it look so easy and fun. SA: What is your inspiration? NG: To entertain people and have fun. SA: Is there a specific genre of music that you prefer to play? And what kind of audience do you think that receives this kind of music better? NG: No, there is no specific genre of music that I play. I do know what each clubs’ patrons like, and I try to work that in. But for me, it’s what someone wants to hear. If I am asked for a request, I always try my best to find it and get it on as soon as I can. The music is for them; it’s not about what I like, it’s what they like. SA: What has been the most memorable

experience in your career? NG: Well, I have memories from all my events, but the best one was meeting my partner, Scottie, at one of my events. SA: Do you have any new projects in the works? NG: Yes, my partner and I are now making and selling clothes. SA: What can people who have not yet heard your sets expect from your presentation? NG: Good music, a warm welcome, a good time, and knowing that they are appreciated for spending their time with me. SA: To what do you attribute your success? NG: Not letting my head get to big and staying real. SA: For those who are not familiar with you, where they can find you and sample of your work? NG: I own Club Barnyard along with my partner Scottie, and we are there on Tuesdays and Sundays, 8-10slt pm, and any other time we get bored and want to throw a party. So, join the group and stay in the loop. Congratulations, Nash for the great success that you enjoy today. And thank you for bringing joy and fun to all of the parties and for letting us know a little more about your life. We wish you even more happiness and success in your career. Kisses and hugs to all his fans! To keep up with Nash’s events, join his group, DJ Gearhead’s Groupies, in-world to stay up-todate on this amazing DJ! A

AVENUE | Arts Feature



Art for Life


Written by Tandra Parx Photography by Annough Lykin


very year the AVENUE of Life team presents glorious and fascinating events that combine fashion, beauty and art to create a symbol of the movement: our stand to support and help the millions of people that fight cancer every day. The American Cancer Society and the Relay For Life of SL have raised over $1 million since 2005, and AVENUE of Life continues to make all efforts to strengthen this cause with diverse approaches reaching out to every part of Second Life速, especially in the fashion, music and art communities.

On June 25th, AVENUE of Life, in association with 56 very gifted artists of SLâ&#x201E;˘, put together art.AVENUE, an art exhibition for a cause. Among these remarkable artists were Skip Staheli, Ariel Brearly, Lybra Rage, aRa Sheridan, blackLiquid Tokyoska, La Baroque, Amira Brinner, Cherie Parker, Julie Hastings, Gianmario Masala, Kyrie Source and Trill Zapatero just to name a few. The event kicked off with a live performance by the mesmerizing sounds of Colemarie Soleil. Guests were then treated to the exhibits, which were all unique, original artworks, photo art, sculptures and paintings, with each being more inspiring and spellbinding than the first. Every piece of art, image or creation had a story; stories of dreams, fears, strength and most importantly, hope. Through their works, the artists showed how they perceived the emotions that cancer imparts onto those affected. Some pieces took us through the pain and agony that one suffers in the body and mind, some showed us the growth of the mind as the body takes on its enemy in the fight for its existence, and some depicted the inner dreams of freedom: flying to the heavens and a vision of angels; dreams that dwell inside the stifling mind. Yet, there were also those that portrayed hope, the pivotal element, the source of strength behind the body and mind amidst all the trauma and turmoil. It was evident how deep the artists went with their emotions in relating to the cause and in their support for the fight against cancer, and how

they engaged their heart and soul with each creation. With 56 artists and one cause: supporting Relay For Life, art.AVENUE did more than just present a great art exhibition. Through this magnificent effort, art.AVENUE and AVENUE of Life not only successfully brought together the artistic excellence of some of the most brilliant minds in SL with their compassion for cancer victims and their families, but they also inspired them to translate their emotions in such extraordinary ways that the art lovers of SL would surely embrace this event as a rare and special experience. The week long exhibition ended on July 2nd with an auction of the paintings and sculptures of selected artists. Through its efforts, art.AVENUE raised 92,000 Lindens for the American Cancer Societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Relay For Life. This article is a symbol of gratitude to all the artists who donated their creative masterpieces, those that came in appreciation of the beauty of art and those that showed their undying support for the cause. Together with the beautiful people of SL, AVENUE of life will continue to bring you more of these enthralling experiences. With prayers for those fighting for their existence, we hope for a cure, a healthier tomorrow and we Relay For Life. To find out more about Relay For Life, or to donate to the cause, please visit http://


AVENUE | Arts Feature

Clarity through Art Written by Sarahelisebeth Brenham Photography Blaz Halfpint


he truth shall set you free.” These simple words have been spoken since the beginning of time. For some people, it takes more than words to heed this piece of advice; that is where Layachi Ihen comes in. Layachi Ihen, aka Layachi Hamidouche, is an artist and math teacher from Annaba, Algeria, who brings people and acts of daily routines to life through his artwork. He received his certification to teach mathematics and has been a professor since October 1966. His passion for art could not be denied, having its beginnings in high school where he began creating drawings of his former classmates and his visions of a utopia through the use of pencils, charcoals and plaster casts in art class. Furthering his love of art, he attended lessons and graduated with a specialization in painting in 1969. In 1999, at the dawn of the technological era, he discovered that computers could put a new spin on any given piece and started to add technical elements to his works. Looking to share his messages to a broader audience, he came to Second Life® in 2007 and began displaying his works in several galleries before settling on two galleries of his own. Some of the galleries include: Got Art (2007-2008), Galerie ImaginArt (October - November 2007), Galerie Enchin, “La Galerie” (November 2007), Larsson Gallery (December 2007), Second Life Art Community Centre (2008), Merien (January 2008), Artefatta (2008), La Galerie (2008), Venise (2008), Galleria Mall (2009), Tournicoton

(2009) and Francane (February – April 2009). Both of his own personal galleries are six stories each, with several pieces of artwork on each wall. The sparse furnishings in the establishments mirror the color scheme and objects used in the paintings. In one of his works, Transparence (1988), a young woman sits in front of a chessboard with a frame around her face. One interpretation of this work is that the woman’s youth is in the process of transforming into adulthood. The chessboard may represent her gain of logic and wisdom, while the frame forces her not to rush the completion of this milestone, but to cherish each phase of it. The sheerness of her skin shows the alteration is active. My personal favorite types of art are self portraits and portraits of other artists. While enjoying the gallery, I was only able to locate one piece of artwork portraying another artist. That piece is entitled Peintre (1987), and it portrays an elderly man working on his own masterpiece. More information about the artist, Layachi Ihen, is available at both of his galleries and on his website. Canvassed and framed copies of his work can be bought at both locations, with varying permissions, and all of his works of art are signed and dated. For more information on his work, and to catch a preview of his work, visit Layachi Ihen’s website at And while you’re in-world, stop by and visit one of Ihen’s galleries at either Music [128.185.37] or at New Charm [70.169.22].


Zebra thursday

AVENUE | Featured Artist

listen to the voices in your head Written by Sensuous Soulstar Images graciously provided by Zebra Thursday


o words can do her work justice. She creates as she feels, and she lets the journey drive her creative force. One need only look at her work to feel a certain awe at the creations before you. Yet, there are often unanswered questions. What is the emotion behind the scene? Do I really understand what Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m seeing, and am I even supposed to? This month, AVENUE attempts to delve into the mind of Zebra Thursday to not only gain more insight into her process, but also to see if we can get answers to some of the questions plaguing your mind.

Sensuous Soulstar: Zebra, I definitely want to thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions. Let’s just jump right into the meat of the questions. Without revealing too much personal information, tell me a bit about the woman behind the avatar. What’s your personality like and how does it influence or show through your artwork? Zebra Thursday: I would say that I am an insatiably curious hermit. I spend most of my time in RL working with lots of people, almost all strangers, from all over the world...and I enjoy that. But, I also have a huge need for privacy and to be alone and recharge. Yet, I love to see and learn new things. I am also a compulsive looker... at magazines, catalogues, TVs; really anything with even minimal graphic impact. Music is very important to me, as well. My art has no easily spotted connection between each piece, and I think that reflects on my hugely varied interests in life and inspiration. SS: Let’s go back to the beginning for a second. How did you get your start in photography in Second Life®? What was that one thing that made you decide that you were going to put your all into photography? ZT: I have always played with the dream of being a fashion designer. Probably the first thing I ever read about SL™ was that there were certain RL fashion designers who have clothing stores in SL. If a design they created is successful in SL, they then put that design into production for real life consumers. I

found this fascinating. I thought, “Ah ha! I can do this!” My life just isn’t set up to do much with that side of the clothing industry, but perhaps I could do it in SL. So, I had to check it out, and I joined. I immediately realized that behind all those avatars that I kept running and bumping into, quite literally, were real people from all over the world. I was mesmerized. The opportunity to meet so many interesting people who were also curious, and had a love for the incredible graphic impact of a virtual world overwhelmed me in the best way. I forgot about my original goal for a long time and spent all of my time exploring and taking lots of not so good snapshots. And I shopped... A LOT, and while shopping, I saw lots of great photos of clothing and almost as many bad fashion photos, and realized that if I were going to design and sell clothing, I needed to take better photos. Somewhere in the middle of this realization I was shopping in Nicky Ree’s beautiful shop and noticed a sign for a fashion photo contest. I thought, “What the hell... I know I can’t win this. I know so little technique, but I will learn a lot going through the process.” That’s when I posted my first pic on Flickr. It was also a long time dream to learn how to use Photoshop, and it took another year after my first post to Flickr to start using Photoshop. I finally got a copy, loaded it, opened it was so incredibly intimidated by it that I immediately closed it and didn’t open it again for 6 months.

SS: Let’s talk about your current works. Tell me a little about your inspirations. While looking through your images on Flickr, there isn’t always a common theme to your artwork. Some images focus on what appear to be yourself, or another person, while others showcase a meticulously set up scene, although all of them seem to tell a story within them. What inspires you when you start shooting? Do you have a process that you go through, such as thinking of a subject first, and then finding the perfect shot, or do you just explore and the shots come to you as you see them? ZT: Thank you for your insight into my art. I feel that I am often too deep into the creative process to actually realize how my art might be perceived or what, if anything, it says. My taste in everything: art, music, fashion, even friends, is really eclectic... so put that together with an intense desire to explore, discover, learn, and experiment, and I’m not surprised that there is no visible thread. Inspiration comes from everywhere - from within and from the world itself. I usually begin exploring - travel especially helps open my mind to new ideas, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s within SL or in the physical world. In SL, I am especially inspired by Siestabrill Nitely’s Embryo (my favorite place), as well as any creation by Bryn Oh’s genius, Word’s End, and ChouChou. I will be struck with a scene that looks inviting and work with that, and then sometimes a picture that I want to

develop begins to appear to me. At first, it is like working through a fog, but I follow it through the mist and try to give it clarity. And that process, for now, mirrors what happens to me when I work in Photoshop. I let the pixels lead me. They tell their own story. It’s important to listen to them... its part of the creative process. Sometimes, I let them go where they want to go, and other times, they let me take them where I want them to go. I love the journey. SS: For our interested readers, do you create your art just for your own personal enjoyment, or do you also do work for others as well? If so, do you have a studio or place where readers could visit to view more of your work? ZT: I am pretty selfish with the little free time that I do have. Sometimes my work requires that I work 80 to 100 hours a week for weeks on end... so when I do have free time, I want it to be entirely free without any demands or restrictions other than my own. If I had more time it would be fun to take on some projects, maybe some fashion photography or fashion design eventually. I have always wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book, though, and I feel SL could be the perfect platform for the illustrations. But to answer your question, you can find my finished works on my Flickr feed. SS: Finally, I want to thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions, and I always like to leave the readers on a positive note. So with that being said, is there anything as far

as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share with our readers? ZT: I would say, Do Not Put Off doing that one thing that you feel that you have always wanted to do. For me, it was playing with Photoshop. For the longest time, I wanted to play with it, but would not allow myself because I instinctively knew that I would love it, that it would take over my life; that I would become obsessed with it and addicted to it, and I thought I could not allow that kind of “take-over” to consume my life because of other commitments and obligations. I thought I was being wise and organized with my time and my life. I try not to have any regrets. Regrets can really create a lot of needless clutter in your life. But now that I have unleashed the demon... I have to wonder where my life would have gone had I listened earlier to that voice that said to me, over and over “take photos and play with Photoshop.” This might sound like advice from a mad woman but really: listen to the voices in your head; if they are saying the same thing as the voice in your heart, then listen to it and do what it tells you to do: go with your passion. While there are no words that can describe the work of Zebra Thursday, we hope this article gives you a little insight into the incredibly creative and talented mind of the artist. To view more of her work, please visit her Flickr page at zebrathursday. A

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