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Publisher’s Note So it’s the New Year and I suppose everyone has their list of new year resolutions down pat somewhere? Well, my New Year resolution is not to make a list of resolutions but to resolve to just make things happen. As they say, actions speak louder than words so I present to all of us this challenge to make things happen for ourselves this year. Don’t just wish it, do it. With the New Year comes new possibilities, new goals and new dreams. Looking back at the past year and how AVENUE has come to pass in these past 3 months, we have enjoyed the support from so many of you that we are encouraged to reach even greater heights this year together with you. This month we bring to you a new segment called Inspirations, a new regular monthly feature curated by a young and talented artist Paola Tauber. We decided to start the New Year with a theme on “Light” and draw from various artists in Second Life that reflects this. Shedding light on the great creativity available across the grid, we celebrate the meaning of new illumination and may light fill your life and the New Year. I am also pleased to officially welcome our new Fashion Editors Takeshi Kiama and Vixie Rayna and we promise the new dynamic duo will bring you more exciting fashion pages in the months to come. So sit tight, buckle up because i promise you this year is going to be one tremendous ride. Cheers!

Rusch Raymaker

Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE

Editor’s Note We hope the holidays gave you lots of fun and meaningful things to do and quality time with relatives, family and friends in both lives. Here at AVENUE Magazine we have been scurrying about to do our best to give you the best articles, visuals and fashion for you to lay your eyes on and enjoy. It has been a very hectic month, with RL holidays and in SL too. However, such is the nature of the digital era, where in the future most of us will be spending considerable amount of time in virtual worlds like Second Life. We are here for work and play, and while 2008 did bring a lot of challenges and issues in SL, we made the most of it. Even though it was hard, most of us have learned to make lemonade out of the many lemons that has been thrown to us. Yet some will not be able to celebrate 2009 with us, for soon they will be packing up or downsizing. The economy will be harder for us all but we extend to you our hopes and dreams for the future and here’s hoping that we can still rely on this world to make us happy and creative, no matter how our situation is in Real Life. We were very blessed the past year, and this issue will serve to reminisce, own to our successes, and to look forward to a great future. We thank you for your support and feedback, trust that we will do our best to make each and every issue better for you. Our talented pool of writers and artists are here to help you make the most out of Second Life and discover the wonders within the virtual world. We salute and thank them for their tireless work and professionalism. May the coming year feeds us with more wonder, delight, excitement, creativity and collaborations. It will be an honor to feature them all for you to enjoy and read. With Love,

Isadora Fiddlesticks Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE

Fashion Fashion Icon CheerNo Destiny


AVENUE Cover Story Yasmine Kidd



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Cover Credits Model: Yasmine Kidd Photographer: Cicciuzzo Gausman Dress: Digit Darkes-Ginsuzu-Forest




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CheerNo Destiny of a.C Store

Written by Queenie Extraordinaire Photography by Mirari Etchegaray

As CheerNo Destiny, proprietor of a.C. Store, reaches his first full year in Second Life, he gave me the great pleasure of speaking to him about his creations, inspiration, future plans and more. I want to send a very special thank you to Sally Yachvili, one of his best friends and general manager, for helping CheerNo and I with breaking the language barrier. CheerNo started designing about two months after coming into SL, implementing both his experience as a RL journalist and his love of photography to bring the men of SL more choices in virtual fashion. He is a selfdescribed perfectionist which became quite obvious when I asked him about his first items that were for sale.

He searched his inventory to show me an example and his attention to detail and artistic vision were apparent right from his beginnings. a.C Store, which is a combination of CheerNo’s RL and SL names, was first built on the premise of creating clothing for men but he has since branched off into skins, shoes and accessories. The women, however, can finally enjoy his talent as well with his recent release of the Venus skin line. While his focal point will continue to be men’s items, CheerNo does intend to release some limited items for the girls as well. He could not go into too many details just yet, but ladies, I implore you to keep an eye out! >>

With the aforementioned wide range of product types available at CheerNo’s store, a.C can be considered an all-inclusive haven for the guys, featuring many different styles inspired mostly from his day to day life. As we talked I realized that CheerNo has the true mind of an artist; many of his designs are based on RL experiences and emotions, rather than just the look du jour. Having had a peek at his Flickr stream, I inquired about the remarkable RL photography he had on display. CheerNo, seemingly delighted that I had noticed, says that while some of the photos were done for his university work, photography is definitely a hobby that he enjoys, along with making videos as well. As a matter of fact CheerNo is not necessarily bashful when it comes to discussing RL. His next collection, which at the time of our interview was set to debut with the KMADD Agency on December 13th, was greatly inspired by his RL/SL boyfriend who CheerNo describes as shy and even passed by. I was intrigued and eager to see how CheerNo interpreted his perspective of Deko and subsequently hurried to mark the event in my calendar. CheerNo is clearly ambitious in his many creative endeavors. Beyond creating virtual wearable items, he also speaks of developing a fashion magazine and given his background in journalism it should be a fantastic publication. He hopes to include the assistance of Maddox Dupont as well as other designers that CheerNo admires such as creators from Muism and Emery. At this time he says it will not include advertisements, acting more as a fashion guide to focus mainly on men’s style but possibly including female design as well. After a great start in 2008, the year 2009 is looking bright for CheerNo Destiny. Visit his main store at Glox City, Glox%20City/78/115/24 where you can join his update group. Also bookmark his blog at http:// and stop by his Flickr stream for proof that his talents expand across both worlds at http://



On a Creative Roll with Yasmine Kidd Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks Photos by Mirari Etchegaray I received a teleport by Yasmine Kidd into Fashionista, a sprawling garden-themed sim creatively landscaped and filled with artistic prims that reminds one of a beautiful park. For Yasmine Kidd, Second Life was a great place to be as creative as you can. As an artist in RL as well, she finds it really easy to be creative and let everything loose, and now with Fashionista's launch and it's initial success, she and her team, consisting of Horris Fitcarraldo, Pup Witherspoon and Delerium Hannibal now cemented their presence as SL Fashion and Arts who's who. Fashionista was built by Delerium Hannibal, using ideas by Yasmine's business partner Horris Fitcarraldo. Pup Witherspoon did the scenic landscapes. They started building May of 2008 and finished September of the same year. They wanted "a sim that was based on what a place should be like in SL, not RL."


From Shai

with Love

Photography By Divine Tokyoska Featuring AVENUE Models:

Sally Yachvili Haruka Kish Iustinian Tomsen

From left: Haruka: Shai Selena Lingerie Set SeaFoam Sally: Shai Selena Lingerie Set Purple Iustinian: Jacket: *Shai* Brown Cordoroy Jacket Vest:*Shai* Plaid Sweatervest Red (shirt layer) Pants: *Shai* Plaid Pants Green

From left: Iustinian: Jacket: *Shai* Black Cordoroy Jacket Vest:*Shai* Plaid Sweatervest Black (shirt layer) Shirt: *Shai* Tartan Suiting Shirts - *Shai* Purple Shirt with Tie (undershirt layer) Pants: *Shai* Plaid Pants Black Sally: Shai Phoebe Lingerie Set Autumn Haruka: Shai Malena Lingerie Set

Iustinian (left): Jacket: *Shai* Black Cordoroy Jacket Shirt: *Shai* Tartan Suiting Shirts - *Shai* Maroon Shirt with Tie Pants: *Shai* Plaid Pants Black Haruka (right): Shai Selena Lingerie Set Fuschia

From left Sally: Shai Selena Lingerie Set Blue Haruka: Shai Phoebe Lingerie Set Sage Iustinian: Vest: *Shai* Plaid Sweatervest Black (shirt layer) Pants: *Shai* Ivan Plaid Pants Red

Iustinian (left): Jacket: *Shai* Dark Brown Cordoroy Jacket Vest: *Shai* Plaid Sweatervest Green (shirt layer) Shirt: *Shai* Purple Shirt with Tie (undershirt layer) Sally (right): Shai Phoebe Lingerie Eggplant


The Shopaholic Chronicles Written by Isadora Fiddlesticks


his shopaholic is dizzy... from looking out for sales and

new releases for this season, there seems to be PLENTY! December was a great month filled with sales, new releases, and gridwide hunts that are sure to clutter your inventory for quite some time!

First off…PEACE ON EARTH. Yes, we wish that, and we hope to get that, and we want it now, but in Second Life it is a name of the BIGGEST gridwide hunt for goodies that our avatars will absolutely love! The holidays are indeed a time to give out gifts and just be that doe-eyed child again, with all the lovely gifts from 400 locations. Yes, you read that right, it’s 400! This hunt started December 2nd and ran until the 31st. I hope you were able to get all 400 globes?

Skin: Belleza (PEACE ON EARTH hunt gift) Dress: Second Wave Apparel (PEACE ON EARTH hunt gift) Shoes: Model’s own

Rezzable’s Black Swan unveiled new designs from participating content creators last Dec 15th. The collection evokes the feeling of surrealism and mystery that only you can get in the Black Swan sim. Among the many talented content creators who participated on the Winter Magic collection for Black

Swan were Ava Lu (Paper Couture), Shai Delacroix (Casa Del Shai), Ivey Deschanel (sn@tch), and Zaara Kohime ({Zaara}). As an exclusive sim that aims to showcase avant-garde art, entering the Black Swan will cost you, but once you enter, it is an otherworldly experience! The fashion is just as beautiful and out of this world too! Their collection runs until January 9 exclusively at the Black Swan sim. Stiletto Moody’s BAREs it all! The mostloved queen of high heels is back with a revolutionary new offering that brings on a new kind of love (or maybe, lust) over our feet. Introduced by this magazine just last December 16, prepare to have a love affair with your feet Stiletto Moody’s BAREs with these shoes! There was also an end-of-the-year sale on her other products. Last but not the least, Kungler’s unveiled its new sim, Fashionate Island December 19 with a fashion show presented by the Timeless Agency. Kungler’s designs are made for the sexy and glamorous woman who wants to have a casual, yet chic wardrobe. Check them out and get ready to spend! I’m sure there are MANY more sales and hunts, but the ones here are the best ones on the grid! Leave it to AVENUE Magazine to give you only the best news and updates! Stay Tuned!

Rezzable’s Black Swan


Avenue HOMME ARGRACE Knitcap Smart short in light brown - 250L also comes in loose curly.

Winter Looks with a bit of Whimsy

SKIKI Designs Leather Tokyo Jacket with fur 390L

Written By Takeshi Kiama With winter still rattling at the door, I went to look for something warm but still stylish with a bit of whimsy. Shiki Designs new release, the 'Leather Tokyo jacket with fur' seemed to fit the bill. Sadly it only came in black, though I would have loved to see this released in a lighter color as well. The fitted fur prim collar that leaves an attachment point for a turtleneck collar pleased me to no end. I paired the jacket with ARGRACE's 'With You' sweater and a pair of durable and dark wash 'Boot cut fit denim' jeans that comes with sculpted leg cuffs, but its good to know that the jeans themselves look great either with or without them. The sweater comes in seven colors. All can compliment the jacket and add a touch of brightness to the look without being overdone.

ARGRACE Boot cut fit denim jeans 120L, leg cuffs looks good without too

ARGRACE Hunting in Very Dark Brown - 250L comes without hair same price

To complete the look, I chose ARGRACE's 'Hunting', a hat/hair cap. For footwear, Kalnin's 'Gallop' texture change shoes with 11 choices to match any outfit. The Tokyo jacket is versatile to no end. If fur just isn't your thing, you can remove the fur collar and wear the supplied muffler that is included in the sweater set. The Knitcap in either 'Smart short' or 'Loose curly' styles gives this outfit a more youthful look. Both ARGRACE and Kalnin's products come with a handy texture and size change menu, definitely my favorite perk in many designers outfits these days. So the wind may be whipping through the willows, but you can still have some fun with your winter attire.

A ARGRACE With You sweater set - navy and light grey shown - 300L

Kalnins Gallop footwear 11 color change 500L

Fashion Agenda: Written By Tiffany Dragonash Photos By Tillie Ariantho Winter Splash Photo courtesy from Ewing Fashion Agency Mimi Boa Photo By Prinz Photo Studio


ecember is a month in which many around the world celebrate their most important holidays. Businesses close for a number of days and people take extra time off to visit friends and family. But this doesn’t mean that the month was devoid of fashion events to attend. In fact it seemed as though there were just as many with most being held early in the month to wrap up prior to the holiday season. In addition to the myriad fashion shows produced by the various Second Life agencies, we saw a number of high profile awards, beginning of course with the BOSL Miss Virtual World pageant, held on Saturday the 6th. Miss Italy, Mimmi Boa was crowned Miss Virtual World, 2009. Congratulations go out to her as I’m sure she will represent this crown exceptionally well. Miss Japan, Haruka Kish was first runner up and also Miss Elegance, while Miss Sweden, Kate Stockholm was named Miss Congeniality. Congratulations to these deserving ladies as well.

Auditorium. Mimi BOa the new Miss Virtual world Many worthy people were nominated, but it was the very deserving and accomplished Payton Heron that took home the award. Payton has been a fixture in Second Life fashion since before I was around and I’m sure she’ll continue to be for a long time to come.

An air of charity and giving permeates the thoughts of people as well during this festive time, and one of the best tings about our community is its generosity and caring. It seems that everyone associated with Second Life fashion is only to happy to give of themselves in support of charity, whether it be giving time or money. The biggest event I have yet witnessed in Second Life in support of a charity was this past month’s Stylista Festival. Starlight Events, under the direction of RubyStarlight Writer and Amira Footman organized a two week long series of fashion shows, concerts and auctions. People from models th On December 14 , Runway Magazine held their to designers to agency executives volunteered many Model of the Year awards for 2008 at the Patch Thibaud hours to help produce and perform in these events, Of course, the month also the typical offering of fashion shows. Avenue kicked off the month with its elaborate Boudoir Secrets show, where models graced the runway or danced in cages in a large collection of lingerie from ten of Second Life’s most well known lingerie designers. Avenue followed this up mid month with the First Meta Fantastical Christmas Show. Both of these shows are reviewed in this issue.

Runway Magazine’s Model of the Year awards 2008 while guests attending generously donated. All proceeds of the auctions and sales as well as 100% of all donations went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As part of the festival, Studio Red, under the direction of Xochi Tolsen hosted a celebrity auction to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A number of personalities from various industries offered themselves for auction on December 28th. The lucky high bidder on each got to spend a two hours with the celebrity, but of course, the charity was the real winner. We should all thank Ruby, Amira and Xochi, along with Nikki Mathieson and Andy Moon for organizing the musical support, as well as the many others that participated and donated. This was truly an amazing series of events that showed what a small army of caring people can accomplish. More information can be found at the related blog: http://

The Ewing Fashion Agency presented designs from FTV and Chantkare in its WinterSplash! Show. The designs were show with Stiletto Moody shoes amidst a winter forest with the colorful designs for men and women contrasting with the shades of white. FYV is no stranger to shows, but this was the first ever for Chantkare. AvaGardner and Barbra Kungler opened their new sim with a Fashion Show produced by Anne Daumig and the Stylista Festival

winterspalsh flyer

Boudoir Secrets Show

Timeless Agency. The Kunglers had a number of new designs to show, much to the delight of the large crowd. These are just some highlights of the many events that people had a chance to see. It’s pleasing to see the vibrancy of the fashion world with each successive month, and with the dedication and creativity of the many people involved, it’s sure to continue this way for the foreseeable future.


Runway Rundown Written by Vixie Rayna

Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Reigning Miss Virtual World 2009, Mimmi Boa wears Insolence Valentine lingerie.


ho knew th showcase the to hit Second as “an intimate affair rie designs…the sexiest year.” Boudoir Secre

A vision in pink, Georgie Lyle strikes a pose in Casa Del Shai lingerie.

Poptart Lilliehook sizzles in Angel Dessous Suzy lingerie set.

hat December would e hottest fashion show d LifeŠ? It was billed with SL’s finest linget fashion show of the ets delivered on that

promise featuring the top supermodels, sexy lingerie and a set so fabulous many in the audience wanted to steal the designs.

Designers featured included Angel Dessous, Blacklace, Callie Cline, Carnal, Casa Del Shai, Corrupted Innocence, Designing Nicky Ree, Insolence, Rock Me Amadeus and Ztique. The looks ranged from romantic with soft flirty details to daring and bold. Each took temptation to a whole new level mixing sheer fabrics, embroidered lace and sumptuous silk. The who’s who of SL© was in attendance, even the elusive Dea Mills (retired CEO of Modavia) made an appearance. Angie Mornington, host of Fab Fashion, raved about the show bursting out in applause. Designer Shai Delacroix shouted, “Magnificent Show!” This reporter spied the Impacratrice Breiz, CEO of Captured, looking quite cozy on a

sofa with GOL/ 5th Element owner, Dakota Neumann both giving shout-outs to the models on stage. Chalice Carling, Miss Australia and Avenue Model was overheard saying, “This is absolutely brilliant…best show I’ve ever seen. I just enjoyed every minute of it.” The after-party was jamming to the tunes of DJ Tasty Hax. Imogen Miklos, CEO of Berlin Models and Cover Model of Captured had everyone in stitches with her bag of tricks. Rusch Raymaker and Boudoir Secrets model Georgie Lyle were the sexiest couple on the floor, dancing the night away. Boudoir Secrets was a resounding success, thanks to the wonderful production team at Avenue Inc. CEO and Founder, Rusch Raymaker makes this all look easy! A Cozy as can be, Chalice Carling sits on the edge of her seat for the next angel to walk the runway.

Special Feature


Ending the Year with Victory, Starting the year with a Bang!

Written By Isadora Fiddlesticks Photography courtesy of contestants Additional photography by Isadora Fiddlesticks

The past year, AVENUE Inc has a lot to thank for. From experiencing a marvelous comeback to releasing it’s publication exclusively dedicated to the many creative aspects of Second Life and beyond, AVENUE Inc also has lots of reason to celebrate apart from these victories. One of such is the recent flush of victories garnered by AVENUE Models as winner and runners up of the recently concluded Miss Virtual World 2009. For our special supplement, we took time to interview 5 of them, the pride of AVENUE Inc. We celebrate their success and we look forward to more success to come in 2009.

AVENUE Model: Mimmi Boa (Miss Virtual World Winner 2009, Miss Italy) 1. When did you start modeling in SL? First of all I want to thank you for this interview! It is a pleasure to be on our magazine once again and I am happy to be here! I start modeling in SL on January 2008 after joining Miss Italia. During the contest I met my husband Salvo. He was already a Modavia Supermodel and he introduced me in the fashion system. Dea Mills ( I love her) took me under her wings and she started to give some suggestions; Elisne, Harmonica and Poptart helped me at the start giving me the right tips and I started with a new shape,a brand new look and clear ideas in my mind. I remember my first “supermodel” look; I had freckles and I was really different from now, but let me say I was very unique! After a while i started to be hired by agencies, to win contests and little by little I was already climbing the “fashion mountain”! Becoming “Modavia Supermodel” was my first big goal and definitely this established me as the most known models on the grid. Things were running fast . 2. When did you join AVENUE? I joined Avenue because my friend Kryptonia Paperdoll gave me information about the agency. I filled the application with a heart full of hope and I was hired last June 2008, I think! Let me say I’m proud and really amazed by everyone at AVENUE Models. I have great friends, have fun and love to do the incredible shows Rusch organize in the most incredible way!

3. What was the big project that launched you off? To be honest I don’t remember a very particular project who launched me; It’s better to talk about those events all together, to be hired by the most important agencies, becoming a Modavia Supermodel, be the winner of some important international contest... different things helped my launch I think and probably my reliability and passion for this work helped too; people know they can count on me and on my word! 4. How did you find out about Ms VW? What prompted you to join? It is easy to understand how I knew about Miss Virtual World: there were a lot of notices, information and a lot of “rumor” around it! Every model and every girl dreamed to be in the contest and I’ve tried! I was a good model with a nice look. I asked myself; “Why not?” then I submitted my pictures around the middle of March and after a couple of weeks I was chosen as pre-finalist; then I was selected as a finalist and......then you know! Frolic told me this year he received approx 8,000 submissions to Miss Virtual World, that is really an impressive number ! 5. How does it feel to be one of the finalists? Honestly when I was chosen as a finalist to represent my country, I was really happy and told that was instead just a victory for me!I had very funny times with all the other girls and we were a great team! I’m so happy to have known such lovely women from every part of the world and I still have nice and great memories of the times we worked and laughed together. All of them were special to me, all of them is a fantastic person and this is true, not for free rhetoric. 6. What’s next for you? I will do the same things i’m doing now, model, teach at the AVENUE Modeling Academy, of course there is now my title as Miss Virtual World, so I will do my best to represent my title on the grid, hoping to do it in the best and elegant way as possible! I will be with my Salvo and with my friends, with my work and doing compulsive shopping, buried by tons of dresses and hairs, and fun! The future is unknown for everybody, better think to the present!

AVENUE Model: Haruka Kish (1st Runner Up exclusively for it for two months. However, the Alta Moda Magazine Cover Model contest and the Muism and Miss Elegance, Miss Japan) Top Model 2008 launched me to the modeling world and helped me prepare for Miss Virtual World.

1. When did you start modeling in SL?

4. How did you find out about Ms VW? What prompted I started modeling over a year ago in Second Life. you to join? Scarlett Niven, one of SL’s supermodels taught me how to model. She kindly told me about the model I found out about this thru some blog or magazine last draft for a certain modeling agency and encouraged year and as knowing finalists for MVW last year through me to challenge. Fonrtunately, I was selected and working with them of course,they were beautiful now I’m here. Scarlett changed my Second Life, and but also they had beautiful minds so I thought that I I consider her my mentor. I always thank her in my wanted try myself. mind and I hope she is proud of me. 5. How does it feel to be one of the finalists? 2. When did you join AVENUE? I found it to be tough, but I’m very happy now. I can’t I joined AVENUE Models just a couple of days ago (*as take the crown off my head! :) of interview date) Kryptonia Paperdoll asked me to 6. What’s next for you? join and I am very glad I did. 3. What was the big project that launched you off? I have more fashion shows, one coming up with another agency next week (*as per interview date) but I just Miss Virtual World is my big project, I focused want to enjoy modeling.

AVENUE Model: EmmZ Tzara (2nd Runner-up, Miss France) 1.When did you start modeling in SL? It was for a agency called Crimson Models, they are not around anymore, we modelled Madison Winthorpe outfits. That was the start of the modelling bug for me. Crimson models was taken over by Seraphine Khorona and is now SMM.Jeanie, the lady that used to run Crimson models was in a serious car crash and left SL. :( 2. When did you join AVENUE? Kryptonia Paperdoll and I go way back. Both of us had our very first show with Crimson models, I have known her for a long time, over 2 years. When AVENUE Models was relaunched, she was looking for an instructor for AVENUE Model Academy. I knew I would be good so she recommended me to Rusch. I went along for an interview and got the job.

3. What was the big project that launched you off? I model for fun because I enjoy it, not to become famous... fame is not something I am really after, it just seems to happen. 4. How did you find out about Ms VW? What prompted you to join? Friends recommended I should enter, I don’t usually enter SL competitions as I don’t like the public voting system, but Miss VW is judged fairly so I sent off my picture. I was a june prefinalist I think, but basically you send in your pic, and get invited back along with a lot of other girls to walk the runway. Each month more ladies are chosen from the pics and all get a chance to try again each month, until eventually 20 finalists were chosen. 5. How does it feel to be one of the finalists? I have gained more confidence in myself as a friend, and as a model. I have learnt to understand myself and the virtual world more deeply. I have also learnt about the culture both within and outside of Sl, around the great nation of France. When I first started SL I never dreamed I would be in this position or that it was even possible. 6. What’s next for you? I will continue to assist others offering advice and teaching at AVENUE. I am busy working at Runway Magazine and will continue to do so, we have a lot of amazing things planned with our production company which I am hapy to be involved in. I am also being auctioned for Make-A-Wish later this month. I am very excited about it, and I am also involved in the Stylista Festival. I am good at multi tasking and arranging my priorities and Google Calendar is a wonderful thing :)

AVENUE Model: Sally Yachvili (3rd Runnerup, Miss Brazil) 1. When did you start modeling in SL? Well I came here for fashion, in Brazil SL was huge at that time, I´m a fashion designer in RL so I came here to create an avatar and make some looks to show them in university, talk about fashion in 3D worlds.That’s how i created Sally. Since then i tried to apply to agencies and got interested about fashion in SL. My first modeling stint was Nefaria when I was four or five months old. After I modeled for Nefaria, I met GM Nikolaidis and he sent me to EFA. Tempest Hennesy taught me to model and about the industry, the best and the worst side of it. 2. When did you join AVENUE? Funny story, Rusch and I try to met many times but I was busy with RL and our times were different. Sometimes my SL doesn’t work, so we never got to meet about the opportunity until the time finally came. I like AVENUE and they are a well established group in SL. They have some great work, so I decided that AVENUE would be a great agency to represent me. I never usually accept invitations from modeling agencies unless I know them or their work. It’s all about being professionals, like RL.

3. What was the big project that launched you off? What made me known was Modavia, also a good friend of mine have always helped me with my career. Her name is Fortunate Szondi, she was my agent and she always trusts me to do my job and continue my passion for fasthion. She manages my appointments and interviews for me. It’s like RL modeling which I used to do when I was younger. 4. How did you find out about Ms VW? What prompted you to join? Not many know that I used to work for Frolic Mills as his Events Manager, but I had to quit due to RL circumstances. It was through him that I got to know about this contest. Even though I’m not into contests, I thought of sending my application to him. He didn’t get it, so I sent it again. 5. How does it feel to be one of the finalists? I really didn’t expect anything, so when I got picked I was surprised! It was hard to describe...there’s excitement, happiness. I was so happy I represented Brazil so well and also the designers that helped me. It really paid off. 6. What’s next for you? Well, I will continue my modeling career. I really like what I do and I always do my best for every show. I’m a happy person, I like having fun in sl you will often see me partying somewhere, talking to people everywhere. I also work for a.C store, I’m a manager and co -designer i make marketing plans for Cheerno Destiny who is also my RL friend. Sometimes Cheerno and I wonder how people can wear the stuff, we are very runway.But oh well, everything we make here is RL possible, it’s weird but possible, it’s couture. Also, Cheerno and I we were thinking about a.C in RL. Probably next year youll be able to buy shirts and accessories we make for real.

AVENUE Model: Chalice Carling (4th Runner2. When did you join AVENUE? up, Miss Australia) 1. When did you start modeling in SL? I stumbled into SL on 10/10/07 and was immediately struck by the amazing images used to promote fashion. I wasn’t prepared for that at all. Being fashion crazy in RL and spending a mini-fortune on fashion magazines, the idea germinated that perhaps I too could become a part of the SL fashion world. Taking a good hard look at my avatar compared to those in the pictures, I knew drastic action was needed. I spent the first 4 months in SL really observing other’s who were modeling; however, didn’t want to ask for help (very silly in retrospect). I wanted to discover and evolve in my own time and without others trying to influence the look I was creating or the fashion pieces I was accumulating in inventory. I actually used to run away from people. How stupid was that? I was initially quite avant-garde in my approach to fashion wearing classic with pieces that were its polar opposite...I enjoyed playing with colors, textures and generally putting together outfits that were unique yet had elements of humor. When I felt ready that I possessed the tools and a marketable look to commence my quest to become a model, I put it out into the universe that was my wish and a door would open, leading to another door. I networked to within an inch of my life and slowly but surely, opportunities began to appear. I didn’t rush it at all. I chose things wisely and only what I knew I could fulfill. Too much pushing and people can get annoyed as there are definitely dues you need to pay first and to prove that you have the commitment, are reliable and have a good attitude. So from 4 months of living in the shadows too scared to let people in until I had my head around this SL concept, I walked into the sunshine and have never looked back. It’s a beautiful world we get to enjoy in SL.

I was invited to apply to the wonderful Avenue after doing a little writing for a fashion show they were running. To be entirely honest having been represented by numerous agency’s in SL in the past, Avenue are an impressive operation. So organized, professional and there is a real sense of family which is not always evident. I am the new kid on the block having only been there a few weeks but feel very welcome and just love to observe the way Rusch organizes her business. I’m so impressed. 3. What was the big project that launched you off? I think that having Ryker Beck take a large number of shots for my portfolio was the catalyst for me winning the JCNY Model Fest in June 2008. Of course the photos were stunning and were entirely the reason I won that competition. My small contribution of styling my looks for the photo’s, turning up to the JCNY runway trying to look fabulous and being pleasant possibly helped but in all reality, there are so many other creative artists and designers who must take enormous credit for any success we as models enjoy. JCNY certainly raised my profile and having that added to my resume was a bonus. From there I was able to network further and accumulate some important people in SL fashion to my list. I must admit that a lot of my attempts in casting calls were not always successful. I seemed to be just out of the mix; however, good fortune smiled on me and often I was invited to participate when other models had dropped out for whatever reason. I’m proud but not that proud (lol), so took advantage of any opportunity that came my way even if I wasn’t the initial choice. I could then prove myself through hard work and show them ‘what I got’. So remember, never give up. Rejection is tough in RL or SL but don’t let it overwhelm you.

4. How did you find out about Ms VW? What prompted you to join? From the early days I always read the SL publications and poured over the fashion feeds daily to research who was who and what was in. I came to know about BOSL and the 2008 Miss SL Universe competition through those and thought what a wonderful opportunity to test myself as a model to see if I could incorporate many of the skills I had learned. I submitted an entry and made it through to become a prefinalist; however, did not go any further that month. The following month I submitted again with a far superior entry and a greater insight into what appeared to work. I was fortunate to be called back and from that, was successful in being included as one of the initial 8 finalists. Thrilled is an understatement. I was so honored to be a part of that competition. Renamed Miss Virtual World for 2009, it was a pleasure from start to finish. Very well organized and the wonderful contestants made it such a positive experience. 5. How does it feel to be one of the finalists? It was more than I had ever hoped for. I never thought for a moment that I would be included in the mix of finalists. What I am so proud of is to have made it into the top 5. I just can’t believe how lucky I was. I really would love to thank the designers who are again, entirely responsible for that placing. LeeZu Baxter and Eshi Otawara designed my formal and national gowns respectively. I wore Obscene skins (I’m in love) and hair from Detour. My shoes were from Stiletto Moody and shape from Tracey Sassoon’s Alady Shapes which we worked together over time to modify into what you see now. So I would like to dedicate my 4th runner up placing to all these people. I would also love to congratulate Miss Mimmi Boa for her outstanding achievement and to the other ladies who made this so much fun. Frolic, Giela and Ruby and the entire BOSL team were amazing. Patch Thibaud created the most wonderful auditorium to house the pageant and I thank him also.

6. What’s next for you? Hope for anything and everything but expect nothing. I am so satisfied with my journey in SL. I set out to become a model and I became one. I really enjoy helping new models and just being as supportive as I can be in any given situation. There is no room for negative in my SL. I walk away from negative situations and people because I don’t see the point in being involved in drama. My RL job is very stressful and carries a lot of responsibility so I have no wish to replicate that here. I view SL as a second opportunity to create a better environment. I want to enjoy my friends, enjoy the modeling, enjoy working collaboratively to create beautiful images and assist worthy causes if I can so that SL has more meaning than just a place to escape to. SL can and is being used as a vehicle for good work in RL and that’s wonderful. One secret dream I do have is being the face of a product. I can’t see it happening but I’ve always had a yearning to be associated with a product/marketing campaign where Cha Cha is ‘the face of ..............’ That said however, I am more blessed that I deserve to be and if it stops tomorrow, I am proud of how I conducted myself.

AVENUE Inc. is proud of her models for accomplishing the biggest title of the year. Truly AVENUE Inc is blessed with having hardworking and talented models! We are proud to have made it this year and we hope this 2009 will be better for all of us at AVENUE Inc.! Wish us well!


A Closer and Reac Written By Bahiyaa Jumanya Photos By Jori Watler


n a time on SL when people are influx regarding the Open-Sim crisis and the price increase for Open-Sims there are few entrepreneurs like Reacher Rau, owner of a land development and management company called Reach Isles. Instead of panicking and closing down his over 100 owned sims he’s embraced these changes and left his residents, numbering over 200, confident and comfortable in staying on their properties. Being of the inquisitive nature, and a business minded individual myself, I wanted to find out more about this man and get to know him, his businesses and his ethics a bit more. I started by doing some

Look at Reacher Rau ch Isles… background checking and found out that diversification and adaptability are two of the best words to describe Reacher. He, along with his incredible team, including his Executive Director and girlfriend Jori Watler at Reach Isles, credits hard work and dedication to create the success that they have, and will no doubt continue to have in the future. But, let’s start at the beginning. Reacher, a 34 year old resident of New Mexico, spent his background in Computer Science/Research/IT sector, both in private enterprise as well as with the US Government. He spent seven years on the technical staff (in computer science) at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In the summer of 2005, Reacher Rau had been visiting a friend’s blog and heard about Second Life. Like many his original idea about what Second Life would be was quite different than what it is in actuality. Reacher admits to being awestruck at first with SL and remembers not sleeping much his first 2 or 3 days on SL as he explored. Immediately, he became aware of the potential for both work and social purposes to be collaborated here. He created an account and, for a year, used it mainly for entertainment purposes. But after that he became

more serious. He then created the “Reacher” avatar in early 2007 to give himself a fresh and focused start as he moved into doing business on SL and purchased his first sim called “Vailea”, which is still in active use today. Mr. Rau credits his father as a person he learned a lot from. His father would always share what he was doing and thinking with Reacher, so without really knowing it, he picked up a lot of valuable information through osmosis. That, paired with a University degree in Management from Tulane University, has helped to create the businessman he’s become today. Everyone who begins a business on SL has a reason for it’s existence, whether it be financial needs, personal desires or to fill up their free time. Reacher became unsatisfied with the landscapes and terrain that he saw on SL while exploring it in 2005 and 2006. He saw many great sims, but he saw residences on mainland and private estates to be bland. This observation is what lead him to strive to do better, so he set out to try his hand at creating his own

islands. His love for designing landscapes comes from an appreciation he gained watching his own grandfather operating a landscaping business. He grew up seeing environments beautified by plants, rocks, flowers, trees and moved earth. Because of this he’s always had a good aesthetic for landscape design. It was just a matter of learning the particular tools for this platform, and then using them, to bring the images he had in his head to fruition. Reach Isles offers full sims, open-sims (which will be renamed to “homesteads”), ½ and ¼ sims as well as have community living sims. However, Reach Isles offers far more than just land for your home. Arriving at the home office (Endellion 103,

211, 23) immediately you are aware of the design and possibilities this company has come to represent. You will find a large communication board and at least 2 agents online at any given time. Also you’ll find a Tier Office, Infor/media center and Island Design Store. One interesting thing I found was called a “Land Watch Group”. Land Watch, a subscribe-o-matic group, allows avatars (both current and potential residents) to subscribe to updates in-world about new parcels and sims that come available. When a new land parcel is released, a notice is sent to the group and subscribers receive this information via an IM or notecard. Some of the subscribers, it was explained, are looking for new land and unsubscribe once they find what they want. Others stay subscribed just to keep abreast of the newest and

latest work. Looking further into Reach Isles (RI), I inspected the Island Design area. Currently, RI is offering 35 island designs in ‘raw file’ format, so that residents who own sims on other estates can enjoy a professionally designed island shape as well. There is a vendor device in-world that displays sculpty models of the different islands so you can see them in 3D and get a more detailed idea of what they actually look like, as opposed to just flat photographs. These designs have been used on RI’s own sims and the emphasis on natural beauty cannot be missed. This system allows details and precision that cannot be achieved with the more commonly used “terraforming”. The discriminating consumer would be quite pleased and impressed with the results that this tool offers to their property. In this writer’s opinion, Reacher Rau is a man who sees things “outside of the box” but doesn’t miss the small details in sacrifice of the bigger picture. You’d have to be involved and aware when you’re maintaining

over six-million square meters of homestead land, covering every type and style that is conceivable. As wonderful as the picture is of Reach Isles, Reacher admits that there were hurdles that needed to be jumped while getting things operational. One of these hurdles was the human element that comes as part of the business of buying and selling and maintaining land in a global virtual world. Also, he states, “trying to do business in an economy that is not a true market economy is not always easy either”. Reacher’s marketing skills and education are quite apparent in his comprehension of how to make the Linden dollar stretch and ensure that his residents and customers get the biggest bang for their buck. While he states that Reach Isles is not the cheapest land, it’s not the most expensive either. However, the landscaping, views and services offered, in this viewer’s

eyes, far outshines anything out there. Reach Isles offers high quality and diversity in their products. They continue to push the envelope and deliver unique and exciting new islands for people to make their homes. There is not one single island that was rushed, copied, or cobbled together. Each had deliberate and careful design choices go into it, to make it special and enduring.

Reacher challenged himself to make a business work on SL without adding a single dime of real money to his venture; instead relying on solid business practices and hard work. Although “Vailea” was purchased, from there the estate has been grown entirely through buyer investments and business profits as a whole. His work and efforts have definitely not gone unnoticed. This past October, Reach Isles was a major contributor to Blanco Creative’s “Emelia Caerndow’s Visitant – A Haunting Tale” and Reach Isles, along with many other top designers, raised $225,000 for ‘Partners for Others’ charity and was featured in October’s Prim Perfect Magazine. While walking thru Reach Isles I found one very interesting tidbit of information

I’d love to share with all of you. Earlier this year, Drew Carey did a machinema in SL for his political new website, His video was an introduction to SL, per se and how SL supports an open libertarian point of view. Reach Isles was discussed in the video. The clip appears on Reach Isles’s website at http:// In closing, and in reflection, I’d like to end with a quote directly from Reacher himself. “The name “Vailea”, Reacher’s first purchased sim, is a Polynesian name that he tells me he always found beautiful. That is what this is about for me, fundamentally, expression of imagination, and beauty -- creating it, respecting it, being awed by it. I am the sort that cannot live without beauty. When life becomes suffocating, it allows me to breathe. A

Best sims of 2008

Written By Isadora Fiddlesticks Photos by Tillie Ariantho and Isadora Fiddlesticks


he year of 2008 was a really great year. It was a year of great innovations with creating special builds and evolving landscapes. It was also a year of frustrations, but it only made us more resilient and determined to do our very best. There are many sims and places that are very special to us, however in this issue, we carefully selected those that have really engaged our senses and imagination. Some of them are still around, while the rest have gone, only to be a memory. Let us go over those sims once more and discover why they are last year’s best.

Eshi Otawara’s Flower Tower (ART)

One of Eshi’s One Hour Sim Projects, this magnificent art installation was so raved by viewers that it had to stay an extra day, then another extra day, and before you know it, it was inworld for a week! This megaflower gained even the Lindens’ attention and Philip Linden even made a trip to see this one of a kind Lotus flower. It’s permanent home is now in Remedy, under the gracious support of Dusan Writer, one of this metaverses’ well-known bloggers. SLURL: http:// Remedy/63/62/401


Gion District was one of the most opulent and realistically designed sims that depicts the real life Gion District in Kyoto, Japan. If you are into Japanese culture and architecture, the sim has plenty of activities for you to enjoy and learn from! Opened last September 29, 2007, Gion Project closed its doors November 2008. WEBSITE: http://


(SIMULATED HORROR, MOVIES IN SL) REC is a new sim that is based on the Spanish movie thriller of the same name, but recently remade for the Japanese audience. This movie is also an inspiration of the American movie Quarantine. This sim is made by the Japanese for REC’s debut in Japan and can be accessed by going to search and typing in REC. For maximum experience, get the HUD, and get ready to be scared! WEBSITE: http://

Golgothica (ROLE PLAY)

Golgothica, the new sim by the builders of Kingdom of Sand role playing sim, debuts this year carrying on the legacy of meticulous attention to detail and imagination of the eDreams Factory. Gothic themed roleplay is done here, but an occasional wanderer is welcome to revel in the vast sim.


(SOCIAL, CREATIVE, SENSUAL) Rouge was made and designed by Eshi Otawara for CodeBastard Redgrave, a well known machinimist and SLebrity. Artfully seductive, it is also a gallery and storefront of Codie’s work, poses, her revolutionary camera HUD, and a club as well. Go here for a dose of the sensual fun and the smexy, minus the tackiness, really oily skin and bad furniture.


(MAINLAND) One of the newest mainland sims from Linden Lab, Nautilus offers an otherworldly experience not found in older sims. Created by the Linden Department of Public Works, or the LDPW, roam around and see the sights and take in the ambiance and relish the Atlantis/ Mediterranean theme of the sim.


Straylight Botanicals‌

Trees, Water, Sunlight and Beauty Written by Bahiyaa Jumanya Photography by Angelique Ronmark & Lilly Boucher


rees, water, sunlight, fireflies and landscape design. These are all things we, as residents of Second Life, look at on a daily basis while we wander around in various Sims. Many people create these things that please our senses and some people create entire Sims surrounding this very concept. One such place is Straylight Botanical (Straylight 187, 51, 24). Landing in this Sim you are immediately surrounded by an incredible landscape and beautiful contrasts of dark and light and water and terra-firma (well, pixilated terra-firma). As you begin to stroll toward the lovely babbling brook you truly become encapsulated into the amazingly awe-inspiring surroundings.

more brilliant streaks of moonlight kissed the ground floor. An elegantly worn brick path lead me further in my journey to an amazing waterfall trimmed with a majestic dark willow tree. The detail so stunning and realistic, I whispered to myself how I wished a place this beautiful could exist in real life. I moved along across large, mossy rocks to a large field full of more dancing, joyous fireflies and a slight peak of a summit where the sunrise was trickling down and lighting my way as I traveled. A gentle, light mist rose from the stream and met around me as I climbed up to the top of the summit to the next path. Suddenly, bursts of yellow, orange red and green appeared as I looked out over a mesmerizing autumn-ish landscape and the birds called to me as if to say “continue….. Upon writing this article, I wasn’t sure you’ve merely scratched the surface”. where to begin. I went to Straylight and just sat I switched my frame of mind from on the ground and looked at everything that I could see. The region setting was just moving climbing high to finding the lowest point. I from Sunset to Midnight and the forest began climbed down and found a luxurious, still bed to darken. Suddenly, as if choreographed by a of water and took a cool, refreshing swim in great composer, a soft beam of light from the the deep, beautifully designed waters. About moon shone down near where I was sitting and dozens of small yellow lights began to rise from the grass. The soft and gentle fireflies danced around me and the crickets gently caressed my ears as a genuine sense of magic and wonder enveloped me. The trees, so beautifully textured, and the grass, looking so deep and inviting, gave me the words and inspiration to even write this article. Moving further into the forest, a quietly babbling brook drifted beneath the bridge I walked upon and even

the only thing missing in this water to make it even more perfect, in my eyes, would be the addition of small fish swimming around you as you explore. Surfacing near a well weathered pier I was greeted by the brightest, most realistic prism light rays I’ve ever seen on Second Life. Fur trees, olive trees, Evergreen trees and even snow and frost kissed pine trees just add further and further to the wonder and beauty of this location.

create your own sculpty vision. This writer’s love of weeping willows and personal affinity for olive trees made my chance to see this Sim and write this article all the sweeter by knowing that these two trees will soon become part of my home here in Second Life.

Kriss Lehmann, the mind behind Straylight Botanicals, is someone to watch and be applauded for the incredible efforts, vision and ability to deliver truly one of the The best thing about this location, and most beautiful Sims on SL that I have ever the gorgeous items in it, is the fact that you seen. can bring these treasures home with you. Yes, A you too can take this beauty to your home and


Female Entrepreneur of the Month:

Rusch R ay m a k e r Interviewed By Isadora Fiddlesticks Photos by Rusch Raymaker


ith the many accolades and victories that AVENUE Inc has collectively experienced, it is little wonder why Rusch Raymaker is this month’s female entrepreneur. Apart from the fact that she has steadfastly and consistently developed her business and resurrected AVENUE Models, she has forged on to make new ventures and continues to move AVENUE Inc. forward. As per this interview, Rusch has received the accolade as 3rd Runner Up to’s Entrepreneur of the Year. As part of looking back and moving forward, we share to you this interview about how she got her start in SL, how she started AVENUE Models, the day she lost her land, and AVENUE Inc and beyond. Isadora Fiddlesticks: Can you give me AVENUE’s history? Rusch Raymaker: I started AVENUE as a modelling agency in Oct 2007 with just two staff, namely a talent scout, Andi2809 Boa and a PR Manager, Annette Wilder. I was fortunate to have great support from them as well as models like Kira Paderborn (now a very successful businesswoman and creator of Kira’s Shapes &

Corrupted Innocence) who gave me all sorts of advice on simple building stuff to this then “noobie” here *laughs*. Also there were other models like Tillie Ariantho who now continues to be a Chief Photographer with AVENUE Models, our Academy and AVENUE Magazine. I faced my first challenge even before AVENUE completed its build and launched. After purchasing a quarter sim, a few weeks later while AVENUE’s build was being built, I arrived one day on my land with a surprise when I saw AVENUE’s name gone from land info and discovered from other neighbors that the the whole sim had been sold off to someone else by our sim owner Ralfinchen Voom. I was clearly distressed for the next week when neither Ralfinchen nor the new owner provided any replies and reasonable answers. What ensued is another story altogether but all I can say is be careful of whom you buy land never know when they might pull the welcome mat from beneath your own feet on your own home/land. Blessed by the support of some models and friends, I pressed on and searched for new land. AVENUE started afresh but in quick time now so as to make up for lost time towards our impending announced launch fashion show which featured fashion designers like Indyra Originals, Ravenwear, AppleMay and Szentasha’s.

The launch went well and AVENUE’s name quickly grew in reputation for staging professional and memorably unique shows as during our launch show we had a flying cloud carrying 10 beautiful female models for the opening and in Ravenwear’s sequence a model soared above the audience’s heads with fire edging her arms and feet which created quite a spectacle as she circled around them before landing on stage to do her catwalk. By last December, we had done shows for the then Nuclear Boutique Shakture Couture, Twin Tower mall launch and even acted as an events consultant for SL Illustrated’s Calendar Girl contest. However in January 2008, I had a new RL job which gave me very little time for SL. I decided to find a suitable investor and a new CEO to run it and continue the name of AVENUE of what it had already grown agency to be reckoned with although new and a fledgling in the industry. After 3 months, AVENUE was never relaunched by the new owners and CEO so it was co-decided that they returned it back to me. I relaunched AVENUE end May 2008, this time round building up a slightly bigger team of 4 as well as starting up a Model Academy with four of SL’s top working models and my appointed Academy Head Kryptonia Paperdoll who incidentally is one of the many multi-talented models I have at AVENUE. Our relaunch was much anticipated by media, supporters and of course competitors. :) It went off marvelously well with our newly acquired client EXXESS Designs who swore she had never worked with a more professional and dedicated agency. We began the initiative to custom design stage and sets which had great reviews for that show. I began also to make voice announcements in our fashion shows so that audiences could then view and watch the show and enjoy the outfits rather than reading text descriptions and trying to look at the models and apparel at the same time.

By September, an opportunity arose to create a magazine which is now AVENUE Magazine and since then there has been a regular flow of clients for all our business entities from the agency, the academy, the photo studio and the magazine with over 100 models and staff under the AVENUE family. In December alone last year, we had 8 fashion shows which was mind boggling lol ... you could say I had an almost out of body experience where i was working 24-36 hour work days in SL. IF: What made you branch out to publishing? RR: My first job in RL when I was 21 was at a magazine. I started out as a staff writer and was soon given the role of fashion stylist. I enjoyed my time at the magazine a lot and being a Mass Communications graduate; media, graphic design, and communications has always been an innate interest and passion. After seeing all the available magazines in SL, I realized that there was an opportunity for a magazine that was informative about various aspects of our Second Life which gives us joy and meaning like fashion, our homes, how we entertain ourselves, exploring new places, learning more about businesses in SL and recognizing contributions to the arts scene. My vision was a Time Out magazine but glossy and luxe with tasteful design and articles that were breezy and entertaining. IF: What is in AVENUE’s future? RR: AVENUE has had plans to embark on a TV series that will platform fashion and modelling...not only fashion designers but contributors to the fashion scene such as fashion media and photographers. This plan had been stalled in 2008 with the advent of the magazine but will surely be rolled out soon this year.

This year will also see AVENUE working with RL companies coming into SL< in particular from Singapore where I reside in. The first one is TANGS, Singaporeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier department store which will be launching their fashion line this month. We created a video for a fashion show of their preview and this was shown at a press conference in December. We are currently working on a simultaneous RL-SL launch of an international skincare brand that will be making their brand presence of their skin care products here in SL as well as fashion apparel in February 2009. IF: What are your best practices? RR: Well, I would have to say being approachable and listening to people is important. Being open to changes and evolving and encouraging others to grow as well should be a natural progression of things. I think the saying that behind every successful man or woman is your significant other which is true but I would extend it to say behind every good leader is the team of people you work with and supports you. You are only as good as your team which is what I stress at AVENUE about teamwork. I enjoy culling out the best in all the people that come to work at or with AVENUE and try to imagine the possibilities for

collaborations. Even for my models, I believe in hiring those who are not just a pretty face as I believe that everyone is multi-talented. So from photography to writing to teaching to designing or even building, there is so much talent just waiting to be discovered and nurtured. I think the main thing that drives me is my own sense of self motivation and passion for what I do. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s contagious, lol and people can pick up on that vibe from you. If you have a dream or idea...share it and see how it begins to grow and let it develop to its full potential by that sharing. Above all, I believe in bringing about the same kind of RL dedication and professionalism in my work here and care sincerely for my staff, models, peers and clients. IF: What makes SL exciting for you? RR: SL holds so many possibilities in that if you can dream it, you can make it happen withstanding lag and sim limitations, lol. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine from the humble beginnings of wanting to shoot models portfolios which led to an agency and now several businesses to form one big entity

under AVENUE Inc. I think the idea of constantly reinventing oneself and oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s business and the way you collaborate with people on new ideas that develop and grow is what makes it exciting for me. From day one till now, seeing other peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s creations and ideas and how their own imagination gives birth to their own creations and businesses still keeps me in awe and I have them to thank for for inspiring me to be more.

As of this interview, AVENUE Inc. has since launched a new website, uniting AVENUE Models, AVENUE Magazine, and all other ventures and relevant information into one website for potential clients and partners to look into. You can go check out the new website at: A

Second Life gives the opportunity to anybody to perform in front of an audience but, while by a certain point of view it is positive, at the same time it is so rare to hear something very interesting and original, most of music heard around is very low in quality, with poor arrangements and lacking of personality. But when you listen to Chouchou it is clear that behind this project there is a serious hard work of composition, arrangements and original lyrics and vocals. Plus they take particular care in sets, scenes and everything else that contribute to create their magical sound and atmosphere. Chouchou is a metaverse-only music group from Japan, born in July, 2007 and formed of two members: Juliet Heberle and Arabesque Choche, respectively singer and producer of the band. Living far apart from each other, they meet in Second Life for some amazing live performances for the ears and the eyes. They also own a sim that fully represents their music (, built by Juliet, it’s characterized by simplicity, essentiality and a subtle melancholy. I met Juliet for an interesting interview, giving us the opportunity to learn more about these smart and unique artists. Naturelle Santos: Could you please explain our readers how the project started and why did you choose SL as platform to launch your productions? Juliet Heberle: We’ve known each other for about 5 years, and we started SL together in 2007. At the beginning we were newbies like everybody else were. And we didn’t know what to do, so we tried creating objects or building something or making textures, you know, we tried little bit of everything for a month. Then I realized maybe doing the radio show in SL could be interesting. So I started my Japanese radio program called Little Tiara. Then he said to me, “Why don’t we make songs for your radio show?” I guess that was a beginning of Chouchou. I’ve been a big fan of his music since I met him, so that sounded like my dream came true. Then we made our first song “Utakata”. As Chouchou, we’ve been searching for new possibilities of music, and SL certainly has a lot of potential. Performing in SL changes impossibles to possibles. We can do something we can never do in RL. We think the way of presenting music doesn’t have to be one way, so what we do is closer to exhibitions or installations of music than regular live concerts in RL. We’re

always trying to present our music with spaces, atmospheres and scenes because those are the part of our music too. And being really close to our fans is also great. We can always get the straight reactions to our music and creations. And the most amazing part of using SL is that our music can get heard by people all over the world without any borders in SL. NS: It is obvious that you are the singer of the band but can you tell us exactly what are everybody’s roles in the project? JH: I’m a singer and lyricist of Chouchou. And I produce our stages and sims. Also, I create all the artworks for our music. arabesque does all the composing, mixing and video making. NS: Are you together in real during the live performances? JH: No, we’re not. I’d been in NY for 10 years until very recently, and arabesque is in Tokyo, so there’s no way for us to be at one place when we perform. And I think that’s the one of the reasons why we chose SL as a platform. I’m in Tokyo now, so things may change a little. We’ll see. NS: How do you solve the problem of not being in close contact between you two while generally for musicians is a necessity? JH: This is a very interesting part of us. We have such a same sense of everything as if we are twins or something. I think we have very close inner worlds and same visions, so most of the time we don’t have to ask that much to each other. I just know what he wants, and he just knows what I want. And that helps our music creations a lot. NS: You’re a virtual band but your music is very real so could you explain us how the creation process works? JH: Because we lived far away from each other, we also hadn’t been together when we were making our music. It’s all about exchanging files. First, we talk about how we want the next song to be. Then, arabesque composes and sends me the data file. I listen to it and tell him what I think, and we discuss. If it needs change, he makes changes and sends me the revised file. We always repeat this over and over until we can get what we really want. Then I think about the story, images and scenes whatever I can come up for the music and write lyrics. I record my singing and send it back to him. He mixes them up and turns them into one beautiful piece of music. NS: I noticed in your music some influences that remind me sometimes of Bjork, or I am wrong? JH: No, I don’t think you are. We both love her music and respect what she has done in today’s music scene. It is always hard to be at the cutting edge of any particular fields. It’s not like you can just go crazy and do whatever you think it’s eccentric because you don’t want to get over the edge. It certainly needs an exquisite balance to be at the cutting edge. We always admire the courage and abilities of those people. And that’s what we want to be.

NS: How much importance has the scenes and the stage effects in your live performances? JH: They’re very important to form the complete world of Chouhou. It is my responsibility to decide how we want each performance to look. I’m always careful about everything, even one tiny prim when I make choices for our performance because one tiny thing can destroy everything. It always has to be perfect in order to show the audience beautiful dreams. With all that, I think we’re Chouchou. NS: Our magazine also covers fashion so I’d like to know your tastes in this matter and if you put a particularly care on the choice of the look for your shows JH: I’m originally from fashion industry, so I do really care about my dresses for the show. I always choose the best look for each stage, and it sometimes depends on song orders of each performance. The taste I’ve always had for my fashion is romantic in antique colors with a little bit of melancholic twist. NS: I have watched your video clips and I noticed that there is a big investment of work behind, you don’t feel the need to push the limit of SL to reach a wider audience, for example looking for the opportunity to put your videos in some music tv networks? JH: We certainly want to do that if there’s any chance. We want more and more people to know about Chouchou and our music. We’re in SL, but from SL to all over the world. NS: Please Juliet, could we know something about your future projects? JH: One of the record companies in Belgium called “u-cover” really liked our music, and they asked us to release our album from one of their label. It’ll be a very small production, but we’re so excited about it because it’s going to be our first album. There will be 10 songs in the album, and I think 6 of them will be the existing tracks and 4 of them will be new songs that we’re working on now. We’re not sure about the release date yet, but we will post it when we find out. And we’re also releasing soon our new piano piece entitled “Clouds” and a new song, which is a hymn for Christmas. NS: Thank you Juliet, you were very kind and exhaustive, do you want to add something? JH: To all the fans and people around Chouchou, thank you for being there. Official site: Myspace:


Club of the Month:

Toontopia Written By Kleos Gomes Photos by Faith Kaestner

Music heaven for clubbers Toontopia is a futuristic dance club hosting music from all over the world. Its different music styles grab the people to the parties to dance and spend their time having a moment of fun. The music is the focus and the goal is to keep it alive among the residents of the metaverse. There are twenty DJ’s playing different styles most part of the day. From trance house to house music and progressive, “depending on what the DJ style is”, says Toon Telling, one of the five owners of Toonopia. Having a great quality of mixing DJ’s and personalized people entertaining the costumers, makes Toonopia a reason to continuing with its success. The complete schedules are prepared to extend as Telling assures that they are “working towards a full time schedule 24/ 7”. But any

time a DJ has the freedom to play and promote them by using the group tools that is what it’s called an open door policy. Also the slogan “ToonTopia is music heaven for clubbers” sums the identity of a global dance music club that belongs to everyone. Real look intentions lead the owners to frequently add new decorative elements in ToonTopia. “To keep it looking like a real life club”, says Telling and “improving the whole experience for the clientele”. Because of maintaining a Real Life club can be very expensive, the team found in Second Life a great platform to promote music and access people in their homes. It is the “best night out you can have at home”, says Telling.

ToonTopia started on February 08 making Telling’s dream come true: “SL has given me the opportunity to open a club to share with everyone”. With a very detailed plan to ensure that it didn’t fall off like many other clubs in SL, ToonTopia has gained confidence and is to stay. The name’s choice is a reference to music as in tune and related with the way avatars look as cartoons. The name came from Elyssian Strangelove and then expanded to the sim. ToonTopia aims to support young new talents in the production of music and to be able to record labels and use SL to distribute them, says Jes Fosse, other owner of the club.


DJane Interview: Dreams Lightcloud Interview by Queenie Extraordinaire

Photography by Dreams Lightcloud

In 2004, Second Life was lucky enough to have a pink princess sign up. Dreams Lightcloud would quickly become one of SL’s most well-known and widely requested DJ’s. Sugar and spice, and everything nice, with the cherry on top being a voice that would break hearts across the grid. Dreams has watched SL grow from the days when we only had 100’s of people logged in concurrently, but she can claim something special that many cannot: she has grown along with the grid and continues to be a popular mainstay in this massive virtual world.

Website(s): http://www.dreamslightcloud. com

DJane Dreams Lightcloud SL Birthdate: 5/6/04

Queenie Extraordinaire: Where and when can we hear you DJ? DJane Dreams Lightcloud: At the moment I am working for Washu Zebrastripe in the Hairspray sims. The times of my events vary from week to week. Usually I have several private parties lined up each week as well. And I can be found DJ’ing on our stream throughout the week. QE: How did you come to find out about SL? DDL: I was invited to come to SL by several LL

employees. The reason was that I was known as a popular clothing designer in another 3D virtual world. At that time, my computer could not run SL smoothly so I abandoned that account. In May 2004, I was asked to come to SL again. The idea was that through my art I could help to make the game look better. It was a world beautification process that ended up bringing in many of the famous designers that SL has today. I lived and worked in several virtual worlds before coming to stay in SL. QE: Did you have any prior DJ experiences either in real life or online?

Alternative Rock to Punk, Dance/Techno to Ambient, Rock to Metal, and the list goes on. DDL: Yes. I had about a year of DJ experience I try to make a set that will appeal to the online before actually settling down in SL. community that the venue will draw. I’ve always loved music and without it in my life I feel incomplete. Therefore DJ’ing just comes naturally to me. I saw others doing it in QE: Best part of being a DJ in SL: a previous virtual world and wanted to learn all about it. I was blessed to meet several IRL DDL: I love music! The ability to share my DJ’s that took me under their wings and then music collection with others and to hear how happy that music makes them feel is the best one day they let me fly on my own. part of DJ’ing in SL to me. It is a unique gift that a DJ is able to receive throughout each QE: What type(s) of music do you play? performance. You can actually feel how happy your audience is! Specialties? DDL: My favorite musical genres encompass a vast array of delights. My tastes range from

QE: Hardest part of being a DJ in SL:

DDL: The hardest part of DJing in SL is SL itself. It can be very disappointing when all of a sudden TP’s stop working, logins are disabled, event notices can’t be sent out or no one ever received the group IM. As we all know, this leads to a lifeless party. No guests can arrive and the topic of conversation never leaves the issues at hand. QE: Most requested song(s)? DDL: My most requested song has to be Closer by Nine Inch Nails. I think it has to do with a rumor that I’ve been known to sing it on air. Of course, that is just a rumor *winks* QE: Any request(s) you absolutely refuse to play? DDL: I like to refrain from all Richard Cheese requests, unless you let me call him Dick. Additionally, I find the Picard song gets on my nerves. But, those of you that know me know that I’ll play them for you if you beg for it just right. (Side note - tips work just as well)

QE: One thing that would make DJ’ing in SL easier/better: DDL: As most of us know, through the SL game engine we are able to hear sounds at about 56kbps. So if it were up to me, I’d like to see that feature improved so that we were able to hear CD quality sounds through SL. But, until that day comes, I encourage people to listen outside of game with their computer’s media player. It’s just such a shame to not be able to hear it as it was meant to be heard. QE: When you’re not DJ’ing, what else do you enjoy doing in SL? DDL: When I’m not DJ’ing you will mostly likely find me working on graphics for my bridal invitation store. I really enjoy making pretty invitations. The best part of it is when you deliver them to the customer and they open them for the first time. Usually, I’ll get an IM back thanking me and then telling me how happy they are. And to me that’s what their SL Wedding should be all about: making them feel special and happy! Another thing that I like to do in SL is watch movies. It’s really cool to be able to watch a movie in SL with people all around the globe. It really feels like you are there together and on

the same page. You get to share the experience of the movie together even though you aren’t in person at a movie theatre. It’s sort of an amazing and unique feature of SL, imo. And, like most DJ’s, I love to multitask! So, you might just find me AFK playing in yet another MMORPG!

you might have. And you can always find a way to work in the requests later. At first, you might even make notes regarding what you’d like to say on-air. But the best advice is to just have fun! After all, that’s why we’re here in SL. We want to have a good time and so does everyone else at your parties. QE: Future plans/goals/projects:

DDL: A lot of my goals revolve around my graphic arts. We have some major plans in the works with our stores in Mimolette. And, in the long run those will involve DJ’ing! We plan to have several parties on the site. This will be a great way to announce new items QE: Other business ventures besides DJ’ing and to keep in contact with the community in an entertaining way. Club Dreams was open that you are involved in? for Halloween and will be back for Christmas DDL: Dreams Bridal and Pixelated Dreams. time! I work on a lot of graphics and prim torture! Dreams Bridal carries quality wedding invitations, announcements, gifts, thank you My latest project revolves around my notes and a lot more. Pixelated Dreams is my invitation service. I was asked to work up clothing store. I make a lot of cute dresses, some particular invites that I hope will be on bikinis, jewelry, shoes and hair. We also have the shelves before the holidays. And with the some clockworks, wedding bouquets, fine start of the new year my focus will shift more jewelry, skins and gas masks on the property. towards my clothing line again. By springtime, Between three of us, I think we cater to a I’ll be ready to head back outdoors to that wide variety of customer tastes. thing that we call RL! QE: Any advice for new and upcoming DJ’s? DDL: Start out slow. There is no need to rush. SL is going to be here for a long time. Take some time to plan your playlist before your sets. This will help out with any nervousness

~Sweet Dreams!


Machinima Feature: AriellA lAnguish

Interview By Spruce Canning Photos courtesy of Ariella Languish

There are several machinima artists in SL and Ariella Languish (Ariella Furman in Real Life) is one of those that you would sit up and take notice. I had the pleasure to talk with her after her latest project which was the filming of a Avenue fashion show and she had these things to say about Machinima and the future of the art in SL and Virtual Worlds. Spruce Canning: How did you get your start in Machinima and SL? Ariella Languish: I first found it by accident, I wanted to do a documentary for school about a female- tribe because I thought it was an interesting topic to document and I wanted to do something different than my classmates. Basically, I had to figure out a way to take what’s inside the screen, being this tribe, and display them to the real world. I started delving into the technical aspects of filming the screen and finding ways to make this transition from game to real life movie screen. At first, my intention was not to make machinima. It was merely to bring the game to people who aren’t in the game into the game. Little did I know, what I was doing is a popular filmmaking genre that whole communities are enthused about, and as the visual effects guy from the Matrix says, “Virtual cinema is inevitable” So from there, I realized what I was doing is a popular form of filmmaking. I started slowly creating more videos, because the femaletribe video had so much popularity, and began to use Second Life as a means to filmmaking. However, I do edit at my day job and I just

finished up a degree in film, so my paths in real life really made me who I am in Second life. It made it easy to do films here - all I had to do was learn the game, I didn’t have to learn “filmmaking.’ I was equipped with the basics. At the same time shooting in Second Life changes my perspective about shooting real life films. There are lesser limitations as far as camera angles in Second Life, for example, so I am able to experiment with differing focal shots, complex crane shots, and even visual effects through post-processing. Having all this freedom makes me more ambitious when I shoot music videos in real life. SC: Like the Avenue Fashion show for example with the models moving up and down the runway? AL: Yes, with the Avenue Fashion Show I had the freedom to crane, follow the models through motion, do slick flybys and generally have control over every production element, like color and weather. It’s exhilarating, sometimes I feel like I’m playing the role of God, not just filmmaker anymore, because of how easy everything is. Of course Second Life does come with its challenges, but compared to real life filmmaking, it’s a cinch, and as a filmmaker, I just want to create stories, I don’t care in what world so long as they are getting watched. :) SC: I can imagine so and will you bring the

machinima that you create into Real Life and vice versa? AL: Yes I’d like to! In the future, there are emerging technologies that will bring real life to second life, and vice versa through mobile devices and webcams. So, an avatar will be able to actually walk through real rooms, interact with real people. It begins to merge the two environments. It is inevitable that filmmaking will merge with it. They say by 2011, 80% of internet users will have an avatar. People will have a trained eye and mind to navigate and process virtual worlds. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t accept the films made in virtual worlds into blockbusters, news shows, talk shows, music videos, etc. I’d like to be involved in that shift, whenever it happens. I’d like to see my work gain critical acclaim and reach more viewers.

Street Journal featuring my avatar on its cover as well as the Philadelphia Inquirer doing the same. Exposure in those two outlets just led to more work and brought a lot of credibility to my company and the ones I was working for at the time.

Basically, people have been very positive and it’s given me the confidence that this genre of filmmaking will really take off. There’s a lot of incentive now, both with audiences and financially as well. I feel I am kind of in a way, ensuring myself and the team I work with to be trustworthy machinima creators, that people can trust their vision and business in our hands. I believe just being out there, in the media and just through doing lots of projects, I will keep up with what’s out there in development as well as perfect my skill. I feel I get better with each project, and I just have to keep up with Overall I think the first step is just that producers everyone, network, and be open to learning and executives in the media world have to see new skills and keeping up with Virtual Worlds the advantage of machinima- being that it is news. cheaper and more time-effective to produce. Not to mention, the graphics will become And yes, all of this will spur new advances in stronger and will be head to head against machinima because each new job teaches me current animation form a new technique, and all these really come together and spurt growth :) SC: How has the reception to your work been in SL and will it spur you to new advances in SC: Where do you see machinima five years machinima? from now? Will it be the replacement of film in AL: So far, I was fortunate to work with both the foreseeable future? in SL companies as well as large corporations AL: I don’t think it will replace film. I think real and brands. My work has been shown all over life and virtual worlds will be so interchangeable the internet, at live events, and conferences. someday, that both film and machinima will People began to take notice and it led to Wall co-exist, sometimes within the same project!

Perhaps they will use real life actors, and process them into the machinima world, where they can create complex environments for a fraction of the cost. Overall, it will be more accessible to Average Joe’s to create media that is equal in production value to some of the top studios. Instead of this media monopoly, like what we have now, indie filmmakers will find it easier to share their ideas with others for a fraction of the cost. SC: And more and more people will come to it like the Video Camera in the 1970’s? AL: Your neighbor might be able to create something as professional as Universal’s latest blockbuster. It will change media, but it will not take over real life film because the beauty

of media is choice. People can choose to watch real footage; they can choose to watch animation. Sometimes one is more preferable than the other. AL: Haha yes! People will film their virtual worlds home movies, it will be the new “super 8.” Someday it will be the new “vintage.” Hahaha! I do think it will take over animation houses. SC: Pixar is a form of Machinima? AL: There will be no use for animation programsthey are high cost and very timely to produce, while machinima is instantaneous. Watch out Pixar! Hehe. SC: And machinima will be just like Saturday Morning Cartoons were to Gen X and younger? AL: Haha! That would be fun! Creating an animated kids show. SC: In conclusion, what would you like the average person in SL to come away with wen they see one of your projects? AL: I’d like them to be whatever the project intends them to be. For example, if its a human rights project, I’d like them to be inspired for change. If it’s an entertainment piece, I’d like them to be entertained. I try to always think in my

audienceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shoes when I film so I can fulfill their expectations, and have them satisfied enough to watch it again or pass it along to their friends. SC: Ariella, thank you for a profound look into the world of machinima and its future here in the Metaverse and Real Life. AL: Thank you so much for doing this Spruce! With Machinima taking off in the internet and poised to make an impact in the field of cinema and entertainment for about half the cost of traditional filmmaking. Airella Languish is on the forefront of this revolution and from the impact of machinima, it is here to stay. Look for more of her machinima in the coming future. A

Inspirations by Paola Tauber


elcome to Inspirations, a space for Second Life artists to share their creativity with like-minded individuals. Firstly I would like to thank everyone who contributed both their aweinspiring works of art and musings on Light - my theme for this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Inspirations - which you too can enjoy. January is typically seen as a time of new beginnings and yet it is often the most dark and depressing of months may these images and words brighten the winter days of the New Year. And so let there be...


artwork Š Paola Tauber

“Jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam. Sunbeams aren’t made quite like me.” artwork © //[Nimil]\\

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Second life is many things to many of those things for me is its beauty...we can chose places of our liking, and alter them at will...the most beautiful of landscapes, which capture and reflect the wondrous light can be uplifting and inspirational... my attempts at reproducing these moments is something I find to be very alleviating and relaxingâ&#x20AC;? artwork Š Panteleimon Aeon

“We kill the lights, And put on a show, It’s all a lie, But you’d never know. This star will shine, And then it will fall, And you will forget it all” artwork © Abigale Heron

artwork Š .jordan.

"Light comes from many places. I always think the light of the moon is beautiful but cold and a little sad. And sometimes you can meet a person who seems to have their own light. I think her strength will help her turn back to the moon" artwork Š JessieMayE

artwork Š Jonah Short

“For me... Light is hope, light chases the shadows away and overcomes the darkness of the deepest night. Yesterday is gone, let the promise of a new dawn embrace you.” artwork © Carlotta Ceawlin

AVENUE Magazine January 2009