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Publisher's Note What a year 2009 has been and as we finish the year with a time of celebration over the Yuletide, let’s remember the precious moments we all shared and spend this valuable time with all our loved ones cherishing the memories and what we have...taking them with us and moving into the New Year. I would like to make this message a short but meaningful one. No blitzes about what we have done or have in store in this issue but a simple wish and greeting to everyone. I wish everyone peace, joy and happiness this Christmas and above all for love to preside in your heart and lives. For everyone who has been supporting us with your love and friendship, I would like to say “a deep thank you from all of us at AVENUE. Without you, it would not have been possible.” To the New Year ahead, let’s embrace life with even greater fervor and passion with our dreams. May all your dreams come true. Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year!

Rusch Raymaker Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE

Editor's Note The holidays are upon us. While some of us are feeling the winter chill in real life, there are others who are still feeling the heat of the sun. In Second Life® however, we equally enjoy winter and simulate it the best way we can to provide fun and memories. This issue represents how loved the season of winter is in Second Life. As Emi and Vixie’s adventures on the grid to bring us the trendiest winter fashion isn’t enough, the biggest show for the season, Winterfaire teases us some more to do more shopping. We are also featuring Cheerno’s newest collection, which will be a sure hit for the fashionista male. AVENUE Magazine has been incredibly lucky to have attended the unveiling of Nebraska, Linden Lab’s latest effort to bring virtual worlds to the business sector. We are honored to write about this venture and how this can make the transition to virtual worlds easier for businesses. We wish everyone involved with this endeavor the best of success. Speaking of success, AVENUE is proud to have six of their models as finalists for the Miss Virtual World beauty pageant. We wish them all the best and may the best woman win! Happy Holidays and we look forward to having you all again next year. Thank you very much for your support and for making 2009 such an amazing year for us.

Isadora Fiddlesticks Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE

Photos by Boe Cortes

Fashion Spread

Cover Story RFyre

Raven Pennyfeather

House of Beningborough





Cover Story

and so hought at ept

ou ng of es so s art, your

I've latest

RFyre Fashion Spread

Photographer & Stylist: Mui Mukerji Featuring AVENUE Models: Mui Mukerji & ZoeAnastasia Aeon

Fashion Icon Digit Darkes

Smooth Designs


Fantasia by House of Beningborough Model . Mui Mukerji Hair . Tukinowaguma Skin . Dutch Touch Earrings . Zaara


Fun with Fashion Versatile Fur

TraLove Pinazzo in Smooth Designs’ Snowqueen 2


Cheers for CheerNo

AVENUE Homme Shades of Winter


Featured Photographer Paola Tauber


Aristoteles Allen, CheerNo Store Manager | Emcee of the Showh

Cover Credits Featuring RFyre

Model Raven Pennyfeather This is a high action look that


nk cheeks d” lips are mas cute look.

Shine On



Winter Holiday Greetings

Photography by Perhaps Twine DECEMBER 2009


would be just as happy at home on the slopes snowboarding hell bent for leather down the side of the mountain busting 180’s and 360’s as it would be strutting around the busy streets with your friends.

n” style is the

Modern Gypsy s colored ed” is a stmas. , cute he beret o we can es. utch Touch


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Cover Story

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Trinidad Anatine


designs born from a true passion to create

Though the designs speak for themselves, the words from the designer fill in the blanks. Created from a true passion and desire to express her creativity, RFyre is the fruitful tree of designs born of the seed planted by Raven Pennyfeather. Here, we share her journey, first to Second Life速 and then into fashion history.

SENSUOUS SOULSTAR: Your designs are incredible and yet versatile. They have a goth/vamp feel, but for those not into that scene, they’re still so elegant that anyone would





What was your goal in creating? Did you feel there was something missing here in SL™ that you needed to bring into the fashion world? RAVEN PENNYFEATHER: Thank you so much. :) I draw influence from goth and its glamour, but RFyre’s inspiration is broader, to lovingly realize my art in the





Work where there is evidence of the human hand, with a love of historical period styles, fantasy clothing and what’s happening in the current fashion scene.


create a versatile clothing line and have from my earliest days




different ways of styling any given ensemble I craft. SS: Inquiring minds must know, what led you to

name your store/line House of RFyre?

continual innovation in fashion. I seek to

RP: RFyre was created out of the passion,

create something different, maybe a little

drive and need to create.

It has never

dangerous, glamourous and provocative for

been about just me. It is the synergy that

my clients without sacrificing wearability

was and is created by working with other

and ease.

artists, hence, the name RFyre (Our Fire).

SS: What’s next for House of RFyre? Should

SS: Where do you find inspiration for your

we look for anything new to push the


boundaries of fashion coming out this year?

RP: I am inspired by a myriad of influences:

RP: We will be introducing an entire new

from the people I meet, to the music I

line of casual separates coming in 2010

listen to. From the images I see and also

that we are hoping will be well received.

the landscapes both real and imagined that

We will still, however, continue to produce

I pass through. I love to blend these many

those signature pieces that are so much a

different styles, histories and stories into

part of me and the RFyre brand.

each piece I create.

SS: Tell me, what brought you to Second

SS: Do you strive to have an impact or make

Life? And once here, what were those first

a statement in the fashion world?

moments like for you?

RP: It comes from the heart. The House of

RP: Back in 2003, I stumbled upon a virtual

RFyre has many influences. Our wish is for

community called Active Worlds and was

I seek to create something different, maybe a little dangerous, glamourous and provocative for my clients without sacrificing wearability and ease.

fascinated by the concept of having a mobile

even existed here. I spent a lot of time in

avatar that could move through various

those early days shopping and seeing what

landscapes. I was anxious to see if there

other artists were creating. I remember a

were others out there, but having a Mac, I

few designers specifically that were just

was limited to only a handful of choices. I

amazing, and I couldn’t wait to try my hand

came upon SL from one of my various Google

at it.



It was fashion from the start. I was absolutely

level of sophistication at that time was far

enchanted with the possibilities one could

beyond any I had previously encountered,

create here, and set about finding out how

and I was quickly hooked.

I might accomplish that.

I have to say that it was more than a little

SS: What was your first step getting started

intimidating, lol. I spent most of those first

in designing and creating your pieces?

weeks hiding in the woods. Back in those


early days, there were not the number of

International Academy of Design at the

players there are today. Many were like

time and already had a familiarity with

myself and struggling to navigate this new

Photoshop. One day I approached one of

medium. The kindness and genuine interest

my favorite designers, who was generously

of the people I encountered helped me to

volunteering in the Welcome Area, and she

quickly acclimate to this new community.

provided me with a notecard of designing

What struck me the most and kept me

resources (I still have that notecard today).

returning was the sheer number of other

I began my study of Chip Midnight’s template

creative folks, like me, finding unique ways

and was soon on my way to creating my first

of expressing their art.

works here.

SS: Let’s jump right into the fashion world.

SS: Tell me about the first piece you ever

What was your first impression of fashion

created. Do you remember that first one?

here? And did you just jump right into it, or


try your hand at another skill first?

Celtic gowns that took almost four weeks to


make. I can vividly remember how excited




I was fascinated that such a thing

I was a returning student at the


It was a series of four

I was upon their completion, and it’s the same thrill I experience with each new design I create. SS:

Is there a life for you outside of

designing? What do you do to just unwind, relax, and enjoy your time in Second Life? RP:

I have a wonderful partner, circle of

friends, and life both in and outside of SL. Balance in all things has always been important and sometimes tricky to juggle. :) SS: And finally, is there any advice that you would give to up-and-coming/aspiring/ struggling






footprint in the SL fashion community? RP: Persistence and never giving up your dream is the key... I remember being told by one of my instructors back in college that







desire” to do nothing but create.

At the

time, sadly, I was not ready to receive the message and opted for what I thought was a “safe” career in the corporate world. After years of being asked “what are you doing here...” and almost having that creative spark completely extinguished, I know now with complete certainty that my heart and soul are committed to my art.


Magical ChriStmaS Couture by House of Beningborough

Photographer & Stylist: Mui Mukerji Featuring AVENUE Models: Mui Mukerji & ZoeAnastasia Aeon

Fantasia by House of Beningborough Model . Mui Mukerji Hair . Tukinowaguma Skin . Dutch Touch Earrings . Zaara

Black Liquid by House of Beningborough Model . Mui Mukerji Hair . Tukinowaguma Skin . Dutch Touch Necklace, Earrings & Scepter . Alienbear Designs

Ultima by House of Beningborough Model . Mui Mukerji Hair . Tukinowaguma Skin . Dutch Touch Necklace & Earrings . Alienbear Designs

WhiteSwan by House of Beningborough Model . ZoeAnastasia Aeon Skin . Dutch Touch Necklace & Earrings . Alienbear Designs

Red Carpet by House of Beningborough Model . ZoeAnastasia Aeon Hair . ETD Skin . Dutch Touch

Red Phoenix Rising by House of Beningborough Model . ZoeAnastasia Aeon Hair . Tukinowaguma Skin . Dutch Touch Necklace & Earrings . Alienbear Designs

Fashion Icon

Digit i Wonde

t in erland Wr i t i ng , P ho t o g r a ph y by Vixie Rayna

This month's Fashion Icon, Digit Darkes exemplifies all that is wonderful in Second LifeŽ fashion design. Her work is inventive, fresh and forward. Please join AVENUE Magazine as we sit and chat with this amazing designer on her newly completed Addictive sim. Vixie Rayna: Thank you for taking the time to chat with AVENUE Magazine. Congratulations on being this month's Fashion Icon. Tell the readers a little about yourself. What brought you to Second Life? Digit Darkes: I've been in SL™ for 5 years; at this point I don't even remember. VR: That is such a long time! Let's talk about Digit Darkes the brand. Your designs are quite diverse...everything from haute couture to sexy street wear. You sell clothing, accessories and skins. How has your work evolved? Tell us about your first in-world creation. How has that led you to now? DD: My work has evolved as fashion has evolved; I like to stay on the cutting edge of fashion and push the limits of my creativity. Every time I make a new dress, I like to find better ways to make unique looking flexi prims. Right after they came out with "flexi", I made

the "Haiku" dress on SLX, and so many people bought it, I thought I could do more clothes that people would like. And I kept on...and on... VR: We are so very glad you continue to create. Speaking of creation... Inspiration takes so many forms. For some it is art, What inspires your creations? DD: Fashion, the runway--I've always got my eye on the latest runway collections. VR: Yes, you are on top of the styles and always on top of new releases, something fun almost every week. What are you working on at the moment? DD: Some of my projects are on hiatus at the moment, as I'm planning a move back to New York. VR: As a designer in Second Life, you must encounter your share of frustrations...content theft, permission bugs, failed deliveries, etc., etc. What keeps you coming back every day? DD: Until I have my own real world brand, Second Life is the only place I can make whatever I want, how I want, and when I want. VR: SL, just as real life, is about balance. How do you find balance in your SL life? Besides your work

Slurl to Addictive

with Digit Darkes, what occupies your time here? DD: I play, build, shop and act silly with my friends. VR: Tell me a little about your FAVORITES here in SL. Do you have a favorite sim, that perfect place for pictures? Favorite designer? Favorite Flickr stream? DD: My favorite place is Picnic & itutu. My favorite designer is Sissy Pessoa from Baiastice, and I really enjoy collaborating with her on collections. My favorite Flickr stream is Cicciuzzo Gausman! VR: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is there anything you would like to add? DD: I've just opened my new sim at Addictive, and it's taken about a year for me to work on and complete. I'm very excited about its completion; it was a lot of work but a lot of fun to design, and I want everyone to come and check it out--there are a lot of little corners to explore and take pictures, and of course, my main store! Pick up one of the free gifts scattered about the sim! VR: Yes, everyone must take the time to visit this amazing new sim build. It's inspired by Pirates, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland... and even includes Digit's own personal plane crash. It is not to be missed. A

TraLove Pinazzo in Smooth Designs’ Snowqueen 2

let me be your...

Fantasy Featuring Smooth Designs

Photography & Styling by Mischa Cuttita Featuring AVENUE Models Tatiana Kurri Wicca Merlin Tralove Pinazzo Poptart Lilliehook

Wicca Merlin in Smooth Designs’ Elaine Dark

Wicca Merlin in Smooth Designs’ Louise White-Gold

Tatiana Kurri in Smooth Designs’ Dusty Webster

Poptart Lilliehook in Smooth Designs’ Bird Of Paradise Purple

Tatiana Kurri in Smooth Designs’ Lianna Passionfruit

Saint Agatha 126, 185, 30

featuring aleida skin

Soft as a

feather Photography by Perhaps Twine Featuring AVENUE Model Aleida Rhode Shapes by Di Hoorenbeek & Aleida Rhode

#1 Skin - :: Aleida :: Bjorg touch of tan - kiss me by Aleida Rhode Hair - Dakota/burgundy - Cake #2 Skin - :: Aleida :: Bjorg touch of light - natural by Aleida Rhode Hair - FTN683/blond - booN

#3 Skin - :: Aleida :: Freya touch of tan - in love by Aleida Rhode Hair - piper/blonde - Maitreya #4 Skin - :: Aleida :: Bjorg touch of light - gothic vamp by Aleida Rhode Hair - Dakota/black - Cake

Featured Designer

Wr i t t e n by Rachel Carstensz

P hotogr a ph y by Mischa Cuttita

Jeans Industrial for Boots,White Tube Top,Rule Breaker Top teal

Jeans Basics for Boots black, Always Be Beautiful Top grape

Bitches Do It Better Top black, Jeans Gaga Shorts dark wash


ove me for me”, “Haters to the Left”, “I Brake for Noobs”, and “Nice Girls do it better” are just a few of the spiffy slogans that AliannaMarie GossipGirl has for her new designs adequately labeled half-sleeve tops, and two other designs she has revisited with new, trendy flairs: the sleeve top and tanks. After attending a fashion show in Second Life®, AliannaMarie was bit by the fashion bug. This sparked a love for designing clothes that transitioned into the creation of her first location of Insatiable Designs last February. AliannaMarie told me, “I had this 100 prim store in the Total Betty Shopping district. Akaya and Red, the owners, actually were a huge part in helping me design, as they got me the space and were always honest about what I made. I was so nervous, and I never thought that I would be designing clothes, ever!”   From that 100 prim store, AliannaMarie began her track to where she is today. She currently has six stores across the grid that reflect her chic personality. Her main store is decorated in traditional rocker style, pink and black, but sporting a couture edge. Her designs of jeans and shirts are reflected in the design that she has for her store. Her clothing is stylish and sexy while

also being girlie and giving women the option to dress like rock stars. AliannaMarie’s ideas for her designs come from many locations. She is inspired by everything from music she hears to brush strokes and fonts she sees. This gives her clothing a very eclectic look and feel.  While AliannaMarie rocks out at her many stores and creates awesome designs, she never forgets about the people who have contributed and helped her become who she is today. She has many specials in her stores for her followers such as Lucky Chairs and an “Item of the Week”. She believes her item of the week idea makes her even closer to her fans because she often includes ideas that she’d like to try out on a grander scale, and she enjoys getting feedback about the outfits. She is truly grateful for everyone who loves her designs, and that makes her even more of a success. The feedback she receives is reflected in her clothing and shows her followers that they matter.   Another way that AliannaMarie becomes closer to her fans is through the use of her blog and Plurk. Through her blog, she updates her fans with pictures and descriptions of the new items she creates. It’s a great way for them to keep up with her designs without

having to be in-world. Through the use of Plurk, she makes up-to-the-minute updates about her store and her life in general. Readers can respond and give their opinions or advice about the items she creates and know that their thoughts are well-received. These are other ways that AliannaMarie puts herself on the same level as her fans and show them that she truly cares about them.  Her goals for the next year are to expand her main store and move on to make other clothing such as dresses, skirts, and accessories while still keeping true to her fans and her style. With the success that she has had thus far and the concern she has for her fans, she is sure to make all her dreams come true. A

Fun with Fashion

Versatile Fur P h o t o g r a p h y, M o d e l , Wr i t i n g by Vixie Rayna

Aoharu's fur coats have taken the Second Life速 fashion scene by storm with their trademark quality and style. This month we show you how versatile one coat can be in your wardrobe. You can cross the world of fashion with different looks from Paris to Hollywood and from catwalk to gala. Fur has never been this fun.

Black Fur

Parisienne Catwalk


Redgrave Moon in Pale Smoky


MADesigns Truth in Blue7


Glow Studio Flutter in Feather Goddess


W&Y 32 in Type A


Aoharu Fur Coat G2 in Black


Blaze Sonatina in Silk Red


Sheer Fishnet in Black


Cachet Gloves in Red


JCNY Florentine


MiaMai Aura in Silver


Glow Studio / Delyn SHE


Bax Prestige in Black


Maitreya Model 18 LA Spring Fever 4 & 5 LA Summer Crash 1

Silver Fur Skin Eyes Lashes Hair Jacket Pants Shirt Cuff Gloves Ring Necklace Hat Boots

Aspen Trendsetter Redgrave Moon in Pale Natural MADesigns Truth in Blue7 MMS (Now Lelutka) Photoshoot II Maitreya Green II in Copper Aoharu Fur Coat G2 in Silver COCO Zipper Leather LeeZu Valerie in Black COCO (From Outfit wearing cuffs only) Sleeveless Blouse and Cuff in Black LouLou & CO Enigma JCNY Florentine Icon LF Triple in Silver/Gunmetal Aoharu Fluffy in Black Anexx Leather Rider in Black (Type A)


LA The Diva 7 AM Brooklyn Catalogue LAP Searching LAP High Falutin

Brown Fur Skin Eyes Lashes Hair Jacket Gown Bracelet Necklace Earrings Shoes

Hollywood A-Lister Redgrave Moon in Pale Smoky MADesigns Truth in Blue7 Glow Studio Flutter in Feather Goddess Truth Tanya in Treacle Aoharu Fur Coat G2 in Brown (Short Version) Bijou Reflection in Aqua Miamai Egypt Paper Couture Faceted Dark Garnet Paper Couture Deer Flower Pendant (Tinted) Tesla Vixen II in Fallow


TorridWear Vain Series


Featured Designer

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Mischa Cuttita Every so often you run across a “must have” shoe, one that would make your wardrobe incomplete without having it in your inventory. In this case, every shoe in the store is a “must have”. Joy Laperriere and Magnifico Miggins, the creative minds behind Magnifico Exclusive, have somehow managed to take their real life shoe fetishes and use them to create designs so stunning that many of us have turned into shoe addicts. Recently, AVENUE was fortunate enough to sit down with these two ladies to find out more about their passion for footwear.

Mag Excl

gnifico lusive

SENSUOUS SOULSTAR: Thank you so much for sitting down with me, ladies. I’m curious, how did the two of you meet? JOY LAPERRIERE & MAGNIFICO MIGGINS: We first met through a mutual friend. MM: I was looking for a logo designer and was told that she’s a talented girl, so I was curious about her work. I was pleased with her work and as I got to know her better, she shared with me how she aspired to design shoes and showed me some designs she sketched. When I saw them, I knew she was the partner I needed because she was awesome. SS: So tell me about the first shoe that you two ever designed; how did it turn out? JL & MM: The first attempt was simply exuberating. Envy Boots was the first and turned out to be our top selling pair! That was what made us known! SS: And how long were you two creating shoes and boots before you felt comfortable enough with your designs to open your first store? MM: I would have to say, with great help from a mentor it took approximately 6 months before the shoes hit the shelves! SS: Once you finally opened to the community, how did they receive you? What was that feedback like originally?

JL & MM: Thankfully, almost all are happy with what they purchased and have said to us “OMG I love them”. It is a huge encouragement to know and see the fruit of your labor being well loved and received. SS: Alright, let’s go back a bit. Did you both start out in shoe design, or did you try your hand at another skill first? MM: I started out with shoes as I have a shoe fetish in RL. I simply just love shoes! JL: I started out making clothes! Orient Kulture was my first business. Gradually, the journey here in SL™, along with friends, taught me much, and my skill set has since widened. I am now also a builder, and I manage the operations of First Meta Pte. Ltd., the creators of MetaCard, here in Second Life®. SS: Let’s get into your designs. Your textures are amazing, and your color options are great for any woman’s wardrobe. What statement are you or were you trying to make to customers and to critics with your shoe designs? JL & MM: Thank you! Both having shoe fetishes, we wanted to be able to feed the shoe addicts here too! We create exclusive and versatile shoes for all genders, with a strong emphasis on providing high fashion designs of great quality at the right price.

SS: I love how your store has the dresses there

end up in Second Life?

to match up with the shoes perfectly. What led

MM: I heard from a friend about Second Life

you to do this, and were the outfits designed

and thought to myself that it would be fun, so

based upon the color of your shoes?

I joined. I was impressed and blown away by

MM: I am glad that you love it! The outfits are

how big of a community it was!

created by a very close friend of mine. She is

JL: I guess word of mouth is definitely the way

a great designer, and I insisted that she set up

to go! I also heard about Second Life from a

in Magnifico after all the help she rendered.

friend of mine who owned one of the pioneer

She was one of the few friends who extended

shape stores here way back in 2005. My first

support for Magnifico Exclusive.

impression was “Wow…like, people really

SS: What impact did you/do you hope to make

socialize virtually!” And shopping! Just WOW!

on the fashion community with your designs?

SS: Tell me about your favorites. Skin, hair,

JL & MM: We hope to be recognized for our

clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. Are there any

work just by glancing at our creations! Just to

designers that you just really admire in Second

be Bold & Beautiful!


SS: Is there a life for you outside of designing?

MM: I wear skin and shapes made by Kira

What do you two do to just unwind, relax, and

Paderborn. She’s really awesome at making

enjoy your time in Second Life?

me look nice. I love clothes from MEB and CIA

MM: Designing is my way of unwinding from my

Designs. And I wear hair from Vixen. Those are

real life! I enjoy every moment of it. *Smiles*

my favorite designers here.

JL: Having spent too much time here, I’ve

JL: Wow…now where do I start? Gosh, I haven’t

recently learned to relax and have some “me”

been shopping in awhile! My current favorite

time. Like finally! *lol* FOOD! Yup, food is my

skin would be Dutch Touch! I love the makeup

greatest vice! I’ll whip up a good meal, slap

options she creates. My favorite designers in

myself down on the couch with my favorite TV

my wardrobe would be Milk Motion, Kookie,

series on, and just vegetate.

&BEAN, COCO, LeeZu Baxter, Clothes & Hair

SS: I want to jump back for just a second and

by Onyx LeShelle, LeLutka, Lamb and Paper

ask my infamous question: how did you guys

Couture! For cyberpunk, it has to be AVZ!

I simply admire Hern Worsley’s creativity in all

building and creation on your own to get your

his builds. He is truly amazing!

ideas realized. Know and develop your own set

SS: Finally, is there any advice that you would

of skills and focus on it. Managing everything



alone can get challenging; get a partner with

designers trying to make a footprint in the SL

the same passion to share the responsibilities,

fashion community?

that way each of you can focus on doing what’s

JL & MM: It is prudent to master the actual




Fashion Agenda

WINTERFAIRE Sizzles the Virtual Runway Written bY Isadora Fiddlesticks

Photography By Tillie Ariantho


he 21st of November marked the day when the best winter collections came together in one massive show that is called Winterfaire. One by one, the most decadent, sultry, sizzling, romantic, fantastic, unique, and inspired collections worn by AVENUE models created a stir of applause and awe as they gracefully showcased the outfits by Anubis Style, Boudoir, B! Fashions, Chantkare, Jador, Leezu!, My Precious, Designing Nicky Ree, SF Designs, and Vassnia. Boudoir started off the show with a collection of unique, sexy, and graceful dresses with elaborate textures and skirts that accentuate the legs. With the Dirty Faded Couture gown, designer Vitabela Dubrovna had skirts of different lengths and cuts throughout her collection that tease the eyes. The 80’s Fairy’s skirt is really high up at the front and mid-length at the end, giving it a really sexy and edgy look with the backless design and black lace textures. Her exclusive Winterfaire outfit, modeled by Summer Deadlight, has a pretty combination of light blue snowflakes and black lace. The whole ensemble brings sizzle to the cold winter nights to bring warmth to all in a short and flirty skirt. Vassnia designer VNP Ninetails’ collections are soulfully classy. The fashion house presents everything from shapes to eyes, to outfits for men and women; it is truly a one-stop shop for everything you may need to outfit your avatar. The men certainly can get their share of fashion finds in this presentation...the Myford, modeled by Liam Netizen, gives out a feeling of a businessman enjoying his after work hours. The

untucked shirt, loose tie and disheveled hair tells the world that he’s had a hard day’s work but still manages to look really cool and suave. For the ladies there’s Kryptonia Paperdoll wearing a seductive ladies’ tuxedo for those who want to take a break from the formal skirts and low cut dresses without losing their sense of style and glamour. SF Designs has been in the fashion business

From Left: Natasja Schumman Nicky Ree - Snow Dream Dimitri Shinn SF Designs - Military Sweater & Jeans Shenandoah Saintlouis Anubis - Asia

From Left: Mui Mukerji Nicky Ree Summer Deadlight Boudoir - 80’s Fairy Seashell Dench B!Fashion - Morgana Mui Mukerji My Precious - The Queen of Roses

for three years now, with outfits for men and women, featuring formal, costume, uniform, business wear, swimwear, casual and lingerie designs by Swafette Firefly. The outfits presented by Salvo Waydelich and Dimitri Shinn are manly and flexible, with each outfit providing opportunity to be formal or casual.

glitters, and the shouldetailed and bear Gupte’s Crown, earmade the enregal and The Leezu! collection reveals a fun and casual side nitely fit of dressing up for the winter. Tatiana Kurri wore the Au Revoir De Sade Jacket in vibrant red, matched More suits with the Lea Vivendi Pants in Night. The look is and wombaroque and opulent, with the heavy coat with from Jador ruffles on the chest, a tall collar and prim cuffs S h e n a n d o a h that are long and flow along as you walk. The ly Paola suit, Lea Vivendi Pants in black match perfectly to and bow the jacket and strengthened the look that is ag- g l a m o u r gressive and unique. Next up was Mui Mukerji, off the fabwho was wearing Noir Moonlight Flexi - a bold and in Copper sexy dress that accentuates the female figure, re- man wearvealing just enough through the sheer top and the and kingskirt that bares the wearer’s long legs. perfect stands My Precious designer Agnes Finney had butterflies for inspiration when she designed the Butterfly Queen, worn by Poptart Lilliehook. Agnes cleverly used flexi prims to represent butterfly wings in orange and black and at the same time provided a very sexy silhouette. The Queen of Roses, worn by Mui Mukerji, is probably her best work in this collection. it is a lavish gown fit for a queen. The skirt

the large roses along der were beautifully rendered well. AlienGold Queen Felicitas rings and necklace semble more luxurious. Defifor a queen. for the men en were shown and SF Designs. presented the lovewhose ruffles, cuffs tie provided business chic. Dimitri showed ulous Anniversary Tux that will make every ing it feel distinguished ly. The decadent suit is for formal parties and out amongst the crowd.

From Left: Summer Deadlight Chantkare - The Danse Chirzaka Vlodovic Anubis - Rhea Dimitri Shinn SF Designs - Anniversary Tux Poptart Lilliehook My Precious - Buttery Queen

From Left: Tatiana Kurri Leezu Au Revoir De Sade Jacket Leezu Lea Vivendi Pants Shenandoah Saintlouis Jador - Paola Suit Tatiana Kurri Jador - Giada Poptart Lilliehook Chantkare - Cheetabing

The Giada outfit in white is fabulously worn by Tatiana Kurri. With its edgy yet classy look, the short length and bare shoulders provide the sizzle in this knit mini dress. The fantastic Snowstorm by Jador is an imaginative outfit worn beautifully by Poptart. The outfit screams winter fantasy with its snowflakes and icicles. Certainly a perfect outfit for those storybook - themed parties. Up on the runway were also the works of Anubis Style, one of the most important brands in Second Life® Italian fashion. The virtual fashion house presents a lively collection of colorful outfits and decadent formals that is sure to please every woman. Her outfit Reah in particular, delightfully modeled by Chirzaka, screams retro with its psychedelic pattern in pink and orange. The Asia, as elegantly modeled by Shenandoah, is an opulent silk formal dress in a nice shade of periwinkle, which makes the dress both classic and trendy. Applonia Criss’s brand, Chantkare is a brand known to be chic and modern. Applonia established a reputation as the fashion house for the hip and sophisticated, and now, in this collection, never fails to disappoint. Poptart brings on the Cheetabing, a knee-length animal print dress that is chic and sexy with its plunging neckline. The animal print is in a funky

combination of pink and black that is modern and wild. The Danse, gracefully worn by Summer, is reminiscent of a lovely ballerina. The dress bears a delicate shade of light pink, almost bordering to white. The ballerina shoes, gloves and headdress enhance the outfit magnificently. Barbarella Cioc bared her wondrous talent in this fabulous winter collection for B! Fashion. Wonderfully detailed and fashion forward, this Italian designer brings sophistication and glamour for virtual fashion in Second Life. Seashell Dench wore a daring and sophisticated evening gown called Morgana. It is form fitting with its cut-out bodice, diamond accents and ruffled, mermaid-style skirt. Barbarella enhanced the gown using ‘pixel fur’ on the collar and gloves. B! Fashions also makes shoes, and its Gemme shoes in black completes the daring outfit. The Sapphira is perfect for holiday parties in its fun, flirty and fabulous detail as worn by Natasja Schumann. Strappy stilettos, gems and gloves finishes off this wonderful outfit. Nicky Ree brings sexy to winter fashion with her luscious collection. The Kai Ling brings East and West together in a sensuous manner as modeled by Shenandoah. The beautifully detailed textures represent Nicky Ree’s mastery in graphic design, and is consistent throughout the collection. The fantasy-inspired Snow Dream is breathtaking on Natasja. The bare back gives it a sensual look, and the fur boa and headdress give it a frosty feel and add to the dreaminess of the gown.

It was such a treat to see all those fabulous designers in one show. The show brought together the best in the designers, who used their imagination and talent to bring sizzle and delight to your winter this year.


From Left: Kryptonia Paperdoll Vassnia - Think Deitrich Salvo Waydelich SF Designs - Red Chenile Sweater & Black Slacks Mui Mukerji Leezu - Noir Moonlight Liam Neitzen Vassnia - Myford

Fashion Agenda

Written by Takeshi Kiama

Photography by Sharron Schumann

For men’s fashion in Second Life®, none are as alternative as CheerNo. He does not draw within the lines. He likes to get messy, and it all comes together in a creative explosion of in-your-face style. “Montage”, his fall line released in October, brought forth colorful pieces woven through with childhood whimsy like lollipops, Legos® and cotton candy. The old adage “real men wear pink” has been redefined to include bright and vibrant yellows and stunning purples and blues. With the release of his “Deuil” winter collection, which means “mourning” in French, a more somber line graced the scenic set that CheerNo built that emanated perfectly with the line with elements of rain and lightning with tones of gray. Given its name, this makes sense. However, the boldness of the outfits cannot be missed. It gave me the impression of someone mourning but not at all ashamed to experience those emotions and let it be known. With a palette of silvers, whites and deep blacks, the clothes are fierce, mixing in elements of popular icons such as Marilyn Monroe and even a bit of glam rock ala David Bowie. Mortifera, a fearlessly sexy ensemble that includes a see thru black shirt with Marilyn Manson’s image emblazoned on the chest and torso, bondage style bracelets and armbands, was a crowd pleaser. The HOMME Venus Dark skins created just for this show added the finishing touch. As always, CheerNo’s pieces are perfect for mixing and matching. The black padded half jackets with hoods and ski pants, yes ski pants, wool blazers, sequin patterned pants along with cleverly sculpted attachments truly enhance and deliver a real feel to the line.


Aristoteles Allen, CheerNo Store Manager | Emcee of the Showh

CheerNo’s Montage Collection




CheerNo’s Deuil Collection



CheerNo’s Deuil Collection




Shades Of W Writer, Stylist & Photographer | Jarl Soderstrom


Seasons change, hot sticky summer gives way to the crisp cool mornings and multi colored leaves of autumn, and so autumn gives way to the gray, icy cold of winter. So too do our closets change. The bright cotton t-shirts and shorts of summer make way for earthy toned, light jackets and scarves of fall, and finally now we move into our winter closet fashions. But is winter male fashion limited to big bulky jackets and sweaters that do their best to cover up and disguise any chance to show off that hard earned and well toned body you worked so hard to create? Of course not! And the looks I am going to show you will hopefully show you how to be warm and still sexy at the same time! Here we have a classic big city look for the winter. One that is relaxed and yet says, “I take my appearance very seriously”. It’s all about class, sexiness and warmth. Grays and blacks add a touch of elegance to an otherwise semi-casual winter look.

Hair [Uw.7R] Robin-Hair Meteoric swarm Skin Belleza Ewan v2 Tan 3 (bald) Scarf LeLutka CALIDO Scarf/Black Jacket CheerNo.Deuil - Breack Jacket Pants LeLutka STEVE Pants/Black Boots Redgrave Aviator Boots -Black MixGloves Cheerno.EXMORE Gloves [Gray]

This is a high action look that would be just as happy at home on the slopes snowboarding hell bent for leather down the side of the mountain busting 180’s and 360’s as it would be strutting around the busy streets with your friends.

Skin Belleza- Ewan v2 Tan 3 (hair) Jacket CheerNo.MIXTU vest [White] Pants CheerNo.Deuil - Blazz Pants Boots +grasp+/Fur trim leather boots/Black/Mens Cap * Gray Sunglasses [LeLutka]-JAMES shades/black Necklace (NS) Rock’n’Rolla Chain Gloves Cheerno.EXMORE Gloves [Gray]

Finally here we have me stumbling home from clubbing till the early hours of the morning and trying unsuccessfully to catch the tube. A winter party, clubbing look from head to toe.

Hair MADesigns Hair Natural Black ~ SYCH Skin Belleza Ewan v2 Tan 7-E (hair)(chest hair) Jacket dEVOL Fur Coat *BK [men] Shirt ARGRACE Natural (White) Men Pants LeLutka-DEAN pants/red Shoes Muism Ankle boots/stitched/ black Necklace REDGRAVE Necklace Claw-Trio M -silverTattoo AITUI TATTOO - Mechanical Fern /Full Body/


Wint er Holid

St y l e , P ho t og r a ph

by Emi

Have you already prepared for the win to the countdown and celebration of t every occasion. I introduce four s

day Getings

h y,

Mode l , Wr i t i ng

i Bade

nter holiday season? From Christmas the new year, we can enjoy fashion on styles for the upcoming holidays.

The first is a “snow queen” style in a black, long fur coat. bijou is well known as a glam casual clothing brand. The “Insomnia” is the outfit set of a black fur coat and sexy, silky bodysuit. In the set, both the realistic sculpted prim parts and normal prim parts are included. We can select which ones to wear depending on the conditions of the place where we go. The skin “Summer” is the newest one from Redgrave. Natural and elegant features will be welcome by fashionable girls. The heels are also from Redgrave. The artistic decorations of the heels make our feet look beautiful.

Style 1 Skin Redgrave 04b Tan Skin Summer DeepRed Eyes: Redgrave Eyes Summer SmokyBlue Fur & Bodysuit: bijou Insomnia Heels: Redgrave Feather Heels -BlackGloves: Fleur Gloves Medium Black Earrings: LaGyo Frizz Earrings Ring: LaGyo Be Careful Ring Silver Bag: Hotel Swan feat. 69 Champagne Black -

“Snow princess in town” style is the next one. The tartan suit from Modern Gypsy is made of a Christmas colored texture. Especially “red” is a symbolic color of Christmas. I selected a red beret, cute hair by Vanity Hair. The beret is color changeable, so we can wear it in several styles. The Jolie skin from Dutch Touch is really adorable. The blonde brows, pink cheeks and red “heart shaped” lips are perfect for the Christmas cute look. The thigh high boots are the latest release from J’s. Their simple and stylish design will catch all fashionistas’ hearts. I added the gorgeous necklace from LaGyo to this style. It’s so unique and detailed.

Style 2 Skin: DUTCH TOUCH ~ Jolie PaleApricot PiP4 CL2 Eyes: Redgrave Eyes Summer SmokyBlue Hair: !VA! (Vanity Hair) Come Rain or Shine 2 Auburn Suits: Modern Gypsy Sorina Belle Dress Necklace: LaGyo Frida Necklace Black/Gold Belt: M * A * ii * K * I High Waisted Belt *Patent Black* Boots: J’s Thigh High Boots Bag: Hotel Swan feat. 69 - Gift Box + Nail -

The traditional new year style of Japan is the third style. “Oshougatsu style” I call it. “Oshougatsu” means new year. In RL I like to wear kimonos ‘cause my RL mother is a teacher of Japanese dance and my grandmother owned a wholesale store of kimonos. Since I was a child, I’ve worn kimonos on every holiday. The cherry blossoms and waves in this texture are auspicious graphics in Japan. This kimono is perfect for the new year celebration. In the set, the kimono, obi and shoes are also included. You can try the Japanese new year style in SL.

Style 3 Skin: JM Mai Skin Devonz Pure Red Eyes: Madesigns INNOCENCE eyes - Autumn Plum Nail: Candy Nail #000 Basic Nail Red Hair: *SHOP SEU* --Pompadour Hair [Purple Brown]-Kimono & Shoes: Milky House HarunoHasakura - HS RD Hair accessories: Milky Hair Ornament Sakura-Cho

Some people will spend their holidays at a mountain resort. “Snow casual” is the last style. The amazing realistic fur and leather coat was released in the last winter from Ce cubic effect. It’s surely the must-have for both girls and boys. The hair with leather hat is from Kyoot Army. The newest Eclat skin from LeLutka is really natural. It works nice both for the casual and glam styles. The leggings from Zaara Couture are really stylish. I didn’t want to make this style too decorative, therefore I selected this simple belt from Maitreya.

Style 4 Skin: LeLutka Eclat Pale Makeup5 Eyes: LeLutka City MORNING Eyes Hair: Kyoot Army [KA] - Wynter Platinum (Cream Hat) Coat: !_Ce Cubic effect ~ Leather & Fur Long coat (Beige) Sweater: *DPS Uniiiqlo Turtle Knit White (Scripted) Pants: Zaara Couture Nishar Leggings Ivory Boots: J’s 3Way Engineer Boots[LADY’s] Belt: Maitreya Coin Belt Beige Gloves: Vette’s Boutique ~ V gloves (White) A

My Precious Queen Contest

Road to

Royalty part 2 the Island of Gods

By Imani Enzo Photos by Vera Canning

proud sponsor of the My Precious Queen Contest that culminates in early 2010. Many beautiful contestants have competed each month for the title of Royal Princess and an opportunity to vie for the title of My Precious Queen. Up for grabs

Last month, we brought you the first three

are some great prizes which include cash, gift

lovelies competing for the coveted title of My

cards, admission into AVENUE Model Academy,

Precious Queen. The contest was initiated by

and a photo shoot for AVENUE Magazine. Here’s

Agnes Finney, the creative force behind the My

your chance to learn more about the second

Precious brand. Her elegant designs are bound

group of beauties seeking the title of My Precious

to make any lady feel like a queen. AVENUE is a


Diana Darkfold Royal Princess - May 2009 Diana is described as a friendly, spontaneous, and thoughtful individual who enjoys photography, fun, and meeting new people. She views SL™ as an amazing world filled with creative people and wonderful places to shop and explore. Favorite My Precious Design: “Beatrice - It is such a stylish, elegant dress. At the same time, it is also very sexy and beautifully created.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “Winning would be such an honor. I would represent Agnes Finney and My Precious with pride and dignity.” Style tip: “Knee length boots are very stylish and will make your legs look longer - I recommend Prestige from Bax Coen.”

Annamaria Manatiso Royal Princess - October 2009 Annamaria is a fun-loving, caring, and loyal individual who places a high value on friendship and enjoys meeting new people. She counts modeling and dancing among her favorite SL activities and indicates that she loves SL because it enables her to meet people and experience things she may not otherwise be able to. She hopes to one day broaden her talents by becoming a stylist and/or clothing designer, but for now she’s dedicated to being the best model she can be. Favorite My Precious Design: “I fell in love with The Queen of Roses. To me, it represents everything My Precious Princess is about. I personally love the look of elegance and royalty of the design.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I have been a fan of Agnes Finney’s designs awhile now and would cconsider it an honor and a privilege to wear the crown of My Precious Royal Queen and represent such grace and elegance in the fashion world.” Style tip: “Pay close attention to details! Take the time to ensure that jewelry falls correctly or that your skirt prims and hair are just right. Editing can be a bit time consuming, but it’s well worth the look you will achieve.”

Ireland Anthony Royal Princess - June 2009 Ireland is outgoing and considers herself to be a bit of a thrill-seeker. She enjoys trying new things and values the bond she has with her sisters and friends in SL. This aspiring model has a classic sense of style that’s inspired by the class of Jacqueline Kennedy. She also adores pieces that are elegant, stylish, and sexy. Favorite My Precious Design: “Olivia - I love the classic lines! In addition, the sparkling texture makes it a very elegant and unforgettable gown.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “If selected, I would be the type of person that you can count on; I love doing things to the best of my ability and always do my best to conduct myself with grace and class.” Beauty Tip: “Be unique! Don’t try to copy a SL’s top model looks; create something your own, anything at all, that is uniquely yours and yours alone.”

Stay tuned. You’ll meet the final group of these lovely ladies in the next issue.


Model of the Month



and shape consultant, and


holds positions at Nicky

something that many of you already know. Mui Mukerji, AVENUE Magazine’s Model of the

Ree, Alienbear Designs, and Sparkle Skye. Let it be known that modeling define





Month, is a delightful person with

Despite all the success,

a wonderful personality and a heart

she still refers to herself

of gold. Over the past four years, the

as a normal girl from Hong

award-winning supermodel has built

Kong who loves shopping

a solid reputation in both print and

and values friendship and

runway modeling.

being able to help those in

Like many models, she has a beautiful

need above all things. This

and unique look, a great sense



of style, and the focus and will

recently took the time to

to succeed in the industry.

sit down to tell us more

Additionally, she’s a highly sought after fashion






Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Natasja Schumann

A Beauty Within

Imani Enzo: Please begin by telling us how you came to learn about SL™? Mui Mukerji: I learned about Second Life® from a friend I knew from SIMS Online. However, at that moment, the SL Beta version was only available for the United States, so I couldn’t access it. Later when it was available to other regions, I signed up and have been here ever since. IE: What about SL keeps you coming back? MM: My amazing friends, for sure! :) They are the reason which keeps me coming back. IE: How did you get your start in modeling? What was your first modeling job? MM: I started modeling in November 2006. I was in the Calla group and Tigerlily was recruiting someone who could model her hair. I submitted an entry and was lucky to be selected as her print model as my very first modeling job here.

IE: What are your views of formal model training? MM: Model training ought to include the basics of walking the catwalk, posing and styling. Other than that, you need to be familiar with the nature of the work and its environment. It is also important for you to have a great attitude and the ability to meet client expectations. All of these things would equip one to be a successful model. IE: You are a very talented shape designer; tell us what inspired you to start creating shapes? MM: Well, I didn’t really get any inspirations from others at all. I couldn’t find an ideal shape for myself and started to create some. This was how I began creating shapes. IE: Tell me about your most rewarding SL experience. MM: The friendships I’ve built during my time in Second Life have been my most rewarding experiences. Nothing is more important than the friendships. IE: Which do you prefer, print or runway modeling? Why? MM: I love both. They both require different skills. As a result, I gain different types of experience when I do both. IE: What characteristics do you believe great models possess? MM: Great models have good attitudes, are responsible and are able to work under many different conditions.

IE: What do you enjoy about your

inventory that your avatar absolutely can’t

modeling career?

live without.

MM: Well, it’s the fun being different.

MM: Eyelashes ^^!

Modeling enables me to try some

IE: Is there anything else that you’d like

things that I can’t do in RL.

to share before we end this interview?

IE: How difficult is it to succeed in

to Alienbear Gupte, Nicky Ree, Anita

modeling in SL? MM:






challenging entering the industry now. More agencies are hiring people who have experience being





Raymaker, Kate McLaglen and all the other great people who helped me and cheered me up during my rough time last year.

or training already. Also,

MM: I would love to just say thanks



maintain good networking

Mui also said that if she failed

connections can be difficult

to mention you by name, please

at times because people





memory rather than her

someone who is active in

heart. She sends you all a

SL fashion events.

big hug.






Mui Mukerji is a supermodel

reputation as a great fashion

with a supersized personality

stylist. Who are some of

and heart. She’s a remarkable

your favorite designers?

lady that you can’t help

MM: I love the designs of

but route for. We wish you



continued success and are

Ree, Sparkle Skye, Amutey

happy to have you as





Decuir, and Agnes Finney. IE: Name one thing in your

part of the AVENUE family.


Second Life Enterprise Second Life Behind the Firewall

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Tillie Ariantho

Since the public release of Second Life® in 2003, businesses and governments have seen the potential of virtual worlds and have utilized them to conduct meetings between employees and teams working in different parts of the world, as well as used SL™ to create content and test new ideas far more cheaply than having to run a similar test in the real world. Now Linden Lab® has released Second Life Enterprise™, which had the code name of Nebraska during the alpha and beta tests that were conducted by Linden Lab, IBM, and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, Rhode Island. SL Enterprise is quite simply an SL environment set up behind the firewall of the company or government entity that requires a virtual world presence to facilitate operations and ensure a degree of security. SL Enterprise was unveiled on November 4th, 2009, at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in San Francisco, which was moderated by Douglas Thompson, known in-world as Dusan Writer with a live feed into the Metanomics studio in-world and broadcast in-world and on the web. Representing Linden Lab was Chief Executive Officer, Mark Kingdon (M. Linden in-world), and he described SL Enterprise as a way for a globally-based workforce to increase collaboration, which would allow said workforce to innovate more rapidly. More so than traditional meetings in the real world. Mr. Kingdon also added that presently there are 1,300 to 1,400 business enterprises or organizations in-world that use SL to basically perform everything that they would do in the real world, such as recruiting, conducting meetings, scenario based planning, data visualization, and every other task that a business would perform in the real world. He also gave the example of a furniture designer who uses SL to design her products and conduct all aspects from design to distribution and the need for security as required by her company, and pointed to SL Enterprise as the solution for businesses who wish to use SL for the collaborative process and

the security of having their regions behind their own firewall. He concluded his presentation and added that to learn more about SL Enterprise, one would need to visit the SL website at: The one time price for businesses to adopt the behind the firewall SL environment was quoted at $55,000 United States Dollars. The end users of the SL Enterprise beta system, the National Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) and IBM, were represented at the RL conference and the SL taping of Metanomics. NUWC used SL Enterprise to help in the design of the next generation combat attack centers, which are in nuclear submarines. Douglas Maxwell, who was at the Enterprise 2.0 conference, and Steven Aguiar, who appeared in-world at Metanomics, discussed how SL Enterprise brought all aspects of design together, allowing for input with the end user, in this case, the United States Navy. The use of SL Enterprise has also revolutionized training for the Submarine Force as Mr. Aguiar stated. SL Enterprise immerses the student in the information that was impossible in the real world training syllabus. The other end user for SL Enterprise, IBM was represented by Neil Katz, who stated that the virtual world technology would be used to foster collaboration between remote teams in developing areas around the world and for learning activities within the enterprise. All in all, SL Enterprise represents a new approach to work, where companies use the technology to bring about collaboration and innovation at speeds that could not be even imagined a decade ago. With an SL environment with the added security of being behind the firewall of a company’s system, productivity and the development of new products have the potential to revolutionize the way business is conducted worldwide.


Hosting a


easier is

than keeping up with


OzWebHostingsServices provide you with your own webspace with multiple connections around the globe.

visit us inworld - DC District [111.153.1002] visit us online -

DJ of the month

Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Trinidad Anatine

Jayce Slade is building an entertainment empire. In just over a year, he’s transitioned from a successful club owner and freelance DJ to the owner and operator of one of the hottest urban radio stations on the grid. The station, WJAY 106.9 “The Experience”, specializes in R&B, hip hop, neo-soul, and reggae tunes and features some of the most creative marketing and on air talent around. Be advised that WJAY is not a radio station for wallflowers; Jayce Slade and his team really know how to throw a party. As a result, they are all in high demand as it relates to hosting grand openings, parties, and club events. Their hard work has garnered the station a huge following of loyal listeners who come out to support their activities and events in droves. Jayce’s goals are simple. He just wants to provide good tunes, make sure that the listeners enjoy themselves, and build upon his already successful brand. He’s been able to accomplish this and much more with his unique brand of live and uncut entertainment, which may consist of anything from comedy, to trivia contests, to performances by the WJAY Solid Gold Dancers. In November, Jayce celebrated the 1st anniversary of WJAY by launching its sister station KRNB 97.7 “The Groove”. “The Groove” is considered to be the softer side of WJAY and will feature a more conservative approach to entertainment. Specifically, KRNB will feature more grown up and laid back R&B music and cater to listeners who enjoy a more mellow and relaxing vibe than WJAY offers. As you can tell, Jayce Slade is anything but your run-of-the-mill radio DJ; he’s an entertainer and a businessman who’s focused, talented, and successful. More impressively, he’s a humble and considerate man who readily credits his amazing staff and loyal listeners for much of his success. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk shop with Mr. Slade recently, and here’s what he had to say: What inspired you to launch a radio station in SL™? “I immediately took to the music scene. After speaking with a few DJs, I started spinning in September 2007. I started grinding real hard to build a fan base as a freelance DJ. Once I did, I just decided to launch WJAY 106.9 *THE EXPERIENCE*.” What sets Jayce Slade apart from other DJs? What motivates you? “I am very interactive and do my best to entertain my audience. I think what sets me apart is that I

honestly consider myself more of a Radio Personality than a DJ. I do so because of the respect that I have for DJs in the true sense of the term. My listeners motivate me. When they enjoy themselves and provide positive feedback, it makes me want to be even better the next time so I can further pique their interest.” What are your biggest influences? “Well, I am influenced by any music that sends a positive message and a good vibe. Of course, I like to wild out sometimes, but I love anything with a good message. As far as business is concerned, I soak up whatever I can from a lot of different sources. I am currently obtaining a business degree in RL, and I find the concepts very interesting. I’m excited about the things I am learning and applying them in SL.” You spend a lot of time handling requests and dedications; if you could request one song, what would it be and who would you dedicate it to? “I would dedicate ‘I Go Hard’ by DJ Khaled to my hard working staff. They are a big part of the station’s success. When I am absent from the game, they can handle full operation of the station and keep things going the same as if I were present.” Which of your regular weekly events do you most enjoy? “Actually, I enjoy them all because I get to vibe differently for each. For example, I like Rehab at Vegas on Mondays (9-11pm SLT) because we wild out and have a blast. I like ‘Getcha in the Mood’ on Thursdays at Cruiz’s Cotton Club (7-9pm SLT) because it’s more laid back fun. I also enjoy doing ‘Real Talk’, my live and uncensored talk show, on Sundays (4-6pm SLT) because I get the opportunity to have fun while being informative.” What’s next for Jayce Slade? “To be honest, who knows? We have so many ideas in the works… I think you will just have to wait and see.” One thing is for certain, you can expect big things from this talented entertainer. To find out where Jayce is appearing next or how you can tune in to WJAY or KRNB, visit


Moving Images

On a Lark with

making machinima



For Larkworthy Antfarm, machinima is a fascinating medium for someone like her who is "interested in multimedia applications that combine art, poetry, and music". A deeply creative person, she supports the creative commons and believes in "sharing freely (rather) than hoarding talents or being silenced by corporates who make decisions based on money". "I am interested in exploring the possibilities of this new medium," she emails, sharing with me her thoughts on the subject. "I am pretty green at this machinima stuff. I do what I have to do. Director, actor, musician, puppeteer. Jack-of-all-trades. In RL, I am a poet, artist and teacher. Second LifeÂŽ really sparked my imagination. I found my art transformed by the collaborative worlds here. How amazing the grid is. A movie studio at my fingertips. Technical abilities far surpassing any of those that the old silent film makers and studios that created Hollywood possessed. More than Disney had when he started. Plus I have creative control. All on my computer!" Larkworthy is having the time of her virtual life creating machinima that tugs on the heartstrings of many who watch it. One of her pieces, Urashima Taro, recently won the 2009 Machinima Art-

Wr i t t e n by Isadora Fiddlesticks P hotogr a ph y by Blaz Halfpint

ists Guild award under the LOVE category. As some who are interested in Japanese myths and legends, they may know of a story that tells of a man who fell in love with an underwater princess. There are many versions of this story, and for this machinima, Larkworthy reenacted the legend using the princess's version and used the lovely Japanese-themed sim Hosoi Ichiba, which we happened to feature last August. The sim served as a very rich background for Antfarm's masterpiece, something that she says resonates with anyone who has fallen in love in-world. Antfarm has a very interesting and poignant interpretation of the ancient story and manages to apply it in Second Life. I find her explanation very much true and timely for everyone who is in Second Life, for the legend is more than a story‌it has become a lesson and a reminder.

"Everyone knows the story of a man or woman who forgets RL and home and becomes lost in Second Life with the one he or she loves. Ultimately though, like Urashima, everyone must go back to RL sometime. Many tears virtual and real have been shed in Second Life. No difference between SL™ and RL. Love is precious and its loss is painful. I loved doing an old Japanese folktale. It appealed to my interest in mythology and history." She finds her victory in the LOVE category of the awards an honor and acknowledges those who have helped her make it possible. She considers them "amazingly talented people who share their knowledge, their skills, who encourage and embrace, who understand what a grand experiment this whole virtual reality thing is". Larkworthy Antfarm looks forward to creating more machinima involving "extravagant costume dramas". "There are so many ideas, images, places rattling around in my head. Most just a TP away," she says. Indeed, with the ever changing and improving dynamics surrounding Second Life, we may find her producing more machinima that captures the past and making it more tangible in this era. A

“A movie studio at my fingertips.”


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au naturel

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Featured photographer

r e b u a T Paola

sharing her visual offspring with the world Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Paola Tauber


s you walk down the halls of the gallery, glancing at each picture, you would think you were looking at real life art pasted

into our virtual world. Doing a double take, you realize that this is virtual art, and you are stunned. Who could’ve created these realistic images, these masterful pieces of art that grace the walls of this gallery? And then you realize it could only be one person, one of the skilled masters of photography: Paola Tauber. Join us now as we share a little about the genius behind the camera.

SENSUOUS SOULSTAR: Thanks for taking the time to sit and chat with me, Paola. I’m going to just jump right in to the important questions. How did you get your start in photography? PAOLA TAUBER: I wanted to do my modeling portfolio and take part in a couple of competitions, which I failed at miserably, so I started messing around with taking pictures. It was so hard to understand the interface and everything: all my first pictures were turning out squashed. With time, I started to develop a more intimistic style, less attached to the fashion industry, more conceptual and emotional, so to speak.

SS: And was photography your first venture, or did you try your hand at something else first? PT: Soon after I shed the ugly default avi, I took a keen interest in the fashion industry. I remember when I was hanging out at Minnu’s with one of my “helpers” shopping for some serious skin, and I was looking at the adverts hanging in the shop and said: “I want to become beautiful like ‘them’... and model!”

SS: What was the first thing you ever shot in SL™, and how did it turn out? PT: Myself, and I turned out looking like an egg. Since then I hope to have improved! SS: Out of all of your work, is there one photograph that means the most to you, one that really stands out as your favorite? PT: This is a tough question! My pictures are an offspring of my soul, each one related to a specific feeling, emotion, or memory that prompted me to create it. It’s really a surge for me, an imperative sometimes, to express that particular feeling I have at the time, often stimulated by music. It’s difficult to explain. I do work in a state of frenzy, like in ecstasy, when I’m doing my private pics. So, you see, each one is important, is relevant. Because each emotion is sacred to me; they make me who I am. I really, simply cannot choose.

SS: Tell me more about your work. Do you own a

the same few names mentioned when it comes

studio? Shoot for a store or business?

to visual arts. I want to give that enormous,

PT: Recently I’ve been offered a gallery space

unrecognized pool of talent that is out there

[Grizedale 143,10,30] at East River Community

some space and recognition in-world. Other

by my good friend Indigo Mertel. She’s an amazing

than that, I do also own a studio at East River

builder and a very mature and responsible

Community: a big white box!

community leader. East River is a very peaceful

Professionally, to pay for my shoes addiction, I

environment, with a distinct Southern European

work for AVENUE and have been asked to do some

zest, in which I feel very relaxed and receptive:

private projects. AVENUE I love. It’s really a vibrant

ideal conditions to open up those creative

team. I think it all comes down to Rusch: she’s

floodgates. For now I’m exhibiting my own

a true leader; she knows how to inspire people

work at p:Arte gallery, starting December 5th.

to make the best of their ability and improve

But I do plan soon after the opening to offer the

continuously. Regarding the private projects,

space to other more talented artists.

they really have to strike a chord for me to take

As you may know, I primarily use Flickr to

them up. My SL is kind of busy with the magazine,

publish my work. There are so many amazing

my personal work, time with friends, etc., so I do

photographers and artists working with SL who I

need to feel in sync and resonate deeply with the

feel are a bit unknown in-world. You always hear

other person before working with them.

SS: Since you mentioned our beloved AVENUE, tell me a little more about your position and how you got your start. PT: I’m the curator for “Inspirations”, plus senior designer, and there are other opportunities coming up due to the magazine continuously improving. I joined by chance. I met Rusch at a club, and we immediately got along very well. She’s one of my best friends, and our friendship was born and goes beyond the professional environment. When she mentioned that some spreads were late for the magazine, I just offered to help out, being a graphic designer in real life with some experience in magazine design and production. With time, I also mentioned to her about having a small section of the magazine called “Inspirations”. It’s really part of my desire to share the great artwork I see every day on Flickr, inspired by and created in SL. Very visual, no messing around with words: just letting the stunning pictures speak for themselves. Rusch said yes, and now it’s more or less a regular feature...when I don’t skip an issue.

SS: Now I have to know, what brought you to Second Life®? And what were those first moments like? PT: Back in 2007 I was playing another MMOW (Massive Multiplayer Online World). In 2008 a group of friends from that crowd started peeking at SL, and I followed suit out of sheer curiosity for “the other place” as we used to call SL. Those first moments were very confusing and a total mess! But at the same time very exciting: a whole new world was opening before my eyes. I was lucky enough to meet some very kind people in my first few days who guided me and showered me with gifts. I quickly got rid of the ugly duckling that the default avatar was back then. To be honest, it’s all so long ago and I’m notorious for having a very bad memory.

SS: Finally, do you have any last words for our readers? PT: My passion for shoes? On a more serious note, I’d like to invite you and our readers to visit p:Arte [Grizedale 143,10,30] starting from December. I will run my personal art for some time, but with the new year I plan to display much more variety and a very exciting selection of works from other artists. Thank you, Sensuous, for offering to interview me, and I do hope to see you all soon at p:Arte or somewhere in SL... quite possibly shoe shopping!



AVENUE Magazine December 2009