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August 2010

Mea Culpa

Photo by Boe Cortes

AVENUE | Publisher's note

Rusch Raymaker Rusch Raymaker Publisher & Editor in Chief AVENUE


his issue started out to be a print issue for the Second Life Community Convention but as it turned out real life took a wild turn when a family member of my partner Jesika Contepomi passed away and we had to forego printing in real life. Nonetheless, our team has forged on and worked on their multitude of assignments with fervor, creativity and commitment which has really touched our hearts. This whole experience has led me to remind me how short our lives really are. That we should take the time to appreciate all that we have in both lives... to seize each moment we have to show our gratitude for the friendships, families and experiences we live our lives to the fullest and make a difference. So here we are with a very special issue, that commemorates all the special people in our lives and I want to dedicate this issue to our extended family in AVENUE and all of you that continue to support us with your love and friendship. To love and life!

AVENUE | Editor's note

Isadora Fiddlesticks Photo by Boe Cortes

Isadora Fiddlesticks Managing Editor AVENUE


t’s another special issue from AVENUE Magazine, as we decided to do a lot of our “best of” this month. For most of the magazine’s features, we’ve decided to pick out the “creme de la creme” of clubs, machinima, fashion, business and many more. It is such an undertaking we took really seriously and gave a lot of consideration on, for we constantly had to make sure we also get to feature the unknown gems that we thought were truly the best when it comes to their field. In all my three years of staying in this virtual world, I have found that not everything lasts forever in Second Life. Builds disappear, content gets ripped, people lose interest and take their creations away, and we are constantly upgrading. With the grid always changing and evolving, there is this need and pressure to immortalize what was built and created before it goes off to oblivion. In AVENUE Magazine, we are keen to immortalize what we can in fashion, people, places, events, and art all around Second Life. We aim to immortalize, through our interesting articles and immersive photography, everything that influenced Second Life. Here’s hoping our magazine commemorates and honors those who deserve to be honored, before they are gone.

Edge of Style Art in Fashion

34 Cover Story Mea Culpa

AVENUE Magazine July 2010 cover Featuring (left to right) Mea Culpa Asian Sundown worn by AVENUE Model Tralove Pinazzo Photographer: Sennaspirit Coronet




Fun with Fashion Art in Fashion

46 Featured Designer Boudoir 62 Trendspotting 74 Fashion Feature Morphography 106 Fashion Agenda Boudoir Secrets 116 My Precious Queen Contest 128 AVENUE Homme 150 Sim Review Okaasan


SL Culture What a wonderful World

156 Interesting Sims Lost World + Alpha Point 172 Lifestyle 184 Sporting SL SFL 190 Business Feature 196 Live Music Harry Frychester 206 Club of the Month 222 Moving Images 230 Second Life TV

Magazine : issue 23


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Natasja Schumann Blaz Halfpint Jarl Soderstrom Boe Cortes Thalia Jie Tillie Ariantho Kyrie Source Vixie Rayna


Sennaspirit Coronet Belle Starsider

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Credit: Poses by Body Talking

Mea Culpa

AVENUE | Cover Story

Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Boe Cortes


Guilty Never Looked So Good

guilty pleasure has never been a good thing. Usually sinful, fattening, or even too expensive, guilty pleasures have always come at a steep price, and should only be enjoyed in moderation‌that is, until now. Mea Culpa is a guilty pleasure that breaks all the rules, and enjoying these designs in moderation is not recommended! Tatanka Kaligawa has done something few men will ever accomplish: created a guilty pleasure for women that we should actually indulge in. After delving into Kaligawa’s Mea Culpa, never again will guilty look this good.

Sensuous Soulstar: Thank you for allowing me to explore your guilty mind! I’ve just got to know, how did you get into the fashion realm, and more specifically, the world of ladies’ fashion? Tatanka Kaligawa: I am addicted to fantasy art and Sci-Fi. These kinds of designs always caught my eye. Today, Rhianna and Lady Gaga make this extravagant and avant-garde style so popular. In SL® I had the opportunity to realize my own fantasies about Haute Couture and avant-garde style. I would see a lot of wonderful and fantastic designs, but they all seemed to follow a commercial path. I searched for extravagant and extraordinary creations, and I did not really find what I had in mind. I wanted to create something different and outstanding. So, I started designing what I had in mind and founded Mea Culpa. SS: When did you feel that you had really gotten into your niche designing for women, and what was the first thing you created that made you feel you were truly a designer? TK: It took me a few gowns and creations to find my way. I set up a shop and realized that others liked my designs. After I released “Asian Nights,” I realized that I had made an extraordinary design from the very wonderful response I received. This led me to design more and more in that kind of style. Yet, I cannot focus on one type of style, as I want to showcase all my fantasies in many different styles. But with all of my creations you will see my personal

touch, and you will be able to spot each and every design that I made if you see them out on the grid. SS: As a designer, what is your definition of “fashion?” Not just the latest “it” fashion, but what do you think really makes for iconic fashion? TK: When you talk about “commercial fashion” it is more about what someone tells you fashion is or has to be. People will tell you what fashion is for the season, but that’s not always what I would call fashion. For me, fashion is being brave enough to realize your own style and fantasies by showing off your personality in the clothing you wear. SS: Now let’s get into Mea Culpa. Tell me a little about its creation, including the background on the name, and how it applies to the brand? TK: “Mea Culpa” comes from the Latin language and means “I am guilty.” As for my creations, I admit to being guilty about my excitement on the feedback I get from my customers when they wear my designs. SS: So tell me, where does the inspiration for these guilty designs come from? TK: As mentioned before, most of my ideas come from fantasy art designs and Sci-Fi. Also, I have been influenced by a few designers I have seen in SL that really caught my eye. You will also see ethnic influences too, which were inspired by journeys and trips I’ve taken in my life.

Credit: Poses by Body Talking

SS: Your designs are incredible, so unique and sexy. Did you feel there was something missing here in SL that you needed to bring into the fashion world? TK: I realized that many designs are very conservative for my tastes. They’re too dreamy and unrealistic. My goal was to design clothing that presents the power of the ladies; designs that are avant-garde, but that could still be worn in RL. SS: I’m curious, do you strive to have an impact on the fashion world, or do you even care about what the fashion community has to say? TK: First, I intend to realize and design my ideas. But, sure, it is important for me to know that my creations are seen and liked. As I work on my different styles, of course not every single one will be liked by everyone. Until now, I’ve gotten mostly good criticism and it feels wonderful that I have found my place in the fashion industry. This shows me that I did well with my creations and they cannot be too bad. (Smiles) SS: What should we expect next from Mea Culpa? Can we get a sneak peek on any details from this coming season’s line? TK: As my designs mostly come from impromptu ideas and I always try to be outstanding with my creations, I really cannot tell you about any particular styles, colors or even a special look since I do not even know that myself. The only

thing I can say is that I will continue to work on surprising and impressing my customers. SS: Again, I want to thank you for taking the time out for this interview, and I want to leave the readers on a positive note. With that being said, is there anything as far as advice, a life lesson, or even a funny story that you’d care to share?

"I think you should not dream your life away, but rather you should live your dreams!"

TK: SL provides the opportunity for everyone to realize dreams and fantasies that cannot be done in RL. I think you should not dream your life away, but rather you should live your dreams! SS: I couldn’t have put that any better myself. We look forward to the upcoming season’s surprises, and can’t wait to see what new ideas Mea Culpa has in store. A


AVENUE | Featured Designer


Written by Thalia Jie Second Life ® Photography by Thalia Jie Additional Photographs provided by Boudoir

estled amongst the myriad of stores in the cobbled streets of Zagreb, Croatia is the boutique, Boudoir, at 22 Radićeva Street. Its display window and clothing racks are filled with frothy, romantic cocktail dresses and evening gowns -- timeless, elegant, vintage romantic pieces. These delectable concoctions of lace, silk and delicate pastels are designed by sisters Morana Saračević and Martina ČičkoKarapetrić.

in Two Worlds

"When I create in Second Life, I feel like I’m holding a magic wand and I’m able to do pure magic"

Boudoir also exists in Second Life®, where these creative sisters refuse to put limits on their imaginations, and have taken their passionate love of fashion design and innovation into a virtual world. After finishing their studies at the School for Applied Art and Design and graduating from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, these talented designers firmly established themselves as part of the Croatian fashion scene by regularly presenting their collections to admiring audiences. The “Boudoir Chronicles Spring/Summer 2005” collection won the sisters a Fashion Oscar for the best designer collection of that year.

/Skin Dream Ink Design Milka in Vampire Makeup 18.2 /Hair Calico Ingmann Creations Monique in Light Chestnut /Eyes MADesigns Eyes Abyss in Dead Sea /Earrings Morantique Boudoir Earrings /Gown Boudoir Celeste

/Skin Dream Ink Design Milka in Vampire Makeup 18.8 /Hair LeLutka Pompai in Blue Night /Eyes MADesigns Eyes Awake in Cyan /Choker PERTURB/ation Eden Choker /Gloves La Maison Kaestner Leather Gloves in Blue /Gown Boudoir Dirty Faded Couture

Boudoir’s collective successes continued with a collaboration in the worldwide marketing project, “DOVE – Campaign for Real Beauty”, for which they designed a capsule collection. Currently, three of their original hats are included in the hat collection of the Museum of the City of Zagreb. Boudoir’s unique fashion signature has made it one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the country. In Second Life, Boudoir gowns have that same timeless, romantic style mixed with pure, sexy elegance that has made the sisters fashion brand so successful. “The clothes I create in Second Life are very feminine and elegant,” explained Morana. “I am always trying to make something original, that no-one else has made before. It’s what I find interesting for myself, what I would wear. Here in Second Life as in real life, my creations can be very commercial or they can be just artistic eccentric pieces.” “When I first started creating dresses, I based my designs on my real life gowns, but then I realized that I can do so much more in Second Life. It is a perfect platform for any artist,” Morana explained. “When I create in Second Life, I feel like I’m holding a magic wand, and I’m able to do pure magic where all my ideas can come true. The real challenge would be to transform Second Life art into real life.” You can find Boudoir at Zora [61.205.303] or read about their latest releases at www. A

AVENUE | Trendspotting

Styled, Modeled & Photographed by Kyrie Source

//LEFT// Skin: Laqroki - Aline Fair Hair: Boudoir - Bomb Body: Baiastice - Illyen tiger print Nails & rings & bangles: Mandala - Takara Necklace: Mandala - Takayama Gloves: Cheerno – Diamond Shoes: AW Design - Artizan

//RIGHT// Skin: Laqroki - Aline Milky Hairbase: Miamai Hair: Miamai - Krea Sunglasses: DD Style - Sunglasses turt black Body: Source - Geometric bodysuit Necklace: Mandala - Hannya Earrings: Mandala - Takayama Shoes: Indyra Originals – I.O. Coquette Noir

//LEFT// Skin: Laqroki - Aline Fair Hair: Boudoir - Sweet Irma Sunglasses: Artilleri - Greta nautical white Nails & rings: Mandala - Takara Earrings & necklace & bracelet: Mandala - Pearl Rain Swimsuit: Miamai - Bettie Fur stole: Miamai - Varanasi Shoes: Baiastice - Camilla

//RIGHT// Skin: Laqroki - Aline Fair Hair: Po De Arroz - MisSeiling Earrings & necklace: Morantique - Rita Nera Bracelet: Mandala - Lotus chain Nails & rings: Mandala - Takara Hat: Boudoir - Bird cage top Body: Baiastice - Luna Shoes: Urbanity - Extreme black heels

//LEFT// Skin: Laqroki - Aline Fair Hairbase: Miamai Hair: Vanity Hair - Venice Earrings & necklace: Rozoregalia – Aludra Body: Baiastice – Arina bikini Shoes: Anuda - Intense

//CENTER// Skin: Laqroki - Aline Fair Hairbase: Miamai Hair: Bliss Hair Couture - Mari Shades: Modern Gypsy - Couture eyewear Earrings: Modern Gypsy - Arch Manson Gloves: Cheerno – Diamond Bag: Orta - Estelle Body: Baiastice - Leuca Boots: G Field - Short lace-up

//RIGHT// Skin: Laqroki - Aline Fair Mask: Miamai - Les Makeups Hair: Vanity Hair - Samsara! Earrings & necklace: Mandala - Amida Necklace: Mandala - Kagetora Nails: Mandala - Takara Swimsuit: Miamai - Bo Shoes: N-Core - Shark Xtreme Heels II

//LEFT// Skin: Laqroki - Aline Fair Hairbase: Miamai Hair: Miamai - Reka Nails & rings: Mandala - Takara Earrings & necklace: Kunglers Extra - Sementes Bikini: Casa Del Shai - Shai Tie Dye Tattoo: Aitui - Aka Hyou Shoes: House of Fox - Heeless DoublePlatform pumps

//CENTER// Skin: Laqroki - Aline Fair Hairbase: Miamai Hair: Bliss Hair Couture - Lang Earrings & necklace: Morantique - Drastik Spirit Nails & rings: Mandala - Takara Swimsuit: Miamai - Bea Boots: SLink - Mikaela

//RIGHT// Skin: Laqroki - Aline Fair Hairbase: Miamai Hair: Miamai - Anna bun Earrings & necklace: Mandala - Shaka Nails & rings: Mandala - Takara Top: Gasqhe - Bonnie bolero Bottom: Baiastice - Amalfi Shoes: NX-Nardcotix - Mana Dezi


AVENUE | Fashion Feature


orphing is becoming an increasingly popular photographic technique in Second Life®. Love it or hate it, it’s a trend that looks like it is here to stay for a while. If you don’t believe me, just browse Flickr® or take a peek at some SL® profile pictures. You will find that many residents are posting images that showcase their avatar faces blended into an RL picture to create a new seamless photo that attempts to give what many consider to be a more stunning realistic look. Truth be told, there are some photographers who try their hand at morphing that really should stick to more traditional photography. However, there are a few who are quite good at it and are worthy of your patronage. One such photographer is the talented Haedeon Gateaux. Haedeon is the owner of Morphography, an inworld photography studio that specializes in Morphing techniques. I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Haedeon to discuss Morphography and his passion for his work. Here’s what he had to say...

Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Haedeon Gateaux

Get Morphed!

most morphers out there, I would say that my Imani Enzo: How did you get started with college education and years of experience have morphing photos? given me a better understanding of color and Haedeon Gateaux: I am passionate about composition. both photography and graphic design in RL I.E.: Tell me about Morphography’s pricing and SL. Specifically, I have been playing with structure and your availability. photography in SL for nearly 5 years and I got H.G.: The pricing structure is as follows: 1500L my start in morphing after walking into a store for a single morph; 2000L for two single morphs, one day and seeing a realistic picture on the child avatars and pregnant photos; and, 2500L wall. A friend told me about morphing and I just for couples pictures (this includes wedding). fell in love with the idea and decided to take on a Additionally, specific or special photos that may new challenge. Now, I pretty much focus solely be difficult to locate will cost an additional 500L on morphing. per hour if I have to find a good picture for the I.E.: What excites you about morphing? How is customer but customers are free to look on their it different from traditional photography for you? own. I am usually available to shoot on Fridays H.G.: I get excited when I can fit an avatar face and Saturdays from 12 pm slt - 5pm slt and it on a model perfectly. It’s like the best feeling takes me a few days to get the finished pictures to put out a beautiful photo that people have back to customers. to look twice at. Morphing is different from I.E.: Where can traditional photography for me because it goes "You have to really understand AVENUE readers see samples of your work or beyond just taking a the artistry of the human make appointments for picture. You have to body and color theory" a photo shoot? really understand the H.G.: I invite the readers artistry of the human to visit my studio located on the Independence body and color theory. You have to know the Day SIM or check out my Flickr page (http:// form of a face and how to match it. Appointments I.E.: How long has Morphography been in may be scheduled at my studio or by contacting business and what is your vision for it? Also, how Morphography Manager, Belle Starsider or me do you stand out from your competition? in-world. H.G.: Morphography has been in business about If you are in the market for a morphed photo, 9 months now and my vision is to continue look no further. Morphography will deliver great to give people quality morphs as I continue quality and stunning results for a reasonable to experiment with more and more of what price. programming has to offer. In comparison with A

AVENUE | Edge of Style





ike the age-old dispute about the chicken or the egg, which came first, Art or Fashion? Whether we notice it or not, we are surrounded by art and creativity. We see it in everyday living to the more obvious gallery, exhibitions and performing arts. Fashion is no different. When it comes to Second Life® virtual fashion, anything goes. If you can think it, you can most certainly wear it. As Second Life rapidly becomes the platform for artists and designers to use as a creative playing field, there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration and creativity. Fashion in SL® has so much potential that it’s becoming just as much a form of art as it is a necessity. So whether you are inspired by surrealism, futurism, modernism, or any other ‘isms’ you know of, Second Life fashion has proven to be to a great expression of art.

Written | Styled Modelled | Photographed by Boe Cortes


/Skin Belleza Ewan v2 sk /Hair MADesigns SETH in ASHB III /Undershirt PixelFashion Bob sexy tank top /Skirt CheerNo Deuil George Kilt /Pants MichaMi Maisie Leggings in Black /Shoes TheAbyss NAU Combat Boots /Collar CheerNo Part of CAJ Shirt | Black Collar and Body Vest /Shoulders CheerNo Deuil-Kizzing Jamb Right Shoulder and part of LAMBERT Jacket in gray /Gloves YV VIVIEN short finger gloves in shiny black /Mask CheerNo Head Accessories Square Peacock

/Skin CheerNo Greed Ligth M#2 with Hair /Hair Boon ABY536 hair in black /Tattoo KiiToS!! Ivy Star /Shirt So What? Crochet Sweater /Pants AMERIE Harem Pants in Black /Leggings Connors Men’s Leggings in PaintG 1 /Shoes WMD Weird Monkey Design Kboots in Black /Shoulder Fins LeeZu! Boys Bon Voyage (Part) /Gloves LeeZu! Boys Bon Voyage (Part) /Belt CheerNo Draven Belt in Smart /Collar Cobrahive Parade Collar /Piercing Cobrahive Glam Piercing

/Skin CheerNo Teseu Tan Beard 1 with shaved /Hair MADesigns FURY 2 Bangs in Black /Jacket CheerNo KAHD coat in Print Gray 2 /Pants Kiitos! Sarrouel Pants in Black /Shoes GOS Docs 8 Hole in Cow /Collar Cobrahive Mononoke Collar /Mask Cobrahive Eye Wrap in black with chain Black /Belt The Black Canary Charisma Sash


AVENUE | Fun with Fashion

Art in Fashion Photography by Boe Cortes | Written, Styled & Modeled by Vixie Rayna


here is art in fashion, in the color of the fabrics to the shape of the design. One can find inspiration from the world around us and fashion allows not only the designer but the consumer to express themselves in wearable art. The wonderful designers of Second Life® offer us such an amazing array of styles from the modern chic to decadent avant-garde. This month’s column is all about expressing ourselves through the art of fashion. Modern art is often seen through a minimalist lens but often full of wonderful color and abstract angles. I travel to the “It was a blur” exhibit in Second Life to explore my own personal style using the bright hues and modern shapes of some favorite designs. Try to find your own inspiration, be it art or everyday life. Fashion is your own way to express personal style. There is no right or wrong.

Voluminous Color Skin Lelutka - Lola Sunkissed Makeup2 Hair Chantkare / Labieja - Kennedy in Brunette Shirt LG Femme - Paris Blouse in Lilac Panties R.icielli - Joanne High Waist Short in Lima Stocking Kunglers - Lacey in Stripped Poison Shoes Kookie - Yuki in Sun Yellow Earrings Kunglers Extra - Eldorado Gold Bangle Armidi Gisaci - Healing Tiger in Magic Lashes Glow Studio - Flutter Nails Candy Nails - Jewelry Box in Yellow

Blue Jumpsuit Apparatus Skin Glam Affair - Sofia Carnival 06 Hair Pididdle - Balloon Hair in Blonde Outfit Lelutka - Gabriella in Midnight Blue Belt Aoharu - Twin Skinny in Blue Shoes COCO - Multicolored Sandals Nails Candy Nail #P039 Dress Up Leopard Bangle Zaara - Nizam Choodiya Color Necklace Paper Couture - Tumbled Stone Statement

Kitschy Pink Skin Glam Affair - Leona - Pale Make up 8 Hair Vanity - Oh La La!! - Cream Dress LeeZu - Betty - Gray Lingerie LeeZu - Courtisane in Babypink Stockings Mika - Diamond Dancer in Rose Shoes Courtisane - Hors d’Haleine in Babypink Necklace/Earrings LeeZu - Bohemia Lashes GLOW Studio - Feather Goddess Hat LeeZu - Natty Scarf Pin Nails Candy Nails - Knit Bonbon Bangle Marcopol Oh Studio - Precieuse


AVENUE | Fashion Agenda

Boudoir Secrets Summer 2010


the Summer Away Written by Rachel Carstensz Photography by Tillie Aranthio


he sun is scorching this summer, and temperatures reached crazy heights as AVENUE celebrated its Boudoir Secrets Summer 2010 show. AVENUE models strutted their stuff in the hottest fashions to hit the grid by popular labels Blacklace, CB Designs, Corrupted Innocence and Shapes by Kira, Filipa Couture, GeWunjo, Lingerie Boutique, and Movin Lingerie with stylish heels from NXNardcotix. Along with the cutting edge designs and the show AVENUE’s models gave, the audience was spoiled with the dancing of the Dazzlers, who kept us wanting to see more. Carrie Bridger’s CB Designs were the first to hit the stage, showing everyone the softer side

of summer. In colors of pink, peach, red, and blue, the sets Eve, Miss Kitty, Lucy, and Summer provided a look for every occasion. With many wearing options and fabrics to choose from, these sets did not disappoint. Whether you’re feeling overly feminine or want to channel your natural side, each set was skillfully and seamlessly paired with highly detailed heels from Nardcotix. If you’re looking for a classic look with a side of raunchy, then Monyna Sak’s designs from Movin Lingerie are for you. Just the names of the outfits, Orlou, Goy, Dolor, and Adem, leave the mind wandering as to what these sets could possibly look like. With the rich color green for

the Goy set, and then the mixture of naughty and nice with Dolor in black and Orlou and Adem in white, Movin Lingerie had a set for every mood. The innocent white lacy outfits were accented with plunging necklines and high cut panties while the Dolor set was a classic, timeless lace teddy. Goy was cutting edge with its transparent top and sheer panties, leaving nothing to the imagination. Paired with these hot designs were the Breezie Stilettos, Ebony, and Kurvy heels by Nardcotix. Filipa Thespian of Filipa Couture is known for her use of unique textures and interesting design cuts. With the colors of love, pink, red, and white, the sets Succulent Flower, Hearts A Fire, and Mystique were sure to please. Flowers adorned these sets, bringing forth a strong feminine touch and feel that was completed by the optional skirt. The Chelo Denim shoes, Rebekah Pumps, and Varela heels by Nardcotix completed these delicate but sexy looks. Rounding out the Filipa Couture group was Sabrina in black. With numerous wearing options including a robe and jacket with flexi tails, Sabrina is not for the faint of heart. Paired with the Kurvy

T-Strap heels from Nardcotix, this look was elegant from head to toe. The Dazzlers titillated the senses in hair, skin, shapes, and outfits by Kira Paderborn of Corrupted Innocence and Shapes by Kira. The Meagan, London, Morgan, and Beth shapes were paired perfectly with the Peacock Lingerie, Blossom Lingerie, Sailor Dots Lingerie, and Farmgirl Lingerie. From designs that were inspired by Moulin Rouge to one inspired by the Navy, these designs fit every situation. The Absinthe, Chelo, Breezie Stilettos and Anessa heels from Nardcotix completed these themed looks. The tremendously sexy and sensual designs of Leanne Bebb of Lingerie Boutique appeal to the senses and encapsulate everything that femininity stands for. From the hot shade of Pink Passions to the cool colors of Sage Green and Vanilla, designs from Lingerie Boutique covered all the bases. Fabrics of silk, ruffles, and lace satisfied every want, and were matches made in heaven with heels from Nardcotix. Whenever the name Blacklace is uttered, thoughts of intricate designs and textures

along with cutting edge fashions come to mind. Mariska Simons has made Blacklace a common name found in every sensual woman’s closet. The rich colors of purple, red and black, and teal were the main focuses of the designs Holli, Tempest, Sienna, and Spring Flower. Tight fitting corsets, lacy stockings, and tiny panties mixed with fabrics of satin and lace completed these must-have designs. With numerous wearing options, each night is a new experience when wearing Blacklace. Heels by Nardcotix were the cherries to these sinfully sweet designs. Gewunjo designer, Maren Collas, playfully stretched the limits of fashion with designs Cachee, Lasccana, Saboore, and Korssa in shades of black, white, and red. These sexy designs tricked the eyes with daringly thin straps and sheer coverings. With hair from Exxcess Designs and shoes from Nardcotix, the Dazzlers were once again head turners as they graced the stage. Regardless of your mood, the time of day, or the weather outside, the designs shown at the Boudoir Secrets show were great for any occasion. A

AVENUE | My Precious Queen Contest

Roadto R


“In addition to exposure and prestige, extraordinary prizes valued at over 250,000L await this year’s winners”

written by | Imani Enzo photography by | Natasja Schumann


t’s hard to believe that it is August already and time to meet the July winners of Agnes Finney’s My Precious Princess competition. These three lovely ladies represent the first group of semi-finalists selected in the second round of the competition and have won the opportunity to join the quest for the coveted My Precious Queen crown that will be awarded early next year. In addition to exposure and prestige, extraordinary prizes valued at over 250,000L await this year’s winners. AVENUE is a proud sponsor of the My Precious Queen Contest and will provide the winner with an opportunity to be the featured cover model in an issue of AVENUE Magazine as well as provide the winner with a scholarship to attend AVENUE Models Academy.


Let’s find out a little about the latest group of ladies to be crowned as My Precious Princesses this year.


Draakje Dailey Royal Princess – July 2010

This down to earth beauty with a bubbly personality loves shopping, landscaping, and exploring Second Life®. Just like most fashionistas, Draakje’s passion for fashion occupies a lot of her time spent in-world. However, when she isn’t modeling or styling, she also enjoys meeting new people and role playing. As it relates to style, Draakje describes hers as being versatile and eclectic. Favorite My Precious Design: “My favorite is the Agnes Queen Lucia Gown. I love thedelicate, flowing design with a touch of sexy which every woman feels when she wears a gown like that.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: It would be an honor to be chosen Queen, especially since I am ‘new’ to the industry. It would be a great opportunity to show women that if you really want something, you can do it. It would be nice to be an inspiration, to show people that it is never too late to chase, and realize your dreams.” Style tip: “Invest in that realistic skin and work on a shape until a result comes out that fits you the best. Dare to be different, but remember that less is always more!”


Flora Fegte Royal Princess – July 2010

Flora is an outgoing and spontaneous woman who is most thankful for all the wonderful relationships that she has forged in SL®. She’s also the photographer and owner of Just Shoot Me Photography who decided to try her hand at modeling a year ago; and is loving every minute of it. Her hobbies include shopping and playing Greedy. When it comes to describing her fashion style, Flora states that hers is best described as “mainstream girl next door.” Favorite My Precious Design: “I have to pick Butterfly Queen (Monarch)! I love that gown because it reminds me of how much I enjoyed chasing butterflies as a little girl. Actually, I still do love chasing butterflies.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I would like to be selected because I believe I can represent Agnes Finney’s beautiful creations in a unique, classy, and professional manner. I take a lot of pride in my appearance, and I am proud to wear the My Precious collection for any occasion.” Style Tip: “Always set your “butt size” to 0 in order to look your best in slim skirts and dresses.”


Jade Spectre Royal Princess – July 2010

Jade is a fun and life loving woman with a great sense of humor and classic sense of style. While she’s been in SL for almost five years she only recently decided to put her passion for styling and fashion to good use by becoming a model. She takes this profession seriously and works hard to create styling looks that compliment the wonderful designs she is given to wear. Jade also enjoys spending time with friends, photography, and making shapes. Favorite My Precious Design: “That’s a tough one because I love all of Agnes’s designs. If you had asked me before I would have said Precious Forever, but now it is the design I wore in my entry photos - Queen Lucia Grandeur White. I love the lace and soft flowing sleeves and skirt. When I wear it, I truly feel like a princess, like Cinderella headed for the grand ball.” Thoughts about the My Precious Queen Crown: “I believe that I would make a great My Precious Queen Because of my love for the designs, I feel that my soft, natural, classic styling techniques compliment the styles of Agnes Finney. I would always represent the brand with the class and elegance of a true My Precious Queen. I believe that I can truly represent the designs in the best possible light.”

We’d also like to congratulate the six beautiful ladies who were selected from the first group of semi-finalists to move on to the My Precious Queen finals early next year. Those lovely models are: LadyKath Avon; Xandrah Sciavo; Cieleste Magic; Pure Nikolaidis; Enchanteddreams Bebb; and, Serene Faith.

Style tip: “Be true to yourself and your style and never try to imitate. Select the styles and accessories make you feel most like yourself. Always be unique. When you feel like a princess, you will look like a princess.”

If you think you have what it takes to be My Precious Queen, please visit My Precious by Agnes Finney in-world to learn what you need to do to enter and shop for some of the most beautiful designs in Second Life. A

AVENUE | Homme

The State of Haute

Written, Styled & Photographed by Jarl Soderstrom

Couture Homme


ust the name “Haute Couture” conjures images of the high fashion looks that strut the runways of New York, Paris and Milan. Images of exotic, painstakingly detailed,precision made clothing. One of a kind outfits that are more akin to pieces of art than something to wear. So I decided this month to take a closer look at some of the best male designers on the grid. Designers who are not afraid to take risks with their sometimes outlandishly stylish designs. SO I have put together three rather different looks for you to enjoy this month. Please enjoy! The centerpiece of my first outfits is a delicious, free flowing long coat from Leezu Baxter!The buckled and textured coat goes great with just about everything you can throw at it. Here I have combined it with knee high leather jockey boots from Ninikoboy and smooth black pants from Casa Cheerno’s winter line to create a stylish yet minimalistic look that should cause you to be the stylish envy of all your friends when they see you.

/Jacket LeeZu Au revoir de Sade Jacket /Hair Uw.St Ilias-Hair /Skin Belleza Ewan v2 SK 7 /Pants CASACHEERNO HANK Pants /Boots NINIKOBOY Jockey Boots

/Outfit so what? Carnival Flightless bird2 /Skin CheerNo HOMMESkin ZANZA PAINT

The second look is a really interesting design brought to us by xLenniex Lennie a japanese designer who is the creative genious behind the label “So-What?” This month we are looking at his creation titled “Flightless Bird.” This outfit lives up to it’s name as at first sight you literally resemble a magnificent white flightless bird! As it also conjures up images for me of Mardi Gras in New Orleans I added the Zanza ethnic skin from Cassa cheerno with it’s dusky good looks and haunting tribal face paint.

/Skin Belleza Ewan v2 SK 7 /Nose a.C Store DARK.clown Nose /Gloves a.C Store Madame Jador Gloves /Hair a.C Store GloXhair LOOLY /Pants CASACHEERNO HANK Pants /Boots CheerNo YAJ Boots High /Shorts CASACHEERNO Social Shorts

So the first two looks were minimalistic and somewhat haunting. So I really wanted to lighten things up. My friends have told me that I constantly dress in black and white and that I am entirely too serious.Well I think this will show them that they couldn’t be farther form the truth! This third outfit is obviously inspired by a very famous little mouse. All of the clothing in this picture come from the talented designing duo of Vitor Algoma and CheerNo Destiny, the two creative powers behind the brand Casa CheerNo. A

AVENUE | Culture


What a


Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Natasja Schumann Bobby Yoshikawa


he concept of diversity calls upon each of us to respect and appreciate the differences that exist in others. Diversity is critical for any substantial level of growth and positive change and helps us build better relationships. If the effort to accept and honor diversity went according to plan, we’d have the power to change the world for the better. While we all know the importance of diversity and the benefits that come from embracing it, acceptance simply does not come easy. Most forward thinking societies appreciate and attempt to embrace cultural diversity. However, all too often, people despite their intentions fail to truly honor and respect differences. That is because we live in a world that can be brutal and unforgiving. It’s a world where the majority and those in power tend to dictate what is normal and what is not. People want positive change but sometimes are a little too quick to judge those who look a little different or behave differently from what is deemed to be normal.

Because of this, many buckle under the pressure that society places on us to assimilate rather than allow themselves to live the unique dreams that live inside of them. Sadly, only a few have the strength to dare to be different in a world that frowns upon it. Second Life® is a wonderful world because it provides us with an opportunity to dare to be different. It allows us to lead a life that is free from monotony and encourages people to live the dreams that may have eluded them in real life. More importantly, it is also a place where you can learn important RL lessons that bring awareness to the commonalities that exist among us and demonstrate the value in our uniqueness. For example, it is easy for some to laugh at a furry or mermaid because you can’t understand why anyone would come to SL® to be anything other than human. However, there is nothing funny about the furry or mermaid when you are standing side by side raising money to fight cancer in a Relay for Life event. My point is this, when you become aware of the things you have in common, whether it’s a love of photography or fashion, or you share the same passion about a particular cause, you are less likely to judge the things that make you different. In fact, in time you will appreciate them and perhaps even build upon the new found collective strength to further your efforts. I recently had the pleasure of encountering three amazing individuals who proudly embrace their differences both inside and out of their

chosen SL circles. I found all three of them to be confident, unapologetic and content with whom they are, despite the fact that they lead a Second Life that many might deem unconventional. I hope that you enjoy getting to know them as much as I did. Ceejay Writer owns two coffee houses in SL (The CocoJava Café and the Java Jive) and enjoys burlesque dancing. Further, she is a respected journalist who writes for Prim Perfect, SL’s home and garden magazine. If that isn’t enough, she serves as a staff writer and Deputy Editor for Primgraph Magazine, the premiere in-world Steampunk and historical magazine. Ceejay’s fascination for Steampunk extends beyond the confines of SL. I.E.: How would you describe the steampunk culture in SL? What draws you to it? C.W.: Steampunk is a genre that fosters creativity, inventiveness, do-it-yourself craftiness, and a healthy respect for Victorian culture. Steampunk in Second Life embodies various aspects of the culture. There are the builders, who bring us fantastical machines and buildings. There’s the fashion aspect - Steampunk clothing is a lot of fun and allows us to express our individuality, as the genre is perfect for outfit mash-ups! There are lots of opportunities to socialize and role play. Amazingly, you can be anything from an evil mad scientist to a refined librarian. It’s very hard to pigeonhole the culture, as it is an expression of many personal preferences and individual passions. It’s that individualism

that attracts me. No matter what your interest is, there’s a way to express it. I.E.: How long have you been involved in the steampunk culture and how were you introduced to it? C.W.: Honestly, I think it started for me at about age five. My father’s hobbies include clockmaking, aviation, weather, and he also dabbles in art. I grew up in a house that encouraged me to explore literature and science, and have always been fascinated with life in Victorian times. I have good memories of building a weather station on our roof, of my dad crashing a very large radio controlled plane into our garage, and firing homemade rocketships into the skies. In the mid-1990’s, I discovered that eccentrics like myself were starting to carry a descriptive name - Steampunks. A couple of LiveJournal communities helped me to form my first Steampunk social circles. Finding like minds in Second Life was a revelation and is a constant source of inspiration. I.E.: What have you found to be some of the biggest misconceptions about steampunk? C.W.: I think we present ourselves very clearly as an alternate reality grounded in the Victorian era. But, perhaps that ‘punk’ on the end of ‘steampunk’ gives off a skewed image of what most of us are. In both RL and SL, I try to be happy, friendly, well read and I KNOW I don’t dress like a punk in either reality. Sure there are some punks amongst us. But I think you’ll find quite a few well dressed men in top

hats and polished boots, and ladies in stunning gowns and corsets. Our accessories veer to the outlandish (i.e. steam powered bowler hats, Shotgun canes, metal arms, homemade wings and of course, goggles galore) but I believe many of us would love to lose the ‘punk’ description. I.E.: What do you consider to be the most rewarding things about being part of the steampunk culture? C.W.: I have met some of the brightest minds and have seen imagination brought to form by those not afraid to push the prims to their limits. It means a lot to me to be able to collaborate, work and play with my fellow Steampunks in Second Life. I’m honored that some of my contributions have been well-accepted, and that I can enhance and increase our presence on the grid. I.E.: Tell me three things that individuals who are interested in becoming Steampunk need to know. C.W.: First they would need to know that goggles are our most common symbol. Get a pair, have fun with them. To me, the goggles represent an eager readiness to take part in adventure. Second, you need to know that gears have meaning in that they are the heart of the machines that power our world. As a result, you can’t just paste them on everything and call it steampunk fashion. Gears should look as if they are powering something, not just standing in for a lost button. Finally, you

need to Google! Spend some quality time with your web browser, and learn as much as you can about the Victorian era, industry, fashion, trends and language... and I’m willing to bet you’ll be fascinated, entertained, and will gain a lot of insight to bring to the steampunk genre and your personal image. (To explore and learn more about Steampunk Life in SL, feel free to visit the New Babbage or Caledon Sims. You can also visit the The Primgraph’s Aetheric Log at http:// and http://www. for current news and events in the SL Steamlands.) Winter Jefferson is not just your average a drop dead gorgeous avatar, he is also a highly regarded fashion model and stylist. Additionally, he is the witty and talented author of In Cold Blood, a very popular fashion blog. But don’t let the passion for fashion fool you; this stylish man has a dark side. Specifically, he is known as Lord Winter, a bad ass vampire who prefers life as a loner and refuses to obey authority. Lord Winter lives his SL on his own terms and there is nothing you can do to stop him. I.E: How would you describe the vampire culture in SL? What draws you to it? W.J.: There are literally thousands of vampires on the grid; I’d consider it to be one of the most richly populated cultures in SL. There are a lot of aspects to the mythology which draw people; some like the closeness of clan and family. Others are exploring their repressed

desires, and acting out urges and appetites which aren’t socially acceptable in real life. For me, it’s about the drama and dark joy in being a creature of legend. I love living the character which Lord Winter has evolved into, he’s a great cover for letting me act as outrageously as I want to. For some odd reason in real life pretty girls get upset when I walk up to them on the street and start sucking their necks. I.E.: Tell us more about the origins of Lord Winter. W.J.: I am 248 years old and was “turned” when I was seventeen. This is how I manage to possess both an ancient wisdom yet be an immature brat all at the same time. I’m a rogue vampire Lord without clan; part of my history is that I was exiled by the Elders for refusing to bow to their ancient ethics and traditions. Crimson Shadow was my haunt for a while and they had a tight knit family; but for myself I’ve never been tempted to join in a community where I might have to observe and obey a hierarchy. I walk the night alone. I.E.: What have you found to be some of the biggest misconceptions about vampires? W.J.: The biggest misconception is that we are all the same cookie cutter stereotype – brooding ghouls skulking in a drafty castle with nothing on our minds except blood, sex and conquest. Each one of my kin has a personality of their own; different agendas, lusts and drives. We all started out as everyday humans; that which makes us individual does not get lost when

we awake from our dark rebirth. Additionally, there’s that whole “sparkle” thing but I could rant about that for at least another twelve pages. I.E.: Do you find people to be generally accepting of your choice to become a vampire? W.J.: Yes. They aren’t given a choice at all with that, this is who I am. I’m the Lord Winter Jefferson, bitches! If you have a problem with that, then you have a problem with me and I refuse to waste my time on people with closed minds. It’s trying to be a vampire in other facets of everyday SL life that the fun really starts. I’ve had a lot of walls to break down in the fashion and events industries especially. Even in a make believe world where you can fly people still prefer that you stay in the box they’ve decided you belong to. I.E.: Share some things that individuals who are interested in becoming vampires need to know. W.J.: You don’t have to enter this world as a fully fledged vampire; if you just want a taste of how we work you could become a blood doll – a mortal who willingly lets the Undead feed off of them. It’s usually a position that is respected and cherished. We are also very territorial; if you encroach upon what we consider ours in any way you usually end up with a fight on your hands. This includes ancestral lands, hunting grounds, and that blonde up at the bar that I’ve been buying drinks for all night.

I.E.: I’d like to know what’s it’s like for you when you capture a new soul. Does it evoke any feelings? W.J.: There’s more than one type of vampire; and some of them do collect the animus of their victim, some absorb energies both tangible and spiritual. I’m a straight old school Sanguinite though – for me it is all about the blood. I suppose though that “turning” a human is a way of capturing their soul. It’s a great responsibility to protect and teach a newblood and I haven’t done that often. The most recent time was a man that I bested in battle – and that was a pure exercise in power. He never laughed at my guyliner again. (To learn even more about Winter’s adventures and fashion picks, visit his blog at http:// Also, if you feel like exploring some vampire related Sims, visit Transylvania, The Rose and Dragon, or Golgothica.) Stacia Villota’s fascination with the Neko lifestyle led her to create lists of Neko related information to keep track of all her wonderful finds. Two years later, her Virtual Neko blog and resource pages serve as one of the primary resources for ANYTHING you want or need to know about being Neko in SL. Simply put, her work is amazing and clearly demonstrates her vast knowledge, excellent writing skills as well as her Neko love and pride. I.E.: How would you describe the Neko culture in SL?

S.V.: Generally speaking, “being Neko” is not much different from “being human” in SL. Fluffy bits on our human bodies don’t seem to dictate what we do or where we go (unless a snooty dance hall bans ears and tails... then we just go someplace else). It’s more a matter of attitude. Neko seem to be somewhat different than other categorized “cultures” in SL (Tiny, Furry, Vampire etc.), who tend to group together, have dedicated areas, and routine interactions, lifestyle expectations, and behaviors. By contrast, we Neko tend to come and go and do what we please -- live music events, exploring sims, shopping, and of course roleplay -- the average places most SL “human” avatars are found. If that’s considered cat-like behavior, so be it. I.E.: How long have you been Neko and how were you introduced to the culture? S.V.: I kinda fell into it by surprise when someone very dear to my heart showed up wearing ears and a tail. I became so mesmerized by those adorable furreh bits, I wanted in. I bought my very first set of ears and tail from Atomic Kitty. One week later, I wore a skirt that accidentally “knocked off” my tail (attachment point conflict). Being tail-less felt so strange, I quickly put the tail back on. I would point to that as the defining moment -- when you realize that being Neko is “who” you are and not “what” you are wearing -- that designates a Neko. Like I said, it’s all about attitude. And attitude isn’t easy to define. Does it mean you suddenly need to start wearing dirty clothes, using an AO with paw licking animations, and

meowing in chat? Definitely not. In fact, please not! I.E.: What have you found to be some of the biggest misconceptions about Neko? S.V.: One of the most common misconceptions is that Neko is synonymous with grunge. While it’s true that Neko can and do wear grunge styles sometimes, it’s by no means the standard. In fact the majority of Neko I know dress like the average human avatar... in whatever outfit they please... in every genre and fashion style to be found in SL. Another common misconception is that a Neko goes out of his or her way to be annoyingly catlike -- running around on all fours, meowing, licking their paws, and generally looking like a strange human with a bizarre cat complex. I travel the grid a lot to keep up my blog stories and Resource Pages, and quite honestly I hardly ever see Neko behaving like this. Most of the Neko I see (and know) are quiet humans with a couple of cat bits, dressed like any other human for the most part. Personality-wise, they tend to be more aloof and independent -- observing from the background and disappearing when you least expect it -- with sudden unexpected playful moments. Finally, another lesser but worth-mentioning misconception are the few people who lump Neko into the same genre as furry (though saying this tends to bring flamers out of the woodwork on both sides).Yes, there are Neko who prefer to look a bit more feral, choosing

skins with fur texturing, spots or stripes, wearing whiskers, and occasionally even paw feet/hands. But with a Neko, the human shape remains essentially human -- which is, at least generally speaking, one of the key differences between a Neko and a furry. I.E.: Do you find people to be generally accepting of your choice to become a Neko? Do you belong to a particular family or group? S.V.: As a Neko, I have never felt ostracized or attacked for who I am (outside of that silly dance hall that didn’t want to see ears and a tail underneath my lovely formal gown). Despite a curious comment or friendly banter, I’ve always felt very accepted by the SL community at large. Sometimes I’ll see an occasional derogatory comment in a forum, but hey, it wouldn’t be the internet without trolls. I suspect most residents simply focus on their own lives and interests, and if a Neko happens to wander by, it’s no cause for reaction. I don’t belong to any particular family or group, though you could argue that I kinda created one with the Neko forum ( I tend to spend the majority of my time in SL working on the blog in some manner. I.E.: Tell me three things that individuals who are interested in becoming Neko need to know. S.V.: First, long before the Japanese word “Neko” became adopted in SL, “catgirls and catboys” existed all around the (first life) world -- ranging from Japan to Europe and the US.

We only recently began evolving our own unique identity and history in Second Life. Secondly, it’s pronounced “Neck-oh” (not “Neek-oh”), and supposedly the correct plural form is Neko (not Nekos)... though I’m still trying to verify that one! Finally, everything else a Neko needs to know can be found on the Resource Pages

of my blog located at These three wonderful individuals clearly prove that there is nothing wrong with being different. Hopefully, their confidence and passion will inspire more people to celebrate and value what makes them unique. A

AVENUE | Sim Review

The Art of a

Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Natasja Schumann


a h s i e G

isiting the Arakawa Okiya Geisha House in Second Life® was an experience unlike no other. It is as if you are stepping into an era of peace and tranquility. You are surrounded by scenery that is not only beautiful, but well crafted. Hundreds of years ago Geisha’s became a very popular form of art through entertainment. Women illustrated their strength, beauty, and grace as they performed and entertained many by their stories, dancing, music, and company. The Arakawa Okiya Geisha House brings back those popular times into Second Life. As I entered the sim, one of the first things I noticed was an amazing teahouse that is set up for people to sit and enjoy teach over good conversation. Further down the path, past blossom trees and small seating areas were several areas created for learning, music, special occasions and more. Saphyrial Sella, the owner of the sim is the Geisha’s Okaasan which translates into mother. Her task is to manage and take care of all Geisha’s and their required training. “Here I train ladies that wish to become an SL® Geisha. Our daily life here is all about Japan in Edo Period. It’s very interesting, even the architecture of the buildings was carefully thought to adjust to Edo period in Japan’s history. In this part, we have a traditional Japanese tea house (o-chaya) where my daughters entertain guests, as Maiko or Geisha (depending on their levels of training)” says Saphyrial.

The Arakawa Geisha School is dedicated to help those who would like to follow the way of the SL Geisha. There are three levels that can be reached at the school: Minarai (learning by watching), Maiko (“Dancing Girl”), and then to Geisha (“person of art”). Classes consist of entertaining, dancing, Japanese history,

culture, and language. Yuna Palmira, a Jr. Maiko at Arakawa says, “We study a lot everything about Japanese and perform also at Ozashiki (geisha parties), we do not do sexual thing. That is considered rude and inappropriate; we do everything to entertain at its best but in a non-sexual way.”

Arakawa Okiya sits on a sim called Uguisu, which means nightingale in Japanese and is comprised of several parts to explore through. Apart from the Arakawa Okiya Geisha School, there is a wonderful Japanese store that sells everything from hair to furniture. There is also a residential area called Nightingale Estates that was created

in 2007 for those who enjoy the Japanese way of living. The Uguisu sim really does feel like a peaceful living. It is no surprise that one would visit and feel compelled to learn more about the life of a Geisha. Learning the way of a Geisha seems to be much enjoyed by the women here and a treat for those visiting. A

A World Unl

AVENUE | Interesting Sims

like No Other Written by Augusta Carver Photography by Blaz Halfpint


econd Life® is a great place to explore and see new things. No matter how long you have been a resident here, you will still be able to come upon places you never knew existed. There is something available to suit anyone’s and everyone’s tastes and mood. With all of the places available to visit, it can be hard to narrow down the choices and pick one. Here I hope I have made it a little easier by showing two of the most interesting Sims in SL®.

When I first landed at Lost World on the island of Beguile, I was immediately impressed. I set my viewer to sunset and began walking. The island is a vast area with many places to trek through. The incredible views of the abandoned ruins, clear blue waterfalls, statues, and hidden treasures are just a few of the things you will see here.

The beauty just draws you in and makes you feel like you never want to leave. I can see why Lolmac Shan, the man behind Lost World, calls it so. It seems like you have entered a world set in a time long since past, but the beauty of it still remains strong. Lost World is a must visit for photographers, and anyone who loves to explore the many wonders of SL.

The Alpha Point Sim is out of this world. The huge multi-level castle is a sight to behold. Exploring through Alpha Point is an experience that I won’t soon forget. Its futuristic design made it feel as if I had flashed forward many years ahead. The creators of Alpha Point, Masoon Ringo and Sweetlemon Jewell did an excellent job creating this work of art. It is a dark and mysterious place that is perfect for discovering. Whether you like to meditate, talk with friends, or dance, this sim will satisfy all of those needs and more.

Both of these places are loads of fun to visit. Go back in time with Lost World, or escape to the future with Alpha Point. Once you visit and take in all of the gorgeous scenery, you will see the great detail and effort that went into creating them. They each have a lot to offer in order to satisfy your inner explorer.


AVENUE | Lifestyle





Written by Sensuous Soulstar Photography by Tillie Ariantho


ith all the exciting opportunities, great shopping, incredible places for entertainment, and even more incredible shopping in Second Life®, many Residents soon find themselves looking for a place to kick up their feet to relax. Maybe you’re looking to have friends over, a place for your family, or even just somewhere to call your own. No matter what your reasons, sooner or later, you may be in the market to settle down and find a home. While there are many great places out there, and even some scary fly-bynight ones, there are a select few that truly stand out. Here, we’ve taken the time to bring you the best of the best in sims. Whether it’s a knowledgeable and friendly sales staff, to personalization in design and variety, or even working around your SL® budget to find what you need, these four companies have raised the bar in land sales. Join us as we review the best places to call home in Second Life.



When first impressions mean everything, having an incredible landing spot or welcome center is the first sign that you’re in for something amazing. Reach Isles understands this concept and has delivered twice-over. With a gorgeous, ultra-modern, and interactive setup and immaculate landscaping, you can’t help but to find yourself waiting to finish rezzing so that you can immediately tour their Information Center. Here, they have made the search for the new land owner as simplistic and customer friendly as possible, and that service doesn’t stop once you have become an official resident! You can search the available properties, the amenities, even read a few of the accolades they have received all in one stop. And while the search for the perfect piece of land is a joy ride, actually seeing the land in all of its glory is even better. You can find a variety of sizes, terrains and options here. Reach Isles offer not only private regions and full sims, but also what they call “community sims” that feature shared living on themed sims. Self-described as “the feeling of a warm community atmosphere with neighbors nearby, but still without lag, congestion or lack of privacy,” these community sims are a must for social butterflies that love meeting and interacting with new people. Need to hear even more? They offer personalized sim design services at no charge for sim owners of Reach Isles so that your home is truly a place you’re proud to call home. If personalization and variety are key factors, you can’t pass up a tour of Reach Isles in your quest for the best place to call home.


E ISLANDS Azure Islands has streamlined their process by using an efficient and user-friendly website that is more up-to-date than most offices. Once you began viewing the actual sims, you will be more than pleased to find that they are impeccably designed, giving you the full range of truly tropical living. Utilizing mainly shared full prim regions, the properties of Azure Islands are a force to be reckoned with. Very few places can boast that at any time, the lag is almost, if not, non-existent. The setup of each of the sims gives a community or neighborhood feel which reflects the fact that vast time and effort have gone into providing a beautiful town within a tropical theme. You can find not only waterside options, but also roadside housing—a perk many residents would love to have. One small downside is that there isn’t much variety in the terrains, as just about all of the properties are tropical themed. Yet, no search for home is complete without a stop at one of Azure Islands’ popular sims. Unlike the others, GOL Residential is a preset community that takes the hassle out of having to setup your home. Here, you will find your own personal villa and 1800 prims to decorate to your heart’s content. And although you are moving into a preset community, you are given an incredibly generous amount of prims for an incredible price. Yet, unlike other sims where you are part of a larger community, your privacy is not sacrificed. Each villa is on its own mini-island that is terraformed and landscaped


ESIDENTIAL in GOL’s classic minimalistic style, conserving on not only prims, but also not bogging you down with more nature than you desire. Each home is a unique, original design, formed in the creative style that Residents have come to expect of owner Dakota Neumann. Surrounded by water and unobstructed views of sunrises and sunsets, this community provides no lag and plenty of space to set up a true beach living. While it does leave one desiring a few more terrain types, it does makes you think of the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Neumann has perfected tropical design, so why shake things up now? If you’re just starting out, or loathe the thought of having to search for land and then search for the perfect house, this is your best place to call home. Where do you start with what can be called a land legacy in Second Life? Boasting “a community of 60+ sims with residents from over 45 countries around the world, 35 amenities, including daily events and 2 million square meters of deep waters for sailing,” the Costa Rica Sims are in a group all of their own. To be clear, a home on one of the Costa Rica Sims is an investment for those who are serious about finding the last place they intend to call home on Second Life. Designed in the spirit of owner Giancarlo Takacs’ love for his country, the Costa Rica Sims are the “diamond standard” of living in SL. This is not just a company, it is a community, and becoming a resident does not just mean finding a place to call home,



it means finding a home, vacation spot, shopping paradise, and luxury travel destinations all-in-one. Here you will find more resident perks than with any other company, including the largest array of event venues which are offered to residents at no charge, weekly events, and some of the most amazing real life replicas you will ever find in a virtual world. You don’t even have to leave the Costa Rica Sims to find incredible shopping. Take a break from sailing on the abundance of deep blue water, horseback riding, surfing, sightseeing, scuba diving, camping, or one of the other vast array of ways to pass the time in Costa Rica, and wander around the shopping district. Some of the biggest and best designers on the grid find their home in Costa Rica’s this incredibly realistic district, saving you time and teleporting troubles by putting the top names together. While so much more could be said about these legendary sims, no description would do justice the experience of visiting Costa Rica Sims for yourself in your quest for the perfect place to call home. No matter what your preference or your budget, these four properties should be your first stop in your quest to find the place you’ll soon be calling home sweet home.



The Second Football League

The Virtual Gridiron

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint


here is a new sport on the grid with all the hype and the potential to take SL® by storm and that is the SFL or the Second Football League. The league has been embraced by thirtytwo of Second Life®’s well known businesses who have formed teams in the Sovereign and United Football Conferences to compete in the league. The league is set up just like the Real Life National Football League complete with the pre-season games in August and with a sixteen game regular season starting off after the American Labor Day Weekend in September. The SFL faithfully replicates the NFL experience from the front office, players, coaches, cheerleaders right down to the fans who are most important part of any sport be it Giant Snail racing or in this case the SFL. The vision of Romeo Torvalar to bring the NFL experience into the Metaverse, was not lost on this writer as he described how a typical game would be played with consideration for the idiosyncrasies of SL. “Well ...we went to the experts, the lindens; they helped us setup a two sim system where the players are on one sim and the fans are on another, our players report near zero lag ..and the game is extremely playable. Also for the fans its simply tp in, sit down and watch so even they are not too effected by lag and other sl problems. Playability is a big thing here for us and we’re constantly testing and improving.” Torvalar said.

The SFL has replicated the real life football experience to the point that players can be injured in real time and to be able to call plays and perform the fundamentals of the game without a lag inducing HUD. When asked how that would be possible, “Well no, we do have helmets , pads all of that but the secret to the scripting for tackles and passes and all that is not some laggy HUD or AO, its all in the field beneath your feet.” Torvalar said. The field is also interactive for the Quarterback and the Defensive captain to call plays and set up the defensive formation. Torvalar then added “Yes completely ...everything you can do in real football you can pretty much do here, we have really worked hard on giving new meaning to term “its in there”.”

As in the regular NFL, the 32 teams will have their own cheerleaders and merchandise for the fans to purchase along with season tickets. “Yes and that’s already under work ..they each have their own staff and systems and they will have tons of their merchandise on Xstreet SL.” Torvalar said. The games will be televised in world and on the web by Treet TV. “Yes we have a big deal with Treet TV, in which a good deal of our content will be broadcast live with full effects and commentary. It will be as close to watching Monday Night Football as you can get in Second Life” Torvalar confirmed. With the pre-season rapidly approaching in late August, Torvalar went on record as saying that, “Of course practices are at 7:30 SLT every other day and we will be having some exhibition games in late August then the HUGE kickoff right after Labor Day and whew, I don’t know lol, the schedule will be laid down by random generation so Spruce I don’t know yet who will be the first to go head to head but I assure you it will be on of the biggest events in SL.” The first Televised game will be on September 8th, 2010 at 5:00pm SL Time according to Torvalar.

With all the hype and anticipation that goes into any given NFL season in Real Life, the SFL has that and more. The SFL has the potential to draw in many who would come into SL and for the team owners; the SFL will be another way for them to market their products and gain name recognition throughout the grid. The SFL has the potential to bring the Metaverse into the mainstream of the Internet and bring SL along with it into a larger market giving the grid a much needed shot in the arm. This writer and I know many others are looking forward to the 8th of September when the SFL will make history with the first televised game in world. A

AVENUE | Business Feature



of sl

Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Natasja Schumann

Their Perspective on the Future of the Grid and Virtual Worlds


hen one enters into a business in a new technology based arena, one watches the signs and sees how the platform performs in a business environment. There are two such entrepreneurs that have taken the plunge into virtual worlds and have come out very successful in their business models and have taken the time to speak with AVENUE about Second LifeŽ at present and the potential future of SLŽ and other virtual worlds that have come online since SL’s launch in 2003. AVENUE has the distinct pleasure to speak with Mystical Demina and Oceanis Decosta and listen to their perspective on where SL is headed.

Oceanis Decosta first came into SL in 2007 after watching a BBC2 Documentary about “the future” which included Second Life, “spent a long time working out how to best make money in SL and decided that the best way was working with RL companies who had the RL money and who wanted a brand presence in SL.” He then formed Virtual World Consultants and pitched the idea that 3D Virtual Worlds such as SL would be beneficial to Real Life companies who would wish to have a presence in the growing virtual world which is Second Life. When asked about the managerial shake-up that happened in June of 2010, Decosta said that “Because VWC works predominantly in RL (marketing and promotion) I don’t think it has had any effect on VWC and that it will only have a positive impact on SL itself.” He then refuted the statement that SL would be a niche market saying “SL has the potential to be anything but a niche market but something for the mass market.” The potential was not lost on this writer when Decosta stated that, “ As I see it, SL’s focus should be on promoting

itself to the Real “Corporate” world, and that it is only when they get the big players back in again, that they will begin to start regaining serious market share.” When this writer suggested that under Mark Kingdon’s tenure as CEO of Linden Lab, the company was making steps towards the corporate world with SL Enterprise, Decosta stated that if Linden Lab could bring in one US retailer to build a virtual copy of a Real Life store and promote that to their customer base to buy their products in world would “Put SL on the Map.” and that “SL is like a little village and this has to change if SL is to expand and grow and that it can only happen by getting big RL companies actively selling RL products in world just like an extension of a website.” Viewer 2.0 with its integrated approach to multimedia in world works with strategy according to Decosta and that a browser based viewer that can support over a thousand avatars in one place would also bring in the major players in business. In conclusion, Decosta said that if Linden Lab is to survive in the marketplace it had to adopt these changes before any competitor would.

In agreement with this statement but more profound in the changes that Linden Lab has to make in order to thrive in the Metaverse, is Mystical Demina, who is developing new solutions for virtual worlds and when asked what the future holds for SL and virtual worlds, he had this to say. “We have been working to develop solutions for business and educational uses of virtual worlds. We see applications for this in Second Life but we have also been focusing on using Unity 3d for application that requires a higher level of realism and control. We have not been focusing too much on Open Sim lately. Honestly, we believe there are better solutions for business and we can’t wait for it to be completed.” Extreme Reality uses the Unity 3D technology to provide virtual world solutions that can be accessed from a web browser, desktop or mobile system which can also be linked to and from a webpage or Facebook. When asked about this new technology and how it can affect Second Life in the Metaverse Demina had this to say. “Well, not only support it, I think if LL wants to stay competitive they are going to have to invest a lot more heavily into their client, or give it up and use technologies like Unity 3D, UnReal or CryTek. The SL client is already man years behind these technologies. But saying that I think it depends on your target market.

IMVU and others are being very successful with fewer capabilities than SL. I don’t see OpenSim as a serious option. It would take decades of man years to make it do what Second Life does. “He then added that in the end “it isn’t about Technology but more doing what the users want.” When asked how Unity 3D would work for the average user or SL resident for his or her own content, “Unity 3D lets you work at a higher level than you’re used to. You don’t have to work directly with OpenGL or DirectX, they take care of all that. Instead you work in a level similar to how Second Life editor works but you have total control of the client experience. You have UI forms objects like combo boxes. You have animation time like, you have mesh support, you have no lag since the physics and content are managed on the client, and the list goes on and on. Any object can have bones and be animated. You can work with many different game server solutions. The list goes on and on. Also, the content is managed much more like how traditional websites are managed so this will fit into companies’ legacy investments easier and their content management systems.” With all the grids in the Metaverse, the promise of browser based solutions for virtual worlds and the arrival of new grids such as Blue Mars and Open Sim. The subject of integrating each of the grids into a single Metaverse where one

can move 3D content from Second Life to the World Wide Web and vice versa was raised. When asked, Demina answered with. “As for the Metaverse, I think this has all been about convergence, so I would expect to see more integration of web and 3d content, but I suspect it won’t happen like we think. What I suspect, it will happen from the web out, and not from 3D in. Meaning I think we will start seeing 3D content add to web pages and over time that will grow into more and more content.” When asked about the viability of the Second Life model of business taking hold with more Real Life business interests, Demina had this to say, “we just have to face that the Second Life model will not be accepted by more businesses. There is no way companies will have tons of computers sitting around running regions. It is totally unscalable and unmaintainable as we can see in Second Life’s slow down in new capabilities. As Second Life passes its seventh year in the Metaverse, one can see that SL is at a crossroads. It can either adapt to the new technologies that have been utilized by Extreme Reality and the business model that has been raised by Oceanis Decosta or become what Apple Inc. was before the introduction of the iMac, a world in a sense of malaise. Hopefully Second Life will choose the former. A

AVENUE | Live Music

Harry Frychester

SL’s Answer to

Frank Sinatra.


hen one attends a Harry Frychester concert, be prepared to be transported back in time to the days of the Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. I had the pleasure to attend one of Frychester’s concerts at the Elite Sounds of Jazz at the Java Serenity sim. The repertoire consisted of songs from Frank Sinatra, the Cherry Popping Daddies, Dean Martin, and such Country Favorites such as George Strait and Garth Brooks and even some Rock and Roll finds its way into the program. When asked who his biggest influence was in his musical career, Harry states with conviction, “Even though I cover a lot of Michael Buble stuff

in here, it’s not necessarily for any other reason than I have some really good tracks of his. I love Sinatra, and tried to capture his style and phrasing in my songs.” Harry comes from the United States, more specifically the Midwest, who came to SL®, through of all things, the radio. When asked which radio program inspired him to log onto SL for the first time, Harry responded with “Actually it was being talked about on the Laura Ingraham show.” and that “They were poking fun of the people on here and I had to check it out.” That was January 21st 2009 and one year and five months later, Harry Frychester is a talent to be

“The fans mean than anything reckoned with on the SL Music Circuit and well on the way to a RL music career. An accomplished Jazz musician in his own right, he plays the baritone saxophone in jazz bands that reflect the sounds of Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong. At any one of his concerts be at The Elite Sounds of Jazz or more recently at Nat’s Jazz Club at the Ephesus sim, the energy that Harry gives to each performance is electrifying. The audience participation that is evident at each performance was astounding and confirmed as his “Bookie” or manager LadyKendred Allen aptly put it “Harry is a very energetic performer, he has a lot of

n more to me else in here...” requests at his show...he has a lot of audience participation”. Most of his program includes Sinatra and that is the image that he portrays with the audience with his Fedora hat tip jar. At the concert at Nat’s, I felt the energy and the relative state of cool that Harry exudes. One of the obvious goals that Harry has is to bring his sound to the mainstream Real Life audience and the inevitable CD to be distributed to fans both in world and in RL. When asked where he saw himself in six months to a year’s time, Harry said “I hope to hit 1000 in group members before the year is up, that would be a nice goal.” As to the fans that come to see Harry perform each and every night, Harry put it simply, “The fans A

mean more to me than anything else in here, it means so much to me that they take time from their busy day to come listen to me, and it’s always an honor.” LadyKendred added to that saying “Harry really appreciates his fans...and makes sure each show he tells them that it is an honor to him for them to be there.” As I left Nat’s after the last song, I felt that through Harry Frychester, Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack was alive and well in this generation of avatars and musical genres. As for me and the many devotees of live music in SL, we are glad that Harry Frychester is one of the rising stars in the SL music scene. The Elite Sounds of Jazz:

Nat’s Jazz Club:



After D

AVENUE | Club of the Month

Written by Imani Enzo Photography by Tillie Ariantho



econd Life® can be a gold mine for entertainment. In fact, the nightlife on the grid is quite spectacular and features a wide variety of options. Many good things can be said about spending a summer night out on the town in SL® because not only do you beat the heat, in most cases the great fun and music you experience is comparable to an RL night out at a fraction of the expense. There is so much on the grid to do, see, and digest. As a result, seeking good places out usually ends up being more of a daunting task A than it should be. Here at AVENUE Magazine, we recognize that this is easier said than done given the constraints that Real Life and SL activities and responsibilities tend to place on our readers. Each AVENUE Magazine, through its Club of the Month feature, attempts to assist our readers by highlighting some of the best clubs that Second Life has to offer. This month we’ve decided to do things a little differently by B several clubs that make presenting you with for a wonderful virtual night out on the town. It does not matter what you are planning; a romantic evening with someone special, a fun night of head or partying with friends, or a night of dancing at a trendy, we have located some excellent locations that will suit your needs.

A Little Bit of Romance Sweethearts Jazz

Everyone loves a little romance from time to time and Sweethearts Jazz serves it up in a phenomenal way. Sweethearts is known for its beautiful music, and its tropical and friendly atmosphere. It is definitely a place for lovers, but can also be a great place for singles that are looking for love. You never know, you just might find it. After all, the owners met on SL and are now married in RL and Sweethearts serves as their love letter to SL residents. Anyone who hasn’t visited Sweethearts at least once is truly missing out.

Owners: Charity Colville and Dilbert Dilweg General Manager: Shannon Bramlington Dress Code: Formal attire is preferred Music Genres: Jazz What to expect: The atmosphere at Sweethearts is tropical and relaxed with touches of elegance and sophistication throughout. You’ll fall in love with the fantastic music, diverse crowd, and the dedicated staff, who work hard to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Frank’s Jazz

This well known club, owned by Gymmy and Nancee Sinatra is yet another beautiful venue that is absolutely perfect for a romantic night out on the town. Frank’s has been around for a long time and is one of the most visited spots in SL. Further, it comes highly recommended by just about everyone who has visited. The inviting décor and the beautiful music (mostly jazz standards and love songs) will leave you feeling like you’ve been dancing in the air. Simply put, Frank’s is a wonderful place. I found the staff to be courteous and helpful. Please note that formal attire is required for entry but the staff will provide you with what you need, should you not own any. There’s no excuse not to check this place out because it is the epitome of class.

Cruiz’s Cotton Club (CCC)

Grown and Sexy fun

Summer nights are guaranteed to sizzle should you decide to visit Cruiz’s Cotton Club located on the Atlantic Beach Sim. This lovely club provides an elegant, luxurious, romantic, and sexy atmosphere that is perfect for dating and spending time with friends. The décor is reminiscent of the Art Deco styling associated with the Harlem Renaissance Era. While the Rooftop Starlight Lounge and Champagne Ballroom are classy and celebrate the rich and unique heritage of African Americans with its tribute to Harlem during the 20s and 30s, CCC also provides you with some of the best in modern music played by some of the most talented R&B DJs on the grid.

Owners: Cruiz Control and Josephine Baker General Manager: Oohlala Sassoon Dress Code: Dress to Impress Music Genres: Jazz, Funk, R&B, Neo-Soul and occasional live performances What to expect: A mixed crowd of upscale patrons who love to party in style and luxury. The staff is courteous, friendly, and works hard to ensure that a good time is had by all. The combination of great modern music, roster of popular DJs, and the nostalgic décor of CCC tend to draw large crowds. So be sure to get there early! Events you shouldn’t miss: Touch Me Tuesday w/ DJ Honey (8-10pm SLT); Wilplay’s Secret Garden PJ/Lingerie Party (Saturdays 9-11pm SLT); and, The Deep Thaw w/DJ Ice (Sundays 7-9pm SLT).

Are you looking for good vibes and raw uninhibited energy? Then you need to visit 8th Element, GOL, a hot and stylish club that promotes sophistication and fun. This is a place where most fashionable and trend setting SL residents go to party. 8th Element offers good times, great electronic music and modern décor which makes it the perfect place to party with friends or hob knob with SLebrities. Make sure that you bring your best moves to 8th Element because Electronic Music rules and wall flowers are not allowed!

8th Element, GOL

Dancing the Night Away

Owner: Dakota Neumann (CEO – GOL) Management Team: Vixie Rayna COO and Head Managers; Captain Clipper (Music & Events), Beertschi (Hosts) and Maile Michinaga (Security) Dress Code: Nudity in any form is not allowed. Music Genres: The club is staffed with 60 DJs who mostly play house, trance, and electro music. What to expect: A visual and sonic extravaganza as well as friendly people who are filled with passion for great music. Events you shouldn’t miss: Open Mic Night 12-4pm SLT (for new and non GOL DJS) and Club Night on Saturdays from noon – 6pm SLT (features 3 of GOL’s finest DJs spinning current dance floor hits.


If you are a true fan of House Music and you would like to take your dance party to the beach, you may want to try visiting White (formerly known as Anjuna). This fabulous beachfront club offers a huge assortment of house music and serves as a great place to hang out with friends and perfect strangers. White is the brain child of Britt Bury and is excellently managed by GM Lesbme Felisimo. White features a modern spacious outdoor build and some of the best house DJs on the grid. The dress code is wide ranging (nudity is prohibited) and the party is usually nonstop.

Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and have some fun without having to worry about what to wear or who to impress. Hotlanta Blues is the perfect place to throw caution to the wind and focus on the basics of partying like listening to great music, hanging out with great people, and having a great time. Just so you know, Hotlanta plays the Blues and nothing but the Blues and Blues inspired genres which pretty much can include anything from rock n’ roll to country to R&B. This magnificent club is an entertainment venue that boasts a broad and diverse fan base, a friendly staff, and great music every night of the week. The best thing about a night at Hotlanta is that it’s all about having fun with great people.

Hotlanta Blues

Let the Good Times Roll

Owner: DonPaul Cale Management Team: Is Salas and Lavendar Laval Dress Code: Just keep the naughty parts covered and leave your talking tummies and RP HUDs at home. Music Genres: Blues and other genres inspired by it What to expect: Great fun, great music, and friendly staff and patrons! Events you shouldn’t miss: Live performances by Saint Skytower two Sunday nights each month.

Sanctury – Rock N Rave

A Walk on the Wild Side

Sanctury Rock N Rave has to be one of the coolest establishments I visited during this journey. Everything about this place is bound to pique your curiosity. From the moment you enter, you know that Sanctury is a home built by Rock N Roll. The build itself is a converted old church and features gothic décor and believe it or not is a cool place to chill and enjoy some good times. Don’t be alarmed by the vampires, they visit the Sanctury to escape the stresses of Clan Wars and rivalries and are not allowed to hunt in the club or on the SIM.

Owners: FoXxy Yardley & Chance Silverfall Dress Code: Wear what you feel comfortable in. Music Genres: Rock n Roll What to expect: In true rock n roll fashion; there are very few rules in this establishment. The owners strive to maintain a peaceful and stress free environment, so all you have to do is be nice and refrain from hunting. This club is a head banger’s dream but it’s also great for those of us who like a little adventure from time to time. Events you shouldn’t miss: On Fridays, live bands pay tribute to popular rock bands. So there you have it, AVENUE Magazine’s guide to the fabulous SL Nightlife. Feel free to check any of the clubs mentioned above, we think that you will have a great time at any one of them. A

AVENUE | Moving Images

Written by Carissa Sockington Photography by Tillie Ariantho



achinima is a new word most are not familiar with; a neologism created from the words “machine” and “cinema”. Second Life® Wiki defines it as the process of recording action in a real-time interactive 3D environment. My first assignment in Moving Images left me unsure as I myself was not familiar with the term. But, I quickly learned what a fascinating and amazing thing machinima truly can be.

Bryn Oh

“Machinima is almost as old as Second Life is,” says Phaylen Fairchild, creator of the show Divas, CEO of Phaylen Fairchild Productions, and SL® resident since 2002. “Of course, it began in much the same way. In the beginning, it was a bit wobbly on its legs, a little uncertain, and it evolved into a really sophisticated form of media and storytelling.”

Chantal Harvey, an SL resident since 2007 and founder of MaMachinima International Festival found it to be a lonely occupation when she first arrived. “There were a few groups and machinimatographers active. I started making things on my own and found others doing it as well, each their own way,” said Harvey. She created the festival in her her attempt to find

Phaylen Fairchild

a podium to show work. The one rule: submit the work of which you are most proud. The idea exploded and turned into a festival with participants from around the globe spanning across both worlds, real and virtual. Machinimatographers express themselves using machinima to the limits of their imagination from approaching topics close to their heart through visual emotion, to creating

worlds only seen here in SL. “Machinima for me is usually the final stage in a long process,” writes machinimist Bryn Oh. “I often begin by putting down a narrative or mood into a poem. I then sketch out some ideas in pen and ink. After this, I will build the entire narrative in prims with sound and scripting. Once this step is finished I have everything in place to film the narrative.” Pooky Amsterdam, CEO of PookyMedia and

creator of the weekly science and entertainment event, “The 1st Question”, began her venture into machinima in April 2008. “I was fully aware of the broadcast potential of Second Life. I see SL as a place to develop entertainment content.” Amsterdam not only created “The 1st Question”, but has also directed and adapted Shakespeare and The Christmas Carol for virtual worlds previously. Her company PookyMedia recently completed parts of the homepage

video for Linden Labs as well as new viewer videos. “There is a serious art in machinima at the moment,” says Chantal Harvey. “Art machinimas that do not register what happens but add. Then, storytelling is developing fast. Children’s stories, machinima is more than suitable for. Toxic Menges did a fairytale, ‘The Princess and the Pea’ and I did ‘The Joy of Music’ and a

Chantal Harvey

Sesame Street one. I find my child doesn’t watch TV anymore. She watches YouTube. Times are changing fast.” What started as a form of entertainment and self-expression has turned into a major tool used across many platforms including not only entertainment, art, and storytelling but also education. “They have a place in New Zealand,” says Pooky Amsterdam, “and built one here to help train midwives. They need women to be able to go into the less populated

areas and help with delivering babies so they set up a role play build in here to facilitate that.” Amsterdam went on to talk about how they filmed a birth experience here in SL with voice narrations using authentic New Zealand voice actors to be used as a tool to instruct these women. “I definitely believe Machinima will go mainstream at some point in the not too far future,” writes Fairchild. “I think machinimists who create original content and stories that

appeal to audiences beyond their borders will be the first to break through that ceiling. We have a long way to go, but people are so innovative that I don’t think it will be long.”

will be able to deliver high quality content as we develop and move on to the future of live online virtual entertainment. This is the future of Social TV.”

From instructional videos for midwives to children’s fairytales, in-world interviews with Holocaust survivors to game shows, machinima is advancing and expanding with leaps and bounds and crossing numerous platforms in media. “This is just the beginning of a new era,” says Amsterdam, “where virtual worlds

To see the work of machinimists mentioned in this article: A

Pooky Amsterdam

AVENUE | Second Life速 TV

The Present and Future of


Written by Spruce Canning Photography by Blaz Halfpint


s one flips through the channels in the Metaverse, the three main networks, which are Treet TV, Rezzed.TV and the Metaverse Broadcasting Company stand out with the content that most residents have come to depend on for their entertainment and information needs. The programs, such as Tonight Live, MODA Fashion Spotlight, and Metanomics on Treet.TV along with Rezzed.TV’S Machinima presentations by Chantal Harvey, Virtual Wrestling Entertainment’s Overdrive, Inside the Avatar Studio program, and the GLANCE Fashion Agency program which have large viewer recognition and following as shown by the download statistics from iTunes podcasts from the two networks. The perspective on the state of television in Second Life® and in the newer grids that have come online such as OpenSim and Blue Mars in the present and the future have come from Stuart Warf of Rezzed. TV and Wiz Nordberg of Treet.TV.

Warf stated that, “Rezzed.TV launched in January 2008 and was originally just a hub for a bunch of podcasts (downloadable radio shows) that were being done at the time. Currently we have a variety of different shows that fit to different audiences in the metaverse. For example, we do a wrestling show with Virtual Wrestling Entertainment which is very popular with the younger audience in the metaverse and we also have fashion shows with GLANCE International Agency which appeals to the fashionistas of the world. There’s a lot more we can go into, such as Music Academy onLIVE. Overall we’ve tried to create a wealth of different types of content.” When asked about the future of Second Life Television, both Warf and Nordberg have very strong opinions about the platform and where the content will fare on other platforms such as OpenSim alongside the problems that the management of Linden Lab® has had to deal with over the past few months. When asked that very question, Warf replied “It’s very interesting you ask that. With the recent issues with Linden Lab and their management we have begun to look at the other worlds. One thing I’ve noticed and it’s based on a statement I heard someone make about Twitter and I feel it applies to the Metaverse as well. You can’t have your business tied to one platform, because your business then is entirely dependent on the success and failure of that platform. So the way I see it is, we absolutely have to look to other platforms

in order to grow in the future.” Nordberg, when asked the same question said this “Yes, a recent Designing World had a great Heritage Key segment, and more and more producers are looking at other platforms. However, we do not see a lot of viewers yet in those grids. The viewers will follow the content creators though, so as content creators begin to make the shift, we’ll be by their side.” When asked about the internal strife in Linden Lab’s management, Nordberg said, “I see the recent restructuring and all the brouhaha over Linden Lab to bit somewhat of a speed bump. They are making course corrections, and that is good. I believe they were needed.” He also added “Almost all of our shows are entertainment shows, and we are coming out with two new exciting shows within the next month. One launched today, Metaverse Arts. The lab’s focus is shifting strongly toward entertainment, fashion, and music, which are ideal for us. It’s likely that viewership will increases significantly because of the changes they are making.”

With the growth that has been shown in virtual worlds since the launch of Second Life in 2003, television has followed with the technology. Both Treet.TV and Rezzed.TV have seen explosive growth in viewership both inworld and in their podcasts that are released to mediums such as iTunes and viewed online from the web. When asked as to which virtual world

held the most promise for growth in the future, Nordberg replied, “Our primary audience is people in SL®. However, I think most existing and potential users are really not aware of the “turbulence” so much as those of us who follow

business trends in virtual worlds. So, despite the fact that growth may be slower than people imagined, SL is still growing, and more and more people outside SL are finding our shows interesting. Truth is, I believe everything that

people expected to happen with SL and Virtual worlds actually is happening, just not at the breakneck pace that they wished for.� As Second Life has passed its seventh anniversary, one would say that the future

of television and virtual worlds has entered a new phase of growth, even with the recent management shake-up that Linden Lab has undergone, the future seems very bright indeed. Stay Tuned. A

VENU | AVENUE at GOL [45, 153, 22]

AVENUE Magazine August 2010