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A look at the journey of beard growing In Review

The Art of Manliness

Jason Mitchell displays his eight-inch chin beard

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To Beard or Not To Beard

A look at the art of facial hair

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all men. iii




Over the years I’ve noticed a difference in who my generation and even my father’s generation crown the term “man.” Looking back at my grandfather’s generation and the great men who proudly wore the title, the Sinatra’s, the Eastwood’s and even my grandfather himself, today’s men are very different. Gentlemen in today’s generation are even fewer and far between, and it is through this magazine that I hope to educate readers in manliness and craft Gentlemen out of men today, young and old. So I give you a Cavalier. In this issue we take a look at the process of beard growing – a practice that breathes masculinity, a few of the moustache waxes available to help shape your stashe and a look at the ultimate guidebook to becoming a well-rounded and well-mannered man, The Art of Manliness written by Brett and Kate McKay.

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to beard or not to beard a look at the art of facial hair

But for those who continue to embrace the gift of facial hair today, the Beard Board is an online community to discuss styles, receive feedback and get tips on growing their desired look. Proving that facial hair, if grown and cared for properly, is very much an art. “It’s a natural male secondary sex characteristic,” said Sam Eureka (his username on the board), a veteran beard grower of over 20 years. Eureka has been a member of the board for 8 months and wears a full natural beard, which he trims sparingly. Although Eureka rarely trims his beard, allowing it to grow out naturally, he puts a lot of effort into maintaining and caring for his beard, which is currently around 8 inches long. “I wash with non-dimethicone conditioner, not shampoo,” said Eureka. “About every other time I wash it, I apply diluted apple cider vineger 1:5 to the conditioner, then rinse it out.  Towel dry, comb with a wide toothed detangler comb and air dry.” Occasionally he smooths his beard with a boars hair brush and combs his moustache with a pocket comb. The forums on the Beard Board often rely on experienced beard growers to advise those who want to begin growing beards properly, reflecting the relationship between a Jedi Master and his apprentice.


hen man was created he was blessed with the ability to grow facial hair. Although the beard trend has been very popular over the centuries even dating back to early man sporting grizzly beards, in recent years the clean shaven look has become more popular, and those sporting beards are scarce among the public.

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For M. Fourchette who goes by Fork on the board, it was a job that got him to take the leap and try for the full beard. “I was cast in a show in which I had to play an older man so I seized the opportunity and stopped shaving,” said Fourchette. This Christmas Eve will mark Fourchette’s one “yeard”, a yeard being a beard grown out over the course of a year. But it has been a struggle as he’s had to get used to the strengths and weaknesses of his beard and get past his insecurities. “It’s all about what you want. You have to not care about what others think and keep your eye on the goal,” said Fourchette. “Sometimes you’re just having a bad beard day. Even today I looked in the mirror and was frustrated with the thin growth on my cheeks which I think almost wrecks my beard.” But even with the bad days, Fourchette believes every man should at least try growing out his beard once. “Growing thick, long facial hair is a unique experience and I think every guy needs to experience growing his mane out at least once in his life.” So if you’ve tried growing out your beard but shaved if off after being discouraged with poor, uneven growth or you’ve never tried, embrace your masculinity this holiday season and let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. You might just be surprised with what you find on your face in a of couple weeks.

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Dan Gray known as DanoFromCO on the board has been a strong presence in the online community, with his status on the board being a “beard legend.” “I enjoy encouraging new beard growers to stick to it and not “cave and shave”, as most do without support,” said Gray. Gray, who began experimenting with facial hair in his 20’s, has been an active member of the board for over 5 years and helped write the Rules of Beard Acquistion. “One of the “rules” is to give yourself 6 to 8 weeks before deciding anything,” said Gray. As many men who begin the process of growing often become discouraged with patchiness and lack of fullness which may lead to shaving before one can see his full potential. “Another “rule” is called the 24-hour rule. It says that when you’re having a bad beard day, give yourself at least 1 day to think about it before shaving it off,” said Gray. “Usually the feeling passes. I have been told on

Dan Gray, “Beard Legend”

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countless occasions that the 24 hour rule is the most valuable and has saved many a beard.” vi

M. Fourchette, member of The Beard Board, shows off his bushy beard.

While veteran beard growers maybe the first to look to for advice for those starting out, many men who have been bearded on and off for the majority of their lives still look to the board for advice. “The board has helped me to share my growing progress with others while getting support and advice,” said Jason Mitchell or Big Dadoo on the board, who has been experimentally with bearded styles for 16 years.ars. “A second opinion is pretty valuable when all you would have otherwise is your own point of view.” Mitchell’s favourite style is the long goatee, which he wore for years. “Mine’s about 8 inches. It became my signature look but now I’m growing out the full beard to hopefully the same length.” Like many members of the board, Mitchell’s beard growing journey has not been inspired by a specific beard or style but by the beard in general. “The long natural beards appeal to me the most. I admire someone bold enough to wear a full long beard in our society which seems to frown upon being different.” Growing a beard for the first time can be a very trying experience as self-confidence issues with patchy and uneven growth can lead to many shaving before their full potential is evident. But the practice of putting the razor away and letting it all grow out should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience once you get past your own insecurities.

In Review

The Art of Manliness

Just as the cover reads, “classic skills and manners for the modern man,” the book gives you just that. Written by Brett and Kate McKay, it is based off the men’s lifestyle website of the same name. Compiled of various entires from the website, the book is split into different sections or chapters such as “The Friend” and “The Father”, covering all aspects and stages of a man’s life. The first section touches on the basic “How To’s” for men, such as how To dress,” finding the perfect hat, from fedoras to bowlers and the proper hat etiquette to go along with them, and short snippets about what to pack when going on business as well as how to shave like your grandfather. Throughout the pages readers will find a wide range of information from skills men should know such as how to tie a tie and how to change a tire to proper cell phone etiquette during meal time and the big how to react when your daughter tells you she’s pregnant. While only a taste of the material posted on website which is updated daily, The Art of Manliness gives readers a very good lesson on what it means to be a well-rounded, respectful, gentleman in a beautiful yet sharp looking book. Book cover courtesy of


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Firehouse Moustache Wax


Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax

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Pinaud Clubman Moustache Wax

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