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Powder Rooms That Pop!

Our bathrooms are the backgrounds of our bedtime routines and our morning showers; they act as a momentary solace for a weary dinner guest, or a waterpark for our little ones at bathtime. It’s been estimated that the average person spends a grand total of nearly two and a half years over a lifetime in their bathroom, so why not make it a space that doubles as an optimally functioning clean-up station AND a brilliant showcase of style? Check out some of the most colorful of the crème de la crème; we hope they’ll inspire you to pamper your powder room too!

Colorful doesn’t have to mean chaotic! In this eclectic bathroom by CM Natural Designs, they opted to use a busy, whimsical, and colorful wallpaper to provide a burst of energy, while the black half-wall beneath prevents the print from overwhelming the room. The circular mirror overlaps this break in the wall, binding the two tones together. Gold accents, like the sink and shower fixtures, bring sophistication and class to the room’s motif, while the molding along the wall and paneled shower divider provide structure.

Sometimes the best place to look for color inspiration is right outside our doors and under our feet! This room stuns with a sustainable living moss wall, providing an eye-catching focal point for a glossy white canvas. The wall thrives on the moisture generated during showers/baths and adds a breath of fresh air (literally!) to this otherwise pristine space. The subway tile and subtle accents of gold create a polished and minimalistic aesthetic, while the contrast of the contained green vegetation offers dimension and playfulness.

Fun and playful wallpaper is an excellent way to spice up the spirit of any space. The bathroom is a perfect place to experiment with bold prints because of its relative isolation from the rest of the home. Here, the busy pattern on the walls is grounded by dark cabinets, simple accessories, and tile flooring. A contrasting hand towel serves as a second pop of color, accenting the baby blue of the wallpaper perfectly and increasing the bubbly nature of the room. A fun and fabulous way of playing with print and color that will have your kids counting down ‘til bath time!

Below: This bright bath also features floor-to-ceiling wallpaper without being over-bearing. The fantastic thing about a busy wallpaper is that there are endless possibilities to play with the range of color presented in the pattern. The sink cabinet anchors the room and creates cohesion by drawing its color from the coral in the wallcovering, while the gold light and sink fixtures highlight the gold strokes in the pattern. This vivid burst of energy is contained by white baseboards and a thick window frame, allowing the flirtatious nature of the room to retain a mature feel.

Cream colored walls and flooring make room for quirky colors to shine. Having a muted base is an excellent way to experiment with bold colors. It can also be an opportunity to repurpose older furniture by adding a fresh coat of paint and making it look brand new again. This bathroom battles stark angles as if it were a breeze, utilizing a feature wall filled with subway tile colored a warm yellow. Contrasting this is a teal-painted cabinet, accented by matching towels. Simple, elegant, modern, and energetic. Did we mention how jealous we are of the skylight streaming sunlight into that soaker tub?

Think pink! This perky powder room uses a bubblegum pink paint with a white glossy half wall. Rose gold accents, like the radiant mirror above the sink provide glamour and luxury to the relatively small room. A frilled and flirty white shower curtain adds texture and dovetails nicely with the feminine theme already established. The perfect room to pamper yourself in, sing in the shower, or to remind yourself (in Elle Woods' voice---of course) that whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.

Vibrantly colored and animated floral wallpaper refreshes this immaculately white room, making it feel energized instead of teetering into hospital hallway territory (eeek fluorescents!). This space feels clean, lively, and fresh----exactly how a bathroom should. Subtle touches like a green house plant (aloe vera, pictures here, is unbelievably low-maintenance) break up the bottom half of the room and add some variety. The clean lines of the micro and sink tame with the wild print of the wallpaper and add structure.

Color doesn’t always have to come from a paint can! There are a million creative ways of crafting a powder room that pops. Here are a few ways you can achieve some of these looks: Accents & Accessories: This is a great way to go if you’re a little hesitant to branch out into the riches of the rainbow because they can be easily switched out for a totally transformed look while making a big impact on your space. This can be as simple as colorful hand-towels or a vase of flowers in a bright hue. The options are limitless (and usually fairly inexpensive, too)! Cabinetry: A sink cabinet does wonders to anchor a space and can add an extra spark of personality. Try this in a bold and brilliant shade to balance a neutral-dominated space. Wallpaper: Bathrooms are a wonderful place to experiment with interesting patterns and prints that you might be a little hesitant to try in heavier-traffic rooms because they are relatively contained. Even a smaller strip of a wallcovering can make a huge difference, especially in a smaller space. Repurposing with paint: Have an old piece of furniture that is lacking its luster? Re-imbue its magic with a new shade and add character and color simultaneously to any space. This is a fabulous and efficient way of maximizing your budget and clearing out some garage space, but it can also change the entire atmosphere of a room.

Neutrals don’t have to be boring! A simple pop of color from cabinets or accessories can go a long way in keeping a room exciting. Here, a bright yellow greets the sophisticated and modern aesthetic of the room, bringing significant personality with it and brightening up the otherwise predominantly charcoal coloring of the room. Industrial styled lighting hangs, calling to the metal frame of the shower divider and the matching mirrors hung above the sink, while rustic wooden flooring ties the look together and adds warmth.

This stunning half-bath boosts a dreamy and muted pastel colors wall covering with a romantic floral print. Here, our pop of color comes from a simple touch: magenta flowers paired with a matching hand towel. Gold accent colors bring a glamorous feel to the delicate texture of the room (how adorable is the bird statue perched on the window sill!), while the oval shape of the mirror extracts attention from the room's narrowness. A little slice of heaven and the ideal enclave for a moment of solitude in the midst of a busy day.