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HOLDING COURT with Lala Kent

AthleisureMag.com - 16 - May 2018

May 2018

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Readers of this magazine know that we love Reality shows and BRAVO is a personal favorite of our Co-Founder and Style Director. Any show that involves the Real Housewives franchise and their spin-offs is always a winner in our studio. Lala Kent is a fan favorite on Vanderpump Rules which showcases the lives of hostesses, servers, bartenders and DJs that work at SUR with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump. In addition to watching this self assured hostess, Lala has a passion for music and this past season we see her perform, and she has also launched a beauty line which we included in a number of looks within her editorial.

From the time Lala came to our set for this shoot, we realized that she is just as stunning, witty and as personable as she is on the show. This girl’s girl talks about how she became a part of this show, where we can find her in LA and more about her beauty line, Give Them Lala. Of course we had a great time incorporating some must have summer looks that are chic with a twist!

ATHLEISURE MAG: We've been fans of yours since you first appeared on Vanderpump Rules. What were you doing prior to this show and how did you end up connecting with the show and what was the audition process like?

LALA KENT: Before the show, I was going on casting, auditions, and fit modeling was paying my bills. Vanderpump Rules came to me when I was eating at Sur. Lisa saw how I interacted with some of the people that worked there and offered me a job as a hostess. With that came a position on the show!

AM: Throughout the seasons that you have been on, we have seen you join the cast, feel out the cast, make bonds, adjust and in this past season it seems like you really came into your own - how has being on the show allowed you to grow and what are you proud of after all these seasons?

LK: Being on the show has been amazing. I think being able to look back and reflect on my actions has helped tremendously. I’ve been able to see when I stand up for myself and when I’m acting like a fool! Everyone that is part of the show has brought a lot to my life and continues to help me evolve.

AM: Can we assume that you will be back for another season?

LK: Yes! I will be Giving Them Lala for another season.

AM: You and Lisa have such a great relationship and seems like the ultimate mentor and life coach rolled into one - what is it about Lisa that makes you comfortable to hear her feedback and to take her advice?

LK: Lisa has such a kind heart and offers such motherly love and advice. That, on top of seeing that she is a successful woman, you can’t help but go “I need to listen to her because she’s got it figured out”.

AM: We know that Stassi is a fan of the goat cheese balls at SUR. What are you fave dishes and/or cocktails that you enjoy there?

LK: Oooh I love the goat cheese balls too! They are insane. I also love Joe’s pasta and the Penne Sicilienne...and the dumpling. The sauce is epic.

AM: This season we actually see you perform! How long have you been interested in music, what were the elements that came together to make you embrace performing and what can we expect next within this portion of your career?

LK: I grew up in the arts. From choir to plays to musicals, I was just obsessed with it all. Once you leave high school and it’s no longer something you have the luxury of just doing everyday, you slowly lose the confidence you worked

so hard for. James really reminded me of my roots and what I love to do. From here, I just hope to keep making music. It is extremely therapeutic for me.

AM: Tell us about BOY - what inspired you to make this song, how is it doing and what's the next single? When does your album drop?

LK: My song BOY just hit number 1 on iTunes in the Electronic genre. That is amazing to me. I was inspired by how it was so EDM but also trap. It gave me creative freedom to think of myself in a different setting, which was very “club”. That’s out of the box for me. I have another single out called “4 U” on iTunes and Spotify. It is a completely different feel than “BOY”. We also just finished recording a song called “What’s it For”. That will be out within the month. As far as an album goes... my schedule is crazy. I think an EP is going to be my next venture. I can’t wait.

AM: We're living in a time of women taking things to the next level and creating a strong community of support - this season you were embracing this belief and really rallying the cast as a whole and especially the woman on the show to do the same. How important is women's empowerment?

LK: I’ve always been a girl’s girl. I know that women get the job done and that there is nothing more powerful than a gang of females. We all have our differences- for me it’s about embracing one another and realizing we are stronger together than we are apart. This is an outlook that’s evolved as I get older. The things that used to make me insecure or second guess myself, are suddenly things I’m thankful for.

AM: We knew you were stunning, you came to set this way and then of course, we created amazing looks for you - so it was not a surprise to us that you have a cosmetic line coming out. Tell us me about the line from the thought behind

it, what is currently available, what will be available down the line and where we can get it!

LK: #Give Them Lala Beauty has grown so much in such a short period of time. I started with only 6 lip colors and now have over 50 products. For lips we now have mattes, glosses, and liquid lipsticks. We also expanded into highlighters, eye shadow, eyeliner, and are still growing! My brand is my baby and she is growing up so beautifully. I’m extremely proud.

AM: We were sad to hear about your father passing last month and we remember that your mom was with us on set - how important is it for you to ensure that in addition to all of the amazing opportunities that you have enjoyed that you also spend time with family for the balance that we all need?

LK: Family will always come first. That’s how it has always been and it will always be. If an opportunity comes my way that is meant to be, it will never take away from my family time.

AM: What are 3 skincare products that you swear by?

LK: My Clarisonic, Lancer Skin Polish, Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizer, and let’s add one more... I die for Desert Essence Original Face Wash. Pair that with your Clarisonic and all your skin dreams will come true

AM: Since you're in LA, where is your favorite place to eat and grab drinks, where do you workout and what's your studio of choice to work out?

LK: Oooh, this is tough. Obviously I love me some Sur. I love Mr. Chow, but I’m always a sucker for the Polo Lounge. I go crazy for caviar. I have a gym where I live. It’s got great equipment and everyone is familiar with everyone- we all know each other’s routine so no one is ever fighting or waiting over a

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machine.AM: You have a great body, what are 3 workouts that you do that keep you looking summer ready?

LK: I owe the bod to my trainer, Jenna Willis. She is amazing. I love my food and I love my drink. Somehow she puts together routines that kick my butt into great shape even with my undisciplined diet. I love my sumo squats, side planks help my tummy get firm, and the rowing machine is a great warm-up!

AM: How do you give of your time or give back from a philanthropic standpoint?

LK: My family and I are very into animals. My mom works for the humane society. I contribute my time and money to the Humane Society of Utah. I’m also an advocate for our whales- I’ve teamed up with PETA for Empty The Tanks. That is the cause I am most passionate about.

AM: Feel free to tell us anything that you haven't been able to or would like us to know!

LK: I have a really hard time walking in heels unless I’m slightly drunk.

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