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Issue No. 5

August & September 2006

Year 1


LOVE is...


ove has become cheap and cold these days. It is always misinterpreted as lust. But the Bible teaches us the real meaning of Love, which is far above than the love that world understands. The Bible says - Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails; There are three things that will endure—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love. Wow! What a description of the true & divine love. Brother & Sister! lets practice the above described LOVE in our daily lives.

His Presence I have a God, who is so great, Who stays with me, close & near... He keeps His arms around me, And makes me feel safe & secure... He always keeps His promises, He shows His tender loving care... He is my strong & mighty tower, I don't have anything to fear... He forgives all my sins, He is my one & only cure... His Presence makes me happy always Coz...He stays with me, close & near. (An emotional expression of Mrs. Asmita Patra)

Introducing ‘Our Family’... Family is the oldest form of institution on earth. A man cannot survive without a family and vice versa. A family can build or destroy a person. In today’s world the families are suffering from moral decay. We need to restore and save our family values. Through candles, we try to help a person and his family to stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Aiming at this object we are introducing a new column called - ‘Our Family’ from this issue onwards. We hope it will be helpful to you in your family life.

!General Article

A Cancer Called Ego Mr. Anupam Dey


f you are a patient, then no doubt the word cancer would frighten you to the utmost limits, but few know that if you are a doctor the cancer word frightens you more. You would ask why..?...Well like living with it is bad, treating it is worse and nowhere does it frighten you more than in the Surgical Outpatient Department. The other day I was sitting in the Surgery OPD when a 20-year-old girl came with her mother for a routine checkup. All her reports were in order and just while leaving I casually asked her, “Is there any other problem that ails you?” Her mother hesitantly told me of a breast lump that has developed in her daughter's breast. I examined her right away and the investigations revealed that she had breast cancer and needed surgery immediately, otherwise the cancer would spread. She was in tears…. and I had no words to console her. Cancer is a cellular phenomenon. If one looks at a cancerous cell through the eyes of 'seeing', what does one see? What causes a cell to become cancerous? Questions definitely arise. Healthy cells work in harmony. They have the innate knowledge of their purpose. Part of this intelligence is the knowing that they are part of a larger whole what we call body. A healthy cell works diligently to carry out its purpose for greater good of the body. A cancerous cell is one that has lost its purpose and has become a rogue cell that multiplies incessantly with no regard for the damage it's causing. One thus can say that the cancerous cell has succumbed to “ego”. How does it then apply to us humans? …. Well, like the cell we too are a part of a body, and when we become egoistic, we become cancerous and lose our very purpose in life for which we got created. We move around like a rudderless ship, with no sense of direction and purpose. There are several examples in today's world where ego has led to one's fall and destruction. George Bush, erstwhile President, of the United States of America, the most powerful country in the World, is perhaps one very relevant example. His ego led to the brutal killings of so many people in Iraq. It literally destroyed the country once known for its oil exports. Today the people there lie in despair. Our very own Dada, Sourav Ganguly has to be the best example till date. In his prime he was one of the most prolific run scorers in One Day Cricket history and is India's most successful captain. What went wrong was that he had an ego that he couldn't control. An ego that ate him like cancer does. At a time when he should have relinquished his captaincy, his ego didn't let him to. Today he is heartbroken that in the past twelve months, he has played only two matches for India. The question then arises is, what this “Ego” is? Well, a simple psychological definition of the ego is something like the "selforganizing principle," that all-important command center in the psyche that coordinates the different aspects of the self. When this ego is unmasked, seen directly for what it is, finally un obscured by the other expressions of the personality, one finds oneself literally face-to-face with a demona demon that thrives on power, domination, control and separation, that cares only about itself and is willing to destroy anything and everything that is good and true in order to survive intact and always in control. This demon lacks any capacity for empathy, compassion, generosity or love; delights in its perfect invulnerability; and, worst of all, will never ever acknowledge that which is sacred. Ego pushes you to the brink of defeat, letting you to be detached from that body called the body of God and that is the biggest problem. It happens with everyone and I have been a victim. It is important to understand that because the ego can usurp any calling of the human soul in order to remain in controleven the longing for liberationit's usually impossible to tell exactly who it is who is claiming they want to be free until that moment when their faith and love for truth alone are put to the test. It is only then that we can actually find out who we really are and what part of our self is pulling the strings of our own destiny. To walk the spiritual path in earnest is to find out what we're made of and how much we are truly willing to give up in order to come to the end of division within ourselves. The price for that kind of profound and deeply liberating simplicity is too high for most, because that price is ego death. What does that mean? That means endeavoring with all our being to purify ourselves from any and every attachment, gross and subtle, to the narcissistic ego, that demon of false individuality that masquerades as our own self and whose task is to keep us, at all costs, separate from our own heart. In cancer the treatment norms are simple. In cancer we try and remove the tumor surgically. In the cancer of the “Ego” we submit ourselves to the magnificent Creator…God Almighty who has the innate ability to perform a surgery and burn to the cancer in us. We just need to line up ourselves in his Surgical OPD, the rest He takes care.


Our Family



arriage relationship in today’s world has been changed. There are many different kinds of life styles that have come up against the traditional marriage relationship. People don't like the traditional adult relationship anymore but they have found out many alternatives to the traditional marriage. Let us go throught these alternatives in


SINGLEHOOD: 'Single hood' is a term, which means an adult who is never legally married or divorced or widowed or the separated ones etc. who lives all alone on his/her own. Causes of Single hood: 1. Free lifestyle and employment options. 2. The increased number of women in higher education. 3. A single can enjoy an active social and sexual life. 4. Not finding the right partner at the right age. 5. Mental deficiencies & physical disability. Sometimes God allows single hood for a special and noble purpose that may be spiritual or social. But God never allows or approves single hood for other reasons, like free sex life etc. Disadvantages: v Loneliness. v Un fulfillment of emotional and physical desires. v A woman can't have a child. v No emotional security.

COHABITATION: It has become quiet popular in the west especially among college students and young adults. When asked to check the most important reason why they choose to live with someone, the majority of cohabitants picked 'emotional attachment to each other' most frequently and variations sexual enjoyment. How disgusting! God hates such relationships. It is fornication in God's sight and a sin. Disadvantage: vPremature living and daring experience. vLack of emotional involvement. vSocial stigma. vLegal complications.

OPEN MARRIAGE: Open marriage is a life style, which emphasizes on personal privacy, autonomy and independence. In this kind of life style the spouses give each other full freedom to have extramarital relationship. They don't interfere or object to their sexual preferences etc. This relationship may vary from one-night stand to long-term involvements. SWAPPING: In this category the spouses literally exchange their own partners with another couple. But both the couples engage in such extramarital affair at the same time and usually in the same place. These are all organized and preplanned occurrences. These couples meet each other through personal references, public or private swinging clubs, or through advertisement etc.

COMMUNES: It's a group of five or more adult individuals who are not related by blood or marriage, who have decided to live together, without any commitments. Even the children those who are interested to join these groups can join. There are different types of communes with respect to variables such as sexual and ethnic composition, size, ideology and geographic locations. Though all these alternatives are prevalent in western countries but the present Indian scenario indicates that soon it will be a way of living for Indian too. But we need to know that God has never formed or approved any of these institutions. Man for his own lustful and selfish desire has designed this kind of arrangements and the end result of these kinds of institutions is mere destruction. In the next issue we will see ‘How God has designed Marriage’ in His own way.

Be a Counselor We face problems everyday in our families or at our work places. Some of us are more equipped with some spiritual and psychological virtues, through which we tackle all these problems everyday in a right manner. Don't you think that we should share those virtues with each others to help each others in our lives. Aiming at this objective we are introducing another new column named as “Be a Counselor”. In this column we will give a question / problem, and you have to give answers / solutions in not more than 50 words (entries more than 50 words will be rejected). We will publish three best entries in the subsequent issue of CANDLES. Question for this issue: “Anita cannot control her Anger. What do you suggest her to get rid of her anger?” Please send your entries before 25th September 2006

Doctor’s Prescription

SPROUTS - The Miracle Food Dr. P.Sameera


prouts are germinated seed of grains or legumes. In the process of sprouting they acquire the properties of preserving and growing a life. Hence have rejuvenating and health promoting qualities. They are believed as, miracle food, a prime source of nutrients having a high food potency. In naturopathy, sprouts are treated as living food. Being alkaline in nature sprouts help in improving health, purifying the body and making it immune to disease. Hence naturopaths consider sprouts as medicine.

What can be sprouted? Grains like wheat, maize, Ragi, Bajra, and barley. Legues like Moong, moth, Bengal gram, Groundnut and peas. Seeds like Alfa Alfa, methi, Radish seeds, and carrot seeds, Dhaniya, pumpkin, muskmelon seeds and soyabean etc. can be sprouted.

How to Sprout? Grains, Legumes or seeds should be washed several times and soaked overnight with water. Wash them next morning and tie with a cotton cloth, kept in a suitable place, sprinkling water in between or can be left in a bowl with a lid. Once the sprouts appear it can be taken for use. Germination is quick in summer and late in winter. Nutritional Benefits of sprouts äIn the process of sprouting, the vitamins, minerals and proteins increase substantially with decrease in Calories and carbohydrate content there is an amazing increase in nutrients in sprouted foods compared to their dried forms. For instance, proteins increase by 30% and carbohydrates and calories decrease by 9 and 15% respectively is because carbohydrate molecules break up, allows the absorption of atmospheric nitrogen and forms amino acids. These resultant proteins are high and easily digestible. äSodium content increases by 690% and aids not only digestion but also elimination of carbon dioxide from the gastrointestinal tract. äThere is an infinite increase in vit-c, which helps to build our immunity and delays aging. äThere is also 515% of increase in vit-B2, 285%vit-A, 256% of B3, 208% of vit-B1, 56% of phosphorus, 40% of Iron, 80% of Potassium, and 34% of Calcium etc. The only disadvantage of sprouts is gas formation, but for maintenance of health, some amount of gas production is necessary. Hence sprouts should be taken in a limited quantity. Sprouts can be taken preferably in the breakfast. But can also be taken for lunch. Sprouts can be steamed and taken. But other forms of cooking are not advisable as it reduces nutrition. For Counseling & Consultation Contact:(033) 2453 3880/1, E-mail: Please send your Suggestions & Articles for the next issue of CANDLES to “Mr. Chiradeep Patra, 11A/1A, Mahendra Chatterjee Lane, Surya Niketan Housing Complex, Kolkata 700 046; E- Mail; Mobile: 09830930379.” All the articles should reach us at least one month in advance. The publisher reserves the right to edit, publish or reject the submitted articles. Articles submitted cannot be returned, so please keep a copy of the article sent to us.

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of Love, which is far above than the love that world understands. (An emotional expression of Mrs. Asmita Patra) Wow! What a description of...